How to take screenshot on Sony z3

How to take a screenshot (screenshot) of the screen on Sony Xperia. 4 ways

Undoubtedly, one of the important functions of a smartphone is the ability to take a screenshot on Sony. Screenshot can help you immortalize the fleeting messages of the Snapchat app, send a chain of SMS to a friend, or save important information for customer service.

Fortunately, owners of Sony’s Xperia smartphone can choose from a variety of methods to accomplish this SIMple task. In this guide, we have collected all the possible step-by-step tricks, which, by the way, are relevant for any version of the flagship, for example, Xperia Z1 or Xperia Z2.

Taking a screenshot on a Sony Xperia using two buttons (1 way)

This is the most common trick that works on most smartphones, and also applies to Sony Xperia.

  • First, find the round on / off button on the right side of the device, as well as the volume rocker, which is located in the same place.
  • All you need to do is press the power and volume down buttons at the same time and hold them for a few seconds.
  • You will hear the camera shutter sound and see the screen blink.

screenshot, sony

Above there will be an inscription “Saving a screenshot”, which you can find by clicking on this message in the notification bar, or in the “Screenshots” folder in the Image Gallery. To use this method effectively, you need to remember how long to hold the buttons and practice a few times. to do it synchronously.

Screen capture only with on / off button (Method 2)

There are also quite large models in the Xperia family, such as the Xperia. with an unusual arrangement of buttons. Thus, the volume rocker is much lower than in other smartphones and is located next to the camera button. This is a very awkward configuration for Method 1, especially if you want to take a screenshot with one hand.

  • Fortunately, Sony has come up with a more comfortable solution for this situation.
  • Press the on / off button and hold it for a few seconds until a small selection menu appears on the screen.
  • In it, you will see the function “Take Screenshot” marked with “”.

Reaching it with your thumb is easy enough, at least much easier than holding two buttons at the same time.

Screenshot in the window for switching running programs (Method 3)

If you press the square at the bottom right of the smartphone, you will see not only all active tasks, but also the menu of additional applications at the bottom of the screen.

Click on the button that looks like a cropping tool. A small window will appear on top of your screen. By clicking on the “Take a picture” button, you will be immediately redirected to the editor, where you can correct the screenshot and share it with your friends.

By the way, Method 1 and Method 2 also provide the ability to instantly send an image. To do this, just open the notification panel and click on the corresponding icon next to the screenshot name.

Taking a screenshot using additional programs (Method 4)

The fourth trick of taking a screenshot on the Sony Xperia takes a little more time, uses the built-in software and allows you to edit the result. By clicking on the Recent Apps button (the square next to the Home button), you can access Small Apps, which open small windows on top of the main image to quickly switch between different tasks.

Find the Screen Master icon and open a small window in which you will see a single “Capture” button. By clicking on it, you will take a screenshot. The image will immediately open in a small editor window, where you can crop, modify, and even send it to a messenger or social network. If you just wanted to take a picture of the screen, just click the checkmark in the upper left corner in order to save the picture in the Image Gallery.

All screenshots taken on Sony using the Screen Master app are stored in the Album app. They can also be viewed in the “Clipper” folder, which is located in the Pictures tab in the internal memory of the device.

Great job! You have learned how to take instant screenshots on Sony Xperia. Such images can be useful to you both for everyday use and for separate tasks. They can be edited in various programs that are available for download on your Sony Xperia.

Summing up, we can say that taking a screenshot is quite SIMple and fast, and using this function, sharing information from your Sony Xperia is much faster and easier.

Method # 3: Using the Screen Capture Button

The third and final method for capturing screenshots on a Sony Xperia may require a few extra button presses, but it still remains an easy way to click a screenshot. To do this, SIMply press the Menu button and select the Active Clip icon from the Small Application submenu at the bottom of the panel. After opening the appropriate window, click “Screen Capture” and let your smartphone take a picture of what is happening in front of your eyes and open it in your phone’s Sketch app.

As with other methods, through this application you can edit a photo, share it on various social networks or send it by email.

Method # 1: Using the Power / Lock Button

For almost all Sony Xperia smartphones (except those running Android 4.3 or lower), the first screen capture method is the easiest. Just press and hold the Power / Lock button on the side of your phone until a pop-up window appears with a drop-down menu prompting you to “Take a screenshot.” Press your finger on the corresponding icon, and the screenshot is ready.

The phone will automatically save the print screen in your device’s Screenshots folder, conveniently located in the Pictures application. Additionally, all such pictures can be accessed from the built-in Gallery application.

In addition, the user will be able to edit the image through the Sketch application, share it with their friends on various social networks, send it by e-mail, insert it into various applications, archive a batch of images for moving to an archive or send it to the cloud.

