How to turn off call forwarding on a Samsung phone

How forwarding works?

Call forwarding is a feature that appeared in smartphones many years ago. It allows you to redirect a call from one number to another. This function can be implemented in different ways:

  • Send calls to another number when the network answers “Busy”.
  • Activate call forwarding when the subscriber is out of reach.
  • Redirect calls from one of your SIM cards to another. This will be especially true when using smartphones with two SIM cards.
  • Receive calls from multiple numbers on one.

There are many situations in which forwarding may be required. This is a really useful feature that makes it easier to use your mobile phone as a means of communication. It can be activated on all Samsung devices with Android OS.

⚠Important! The operator may charge additional fees for this service. Before activating it, read the current terms of the company, the cost of this option.

Call forwarding programs

It is suggested to use various third-party call forwarding applications. Among them:

  • Call Forwarding.
  • “Simple Call Forwarding”.
  • Call Forwarding.
  • Call Divert, etc.

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How to make call forwarding to Samsung?

  • Go to the system application “Phone”.
  • Click on the menu of additional actions, it is indicated by three dots.
  • Select the “Settings” section.
  • Open the “Advanced” item.
  • Select the section with call forwarding.
  • Open “Voice Call”.
  • Here you can choose in which cases the call is forwarded. Click on one of the available modes.
  • In the field enter the number to which calls will be forwarded.
  • Click on the “Enable” button.

Several modes are available in the settings:

  • If there is no answer from the subscriber.
  • If the line is busy with another call.
  • When the phone is out of range.
  • Redirect all incoming calls.

How to set up call forwarding on Samsung? After activating the function, you can go to the tab with additional parameters. Among the available options:

  • Reducing noise.
  • Call waiting.
  • Autodial.
  • Auto add country code, etc.

How to enable call forwarding to Samsung

How to enable call forwarding to Samsung? It is easy to cope with this task, the process of activating the function will take no more than a minute from the user. Our material will provide appropriate instructions.

Disable call forwarding

  • Enter the Phone app.
  • Open the additional menu in the program.
  • Go to “Settings”.
  • Open the “Advanced” item.
  • Go to Call Forwarding.
  • Open the “Voice call” section.
  • Select an active call forwarding mode.
  • In the window that opens, click on the “Turn off” button.

How to enable / disable call forwarding on Honor and Huawei: call settings

Not everyone knows how to set up call forwarding on Huawei and Honor, but this function is very useful for those who have two or more SIM cards. Its essence lies in the fact that you do not need to have several mobile devices to constantly be in touch. If you are talking on the first SIM, and they call you on the second, a redirect will go. If this option is inactive, then the interlocutor on the second mowing line will be told that you are not online or cannot receive a call.

Where in Huawei and Honor call forwarding

To enable call forwarding on Huawei and Honor phones, you need to go to the settings section. All adjustment options are located in the network item.

  • Click on wireless links.
  • Go directly to SIM options.
  • Next, you need to set the call parameters.

Assessing the role of this tool in the modern world, we note with confidence that it is very practical and convenient. For many people, it is extremely important to stay online at all times and answer all important calls. And this is possible with proper activation.

How to set up call forwarding on Android Huawei and Honor

First, we make the settings directly on the phone:

  • open the calls section (the handset icon on the left of the main screen);
  • in the upper right, click on three dots;
  • click on the “Settings” item;
  • select the “Calls” section;
  • now we click on the “Forwarding” item;
  • if you are going to leave this tool on a permanent basis, then select the “Always” time frame;
  • click “Enable”;
  • ready.
  • Simple Call Forwarding;
  • Call Forwarding;
  • Call Divert;
  • Forward My Calls;
  • Easy Call Forwarding and others.
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Better to download over Wi-Fi. Next, install and go through a short authorization. Usually this is a confirmation by the phone number to which forwarding will be set.

The third option for activating call forwarding is through a PUSH notification to a mobile provider. There are special combinations for this.

Combination Result
21phone number # Service activation
# Checking the status
## Service deactivation

How to remove call forwarding on Honor and Huawei phones

For some reason, the call forwarding option loses its relevance for subscribers. They cease to be clients of several mobile operators at once, or buy an additional device for communication. Therefore, the question arises of deactivation.

To disable call forwarding to Honor and Huawei, use the same algorithm that enabled this setting. If you did this in the call settings, then go there again and select the “Never” item in the call forwarding section. If it was a mobile application, set a ban there or remove it. If you made a request to a mobile operator, then enter the short combination ## on the keyboard and press “Call”.

How to enable call forwarding on Android

If you do not know how a smartphone equipped with Android OS can forward a call to another phone, then this entry will remove this gap.

This guide was made with Samsung Galaxy 6.0 and Lenovo 5.1, but broadly the method is valid for all phones, and there may be only minor differences depending on the UI and Android OS.

Before Android 5.0, there should be no differences at all, but on Android 4.4, 4.2.2, 4.2 and below, the name of the settings may differ slightly, but the principle is the same.

If you have a phone with a classic user interface or with 2 SIM, the divert settings section will look like the picture below (Android 5.1.1).

