How to take a screenshot on a windows computer

How to take a custom screenshot on a computer

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Hello dear readers and blog guests! In this post, we will analyze how to take a screenshot from the computer screen.

A screenshot, also known as a snapshot, can be taken with the built-in Windows tool, but unfortunately, the built-in tools for screenshots do not always meet user requirements.

Therefore, we will be using the free Lightshot app. Let’s take a look at how to download and set up this small but very handy screenshot app.

How to take a screenshot on a computer

To download Lightshot, go to the official website // and click the Download button

We save the installation file to a convenient place, after which we launch the installation with a mouse click.

Choose a language and click “Ok”

Next, put the radio button on the agreement with the terms of use and click “Next”

There is a trick in the next step, and if you do not uncheck all the boxes, then Yandex extensions will be installed on your PC. Uncheck the boxes and click “Finish”

The program icon in the form of a bird’s feather will appear on the taskbar.

Hover the cursor over the icon and right-click to view the program settings and add your own settings if necessary.

For example, you can change the settings for hotkeys to run and save.

To take a screenshot, press PtrScr on the keyboard. The screen dims and a cursor appears with the words “Select area”

To select an area for the shot, hold down the left button and drag the mouse across the screen. When the button is highlighted and released, a snapshot window appears where you can select an action.

Hovering over any icon, you get a hint. Go through each element and try, then save the finished snapshot to your PC or upload to the Lightshot cloud storage service.

To cancel an action or select a different setting, right-click anywhere to open the context menu.

That’s all for me! Use it yourself and share with your friends on social networks this instruction! Before communication!

The screenshot is.

Screenshot. a screenshot of a computer screen or part of it. When might you need it? When you need to save or transfer to someone a picture showing the state of your computer screen. For example, you are playing the popular game “World of tanks” and wanted to record a vivid episode of the game. Or maybe you need a frame from your favorite video or an image from Instagram. As you know, this social network does not provide the ability to directly download photos. So, one of several ways to download a photo from Instagram is just to create a screenshot.
You can take a screenshot on a computer using programs, and there are also built-in tools in browsers to instantly scan and save website pages. However, in this article we will tell you exactly how to take a screenshot on Windows 10, that is, by the built-in tools of the operating system itself:

  • With the PrtScn button.
  • WinShiftS keyboard shortcut.
  • Application “Scissors”.
  • WinG keyboard shortcut.
  • Hot buttons WinPrtScn.

Take a screenshot with the built-in Scissors application

Windows 10 retains the “Scissors” program, which was in previous versions of the operating system. With its help, you can take a screenshot on Windows 7 in exactly the same way.

  • The program provides a choice of several formats for saving a screenshot: PNG, GIF, JPEG, HTML.
  • Scan area can be rectangular or freeform.
  • You can enable a delay from 1 to 5 seconds. Honestly, I haven’t found any practical application for it, can you do it? But she is.
  • Using the built-in Pen tool in the screenshot, you can draw “freehand” lines of different colors and widths. Use a bright yellow “Marker” to focus on a fragment of the picture. Using the “rubber band” to sequentially remove the design elements applied by the previous methods.

Find the program in the “Standard-Windows” list, proceeding as shown in the picture. By the way, here, with the list of standard programs, there is also the Paint application, which we use to save the contents of the clipboard as a file.

The second way to open the app you want is even easier. Start typing the word “scissors” in your app search. The application will appear in the found list. Click on it.

The program control panel will appear on the screen. The interface is very SIMple. Click “Create”.

In the same way as when you press the WinShiftS keys, the entire screen will fog up and a crosshair icon will appear on it. While holding it with the mouse button, select the scan area. As soon as you release the button, the selected fragment will be inserted into the program window.

It remains to save the file. Select “File” then “Save As”.

Take a screenshot of a part of the screen with the WinShiftS keyboard shortcut

Starting in April 2017, it became possible to take a screenshot on Windows 10 not just of the entire screen, but also of a selected part of it. Use the WinShiftS keyboard shortcut.

