How To Transfer Contacts To Phone Screen

Transfer Nokia phone contacts via PC.

The classic way to transfer contacts from mobile to mobile. using proprietary Nokia software or similar programs mentioned earlier, such as MobilEdit worthy. In this case, the phone is connected to the computer via a cable or Bluetooth or Wi-Fi or infrared. Next, the data synchronization program starts and the contacts from the Nokia phone database are copied to the PC. If the models match or the phone manufacturer is the same, this method is effective. If the old and new phones are from different manufacturers, then in addition to the proprietary program of the phone manufacturer, the program is used “mediator”. program Microsoft Outlook (From the Microsoft Office suite, not to be confused with the Outlook Express email client).

The Microsoft Outlook program included in the Microsoft Office suite of programs can be used as a database for storing contacts, which can be accessed by a wide variety of mobile devices. It is convenient to edit Outlook address book fields on a computer or laptop, add new fields or records, and then synchronize them with cell phones of almost any model and manufacturer.

So, to transfer contacts from a computer or laptop, you need:
– Microsoft Outlook (from the Microsoft Office suite).
– proprietary software of the Nokia phone manufacturer (see the Nokia website or on the phone’s CD-ROM), which allows you to read data from the address book of a Nokia phone, and then write it to the Outlook database.
– and depending on the method of connecting the phone to the PC, you need a Cable, an IR or Bluetooth connection, a Wi-Fi connection.

Microsoft Outlook. the most common program for storing personal data or contact book. Almost all developers of programs for synchronizing mobile phones use it as a database.

How To Transfer Contacts To Phone Screen

All phone manufacturers try to bring the number of fields in address books of mobile phones as close as possible to this standard. But despite all the efforts to standardize contacts with Outlook, in reality the phone books of some Nokia phone models can be very different from this standard. Because of this, a clean and correct transfer of contacts from one mobile to another is not always possible, even on phones from the same manufacturer. Full correspondence of fields in old and new devices can be achieved only with a minimum number of fields in the record. For example: First Name, Last Name and a pair of Phone Numbers.

It was theory, now practice. To transfer contacts from phone to Outlook database. you need to connect your mobile phone to your PC using a cable or wireless device. Using the capabilities of the phone, in our case Nokia and the computer, set up the connection between the phone and the PC.

Second, find the bundle with the telephone. software that includes the necessary drivers and utilities for synchronizing with a PC. If the disc with the software cannot be found, then it must be downloaded from the Nokia website via the Internet.

Installed the drivers and the proprietary program from the disk, give it the command to copy the phone book to the format of the Outlook program.

After transferring the contact database from a mobile phone to a PC, you can connect a second device and synchronize in the opposite direction, using either the proprietary software of the phone or a universal program for synchronizing the phone with a PC.

Proprietary contact sync utilities for Nokia.

Use of proprietary software. This is when copying and transferring data from a Nokia phone to a computer is carried out through special Software (driver, program). All more or less well-known manufacturers of mobile equipment: Nokia and others, specially create and distribute such programs that allow you to enter the phone’s memory from a PC. But this is true for outdated models, push-button phones.

When using the proprietary software of the phone manufacturer, the address book is first backed up to the PC of the old Nokia phone. Then a new phone of the same manufacturer is connected to the computer: Nokia and in the same program, the contact book is transferred to the memory of the new phone.

But we must bear in mind that phones of different price lines do not have the ability to connect to a computer or laptop. Whether or not they have Wi-Fi or USB or Bluetooth.

Another problem, different phone models have a different number of fields in the contact book. Because of this, when transferring contacts from an expensive model to a budget model of the same manufacturer, the contacts will NOT be transferred correctly. For example, if you transfer a Misha contact containing 6 phone numbers to a simple phone, you can Get six contacts named Misha, each of which will have one number. Or such data is simply lost during transfer.

And if the transfer needs to be done between phones of different manufacturers, then NOT proprietary Nokia software is used, but universal software for synchronizing phone data with a computer and with different models of different manufacturers.

