How to turn off photo icloud on iPhone

Turn off iCloud Photos on iPhone and Download pictures to computer

Possible problems

There are usually no complications with how to clear the memory of Icloud. One of the main problems when disabling iCloud is a forgotten Apple ID password, and, therefore, the inability to disable Find My Apple Device. There are several options for changing your Apple ID password.

  • Using e-mail, get an answer to your security question.
  • Two-factor authentication.
  • Changing the password on an iOS device older than 10.

What opportunities does “Mediatek” give?

Granting the rights of extended access to the “Aycloud” photo albums gives the user a whole platform at his disposal. Here you can share, rate, send photos. Users with advanced rights even upload photos to the shared folder.

The technology is based on “cloud” data storage. Owners of iPhones do not download files to the device, but play them online, downloading from Apple servers.

On the iPhone, this function is a social media news feed: the actions of friends with shared albums are displayed. Here they leave comments or put a mark “Like”.

On a Mac computer

  • Choose Apple () System Preferences, and click Apple ID. If you are using macOS Mojave or earlier, there is no need to press Apple ID.
  • Click iCloud.
  • Check or uncheck the boxes next to the features you want.

In earlier versions of macOS, some features will not be available or ordered in a different order.

Two-factor authentication

If two-factor authentication is enabled for your Apple ID, you can reset your password from any other synced device.

On smartphones of the apple brand, you can change the password from Apple

You can turn individual iCloud features on or off on any device. You can also turn off the iCloud service itself.

If you disable an iCloud feature on a device, iCloud-only data will no longer be available on that device. By turning off Mail, Contacts, Calendars, Notes, Reminders, or iCloud Photos on only one device, you can still view and edit your information on and anywhere. another device on which the corresponding program is configured.

In some cases, if you turn off any iCloud feature on a device, you can copy its data to that device. The copied information will not sync with iCloud. If you turn off Mail, Contacts, Calendars, and Tasks in iCloud for Windows on a Windows computer, the data stored in iCloud will still be available in Microsoft Outlook but will not sync with your other devices.

Before you turn off a feature on all devices, or turn off iCloud entirely, you can back up your iCloud data on your computer. If you need to delete your iCloud data and backups, learn how to manage iCloud storage.

disable iCloud on iPhone / iPad

Disconnecting the cloud service from a smartphone will not cause difficulties even for inexperienced iOS users.

To “untie” the gadget you will need:

  • Turn off Find My iPhone in advance. To do this, you need to remember your Apple ID password or recover / reset it.
  • Go to “Settings”. “iCloud”.
  • In the “iCloud” tab, you can turn off cloud storage functions on an individual basis.
  • To completely disable Iclaud, click on the “Exit” button. If the gadget has iOS version lower than 8th, instead of “Exit” there will be “Delete”.

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However, without disabling this feature, you will not be able to unlink iCloud from the device.

Turn iCloud features on or off

Do one or more of the following, depending on the device you want to change settings.

via MacBook

Consider a case when a MacBook is being prepared for a change of ownership, and then we will briefly describe the methodology for disabling iCloud on a computer running Windows.

Disconnecting iCloud on MacBook is easy if Find Mac is not enabled on the device.

If it is enabled, you will need to remember your Apple ID password and administrator password to deactivate it.

Next, to log out of iCloud on the MacBook, or rather, disable it, you will need:

  • Go to “System Preferences”, “iCloud”.
  • Select the “Sign out” option.
  • ICloud will offer the device owner a choice: save or delete all data about Safari keys, contacts. Other information from the cloud storage will be deleted, but can be restored when the gadget is reconnected to the previous Icloud account.
  • Disconnecting cloud service from MacBook is over.

Why disable iCloud

iCloud is made up of a number of components, which include:

All components contain personal information of the owner of the device. So, the question “how to turn off iCloud on the iPhone” becomes relevant when the owner of the device changes.

The new owner of the gadget should not get access to the personal files of the previous one.

Ordinary iOS users often have questions: “how to clear iCloud storage”, “iCloud storage is full: how to clean it?” or “How to disable iCloud storage on iPhone?” Simple questions, but they still need to be answered.

Disconnection methods

Note that there are several ways to disable the storage, namely:

  • Directly on your phone.
  • Via Apple website.
  • Using iTunes.

