How to turn off incoming calls on iPhone

How to turn off incoming calls on iPhone using carrier

This service is provided by the entire Big Four. MTS, MegaFon, Beeline, Tele2. There are usually 2 options: one is a blacklist, in which specific numbers are entered, and this is usually paid. Another completely restricts incoming calls: all or in a specific direction. for example, in roaming. Connection cost and functionality depend on the operator.

Connection methods for different operators:

  • MTS. To enable the option, use a complex command: “codepasswordtype of signal #”. After that, you need to click on the call. The barring code for all incoming calls is 35, and for calls in roaming. 351. The default password is 0000. The type of signal (data, fax, voice) is optional.
  • Megaphone. Everything looks the same, including codes and password. Only the structure of the command is slightly different. “code-password #”. To cancel, instead of 2 stars, you need to put a lattice.
  • Beeline. This operator has a single subscription fee for the service for all tariffs. 3 rubles 15 kopecks daily. To enable Call Barring, you need to drive in the 110051 # command. After that, for all incoming. password (password. 0000), and for roaming, instead of “35” you need to drive “351”.
  • Tele 2. Here the subscription fee is also the same and amounts to 2 rubles per day. The ban goes to all incoming calls, and this can be done only through a call to 611. The disconnection is similar.

Call barring can be configured and connected not only through USSD commands, but also directly at the office of the cellular operator, as well as through the Personal Account on the official website.

Management of the service “Call Barring” Beeline and cost

The Call Barring service is not included in the basic package of the tariff plan and therefore a separate fee of 3.5 rubles is charged upon activation. And then, when using it, the subscription fee will be 3.1 rubles per day.

Below are the combinations with which you can achieve the settings you need specifically:

  • Incoming calls can be barred by dialing 35 password #; deactivate option: password #, “Call”
  • You can block outgoing connections while in roaming by dialing 332 password #; deactivate option: password #, “Call”
  • If you are not in your home region, you can remove incoming connections by dialing 351 password #; disable option: password #, “Call”
  • It is possible to block outgoing international connections by dialing the combination 331 password #, the “Call” key; to disconnect dial password #, “Call”
  • Blocking for outgoing connections can be done by dialing: 33 password #; deactivate option: password #, “Call”

Important: as a password, you can use the combination “0000”, which is set at your discretion.

To change the password, you need to contact the operator, tell him your passport data and, using the recommendations sent to you, set a new password that will only be known to you. In order not to forget it, it is recommended to write it down in a notebook or phone.

Important: if you entered the wrong password three times, your account will be blocked and you can remove the blocking by dialing 0611 and contacting the operator.

All information on the site is provided for informational purposes and you can find out the exact from the operators or on the company’s website at the time of connecting the service.

Service activation and deactivation

Service activation command110051 #
Service activation number0674 09 051
Command to disable the service11009050 #
For subscribers of the postpaid payment system, the service is activated automatically when connecting to international communication and roaming
Barring all incoming calls
Turning on35 password #
Cancellationpassword #
Barring all outgoing calls
Turning on33 password #
Cancellationpassword #
Barring all outgoing international calls
Turning on331 password #
Cancellationpassword #
Barring all incoming calls in roaming
Turning on351 password #
Cancellationpassword #
Barring all outgoing calls in roaming, except for calls to your own country
Turning on332 password #
Cancellationpassword #
Cancellation of all prohibitionspassword #

What is “Mute unknowns” on iPhone

The feature appeared in iOS13 and is designed to ignore all numbers that are not in the iPhone phonebook. First of all, it is convenient for those who often face calls from spammers, offers from banks (credit, etc.), scammers. Previously, for this, each new unwanted element had to be blacklisted, which was not very convenient: scammers and spammers can have several numbers and call alternately from different ones. Now you can block everyone at once.

There is an important nuance in the “Mute unknowns” function. calls from numbers that the iPhone owner himself dialed recently are not blocked. In addition, if he exchanged messages with them or received emails from them, the function will also not work. that they know each other, Siri will tell in his “Suggestions”.