For example, the program MobilEdit. This program supports many phone models. But keep in mind that this program may also NOT correctly transfer contacts from a Nokia phone to another phone, splitting one contact into several. Also, it may NOT support some of the company’s phones. There is no ideal option for all occasions.

Transferring Contacts and Data Book from Cell Phone to New Nokia Smartphone or Computer.

Transfer contacts from Nokia x2, 5228, 5230, 311, asha asha 305, 5130 xpressmusic, n8, x2 00, c2 01, 630, XL Dual sim, 1020, 225, 930, 515, 306, 5800, 5530, 202, 6700. 308, 206, lumia 520, 309, 302, 500, x3, x2, 6303, c7, 800, n9, lumia 720, 620, lumia 920, x6, 301, c5 00, c2 03 n73, dual sim, 603, 510, 5310, 5250, 320, e71, tv, 610, c3 00, 6233, 710, c6 01 c2 05 n, c1, 6303i classic, 205, lumia tab, 2, 200, 6300, x2 02 300 2700 classic and others models, to a new phone, is complicated by the variety of types, types of phone books that contain different contact fields.

Next, we will describe all the possible ways to transfer contacts, messages and calendar entries, pictures, photos, records and other data from one phone to another. Choose the method that is most convenient for you.

: Save contacts from phone to computer.

Transfer Contacts from Android to Android.

If on an old Android phone you created contacts in the application “Contacts”, then they were automatically loaded into the service. You can check it out. Go to your computer (it will be more convenient) at, enter your username and password and you will see a list of your phone contacts.

Question: Where to get the Login and Password from the service?

Answer: This is the login and password you entered when you first started up your Nokia 311 phone. It often happens that this is done when buying a phone by sales consultants in a communication salon.

Question: I forgot, lost the Login and Password from the service with my contacts. what to do?

Answer: In this case, you need to recover the password from the Google service. To do this, you need to know the Login. Login in this case is the email address from your Google account. Go to and recover your password. Here you need to enter this email and an authorization code will be sent to your phone or a spare email. Follow the instructions on the screen and you will recover your password.

Question: Where can I find Email, which is a login to the service?

Answer: This can be found in the phone, in the smartphone settings. Open the phone settings and look for the section with accounts / accounts. The required account will be among them, i.e. Email from Google.

We figured out everything with email, login and passwords. They checked their accounts on the computer, saw the contacts, everything is OK. If you have a new phone and you are launching it for the first time, and this is ideal, then when asked, enter your login and password from your Google account, then you enter these very login (email) and password from your contacts. Automatically You must also download your photos from your old phone. This is ideal.

If, for some reason, you entered the login and password from the second Google account into the new phone, where your old contacts are not there, then you can copy the contacts from one account to another. This is done in the Contacts application, there is an item for import / export of contacts to a file. Export is save to file. Import restore contacts from file. Accordingly, on the old phone, we export (copy) all contacts to a file. On the new phone, import (paste) all data into the phone from a file. The file itself from phone to phone is transferred via mail.

Export and Import of Contact Book on Android Nokia 5130 xpressmusic.

Another more complicated option. Transferring contacts from account to account. To do this, on the old phone in the accounts settings, add a second Google account (from the new phone). Now go to the Contacts program (on your old phone). Select a contact. In the upper right corner of the screen, tap the three-dot icon, then . Moving to another account. And select the Google account to which you want to transfer the contact. This should be done with each contact. But this is NOT time consuming and NOT ideal.

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It’s better not to bother so much, but while you still have a new Nokia n8 phone, you just took it out of the box, immediately enter the data of your old Google account from the old phone. Contacts will be loaded automatically and photos and programs should be loaded from the old phone. Think, maybe it makes sense for you before it’s too late to reinstall the system on the new phone and enter the now correct username and password from the old phone.

Question: How to reinstall Android system on phone?

Answer: For different models of Nokia phones, there may be a different combination of pressing the menu buttons. First, look in the smartphone settings for the item: delete, reset all data to the factory settings of the phone. Or look at the instructions on the Internet.

And a few more outdated methods for NOT modern phones based on Symbian OS.

