How to turn off Find iPhone in Settings

Disable Find My iPhone on iPhone and iPad using iCloud

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On iPhone, go to Settings. iCloud “.

Enter your Apple ID (if not connected in device settings in the iCloud menu) and password.

The security feature will be disabled, and you will receive a corresponding notification to the primary email address specified in the Apple ID settings.

3 ways to turn off Find My iPhone

If you go to an Apple Service Center to repair or customize your iPhone, you may need to turn off Find My iPhone (Find My iPhone). This is necessary for testing and flashing the smartphone (if necessary), as well as other service work. It is recommended to untie your iOS device, Apple Watch, Airpods or Mac computer from iCloud also if you no longer plan to use it, when selling, giving, etc.

Looking ahead, we assure you that this step is absolutely safe and does not pose a threat to your device or data on it. To save time when handing over your iPhone or iPad for repair, you can turn off this function yourself in advance. Below we provide detailed instructions on how to do this.

Disable Find My iPhone in the iOS App on iPhone and iPad

Wait until the status of all devices linked to your Apple ID is updated.

On the line with the device on which you want to disable “Find iPhone”, swipe to the left. A red “Delete” button will appear to the right of the model name.

Please note that you can only uninstall iPhone, iPad and Mac computers that are not connected to the Internet and have offline status in the Find iPhone application. If your device is connected to the Internet, the “Delete” button will not appear.

Confirm the deletion request. The device will be removed from the list.

Disabling Find My iPhone on iOS-13

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On iPhone, go to Settings. iCloud “.

Turn off the slider on Find My iPhone and enter your Apple ID password for your mail.

Disable Find My iPhone on iPhone and iPad using

Go to and enter your Apple ID, password.

We go to the “Find iPhone” application. Here you may need to re-enter your Apple ID password.

The My Devices menu displays all of your devices on which the same iCloud account has been activated. Just remove the device you need from the list and you’re done.

Removing an iPhone will remove the paired Apple Watch. Removing an iOS device will remove all Airpods paired with it (Airpods will remain in the device list if they are paired with another device).

4 Ways to Disable Find iPhone and Activation Lock on iPhone, iPad and Windows or Mac OS X Computer

Let’s assume that your iPhone is out of order: it won’t turn on and doesn’t respond to button presses or connection to a computer. An employee of the service center refuses to take the device for repair, explaining the refusal by the fact that the “Find iPhone” function is enabled in the device, which must first be disabled. How to do it if iPhone won’t turn on and can’t access its settings?

Today we’ll talk about why you need to disable the “Find iPhone” function and the ways in which you can do this.

Of course, Find My iPhone is a great feature that allows you to remotely control a lost or stolen iOS device, block it, send a text message and play a sound, and also erase personal data so that it does not fall into the hands of intruders. Activation Lock is a powerful tool that will prevent you from activating your device after a restore or firmware update until you enter your native Apple ID and password.

On the one hand, both of these mechanisms are designed to protect the owners of iOS devices from theft and unauthorized use of personal data, on the other hand, there are cases when the rightful owners get stumped due to the work of these functions, I described one of these in the announcement.

Indeed, when you contact the service center with a complaint about a broken iPhone, an employee of the center will ask you to disable the “Find iPhone” function, so that after recovery, which is required in 99 cases out of 100, the activation lock does not turn the device into a “brick”.

Disable Find My iPhone on iPhone and iPad

Enter your Apple ID (if not connected in device settings in the iCloud menu) and password.

The security feature will be disabled, and you will receive a corresponding notification to the primary email address specified in the Apple ID settings.

How to disable Find My iPhone on Windows and Mac OS X computers, tablets or smartphones (including Android)

Find My iPhone isn’t just a security feature and the iOS app of the same name, it’s also a web app on

In addition to the device itself, you can control the function and its individual capabilities (loss mode, sound playback, erasing the device) via the Internet on the official iCloud website.