If there is a call to the phone from an unknown number, it will be immediately muted and sent to the answering machine. The missed call notification will be reflected in the shutter and as a sticker on the Phone application. You may also receive a message that they called from such and such a number.

Additional features of the number with the “Call Barring” service from Beeline

How to set up Do Not Disturb mode

This is one of the most useful features that appeared in iOS6, but only got customization in iOS12. In many ways, it is similar to “Airplane mode”, only the iPhone is not disconnected from the networks, so on the other hand they will be able to ring, but the owner of the smartphone will not hear it. It differs from the silent Do Not Disturb mode in that the screen does not light up during calls or messages, you get absolute silence and no signals.

Important: Do Not Disturb mode works only when iPhone is locked and the screen is off. If at this moment the phone is in use, all calls and messages will pass with standard sound notifications.

After activating this function, a crescent moon will be drawn on the status bar. In addition, the screen may be dimmed when locked and the iPhone will automatically wake up from Do Not Disturb if this step is configured.

  • From the control panel. it gets there automatically, you don’t have to look for anything.
  • From “Settings”.

In this case, the mode can be used exclusively when necessary or set to automatically turn on at certain hours. In addition, it is possible to determine whether some calls will still go through or all will be muted at once.

The fastest option is from the control panel.

  • Swipe down the shade from the bottom or from the top right corner depending on the iPhone model.
  • Find the crescent moon icon: usually next to the screen orientation lock.
  • Long tap or deep tap (depending on iPhone model). In the pop-up window, select how long the mode should be kept: 1 hour, until the morning or until you leave a specific location. You can also go to the “Schedule” line in the settings.

To turn on the mode before manually turning it off, touch the icon in the control panel with a short tap.

Another option for working with “Do not disturb” involves entering the “Settings”.

  • Find the required line in the block with notifications and sounds.
  • Select a scheduled activation (Scheduled) and set the start and end of quiet hours. Optionally add dimming for the lock screen: all notifications will go to the curtain.
  • Determine below whether you want to mute calls and messages even when using the iPhone or only during its locked state.
  • If necessary, in the “Phone” line, set from which contacts the calls will pass. Nearby, you can turn off the muffling of a repeated call from the same subscriber (if he dialed within 3 minutes).

Do not disturb mode can also be turned on automatically when connected to your car’s Bluetooth or CarPlay systems. Optionally, set the text for messages from the autoresponder: it will be sent to those who sent SMS or iMessage. The function does not work for third-party messengers.

How to connect to Beeline “Call barring”?

Leaving many people do not understand that the tariffs of the companies of cellular operators grow in direct proportion depending on the distance. And therefore, having enlisted the knowledge of how to create special call settings for yourself, you can significantly reduce costs and correctly plan your vacation or work.

For such cases, Beeline offers its customers a special option to barring calls and makes it possible to choose the most favorable communication conditions.

To use this service, you need to perform a number of actions from your phone with this SIM card. It can be activated by the following manipulations provided specifically for this operator:

  • To connect to the service you need to dial the number 067 409 051
  • If you have already registered in your Beeline account, then you can independently carry out the activation by logging into the system
  • You can use USSD request: 110051 #, “Call” key
  • You can also easily connect with the help of an operator by calling 0611. The employee will answer you in time and connect the service
  • You can take actions directly at the Beeline service center at the address that suits you. To do this, just go to the site, having previously specified your region and city

To activate the service, in this case, a time interval of 24 hours is allocated. After that you can customize the service to your needs.

How to enable mute unknowns on iPhone

Before activating this function, you need to make sure that all important contacts are entered in the phone book. Otherwise, they will not be able to get through: the iPhone will not notify you with neither sound, nor vibration, nor the banal turning on of the screen.

  • Enter “Settings”.
  • Scroll down to Phone.
  • Find the line “Muting unknowns” at the end and move the toggle switch to the right so that it lights up green.