Method # 2: Using proven Android technology

Like any smartphones running the Android operating system, the Sony Xperia line of phones allows its owners to take screenshots using a specific combination of “hot keys”, namely: quickly pressing the Power / Lock and Volume Down buttons on the right side corps.

Just press and hold each key at the same time for about two seconds until you see how the device “clicks” the image on the phone display.

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As with the first option, the smartphone will then save each image in the Xperia screenshots folder located in the Pictures or Gallery application.

How to take a screenshot on Sony Xperia. 3 ways to take a screenshot. How to take a screenshot on Sony Xperia

Undoubtedly, having the basic ability to capture a screenshot on any smartphone remains a rather important function and a special distinguishing feature. Especially when it comes to the convenience of using a modern phone and the ergonomics of the device as a whole. Fortunately, for users of the Sony Xperia line of smartphones, there are many different ways to accomplish this. To help, we have developed a detailed step-by-step description of each method that will allow you to understand how to take a screenshot on a Sony Xperia.

Whether you want to immortalize a unique text message, just take a few one-off Snapchats, or you need to record important data and information for customer service purposes, every smartphone has the ability to take a snapshot of the display.

This feature is a very important tool that saves time and increases the overall usefulness of any device. However, many users are not even aware of the possibility of taking a screenshot of what the owner of the handset is currently seeing on his screen. Below are 3 main ways to help anyone, even a novice user, figure out how to take a high-quality screenshot on a Sony Xperia.

Let’s sum up

That’s all, the master class on how to take a screenshot on a Sony Xperia smartphone is over. Many users will say that Sony made a rather strange choice in terms of the location of the hardware buttons. But this is compensated by very light decisions in smartphone software or updating existing applications. As a result, you can get a high-quality screen capture with minimal effort.

Since the advent of this smart function, it has become much easier to share information between users about what is happening on their smartphone, and not to explain on the fingers. Sony is not the only company to have successfully implemented the screen print capability. At first, all major mobile phone manufacturers such as Apple, Xiaomi. Samsung and Lenovo offered this feature to their users. Nowadays, almost any device can take a picture of what is happening on the display.

Where are the created pictures in the smartphone’s memory

After you have instructed the mobile device to take a screenshot, it saves such a photo to the smartphone’s memory. The finished screen image can be found among the pictures in the phone gallery.

Where the rest of your images and videos are. The system creates a separate folder for screenshots in the gallery. They also appear in newly created files that pop up at the top of the screen. So that they can be found easily and quickly.

After the screenshot was taken on a Sony Xperia, a control block also appears, which we have already mentioned. You can view the finished image immediately through it. By clicking the “Open” button in the block.

Screenshot apps

In addition to standard methods, users can use applications from Google Play that help to take a screenshot in additional ways.

The Screenshot application enhances user experience and adds the following functions:

  • Animated shooting;
  • Adding an additional button for taking a screenshot on top of the built-in camera control;
  • An icon appears in the notification panel;

The application allows for more flexible management of all screenshots taken on the phone. Use the settings to enable or disable the functions. And change the parameters according to your preference. The program will be useful if some methods on the phone cannot be used.

How to take a screenshot on Sony Xperia

By purchasing new devices, users begin to explore all of its popular features. Sometimes users need to take a screenshot to capture what is happening on it. This article is about how to take a screenshot on a Sony Xperia mobile phone.

A way to take a screenshot using the keys in Sony Xperia

Modern mobile devices are equipped with a touchscreen on which content can be controlled by touching your fingers.

But this is not enough for full control. After all, there are functions that cannot be controlled by the sensor, for example, locking the screen, turning on the smartphone, etc. Therefore, there are several more buttons on the body of each phone. Most often this is a lock / power button and volume control. They are located on the right or left, depending on the phone model.

Sony Xperia has these buttons too. They are located on the right side of the case. With their help, you can create a screenshot. To do this, SIMultaneously hold down the screen lock key and the volume down key.

This must be done at the same time so that the blocking does not work or the volume down function is not activated. A characteristic image of a smartphone separating screen will appear on the screen.

A small control block for the created image will appear in the upper part.

Through the control menu, you can open the location of the resulting picture. And also delete immediately if the image failed.

Or send it to social networks. If the buttons from this block are not used, then it will automatically disappear after a few seconds. And it will no longer interfere with what is happening on the screen. In addition to this method, the phone has several more ways to create an image from the current screen. Let’s consider them further in the article.

Screen capture button in the Sony Xperia shortcut menu

All Sony Xperia mobile phone lines are based on the Android operating system. This means that most of the functions in it will coincide with mobile devices of other brands (Samsung, Honor). Every Android has a shortcut menu. This is the curtain that we lower on the smartphone screen when we want to turn on Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or mobile Internet.

