How to take a screenshot on an ASUS Windows laptop

How to take screenshots on an Asus laptop on Windows 10

Error messages, suspicious comments on social networks and forums, interesting frames in videos, fragments of copy-protected texts, sometimes it is necessary to save to confirm someone’s actions, work tasks, contact technical support or just as a souvenir.

Taking an image on a smartphone camera means not only getting a low quality picture, but also earning a reputation as an inept user, because this task can be solved using standard operating system tools or using special applications. The image obtained in this way is called a screenshot or a screenshot.

The program intercepts the picture that the video card builds on the display, and temporarily places the frame in the RAM. Different laptop manufacturers have developed their own algorithms for saving a picture that is displayed on the screen. In particular, you need your own sequence of actions to take a screenshot on an ASUS laptop.

Windows 10 “game menu

This method is specially designed for gamers who need to take pictures while playing and record what is happening on the screen on video. The function allows you to organize streaming. User actions when working with gaming software:

  • Press the combination Win G.
  • Check the box “Yes, this is a game”.
  • Click on the camera icon.

Screenshots are stored in the “Clips” subfolder of the “Video” directory, where you can easily get to by clicking on the “This computer” shortcut or through “Explorer” (appears when you right-click on the “Start” button).

Scissors tool

In Windows 10, you can select and copy an arbitrary screen area into RAM. This allows you to reduce the size of the picture, as well as the time required for its subsequent cropping in the editor. The program is located in the “Accessories. Windows” category of the “Start” menu. After starting, you need to follow these steps:

Then the created screenshot can be opened in the previously specified directory for viewing or editing using a convenient program for working with images.

The method is convenient in cases when you need to capture only part of the desktop or application window, for example, a separate message in the messenger, an interesting detail of the image.

Snapshot using keyboard shortcuts

For this purpose, you need to press the PrtSc SysRq button (in everyday life it is called simply “printscreen”). It’s in the top row of keys next to F12. The image will go to the clipboard, from where it can then be pasted into the window of the paint editor or another similar application through the “Paste” menu item or by using the Ctrl V key combination.

In order not to lose the file, you need to save it with a suitable name and extension (the.jpg format is often used). If the OS does not respond to pressing the specified button, you should make a screen on an ASUS laptop with Fn pressed. You can insert pictures not only into graphic editors, but also into office documents, email programs, accounts on social networks.

screenshot, asus, windows, laptop

To take a snapshot of the entire screen, press the Win PrtSc SysRq combination. By default.png files are sent to the Screenshots folder in Pictures, which can be accessed through This PC. The speed and simplicity of the method ensure that even a beginner who has recently sat down at a laptop can master it. In this way, it is convenient to fix errors in the operation of applications when the user does not have time to choose the format and path of saving.

If you only want to capture a portion of the screen, an Alt key is added to the Print Screen. The active window will be removed (the one with which the user is working at the moment of taking a screenshot, usually it differs from the inactive ones by the color of the frame and title). The algorithm for inserting and saving a picture is the same as for capturing the entire screen. The option is optimal for shooting a messenger window, video player, specialized application (for example, to capture all elements of the software interface).

Using third-party software

Standard tools have limited capabilities, so it’s best to use third-party apps to create high-quality screenshots with advanced options. Below are the most popular and convenient programs for Windows 7 and later versions of this OS.

Under the control of an outdated operating system, the utility will not start or will work with errors and crashes.

  • UVScreenCamera.
    Simple utility with many functions that takes pictures, records everything that happens on the screen, allows you to edit videos and works with many common file formats.
  • DuckCapture.
    Here, when creating screenshots, you can scroll through the contents of an open window so that a long page falls on the snapshot (making a series of screenshots of an application that takes several screens is much more difficult, as well as viewing scattered or collaged pictures), configure hotkeys for convenient work, set parameters snapshot. Only the most popular files are supported: bmp, jpg and png, which will suit ordinary users.
  • Picpick.
    Captures the entire screen, a single window, or a selection. Equipped with an image editor, the functionality resembles Paint familiar to users. Can transfer images to other programs (Skype, MS Office software) and publish on social networks. Saves screenshots in bmp, gif, jpg, png and pdf formats.
  • SSmaker.
    To take a snapshot, you need to press PrtSc SysRq or double-click on the program icon in the system tray. The software allows you to select an area for shooting with the mouse, work with the picture in the built-in editor, save, upload to the server and receive a link with an address for insertion into the site or sending by e-mail. You can make a screen on the ASUS laptop in 3 seconds.
  • Ashampoo snap.
    You will have to pay for using this application after the end of the trial period, but its capabilities are wider than that of other similar programs. In addition to high-quality pictures, the user can recognize text in the picture, edit the image, shoot online video, scroll the window to create a long picture.
  • LightShot.
    The freeware program is launched by default when the PC boots up, making it easier to work with. Shoots by pressing the “print screen” button, allows you to select an area with the cursor. The picture can be saved to your hard drive or uploaded to the server, in order to then insert a link to the file.
  • FastStone Capture.
    Paid software with a convenient toolbar, an image editor, the ability to select a rectangular or free area, as well as page scrolling. Supports automatic saving of images, their naming, hotkeys, uploading files to an FTP server, interacting with the scanner, batch scanning.
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The listed programs are easy to use, they are launched by pressing the PrtSc button familiar to users, but they have a wider range of functions, although in some cases you have to pay for useful options. This kind of software is useful for those who prepare instructions for working with software, site descriptions, videos, test laptops and applications. A screenshot of the screen on an Asus laptop will turn out to be clear, with accurate colors, the right size, and even with special effects.