Important: only regular telephone calls are muffled here. Through any messengers that support the call function, unknown subscribers will be able to make a call. For each specific messenger, you need to make separate settings.

iPhone Fell into Water, No Sound: First Aid and Troubleshooting


If you are bothered by a specific subscriber, then it is easier to block him by sending him to the black list.

  • Open your contact list.
  • Find the person you don’t want to be in touch with anymore. Press the “i” button to open the information menu.
  • Scroll down the menu and tap “Block”.

This is perhaps the most convenient way to block calls on iPhone. At least you don’t risk missing an important call. Messages from a subscriber from the blacklist will also not be received. You can view the black list in the settings in the “Phone” section. there will be a list “Blocked”. If you want to remove a subscriber from the list, click “Edit” and select “Unblock”.

Do not forget to read the comments, there is also a lot of useful information. If there is no answer to your question, and there is an answer to later comments, then the answer to your question is contained in the article, respect someone else’s time.

Barring and Restricting Incoming Calls on iPhone

If you do not want to answer calls from specific subscribers, the blacklist comes to the rescue. But how to block calls on iPhone if the number cannot be determined, or the phone is not in the list of contacts? Such an opportunity is present, and it will be useful for all iPhone owners to know about it.

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Block incoming calls

Typically, calls with “No Caller ID” and “Unknown” status come to the iPhone from robots and various marketing departments. They can be blocked, like all incoming calls with an unknown number. The operation carries a certain risk: if friends or relatives call you from a number that is not among the contacts, they will not be able to establish a connection. If there is no such danger, follow these steps:

  • Open the standard “Settings” application and go to the “Do not disturb” section.
  • Turn on the “Manual” option.

After activating the option, a crescent icon will appear in the status bar near the clock. This means that the device will not make any sounds: you will not hear notifications or calls. To overcome this block, it is necessary to give individual subscribers special permission.

  • In the “Do Not Disturb” section, click on “Call Allowing”.
  • Select “From Favorites” if you have previously added all the necessary numbers to the “Favorites” list.
  • Select the “All contacts” mode or create a special group of contacts, calls from which should pass.

Those numbers that will not be added to the allowed list will not be able to reach you. Please note that the function turns off the sound of calls and notifications. Therefore, it is recommended not to keep it constantly on, but to set a clear time.

For example, let the Do Not Disturb mode turn on in the evenings, from 10:00 pm to 07:00 am the next day. During the specified period, only those whom you have allowed will be able to reach you, the iPhone will block other calls.

Download the file on the iPhone using the link

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The call goes to two iPhones: how to disconnect

When you have multiple iPhones, there is often a problem when calls are duplicated on two iPhones. Few know how to disable this feature. When creating iOS, Apple provided the ability to receive a call coming to one user’s device using another device. But since this is inconvenient, people often ask: “If the call goes to 2 iPhones, how can I disable this mode?”.

If two iPhones are ringing at the same time, how to turn them off becomes the number one task. There are three ways to remedy this situation. They assume that a user, without contacting technical support, will figure out how to turn off calls on a Mac from an iPhone.

Disable in “Settings

When messages arrive on two iPhones at the same time, not everyone knows how to disable this service. Call duplication occurs because there is a connection between Apple equipment, which is established when logging into one account on several devices, as well as when they are connected to the same Internet network. It’s worth learning how to reset a call on an iPhone, of course, but the constant cancellation of calls can get annoying.

The double of calls and messages is convenient if the phone is far away and you do not want to follow it, or it is charging. But the situation when the iPhone and iPad are ringing at the same time will require knowledge of how to disconnect the connection, because it causes inconvenience.

There are two ways to solve the problem through Settings, which differ in approach. The first implies a complete disabling of the function. For him you need:

  • Go to the “Settings” section from the main screen.
  • Select the item “Phone”.
  • Go to submenu “Calls to other devices”.
  • To prevent the call and message from being duplicated on devices, you need to remove the top toggle switch in the “Allow calls” line, making it inactive.