You have probably already seen that among the buttons in such a curtain there are a lot of other buttons. This window contains all the most popular applications and features of your device.

Among these we can place a snapshot button if this function is often used in the phone. By default, this button may not appear on the menu. In this case, you can add it.

What to do next to take a screenshot of the screen on your Sony Xperia smartphone:

  • Open the settings section on your device;
  • Select the “Additional functions” item;
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Now expand the shutter of the device and find here the icon that will be responsible for creating a screenshot.

In recent models, the shortcut menu has become more nested and deeper. Sometimes it can be spread over multiple screens. To do this, you need to click on the button in the center of the menu or the arrow. Or drag him down. And then the entire list with buttons will open. After pressing the button to take a screenshot on the Sony Xpeia, the screenshot will be taken immediately.

Why does Sony Xperia have different ways to save a screenshot

After reviewing all the possible ways to take screenshots in Sony Xperia mobile devices, the question arises: why are there so many. After all, one would be enough, for example, with buttons on the case. But practice shows that situations arise in which a picture cannot be taken in one way or another. Or it’s not comfortable. Added to this are the cases when there are problems with the phone. If one of the volume buttons fails.

Or, the quick access screen cannot be reached in the traditional way.

At this moment, other methods come to the rescue, which are easier to use. In sections or applications of the phone, where its entire area is dynamic (scrolls or goes to the side when pressed), the method with side keys is more suitable than others.

After all, in order to use the touch button from the quick access menu, you need to swipe from top to bottom, and then find it on the screen. With these movements, you can also accidentally delete the notification on the screen that you want to photograph.

Other ways to take a screenshot on Sony Xperia

In addition to the already described two ways to make a screenshot of the screen, there are other ways. Unbelievable, but in reality there can be from 4 to 6. And the next one also uses physical buttons on the body. But now we don’t need a keyboard shortcut. Only one button is useful. a screen lock and a replacement button for turning off / on the mobile device.

This method is one of the easiest, but not the most practical.

To take a screenshot on a Sony Xperia, you need to hold down the button for a few seconds. Several button options will appear on the screen: “Restart”, “Shutdown”, “Screenshot”.

We need the last button. Click on it and the required image appears on the screen. Now you can get rid of it, open it for viewing or send it to someone by mail, messengers or social networks.

This method is not practical because of the often random “misclicks” that are characteristic of the touch screen. Accidentally dragged your finger in the wrong place. and the smartphone went to reboot. Or it turned off altogether, and now the owner of the mobile device needs to wait about a minute until the system turns on, boots up and becomes available again.

Video instruction

In any version of Sony Xperia, it is easy to take a screenshot. Choose any of the appropriate methods. Or watch this video for a specific model.


Xiaomi is one of those companies that is constantly improving smartphones. The advantage of the manufacturer is the quick and convenient use of the device, including a screenshot. This activates the sensor or buttons.

Power key Volume Down key is the most popular way to capture screen on Xiaomi smartphone. This feature came to the MIUI platform from the original Android operating system. To make a screen, you need to SIMultaneously hold down the power / lock key and the volume down button. The photo will be saved to the image album.

The volume down touch key of the menu is another variant of the first method. MIUI became its developer. To take a screenshot, SIMultaneously hold down the touch menu key under the display and the physical volume down key.

The developers have included the long screenshot feature on smartphones with MIUI 8 and newer. It can be used to take a snapshot of visible and invisible areas of the display. To do this, you need to scroll down the screen.

To make a long screen, you need:

  • Press the lock button and the volume down at the same time.
  • In the upper right corner, click the “Scroll” command, or Scroll. Scroll down the screen.

The photo of the selected area will be saved in the snapshot gallery. But it should be borne in mind that the size of the snapshot will load memory more than a regular image.

“Screen Master”

The program does not require root rights and is easy to use. But at the same time Screen Master has advanced functions that differ from the applications listed above.

Most screenshot programs save snapshots in jpg format. As a result, the quality of the pictures decreases. Thanks to Screen Master, users can choose the png format, which increases the weight of the picture, but pleases the extension.

As in other programs, here you can edit the screen using SIMple tools: inscriptions, drawings, figures. But the developers added a few tricks:

  • you can insert emoticons;
  • include graphic files of the appropriate format.

The full version of Screen Master can be downloaded for free, but the program has ads.

Google Voice Assistant

All Android smartphones support Google Voice Assistant. He has thousands of teams in his arsenal and one of them is a screenshot.

To make a screen, it is enough to perform a few SIMple actions:

  • Select the area of ​​the screen to be photographed.
  • Call the assistant with the command “Ok Google”.
  • Ask to complete the task: “Take a screenshot“.

It will take the assistant a few seconds to take the picture. The picture will be waiting for viewing in the gallery.

