How to transfer whatsapp from iPhone to Android

transfer WhatsApp from iPhone to Android via email

You now have the ability to view old WhatsApp messages by email. However, you cannot sync WhatsApp messages from iPhone to Android device. To do this, use other methods.

How to Transfer WhatsApp from iPhone to Android

If you decide to change your iPhone to an Android smartphone, then you need to transfer all personal data from your old smartphone to a new one. In this article, we will show you 3 ways to transfer WhatsApp from iPhone to Android.

Transfer WhatsApp from iPhone to Android via Computer

  • Transfer WhatsApp Messages to Android Smartphone.
  • Connect your Android device to your computer via a USB cable. Copy the backup file from your computer to a folder on your Android device.
  • Restore your WhatsApp backup.
  • Launch WhatsApp on your Android device and log in with your phone number. You will receive a notification that a backup has been found. Just click on “Restore”. In a few seconds, all your messages will be available on Android.

Thus, using one of the presented methods, you can transfer WhatsApp from iPhone to Android

Using iTools Manager

  • Download the iTools app.
  • Connect iPhone and wait while the program detects the device.
  • Open the “Music” tab, then the section with music on the device.
  • Check the compositions and click on the “Export” button.
  • In the window that appears, specify the destination folder for saving files.
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Important! To identify Apple devices, you need to install iTunes on your computer.

Using iCloud

  • In the iCloud settings on the phone, we specify the calendar synchronization.
  • Go to the iCloud service, then “Calendar”. Click on the “Share” button, opposite the saved calendars.
  • In the context menu, activate the option “Publish calendar”.
  • Copy the link and then paste it into the address bar of the browser.
  • Change the “webcal” at the beginning of the link to HTTP and press the “Enter” button, after which the download of files will begin.
  • Next, open the Google calendar. Click on the button “”, in the drop-down context menu select “Import”.
  • In a new window, we indicate the path to the files from iCloud, after which the data is imported into the calendar automatically.

Using the iCloud desktop app

  • Activate bookmark sync in device settings.
  • Download the desktop version of iCloud to your computer. Later, the utility will come in handy for transferring other data.
  • Log in to the client and mark the type of data being transferred. “Bookmarks”. In the parameters, specify the type of browser, and then “apply”, and after “merge”.
  • In the window that appears, you will be prompted to download the “iCloud Bookmarks” extension. After installation, bookmarks will be transferred to the browser automatically.
  • Next, you need to synchronize in the browser and on the Android device.

Transfer Notes via Outlook to iTunes

  • Connect your iPhone to your computer. Launch iTunes and sync with your device.
  • In the left pane, select the “Information” section, then scroll to the bottom of the page and select “Synchronize with”. Select the Outlook service from the suggested options.
  • Click on the “Synchronize” button.
  • Log into your Outlook account on your Android device to view your notes. If there are no notes, download notes via computer and transfer to Android.

Using Google

  • Download the Google service on your iPhone, where you connect your Google account, where you want to transfer your photos.
  • Activate automatic download, and then specify the files or select the option “download all material”.
  • After syncing, the content will appear in the Google Photos app.

Transfer notes via iCloud

  • In the settings, open the iCloud section.
  • Make sure the feature is active and the notes are synced to the server.
  • Sign in to iCloud using your PC browser.
  • Enter your username and password, and then open the notes.
  • Open each note in turn and click on the “Send by e-mail” button. This will save your notes in your mailbox.

Sync with Gmail

  • Add your Gmail account to the accounts section.
  • To do this, open the system settings, then the item “Mail, addresses, calendars”.
  • Place the switch in the active state. Wait for the end of the synchronization, and then check the entries in the Android device, in Gmail.

How to Transfer Data from iPhone to Android

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Transfer using backups

Another effective way to export your WhatsApp data archive is to back up your conversations on the first device and then restore them to Android OS. The user needs to follow this instruction.