The second solution allows you to partially disable the function, leaving parallel calls on the necessary gadgets:

  • The settings menu opens.
  • In the same section “Phone” select “Calls to other devices”.
  • In a separate window, remove the toggle switches for those gadgets that do not require duplicate calls.

Sometimes this menu is not present. this indicates that there are no devices simultaneously connected to the Wi-Fi network and the same iCloud account.

Different Apple IDs

One of the conditions for calls to come to two or more devices is their authorization in one Apple account. Therefore, the most correct method would be to create different accounts for several devices, which will allow you not to think about how to turn off the synchronization of calls on iPhones. In fact, this is the right option, since initially each iPad, iPhone and MacBook should work under its own “account”.

How to turn off calls on a MacBook from an iPhone by changing the account? To do this, all devices are deauthorized, except for the main one, and you are logged into them with the new Apple ID. This will stop incoming calls and messages to other devices. But if you need to take advantage of one account, for example, you need to share the application history, it is better to turn off the call on other devices through the “Settings”.

If the problem persists

Rarely, but there are cases when the instructions on how to turn off general calls on the iPhone did not help. Then we are talking about failures in the operation of iOS, when the firmware was installed incorrectly, often this happens after updating the operating system. To solve this problem, you should reflash the device, making it “clean”.

The procedure will require a computer with iTunes and downloaded firmware supported by the device. Further actions are extremely simple:

  • The phone connects to the computer.
  • Hold down the Shift key and press the “Restore” button.
  • Firmware file is selected.
  • iPhone is set up like new, or you can use a backup.

Using this instruction, the iPhone owner will solve the problem of duplicate calls and messages on Apple equipment. This can be done in two minutes and in the future you will not experience the inconvenience associated with syncing iPhones.

In this article, we will look at how to turn off calls from unknown numbers on a wide variety of devices.

All kinds of marketing strategies are only gaining momentum, and options for alerting customers (and not only) about a particular product are becoming extremely intrusive.

And it’s not even about banal leaflets or flyers, often the race for profit comes to voice spam via mobile phones. This is far from the only reason when a user may need to block incoming calls from unknown numbers.

Such a function can be useful in cases where you need to protect your child from unwanted and suspicious calls, or to abstract yourself from annoying fans. In the instructions below, you can find a step-by-step algorithm that will describe in detail how to turn off calls from unknown numbers on a variety of devices.

You can block incoming calls to a specific number or list of numbers on almost all phones. If this functionality is not provided by the developers on the device, you can manually add it using additional applications and a few seconds of settings.

How to turn off calls from unknown numbers on iPhone

Apple’s flagships are a little more complicated. The catch is that this OS does not provide for a ban on receiving calls from unknown numbers. However, there is one trick that will partially, but nevertheless, solve the problem. For this:

  • Turn on the “Do not disturb” mode;
  • In the “Calls tolerance” menu we put the item “From all contacts”.

As a result, the phone will not respond to calls from hidden and unknown numbers. Only contacts from your phone book will be able to call you. This is not always convenient, so you can use lighter and more versatile methods that fit any smartphone.

How to turn off calls from unknown numbers on Android

Modern smartphones on the Android operating system have a standard function to block calls from unfamiliar numbers. This means that you do not need to search for and install additional software. Basic solutions are fine and sufficient to eliminate unwanted calls.

To do this, just press the “green tube” familiar to everyone, which switches to the “Contacts” mode. From there, through the appropriate button, you can immediately get to where you need to.

  • We select the item “Black List”. (If there is no such one, select the most similar in semantic component. For example: “Blocking numbers”, “Blocking calls”, “Antispam”);
  • In the item “Blocking calls”, drag the switch next to the line “Block calls from unknown numbers”.

A universal way to block calls from unknown numbers

This option is to use additional call blocking applications. They have all the necessary functionality and are often cross-platform. At the same time, the application itself does not burden the hardware of the smartphone and does not cause discomfort to the user. Some of the most popular solutions are applications:

The interface of these applications is made specifically for users, and therefore it will not be difficult to deal with the blocking of calls there.

Earlier, we talked about how to delete your Instagram page, and what to do if you want to restore it.

