How to take a screenshot of the Xiaomi Redmi screen

Notification shade

  • Determining the area to be photographed.
  • Move your finger across the screen from top to bottom to open the notification shade.
  • Find the “Screenshot” icon and click on it.

The photo taken in this way is also placed in the gallery.

Qiuck ball

The interactive assistant Qiuck Ball on Xiaomi 4 pro can be easily customized by the user to suit his needs. In particular, you can add a scissors icon through the settings. The method also works not on all Xiaomi models, but on most of them.

Holding down the keys

The most popular (and also the easiest) method is to simultaneously hold down the keyboard shortcut to create a screenshot. You need to press the power button, which also performs the screen lock functions, as well as the volume down button. Please note: this must be done at the same time, only in this case you will give the command to take a screenshot, and not turn down the volume or lock the screen.

If you have not used this method before, then we advise you to start using both hands to create a screenshot. If you operate with one hand, there is a risk of dropping the mobile device while taking a screenshot.

Finding out that you did everything right is quite simple. when you take a screenshot, you will hear a characteristic sound, as if the camera was triggered. After clicking, you can open the gallery and watch the captured image. it will go there by default.

Alternatively, you can also screen the screen by holding down the menu key and lowering the volume. The effect will be similar, the only question is which is more convenient for you.

5 ways to take a screenshot on Xiaomi Redmi 4

Information exchange on the Internet is possible not only in text format. Sending and receiving graphical data is sometimes much more convenient. Of course, you can often limit yourself to sending a photo or video, but in some cases you cannot do without taking a screenshot. This need may arise from both the computer user and the owner of a mobile device, be it a tablet or a smartphone. And if there is a special button on the computer that allows you to take a screenshot, then the need to create it on a mobile gadget causes many difficulties. Today we will tell you how to take a screenshot on Xiaomi Redmi 4. The Redmi line is one of the most popular with this Chinese manufacturer, and therefore, without a doubt, many users need to take a screenshot on this particular gadget. We will offer you several options for how to take a screenshot of the screen, and you will only have to choose which of the methods is more suitable or just you like better.


If your Xiaomi smartphone has a new MIUI 8 software shell, then it allows you to make a screen even with a single gesture. You just need to simultaneously swipe the screen with three fingers from top to bottom.

The method does not work on all devices, in which case it is better to check if your smartphone supports it. The check is done through the “Settings”. There we go along the following path: “Additional”. “Screenshots”. If this function is supported, then you can activate or deactivate it.

Third Party Applications

If you still did not like any of the methods, or for some reason it is absolutely impossible to implement them, and the question of how to take a screenshot on Xiaomi Redmi 4 remains relevant for you, you can download an additional application to solve this problem. You just need to go to Google Play and register that you need the appropriate program, and you will immediately see a lot of available options. Among the advantages of such applications is the availability of additional features for instant editing of screenshots and their sending to the interlocutor or posting on social networks.

With one button

To take a screenshot using only one button, we need to install an additional application.

For example, Button Mapper is an application that allows you to set custom actions for the main buttons: volume control, forward, backward, home.

Button Mapper has a ready-made “Screenshot” script.

You need to assign the action to capture the screen to a button convenient for you and enjoy a quick result.

Congratulations, now you can take beautiful screenshots on Xiaomi Mi A1.

Step 1.

Select the page on which you want to take a screenshot, for example a website. Or you want to share a screenshot with a friend, or send a screenshot of the correspondence to Viber or Telegram. There are no restrictions here, as you take a full screenshot.

With 2 buttons

In our case, all the buttons are on the right side panel of the device.

Step 2.

It is necessary to simultaneously hold down two buttons: volume down and the power button of the smartphone for 1-2 seconds.

If you didn’t manage to take a screenshot the first time, try this technique. we press the buttons simultaneously, not sharply and not pressing hard on them.

Step 3.

You will hear a shutter sound and see an animation on the screen. The screenshot is ready. The image can be found in the “Gallery”, on the internal drive in the DCIM folder or by clicking on the icon in the notification bar.

