How to take a screenshot on an Honor phone

How to take a screenshot on an Honor phone?

The function is especially convenient when you need to transfer part of the text information through instant messengers. The screenshot is used on any type of device that runs on Android. But, on Honor, the aLGorithm is slightly different from other manufacturers.

Take a screenshot by lowering the curtain

The most convenient way to take a screenshot is to move the notification curtain down and find the “Screenshot” key. Press it once, while the curtain rises into place automatically. Within a few seconds, the phone captures what is happening on the screen and saves the image in the Gallery. The method is notable for the fact that it responds from any installed application.

However, the owner of the smartphone can edit the set of functions in the notification shade at his own discretion.

Using the buttons

Two mechanical buttons. the volume keys and the power button perform a specific set of functions. If you press the volume down key and the off button at the same time for a few seconds, you can hear a characteristic click. A snapshot of the display is then taken. The aLGorithm cannot be changed, it is set by default by the developers.

Using the knuckle

This technique allows you to create screenshots using your knuckles. But, we have to admit that this method is available only on new firmware. The previous two methods allowed you to save screenshots on Huawei and Honor phones, but this technique is limited in application.

The default settings do not allow you to immediately use this technique, so to activate, perform the following actions:

  • Open Settings;
  • Find the section Management;
  • In the menu that opens, click on the item Motion;
  • Go to the Smart screenshot section;
  • Activate the technique.

The knuckle screenshot is the most difficult of all. To take a full-screen shot of the display, tap anywhere on the screen with your knuckle. To highlight a specific part of the display, draw a knuckle around the part you want to capture.

With three fingers

The last way to take a screenshot involves sliding three fingers all over the display. To activate the function, go to Settings> Control> Motion. In the menu that opens, find the Screenshot item with three fingers. Upon activation, swipe down from top to bottom with three fingers.

If you have any questions with the solution to the problem on your smartphone. Leave a comment describing the problem in detail, and be sure to indicate the model of your smartphone. We will try to help you!

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A quality app that is directly designed to create screen recordings and quality screenshots. There are many settings. Allows you to take pictures of games, various windows. in general, everything that is on the screen. If desired, you can set a countdown timer.


Has a SIMple and intuitive interface with nice colors. A screenshot can be taken from any window open on the phone. There are advanced settings to help automate the process.

How to take a screenshot on your phone

Using applications

With the help of applications, screenshots of the screen can be taken absolutely on any device running Android. Even on outdated devices. So, just install the app from Google Play, set the parameters and take pictures of your smartphone’s desktop at any time. Let’s take a look at four of the best apps rated by users.


Quickly captures what is happening on the smartphone, the result can be immediately shared with friends. Allows you to view finished pictures, edit them, add text. You can specify the directory for saving, which is very convenient.

Screenshot touch

It works very quickly and performs its functions stably. There are advanced settings to automate the process. Choice of quality and format. If you need to configure the function of creating a screen for one button, then this is an excellent solution.

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Interesting! To learn how to take a screenshot on a tablet, read the corresponding article on this website. Also, the methods described here will also work for them.

Standard smartphone tools

A universal method that suits almost all smartphones. Press two keys on the smartphone at once. volume down / up and power. On some devices, they need to be held down for up to three seconds.

Each Android phone has its own specific keys that you can use to take a screenshot. Depending on the model, they can be radically different, so a separate material was written for each manufacturer.

Honor. In new models, you can swipe down without lifting three fingers from the top of the screen to get the screen. Read more about all methods about devices of this brand in the material. how to take a screenshot on Honor.

Xiaomi. Just like on Honor phones, just swipe down with three fingers from the top of the screen. You can also read more about all methods on devices of this manufacturer in the material. how to take a screenshot on xiaomi.

Samsung. In older models from this manufacturer, instead of the volume down key, you need to press the “home” button. Read more about all the methods for devices from this manufacturer in the article. how to take a screenshot on Samsung.

There should be a sound like taking a photo with a camera or SIMilar during the capture. The picture will be saved in the photo gallery in the corresponding folder, where you can immediately find it.

Interesting! On devices with Android above version 9, a button with which you can take a screenshot will appear after a long press on the phone’s off key.

How to take a screenshot of the screen on an Android phone

How to take a screenshot on an Android phone in several different ways at once will be discussed in detail in this article, we will also take several applications with good functionality for these purposes.