  • We back up the program data archive on the “apple device”. Open WhatsApp, then in the menu find the item “Settings”.
  • Find the sub-item “Chats”, then “Copy”.
  • Click the “Create a Copy” button.
  • Perform the procedure for uninstalling the messenger on IOS.
  • Download and install the WhatsApp app on your Android smartphone from the Play Market.
  • After installing the program, go to the desktop of the device.
  • Find the WhatsApp icon, then click to open the messenger.
  • Authenticate using the phone number to which the account is linked.
  • An information window will open, click on the “Restore” option.
  • Wait for the restoration process to complete.
  • Now WhatsApp conversations and media will be available on Android.

How to transfer chats from iPhone to Android and vice versa

IOS and Android gadgets create different backup file formats. Therefore, even if you move a copy created in one system to another, you will not be able to extract the information. Access to old conversations when changing a smartphone to a model using a different operating system can only be restored using special software. An example of this is WhatsApp Recovery.

Moving information about dialogs from “iPhone” is done according to the following instructions:

  • install the program on your computer;
  • connect iPhone to PC;
  • activate the software and go to the tab for receiving data from an iOS device;
  • copy WhatsApp archives;
  • download the messenger to your new Android phone;
  • connect the device to the PC;
  • move the files extracted from the old gadget to the WhatsApp folder;
  • install the application and accept the offer for data recovery.

If you need to move conversations from Android to iPhone, you can use Backuptrans or its free alternatives. Working with it is carried out according to the same principle as described above.

Apart from special software, there are no other ways to keep dialogs active. If you cannot use them, it is possible not to lose information by using the “Export chats” function and receiving all messages in the form of files with the txt extension to your e-mail. However, they cannot be restored as active WhatsApp chats.

Transfer WhatsApp from iPhone to Android via email

  • First of all, go to the “Settings” section of the WhatsApp application on your iPhone, then click on “Chat Settings” and then select “E-mail Chat” from the list.
  • Select the WhatsApp chat history you want to transfer. A window will appear informing you that the attached media files (i.e. images, videos, etc.) will be sent by email. If you want them to be transferred, then click on “Attach media”, otherwise click on “No media”.
  • Then enter your email address and click “Send”.
  • Log in to WhatsApp on your Android device, then log in through the account you specified in the previous paragraph.

You now have the ability to view old WhatsApp messages by email. However, you cannot sync WhatsApp messages from iPhone to Android device. To do this, use other methods.

Transfer WhatsApp Messages from iPhone to Android with WhatsApp Transfer

Here are the step-by-step instructions on how to transfer WhatsApp data from iPhone to Android

Download and install WhatsApp Transfer on your computer. Works on both Mac and Windows.
Win DownloadMac DownloadWin DownloadMac Download Get a free trial by email to download to your computer

Enter your email address, we will send you links to download our products.
Once installed, you will see the Social Transfer App option on the top menu bar. Click on it and select WhatsApp Transfer module after connecting both phones to computer or Mac via USB cable.

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Please note that in order for this process to work, you need to follow the onscreen instructions to enable USB debugging on your Android phone.

Make sure both phones are correctly detected in your WhatsApp Transfer program. When you click on the Transfer button, your WhatsApp data on your iPhone will start transferring quickly to your Android phone.

Depending on the size of your WhatsApp data, this process may take several minutes. You should also be aware that any WhatsApp messages already on your Android phone will not be deleted.

Using third-party resources

In this case, it is impossible to use the standard method of restoring messenger data from an old device to a new one: you cannot back up to Google Drive from iPhone, and you cannot restore from iCloud from Android. Therefore, intermediary programs are the only way to perform a complete transfer of all Whatsapp data from iPhone to Android. This could be, for example, “Restore Social App (iOS Android). Pricing Plans” by Dr.fone or “Backuptrans iPhone WhatsApp to Android Transfer” by Backuptrans.

However, this transfer of WhatsApp history from iPhone to Android has a couple of not very pleasant moments:

  • All services that really work and are safe for smartphone OS are paid. At the moment (2021), the cost of the licensed program starts from 20.
  • These programs belong to foreign developers and are not Russified. Although, in general, the average user will be able to understand.

What is the difficulty of transferring WhatsApp data between smartphones

Users constantly face problems when transferring data from WhatsApp and other instant messengers from one smartphone to another. over, in the case of transferring information from iPhone to iPhone through a backup, in which, as it seems, all data should be saved.