How to take a screenshot on Xiaomi Mi A1

Therefore, if you are used to taking a screenshot through the corresponding menu item in the shutter, then now we will teach you how to take a screenshot on the Xiaomi Mi A1. The instruction is simple and even inexperienced Xiaomi users can master it.

Guide how to take a screenshot on Xiaomi for other phone models, including the Redmi and Mi Mix lines.

How to take a screenshot on Xiaomi Mi A1

Since the Xiaomi Mi A1 smartphone does not run on MIUI, but on stock Android, an ordinary user may not understand the usual actions. For example, you won’t be able to take a screenshot on Mi A1 if you take it in the same way as in the Xiaomi graphical interface.

How to send a screenshot to Mi A1?

To share the result with friends, in the VK group or Mi community, there are several simple solutions.

Move aside the notification curtain and open the “Screenshot” icon. Next you will see the button “Send” (sent).

By clicking on it, the Android system will offer you a list of available actions (depending on the installed applications):

  • Upload to Google Photos;
  • Add to Dropbox;
  • Share via Dropbox;
  • Insert into message;
  • Share using Total Commander;
  • Synchronize with SHAREit;
  • ;
  • Add to Google Maps;
  • Add to an attachment in a letter via Gmail;
  • Save to Google Drive;
  • Send via Bluetooth;
  • Post on Instagram.

For example, if you want to share a screenshot on. then you can add the image to an album, send it to a message, or send it directly to the wall of the Rumicomrussia group.

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Hello dear friends! My name is Mikhail Xiaomi, I am a fan of Xiaomi technology, gadgets and smartphones. Having access to information, I try to provide interesting and high-quality content for the readers of Xiaomi. I share the latest news and exclusive materials.

How to make a print screen on Xiaomi

Screenshot on Xiaomi, Redmi and Poco phones is made using:

  • key combinations;
  • special gesture;
  • quick access curtains;
  • sensory assistant.

Combination of buttons

This way to take a screenshot is standard for all Android devices.

  • With the screen unlocked, simultaneously hold down and hold the volume rocker down and the power.
  • After creating a picture, it will be displayed in the upper right corner.
  • If you tap on the image, it is offered to edit, delete or forward to friends.

Regardless of how the screen was taken, it will automatically go to the Screenshots folder, available for viewing through any gallery.

Touch Assistant

This function is represented by a transparent ball, when activated, the user gets quick access to 5 functions of the device. To activate it:

  • open device settings. Scroll down the list and go to “Additional functions”;
  • select Touch Assistant. Depending on the firmware version, the function may be located in the “Advanced settings”;
  • activate the switch next to “Enable touch assistant”;
  • a transparent bubble will appear on the screen, press it. access to the list of quick functions will open.

In the tab used to activate the assistant, they are allowed to change the way the quick panel is called, add other shortcuts to the list, etc.

How to take a long screenshot

In a browser or social networks, to capture the entire page, you need to activate a long screenshot.

  • Create an image using any of the above methods.
  • When the thumbnail of the finished image is in the upper right corner, tap under it on “Scroll”.
  • Select the capture area and save the finished image.

How to take a screenshot on Xiaomi Redmi 8 and Note 8 Pro

There are 4 ways to take a screenshot on Redmi 8, and they all use the tools built into the firmware. Let’s consider the available options and mention the creation of a long screenshot.

Quick access shutter

When operating the Xiaomi Redmi Note 8T or 8 Pro with one hand, images can be taken through the notification curtain:

  • make a swipe from top to bottom of the screen;
  • expand the panel with quick access to functions;
  • select “Screenshot”.
  • reopen the menu with quick access to functions;
  • make a swipe from right to left, select “Sort” in the list;
  • scroll down to the gray area. Place your finger on the scissors label and drag it to the first or second row;
  • now you can capture the image as described above.

Special gesture

Feature that migrated to Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 Pro along with the MIUI shell:

  • go to the screen you want to capture;
  • swipe your fingers from top to bottom of the screen;
  • image creation will take a few seconds.