These methods are NOT relevant at this point in time, but it may be useful to someone. I’ll leave them for completeness.

Further, several methods are described in detail, or rather 6 ways, how to send, transfer, save contacts, numbers and data, and a phone book from an old phone (tablet): Nokia 5228 5230 311 asha asha 305 and second models, to a new phone, computer or on a sim card.

The most convenient way to transfer data: (transferring data from the Internet). synchronization of the contact book via a server on the Internet. But not all Nokia phones support it.

2.Sharing business card between Nokia phones.

Such a contact, a business card, can be transferred to another phone that supports the vCard format using any of the methods supported by the phones: via the Internet service, google account, via mail, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, infrared port or memory card.

It is especially convenient to transfer VCard contacts from an outdated Nokia phone to another phone via Bluetooth (it used to be the most advanced and technologically advanced method). First you need to connect two phones via Bluetooth. Then you enter “Contact” and give the command to send it via Bluetooth. The second phone displays a message, “Accept contact”, push “Save”.

And also, conveniently transfers contacts in VCard format via a USB flash drive. removable phone memory card. On the old phone in the menu, you copy the contacts to the memory card. You take it out and insert it into a new Nokia phone or another. In the new phone, through the menu, you import contacts into the contact book. It is also impossible not to copy it to a USB flash drive, but send it via the Internet to a new phone. Email or Whatsapp is suitable for this.

The vCard format is compatible with almost any email program, for example Microsoft Outlook (how to use it, will be written later). This allows you to save contacts from a Nokia phone to a computer, and edit them on it, as well as create new contacts, on a convenient large computer screen and Using the PC keyboard.

In order to create an electronic business card on a PC, you need to open Microsoft Outlook, create an entry (contact) in it and through the command File Save as vCard Format (VCF), save it in a format that your mobile phone can understand. Further, this contact. a business card can be transferred to a mobile phone, Using any feature of the phone: Email, Bluetooth, memory card, Wi-Fi, DATA cable, IrDA, USB cable or flash drive.

5.Export your contact book via “safe” Nokia phone mode.

In addition to synchronization via Outlook, there are other methods of transferring contacts for smartphones and Nokia phones. For example, a method of copying a phone book directly from the phone’s file system and then converting it to a standard spreadsheet file. CSV.

It is necessary to warn that incorrect actions with folders and files on your phone in safe mode, may cause it to inoperability and loss of warranty on the phone.

To do this, when loading your Nokia phone, hold down the ABC key, for some models you need to hold down the “lattice”. In touch smartphones, when the OS is restarted, the main iron key is held “Home”, “Incl. / Off.” or “Back to”.

Next, go to the “Save Mode”, using a file manager, for example Total Commander, you need to go to the phone and rename the DATA folder, for example, to Data1. Then copy the contact.cdb file to your PC. After copying the file, you need to rename the Data1 folder in the phone back to the Data folder and Restart the phone in normal mode. If you forget to do this, you can break the phone, make it NOT functional, lose the warranty, without the possibility of its restoration.

Having a file with a database of contacts. contact.cdb, it can be transferred to a new device, in the same way, by loading a new smartphone in safe mode, renaming the DATA folder, replacing the contact.cdb file with another one, returning the folder to its original name and rebooting the mobile phone in normal mode.

The ability to kill the device with inattentive actions is large enough, therefore:

The transfer method described above is recommended only as a last resort, when you have a very old phone and there are a lot of contacts and other possibilities for transferring contacts from the Nokia cell phone synchronization program with a PC or via the Internet.

Additionally, it is necessary to explain: the contact.cdb file copied from the smartphone OS can be changed and edited. For this, it must be converted into tabular format. CSV. This can be done using the appropriate program, for example Agora’s Contacts Manager (

The CSV file contains the values ​​of the contact record, the fields in which are separated from each other by a comma, and each new record starts on a new line. File with contacts.CSV can be easily opened in Microsoft Excel or Open Office and it is convenient to edit, modify, add contact records.

After editing the.CSV file, you can, in the same program, convert it back to the contact.cdb file, and then import it back into the phone.

1.Save contacts on SIM card of Nokia phone.

