How to take a screenshot on A71

Apps to take screenshots on Android

There are many free and paid apps available on the Play Store for taking screenshots and working with Android screenshots. Among them can be distinguished, both free and in Russian:

  • Screen Master. allows you to take a screenshot of the screen or its area using buttons, icons on the screen or shaking the phone, edit the created screenshots, change the save format, and more. To start the program, you need to click the “Enable Screen Capture” button. You can download it from Play Store:
  • Screenshot Easy. in fact, all the same features, and in addition the ability to assign a screenshot to the camera button and from the notification icon. Official page:

A SIMple universal method to take a screenshot on Android

Almost all modern Android phones and tablets, regardless of brand and OS version, offer one easy way to take a screenshot: SIMultaneously press and briefly hold the volume down button and the power button (for some older models, the hardware Home button).

All that is required is to get used to “correctly” pressing these buttons at the same time: sometimes it does not work the first time and as a result either the screen SIMply turns off, or the volume indicator appears. Nevertheless, the method works and if you have not used it before and did not work right away, try a few more times, the screenshot will be taken.

Also, on pure Android 9 (for example, on Nokia smartphones) the following method appeared: press and hold the power button and in the menu, in addition to shutting down and restarting, a button appears to take a screenshot:

In addition to the described basic methods of taking screenshots, different manufacturers of phones and tablets offer their own additional features, it is quite possible that there are some on your device. I will give an example of such functions for a Samsung Galaxy smartphone.

Ways to Take Screenshot and Screenshot Function on Samsung Galaxy

Different models of Samsung smartphones may have different functions available for working with screenshots, but on most modern models you will find the options described below.

  • If you go to Settings. Additional functions. Motions and gestures, you can enable the item “Palm screen capture”. Just slide the edge of your palm from right to left: a screenshot will be automatically taken.
  • If your Samsung Galaxy has such a feature as showing widgets in the Edge panel (sidebar on the right), then you can go to Settings. Display. Curved screen. Edge panels. There you can turn on the “Select and Save” panel, which allows you to take a screenshot of the selected area of ​​the screen, or the “Tasks Edge” panel, one of the items of which takes a screenshot of the screen.
  • Also, in the “Additional functions” section of the settings there is an option “Screenshot”. After turning it on, when you create a screenshot using the buttons on the phone, a settings panel will appear, which allows, for example, to place in the screenshot areas of the screen that do not fit on the screen (scroll the page in the browser, and it will all go into the screenshot).
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Well, Galaxy Note owners probably know that you can SIMply remove the stylus to display a menu, among the buttons of which there is also a screenshot of the entire screen or its area.

How to take a screenshot of Android

This instruction is not only for those who do not know how to take a screenshot on Android, but also for other readers: it is possible that among the proposed methods they will find interesting additional methods that they have not thought about before.

In the guide below, there are several ways to take screenshots on an Android phone or tablet: “Standard”, additional methods from phone manufacturers using the example of Samsung Galaxy, using applications on Android itself and on a computer (if we need to get a screenshot directly to a computer).

Take a screenshot of Android on a computer or laptop

If, after creating screenshots, copy them to your computer and then work with them on it, you can skip the copying step. Almost all programs that allow you to transfer an image from the Android screen to a computer also have the function of creating screenshots.

These programs include:

  • ApowerMirror
  • Samsung Flow (official program for Samsung Galaxy)
  • Or you can broadcast an image from Android to Windows 10 using the built-in system tools and use the Print Screen key to create screenshots.

And this, again, is not all the options available. But, I hope, the proposed methods will be enough for your tasks: if not, I look forward to your comments and try to suggest a suitable solution.

How to take a screenshot?

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How to take a screenshot?

Users of mobile and stationary equipment often hear or read about such a concept as screenshot (in Russian it sounds like a “screenshot“). For example, for an accurate diagnosis on a support site that describes a problem with software, Internet pages, social networks, and other elements, you may be asked to take a screenshot. And if you ask what a screenshot is and how to make it somehow awkward, don’t worry: our article will describe this concept in an accessible language.

Literally translated from English, screenshot means a screenshot. Regardless of which device you are working with, you can get an exact copy of the picture you see on your display and save it in jpg (the most common file type for pictures and SIMple photographs). Further, the created picture from Android or PC can be sent by e-mail, uploaded to a social network, to a website, printed. in general, to do everything for which, in fact, the picture was created.