Print Screen key

Any version of Windows supports the function of saving a screenshot using a specially reserved Print Screen button (or Prt Sc for short). As a rule, it is located on the keyboard in the same row with the function buttons F1-F12 to the right of them.

Clicking on Print Screen will take a screenshot of the entire screen of your laptop and place it on the clipboard. Now the snapshot must be inserted into some graphics editor, the role of which is perfectly suited to the Paint program, which is included in the standard assembly of Windows 7/10. Launch the application via Start and press the “Paste” button (or CtrlV combination).

The image will be inserted into the working area of ​​the editor and it remains only to save it by choosing File. Save As from the menu.

If necessary, before saving, the picture can be subjected to light processing, for example, cropped or rotated. Paint has the necessary set of tools for such a basic correction.

If you clicked Print Screen and tried to insert a snapshot into the editor, but nothing worked, then to create a screenshot you need to use Prt Sc in combination with the special Fn key. Its location may differ for different laptop models. One more nuance. to create a screenshot of not the entire screen, but only the active window, press the AltPrt Sc key combination. This is very convenient, since there will be no need to crop the image later.


An application designed to take screenshots on a computer and laptop. The utility allows you to save images to any folder specified in the settings. In addition, in comparison with analogues, ShotTheScreen is able to create screenshots automatically, with a specified time interval.

It should be noted that a snapshot can be taken both of the entire screen and of a specific area. Such an application is perfect for beginners who have started learning the operating system and laptop.

How to take a screenshot in the browser

Very often, when surfing the net, you need to save a web page in a graphical form. This can be helped by special plugins developed for a wide variety of browsers. Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera. Let’s take a look at how to install and use such plugins using Firefox as an example. Let’s go to the add-ons page, located at, and use the search bar to find the FireShot extension.

Click the “Add to Firefox” button and install the plugin, and then restart the browser.

Now in the upper right corner there is a corresponding button that allows you to take screenshots of the screen, while saving them with or without preliminary editing.

One of the main advantages of the plugin is the ability to create screenshots of the entire page, not just the visible part of it. In addition, the built-in extension toolkit allows you to save a snapshot to the clipboard, publish it on the Internet or send it by e-mail. Based on the dropdown menu, Fireshot can integrate into Interner Explorer and Google Chrome browsers.

Let’s say a few words about taking screenshots from videos. The easiest way to do them is to use the capabilities of the video player itself. For example, in Media Player Classic, to save a frame from a movie, just press the AltI key combination.

This concludes our article. If you know how to take screenshots from a laptop screen in some other way, tell us about it in the comments below. Perhaps this information will be useful to readers.

Lightshot program

The Lightshot utility should definitely be in the above list, but we have moved it into a separate section to talk about it in more detail. To download the Russian version of this application, go to the official website of the developer at

Let’s save the installation file to disk and then run it. After installing Lightshot, it is immediately ready to work, which will be hinted at by the program icon that appears in the tray.

By clicking on it with the right button and selecting the desired menu item, you can go to the settings, for example, to configure the “hot” keys.

If there is no desire to bother with this, then it makes sense to proceed directly to creating screenshots of the screen. Press the same Prt Sc and use the mouse to set the capture area. After that, horizontal and vertical button bars appear.

Vertical represents various drawing tools. pencil, fishing line, text, etc. Horizontal allows you to save a screenshot on your computer, print it or upload it directly to the Internet, along the way sharing a link to the picture with other users. In general, the functionality of the program is very impressive, but at the same time it is easy to use and not demanding on resources.