Ways to Disable Find My iPhone

  • In the settings of the iPhone and iPad in the iCloud menu (2 ways).
  • In the Find iPhone iOS application (free download).
  • On a Windows computer and Mac OS X, on a tablet or smartphone (including Android) in the Find iPhone web app.

In order to disable “Find iPhone” on the iPhone, it is necessary that the device from which the function is disabled be connected to the Internet.

Disable Find My iPhone on iPhone by Disabling All iCloud Features

ICloud features (mail, contacts, calendar, reminders, notes, Safari, keychain, photos, documents, and data sync and iCloud backup), including Find My iPhone, can be turned off individually or all at once. In the latter case, all functions are disabled at the same time, for this:

    On iPhone (or iPad) go to Settings. iCloud “.

Tap on “Delete account” and confirm the request.

Determine what to do with Safari data and iCloud contacts (delete or keep on iPhone).

Enter the Apple ID and password to which the device is “linked” (displayed in the settings in the “iCloud” menu in the “Account” field)

All iCloud features will be disabled. There will be no e-mail notification.

When to turn off Find My iPhone

Without disabling Find iPhone, you will not be able to:

    restore the device in iTunes (the program will display a warning that this function must be disabled before restoring);

delete data from the device (Erase content and settings);

  • in case of a breakdown of the device, before contacting the service center.
  • Tip: Never disable Find My iPhone, except as described above.

    There are several ways (more precisely 4) how to disable the “Find iPhone” function, you can do this on iPhone and iPad (3 ways), on a Windows computer and Mac OS X, from any tablet and smartphone (including Android on board).

    How to disable the “Find iPhone” function in the iOS application of the same name on iPhone and iPad

    If for some reason (stolen, lost) you do not have access to your iOS device (iPhone or iPad, no difference), you can disable the Find iPhone function in it from any other iOS device.

      On the iPhone desktop, launch the Find My iPhone app.

    Wait until the status of all devices linked to your Apple ID is updated.

    On the line with the device on which you want to disable “Find iPhone”, swipe to the left. A red “Delete” button will appear to the right of the model name.

    Please note that you can only delete iPhone, iPad and Mac computer that is not connected to the Internet, with an offline status in the Find iPhone application. If your device is connected to the Internet, the “Delete” button will not appear.

    Confirm the deletion request. The device will be removed from the list, now you can restore the device via iTunes from DFU mode or Recovery Mode, activation lock will not block the device at the initial setup stage.

    In normal mode, in order to restore a device or data from a backup, as well as to erase data from its memory, it will be necessary to disable “Find iPhone” on the device itself, without this iTunes will not perform the corresponding request.
    In addition, if the remote device is reconnected to the Internet before restoring or updating the firmware, it will reappear in the All Devices menu and Activation Lock will be activated on it and Find My iPhone will be enabled, so after removing the device from iCloud, do not connect it to the Internet.

    How Find My iPhone works?

    How do I know if Find My iPhone is turned on? First, the Find My iPhone service only works if your iPhone is turned on and has a signal. If it is turned off and does not transmit data, the service will not work. However, you will always see if the phone is on. The service will also not work if your iPhone has been switched to airplane mode.

    Each user needs to focus on when and how Find My iPhone works. It’s easy to enable this option. Go to Settings, tap iCloud and tap the Find My iPhone slider to turn green, or ON, depending on your iOS version. This is the easiest procedure to enable Find My iPhone.

    You should also make sure that you have location services activated. Without Location Services, you won’t be able to see exactly where the device is.

    If your iPhone is missing or lost, you can use your computer to open the icloud website. Log into your iCloud account. On the screen, select your iPhone, and after that you can find it, play sound, put it in Lost Mode, or delete all data on it remotely.

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    How to enable Find My iPhone?

    How do I turn on Find My iPhone? Click Settings, then iCloud. There are several options in this section. Click Find My iPhone. Switching the slider will allow you to enable this function on your smartphone. To activate or deactivate Find iPhone on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch, simply swipe the button of the same name and set it to OFF.

