How to take a screenshot on LG


How to take a Screenshot from the screen of LG X Power, what buttons to press to save a screenshot on ALGie x Power and SIMilar Android devices.

Do you want to take a screenshot from the LG X Power screen and don’t know how to do it? On this page you will learn how to take a screenshot on ALGie x Power and other SIMilar smartphones and tablets on the Android operating system by pressing certain buttons on the phone.

The screenshot function on LG smartphones allows you to take a photo of everything on the screen and save it as a file. On Android Screenshot will help to save everything that is displayed on the screen with the ability to view it in the future as a photo. This file can also be sent to other devices or shared in social media. networks. Usually, owners of phones, smartphones or tablets save their achievements in applications, games, quickly making a Screenshot on the Internet, many share the captured screenshots with friends or post them on the Internet. This function will help you to describe or show in more detail everything that you would like to convey to the right person. The screenshot can be edited, select some objects on it, indicate what is more worth paying attention to in order to show in more detail and accurately what you need. Screenshot is a very useful feature and many gadget users use it very often for work.

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To take a screenshot on LG X Power and SIMilar androids, press the following buttons on the phone:
Press and hold down quickly and almost SIMultaneously for a few seconds the “volume down button” and the “on / off button” of the Lji smartphone. (For those who did not understand which buttons to press: this is the volume down button and the android power / lock button).
If everything went well, then you will hear the characteristic sound of the camera shutter, as if taking a picture. Also on the phone screen you will see a notification about saving the screenshot.
Sometimes it does not work the first time, try again, perhaps you did not hold the buttons enough or did not press the desired button in time. After several successful attempts, you can do it quickly automatically.
On some new Lji models, such as LG Leon, Magna, Spirit or other smartphones, the “on / off” button will be located on the back of the case. On Android devices, the power / lock button is usually located on the side, and on some it may also be located on the top of the case.