Consider internal tools and special applications for these purposes for smartphones of different brands and from different manufacturers.

These were the main ways to take screenshots from your phone quickly and easily from any model. Write in the comments what methods you use on your devices.

Screenshot with Knuckle Sense

If you don’t like the standard method, you should master the proprietary approach, like taking a screenshot of the screen on an Honor phone. The technology is called Knuckle Sense and uses gesture control. Please note that for the first time the technology was presented only in the 8th Honor, it will not work on earlier models of the line.

Before you take a screenshot on Android Honor with a gesture, you first need to activate the corresponding item in the settings (on some models it is already enabled by default): open the control section using gestures and enable “smart” screenshots. By the way, the same setting makes it possible to remove a part of the display or save several scrolls of the screen to a file (for example, if you want to get a screenshot for a long page on the site).

After activating the function to take a screenshot, just tap the display twice with your knuckle. A preview window will appear where you can save the snapshot, make changes or immediately share it.

Sensitivity may vary depending on the smartphone model. Somewhere a very light tapping is enough, so that sometimes false positives occur when typing normally. Somewhere on the contrary, you need to quite seriously venerate the knuckle. It is recommended to start with light taps and gradually increase the force to find a comfortable level for you, at which the smartphone will reliably detect the gesture.

How to take screenshot on Huawei Honor

Popular lines of smartphones often have specific features. Huawei developers have made the creation of screenshots such a convenient and memorable “chip”. In this article we will look at how to take a screenshot on Honor 10, 9, 9 Lite, 8, 8 Lite, 7, 7a, 7c, 7x, 6, 5 using standard and non-standard methods, as well as how to capture only part of the display, or vice versa, take a long page.

First, we list the different options for implementing this function:

  • hold down a special key combination (a universal method for most devices, including Huawei Honor 8, for example);
  • use the proprietary development of Knuckle Sense (a more modern version, will work on Huawei Honor View 10);
  • apply the button in the system menu;
  • install a dedicated app to take screenshots.
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In all cases, you can find ready-made files through the gallery.

Using the button in the menu

Another option, how to take a screenshot on the Honor 10, is available through the menu shade. For this, a special screenshot icon is used.

It brings up the same preview menu as other methods.

How to make a long screen

Now let’s figure out how to take a long screenshot on Honor 8 Lite or another model that supports this feature. You can also use the Knuckle Sense technology for this (it is assumed that you have already activated it as described above).

The easiest option is to touch the screen with your knuckle and then, pressing it firmly, slide it across the display in the form of the Latin letter “S”. It is not required to strictly follow the form, the smartphone quite confidently recognizes arbitrary spelling.

After releasing your finger, the system will switch to the mode of taking a long screenshot: the image will automatically scroll, capturing successively screen after screen. If you want a snapshot of the entire page, wait for the process to complete. If, for example, half is enough, tap the screen again at the moment when the desired part is captured. Then you can edit / save / send it as usual.

An alternative way to launch long shot mode is to knock twice to bring up a screenshot, and then click on the icon at the bottom right. Scrolling will start SIMilar to the previous method.

Finally, you can hold down the volume down and power keys. Further actions are the same as when calling through tapping.

How to take a screenshot on Honor by holding the buttons

The most common option, since it allows you to make a screen on both Android Honor 5 and later models. It is based on the traditional method for Android OS, namely, SIMultaneously pressing the device power and volume keys.

It is advisable to combine the time of holding down the power button and volume down. In practice, you can press the keys and with a small time interval. To master this method, how to take a screenshot on Honor 6 or any other device, it is recommended to practice. someone’s system immediately reports the picture, some smartphone owners get it after 3-5 attempts.

The way how to take a screenshot of the screen on the phone in Android 9, which will receive Honor 9 Lite, 8 Pro and more advanced devices of the line, is implemented in a slightly different way. In it, the creation of a screenshot is called through the menu, which is shown by pressing the shutdown button for a few seconds.

How to take a partial screenshot on Huawei Honor

A more interesting use of gesture control is to remove a partial screen, as can be done on Honor 9. Pre-activation is performed SIMilarly to the previous paragraph.

To obtain a part of the image, you need to open the desired screen, and then press your finger firmly against the display and trace the desired area, returning to the starting point of the touch. It is best to use your knuckle for this purpose, this will make it easier for the phone to recognize the outline.