    Where is Find My iPhone on my computer? After that, enable Find My Mac on your Mac. To do this, go to the Apple iCloud System Preferences menu. You will be presented with an interface very similar to the one you see on your iPhone after enabling Find My iPhone. Sign in to your iCloud account.

    How to back up iPhone in case of data loss

    You start using this Find My iPhone feature because you want to find your iPhone if it goes missing. If your iPhone is lost, you can keep your data safe. In case your smartphone is stolen, how to recover files or data from it? Recovery on its own is impossible, but there are options.

    Therefore, it is very important to back up your iPhone. With TunesGo, you can create it quickly and easily. The service can transfer music, photos, videos and contacts to iTunes, PC or other Apple devices without any problems. Copying to Android devices is also available.

    How to enable Find iPhone: step-by-step instructions

    Find My iPhone. a great innovation that Apple has introduced to users since June 2010. This service is now integrated with iCloud. This is an amazing feature that can help those who may have left their iPhone in the wrong place. It is also useful for those who are afraid that they will not be able to prevent attackers from gaining access to personal information.

    Now, with Find My iPhone available on iCloud, there is a way to protect your data on a lost or stolen phone, and even potentially restore it. How to enable Find My iPhone and how to use it?

    Add your device to Find My iPhone

    Some users do not know how to use an Apple device to enable Find My iPhone. It’s very simple. use the gadget to log in with your Apple ID and enable the option. This is done by following the route “Settings” iCloud login with your Apple ID.

    To use all Find My iPhone features in Settings, especially with the ability to remotely delete information from a device, you must ensure that your smartphone has been stolen, because once all data has been erased, it cannot be recovered.

    What it is?

    Find My iPhone helps a lot in determining where your iPhone might be when it’s not near you. Thanks to satellite images and cartography, it will show where your smartphone is located, provided that the device has a signal and is turned on.

    Where is Find My iPhone? It is accessible from any internet-connected computer, tablet, or portable device thanks to the iCloud website. Signing in to a resource gives you the ability to access the Find My iPhone screen, which then allows you to select the exact device you want to find. It should be noted here that only those devices on which this option is installed are available. These can be iPhone, iPod, iPad or Mac. As soon as you enter the service, you will see on the screen a large map with marks.

    Recovery process

    Download and install TunesGo and launch it. After connecting your iPhone to your computer, you will see a screenshot as the contents of your smartphone. Click “Restore iTunes Library” to back up iPhone.

    After clicking the button, you can choose the type of files and transfer them to iTunes. If you don’t want to transfer the data in its entirety, you can select and transfer any music or video you want, selectively. This way, files in TunesGo can be looped through and selected. Therefore, this service is preferred over iTunes.

    How and where to disable Find iPhone in phone settings?

    You can deactivate the application directly on the device. If your email friend is still with you, perform the following manipulations:

    First of all, let’s go to the settings section.

    From now on, it will be impossible to determine the location of your apple pet through the described software. To activate the service, repeat all the steps presented in the reverse order.

    How to turn off Find My iPhone. FAQ

    Our instructions for disabling Find My iPhone are suitable for devices:

    In case you did not find your device in the specified list, you can focus on the phone software version. All steps for disabling iPhone search apply to the following iOS versions:

    Each user or reader can ask their questions in the comments to this article. We will try to answer them as soon as possible.

    How to disable Find iPhone via computer or browser remotely?

    Making it even easier than digging into the phone’s settings.

    Attention! Finally, make sure that you really want to destroy all data on the gadget. If they are erased, then there is no turning back.

    Go to the official website of Apple’s cloud device management system.;

    Go to the settings as shown in the screenshot;

    The system will issue a warning notification: in the upper right corner of the pop-up window, click on the cross. Do not confuse it with a cross to close the modal. “This device will reappear when connected to the Internet.” We agree and delete by clicking on the delete device button.

    What Find My iPhone means?

    Find my iPhone app allows you to calculate the coordinates of iPhones, iPads on any version of iOS or Macs anywhere. Be that as it may, the operation of such software is not always necessary. We are talking, for example, about selling your favorite device. Having received an apple gadget in his hands, its new owner will be able to dispose of your personal information. This should not be allowed. You will need to deactivate the described application. After a procedure of this kind for the safety of personal data, you can be calm.