The speed of creating a screenshot depends on the load on the device. In games, the print screen is created with a delay compared to a screenshot of the desktop or web page.

How to take a screenshot of the display on Xiaomi Redmi?

So, let’s take a look at the most popular methods for taking a screenshot of the display on a given smartphone brand, which work on MINI 8 and above. I have MIUI 11.0.1 and this feature works great. In other words, the steps that I will describe are relevant for most Xiaomi models. From Redmi 4 to 9 and Pro versions.

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5 Short curtain

If you want a short curtain of 5 elements to appear, in which there were scissors that create a screenshot, then you need to do the following (the method is suitable for new models):

Then “Advanced Settings”;

Next, you need to select “touch assistant”;

After that, activate the slider “Enable touch assistant.

Now you will first have one curtain with 5 signs, on which there are scissors.

If you need a more advanced curtain, drag it down again.

1 Press the power button and the sound button

The most elementary method to take a screenshot on Xiaomi is to simply press the audio mute and decrease buttons at the same time. Most of the owners of this MIUI smartphone brand know about this method.

precisely, we hold down the power button with 2 fingers (you can hold these two buttons with your thumb, if you like it more), wait for about a couple or three seconds, and the picture is ready!

The sound of the camera shutter will be heard, and the screen shot will be sent to the upper right corner. There he will stay for a couple of seconds and disappear. But, you will have time to preview it. You can click on this picture and view it in a better quality.

2 Method

On the front bottom panel of the smartphone there are buttons that help us control the smartphone. To take a screenshot, you need to click on the “Menu” button on the screen itself, and on the case, press the lower part of the audio button.

8 How to take a screenshot in length on Xiaomi Redmi

First you need to take a screenshot of that page on the Internet, which is quite long. Then, we create the screenshot itself. It moves to the top right corner. Two teams appear below it. We need to have time to click on the “Scroll” command.

After that, the screenshot will start scrolling. Then, you need to press stop where you need it.

After that, you need to save a screenshot.

9 take a screenshot using a third-party program

There are quite a lot of similar programs, you just have to go to the Play Store. Both paid and free. Their main disadvantage, most of them lack “Russian Language”.

Let’s take a look at the features of the application

  • A screenshot is obtained as soon as you touch the touch shortcut;
  • A screenshot will be created if you touch the control panel;
  • You can just shake your smartphone;
  • The resulting images can be cropped and given a star shape, rectangle, polygon, heart;
  • It is possible to paint on screenshots with a brush or other tool.

When you download the program, you can “Enable permission”. Then, select “permission to show on top of other programs.” After that, several applications will appear in a semicircle. We need to choose scissors and take screenshots.

3 Three fingers to take a screenshot

Also a pretty handy method. To take a picture of our screen, you just need to swipe down on the display with three fingers. The disadvantage of this method is that if you have an outdated model, the smartphone may freeze if the CPU is old. The same applies to RAM.

So, first, this function must be enabled if it was not enabled at the factory (as a rule, this option is already configured on the machine). But, if this is not the case, we will fix it:

How to Take Screenshot on XIAOMI Mi 8. Capture Screen Methods

We go into the settings;

After that, we need to open the “Advanced Settings” tab (in older versions, “Advanced”);

Next, select the command “Button functions”;

After that, click on the “Screenshot” menu;

Then, activate the command “Gesture down with 3 fingers”.

I advise you to take information from my site, since on other sites, the steps that I described are written for older Xiaomi Redmi smartphones. And if you have a new phone, like mine, then you simply cannot perform these actions. The information other authors give just doesn’t work for 2020 smartphones! Before writing the article, there is simply no information that I give. They have outdated data! This also applies to 3 fingers and long screenshots, which I will discuss later. In other words, they have not updated the articles, but I have a new article.!

Taking a screenshot on Xiaomi Redmi 4

The smartphones of the new Redmi brand have a unique way of taking a screenshot. We will demonstrate it on the Redmi Note 4. smartphone, which runs its own firmware version 9. To take a picture, you need to swipe down from the top of the screen with three fingers.