How to block unwanted calls on iPhone

Every user has come across telephone spam at least once in his life. Yes, the number of an unwanted subscriber can simply be added to the black list, and then the calls will stop. However, the situation may repeat itself in the future. how can this be avoided? It turned out to be very simple. To do this, you just need to install a special extension that will automatically block spammers.

Perhaps not everyone knows, but iOS has applications that allow you to determine the subscriber ID and block all unwanted calls. It is noteworthy that this function can also be used to identify unknown numbers. And the most important advantage is that the option works completely invisible to the user.

So how to block unwanted calls?

Before we start, we need to download an appropriate application from a third-party developer to the iPhone. To do this, enter the request “blocking numbers” in the App Store. We select and download any program from the list. All extensions work on the same principle.

  • We launch the downloaded application to update the database of numbers;
  • Now go to “Settings”. “Telephone”;
  • Select the item “Call blocking and identification”;
  • We activate our application in the section “Allow these programs to block and present a subscriber ID.” Optionally, you can turn on several programs at once;
  • All is ready!

After an incoming call is received on the iPhone, iOS will check the subscriber’s number with the application database, and if a match is found, it will block the call. Personal experience has shown. the option really works. unwanted calls have disappeared, as if they had never been.

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Depending on the country, Apple services cost differently: for example, Apple Music in Russia is available for 169 rubles, and in the US for as much as 9.99. Here’s how to get around this limitation and pay the lowest price for Apple services and apps in the App Store.

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One or more of the pins on your Lightning cable suddenly turn black? Do not rush to sound the alarm maybe that’s okay. And it will not affect the work of the wire in any way. But why does this happen? It’s not about corrosion at all.

Do you already enlarge the picture by clicking in the mobile application ?! Fucking not seen before as you can! Well, my

How to turn on flash when calling on iPhone

Many do not know how to turn on the flash on the iPhone when they call. This can be done by looking for the Flash Alerts tab in the settings. If the user has an iPhone 4, then the activation is available to him only if the sound mode is enabled on the phone.

Important! This procedure works for 11 iPhones and 7 and se. And starting with iOS 13, you can set the flash in different sound modes.

To turn on flicker, which will only work in Silent mode, you must repeat the procedure that was used when normal flicker was turned on.

Instructions on how to turn on the flashlight on the iPhone when making a call in the “Silent” mode:

  • Open the settings, find and click on the “Accessibility” option.
  • Go to the Flash Alerts tab.

In this tab, the user will have access to two functions that can be enabled both simultaneously and alternately. If it is necessary for the indicator to work during a call, which is carried out in a silent profile, then the corresponding function is turned on. In this case, the flashlight will glow if the side panel of the device is in quiet mode.

If it is required that the flickering works only in the main mode, then the second function is turned on. In the same way, you can enable both options at once or disable them.

Note! People with deafness are advised to enable both functions at once. This provides convenience for both the person himself and others who will not be disturbed by sound notifications.

After successfully following the instructions, the blinking should work. It is worth remembering that the indicator will turn on only when the device is locked. When enabled and unlocked, all incoming notifications are displayed directly on the smartphone screen. Therefore, the presence of flickering when unlocked is optional.

Which iPhone models support flash notifications

Flash notifications support absolutely all iPhone models that were released after the iPhone 4 s. It was on it that the function was first introduced, which is now used by almost all owners of Apple smartphones.

They tried to implement a flashing lantern earlier, but the creator was unable to implement it. He was unable to fit the indicator inside the device. So he made a mini-gadget iFlash, which was designed to turn on the flasher when a phone call occurs. In addition, iFlash could significantly improve the quality of photos and videos on a smartphone, it helped the camera to capture more light and thus increased the detail of the picture, so it was often used for shooting in the dark. It is thanks to this that the device has gained huge demand.

Important! If the user’s smartphone is version XR or 7 plus, then it definitely has the ability to turn on the backlight when making a call.