Transfer via SIM card. This is the easiest and most intuitive way to transfer contacts from phone to phone. Depending on the Nokia phone model, it is possible to transfer contact book numbers to the SIM card. If, when creating a new contact, you saved it not to a SIM card, then in order to transfer contacts from the phone’s memory to a SIM card, you must execute the command. copy contacts from the phone’s contact book to a SIM card (not supported by all models).

Advice for simple push-button telephones. Experience in working with contacts shows that it is best when creating an important contact to immediately save it to a SIM card. Even though the SIM card has few fields, there is Email, additional Information, fields for Additional phones. But a SIM card is generally used for years, and phones change per user, approximately every 1-3 years. In this case, when buying a new Nokia phone, all important contacts will always be reflected in his phone book without any problems. To do this, you will not need to do anything, just insert the old SIM card into the new phone. But do not forget to back up your contacts from time to time. For example, copy them to some old phone.

Another disadvantage of this transfer is the small amount of SIM card memory, which can store about 200-250 entries. Therefore, this method is not suitable for saving large phone books.

Transfer Contacts from Apple to Apple.

Apple technology uses the iOS operating system. This system has a data synchronization service called iCloud. You can synchronize a lot of things: programs, photos. passwords, personal data and contacts. In order for contacts to start synchronizing or copied to the apple servers, you need to click on the button. Which one? Open Settings. iCloud and turn on the slider next to Contacts.

Now you can log into your new iPhone or iPad with your old Apple ID and see your contacts. Naturally, you also need to do there: Settings. iCloud and turn on the slider opposite the Contacts item.

You can also see your contacts from your Apple ID account on your computer. Open the website and enter your phone’s Apple ID login and password. Click the Contacts button. The contact list will be in front of you. Here you can save (export) all your contacts to a file. This is to make a backup (just in case) or in order to download them to your Android smartphone and iPhone.

Export and Import Book of Contacts on Apple Phone.

To do this, select all contacts in the browser. Click the gear icon and click Export vCard. This file can be downloaded to another iPhone, to Android (Contacts. Three points. Import program), and to clamshell phones, push-button monoblocks and ancient phones of the past.

vCard is a modern contact file format, also called.VCF. Through this file, you can transfer contacts from iPhone to iPhone, for example, when there are different Apple ID accounts on the phones.

Question: How to transfer contacts from different Apple ID accounts?

Answer 1: Download the My Contacts Backup program to your old phone from the AppStore. On your old phone Press the green Backup key. Then press the Email button and send an email with the attached VCF file to your mail. On the new phone, go to your email, find the letter with the VCF file and run it. Contacts from the file will be loaded into the phone.

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Export and Import Book of Contacts via My Contacts Backup application.

Answer 2: If you DO NOT want to flood your My Contacts Backup contacts. So you can import / export your contacts manually.

Where to begin? As mentioned above, go to Log in with your old Apple ID. Press the contacts, highlighting the ones you need, then the wheel and Export vCard. Send the received VCF file by mail. On the new phone, open the suite, run the file and the contacts will automatically enter the contact book.

Instructions: how to transfer contacts to a SIM card in Android OS 9

Transferring contacts to a SIM card in Android 9 is as follows:

  • From the main screen, you need to go to the address book using a special icon or through “Settings. Contacts”.
  • Go to the Android settings menu by clicking on the three-dot icon.
  • A menu will open with several items, among them select “Contact management”.
  • A window will open offering available options (merge, import / export, sync, change default storage location). Choose an item “Import / export contacts”.
  • To transfer contacts from phone to SIM card, you must select “Export”. SIM card.
  • Next, mark the contacts to be copied.
  • If you need to move all contacts from the address book to the SIM card, just click on the “copy all” button.
  • Complete the procedure by clicking on the “Yes” button in the dialog box that opens.

Please note that when copying to a SIM card, only the phone number and contact name are transferred. Copying a photo, email address and other contact data will not work due to the limitations of the SIM card.

Tip: You can do the second way: restore contacts from a backup or Sync a new phone with a Google account. Read here how to do it. At the same time, you will not have any restrictions: you can copy email, address and other contact data.