Disable iCloud storage on iPhone via computer

Two ways can be distinguished here. The first through the Apple website, in particular, you will need to do the following:

  • Go to and log in.
  • Go to “Find iPhone”.
  • Next, select the desired device and click erase.

The second way is shutdown via iTunes. This will require:

  • Download and install the program on your PC.
  • Open and log in with your Apple ID.
  • Go to the “Account” menu.
  • Open “Device Management”.
  • Find the gadget you want and remove it.

Why you need to turn off iCloud?

For the most part, this is required if you decide to sell your smartphone. It is in this case that the function must be deactivated. It is also worth paying attention when buying a phone, because otherwise your gadget will be blocked and it will be impossible to use it.

Therefore, we will consider ways to help disable icloud on iPhone 6 and others.

Disable icloud on MAC

Also, the need to disable the function may be necessary for MAC OS users, for this you need to do the following:

  • Go to laptop settings.
  • Go to the iCloud menu.
  • Click “Exit”.

Before that, it is worth saving all the necessary files that are uploaded to the cloud.

How to turn off iCloud on iPhone 5, 6, 7

There are times when you need to disable cloud storage on your iPhone. We will tell you how to disable icloud on iPhone and list all possible ways.

For its users, Apple provides a personal cloud storage iCloud, which is available to everyone. It is a kind of additional memory card for the iPhone. But if you transfer your phone or for other reason, you may need to disable iCloud storage on your iPhone. And we’ll look at how to do it.

Is it possible to disable icloud without a password?

This is only possible if you simply forgot your password. In this situation, you will need to go to the Apple website and reset your password according to the instructions. Subsequently, disable icloud in one of the ways provided earlier.

If the account does not belong to you, then you will not be able to disable it.

How to turn off iCloud on iPhone?

The easiest way to turn off icloud on iPhone 5s and others. is to exit it on the device itself, which is done as follows:

  • Go to “Settings”, then open Apple ID.
  • Scroll to the bottom of the page and click “Exit”.
  • Enter the password and confirm the action.

This will disable iCloud on your device.

How to unlink a device from iCloud?

STEP 1. Go to Settings. iCloud. STEP 2. Scroll down the screen and click Exit, then click Exit again. STEP 3. When asked what to do with the data, click on “Remove from iPhone”, then enter your Apple ID password. May 4, 2020.

What is Apple ID amp?

Apple ID is the account for accessing Apple services such as the App Store, Apple Music, iCloud, iMessage, FaceTime, and more. You can use the same Apple ID and password to sign in to all Apple services.

How to sign out of your iPhone account?

Output on an iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch

  • Select “Settings” [your name].
  • Scroll down and click “Sign Out”.
  • Enter your Apple ID password and click Turn Off.
  • Include the data you want to keep a copy of on your device.
  • Click “Sign Out”.

How to delete from cloud on iPhone?

One way to free up Apple cloud space is to delete old or unneeded backups from iCloud.

  • Go to iOS device settings.
  • Go to iCloud. Storage & Copies. Storage.
  • Select the backup you want to delete.
  • Click “Delete Copy”.

How to sign out of Apple ID on another device?

Scroll down and click Sign Out. Enter your Apple ID password and click Turn Off. If you’re using iOS 10.2 or earlier, go to iCloud’s Settings Sign Out. Click the “Sign out” button again, click “Remove from [device]” and enter your Apple ID password.

How to delete iCloud account?

  • Go to the Data & Privacy web page. Log in with the required Apple ID account.
  • In the “Data Management” section, we find the item “Account Deletion” and select “Start”.

How to remove the old owner’s Apple ID without knowing the password?

If a password request appears and the data has not been erased from the device, ask the previous owner to unlock the device and go to the Settings menu General Reset Erase Content and Settings. After that, you will need to enter the Apple ID and password of the previous owner.

What does it mean to upload objects to iPhone

Uploading Items to iPhone is the process of copying photos and videos from your phone’s main storage to the iCloud Photos cloud storage. It happens whenever content created using phone tools begins to be uploaded to a cloud storage service (media library).

Note! Various errors can often occur with it if there is no more space in the service or the Internet connection is unstable.

How to turn off iCloud Music Library on iPhone

Sometimes you want to turn off the library. For this:

  • On iPhone, iPod touch or iPad, go to the main menu of the device.
  • Select settings icon.
  • Go to the section called as Apple ID account.
  • Click on “iCloud” and select “Photos”.
  • Disable iCloud Photos.
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Important! For other devices like Mac or Apple TV, the instructions will be slightly different. over, these step-by-step actions turn off the library only on one device from which the setting is performed.