When you press a keyboard shortcut, the entire screen is dimmed and a small cross-hair icon appears on it. Hold down the left mouse button and drag this crosshair over the picture to select the scan area. This area will be visually distinguished by a clear image. Release the mouse button and thereby you will save a fragment of the picture to the clipboard. Now paste the picture into Paint or another program that supports working with images using the CtrlV buttons.

Scan screen with WinG game bar

The WinG keyboard shortcut enables the Game Bar in Windows 10. The panel allows you to record videos and take pictures in programs and games that take up full screen. Press both keys SIMultaneously. First you have to confirm that the screenshot will be taken in game mode.

The panel looks like this:

It remains to press the corresponding button or the WinAltPrtScrn key combination. The created screenshot is saved automatically. You can find it in the folder “Videos”. “Clips”.

How to take a screenshot on Windows 10. How to take a screenshot on Windows 10. Take a screenshot using the Print Screen button

The most popular way to create a screenshot is using the Print Screen button, aka PrtScn, aka Prt Sc. On different keyboards, its name can be written in different ways, but its function does not change from this.
Pressing PrtScn causes the image of the entire area of ​​your computer screen to be saved to the clipboard. For beginners, we will explain that the clipboard is a specially reserved area of ​​memory where you can place and where you can extract a piece of information. It can be a folder, file, part of a text file or spreadsheet, an image, etc.

As a rule, an object or part of it is saved to the clipboard:

  • By pressing Windows hotkeys CtrlC.
  • Select the desired file by clicking the right mouse button, and then, in the opened window of available actions, click “Copy”.
  • PrtScn button. Especially for saving a screen image to the clipboard.

Extraction from the clipboard of all objects, including a screenshot, is done by hot keys CtrlV or by right-clicking, then pressing “Paste”.
After clicking Print Screen, you can paste the picture into Paint and then save it as a file. Also, the picture can be inserted into a Word file or any of the graphic and text editors (that support working with images).

Take a screenshot with WinPrint Scrin keyboard shortcut

The easiest way to take a screenshot and immediately save it as a PNG file. By pressing this key combination, you will see a brief blackout of the computer screen. This means the screenshot is ready. You can find it in the folder called “Screenshots”. It is located, in turn, in the “Pictures” folder.

There is no physical keyboard on tablets, so to take a screenshot of the tablet press the Win key at the same time as the volume down button.

In this article, we have covered all the ways to take screenshots of a computer without installing additional programs. You may be interested in learning how to take a screenshot in a browser, as well as using programs on a computer. About this in separate articles. I hope this material was useful to you. Leave comments, ask questions, if any.

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Pros and cons of taking screenshots with Windows.

First, I’ll tell you about the advantages:

  • The most important advantage is that the picture can be taken instantly. It all depends on your reaction, i.e. how quickly you press the Print Screen button.
  • No need to install any special software.
  • Not fast saving. After removal, you need to separately open the graphics editor and insert a picture there.
  • You can only take a screenshot of the entire screen or the selected window. It is not possible to remove any small piece.

These are the main pros and cons, the rest you will see for yourself when you start using this function.

How to take a screenshot of a computer in Windows 7, XP and Vista using a special program?

Now I will show you how to take a screenshot in Windows 7, XP and Vista using a special program. This program weighs very little, about 800 kilobytes, but it has a lot of functions, both necessary and unnecessary, but I use only one. taking screenshots. The program is called CaptureFree.exe, you can download it from the link at the end of the article.

You do not need to install it, as you download it, just unzip the archive and you can run it. There are two whole articles on how to unpack archives: How to unpack rar and zip archives? and How to zip a file or folder?

Before it turns on, such a message may fly out

When you run it, you will see the following window:

To collapse it, click on the middle button in the upper right corner of this window, shown by the red arrow in the image above.

Now, in the notification area, you will have a small yellow square, right-click on it.

Next, click on Options and select Setup. If a window SIMilar to the one below pops up in front of you, just click Continue.