It doesn’t matter what screen you are on now, the method will work almost everywhere, even when launching third-party applications.

If the screenshot cannot be taken, most likely this function is disabled in the settings. Although it should be activated by default.

To turn it back on on Xiaomi Redmi 4:

Click on the gear on the home screen

  • Select the item in the “Advanced” settings;
  • Then select the line named “Screenshot”;
  • Activate the item that is responsible for taking a screenshot with your fingers.
  • Now you can close the settings and take the action to take a screenshot. This method is no different from others, so the captured images will also be in the device’s gallery.

    How to take a screenshot on Xiaomi Redmi 5

    Consider the most convenient ways to create a screen image on the popular Redmi 5 model.

    To implement the first, we need to go to the quick access menu. All users know about it, since such a menu is present even on the iPhone. Swipe down from the top edge of the screen. On the screen you will see the main functions that are available for us to use.

    There is no function for taking a screenshot yet.

    • We need to expand the list of functions from the menu more broadly. To do this, drag the line with a swipe down, which is located under the window;
    • At this step, the button we need appears in the window. “Screenshot”;
    • The photo will be taken and its thumbnail will be moved to the upper right corner, from where it can be called up for editing or to share in other applications.

    You can find it in the gallery, in the section under the same name. “Screenshots”. By the way, you can give them names yourself in order to better navigate if there are a lot of pictures.

    How to take a screenshot of the display on Xiaomi Redmi 7

    Most of the methods in this article will work on almost all the models we have considered. And on the seventh version of Xiaomi Redmi, we will consider the standard method that can be used not only on Xiaomi smartphones, but also on other brands. A screenshot is implemented using mechanical buttons on the body: power and volume down buttons. They are traditionally located on the left edge of the smartphone body.

    Press the buttons at the same time and hold for 5 seconds. The screenshot will be created automatically. And you can see its miniature on the right side of the screen. A more comfortable way is to take a picture with three fingers.

    Swipe down from the top of the screen. It is no coincidence that there are different ways to take screenshots on Xiaomi Redmi 4, 5, 6, 8 smartphones. They complement each other, since in some cases one of them may not be applicable.

    For example, taking a screenshot with three fingers will not work in some applications, as well as in certain system partitions. But the method with mechanical buttons will be available in any case, excluding turning off the smartphone or restarting it.

    Manual for Xiaomi Redmi 6

    The ways to create screenshot on Xiaomi Redmi mobile phones are not over yet. The next one also involves interaction with the mechanical buttons of the phone of version 6. But this time, instead of the power button, you need to press and hold the virtual Home button (home).

    As well as the volume down key. You need to wait approximately 3 seconds. so that the screenshot is ready and displayed in its usual place on the right of the screen.

    This method is not always practical, since both hands must be used for it, additionally holding the body with your fingers. But if on your smartphone the power button fails when dropped, and it can no longer work, in this case this option will do. Maybe you often take pictures of the screen of your smartphone, and the function is in great demand for you. then make a shortcut to take a screenshot.

    • Go to the quick access menu or home screen widgets;
    • Find the “Screenshot” button here, press and hold it until it becomes movable;
    • Transfer it to your desktop in a suitable place for you

    Transfer the “Screenshot” button to your smartphone desktop

    Now, if you need to take a picture, just click on the icon. Move it to additional desktops. When you remove it from the desktop, the icon in the quick access menu will remain in its place.

    How to take a screenshot on Xiaomi Redmi 4,5,6,7,8

    Mobile devices are everywhere with us. Quite often it becomes necessary to take a snapshot of what is happening on the screen. For example, if we want to demonstrate funny correspondence in messengers to friends. In this article, you can read about how to take a screenshot on the popular Xiaomi Redmi smartphones versions 4, 5, 6, 7, 8.

    Screenshot on smartphone Redmi 8

    The eighth version of the Xiaomi Redmi smartphone contains more extensive settings for creating a screenshot. If we go to the section with parameters, then here we will find all possible ways that we might not have known about before.