The problem is that WhatsApp internal files are often not transferred even through backups. Either part of the correspondence will not be copied, as luck would have it. the most important, then attachments will be trite, including valuable photos and videos.

That is why in this manual we talked about how to transfer correspondence and all other information from WhatsApp from smartphone to smartphone in the correct way. Transfer so that absolutely all data from the old smartphone is on the new one. It doesn’t matter if you need to transfer WhatsApp data from iPhone to iPhone or from iPhone to an old Android smartphone with outdated firmware. This is the main advantage of the method, which is much more efficient compared to transferring data with other utilities or manually.

To transfer WhatsApp data between smartphones, we will use the MobileTrans WhatsApp Transfer utility. It also allows you to transfer data between iOS, Android and Windows Phone bypassing iTunes, Samsung Kies and other similar programs.

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How to Transfer WhatsApp from iPhone to Android with Restore Social App

Recover Social App is recognized as the most efficient way to import WhatsApp from iPhone to Android, as well as iPad / iPod touch / Android devices.

Besides iOS WhatsApp transfer, Recover Social App can also backup other social media data like LINE / Viber / Kik / Wechat chat history with just one click.

Here are some steps that will work in transferring WhatsApp iPhone to Android:

You will need to download and install the Restore Social Application on your computer. It’s not too big and the file should download and install quickly.

Depending on whether you are using a Mac or Windows device, you will be given the option to “Backup and Restore” or “Restore Social Application” respectively.

3 Ways to Transfer WhatsApp from iPhone to Android 2020 | Whatsapp data from iPhone to Android

Connect your iPhone and Android device to which you want to transfer WhatsApp messages to your computer. They should be displayed in the application interface.

On the tab on the left, select the WhatsApp option, click “Transfer WhatsApp Messages” and click “Transfer”.

Restore Social App is a popular application for transferring WhatsApp messages from iPhone to Android, and the process we described was the most reliable in our tests.

We hope that at least one of the methods described in our blog will work for you. However, if you encounter any difficulties or cannot transfer WhatsApp from iPhone to Android, we will be happy to help you, so please let us know.

Dr.Fone program on the computer

Dr.Fone is a free PC program in English. Allows you to instantly transfer information from one iPhone to another (or device on the Android axis) without the need to create an iCloud backup. Useful if there is not enough memory on one of the devices.

What are the advantages of Dr. Fone:

  • Supports all iOS devices (iPhone, iPad, iPod) as well as Android;
  • Works not only with WhatsApp, but also with other popular messengers, for example, Viber;
  • Opens the ability to view chats and save only what you need;
  • Supports not only new devices, but also old models (5s / 5c / 5/4 / 4S), as well as those devices that work on iOS 9 and below;
  • The utility is fully compatible with any version of Windows and Mac.

In order to start transferring data, you must first download the program from the official website of the developers. Once you’ve downloaded the app, follow these steps:

  • Launch Dr.Fone and find the WhatsApp tab in the side menu. Click on it;
  • Connect both iPhones to the computer, the program will immediately see both;
  • Then select the “Transfer WhatsApp messages” option;
  • After that, you will be taken to the transfer menu. Accurate device models will be displayed on the screen. On the left is the device from which chats and multimedia will be transferred, and on the left is where all the files will be sent. If the program has incorrectly selected the source and destination, then just press the “Flip” button and the utility will swap the devices;
  • Then select the “Transfer” tool in the lower right corner. Confirm the action in the dialog box by clicking “Yes”;
  • The transfer will take some time. The program will notify the user that the transfer is complete;
  • After that, disconnect both devices and on the new device, follow the same procedure as in the previous instructions (enter your phone number, log into iCloud and select a backup).

How to Transfer WhatsApp Chats from iPhone

WhatsApp Messenger is a convenient and easy-to-use chat application. At the moment, the program supports text, voice messages and video communication, allows users to exchange media files (videos, images, documents, locations and locations, contacts and much more). Most importantly, WhatsApp is supported on all available platforms (iOS, MacOS, Windows, Android). This is an international messenger that allows you to correspond with people from different countries without spending money on expensive calls.