You can turn off iCloud photos in the same section as turn off

Setting up and using the library function

First of all, to use the function, it must be activated. After that, the photos from the My Photo Stream album will be added to iCloud Photos. Pictures that have not been saved will be erased and the catalog itself will not be displayed. If on some other device “My Photo Stream” is turned on, but the media library is turned off, then on this device all new photos will go exactly to the photo stream.

All data stored in the service will take up space both in iCloud and on the smartphone itself. If you delete a particular file on one of the synchronized devices, it will automatically delete it from other gadgets and the iCloud service.

Apple can expand storage for an additional fee. By default, the user is given only 5 GB of free space. This procedure only makes sense when the storage capacity on the device slightly exceeds the capacity of iCloud. Otherwise, the memory will always be full.

You can find out about the unloading process in the same settings.

Using the media library also allows you to optimize your phone memory. This is achieved due to the fact that the system compresses photos and videos on the device, and stores their full versions in the cloud. Perhaps this is due to the “Storage Optimization” setting. It’s easy to turn it on. You need to go to “Settings”, click on the name of your Apple ID account, select the iCloud service, subsection “Photos” and check the box next to “Optimize storage”.

You can view and delete content stored in your library in the iCloud web app (Photos section). It contains all the data. If a picture or video has been deleted from the main Photos folder, it will be stored in the recently deleted photos directory in iCloud for 30 days. During this time, they can be restored.

Note! To check if a new picture has been sent to your library, you need to go to the “Photos” application on the website and scroll to the very end.

How to turn off iCloud Music Library on iPhone

Mobile phone users are constantly increasing the volume of their photos, videos and other data in the device’s memory. Especially for this, developers create cloud storage so that a person can upload all information there, free up space on his device and not be afraid that all photos will be lost if the gadget breaks down. Especially for users of Apple products, iCloud was first created, and then with the version of iOS 8 and “iCloud Media Library”. Not every person knows how to work with it. This article will explain what a media library on the iPhone is, what it means to upload objects to the iPhone, and how to turn off the iCloud music library on the iPhone.

What is iPhone Media Library

This concept will be familiar to those who know what a photostream is. The library service is a logical continuation of the function that saved the last 1000 photos, and deleted the oldest ones permanently. The essence of the library is that you can take a photo on one device, and then, without any additional manipulation, receive it on your iPad or laptop running Mac. The service is synchronized using Wi-Fi technology, so you don’t have to think that mobile traffic will be used up quickly.

When you turn on the library, all pictures from the photo stream will be copied there

For your information! Any deletion of a file from the library on one device will also be reflected on other gadgets that are synchronized with it using an Apple ID account.

How to enable iCloud Music Library on iPhone

Turning on is done in exactly the same way as turning off. In general, the instruction looks like this:

  • Unlock your phone.
  • Go to main menu.
  • Find the item “Settings”.
  • Go to the section called by analogy with the used Apple ID account.
  • Select the iCloud service and the type of saved data “Photo”.
  • Set the switch to the “On” position.

What does media library mean and where is it located

Literally, this concept can be interpreted as a place to store video and audio files. It enables a person with iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch and Mac devices to download copies of photos and videos into it in order to free up the space occupied by them in the internal memory of the device. The advantage of the service is noticeable when the user is constantly taking new photos and videos. In fact, the media library is “iCloud Photos” and is located in the same section as the main service: “Settings”. “Username”. “iCloud”. “Photos”.

What to do if “Some files were not copied to iPhone, media library is turned on

Sometimes there is an error that the copying of certain files does not complete successfully and the message “Some files were not copied to the iPhone, iCloud photo library is turned on” appears. This usually happens with music. After the user turns on the library, he, without knowing it, allows adding music to his gadget only through the iTunes service. This is done in order to avoid duplicate files in the repository.

On specialized forums, it is advised to deal with this problem like this: turn off music in iCloud, sync it manually, and then turn on the service again. This will delete all songs and then re-download them. This should be done when there is time to wait and a stable Wi-Fi connection to the Internet.

For your information! If you have a subscription to Apple Music, you can sync services and upload music.

It is possible to sync Library and Apple Music

Thus, it was sorted out where the media library is in the iPhone, what it is and how the service is useful. Disabling and enabling “iCloud Photos” shouldn’t be a problem, and neither should you use the feature. Everything is extremely simple.