    Screenshot activation can be reassigned. If by default to create it you need to use a swipe (or gesture) with three fingers, then you can reconfigure the button “Home”, “Menu”, “Back”.

    You can also use other hotkey options for the screenshot. Instead of the volume down button and the power button, you can choose “Power” and “Menu”.

    To get to these settings on Redmi 8:

    • Click on the “Settings” button;
    • Next, you need to select the “Advanced settings” item;
    • Then the item “Buttons and gestures”;
    • Next select “Screenshot”.

    In this window, you can select the appropriate option for creating a screenshot using hotkeys or gestures. At the same time, other methods, such as the button in the quick access menu, remain available. Each option for taking a snapshot is demonstrated in the animated illustration above the settings.

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    Is it possible to take a long screenshot on Xiaomi

    In new models of smartphones, not only Xiaomi, but also in other brands, a new type of screenshot has become available. a long one. This is the same shot, but with the ability to capture not only what is happening on the screen, but the entire page with an area that is not visible without scrolling. Now you can take pictures of the entire article on websites, no matter how long it is.

    over, there is nothing complicated in the process of its creation:

    • Open the web address (or other scrolling app) where you want to take a long screenshot;
    • Then we take a normal screenshot in any way that is currently available to you: with three fingers, using the Home, Power buttons, volume control, a button in the quick access menu;
    • Two buttons will appear under the screenshot thumbnail: scroll, send. Select the first one. “Scroll”;
    • The screen will slowly scroll up the page. At the bottom there are buttons to control this process. When there is enough information, click on “Stop”.

    After that, the data will be processed for a short time and the image will be saved in the gallery. This method of taking a screenshot is also available on other versions of Xiaomi Redmi 5, 6, 7, 4, 8. When customizing the buttons, some items may have different names. But the principle of creating a snapshot remains the same for everyone. Try it on your device.

    Through the curtain of notifications

    If you need to make a screen with one hand, Xiaomi has provided quick access to the function through the notification curtain:

    • make a swipe from top to bottom;
    • pull the top curtain with a set of functions down;
    • click on “Screenshot”.
    • fully expand the window with functions and swipe from right to left;
    • tap on “Sort”;
    • go down and drag the “Screenshot to the main list” or set it in the list above to get quick access when the shutter is unfolded;
    • click “Finish”.

    Mechanical and touch key

    Method available on Redmi Note 6, Mi A1 and other models with touch control keys:

    • go to the desktop or open the application where you need to take a screenshot on your Xiaomi phone;
    • simultaneously press and hold the lock key and the touch button “Open applications”. three vertical lines.

    The standard method for making a photo of the screen with buttons is more practical, since the touch key responds faster or later than its mechanical counterpart.

    How to take a screenshot on a Xiaomi phone

    Screenshot on Xiaomi is a screen capture function that is used to capture an error that has occurred, make instructions for using the phone, review an application / game, save information from videos or social networks. There are 6 ways to take a screenshot on Xiaomi, including a scrolling option that captures a website’s web page or a text document.

    All options for creating screenshots on Xiaomi are divided into the following:

    • using mechanical keys;
    • using the quick access tools built into the MIUI GUI.

    Side keys

    Traditional print screen creation, first used on Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich devices:

    • unlock your smartphone;
    • press the power button and volume down key at the same time.

    On Redmi Note 4, 5 models or devices running Android Go (Go is used in budget smartphones), the keys will have to be held down until the thumbnail of the picture appears in the upper right corner of the screen.

    With a gesture

    When you need to quickly take a picture of a desktop or application, users are offered to use a gesture system:

    • unlock the display;
    • swipe down with three fingers at the same time.

    The developers left the option to disable or change the gesture:

    • go to “Settings”. Scroll down to the System & Device category. Select “Advanced settings”;
    • in the new menu, tap on “Buttons and gestures”;
    • expand the item “Screenshot”.

    Choose a convenient option to create a screen if you failed to create a frame using a gesture.

    Interactive assistant

    Active users of the print screen can take pictures through the pop-up assistant.