S. Jobs planned to provide the convenience of using his equipment to people with disabilities. That is why it was important for him to implement blinking in his new device, and he succeeded. Now absolutely everyone could fully use the Apple smartphone.

How to turn off flash on iPhone on calls and notifications

If you want to remove the light notification, then you need to figure out how to turn off the flash on the iPhone on notifications. This is done in the same way as in the case of connecting the option. Only instead of the “Enable” button, you must click the “Disable” button.

Thus, it becomes clear how to disable flash on iPhone on notifications. Flashing can be disabled for all modes. Also, flickering can be enabled and disabled in noisy and silent statuses. This can only be done if the smartphone model is higher than the iPhone 5.

How to turn on flash when calling on iPhone

For the convenience of deaf users, a flash was invented that fires when you call. With the help of it, a person can learn about incoming notifications even in the absence of hearing. Now flickering is used not only by deaf people, but by the majority of iPhone owners. Before wondering how to turn on the flash when calling on iPhone, you need to make sure that the device supports the light signal.

How to turn on flash on iPhone on notifications

iPhone can blink not only when there is an incoming call, but also when receiving push notifications. The algorithm for turning on the blinking, which will be accompanied by any SMS or notification, practically does not differ from setting the flash when calling on the iPhone.

Important! The light flashing feature when receiving notifications will only work for those apps and contacts for which notifications have not been disabled.

To set up an indicator that will be triggered every time an alert arrives on the phone, the user needs to go to the settings. Then find and open the “General” section. After that, find the option “Flash warnings” and next to it, press the power button. Thus, flickering will now work not only when making a call, but also when receiving messages.

How to set up flash when calling on iPhone

Thanks to the versatility of Apple devices, users no longer need to buy additional gadgets so that when a call comes in, a flash fires on their smartphone. But most still do not know how to set up blinking on a device. Therefore, they resort to downloading programs that can implement this function. But in fact, this is not necessary, the flash on a call can be easily set up on your own, it will only take a couple of minutes.

To correctly configure the flicker, it is necessary to decide for what purpose the user needs this option. If he has hearing problems, then you need to configure the function for noisy and silent modes at the same time.

Important! If the user turns on the flasher for only one of the modes, then the smartphone may accidentally switch to another, and then all calls and notifications will be missed.

Flash on iPhone call for quiet mode

Some people are wondering how to set the flash on a call in an iPhone for quiet mode. To do this, you must have an iPhone version of at least 5.

For your information! The iPhone 4 S does not have this option. On this device, you can simply turn on a light notification, which will work both in normal mode and in silent mode.

So, to turn on the light indicator in silent mode on the iPhone, you need to go to settings, then to “General”, then go to “Accessibility”. Next, you need to find the “Hearing” tab, on which you find and click on the “Flash alerts” option.

After all the performed actions, the user will see a window in which there will be two functions. For notifications to be accompanied by light blinking in any mode, you must check the box next to each option. If the user is interested in the presence of a flash only when the sound mode is on, then he puts a check mark only next to the first function. If he needs to make the flasher work only in silent mode, then he needs to enable the second function. “Flash in silent mode”.

How to make an incoming call with a banner or full screen on iPhone

Even though I’ve never had any complaints about the usability of the iPhone, iOS 14 should take it to the next level. Apple took into account the requests of users and implemented almost everything that was asked of it: widgets, replacement of standard applications with third-party ones, payment by QR in Apple Pay and, of course, redesign of the interface of an incoming call. Now it is not a separate page covering all screen elements, but a small banner at the top of the display, which does not distract at all and does not interfere with the current tasks. And what to do if this option does not suit you?

Don’t like the current look of an incoming call? Choose the one you like

For starters, I have to give Apple its due. It is obvious that the company’s developers spied on such an implementation of an incoming call from independent designers who create concepts for iOS updates. After all, this version was first presented in the author’s incarnations of the operating system. He liked very, very many, but only a few were ready to believe that Apple would be ready to implement something similar in iOS. Still, this banner looked too bold and even somehow not Apple-like. But in iOS 14 it happened.