In the preview window, a colored outline will show the area you selected. You can leave it as it is, or you can use the icons at the top to get, for example, a heart shape or a circle. The size of the selection can also be adjusted by stretching or shrinking the borders.

The finished picture can also be saved, edited or forwarded.

Using App Screenshot Easy

If the previous options, how to take a screenshot on Honor 7 or other devices of the line, are not suitable. use special applications. For example, Screenshot Easy ( allows you to capture an image or video from the display, and you can customize the capture in a variety of ways.

The program also has rich capabilities for editing the finished screenshot.

How to record a screen

There are several ways to enable screen recording.

Through the notification curtain

Pull the curtain down with a swipe down.

Click on the “Screen Recording” icon to enable recording.

If there is no such icon in the curtain, click on the “Edit notification panel” button in the upper right corner of the screen. Inactive icons will be displayed a little below. find the one responsible for recording the screen there and drag it up to the active panel.

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Side button combination

You can start screen recording using hot keys. SIMultaneously hold down the power button and volume up. You will be prompted to confirm access to the microphone: click “Accept” and after three seconds the recording will start.

Using the side buttons

The standard way is to SIMultaneously press the power button and the volume down button. If a short press did not work, try pressing the buttons and holding, as it all depends on the smartphone model.

On some models, there is another option: you need to hold down the power button and hold it. A menu will open, in which, among other buttons, there will be an item “Screenshot” with a small scissors icon.

When the smartphone takes a screenshot, a beep will sound and the corresponding information will appear on the display.

Just below the picture itself, there are three “quick buttons”. with their help you can edit the screen, send it to a social network or delete it. The finished image will be immediately saved in the smartphone gallery.

Using third-party applications

For example, “Screenshot touch” allows you to take a quick snapshot using a floating button: this can be useful when you need to create a screen, for example, with an open shutter, or in some applications that do not support capturing using standard tools.

Via ADB command

One of the most unobvious and, probably, inconvenient ways.

But in this way, you can quickly transfer a screenshot to a computer and not clutter up the phone‘s memory with unnecessary images.

To create a screenshot via ADB, you must first install the ADB drivers for your Huawei model, as well as enable developer mode on the smartphone and connect it to the PC via a USB cable (preferably original).

  • Open a command prompt and run the following command: “adb shell screencap.p /sdcard/screen.png”.
  • It will create a screen and put it in the root of the SD card.
  • Now you need to transfer the picture from your phone to your computer: “adb pull /sdcard/screen.png”.

The image is saved on your computer. Since the path for saving is not specified in the command, the screen will be saved in the directory where you were at the time of the command.

In order not to clog the phone memory, delete the created screen using this command: “adb shell rm /sdcard/screen.png”.

A screenshot from the phone is saved on your PC, and the smartphone is not clogged with unnecessary pictures. If you have the necessary skills, these three commands can be combined into a script to easily create screenshots later.

By knuckles (smart screen)

With this feature, you can take a smart screenshot with your knuckles. The feature works by default, but can sometimes be disabled.

screenshot, honor, phone

To activate it:

  • Go to “Settings”. “Management”.
  • Open the category “Motions”, and in it select the function “Smart screenshot”.
  • Turn it on with the switch.

Now, to make a screenshot of the entire screen, just briefly press the knuckle on the display.

If you want to take a screenshot of part of the screen, circle the area with your knuckle.

The image inside the outlined area will be highlighted on the display, and using the buttons below you can correct the outlined area, erase unnecessary details with the eraser and save the finished image to the gallery.

Swipe with three fingers

A screenshot on Huawei can be taken SIMultaneously by swiping down on the display with three fingers. To enable the function, do the following:

Open “Settings”. “Management”.

2. Select the “Motions” section, and then. “Three-finger screenshot”.

Activate the function with the toggle switch.

Now you can take a screenshot by swiping three fingers. Swipe the screen from about the middle of the display, so as not to accidentally grab the notification curtain.

This function is available only if the EMUI 8 or higher shell is installed on the smartphone.

Through the notification curtain

Open the area you want to screen.

Pull out the shutter with a swipe from top to bottom. It may not open completely, in which case swipe down again.

Find the scissors icon. it is labeled with the word “Screenshot”. and click on it.

After that, a standard quick screenshot menu will open, where you can edit the image, send it to mail or messenger, or delete it if the screen is unsuccessful.

The finished picture will go to the gallery, to the “Screenshots” folder.

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