Instagram and iPhone

Now it is clear how to turn off the subscription to “iPhone” in one case or another. The main thing is to have an internet connection and an AppleID. Without the latter, a person has no chance of using paid services.

Modern users work with Instagram quite often. How can you exclude a lot of followers from a social network via iPhone? This can be done using the FollowMeter program. To some extent, this task is also unsubscribing.

  • Download and Install FollowMeter for iPhone.
  • Run the program.
  • Pass authorization in it using the login and password from the social network “Instagram”.
  • Press the Following button.
  • Remove each unnecessary subscriber using the corresponding button.

Done! Just a few minutes. and the Instagram profile has been cleared of unnecessary subscriptions. precisely, from subscribers. There is nothing incomprehensible or difficult about this!

How to disable

There are not many of them. And even a novice user of “apple” products should be aware of possible scenarios.

How do I turn off my paid iPhone subscription? This can be done:

  • using iTunes on Windows;
  • via macOS;
  • by working directly with a mobile device.

In fact, everything is not so difficult. And if you follow some instructions, then even a person who does not understand anything in the iPhone will be able to unsubscribe.

How to turn off your iPhone subscription: top tips

Paid services on mobile devices are often a hassle. The user may not have used them for a long time, but the money will still be debited from the phone account. This is not the best thing. Especially when it comes to the so-called subscription services. Some of them are free for the first time (a month or longer). And then they suddenly demand payment. over. write off funds for use on their own. That is why many are wondering how to turn off the subscription to the “iPhone”. What secrets will help bring your idea to life?

Apple Music

Often, the owners of “apple” devices are interested in disabling Apple Music. This is a service that is somewhat reminiscent of Yandex.Music. You will have to pay to use the subscription.

How to turn off subscriptions on “iPhone 5” or any other? Disconnecting Apple Music is best done through a mobile phone. This will require:

  • Open the “Music” section in the main menu of the gadget.
  • Connect to Wi-Fi.
  • In the upper left corner of the application, click on your profile picture.
  • Find and click on the line “View AppleID”.
  • Select “Subscriptions”.
  • Click on the “Manage” button.
  • Mark the position of the pointer as “Off” in the item “Auto-renewal”.
  • Click on the “Turn off” button.

Everything is extremely simple and straightforward. From now on it is clear how to disable the Yandex. Music subscription on the iPhone. And how can you refuse most other paid services too? But that is not all.

Via iTunes

Let’s start with the most common way. It’s about working with “iTunes”. This application allows you to manage Apple devices and work with their software.

How do I turn off my iPhone subscription? You can do it something like this:

  • Download and install iTunes on your computer. It is important that version 12.2.0 is installed.
  • Launch the application.
  • Connect to the internet.
  • Pass authorization using “Apple ID”.
  • In the window that appears, scroll through the information almost to the very end. You need to stop at the “Settings” section.
  • Select “Manage” next to “Subscriptions”.
  • Click on the image of the desired subscription.
  • Read the parameters. Here you need to set the “Off” parameter. opposite “Auto-renewal”. Or click on the “Unsubscribe” button.
  • Click on “Finish”.

That’s all. From now on, it is clear how to disable the subscription to “iPhone”. This trick works 100% with all Apple devices. This instruction works on both Windows and MacOS. It’s just that in the second case, it is possible that the latest version of iTunes will already be installed on the computer.

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Refusal from news

There is a paid service like Apple News. Sometimes you also want to give it up. To do this, you will have to act differently. How exactly? How to turn off an “iPhone” subscription called Apple News?

  • Go to the main menu of the device and click on “Settings”.
  • Visit the “General” section, go to “Content Updates”.
  • Find the application you want.
  • Move the slider to the “Off” position. In this case, a red light should light up next to.

Usually nothing else is needed. The steps listed will help you turn off Apple News. If desired, in the “Content update” section, you can stop the auto-update of some programs. But, as practice shows, this step is usually not needed.

AppStore Subscriptions

Now a little about how to act if you only have a phone at hand. You can unsubscribe from paid iPhone subscriptions without additional software. It’s enough just to have an internet connection.