Usually, when switching to a new smartphone or changing a SIM card, dialogs with contacts are not saved or synchronized, even if an old SIM is inserted into the device. How to transfer data from iPhone to iPhone or Android device? In this article, we will cover all the possible ways to transfer chats.

Transfer chats from iPhone to Android via PC

In order to quickly transfer dialogs from iPhone to Android, you need a Windows computer, and you do not need to download any applications. The previous method is also suitable, but it only transfers one chat. And also. you can view chats only through mail (and no action is possible), since these operating systems have a different encryption system.

  • Connect your iPhone to your computer via a USB cable, preferably an original one;
  • If iTunes is installed on the PC, the program will begin to recognize the smartphone. Close this application, it will not come in handy;
  • On the keyboard, hold down the two keys WIN and R. The command line will open;
  • In the window that appears, enter “cmd”;
  • Find the WhatsApp folder. To do this, enter the “dir” command. If the data is hidden and you want to view the system files, then enter “dir / a”. You can also search through the standard Windows Explorer, if it is easier for you;
  • Copy the found folder;
  • Connect your Android device;
  • After that, on the computer, open the contents of the smartphone and find the folder with the name of the messenger. Usually she is always separate from everyone and it is not difficult to find her. Drag the folder;
  • Files migrated but not activated. To do this, pick up your Android device and open the WhatsApp application. Log in, the application will offer to restore the backup, click on “OK”.
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ITunes backup

How to recover data using a computer? This will help a program from Apple called iTunes. If it has not been downloaded yet, then it is worth doing it from the official site.

  • Connect your old iOS smartphone to your PC;
  • Launch iTunes and create a backup. To do this, go to the path “File”. “Devices”. “Backup”;
  • Wait for the sync to finish. Disconnect your old device and connect your new iPhone;
  • After connecting via the USB cable, a window will appear that prompts you to restore the saved data. Select “Restore from iTunes Backup”.
  • The information is already stored on the phone, but has not yet been activated. Log in to the application via your phone number;
  • A notification about the saved backup will appear, click on “OK”. After that, all chats will be transferred to the new device.

This method is good because it transfers not only correspondence to WhatsApp, but also all other information. applications, photos, videos, notes, selected settings, etc. In general, transfer data from iPhone to iPhone completely.

Just keep in mind that data that has already been created and saved on your new iPhone will be deleted, since the old copy before backup will delete all information. We strongly recommend that you also make a copy on the new iPhone, so that in case of loss of any useful information, you can quickly restore it.

Sending by email

The steps are exactly the same as in the previous instructions, only you need a working email.

  • Repeat the same steps up to point 3;
  • In the highlighted transfer methods, select “Letter to yourself” or mail attachment;
  • Type in the email address to which you want to import the data of one chat. Then click “Submit”.

ICloud backup

The official website of the WhatsApp developers says that they do not store chat history on servers. Consequently, the program will not be able to return very old correspondence or a very important photo of a document taken several years ago. To prevent the loss of important chats, the creators of the app recommend backing up to a cloud storage developed by Apple specifically for iPhone owners. And the most important thing is not to uncheck the “Automatic” box. But first things first. Before proceeding with the following steps, check these parameters:

  • The iOS firmware version on your iPhone must be higher than 7;
  • Go to “Settings”, in the very top line, click on the name of your account, then go to the “iCloud” section, scroll down a little and find the line “iCloud Drive”. It must be activated;
  • While in Settings, go to General, then iPhone Storage and make sure there is enough free space for your iCloud backup. Before starting to create a copy, the required number of gigabytes and megabytes will be displayed on the screen, so, if necessary, free up space.

Important note! It is possible to return the saved data to the cloud storage only if the user logs in from a new device through the same account on which the backup was made! Otherwise, it is impossible to return the data in any way.

