How To Take A Screenshot On A 51

Method two: using physical key combinations

Using this procedure, taking a screenshot on Samsung A30s will also be easy and fast.

To do this, simultaneously press the power key and the volume key to make the sound quieter, and if you want to remove it. then the procedure is the same, but press DO NOT decrease the sound but increase.

This can be said to be the classic version. the most often used, only you must press it at the same time and quickly. pressed and immediately released.

You can share and edit right away, but what if you keep it as it is? you will find it in the gallery of your samsung galaxy a30s.

First way: the easiest and most affordable

A description of the method, which I will provide first, to be honest, I have not met, but the simplest and most accessible even with one hand.

All you need is one setting. It is not hidden, but most likely a little deeply hidden.

To do this, open the settings and look for the term “Accessibility”. Click. Now we are looking for “Disorder of coordination and interaction”.

The last step remains. This is to find the “Sub Menu” and move the lever to the right. To make it “blue”.

A small black circle with four white squares will now appear on every screen of your A30s.

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It can be moved to any place and when inactive it becomes almost invisible, so it will not annoy you, but if you click on it, a menu will appear in the square, where there will be an item. “Screenshot“.

Click and you’re done. Only he will appear on every screen. If you consider it unnecessary then see the second method.

3 ways to take screenshots on samsung galaxy a30s

Today, the main function of a mobile phone or tablet is the ability to take a screenshot of the screen, that is, record the image displayed on the screen at that moment on your Samsung Galaxy a30s 2019.

When you take a screenshot, you can send it by WhatsApp, Instagram story, or your smartphone’s frame and memory.

I’ll tell you right away that in a30s 2019 there are plenty of ways to make screenshots, despite the budget option.

You will need a screenshot in many situations and you need to learn how to do it.

The third way is to make a screen with the edge of the palm

To use this method, you also need to make some minor adjustments to your a30s.

You need to go to “Additional functions” in the settings and find “Movement / gestures”, and there, as in the first method, Dvin to the right, the lever.

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Now, just slide your palm across the screen from the right side to the left (or vice versa) on your Galaxy A30s and a screenshot is taken.

You will also see a flash that indicates that the delight has been made. This way I made all the pictures that you see now.

You can also do “Bixby” or Google Assistant, and this is theoretically even better since everything happens with just one voice.

This is certainly not bad and even wonderful, but you also have to customize it. A little, but definitely more than in the methods described above.

Now I will not dwell on this, since for the first time you already have enough options to take a screenshot on the Samsung a30s 2019 Success.

How to take a screenshot in Microsoft Word

Taking screenshots is one of the most frequent tasks for many users: sometimes to share an image with someone, and sometimes to insert them into a document. But not everyone knows that in the latter case, taking a screenshot is possible directly from Microsoft Word, followed by automatic insertion into the document.

This short tutorial will show you how to take a screenshot of a screen or area of ​​it using the built-in screenshot tool in Word. It can also be useful: How to take a screenshot in Windows 10 Using the built-in Screen Fragment utility to take screenshots.

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Built-in screenshot tool in Word

If you go to the “Insert” tab in the main menu of Microsoft Word, there you will find a set of tools that allow you to insert various elements into the edited document.

Including, here you can perform and create a screenshot.

  • Click on the “Illustrations” button.
  • Select Snapshot and then either select the window you want to take a snapshot of (a list of open windows will be shown except Word) or click Take Screenshot (Screen Clipping).
  • If a window is selected, it will be removed entirely. If you select “Screen Clipping”, you will need to click on some window or desktop, and then select with the mouse the fragment you want to screenshot.
  • The created screenshot will be automatically inserted into the document at the position where the cursor is.
How To Take A Screenshot On A 51

Of course, all the actions that are available for the second images in Word are available to insert a screenshot: you can rotate it, resize it, set the desired text wrapping.

In general, this is all about the use of the opportunity in question, I think there will be no difficulties.

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