How to make call forwarding in Android

Call forwarding is a process that allows you to transfer an incoming call from one number to another.

This function is very useful when you use to send SMS (SMS) messages to another phone.

Then the call, like the SMS, will be immediately forwarded to the number you specify, as a result, nothing will be lost.

Android has built-in call forwarding and everyone can set it up quickly and easily.

If your smartphone doesn’t have the option to turn on call forwarding, it’s not a problem. Then use a special program, but more on that below.

If you often have to talk on the phone, the call usability can be greatly improved. Few know about it. Here is the description.

So let’s get started. The first thing you need to do is open the section where the forwarding settings are located. To do this, click on the “phone” icon.

Then, on older Android versions, click the button in the lower right corner (ellipsis) and open the settings, in newer versions, click on “Options” in the upper right and also select “Settings”.

In the “Settings” section, click “Advanced”.

Now go to the Call Forwarding tab (I’m writing about the latest Android versions).

So we found ourselves where the display of all the forwarding settings is located. There are 4 options:

  • “Always”. redirects to another number every incoming call.
  • “If Busy”. redirects when you are talking to another person.
  • “If there is no answer”. the call is sent at the moment when the voicemail should be activated.
  • “If unavailable”. transfers the call when your phone does not have a network coverage area.

Just click on these options, you will be presented with settings where you can enable the options you need.

Attention! Some networks can block a specific option. When the selected parameter is blocked, you should receive a corresponding message.

If this happens, then you can then configure only three options. Therefore, I recommend choosing the “redirect all” option, which is the most important and is used as SMS forwarding.

Now you can put the phone number that should receive the redirected calls, and then click the “Enable” button

Congratulations! Call forwarding has been enabled.

Android call forwarding software

As I promised above, I present a program for call forwarding for Android.

This application is called Simple Call Forwarding. I do not give download links, since it is in free download on the Play market.

With its help, in the absence of built-in call forwarding, you can easily configure it.

After installation, a widget will appear on the home screen, with which you can enable or disable this function.

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You will have two options. The first with the transition to the settings and the second directly.

For convenience, a widget is provided. It allows you to very quickly enable call forwarding, if necessary, if necessary.

Nuances of call forwarding

As I mentioned above, in order to answer the question “how to disable / make forwarding?”, It is important to know the USSD commands for your operator. You can find all these requests a little further in the material. But there are several commands that are absolutely the same for all mobile operators in Ukraine:

How to disable all conditional call forwarding (if no answer, if off / out of network, if busy)?

How to enable all conditional redirects?

How to make call forwarding to a Kyivstar, MTS or Life number

On the Internet, you can find a lot of information on how to make a call forwarding from your phone number in a given situation. Unfortunately (and according to the logic I do not understand), all telecom operators in Ukraine have different combinations for setting up this service. Although you, in fact, do not have to bother with all these combinations. After all, it is very easy and simple to forward calls using your own phone settings. Find the appropriate item in the menu and simply set the appropriate settings. But there you will see several call forwarding options. How are they different? This is described in detail with examples later in the material.

Setting up call forwarding to MTS

In order to successfully set up call forwarding from an MTS number, you just need to know the following USSD requests:

How to activate call forwarding

How to turn off call forwarding

Unconditional call forwarding (all incoming calls)

Call settings on Samsung Galaxy Android 2020 phone

Hey! The website is online. Today, you will learn how to set up calls on your Samsung Galaxy phone. You can easily change your incoming or outgoing call settings. Missed calls, waiting, forwarding, second, voice, parallel call, ringtone, notifications, screen, call barring, sounds, blocking, etc. Everything is very simple and fast. See the instructions below and write comments if you have questions. Drove!

On the home screen of your smartphone, find the Phone icon and click on it.

How to disable call forwarding on any phone

Further, on this page, at the top right, click on the Properties button (three dots).

In the window that opens, click on the Settings tab.

Here you can customize your call settings. Below we will take a closer look at each parameter.

Blocking numbers. Here you can enable or disable blocking of unknown subscribers. You can add a phone number to the black list of blocked numbers from which you will no longer be able to call and write SMS messages.

Signals and ringtone. Here you can customize:

  • Vibration when responding;
  • Vibration when finished;
  • Signal when a call is connected;
  • Signal at the end of a call;
  • Notifications during a call;
  • Set a ringtone for SIM cards 1 and 2;
  • Select vibration alert;
  • Vibration during a call;
  • Keyboard sounds.

Answering and ending calls. You can include:

  • Speaking of the subscriber’s name. With Bluetooth headset or wired headset only;
  • Answering a call by pressing the Home key;
  • Automatic call acceptance. Automatically answer incoming calls after a set time if a headset or bluetooth device is connected;
  • End call. Power key.

Quick replies. You can create messages to quickly reply to SMS without entering text. Enter any entry in the field, for example: How are you? Click on the plus sign on the right to add a template.