If all the settings are in order, then follow the instructions below:

  • Launch WhatsApp, in the bottom line of the menu, find the “Settings” tab (a panel in the form of a gear);
  • Go to the “Chats” section, then to “Backup”;
  • In this menu, the application will calculate the required space to save a copy in iCloud. It depends on the number of chats, how many images, videos and other multimedia files are in the memory. In the same section, you can put a check mark on the “Automatic” option, which allows the program to save all information from chats every day, every week or every month. In this case, you do not have to go in and update the data every time, and in the event of an urgent change of the device, everything will remain in the cloud storage and will not go anywhere;
  • In the penultimate step, click on “Create a copy”. Wait for the end of synchronization;
  • Next, pick up a new gadget and go to the WhatsApp application. The messenger will offer to restore the data. In the highlighted field, enter the phone number that was linked to the previous smartphone. Enter your username and password from the same iCloud, then the device will offer to restore the backup. Agree and wait for the procedure to complete. Typically, it takes from three minutes to 30 minutes and depends on how much content has been uploaded (chats, contacts, media received or sent).

iTunes and WhatsApp Recovery

This method is also suitable for users who have switched to Android. In order to transfer chats, you need to have a saved iTunes backup from your iPhone. How to do this is described just above. The instruction is very useful if the iPhone was lost or access to it was lost, but a copy was saved in iTunes.

Download WhatsApp Recovery utility from the official developer site. Works on both Windows and Mac. The program allows you to save data to your Google account, or immediately directly to your Android device. After installation, proceed with the transfer of dialogs:

  • After launching the utility, go to the “Recover files from iTunes” section;
  • Connect your Android device to your computer;
  • The program will show all saved backups that have been synced in iTunes. We recommend choosing the freshest by date;
  • All files from the backup will be displayed in the side menu. In the “Application Data Recovery” tab, put boxes on WhatsApp calls, messages and attachments;
  • Further, the program window will display all the chats and calls that were once on the iPhone. Select all or only those required for the transfer. Then click on “Restore”;
  • The utility will offer to either restore to a computer or to a device. Select the second and wait for the end of synchronization;
  • Open the messenger on your smartphone and restore data in the standard way.

All chats and information via iCloud are also restored here. Through this utility, you can also recover data directly from a working iPhone, but in this case, the data will be saved to the computer and, if desired, can be transferred to an Android device. This is a very useful program, so we recommend that you do not uninstall it.

Through the Restore option

You can also transfer whatsapp messages from iphone to Android through the “Recover” function:

    • make a backup copy of all conversations in Watsap on an old gadget (see how to send by mail);
    • calmly remove our messenger from the old phone;
    • on a new device, open Watsapp, enter your account and indicate your phone number;
    • after installation, the program will show a message with a proposal to restore the old information; we agree. and everything will turn out the way you wanted.

    A similar operation can be performed using third-party computer software. The utility is called Backuptrans WhatsApp Transfer for our mobile platforms. You only need to connect both of them to the computer and make all the settings: on the apple gadget, start the messenger and view the conversation history, on the PC, right-click on the Apple device and select the desired option for transferring information.

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    You can use any of these methods, which seems to you the most comfortable and simple.

    How to Transfer Whatsapp Chat History from iPhone to Android

    In this version, we use email, let’s highlight a few simple steps:

    • on the old device go to “settings” and. “send chat by mail”;
    • so that the transfer of whatsapp correspondence history from iPhone to Android is correct, do not forget to indicate. “Attaching data will increase the size of the message”;
    • then we indicate the email address and select “Send”.

    Transferring Whatsapp data from iPhone to Android: basic methods and nuances

    Transferring Whatsapp messenger data from iPhone to Android is a fairly common problem that people have when using the application if they want to save the necessary information: not only files from the chat, but other things (we wrote about transferring WhatsApp messages from iphone to iphone separate article). Better yet, first download WhatsApp for free on Android on our website and only then understand its many, but not so complicated functions.

    It is probably difficult to imagine such a situation when a person who is accustomed to an iPhone suddenly decides to change it to a smartphone with Android, but nevertheless, the question of how to transfer a backup copy of whatsapp files from ios to an Android system is relevant for many.

    The whole process can be done in several ways.

    How to Transfer WhatsApp Data from iPhone to Android?

    Using iCloud. This option is suitable for those who have the latest version of the Apple smartphone. Backup is carried out step by step:

    • go to the section “Backup” / “Storage”
    • all that remains is to wait for the saving to end automatically (that is, it should reach the cherished “OK”).