Transferring contacts to a SIM card in Android 4

To transfer contacts from your phone to a Samsung SIM card (or to a device of any other brand) with the version of the Android 4 operating system, you must:

  • Go to the contacts section using a special icon on the home screen or in the menu.
  • Go to settings. To do this, click on the “Menu”, “Options” or “.” button, depending on the phone model.
  • In the window that opens, select the item “Export / import contacts”.
  • Then select “Export to SIM card”.
  • Select the contacts to copy. You can click on the “Select All” button if you want to copy all contacts from the phone book.
  • Carefully read and agree to the conditions under which data is copied from the phone to the SIM card.

As with other operating systems, only the contact’s name and phone number are saved when copying.

Why transfer contacts to a SIM card?

Transferring contacts to the phone’s SIM card is convenient: after changing the mobile device to another There will be no problems with transferring numbers to the Android address book.

How to Transfer Contacts from Phone to SIM Card on Android

You can transfer contacts from your phone to a SIM card in several ways. Most often, you can get by with the built-in smartphone tools. that is, there is a need to install additional software. The methods for transferring contacts to a SIM card may differ depending on the version of Android installed on the phone.

How to transfer contacts from a SIM card to a phone

After the import / export of contacts has been made, you can move the card to another phone. all phone numbers will be immediately available.

In order for the new information about contacts to be saved in the phone’s memory, it is necessary, accordingly, to transfer data from the SIM card to the smartphone. For this:

  • Go to contacts through the icon on the home screen.
  • In the menu (opened after clicking on the “Menu”, “Options” or “.” depending on the version of the OS that is installed on the smartphone), select the “Settings” item. In newer versions of the Android operating system, you must select “Manage contacts”.
  • Select “Export / Import Contacts”, then “Import”.
  • Indicate where you want to copy the information from (in our case, from the SIM card).
  • Select contacts, complete import.

After THESE actions, the contacts will be saved in the phone memory. If you change your SIM card, the numbers will still be available for viewing.

Transfer contacts to Android OS 8, 7, 6, 5 and below

In older versions of Android, copying contacts to a SIM card is different from the one described above. In order for information about numbers on a SIM card to be available on a new phone, you must:

  • Go to the phone book using the special “Contacts” icon on the home screen.
  • In the upper right corner, click on the “Options” item (In some operating systems, the “Options” item is indicated by an icon with three dots).
  • In the menu that opens, select “Settings”.
  • Select contacts and in the menu that opens, click on the item “Import / export contacts”.
  • Click the button “Export”. Android prompts you to choose where you want to move your contacts. Use the command “copy contacts from phone to SIM card”.
  • Confirm your intention to copy contacts by clicking on the “Yes” button in the window that opens.
  • Mark the contacts for transfer. Further actions will be performed automatically.

Best apps for transferring contacts

You can transfer contacts to a SIM not only with the built-in tools of the phone, but also through third-party software. There are also programs that allow you to backup contacts. The advantage of a backup over a regular copy is that it is often possible to save Not only the name and number, but also additional information.

  • Titanium Backup. The application creates a full backup of the address book, as a result, no additional information on contacts is lost. Using the application, contacts can be saved to a memory card or downloaded to the cloud for subsequent easy access from any mobile device. Disadvantages of the application: distributed on a paid basis, requires administrator rights.
  • Dropbox. The app allows you to sync contact information and save it to the cloud. In order not to lose the necessary information when changing the phone or firmware, just go to the program settings and click on the item “Save contacts”.

Transfer contacts without PC

If you do not have the ability to connect to a personal computer, you can go the other way: via the Bluetooth wireless protocol. Follow these simple steps to transfer contacts:

  • Turn on your phones.
  • We activate the “Bluetooth” function on both devices (the instructions for the phone will indicate how).
  • On the old gadget, go to the “Bluetooth” settings menu and start the search for a new device.
  • Confirm the synergy with the new gadget by entering the same PIN codes.
  • Go to the sections of your phone book and mark the contacts you want to export.
  • After transferring the data, the contacts will appear on your new gadget.