    • Similar to setting up a gesture, go to Settings, from there to Advanced Settings and select Touch Assistant. The item can be moved to the “Special features” section, the “Additional functions” tab.
    • Turn on the assistant by tapping the toggle switch on top.
    • Go to “Shortcut functions”, change one of the interactive keys to “Snapshot”, if it is not in the list initially.
    • Tap on the circle located on the left or right of the screen. Select the scissors image.

    Long screenshot on Xiaomi

    You can take a long screenshot on Mi A3, Mi 9 or 9T like this:

    • create a print screen in any of the above ways;
    • when the thumbnail of the picture appears, tap on “Scroll” under it;
    • the screen image will be captured automatically. Crop the picture and save it to your smartphone.

    Due to the MIUI firmware from Xiaomi, 6 options for creating a display snapshot are available on smartphones of the brand and its sub-brands. It remains for users to choose the most convenient.

    How to take a screenshot of the screen on Xiaomi

    You can take a screenshot on a Xiaomi phone or tablet using a few simple methods and tools, which we will take a closer look at today.

    Additionally, we will consider applications that allow you to take screenshots on a timer, immediately process and edit them, and share them with friends.

    The previous article was devoted to how to update the Play market. Now you will learn how to take a screenshot on a Xiaomi smartphone or tablet as simply and quickly as possible.

    By pressing buttons on the phone

    Let’s start with the simplest method, which works on almost all Android mobile devices. Press two keys on the phone at the same time:

    • Decrease the power volume (for a device without touch buttons: home, back, etc.)
    • Home button / Power menu (for older models with touch buttons)

    After you press them, there will be a beep sound in the form of a camera shutter. Pictures will go to the gallery with all images and photos.

    Pulling back the top curtain

    Swipe your finger from the top edge of the display to open the information shade with the control panel. Find the scissors icon. When you click it, a screenshot will be taken.

    Swipe with three fingers

    The method works on all new models of Xiaomi phones and tablets. Swipe down with three fingers from the top of the screen to get a screenshot.

    This is done like this: touch the top of the screen with three fingers and, without lifting, slide them down.

    How to take a screenshot on Xiaomi


    Excellent screenshot for Xiaomi. Ready-made pictures can be edited, mosaic created, overlay the necessary text on them. You can specify your own directory where the images will be saved.

    How to take a screenshot on Xiaomi

    Let’s start the article with the easiest way to take screenshots, which is familiar to almost every Android smartphone user and which works on Xiaomi phones. To take a screenshot, just press the power button and the volume down key at the same time. After completing this action, a thumbnail of the screenshot will appear in the upper right corner of the screen, which will subsequently be saved in the phone gallery.

    On older models of Xiaomi phones, you can go the other way. Its essence boils down to simultaneously pressing the volume down key and the touch menu button. The latter is understood as a key that has an icon in the form of three vertical stripes or dots.

    How to Take Long Scrolling Screenshot in Xiaomi Redmi [MIUI]

    The next option for taking a screenshot on a Xiaomi phone is not entirely convenient, but it will do if any of the keys break. To take a screenshot, we will use the recommendations of the following instruction:

    • Open the notification shade by swiping down on the top of the display.
    • Here we find the item “Screenshot” and click on it.

    Please note that before you start creating a screenshot, you need to go to the desired application or service, the photo of which you need to save.

    Sometimes some users cannot find the desired icon in the notification bar. It is possible that it was simply not added. To fix the situation, again, turn to the step-by-step guide:

    • Opening the notification curtain.
    • Click on the “Sort” icon.
    • At the bottom of the menu, find the “Screenshot” icon and drag it from the gray background to the white.
    • Finally, save the changes by clicking on the “Finish” button.

    It would seem, is there really some other way to take a screenshot? And yes, the MIUI firmware, which is used on Xiaomi phones, has an interesting feature that allows you to take screenshots using gestures. The mode is not activated by default, so you need to enable it. The following instruction will help you to do everything right:

    • Go to settings.
    • Open the “Advanced Settings” tab.
    • Go to the section “Buttons and gestures”.
    • Click on the “Screenshot” line and get to a page with a huge number of options.
    • Here you independently choose the option that is convenient for yourself, the most popular of which is the gesture using three fingers.