    Important! If you want to turn off Find my iPhone before selling the gadget, it is best to destroy all content by deleting the account from the device. You can be sure that nothing threatens your privacy and all Apple records of messages and contacts will remain exclusively in the iCloud cloud service or on your secondary devices.

    How to clean a gadget using Find my iPhone

    Find my iPhone can be disabled remotely, but there is still more to it. You will be able to completely erase the software, as well as other data:

    Click on the name of the device with which you want to work.

    At the bottom we find the inscription “Actions”, click on it.

    Erase will appear in the lower right corner of the screen.

    All content, as well as settings, will be deleted, including the device and the account from the smartphone’s memory.

    A couple of simple steps. and your gadget is back to factory settings. Ideal for those who just lost their favorite device.

    Find iPhone app

    For the convenience of users, the Apple developers have created a separate program “Find iPhone”. The application is available for download from the AppStore and is distributed free of charge. The application implements all the possibilities of searching for a smartphone, including geolocation on the map. The utility supports the Russian language, pleases with convenient navigation and a pleasant interface. The functionality is similar to the application in the browser, and Apple users consider this versatility to be the most suitable option. Parents especially appreciate the program, since geolocation on the iPhone of children reduces anxiety about the location of the child. this is relevant in megacities. And in case of loss, it is much easier to look for a smartphone with an enabled application on another mobile device than digging in the grass or snowdrifts.

    • When first turned on, the application will prompt the user for authentication. Enter your Apple iCloud account password and username in the form that opens.
    • Check out the list of suggested features of the application and follow the recommendations.

    With the application, the owner will see the location of the connected devices, and will also be able to manage the activation of the function. The main thing is that the necessary smartphones are tied to one iCloud record.

    How to add iPhone to Find iPhone

    Now let’s talk about how the “Find iPhone” function works, where the enable slider is already sorted out. For the protection to work “in full force” and the owner has access to search from any device, it is important to complete the full setup of iCloud. The service has many features, for correct operation, go to the phone settings, open iCloud and authorize. In the list that opens, move the sliders to the right opposite the functions that you find useful for yourself. After carrying out these simple manipulations, both web functions and other useful features of the service will become available to the owner.

    Check if the device has been added to your account. For this:

    • open the official page in the browser;
    • go to the “My devices” menu;
    • find iPhone in the list that opens.

    If you click on the smartphone icon, the owner will see information about the device, including the serial number. There are also the settings of the Find iPhone function, the owner of the device can study the recommendations, activate the mode, view geo-positioning or activate the sound signal. The advantage of this method is that if the owner knows the Apple ID, then it is possible to log in and control the connected devices from any stationary or mobile devices. The main thing is stable Internet access, without the included information transfer, it will not work to remotely control the iPhone.

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    Find Find My iPhone

    The development of technology does not stand still. Apple has equipped devices with the protective function “Find iPhone”. Statistics show that with the introduction of technology, the number of thefts has decreased, and the return of lost devices, on the contrary, has increased. Finding the loss has become easier, but in the hands of criminals, the iPhone turns into a useless set of chips with plastic. The developers themselves say that it is useful for the owners of Apple devices to know how to find the Find iPhone function, how to use the protective mechanism and how to return a lost phone. No one is immune from unpleasant acquaintances with criminals and accidental losses.

    How to activate Find My iPhone

    Apple employees strongly recommend that you take care of the safety of the device in advance by activating the protection function when setting up your smartphone for the first time. Therefore, it is important for users to know how to enable Find My iPhone.

    • On the main screen of the device, find the gear-shaped icon. this is the “Settings” application. Click the icon.
    • The phone settings menu will open. Scroll down to the “iCloud” item, open this link.
    • If the owner is not authorized in the application, the smartphone will offer to sign in to the account. In the form that opens, enter your iCloud account username and password.
    • In the list, find the item “Find iPhone”.
    • For the activation and operation of the protective mechanism, it is important that the slider opposite the name is in the on state. If the icon is moved to the right and lights up green. the function is enabled.