Voice mail. You can configure for SIM 1 and 2:

  • Service provider;
  • Voicemail parameters, number;
  • Notifications. Alert Style, Sound, Vibration, Icon Indicators, Lock Screen, Ignore Do Not Disturb.
  • Hide contacts without numbers. Display only those contacts whose phone numbers are added to the Contacts tab;
  • Information about the subscriber. Displays the latest contact information for each caller;
  • Help with roaming. Roaming Assistant allows you to make calls to your home country while traveling abroad;
  • Select the country automatically. Automatic application of the home country code when calling contacts you have already called before;
  • Always call to a roaming country;
  • Ask every time you call.

Information about the phone. Here you can find out:

  • Phone version;
  • Call version;
  • Open source licenses.

You can enable calls in the pop-up window. Show current calls in a pop-up window instead of hovering over the screen while using other apps.

Still have questions? Write a comment! Good luck!

Call forwarding

Stay connected even when you can’t answer a call. All incoming calls will be redirected to another number or to an answering machine.

How to set up call forwarding

  • Via the mobile phone menu. In different phone models, the sections can be called differently: “Forwarding”, “Forwarding”. Find the section, select the type of forwarding and specify the number to which calls will be forwarded.
  • Through My Kyivstar. Go to the page “My Kyivstar” → “Services →“ Connected services ”→“ Communication management ”→“ Call forwarding ”. Select the type of forwarding and specify the number to which calls will be forwarded.
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Please note: Through “My Kyivstar” you can set up forwarding only to Kyivstar numbers.

  • Through the voice menu, call the short number and follow the prompts.
  • Forwarding Type Command Type
    Call forwarding
    (general commands)
    Activate all conditional call forwarding: 004Number # Show code
    Cancel all conditional call forwarding: ## Show code
    Cancel all call forwarding: ## Show code
    Forwarding mode “No answer” Activate and activate: 61Number # Show code
    Enable call forwarding: 61 # Show code
    Check status: # Show code
    Disable: # Show code
    Cancel: ## Show code
    Set call waiting time for “No answer” mode By connecting forwarding “No answer”, you can set the time after which the system will automatically redirect the call to another number if you have not answered the call. Set timeout to 30 seconds: 61NumberN # Show code
    Example: 6138067ххххххх30 #. within 30 seconds you can answer the call, and then it will be forwarded. Turn off previous installation: ## Show code
    Forwarding mode “Not available” Activate and activate: 62Number # Show code
    Enable: 62 # Show code
    Check: # Show code
    Disable: # Show code
    Cancel: ## Show code
    Forwarding mode “Busy” Activate and activate: 67Number # Show code
    Enable: 67 # Show code
    Check status: # Show code
    Disable: # Show code
    Cancel: ## Show code
    Unconditional call forwarding mode Activate and activate: 21Number # Show code
    Enable: 21 # Show code
    Check: # Show code
    Disable: # Show code
    Cancel: ## Show code

    Enable call forwarding. you enter in the system the number to which the call will be redirected.

    Activate call forwarding. you activate the forwarding function to the previously specified number.

    Cancel forwarding. the number to which forwarding was set is deleted from the system.

    Disable call forwarding. you deactivate call forwarding, but the system saves the number to which the forwarding was set.

    How forwarding works

    • You activate the “Call forwarding” service.
    • An incoming call arrives at the Kyivstar number.
    • The call is automatically redirected to the specified number without your mobile phone ringing.
    • You are answering a call from the phone to which the call was transferred.

    When redirects are triggered

    • If there is no answer
      Incoming call will be automatically redirected to another number if you do not answer the call on your phone.
    • If the number is not available
      Incoming calls will be automatically redirected to another number if your phone is disconnected or outside the coverage of Kyivstar. When you return to the network, calls will again come to your phone.
    • If the line is busy
      Incoming calls will be automatically redirected to another number if you are on a call and your call waiting service is not activated.
    • Unconditional call forwarding
      All incoming will be automatically redirected to another number. The service will work even if your phone is switched off. To receive incoming calls again, cancel call forwarding.

    Please note

    By activating the unconditional forwarding mode, all other forwarding modes will be disabled. In all other cases. forwarding modes can work in parallel.

    Some phones have additional types of call forwarding: fax call forwarding and data forwarding.

    How much do forwarded calls cost

    Forwarded calls have no additional charge. their cost will be according to the terms of your tariff.

    Call forwarding in roaming

    Who can set up call forwarding in roaming

    • Prepaid subscribers: can connect only “Unconditional call forwarding”.
    • Subscribers of contract communication: can activate any call forwarding mode: “Unconditional call forwarding“, “No answer”, “Unavailable”, “Busy”.

    Please make sure that you have sufficient funds in your account and that outgoing calls and SMS are enabled.

    How much do forwarded calls cost in roaming?

    • If you have set up unconditional call forwarding while in Ukraine: as with outgoing calls within Ukraine under the terms of your tariff.
    • If you have set up unconditional call forwarding while abroad: as an incoming or outgoing call in roaming according to the terms of your tariff.
    • If you have set one of the types of conditional forwarding (“No answer”, “Unavailable”, “Busy”): The forwarded call will cost the same as an incoming call at roaming rates of the number from which the forwarding is set. For outgoing call. according to roaming tariffs of the number to which forwarding is set.
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