How to take a screenshot of the screen on Nokia

How to take a screenshot on Nokia x2 dual SIM. Save Screenshot on Android Nokia X, XL, X2.

In this article we will take a look at how to take a screenshot on Nokia x2 dual SIM and similar Android phones Nokia X, XL and Nokia X2. As with all android devices, to take a screenshot from the screen on Nokia x2, you need to simultaneously press two buttons on the phone.

If you need to save a screenshot on Nokia x2 and other Nokia androids, you just need to press and hold a little 2 buttons, the lock button (turn on / off the phone) and the volume down button until you hear a click, and if you successfully create a screenshot, you will see a notification about saving screen. If you can’t take a screenshot in the above way, then try to do it a little differently, press the lock button (turn on / off the phone) and the add sound button on the phone at the same time until you also hear a click. You do not need to hold these buttons for a long time, usually a second or two seconds after pressing the Nokia x2 buttons, a screenshot is immediately created on the phone and saved to the screenshots folder. A screenshot is an excellent opportunity to quickly save information from the phone screen, both from the phone itself and from the Internet, the main thing is that it is displayed on the screen of Nokia X2, XL, X on the Android operating system.

How to take a screenshot from the screen on Nokia with Android, which buttons to press.

Are you the owner of a Nokia Android smartphone and need to save a screenshot but don’t know how to do it? On this page you will find information on how to take a screenshot on Nokia 8, perhaps the method below will work on other Nokia Android smartphones.

As you probably already know, the screenshot function allows you to save all information from the screen of a smartphone, tablet and other devices in the form of a picture that can be further edited, sent by e-mail, transferred to another phone, shared in social networks. networks with their achievements in games applications and all that. Taking a screenshot, you seem to be taking a picture of the screen, after which you can view this file in the gallery along with the rest of the photos (in the skrinshot package). This function is already provided in most Android devices, including Nokia, but if you wish, you can download from the Play Store and install a completely free application that allows you to take a screenshot from the Nokia screen on Android and not only. Now there are smartphones and tablets not only able to take a simple screenshot, but also able to take long screenshots, for example, you can save the entire web page with scrolling, as some Android devices are able to take a video screenshot from the smartphone screen. Not all models can take long screenshots and video screenshots with their own means, but if you wish, you can download and install an application that supports screenshots of this kind.

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Now let’s see what buttons on the phone to press to screen the screen. As with most Androids, press the “Power / Lock” button and the “Volume Down” button almost simultaneously or immediately at the same time. for a few seconds, after which you will see a notification on saving the screenshot on the screen, you may also hear a sound signal as when taking a photo. You can also try pressing the “Power / Lock” button and the “Volume Up” button. Usually, those who make a screen for the first time do not succeed the first time and have to make several attempts. The saved screenshot on Android, look in the Gallery (skrinshot folder) where you usually see photos.

There is another possible way that allows you to take a screenshot on Nokia 8 Android with your own means without installing third-party applications and programs. To do this, pull the screen down from the very top to open the quick access panel to various useful functions as on ordinary Android devices, now we need to move this panel to the left by pulling our finger across the screen from the right side to the left, after which we see more possible options, including “Take a screenshot” or type “screen capture”. But first, you need to select what you want to save from the screen and only then open the panel, then move it to the left and select “Take a screenshot” or “screen capture” after which a screen will be automatically taken from the screen in a second. If your model does not support this feature, then you need to download and install a free application and use it on your smartphone.

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How to link to screenshot (screenshot)

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Method 1: free image hosting, cloud storage

The essence of this method is as follows:

  • Take a screenshot using standard operating system tools or programs.
  • Upload the resulting image to one of the image hosting services or a cloud service (for example, Yandex.Disk).
  • After downloading you will receive a link to it.

You can take a screenshot using the “Scissors” program, and select “PicShare” as an online service.

1) To open the “Scissors” application, you must click on “Start” and select “All Programs”. “Standard”. “Scissors”.

Another option. type the key combination “Win” “R”, in the window that appears, enter the command “SnippingTool” (without quotes).

You can take screenshots of both the entire screen and a separate part of it (for example, the active window).

3) A screenshot is taken by clicking on the “Create” button.

The process of creating a screenshot depends on which version of the screenshot you have chosen.

For example, if it is “Free form” or “Rectangle”, then you need to select the desired area with the left mouse button (its borders will be red).

As a result, the screenshot will appear in the program window.

4) To save a screenshot, you can click on the floppy disk icon, use the “Ctrl” “S” key combination, or select “File” from the menu. “Save as”.

5) The next stage. this is the posting of the resulting screenshot on the PicShare website.

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A special form for uploading images is displayed on the main page of the site.

Click on the “Browse” button and select the file with the screenshot that you made.

The file name should be displayed on the form.

6) The file will be hosted on the PicShare server and you will receive a successful upload message.

The link to the screenshot will be displayed in the “Link to view page” field. It can be copied using standard methods: first select the link, and then press the “Ctrl” “C” combination or the “Copy” context menu item.

Method 2: specialized programs

There are programs (utilities) with which you can not only take a screenshot, but also immediately upload this screenshot to the server and get a link to it.

This program starts automatically when the operating system starts, you can see its icon in the form of a pen on the taskbar.

After taking a screenshot, you will see tools for working with it, they will be located on the left and top. There will also be a button (in the form of a cloud) for uploading a screenshot to the server (“Upload to”).

You need to click on it and wait for the image to upload to the server.

Method 3: social networks

Another option (it is less common). this is to upload a screenshot to your page on one of the social networks.

For example, “” can either add a screenshot to the wall or upload it to an album.

1) In the “What’s new with you?” click on the camera icon.

2) This will open a window to download the image.

Select your screenshot, and then click on the “Send” button.

To copy a link to a screenshot, just right-click on it and select “Copy Link” from the context menu.