    Then we launch a new gadget, where we must complete the recovery of information that was previously transferred to the archive.

    Benefits of Watsap:

      • it is the most popular application among similar programs in the world;
      • simple and intuitive interface, no unnecessary bells and whistles. only functionality and style;
      • there are not only text messages, they can be supplemented with embedded media files (How many minutes of video can be transferred in Wotsap. read here);
      • there is a web version for keyboard adepts;
      • user base. you can be sure that you will be able to chat with almost every subscriber from your book with contacts in a smartphone.

      Thank you for your interest in our materials! We wish you pleasant communication!

      Transfer via email

      You can transfer a WhatsApp conversation from one platform to another using email. To do this, the user needs to perform the following actions:

      • Launch whatsapp on iPhone.
      • At the bottom of the quick access menu, click on “Chats”.
      • Select and mark the dialog you want to export.
      • Tap the line with the name of the group chat or contact.
      • Scroll to “Export mail”.
      • To transfer, select the appropriate option. In this case, indicate one of the options “Attach media” or “Without media”.
      • Now the final stage. you need to choose a transfer method. You need to choose to send by message to e-mail.
      • Enter the email address, then tap the “Send” option.
      • Go to email from your Android smartphone.

      Now, on the new phone, you can view old correspondence only via email. However, it will not be possible to sync data with an Android device and an iPhone. Try another method. Another disadvantage of this method is that if there are many chats, the user will have to repeat the same procedure many times.

      Transferring WhatsApp Conversations from iPhone to Android

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      With the purchase of a new gadget, many WhatsApp users have a question, how to transfer correspondence from iOS to Android? The messenger does not provide a built-in function that allows you to transfer message archives between two smartphones of different operating systems. Read on for easy ways to transfer WhatsApp chats, messages and files from iPhone to Android.

      How to Transfer WhatsApp Messages from iPhone to Android

      Difficulties with transferring application dialogs from one platform to another arise due to the different archive format. Even if you save the chat history on the iPhone in the SD card folder, then transfer the file to the Android device, it will not be able to recognize its format anyway. However, there are three ways to transfer text correspondence with application multimedia files to another device. To use them, the user will need: e-mail, data backup and PC. Let’s consider each of them below in the article.

      Transfer using backups

      Another effective way to export your WhatsApp data archive is to back up your conversations on the first device and then restore them to Android OS. The user needs to follow this instruction.

      • We back up the program data archive on the “apple device”. Open WhatsApp, then in the menu find the item “Settings”.
      • Find the sub-item “Chats”, then “Copy”.
      • Click the “Create a Copy” button.
      • Perform the procedure for uninstalling the messenger on IOS.
      • Download and install the WhatsApp app on your Android smartphone from the Play Market.
      • After installing the program, go to the desktop of the device.
      • Find the WhatsApp icon, then click to open the messenger.
      • Authenticate using the phone number to which the account is linked.
      • An information window will open, click on the “Restore” option.
      • Wait for the restoration process to complete.
      • Now WhatsApp conversations and media will be available on Android.

      Transfer via computer

      The third no less working method is to back up an archive of WhatsApp messages on a Windows PC. The user will be required to perform the following actions:

      • Connect an iOS device to a personal computer via a USB cable.
      • If iTunes launches, close the application.
      • Open a command line interpreter or terminal. To do this, use the “WIN R” key combination. In the line write the command “cmd”.
      • Find the folder with the name of the messenger.
      • In order to see the contents of the folder, use the “dir” command. Use the “dir / a” command to view system and hidden files. To change the directory. “cd [folder]”.
      • Copy the folder with the messenger files using “copy [source] [destination]”.
      • Connect Android smartphone to PC.
      • Move the backup copy of the dialogs to the desired folder.
      • At the last stage of the procedure, restore the chats archive. To do this, open the WhatsApp program on your Android smartphone. The system will offer to perform the recovery procedure.
      • Confirm your consent.

      We hope the information provided in the article has become useful. If you have any questions, write in the comments. Share the link to the article with your friends.

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