And in the future, if this window pops up, click it.

The settings window will open in front of you. In it, we need to change the language to Russian, for this click on english.xml and select russian.xml from the drop-down list.

Then click OK. If the window that I mentioned above pops up again, you know what to click.

Now, if you right-click on this program, you will see that everything is in Russian. And let me show you right away how to take a screenshot of the screen on a computer using this program.

So, right-click on this program and select the item Capture screen area.

Well, now, let me explain to you in order what each item means, and how and when to use it.

  • The first item in the list is “Window / Object”. I do not use this item, as it works a little incomprehensibly.
  • The next item is “Area”. This is the one I use most often. It is very convenient in that with it, you can screenshot rectangular-square shapes of any size and anywhere on the screen.
  • The third item is called “Manual”. I rarely use this item, but still sometimes I have to. If in the paragraphs above and below this, you can take a screenshot of an area of ​​only rectangular and square shapes, then using this item, you can take a screenshot of an area of ​​any shape.
  • Item “Fixed size”. At this point, before capturing the desired area on the screen, you must set the dimensions in advance. When is it needed? For example, if you want to post a picture on the forum, but there is a limitation, they say, “the width of your image should not exceed 600 pixels, and the height of 500”. In this case, you immediately set the allowed height and width, and take a picture. Honestly, this item came in handy for me only a couple of times, I have not met any restrictions on the size of images for a long time. Before, and besides, there are special services for reducing the size to the required.
  • “Scrolling”. this item is inconvenient, just like the first one, so I don’t use it at all.
  • Well, as for the item “Full Screen”, then a screenshot of the entire screen, just like using the Print Screen button.

You (and I) don’t need the items below. As you understood from the description above, basically I only use two items. “Area” and “Manual”. If suddenly you do not understand how to use them, watch the video lesson at the end of the article, where I clearly showed everything.

By the way, after you take a screenshot in the way you have chosen, the graphic editor will immediately open, and you will have to save your picture on your computer, to do this, click on the button shown in the picture below:

Then save the image in the same way as in any other graphics editor.

And one more thing, this program has a hotkey function. If you noticed in the previous image, then opposite each item it is indicated with which hot keys you can call it. It is very convenient, you do not need to right-click and bring up the program menu, just pressed CtrlShiftR and you can select and remove the area you need.

If you come across screenshots often, then you can enable the “Load at system startup” item in the settings, and then this program will be included when Windows starts (you can find out what autorun is in the article What is autorun?).

How do I take a screenshot of the screen on my computer? How to take a screenshot in Windows 7 in two ways?

Before every PC user, sooner or later, the question will arise. how to take a screenshot of the screen on a computer? And this question will arise at the most unexpected moment, when it will be necessary to very quickly take a screenshot of the computer screen for any purpose. And so that you can approach this problem with all weapons, I decided to tell you about two ways to take a screenshot.

How to take a screenshot of a computer screen using Windows tools?

So, first I will show you how to take a screenshot of the screen in Windows 7, XP and Vista using the keyboard.

Not so long ago, to my surprise, I found out that even seasoned PC users sometimes do not know about this method. But it is very SIMple, in order to take a screenshot, just press the PrtScr key, which is to the right of the F12 button. Sometimes this key is signed like this: Psc or PrtSc, but it is pronounced like this. Print Screen.

After you press this key, Windows will take a screenshot to the clipboard. But how do you take a screenshot of a computer screen so that it is saved as an image? To do this, after clicking on the Print Screen key, you need to go to the paint editor (Start. All Programs. Standard. Paint, or just click Start and type Paint in the search), then click on the word Edit. Paste or just press CtrlV on your keyboard (this is one of the hotkeys, if you want to know about others, read the article. Windows Hotkeys).

After the image is inserted, you can save it, File. Save, choose a location, image format and name. Now you can go to the place where you saved the picture and check it. I talked about all this in detail in the video tutorial below.