How do I turn off iPhone 6 subscriptions? For example, in the AppStore. Actions are reduced to the following steps:

  • Launch Smartphone.
  • Open the main menu and go to “Settings”.
  • Go to the “iTunes and AppStore” section.
  • Click on your profile. If necessary, go through authorization in it.
  • Connect to the internet. Better to do it in advance.
  • Find and go to “Subscriptions”.
  • Click on the “Manage” button.
  • Move the switch to the “Off” position in the “Auto-renewal” section.
  • Save changes.

As a rule, this is how paid subscriptions in the AppStore are disabled. Select a specific item, a person can refuse one or another paid service. But such an operation is best done using a computer.

From now on, it is clear how to disable the subscription to “iPhone” under certain circumstances. It is best to do all the manipulations using iTunes. This approach is considered to be the simplest and most effective. But even by using the “apple” device, you can also very quickly bring the idea to life. The main thing is to know exactly how to unsubscribe from a specific subscription.

Perhaps this is all that every modern iPhone owner should know about the problem under study. The proposed instructions work today with 100% probability.

How to delete an iCloud account?

The owner of Apple technology, who decides to prepare the iPhone for sale or simply create another account, will certainly face the need to remove iCloud. depending on his needs, only on one device or completely. Despite the functionality of iPhones and iPads, you won’t be able to do it in two mouse clicks. the account is reliably protected from unauthorized manipulations. To remove iCloud without unnecessary complications, the following instruction will help.

On iPhone

It is worth warning right away: it is impossible to completely remove iCloud, as well as the Apple ID account associated with the cloud storage, on the iPhone. Everything that is available to the owner who does not want to go to the official website is to unlink the device from the account. It is performed by standard means in the “Settings” iPhone.

Signing out of your phone account is no more difficult than recovering your iCloud password; this is done as follows:

  • The user goes to the “Settings” of their iPhone.
  • At the very top, he tapes on the icon of the linked account.
  • Once in the Apple ID section, scrolls the page “all the way”.
  • And clicks on the “Exit” button located in the center.
  • As needed, by entering your username and password and confirming the desire to log out of the account, the iPhone owner unties the device from iCloud, thereby canceling the synchronization.

Tip: in order not to lose important data, it is recommended in the “Settings” section of iCloud to check how much space is occupied in the cloud storage, and copy the necessary information from there. this will take no more time than trying to figure out why the computer does not see the iPhone.

Via browser

A user who has forgotten or lost their iPhone and wants to protect confidential data can completely, once and for all, delete their Apple ID. and with it their iCloud account. In this case, all purchases made are lost, synchronization between the devices remaining at the owner’s disposal is lost. and, of course, the Apple client is deprived of all rights to use the account.

To completely remove iCloud, you will need:

  • Open a browser on any convenient device for use (for example, a stationary computer) and go to the link. After waiting for a while, the owner of the iPhone must enter his iCloud login in the widget that appears.

How to Turn Off iCloud Photos

  • And the password from the account. they match the Apple ID data.
  • Due to the individual characteristics of Apple developers, you will have to enter your username and password quite often during the iCloud removal process. You can slightly reduce the number of repetitive actions by checking the “Stay logged in” checkbox.
  • After logging into iCloud, the user should open the “Settings” section.
  • And in the Apple ID field, follow the link “Manage”.
  • On the new page, the username and password from his iCloud, the owner of the iPhone may not indicate. Instead, by moving down the page.
  • He must click on the link “Privacy Policy”.
  • And again enter your username and password.
  • By ticking the “Remember me” checkbox, the iPhone owner will be able to go to the main page and delete the unnecessary iCloud.
  • In some cases, before proceeding to the appropriate section, the system may require the user to answer personal questions determined when creating an account. On the same page, it is recommended to create a pin code to communicate with the operator. it will simplify communication on the phone, without which deleting an iCloud account is not always possible. By clicking on the corresponding link, you need.
  • Use the “Generate PIN-code” button.
  • Once in the “Data and Privacy” section, the iPhone owner should go down the page and click on the link in the “Account Removal” section.
  • Read the warning about the consequences of deleting an iCloud account.
  • You should select the reason for this action in the drop-down list.
  • The user can choose any of the “ready-made” options.
  • And agreeing to the procedure for deleting an iCloud account.
  • The owner of the iPhone must choose the order of informing about the status of the deleted account.
  • If he preferred to contact by phone, in the next window you will need to select your country code from the drop-down menu.
  • As a result, the owner of the iPhone will be on the page with a unique code. It must be written down, copied or saved in any other way until the account is completely deleted.
  • On the next page, the user will be prompted to enter the previously generated code. You won’t be able to do this in the usual way from the clipboard. you have to type twelve digits yourself.
  • By doing this and clicking on the “Continue” button.
  • The user will again be faced with a proposal to think about the consequences of deleting an iCloud account. If the decision is definitely made, you need to click on the “Delete account” button.
  • You should now sign out of your iCloud profile on all devices. The easiest way to do this is to go back to the “Settings” of the cloud storage and use the corresponding link.
  • Fine! An email will be sent to the iPhone owner’s email notifying that deleting an account can take up to seven days. During this time, Apple specialists can contact the user. you should be ready to authenticate and once again explain the reasons for the deletion.