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Taking a screenshot: practicing different ways

If you didn’t know how to take a screenshot before, then don’t worry: there is nothing difficult in this function, and its implementation is most often inherent in the capabilities of the technique. The easiest way to create such a display fingerprint on mobile gadgets running the Android operating system: this is done by pressing several buttons, and the file is saved automatically, most often in a special folder called “Screenshots”.

How to take a screenshot on Android? Different versions of this platform, as well as different mobile devices, may have their own mechanisms for creating a snapshot. If we talk about the technique where the platform version is older than 4.0, then you need to try to SIMultaneously press one of the combinations:

  • Home and Shutdown buttons;
  • Buttons “Sound below” and “Off”;

This is the entire instruction on how to take screenshots on Android. At the same time, you can hear the characteristic shutter click and see the graphic effect. as if the picture has been reduced in size. this means that the screenshot is completed.

It is not so easy for those who, for whatever reason, were unable to update their OS to new versions: the ability to take a screenshot of the display is not provided on all devices. Whether it can be done at all will depend on the specific model and manufacturer. For example, on Samsung phones and tablets, a screenshot is provided when the Home and Shutdown buttons are combined. But on Chinese devices, basically, to take a screenshot from the screen, you need to click on “sound” and “off”.

Images from mobile devices under this OS are saved automatically. You just need to go to the gallery and select the folder of the same name. But on a PC, taking a screenshot of the display, and most importantly, saving it correctly using built-in methods, will be a little more difficult.

How to take a screenshot on a computer

For those who are curious about how to take a screenshot on a computer, we recommend taking a look at your own keyboard. The top right row should contain a button labeled “prt sc”, less often. “Print Screen”. It performs the function of saving a screenshot in the computer’s RAM, but does not automatically create a file with an image.

The easiest way to get the finished file from RAM is to insert it into a graphics editor, for example, Paint (you don’t have to download it separately, it is usually on every PC by default).

The instruction on how to make screenshots on a computer looks like this:

  • Press the “prt sc” button to copy the desired image on the display;
  • Open Paint;
  • Use the ctrlv key combination to insert a snapshot;
  • Save the file in jpg format (using the “Save As” function) in the selected folder.
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As you can see, the method is not the fastest. In addition, older versions of Windows, just like some Android devices, do not support Screen Copy, even if there is such a key on the keyboard. But even this is not a problem for those who need this function (and it is usually needed regularly).

How is phone screening done

There is a handy program for taking screenshots on Android. this is the Reptilicus program. With its help, you can get pictures in one click. But besides the fact that you will get the opportunity to make a copy of the screen of your mobile or tablet. In addition, the Reptilicus application allows you to perform a number of interesting and very useful functions. For example, it is easy and quick to receive them from a remote device with a period of, for example, 15 seconds. And this function on the phone works without Root rights!

How to take a screenshot remotely?

Imagine that you forgot your second smartphone at home, and you urgently need to get some kind of contact, which is stored in the memory of this device. Reptilicus will make a copy of the information you need, and you will receive it almost instantly as a photo on your second phone. And you can do this not only with your gadget. you can check your loved one or control the actions of children.

In order to take screenshots (screenshots) remotely without access to the phone, you must install the Reptilicus application on this phone in advance. During installation, you can set a period and a filter, for example. do every 20 seconds only from WhatsApp.

This program will be useful to all those who wondered how to do it from afar and how to control another phone or tablet remotely. Several functions in one application is perhaps much more convenient than hundreds of installations responsible for different actions. Among the most useful and popular are:

  • parental control;
  • call recording;
  • reading correspondence;
  • control over employees;
  • environment recording.

Reptilicus can really help you get screenshots of devices that you need to have access to for various reasons. When using the development opportunities, you should remember: it is not intended for illegal copying and distribution of personal information, correspondence in messengers (WhatsApp, Viber, Telegram, Imo and Gem4me,. Instagram, Odnoklassniki, and KateMobile for ) or other actions that violate the law.

Use the mechanisms of the program profitably and wisely. And we hope that our article on how to take a screenshot of the screen was useful and comprehensive.

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