There is another kind of screenshot in Windows, this is a screenshot of the active window. When is this feature needed? It is needed when it is necessary to take a screenshot not of the entire screen, but only of some small program window. For example, as shown in the picture below:

Of course, you could first shoot the entire screen, and then cut off all unnecessary in the same Paint. However, if you can make it easier, why not take advantage of it? In order to remove a separate window, you first need to make it “active”. What does this terrible word mean? The active window is the window in which you are working at the moment, if suddenly you are not sure, then click in this window, with the left mouse button, on any place, for example, on the area that is just to the left of the minimize, maximize and close buttons. Then hold down the Alt button and, without releasing it, press the Print Screen key.

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Well, then go to Paint, and follow the same procedure that I described above.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Capturing Snapshots with CaptureFree.

  • You can take screenshots of different shapes and sizes.
  • You can take quick shots using hotkeys.
  • The image is saved faster than in the first method.
  • The program is lightweight and easy to customize.

I did not find any flaws, well, at least I never came across.

The only thing I want to say in advance. This program is needed for those who quite often have to “screenshot” something, if you need to take a screenshot of the computer screen once a week, then it is not necessary to download this program. It is enough to cut off all the “unnecessary” in any graphics editor, for example, Paint.

To do this, click on the button circled in blue, select the desired area, right-click on it, and then crop. And then save.

Here are two ways that I use. I hope you now understand how to take a screenshot of the screen on a computer. If you still have questions, you can watch the video lesson below.

Download CaptureFree

Click here to watch the video tutorial

How to take a screenshot (screenshot) Windows 7, XP, Vista

In Windows, taking a screenshot is very easy. Using the Windows operating system, you can take a screenshot (screenshot) by SIMply pressing the Print Screen key or Prt Sc (Print Scrn) for short, which you see on the keyboard of a computer, laptop and netbook in the upper right corner. Prt Sc is usually on the same button as Sys Rq or Ins.

How to take a screenshot of the entire screen

In the top row of the keyboard, on the right, we look for and press the Prt Sc key, take a picture that goes to the clipboard (the area of ​​operating memory in which temporary files, pictures, folders are stored):

We won’t be able to see the screenshot until we open the Paint editor.

Open Paint: Start. All Programs (Programs). Accessories. Paint:

Paste the screenshot into the program by SIMultaneously pressing the CtrlV keys or press INSERT.

The screenshot taken from the monitor screen is opened in Paint. This is a pretty good editor that performs many functions with images:

  • Selecting the desired fragment,
  • the ability to crop the image to the selected area,
  • writing text on image,
  • saving in different formats (jpeg, png, bmp, gif.),
  • zoom in,
  • the ability to send an image from the program by email,
  • printing on a printer,
  • saving the desktop background, etc.

Edit the screenshot and save.

How to take a screenshot of the active area of ​​the screen.

Thanks to the Windows operating system, you can capture not only the entire monitor screen, but also the active (pop-up) area. To do this, SIMultaneously press AltPrt Sc and we will get a snapshot of the active window, which we also open in the Paint program, edit and save:

The disadvantage of the ability of the Windows operating system to create a screenshot is that the image does not open immediately when you take a screenshot, but you need to open it yourself in a graphical editor. It’s easy to do, and the Paint editor is pretty decent.

Now you know how to take a screenshot (screenshot) of Windows without using special programs (for example: convenient FastStone Capture), online services and without browser extensions: Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox.

If you have to take screenshots from time to time, then the capabilities of the Windows operating system are enough.

How to take a screenshot of the computer screen. the easy way

A screenshot on a computer is no different from a screenshot on a laptop, since the keyboard layout for both is almost the same, and the button is also called.