To enable Google Voice Assistant, you need to:

  • open the Google app on your phone;
  • in the lower right corner, click the “” button;
  • go to “Settings” and then “Voice input”;
  • in “Ok Google” you need to select Voice Match;
  • activate function OK, Google.

You can then use Google as directed. Screen creation is a small fraction of what a voice assistant is capable of.

How to Take a Screenshot Using Your Phone Buttons?

On Androids, you can take a screenshot by holding down one or more buttons. They can be located on the case or touch screen. Different devices have their own peculiarities of taking a picture.

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The screen photo can be short or long. In the first case, this is a normal screenshot. It allows you to copy a picture in full compliance with the screen. Long screenshot allows you to save data that spans multiple pages. For example, an article on a website or a dialogue in a messenger.

Shooting starts from the first picture or text shown in the monitor. Next, the screen auto-scrolls down to the end of the article or dialogue. You can also stop shooting manually.


The lightest screenshot can be taken on Xiaomi smartphones. You need to fold three fingers and slide across the display from top to bottom. The operating system will capture a screenshot and save to the image gallery.

To use the function, you need to activate it:

  • open “Settings”;
  • select “Advanced”;
  • go to the “Screenshots” section and select the gesture control item.

After that, to take a picture, you will only need to swipe three fingers across the screen.

“Screenshot Touch”

The application cannot be called light and convenient. But all the shortcomings are lost against the background of the extended functionality of the program. In it, you can screen the screen for the desired parameters or record a video.

Screenshot touch adjusts the aspect ratio, frame rate, and video resolution. Files are saved in separate folders by category. For example, screenshots from Instagram or .


Xiaomi smartphones have a Quick Ball function in MIUI 8 and above. The menu looks like a floating ball, which contains 5 applications, including a screenshot.

How to enable Quick Ball:

  • “Settings”;
  • “Advanced settings”;
  • “Touch Assistant”. “Enable”.

After activation, you need to go to the “Select shortcuts” and click on one of the circles on the screen. The screen will be located in the “Quick settings”.

To take a photo of the screen, you need to click on the ball. The Smart Menu will open with a Screenshot icon. It remains only to click on it and get a photo.

How to Take a Screenshot Using Phone Apps?

Not all smartphones have an instant screenshot editing function. And you can only share a picture through the gallery. It is time consuming and inconvenient.

To facilitate the process of creating screenshots, the developers have created several rich applications. This allows you to quickly capture a screenshot, modify and send to a friend.

There are several convenient and cost-effective apps for taking screenshots. First, let’s look at examples of programs for smartphones on Android.

“Huawei and Honor”

Applying function buttons is the classic method for taking a screenshot on Huawei. To take a screenshot, you need to hold down 2 buttons SIMultaneously: on (off) and volume down.

When the smartphone takes a screen, a menu will appear with information on what to do with the photo. The snapshot is saved to the image gallery. It can be edited or sent like a regular photo.

There are several ways to take a screenshot on the Huawei screen using the sensor, but we will talk about this further.

Screenshot in the window for switching running programs

When you click on the square in the lower right part of the screen, a menu of unfinished processes opens, in which there is an icon that starts execution.


The root directory of any media on an Android device contains a Pictures folder and a Screenshots subdirectory. You can open the directory and view the files using the standard explorer.

There are third-party solutions for Xperia that allow you to actively work with the contents of your smartphone’s drive. Popular and functional ones are Total Commander and Yandex Disk. The latter has the ability to automatically upload images created on the device to cloud storage. Using a synced account on a desktop computer, it is convenient to view files on a large PC monitor.

Application setup

The language of the distributor is English, but the points are intuitive. Translation is effortless.

Operating procedure

You can take a screenshot using the utility in question as follows:

  • Install LS.
  • After launch, click on the red icon with the “” symbol and grant the required permissions.
  • Open the page you want to capture, and click on the “Play” button that appears at the bottom of the screen.
  • Shift down and press “Stop”.
  • It will be redirected to the page where the thumbnail will be displayed.

Screenshot using the program

Sony Xperia contains built-in tools to take and manipulate display photos. Their application boils down to the following:

  • Open the menu of running applications by clicking on the square symbol in the Xperia navigation bar.
  • Find the “Screen Master” icon.
  • After launch, click “snapshot”.


By opening the standard Xperia app, you can view and edit the media content stored on your device.

Where to find the pictures you took

Saving the received screenshots is done in several ways.

Taking screenshots on Sony Xperia

Smart phone manufacturers have incorporated the ability to make an exact copy of the desktop into the functionality of their devices. How to take a screenshot on Sony Xperia? The option is convenient for transferring data to other users, as well as for quickly capturing graphic information from site pages.


Setting up Xperia synchronization with any storage (Yandex Drive, One Drive or Google) allows you to view screenshots on any device.

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