    How to Turn Off Find My iPhone

    It is also worth mentioning that for the protective function to work correctly, it is important that geo-location services work on the smartphone. If the owner is not registered with Apple iCloud, it is recommended to create an account in advance. this can be done from any device that has Internet access. Link a phone number and an additional email address, as well as ask security questions. this information will be useful for password recovery if the owner suddenly forgets the code. It is also possible to create an account through the smartphone settings. in the iCloud authorization form there will be an item “Register”.

    How the function works

    Find my iPhone or Find iPhone is a proprietary security mechanism used only on Apple devices. The function appeared back in 2001, becoming part of iOS 5.0, at the same time the protection mechanism had its own dedicated application. The Find iPhone function helps protect against unauthorized access and, if necessary, locate the device, as long as the phone has geolocation and wireless transmission enabled. Over time, the function became part of Apple’s iCloud cloud service, it is possible to access information about the location of the smartphone from a computer, tablet or other phone, even if the device is running Windows or Android.

    The application implements important functions:

    • determining the geolocation of the smartphone on the city map;
    • reproduction of loud sounds, which is useful if the owner is nearby, and the smartphone is lying in the bushes, snow or tall grass;
    • enabling the so-called “loss mode” so that the finder is not tempted to keep the smartphone for himself. the device is blocked;
    • deleting confidential information and user content if you cannot return the device.

    What is Activation Lock

    As soon as the loss of the smartphone is discovered, the owner is advised to activate the “Lost Mode”. After that, many users of “apple” products are confused: they do not know how to find an iPhone through the “Find iPhone” function. Activation Lock will prevent unauthorized persons from using your phone as it will require a lock password to resume. The finder will be able to see a message in which it is worth indicating the phone number to contact the rightful owner. The problem is that for the function to work correctly, you need an internet connection. As soon as the smartphone detects the network, the message with the phone and other features of the “Find iPhone” function are automatically activated.

    After the smartphone is returned to its rightful owner, be sure to disable Activation Lock through the iCloud app or website. You will also need to enter a password to unlock the device. Such a protection mechanism is considered the most reliable, criminals simply do not want to contact, since it is possible to brute-force passwords indefinitely. Take care of the safety of your expensive smartphone and stored information, activate the “Find iPhone” function.

    How to disconnect the iPhone and iPad connection?

    Remove a linked iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch

    • Click Settings [your name] and select “iTunes Store & App Store”.
    • Choose your Apple ID.
    • Click View Apple ID. You may need to sign in.
    • Scroll down to the “iTunes in the cloud” section and click “Remove this device”.

    Where to find iPhone in settings?

    “Find iPhone” is activated in the settings of the iOS device. Open Settings, go to iCloud “Find iPhone” (or “Find iPad”) and drag the slider to the “on” position.

    How to find a friend’s iPhone via your iPhone?

    Sign in to, or use Find [device] on another Apple device. Find your device. Open Find My [device] or go to and click the Find My iPhone icon.

    How to disable Find iPhone without knowing the passcode?

    How to turn off Find My iPhone without entering a password on iPhone and iPad

    • Open Settings. iCloud.
    • Click on Account.
    • Change your password by entering any character set and click Done.
    • An error message will appear, click Ok and then Cancel to return to the main iCloud menu.
    • Click account again.

    How to find out where a person is with an iPhone?

    To track your iPhone you need the Find My iPhone app or iCloud. If it is found in the network, it transmits a signal and there will be a mark of its location on the map. You can also find your iPhone if you have allowed your friends to access their location in the Find My Friends app.

    How to remove the old owner’s Apple ID without knowing the password?

    If a password request appears and the data has not been erased from the device, ask the previous owner to unlock the device and go to the Settings menu General Reset Erase Content and Settings. After that, you will need to enter the Apple ID and password of the previous owner.

    How to find a friend’s iPhone using locator?