    And finally, let’s consider a very convenient method using a touch assistant. First of all, we activate it in the settings:

    • We go to the section “Advanced settings”.
    • Open the “Touch Assistant” tab.
    • We translate the slider to the right near the item “Touch Assistant”.

    After that, a small black circle will appear on the screen. To create a screenshot, click on it, and then select the scissors icon.

    As you can see, the MIUI shell provides a large number of tools for taking screenshots. Choose the best option for yourself and use it regularly.

    How to take a screenshot of the screen on a Xiaomi phone

    In simple terms, a screenshot is a photograph of what is displayed on the smartphone screen. This can be a picture of a text article on a website or an episode from a game, video or movie. You can take such a snapshot using standard system capabilities, and without the need to install additional applications. However, besides the simple method using keys, there are a number of other methods. Let’s take a closer look at how to take a screenshot of the screen on a Xiaomi Redmi Mi phone, step by step disassembling each of the methods.

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    How to take a long screenshot on Xiaomi

    A long screenshot is an image of a fully loaded browser web page. That is, instead of a single element, we get a full-fledged text article in photo format. It’s easier to explain this with an example, so first, let’s create a regular screenshot using one of the methods presented above. You need to catch the moment when a thumbnail appears in the right corner of the display. Quickly click on it and select “Scroll” in the editing menu. And then at the right time, click on the “Stop” button and wait for the completion of image processing.

    As a result, we get a long snapshot of the web page, which can later be used for our own purposes.

    Thus, a screenshot is a photograph of what is currently displayed on the phone screen. It can be done in different ways, for example, by simultaneously pressing a certain key combination. There are many methods, and each of them has both advantages and disadvantages. Therefore, finding the perfect option for everyone is almost impossible.

    How to take screenshots on Xiaomi

    The owner of any model can take a screenshot of a smartphone. including the Redmi 4x of the Chinese brand “Xiaomi”. At the same time, there is no special screenshot button by default. neither physical on the case, nor virtual on the screen. However, there are quite a few ways to take a screenshot in MIUI. at least five. The options are not suitable for every brand model. there are more options for the new Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 phone than for the 2015 and earlier models. At the same time, even older smartphones provide several ways to take a screenshot on Xiaomi, allowing you to choose the user-friendly option.


    To take a snapshot of the data that is currently displayed on the phone’s display, simply expand the notification shade to full screen and follow these steps:

    • click on it, having received an image from the screen;
    • edit the resulting image (if necessary) by clicking on the icon that appears in the upper right, and choosing one of the proposed options. sending, editing or deleting.

    Pictures can be cropped to size while editing.

    To do this, simply change the scope and click the end button. The result is saving the screenshot in the memory of the Xiaomi smartphone at the selected scale.

    Quick ball

    There is another option for Xiaomi how to take a screenshot of the screen. for this, the user will need an assistant application called Quick Ball (available on new firmware and does not work on old ones). The steps for making a copy of the display will be as follows:

    • When you start the “assistant”, a menu with several items opens. The user, taking screenshots of the display, clicks the picture, which depicts scissors.
    • After the required screenshots are taken, the application closes.

    It is not always possible to find a suitable one among the buttons in the assistant menu. To do this, you need to go to the application settings and add it yourself.


    Another method works only on devices with MIUI 8 and older installed. It provides for the creation of screenshots using a finger gesture across the display. Although you can use the technique only by configuring this option on your smartphone.

    To take a picture with a “swipe” with your fingers down the screen, go to the settings menu and select the “Advanced” item first, then. “Screenshots”.

    This is where the function is enabled, thanks to which a screenshot can be made with a gesture. Checking whether the function is enabled by swiping three fingers across the display. from the center towards the bottom.