Calls in messengers

The type of incoming call in the messenger will depend on what type is selected for regular calls

Although the banner informing about an incoming call appears only at the top of the screen, you can click on it and the call interface will expand to full screen. But from this state, it will no longer be possible to roll it back. Therefore, personally, I would still prefer the banner display option, because it does not interfere with the execution of current tasks, which is very convenient if you do not want to answer the call. But in FaceTime, I would make a call in full screen, because it allows you to see the caller even before you answer.

Despite the fact that third-party applications do not allow you to manually select the interface of an incoming call, they often use the one that you have chosen for regular calls. This is due to the fact that many instant messengers use a standard phone interface. At least Telegram uses it, which has been tested for a banner call. It can be expanded to full screen to answer a message or reject a call and remind to call back.

How to customize the call box in iOS 14

True, as it turned out, not everyone liked the banner of the call. Some users considered this performance too innovative and expressed their desire to return everything as it was. In the end, even Classic said: “The habit is given to us from above, it is a substitute for happiness.” Therefore, there is nothing strange in the fact that some demanded that Apple return the design of the incoming call to its original state. But in Cupertino, everything was foreseen in advance and added to the settings the ability to independently choose the type of call.

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Customize the incoming call interface in full screen or as a banner

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How to block all incoming calls on the phone2?

Helps block calls and messages from unwanted numbers.Tele2 Blacklist service

  • 2201 #. activate the Black List service;
  • 2200 #. disable the “Black List” service;
  • 220 #. view contacts included in the list.

How to set up calls on iPhone?

On your iPhone, go to Settings Phone Calls to Other Devices, then turn on Allow Calls. On iPad or iPod touch, choose FaceTime Settings, then turn on Calling from iPhone.

How to block all incoming calls?

How to block incoming calls on a smartphone without turning on flight mode

  • Go to “Phone”;
  • Click on the c button and select “Blocked”.
  • Open the “Call blocking rules” section and enable “Block” all incoming calls;
  • You can also turn off calls from all unfamiliar and / or hidden numbers.

Is it possible to block an unknown number on iPhone?

Alas, you cannot blacklist unknown numbers on the iPhone. However, you can overcome calls from them, and without the need to jailbreak or use any special applications. How to block calls from unknown subscribers on the iPhone was described in this instruction.

How to make no one call on an iPhone?

  • Open the Settings app on your iPhone and select Do Not Disturb.
  • Slide the switch opposite the Do Not Disturb option to the Enabled position.

What is Call Announcement on iPhone?

In iOS 10, the Phone app was significantly updated, which now received support from third-party services and can pronounce the name of the person who is calling you. … To enable the function of reading the subscriber’s name, open the Settings section, select the Phone item and activate the Call Announcement option.

How to block all incoming calls on Android?

How to block incoming calls on an Android smartphone

  • Open the Contacts app and scroll to the contact you want to block.
  • Press and hold the name line to open the contact menu.
  • Open the settings by clicking on the three vertical dots or the gear.
  • Select “Blacklisted”.

Why Incoming Call Doesn’t Go to iPhone?

Turn airplane mode on and off. Go to the Settings menu and turn on airplane mode, wait five seconds, and then turn it off. Check your Do Not Disturb settings.

Possible modes

Updating and supporting other services requires users to know how to enable sounding of incoming calls on the iPhone. Starting from version 10, iOS notifies about the caller in several versions (modes). Alert options:

  • Through headphones. Siri Assistant announces subscriber name if headset is connected.
  • Car audio system.
  • Never. If you completely disable speaking in iPhone when you call.
  • Is always. Regardless of the modes, the notification works constantly.

How to turn off voice when calling on iPhone

This article gives an idea of ​​how to turn off or turn on sounding of incoming calls on iPhone. The system provides an opportunity to know who is calling you without taking the gadget out of your. Learn how to operate the function.

Old telephones from well-known manufacturers made it possible to hear the caller’s name. The iOS operating system makes it possible to activate the function of pronouncing the name when calling on the iPhone.