Transferring contacts using a PC

Before the contacts are transferred from phone to phone, we need an old gadget from which we need to export, a personal computer and a USB cable (preferably branded). As a software help, the MOBILedit utility will be used, which can be downloaded from the developer’s official website.

The basic version of the software is not translated into Russian, and if someone has problems with this, you can look for amateur resources that took care of localization. In any case, all the functionality of the program is intuitive and should NOT lead you into a stupor.

Before the contacts are transferred from the phone to the phone, the utility first of all will offer to download or update the drivers for your gadget. In order to speed up the process, you can select exactly your smartphone model and confirm the start of installation.

After the installation of the drivers and the second auxiliary software is complete, go to the “Cable Connection” tab and after the request for the type of connection, select the “PC Sync” item. Sometimes another name can be found. it all depends on the model of your gadget and the installed drivers.

Next, we need to configure the phone’s functions, that is, enable USB debugging:

  • smartphone settings.
  • developer options.
  • Name on the item “Debugging via USB”.

These steps need to be done with gadgets on the Android platform with a version below 4.2. In the second cases, the instructions for the phone will be different:

  • System Tab.
  • “Device Information”.
  • Item “Build number”.
  • USB Debugging.

Then, already in the “MOBILEDIT” program, select the “Phonebook” tab on the left side of the utility and go to export. Before the contacts are transferred from phone to phone, indicating the type of the exported file, as well as the place where it will be stored. Next, in the menu, select “Import” and, following the instructions of the program, we transfer the old contacts to the new gadget. This can be done both through a USB cable and through wireless protocols (“Wi-Fi”, “Bluetooth”).


Another simple way to transfer contacts from an old gadget to a simple phone is a domestic service from the search engine of the same name “YANDEX DISC”. Just like in the previous case, we need a network connection.

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Before you start exporting, you need to install the Corresponding software from Yandex, which can be found in the corresponding section of the Google Play service. After you install the application, you will need to copy all the contacts that you want to transfer.

Then, after your data is copied and your account on “YANDEX DISC” activated, follow these steps:

  • Run the utility on a new phone and log into your account with the same data with which you previously logged in for export.
  • Next, in the menu, go to the “Settings” item (the name may change due to the model).
  • Select the tab “Moving from phone to phone”.
  • Utility to invite the secret code that you received earlier. enter it and Confirm the move.
  • After the application finishes its work, it will notify you about the end of the transfer operation.

Google drive

If you had a simple phone without specific “troubles” and have access to the network, you can use the software from a well-known search engine. You can synchronize the Google service with your phone book.

This synergy is also practical because you can make any changes to your data at any time, and not having your phone at hand. Before transferring contacts from your old phone to a new gadget, you just need to log into the Google service account on the new device and agree to the synchronization.

Among other things, the software provides its customers with the ability to restore contacts that were lost for any reason in the last 30 days.

Data transfer using SD and SIM cards

If your old device supports this function, you can copy contacts using a SIM or SD card. The process only seems complicated, but in reality everything is quite simple. The main thing. follow instructions.

Export via SD card:

  • Insert your memory card into your old phone.
  • Save data to CD-card through the menu and work with contacts.
  • Reinstall the card on a new gadget.
  • Upload contacts via “Contacts”. “Functions”. “Export / Import Contacts”. “Copy from SD card”.

How are contacts transferred from phone to phone? Step-by-step instruction

Surely, after buying a new smartphone, everyone wondered: “How will contacts be transferred from phone to phone?” And to do it The most painless for both the gadget itself and the owner’s nervous system.

Let’s try to figure it out and list the most popular ways to transfer contacts from an old to a new phone: through third-party software, a personal computer and other equipment at hand.

Export to SIM card

One of the oldest (but proven) ways to migrate contacts is export using a SIM card. It is used only in the most urgent cases (without electricity, internet, removable media, etc.).

The main disadvantage of this method is the limitation on characters in the name. That is, you can transfer contacts (no more than 200), but they will all be “cut off” to 8 characters, which is extremely inconvenient (you have to be smart with abbreviations of names and surnames).