Consider the aLGorithm of actions:

  • press the print screen button on the keyboard (print screen. from English. “screen print”);
  • all the content that was on your screen at the time of pressing the button goes to the clipboard. Now we need to get the long awaited image;
  • to get a screenshot of the Windows screen as an image, you need to open any of these programs:
  • create a new file in the opened program. This is done by pressing the ctrln key combination or through the menu at the very top of the program. Click the file. create a new one. Using Photoshop as an example, it looks like this:
  • after opening a blank sheet, press ctrlv or right-click anywhere on the blank sheet and press “paste”;
  • your drawing will appear and you need to save it. To do this, use the ShiftCtrlS buttons or in the “file” menu in the upper left corner, click and in the drop-down menu we look for the save as button (from English save as)

select the name of our file and the location on the HDD where you want to define it and press the save button;

This is the SIMple way to take a screenshot of the screen on a laptop or computer.

Screenshot of Windows screen using programs

Let’s define what is it for? Sometimes you need to take a screenshot with scrolling down, and just save time.

This can be done very easily through programs. There are a lot of screeners on the Internet and they are all SIMilar in capabilities and functionality. We’ll take an easy-to-use screenshot tool. Gyazo. It can be easily downloaded by typing “guazo download” in a search engine. The program is free.

How to take a screenshot of the browser screen

If you work a lot on the Internet and you need a free, convenient and fast screen browser, then the official extension Awesome Screenshot: Screen Video Recorder will help you.

The Awesome Screen program has ample opportunities:

  • snapshot of content inside the browser;
  • video recording in the browser;
  • the ability to take a snapshot of the entire page;

Many people have faced the problem when they need to take a screenshot of a long page, but the problem is that most screeners take pictures of only the visible part of the page. Awesome Screenshot can capture full web pages.

  • editing the screen directly in the browser;

Many screeners have this feature, but they are paid for. In this program you get the most essential picture editing tools for free.

  • can make screenshots of the screen itself, but this is already less convenient than on Guazo;
  • the ability to select the format of the resulting images: jpeg or png;
  • the function of screenshots is available using “hot keys”;

Awesome Screenshot: Screen Video Recorder is a handy screen capture and editing program. It’s easy to use and very fast.

How to take a screenshot on a computer. Screenshot of Windows screen

Many users are wondering how to take a screenshot on a computer? It is very easy! And a SIMple screenshot is taken with just one button. Although there are situations when a SIMple photo screen is not enough and you have to turn to third-party utilities.

Screenshot features:

  • a snapshot of the screen, which is immediately converted into a picture;
  • the ability to screen in GIF format, that is, your short-term actions are recorded on the picture and it turns out in motion;
  • the ability to screen with scrolling down.
  • first, download and install Gyazo;
  • a tray icon and two shortcuts appear on the desktop;
  • the tray icon and shortcut that on the right includes a regular screener. There is an opportunity to select the part of the screen, which you intend to take a picture. You need to do this by holding down the left mouse button and moving it.
  • After you release the button, the screen will automatically open in your default browser. We can immediately save it to our computer by clicking the right mouse button and choosing “save”. Note that you get the final image file right away;
  • the shortcut on the left includes a gif screener. The principle of operation is the same, only you are given some time for any actions (scroll down, move left, right, etc.). All this is recorded in a short time and at the output you get a ready-made GIF, which can also be saved from the browser to any place on a computer or laptop.
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Gyazo is perfect for situations where you need to quickly capture a small portion of the screen. If you just need to show someone a screen, then you can not upload it to your computer, but SIMply send the other person a link to it.

In principle, the free basic version is enough, but if you want to edit the screen right in the browser (put arrows, signatures, etc.), then you will have to purchase the paid version of the account. Paid account only costs 5.

Guazo. Screenshot Software

This program is perfect for taking a screenshot of the Windows screen.

Installing Awesome Screenshot: Screen Video Recorder

Installing this extension will not be a problem as it is official. Let’s consider installing Awesome Screenshot using Google Chrome as an example:

  • Go to the “Extensions” tab.
  • Scroll down the page and click on the button ” extensions”
  • We enter our query into the search line and press the “Enter” key
  • Select the first result from the list and click “Install”.
  • After installation, the icon of our screener will appear in the browser in the upper right.

Now you can use all the features of the program for taking pictures and recording video from the computer screen.