    First, check if Find iPhone (iPad) is enabled on your devices. To do this, go to the following path: Settings → Apple ID (your name) → Latitude, select the Find iPhone section and set all three radio buttons in it: Find iPhone, Enable Offline Search, and Last Location to the on position.

    How to turn off Find iPhone if your phone won’t turn on?

    Most often, Find My iPhone is automatically enabled on your device when you enter your Apple ID into your device. If the device does not turn on or is not in your hands, you can disable this function through the website.

    How to enable Find My iPhone

    To enable the “Find iPhone” function, you will first need to enable it in the smartphone settings.

    • Open the Home screen;
    • Go to “Settings”;
    • Click your account name;
    • And go to “iCloud” itself.

    Scroll to the end, and there will be the cherished inscription “Find me”, move the slider opposite it to the active position;

  • Next, a message will appear on the screen stating that the “Find iPhone” function is activated. Confirm your action by clicking “OK”;
  • Now you also need to check if the “Find iPhone” function is active in the geolocation of your smartphone. To do this, go again to “Settings”. “Privacy (or confidentiality)”. “Geolocation services”. There are many subsections in this section, including Find My iPhone. You must allow access to this application by moving the slider to the active state or ticking the box next to the phrase “when using the program”. This check is necessary because if the “Find iPhone” function does not use geolocation, then it will not be possible to find the location of the lost gadget on the map.
  • And everything is ready, you can get to work. On the Home screen there will be a shortcut to Find iPhone, click on it and sign in.

    Is it possible to disable the feature without Apple ID password?

    You cannot turn off Find iPhone without account information such as password and login, and in general, the whole point of Find iPhone would be gone. Fraudsters who stole the phone or found it, but did not want to give it back to the owner for some reason, would simply turn off this function and that’s it, searches for the device are doomed, the “find iPhone” application would be nothing more than a toy, or, in extreme cases, assistant for finding a phone in an apartment.

    Disable Find My iPhone

    It is possible that the “Find iPhone” application was activated by you by accident, or, alternatively, not only you have access to your Apple ID account, of course, no one wants someone to track your location, but everything can be fixed. turn off the find iPhone function. There are 3 ways to do this.

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    Erase iPhone

    A very useful addition to the Find iPhone application is the Erase iPhone function, otherwise it is also called Activation Lock, which first appeared only on iOS 7. This add-on will allow you to lock your lost smartphone once and for all. in other words, turn your phone into a useless pile of spare parts. The gadget cannot be brought back to life by any means, neither by flashing, nor by restoration in DFU mode.

    And if you imagine such a situation that the phone was stolen, then the attacker, after you have activated the “Erase iPhone” function, will understand that he has a dummy device with which he cannot do anything. And the most logical solution for him would be to contact the owner and act out the situation as if he had found a gadget, and even ask for a symbolic reward, at least somehow profit.

    For those who are afraid that the phone cannot be restored, do not be alarmed, to restore it, it will be enough to know the Apple ID password. so make sure you have all logins and passwords written down. If you forget or lose your password, you will not be able to return the device to work by yourself, even hackers and Apple support will be powerless here.

    Also, keep in mind that once you select Erase iPhone, you will no longer be able to track your device’s location. The smartphone will reset all settings, and return to the original, and only a message about the loss will be displayed on the screen.

    Disabling the function via the app

    • On the Home screen, find the Find iPhone shortcut and sign in to your account by entering your username and password.
    • A list of all devices on which the “Find iPhone” function is enabled through your account will open under the map with the location of the smartphone.
    • In order to remove a device from the list, it will be enough to select the desired device and slide your finger over it from right to left, after this action a red “Delete” button will appear, click on it.

    You should know that the device that you want to erase from the list must be not connected to the Internet (Offline), otherwise the cherished “Delete” button will not appear.

    This is exactly the minus of this method, because as soon as the remote device connects to the Internet, the function is activated again. Therefore, you can permanently disable the “Find iPhone” function only in the iCloud settings.