In order to copy contacts to a SIM card, you must first export to it in the old phone through the menu, and then, insert it into a new gadget, transfer all the data to the phone book. Everything seems to be simple, but restrictions greatly distort all migrating information.

How to Save Android Contacts to Computer

If you need to save contacts from an Android phone to a computer for certain purposes, nothing is easier, and there are tools for this both on the phone itself and in the Google account, if your contacts are synchronized with it. There are also third-party applications that allow you to save and edit contacts on your computer.

In this tutorial, I will show you several ways to export your Android contacts, open them on a computer and tell you how to solve some problems, the most common of which is incorrect display of names (hieroglyphs are shown in saved contacts).

Fix issue with encoding Android contacts in vcf file when importing to Outlook and Windows contacts

The vCard file is a text file in which contact data is written in a special format and Android saves this file in UTF-8 encoding, and standard Windows tools Try to open it in Windows 1251 encoding, which is why you see hieroglyphs instead of Cyrillic.

There are the following ways to fix the problem:

  • Use a program that understands UTF-8 encoding to import contacts
  • Add special tags to the vcf file to tell Outlook or other similar program about the encoding used
  • Save vcf file in Windows encoding

I recommend using the third method as it is the easiest and fastest. And I propose its implementation (in general, there are many ways):

  • Download the text editor Sublime Text (portable version is possible, but not requiring installation) from the official site
  • In this program, open the vcf file with contacts.
  • Select File. Save With Encoding. Cyrillic from the menu (Windows 1251).

Done, after this action, the encoding of contacts will be such that most Windows applications, including Microsoft Outlook, are adequately perceived.

Save contacts with phone-only implementation

The first method is the simplest. you only need the phone itself, on which the contacts are stored (and, of course, you need a computer, then we transfer this information to it).

Launch the “Contacts” application, click on the menu button and select “Import / Export”.

After that, you can follow these steps:

  • Import from storage. used to import to the contact book from a file in the internal memory or on an SD card.
  • Export to storage. all contacts are saved to a vcf file on the device, after which you can transfer it to your computer in any convenient way, for example, by connecting your phone to a computer via USB.
  • Transfer Visible contacts. this option is useful if you have previously installed a filter in the settings (so that not all are displayed in contacts) and you need to save to your computer only those that are shown. When you select this item, you will not be prompted to save the vcf file to the device, but only share it. You can select Gmail and send this file yourself to the mail (including the same one with which you send), and then open it on your computer.

As a result, you get a vCard file with saved contacts, which can open almost any applications that work with such data, for example,

  • Windows Contacts
  • Microsoft Outlook

However, there may be problems with these two programs. the Russian names of the saved contacts are displayed as hieroglyphs. If you work with Mac OS X, then this problem will not be there, you can easily import this file into the native Apple contacts application.

Save contacts to computer with Google

If your Android contacts are synced to your Google account (which I recommend doing), you can save them to your computer in different formats by going to

In the menu on the left, click “”. “Export”. At the time of this writing, when you click this item, it is suggested to use the export functions in the old Google contacts interface, and later I show in it.

At the top of the contacts page (in the old version), click “” and select “Export”. In the window that opens, you will need to specify:

  • Which contacts to export. I recommend using the “My contacts” group or only selected contacts, since the “All contacts” list contains data that you most likely do not need. for example, the email address of everyone with whom you at least once corresponded.
  • The format for saving contacts. my recommendation is vCard (vcf), which are supported by almost any program for working with contacts (except for the problem with the encoding, in which I wrote above). On the other hand, CSV is also supported almost everywhere.

After that, click the “Export” button to save the file with contacts to your computer.

Using third-party programs to export Android contacts

It’s a little about other programs: many manufacturers of Android smartphones supply their own software for Windows and Mac OS X, which allows, among other things, to save backup copies of contacts or import them into other applications.

For example, for Samsung it’s KIES, for Xperia it’s Sony PC Companion. In both programs, exporting and importing your contacts is made as easy as it can be, so there shouldn’t be any problems.

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