If, after seven days, the iCloud account is still active and the user has not forgotten about their desire to delete the account, it is necessary to contact Apple support for details:

  • Go to the “Support” section on the manufacturer’s official website.
  • On the page that opens, click on the link “Contact Support”.
  • Next. to the button “Other sections about identifier Apple ID”.
  • On the new page, enter the “Delete account” section.
  • And choose a method of communication with a specialist. It is recommended to use the button “Talk to support now”. this is the easiest and fastest option.
  • By specifying his cell number in the appeared feedback form and clicking on the “Continue” button, the user can safely wait for a call. as a rule, operators contact customers within five to ten minutes.

Tip: if an Apple consultant insists on the impossibility of deleting the account, you should not agree with him. instead, it is better to point to previous independent attempts and the accepted user agreement, which provides for the possibility of completely getting rid of the iCloud account.

Summing up

Removing an iCloud account is as easy as finding out what to do if your iPhone won’t turn on. The user can completely get rid of the account in the browser by going to the official Apple website and going through a simple procedure. On iPhones and iPads, you won’t be able to remove iCloud. you can only unlink the device from the profile, thus stopping the synchronization of data and purchases.

How to delete photos from iCloud but keep on iPhone?

How to delete photos from iPhone but keep in iCloud?

  • Yes, such an opportunity is indeed provided.
  • You can disable it in the following settings menu: open Settings. Photos and Camera.
  • After that, you can open the Photos application and delete all photos without fear of their safety in the iCloud cloud storage.
  • ————————————————————

How to view photos in iCloud storage on iPhone?

Select “Settings” [your name] iCloud. Click Photo. Tap to turn on iCloud Photos if necessary.

What happens if you delete a backup on iPhone?

WARNING: If you delete an iOS device backup that is stored in iCloud, iCloud will not automatically back up your device information. Instead of creating backups to iCloud, you can use the iTunes backup feature.

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Why photos are loaded on iPhone?

It means that photos and videos will be replaced with their poorer quality copies. An exclamation mark in a photo means that the space on the device is running out and the photo is replaced with optimized images (compressed). This means iCloud Music Library is enabled on iPhone along with Storage Optimization.

What happens if you delete a photo from Aycloud?

If you delete a photo from your phone while syncing with iCloud is enabled, it will disappear from the cloud too. If, in the same case, you delete a photo from the cloud, then it will also disappear from the phone.

How to extract photos from the cloud?

Find the “My Photos” folder in the menu and click on it. All images placed in the cloud will appear before the user. To pull them out, you need to select the files and click on the “download” icon.

How to permanently remove Apple ID?

  • Go to the Data & Privacy web page. Log in with the required Apple ID account.
  • In the “Data Management” section, we find the item “Account Deletion” and select “Start”.

How to turn on the library

Using different techniques, the inclusion of a media library can be carried out on an individual basis. For example, to enable a resource on the iPhone, you need to open the settings, activate the Apple ID and sequentially click on the corresponding icon. Then, through the “Photos” tab, you can put the switch in active mode.

If you need to connect the service to a laptop or aimac, then you need to go to system settings and open the Apple cloud tab. Then you need to find the “Options” tab and put a checkbox on the inscription “Mediatheca iCloud”.

The service is enabled on a PC with the installation of the Icloud application with support for Windows OS. Then you can go to the “Photo” section (in the settings) and run the program through the corresponding icon.

How to easily cancel your Pornhub Premium subscription and delete your account: learn more.

