How To Take A Screenshot Of The Screen On iPhone 7

How To Take A Screenshot Of The Screen On iPhone 7

System utility scissors

This utility is designed specifically to create screenshots of SEPARATE parts of the screen. It appeared with the Windows 7 version and is present in newer ones. Go to the start menu and find it. Or go to Start Programs Accessories.

After launch, you need to select an area on the screen and save the resulting result.

This method will allow you to avoid installing third-party software.

How to take screenshots on a computer

The easiest and fastest way to do it is to use a special key. Print Screen (translation. screenshot). It is usually located at the top right of the keyboard on both a computer and a laptop. The inscription can also be written in abbreviated form. Prnt Scrn.

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After following the steps above, open any program for working with images (paint), install courses in it and press the key combination CtrlV (paste). The image will appear in the program. Then you need to save it, and then use it.

By the way, you can press the Print Screen key and immediately upload (Ctrl V) images to social networks (for example, in a contact), without the need to use an editor. Below is a demonstration of how this happens on a social network in contact.

Screenshot of a separate Windows window

There are situations when it is necessary to capture not the entire computer screen, but only a separate window. In this case, you will NOT need third-party programs. Now you just need to do it a little differently:

  • Select (make it active, in the foreground) the window you want to capture.
  • Press Alt Print Screen shortcut.
  • Paste the resulting image in a graphics editor or anywhere else.
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A very convenient and simple solution for creating a screenshot of the desired window.

How to take screenshots on Windows 7 laptop and computer

Very often you need to show a screenshot to your interlocutor, a second or a work colleague. It is usually called a screenshot. this is an image (snapshot) taken from the screen at a certain period of time. In this article, I will demonstrate how to take screenshots on a computer or laptop with Windows 7, 8 or other installed. The actions are identical for everyone.

Usually, you need to get a screenshot when:

  • I would like to share a beautiful moment from a computer game.
  • To create instructions for working with any application or program.
  • Some kind of malfunction has happened and it must be demonstrated to a specialist so that he can help.

Now is how to do it.

Taking screenshots with a third-party program

The free screencapture program provides more advanced screen capture capabilities. Its functionality:

  • Uploading images directly to the online storage.
  • Save anywhere on your computer.
  • built-in editor.
  • Customizing the keys for taking a screenshot.
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Download it and install it. After starting the case, the settings window will appear where you can:

  • Select image quality.
  • where to save.
  • format.
  • snapshot history.

And other settings. Perfect for those who don’t have enough standard tools for taking a screenshot in Windows.

There are a lot of similar programs. There are both paid and free. I liked this one the most. You need to choose based on your own tasks. Additionally, you can see an example.

I hope you have no questions left about taking a screenshot. If, what. always ready to answer in the comments.

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