Also, we recommend using the new program with wider functionality for editing screenshots. Use Photoshop online for free to edit screenshots, select fragments and add text.

Ways to Take Screenshots on Windows 10 Computer

A screenshot (from English Screenshot) is a screenshot of a monitor or a separate work area of ​​a PC, which the user selects himself or sets in the program settings. Screen is needed in order to save a specific error, system information, notification to a snapshot, which will then be provided to a specialist for analysis and further solution of the problem. This is the main purpose of screenshots. However, users can often use them to share photos and pictures on a social network. Therefore, we suggest considering ways to take a screenshot on a Windows 10 computer using a standard utility and third-party programs.

There are several ways to take a screenshot of the desktop or the entire screen of Windows 10. Let’s consider those that can be done without using third-party programs.

Take a screenshot using the keyboard

To take a picture of the entire Windows 10 desktop, you should click on the “WinPrtSc” button. The file will be located at: “This PC”, “Pictures”, “Screenshots”.

If the fixed screen needs to be immediately sent to another person, you need to press “WinH”. A small window will appear on the right side with a list of programs that can be used to transfer the image.

If you need to take a full-size picture and immediately edit it, then you just need to press “PrtSc”. Photo go to clipboard. Open the Paint program, press “CtrlV” and edit the photo.

Taking screenshots with the desktop app

Microsoft has developed a tool that you can use to take screenshots. This is Snip’s screenshot manager or better known as Scissors.

If the first application in Windows 7 and 8 previously allowed you to take screenshots of the whole screen and parts, then Snip in the Top Ten also allows you to record video from the screen.

In order to use Snip in Windows 10, you need to enter Snip in the search box.

Then click “Create”. The screen turns gray. Select the desired area or the whole screen.

If you do not need the whole picture, you can save only part of the screen. To do this, you can go to the Notification Panel and select “Screen Fragment” (or through “Start”, “Standard”).

Next, using the mouse, select the area to save the screen.

Also with the spring update of Windows 10, users have been able to select the area of ​​the screen to save. To do this, press the “WinShiftS” key combination. The screen turns gray. Only a cross will appear to highlight the desired area.

In Windows 10, pressing the “Win G” key combination while a game or program is running and maximized to full screen launches a game bar with several buttons. You can click on “Screenshot” or type the combination “Win Alt Print Screen”.

It is impossible to select a separate area for screening using standard means. Unless, create a whole picture, and then edit it in Paint.

There are many ways to take a screenshot on a Windows 10 laptop using third-party software. Among these we will single out:

To take a full-size screenshot or a snapshot of the active window, you need to install any of the above programs on a laptop, computer, tablet or phone, and then, by clicking on the “PrtSc” button, select the desired area.

We used Lightshot as an example. This program allows you to create a screenshot and edit it using frames, text, lines, colors, deleting elements. It also allows you to save a file, transfer it by link, print.

In addition, Lightshot is compatible with Windows 10, so there will be no problems installing and using the software.

Most programs designed to create screenshots already provide for the possibility of their initial processing. In such programs, which are presented above, you can already highlight the desired area with color, lines, letters, delete unnecessary elements. If you need to drastically change the screenshot, then you need to turn to Photoshop.

Consider an example of editing a screenshot in the PhotoInstrument program (of course, you can take any other Photoshop).

  • We open the program. Click “Open” and select the file.
  • The menu on the left will contain tools for photo editing. There will be a functional menu at the top.
  • If you scroll with the mouse wheel, you can zoom in and out of the photo. This is convenient if you need to edit a high-quality small detail.
  • To delete an object, select the eraser.
  • To adjust brightness and contrast, select the first two tools or one row below.
  • In order to flip a photo or cut out a part of it, you need to select an element in the form of scissors (as indicated in the screenshot).

As you can see, this is the SIMplest program that allows you to edit a screenshot. It is not suitable for professional photo processing. However, in this thread we are looking at ways to edit screenshots, not digital photo models. Therefore, PhotoInstrument meets these needs completely and completely.

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