Inclusion and deactivation is performed in the “Settings”.

Voice acting is triggered by Siri’s question-and-answer system. It configures the type of voices in the assistant with changing the language and gender (in the corresponding section of the settings). Let’s see how you can control the function and its settings.

Disable option

How to turn off the pronunciation of the name when the iPhone calls The function that says the name of the interlocutor is activated automatically when the system is updated. If you are not satisfied with the announcement of the name after each incoming call, you must do the following:

  • go to the “Settings” function;
  • select the “Phone” section;
  • activate the “Call Announcement” tab and put a check mark next to the “Never” item.

As a result of such manipulations, the incoming call will not be accompanied by speaking. Difficulties in the question of how to turn off the voice when calling on the iPhone should not arise, since the actions are clear.

Enabling the option and changing the voice

The voice pronunciation of the incoming subscriber is activated according to the following scenario:

  • You need to enter the “Settings” and select the “Phone” option, in which click on “Call announcements”.
  • The “Voice Assistant” menu will allow you to change the gender and language of the robot (“settings”. “voice”. “Siri voice”).

How to find out who is calling me without taking out the phone

iPhone provides customers with the opportunity to set unique vibrations for specific calls (in the event that the user does not want to turn off the speech of an incoming call on the iPhone). We install a unique vibration alert to specific numbers:

  • In the phone book, we are looking for the desired subscriber and click “Change”.
  • In the “Ringtone” tab, click on “Vibration”. “Create vibration”.
  • On the indicated area, by constantly holding the finger, we create a continuous vibration, and alternating. by poking.

Information on how to disable voice guidance on iPhone is relevant for lovers of silence or for adding technical variety to a gadget.

Do Not Disturb is enabled on the subscriber’s device

The Do Not Disturb feature makes the iPhone unavailable for calls from any numbers, while it can be activated and deactivated automatically at a specified time (for example, at night), a detailed guide to setting the mode can be found here. In the active Do Not Disturb mode (a month icon appears in the status bar), the iPhone also answers incoming calls with short busy beeps.

Of course, there is always the possibility of missing a really important call, for example, from family and friends. To avoid such situations, you can make an exception for certain callers and allow them to dial to the iPhone in Do Not Disturb mode. To do this, you need to perform two operations:

On the page of the desired subscriber in the Contacts application, click “Add to Favorites”;

Go to Settings → Do not disturb → Call admission and put a tick in front of the “From favorites”.

How to Block Phone Calls iPhone

Why is iPhone busy when I call

It is worth starting with a brief description of the two most common cases of short beeps (busy mode) when making a call, namely:

Busy because the line is really busy. the subscriber is talking to another subscriber;

Busy because the caller dropped (rejected) the call.

To reset an incoming call on an iPhone, you need to:

  • If the iPhone is locked. double-click the physical On button.
  • If iPhone is unlocked. red “Decline” button.

Why is “busy” only on the first call on the iPhone?

Another option that, in theory, allows you not to miss an important call in Do Not Disturb mode is called Repeated Calls. You can enable it in the same Settings → Do Not Disturb menu (see the screenshot above). In active mode, the function misses a call on the iPhone if this is the second attempt to call in the last three minutes.

IPhone Busy: Why iPhone is always busy when calling. What’s the matter?

On the one hand, it is very convenient for a modern person to be in touch around the clock almost anywhere on the planet, on the other hand, each of us sometimes has to answer or drop calls that come at the most inopportune time.

At the same time, to solve the problem, it is enough to take a few minutes to set up the “Do not disturb” mode or add intrusive contacts to the “Black List”.

Why is iPhone always busy

Your number is blocked (included in the subscriber’s blacklist)

Blocking subscribers using the “Black List” is easy and quick (detailed instructions on how to work with this function can be found here and here), while the marked contacts from the address book will not be able to reach the user’s iPhone, immediately after the call, short beeps will sound in the receiver ” busy. ” Thus, the “Black List” allows you to solve the problem with specific subscribers, messages and calls from whom you want to completely ignore.

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