Easy ways to take a screenshot of the screen on a laptop

Laptop users are often faced with the need to take a screenshot of their laptop screen. A snapshot of the entire desktop or window of a program may be required for illustrating articles or publishing on the Internet, for example, posting on social networks. Let’s consider the simplest ways to take screenshots on a laptop using standard Windows 7/10 tools, third-party applications and browser plugins. The instructions below are applicable to portable devices from different manufacturers, be they HP, Asus, Lenovo, Acer, Dell, Samsung, etc.

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Popular Apps

There are many third party screen capture software available. Each of them has its own functionality. Let’s list the most popular applications:

  • FastStone Capture is one of the best laptop and computer screen capture tools. Allows you to flexibly configure hotkeys, captures a picture from any type of windows, offers a convenient editor for editing images and supports all the most common file formats.
  • Snagit. also has a fairly rich functionality that allows you to edit snapshots, convert them from one format to another, capture different parts of the screen (windows, fixed-size areas, the entire page with scrolling).
  • Fraps. this program is focused on creating screenshots in games. Does not cause freezes, makes it possible to set combinations of “hot” keys, saves images in the most popular formats.

Windows 10 game bar

You can also take screenshots in Windows 10 using the built-in utility called by a combination of WinG buttons. In general, this game panel is primarily intended for recording video from the screen, but the program copes with the function of creating snapshots with a bang. All you need to do is click on the button with the camera icon and the screenshot will be ready.

You can find it at Computer. Pictures. Screenshots.

Screenshots are also sent here after using the WinPrt Sc key combination, which can be used even without starting the application in question, i.e. absolutely at any time of your being behind the laptop screen. Screenshot creation in this case is accompanied by a short darkening of the display.

Special programs for creating screenshots

Among the standard programs on some laptops, the “Scissors” program can be distinguished (you can find the program in the Windows START menu in the “Standard” tab). With it, you can take a screenshot of exactly the part of the screen that you need, regardless of the boundaries of programs and other applications. After selecting a fragment, save the image in the format you need and in the folder you need.

Among the programs popular now, the UVScreenCamera application can be distinguished. The program is not only easy to install and use, but also extremely convenient and useful, thanks to the many functions available to it. With UVScreenCamera, you can not only save the image, but also easily record everything that happens on the screen (your actions, video, gameplay, etc.). The program offers many video and photo formats, video editing is also available. Such a program will be very convenient for those who want to create a video instruction for laptop users.

Now on the Internet you can find many useful programs that will be convenient for you and your laptop. But be careful, because you can download many different viruses along with the application. Use only trusted sites or buy licensed programs. Good screenshots to you!

You can ask a question to the masters from our service center by calling by phone or by writing your question on the feedback form.

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How to take a screenshot of the screen on an ASUS laptop or computer

A screenshot is a screenshot of a monitor or laptop that can be saved in png or jpeg format. This can be done using the standard features of the Windows operating system, and by installing additional programs. This article will describe how to take a screenshot on an asus laptop in all possible ways.

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How to take a screenshot of the screen on an ASUS laptop

Taking a screenshot is a useful skill for any user. A picture screenshot can be useful for fixing an error, serving as a visual aid when sending to a friend, and even helping out when trying to save an image of a web page. But in some laptop models, the principle of creation has its own algorithm. On an Asus laptop, you can take a screenshot of the screen using several methods. starting with built-in programs and keyboard shortcuts, ending with third-party programs. Which option is most convenient?

Windows H keys

If you need to save a screenshot in the cloud or send it to another person, use the Windows H keys. The system will take a screenshot and display a special panel with a list of applications. It can be used to send a snapshot by email or export to OneNote, Dropbox and other online services.

Standard options for taking screenshots

It is possible to take a screenshot of a laptop screen without third-party software on any Windows operating system. This action can be done in three ways. Let’s consider each of them.

Using the keys “win” “PrtSc”

Inexperienced users of Windows 7 and other modifications should be advised that the “win” key is a button with a drawn flag, which is located in the bottom row of the keyboard. To create a screen, do the following: press both keys simultaneously; open “This computer” (the shortcut is located on the desktop), in a new window, go to the “Pictures” folder, and open the “Screenshots” folder. After completing these steps, you will find a print screen in png format.

Using the “PrtSc” key and the “Paint” graphic editor

At the right moment, press the “PrtSc” key, the snapshot is already in the clipboard. To open “Paint” on your computer you need:

  • click on “Start”;
  • select the item “All programs”;
  • in the new list, look for and go to the “Standard” section;
  • click on the “Paint” icon.

In the opened graphic editor, insert the screen. by pressing the combination “Ctrl” “V”. The image can be edited and then saved in one of the proposed options. To do this, go to the “File” section, select the “Save As” item, specify the name of the screenshot and the format for saving.