    Keyboard shortcuts

    The firmware of Android smartphones provides for the presence of special combinations of pressing the physical keys for taking screenshots. On Xiaomi models, this function can be launched in two ways:

    • by pressing the volume down and the power button. sometimes this is not the case for users the first time, so you have to practice;
    • by pressing the touch key in the smartphone menu and again at the same time the volume down key.

    The option that involves taking screenshots by pressing the volume rocker and the power button is more familiar and works on all Android models (including even tablets). Sometimes options are possible. for example, power blocking plus volume up.

    Although the screenshots function is launched in different ways, the saving takes place in the same place. in the image gallery. After a successful screen copy, a corresponding picture appears in this folder.

    Where screenshots are stored

    On Xiaomi, screenshots are stored in the “DCIM” → “Screenshots” folder on the built-in storage and are displayed in the Gallery application under “Albums” → “Screenshots”.

    Using a computer to take screenshots

    And the screenshot is also taken using ADB when the mobile device is connected to the computer via USB. How to install platform tools, drivers, Java Development Kit, activate the “For Developers” section and enable USB debugging, see the instructions at the link. After completing the above steps, go to the “platform-tools” folder and, while holding down the “Shift” key, right-click on an empty area. In the list of options that appears, select “Open Command Window” or “Open PowerShell Window Here” (on Windows 10).

    Execute (paste and press “Enter”) the following command. In Powershell, add. /.

    The screenshot will be saved in the root directory of the internal memory.

    How to take a screenshot on a Xiaomi smartphone

    The modern Android user cannot do without the screenshot feature. Think about how often you have to save information from the screen: a map of directions, a message from a correspondence, or a QR code of an e-ticket. In the case of Xiaomi, there are more than 5 ways to take a screenshot, and all of them are detailed in this article.

    Options for different versions of MIUI

    The second standard method for Xiaomi is to hold down the volume decrease and the touch menu button, which is located to the left of the “Home” key, for a split second.

    The following method can be used by owners of Xiaomi devices running MIUI 7 and newer. Just in the 7th version of the firmware, it became possible to create a screenshot from the notification panel. Swipe down from the top of the screen and the shutter will open. Swipe down a second time to fully expand the quick settings panel. And to take a screenshot, click on the “Snapshot” item (the scissors icon).

    Another method only works on MIUI 8 and newer: to create a screen, swipe down with three fingers on the display. This feature works by default, and if you need to configure it or disable it altogether, go to “Advanced settings” (or “Advanced”) → “Buttons and gestures” → “Screenshot”.

    Also on Xiaomi you can take a screenshot using the Quick Ball touch assistant. This is a semi-transparent “floating” button that appears on the display and when pressed opens a menu with available options. So, among them there is “Snapshot”. To activate Quick Ball, go to Settings → Advanced Settings (or Advanced) → Touch Assistant and select Enable Touch Assistant. Now an arc will appear on the side of the screen: to capture an image from the screen, click on it at the right moment and click on the scissors icon. If you need to change the location of the buttons, open the Shortcut Features in the Touch Assistant settings and swap the items.

    In addition, a long screenshot can be taken on Xiaomi. The function works correctly in all applications except Google Chrome, so if you are going to “screen” a website page, open it in another browser. First, take a simple screenshot that will be the top one in the long image, and click on the thumbnail of the created image. Select Scroll from the list of options. The picture will immediately begin to descend and the entire picture will be automatically captured. You can also flip the page manually. To stop scrolling, click on the “Stop” button and you will immediately see the finished result.

    The standard way to take a screenshot on Xiaomi

    A simple method that works on all Xiaomi devices is to press and hold the lock and volume down buttons for a couple of seconds. The screen will turn white for a fraction of a second and you will hear a sound that resembles a camera shutter.

    A thumbnail of the taken picture will be displayed in the upper right corner and if you click on it, the following actions will be available: send the image, edit, scroll (more on this will be discussed later in the article) or delete.


    Also, programs for creating screenshots, including long ones, are available on Google Play. Here’s the list: Mobizen, AZ Screen Recorder, Screen Master, and Stitchcraft.

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