Are your eyes tired? How easy it is to make a dark VK theme on your computer and phone:

ICloud Music Library on iPhone: How to enable, disable, and what it does

Problem. iCloud Music Library is disabled for this account. What to do and how to enable
iCloud is used to transfer media format files to cloud storage. At the same time, users have the opportunity to free up space in the device’s memory for optimal work with photo and video graphic objects. And for this, the option is used to save a compressed copy of the files.

If you are not subscribed to Apple Music

If you have a subscription to the Apple Music service (we will talk about how to connect to Apple Music for free for 4 or 6 months in this review), there is a chance to store all music files in the Icloud media, synchronized between the available installations. They are also open to access from all devices authorized through Apple ID, activated in Apple Music.

And if you turn off the library in Apple Music, then it is impossible:

  • play tracks from Mac on iOS devices;
  • download music and playlists from the resource.

Also, songs saved on the iPhone and available without a network connection are deleted, but you can open the Apple Music database when the Internet is active.

If iCloud is installed on iOS devices, then you need to go to the “Settings” item, find the option and move the engine to OFF mode. On a PC, the option is disabled using iTunes and settings management, where the “General” section is available. There you can uncheck the box next to the application.

Why iCloud Music Library

A special service from Apple developers is used to create base media in integration with cloud storage. And this opens up the possibility of efficiently storing photo and video materials, providing access to them from other installations. In addition, the media library will help you exchange graphic objects between other users.

Some resources restrict free photo uploads, and they may not support video format. And with iCloud Drive, you can save unlimited photos and videos.

How to turn off iCloud on iPhone

The media library provides many conveniences for working with media files. But, nevertheless, there may be a need to turn it off. And this is usually connected with the safety of the stored objects. Because when storing media data on one device, it is easy to provide reliable protection.

Deactivation of the service on iPad and iPhone is done by going to the “Music” section, available in the settings panel. Here you should find the inscription “iCloud Media Library” and click on the green button. In this way, you can disable the service.

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How to reset icloud on iPhone

For software version iOS 10.3 and higher, logging out of cloud storage consists of six steps:

  • Open “Settings”.
  • Go to your login.
  • Click “Exit”.
  • Enter the AppelID password and click “Turn off”.
  • Mark the data that you do not need to delete and click “Exit”.
  • Confirm your actions.

If your smartphone is running iOS 10.2 or older, the process for removing Icloud looks different:

  • In “Settings” select the iCloud section.
  • Click “Exit” at the bottom of the screen.
  • Select the command “Remove from iPhone”.
  • Select services that you want to leave on the phone or delete along with the storage.
  • Enter the Apple ID access code and confirm the deletion of the service.

After removing Icloud, the user needs to re-authorize in the AppStore, FaceTame and iMessage with their own ID and password.

Owners of Apple smartphones can independently regulate the data flow that is sent to the cloud storage. To do this, in the device settings, in the Aikloud section, just move the checkbox to an inactive position.

Before you turn off iCloud photos on the iPhone, you should know that all photos from the gallery that are in the cloud will be deleted from the phone’s memory.

How to reset if you forgot your password

The company is extremely strict about unauthorized access to the iPhone. Removing cloud storage from your phone is one of the functions that requires authorization using AppleID.

You can reset the old password and set a new one from a smartphone if the user is already using iCloud and the system is protected by an additional code.

You can request a new password for your account on the company’s website. To do this, just enter the website, enter the AppleID you want to unblock, and click on the “Forgot password” button.

Choose a method for obtaining new authorization data. There are two options to choose from:

  • To the e-mail that was specified during user registration in the Apple system.
  • By answering security questions.

A letter will be sent to the mail containing a link to change the access code to the AppleID.

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If the smartphone belongs to another person and the password cannot be restored, you can change the authorization data through the company’s support service. When talking with a specialist, you will need to give information about the phone, numbers from the box and from the receipt confirming the purchase.

Disable iCloud on iphone

The iCloud cloud service on Apple devices turns on automatically after a person is identified by AppleID. The vaults synchronize information from your smartphone with other Apple products. When a user needs to keep the privacy of data on the phone, they need to know how to turn off iCloud on iPhone.

Saving iPhone data before resetting your account

Before you can turn off iCloud sync on iPhone, you need to back up your personal information. For this:

  • In the “settings” select the name of the user.
  • Go to the Aykloud section.
  • At the bottom of the list of commands, go to the item “iCloud Backup”.
  • We select the command “Create a backup copy”.

After completing the operation, the account can be reset or turn off the “cloud”.

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