This feature is available not only on Windows 10, but also on previous Microsoft operating systems. The peculiarity is that by choosing this tool, you can make a screen not of the entire laptop screen completely, but only of the specified area. The Scissors tool is located in the same section as the Paint editor and is easy to find. Having selected this tool, and clicking in the “Create” menu that appears, the cursor will turn into a cross, with which you need to draw a rectangle around the area that you want to screen. Next, the program will prompt you to select the address to save the snapshot.

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What buttons should be used

It is possible to take a screenshot without third-party software on any Windows operating system. First of all, it is worth recording the picture itself. You can perform this operation using the following keyboard shortcuts:

Reference! If you need a picture of only a single element, then press Alt together with the Print Screen / Sys Rq key. Then you will receive a screen not of the entire Asus screen, but only of the window with which you are currently working.

Next, you need to move on to the next stage. look for a suitable place to save, because so far the screenshot, in fact, has not remained anywhere among the documents.

Other popular programs

The desire to take a high-quality screenshot on a laptop sometimes goes beyond the boundaries of the built-in editors, because it will be no less convenient to use third-party software. Now there are many special programs for creating screenshots, where the most practical are:

The program has the ability to take screenshots of windows with scrolling content and manage settings using hotkeys that are configured independently. The final version of the pictures is allowed to be copied to the clipboard for subsequent insertion and editing. Also screenshots can be named and selected online folder for automatic saving.

Attention! Only the most popular formats are presented here. bmp, png and ipg.

Free option for capturing and processing images from a screen, a separate window or area. The final image can be edited directly in the program window with built-in tools. In terms of its functions, the program is very similar to the classic Paint editor. The save function supports the most popular bmp, ipg, gif, png and pdf formats.

Important! One of the main features is the ability to transfer files to other programs (Word, Excel or Skype) and social networks (,).

Easy How To Take Screen Shots Windows 10 Ten Asus Laptop

Reference! Previously, FastStone Capture was distributed free of charge, but the latest versions of this program have cost about 20.

In addition to the very ability to edit and save a screenshot, the advantage of this version is the function of downloading and receiving a code for further publication of materials. In addition, the program provides the ability to view your own statistics, post comments, share files with friends in the system and create closed folders for limited viewing.

Important! The program itself is free, but you will have to pay for a subscription with more options (more data volume and storage without time limits).

Free version, which can be downloaded as a full-fledged program with installation on an Asus laptop, or as a portable utility. The proposed functions allow you to take a screenshot, edit it in the built-in editor menu, upload it to the server and have a link to publish it on the web.

advanced version in comparison with other offers. In addition to creating the clearest pictures possible, the program allows you to recognize the text on the screenshot taken and edit the picture. It is noteworthy that you can screen not only a fragment of an open page, but its full version. from the top to the bottom, along the entire scroll. It is also allowed to shoot video online.

Reference! Such convenient software is paid: it has a short trial period with a fixed number of functions, and the full set can be obtained only after purchasing an official product.

Summarizing all the above methods, we can conclude that operating systems for modern Asus laptops have convenient functionality for taking screenshots. Rarely using such features, you can limit yourself to standard editors. But if you often exchange ready-made screenshots on the Internet, it will be logical to master several additional programs.

How it’s done on Windows 7 and 10

In most versions of Windows, further manipulation of the screenshot invariably leads to the built-in Paint program. This simple graphics editor can be found as follows:

In the panel that opens, insert the screen using the “Ctrl” “V” combination. The displayed image can be edited as you like. The Scissors feature is especially popular in Windows 10 for Asus. By choosing this tool, you can correct the existing screen, leaving only a fragment from the entire screen:

In the latest versions of Photoshop, the principle of inserting and saving a picture is similar, with the only difference that there is no scissors function. Instead, you can use the usual selection and cropping.

Where to find a screenshot

The image is currently on the clipboard. To display it on the screen as a separate file, you need to use a graphical editor. You can use Photoshop or Paint, where the picture is inserted by the shortcut Ctrl-V or the corresponding button in the program interface (“Edit”. “Paste”). When saving a screen as an image, do not forget to set a specific format for it. The standard settings offer png with an initial extension, but it is better to choose ipeg. this way, the picture can be viewed as media without third-party resources. Decide on the storage location on Asus: initially the file is located in the “My Computer” tab (“Pictures” in the “Screenshots” folder), unless you specify a different path.

How to take a screenshot of the screen on an ASUS laptop

Taking a screenshot is a useful skill for any user. A picture screenshot can be useful for fixing an error, serving as a visual aid when sending to a friend, and even helping out when trying to save an image of a web page. But in some laptop models, the principle of creation has its own algorithm. On an Asus laptop, you can take a screenshot of the screen using several methods. starting with built-in programs and keyboard shortcuts, ending with third-party programs. Which option is most convenient?

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