    How to find iPhone from computer via iCloud

    To locate your device and start tracking and searching for it, you need to do the following:

    • To get started, open the page in a browser.
    • Go through authorization using your Apple ID details (username and password).
    • After logging into iCloud, the screen will open the entire desktop of the smartphone, which will also have the “Find iPhone” application, enter it.
  • After entering the application, a map with the location of the smartphone will open.
  • You can find out more information by clicking on the green circle showing the location of the device. For example, the charge level of the gadget or take precautions in advance: play sound on your smartphone, turn on Lost Mode or use the “Erase iPhone” function.
  • How to disable Find iPhone?

    Disabling “Find IPhone” together with the deletion of all personal data can be performed solely at the request of the owner.

    How to disable Find iPhone. follow the instructions below:

    • You need to go to the application or go to the official website iCloud com. Next is the Apple ID and password.
    • Then “All devices” is pressed.
    • An interested device is selected from the list, information on which must be deleted.
    • If there is no list in the “All devices” section, it indicates that the required gadget has already been selected. Just click on the name of the current iPhone in the toolbar to open access, and then select a new one.
    • Select the function to erase iPhone from memory.

    Help: if the IPhone is not lost, you do not need to enter a phone number or a message.

    If there is no network connection, the remote uninstall option is activated only after the iPhone is connected to the network. Upon completion of the erasing process, a confirmation notification will be sent to the specified e-mail address. After that, you need to click on “Remove from account”. From now on, all content is considered deleted.

    • The owner turns off the gadget and moves it to the case.
    • Using the application “Find IPhone” or the official website ICloud com, the category “All devices” is selected.
    • A device is selected from the list that is not connected to the network.
    • The function “Remove from account” is pressed.

    In this case, the activation lock function becomes active and the device does not appear again.

    Disable Find My iPhone

    If you do not use your iPhone or other Apple device for various reasons, you can remove the device from the Find Iphone application. When deleted, the device will be excluded from the list of gadgets in “Find iPhone” and, accordingly, the blocking function will be disabled.

    Through iCloud settings

    How to disable Find My iPhone. you can use the iCloud settings for this. The procedure is simple and includes several main stages, including:

    • Goes to the settings category.
    • And the name of the proposed list is chosen.
    • After that, you need to go to Locator.
    • In the newly opened page, the option to disable “Find IPhone” is clicked.
    • The Apple ID password is specified and the “Turn off” option is clicked.

    This option, how to disable “Find IPhone” is considered the easiest, because it only takes a few steps. Even an inexperienced user can cope with such a task.

    When you want to turn off the iPhone search function

    Disabling Find My iPhone may be required for various reasons, including:

    • sale;
    • transfer to others for permanent use of the iPhone, etc.

    Many owners decide to turn off the function after deciding not to use the phone.

    Through the app

    Any iPhone can be easily removed through the special application Locator or Find IPhone. The option is available for any version of iOS and iPadOS. If desired, the latest updates can be downloaded from our website. The program is in the public domain.

    It is possible to disable the device in the settings of the personal registered account.

    Through a complete shutdown of icloud

    How to disable “Find IPhone” completely. the option is possible when using iCloud on a smartphone.

    The operation is possible with various gadgets, including:

    • iPad;
    • iPad touch;
    • Mac.

    To disconnect, just go to the settings menu and follow the prompts. Thanks to this, the iPhone will no longer be associated with all the ensuing consequences, for example, the inability to determine the location (geolocation is deactivated). This service is free for all IPhone owners.

    Via a Windows computer, Mac OS or Android

    To be able to disable it on Mac, just follow the following algorithm of actions:

    • Go to the Apple menu.
    • Selecting the system settings section.
    • User selects iCloud.
    • Near the inscription: “Find Mac”, you must remove the existing mark.
    • User specifies Apple ID.
    • The “Continue” button is pressed.

    For Windows, to disable it, you need to go to the official iCloud website and follow the steps that were discussed above. No distinctive features are provided.

    As you can see, it is not difficult to perform all the necessary actions. It is enough just to follow the suggested instructions. Deactivation is a free service and is available to all iPhone owners.

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