How to turn off the phone if the screen does not work

How to connect your phone to a computer via Bluetooth and Wi-Fi

Connecting devices via a USB cable rarely causes difficulties for anyone, so we will not dwell on it. Consider ways to connect wirelessly.

3 ways to connect mobile phone to computer

Computers and mobile gadgets that belong to one person, family or team are a single information environment. Ideally, it provides not only the availability of the entire data array from each device included in its composition, but also provides the ability to control some devices using others.

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How to connect a phone to a computer to access information, control or certain functions of another device, for example, use it as a webcam, microphone, flash drive, monitor?


To establish a connection, make sure the Bluetooth adapters are turned on on your computer and phone. On Windows 10, this option is enabled in the “Settings”. “Devices” application, on Android smartphones. in the Quick Access Toolbar.

Click the “Add Bluetooth or Other Device” button below.

In the next window, select the connection type. Bluetooth.

Click your phone in the list of detected devices. Verify the digital code that appears below in this window and on the phone screen. If the code matches, click “Connect”.

To access the functions of the mobile gadget, scroll down the “Bluetooth and other devices” window to the “Related options” section and click “Devices and Printers”.

Find the phone among the connected devices and click on it with the right mouse button. The context menu shows the options for using it that Windows provides.

In my example, they are practically absent, and in order for the computer to interact with the phone, for example, as with a flash drive or as with a WEB-camera, you will have to install a third-party application, such as MyPhoneExplorer.

The most common way for a PC and a mobile phone to communicate via Wi-Fi is to use one of the devices as an Internet access point for the other. A smartphone connected to the World Wide Web through a 3G / 4G network of a mobile operator is more often used as an access point.

Setting up such a connection is very simple:

  • We go into the settings for managing wireless networks and turn on the modem mode.
  • In the modem mode options, select “Wi-Fi access point”. In the next section, we define the settings for the access point. In most cases, it is enough to set a password for connection here, the rest is optimal by default.

After that, you can connect your computer to the access point.

The reverse way of connecting the smartphone and the PC is also possible. when the access point is started on the computer. The function is supported by all editions of the system, starting with Windows 7 (except for the starting and home basic edition).

Creating a virtual access point in Windows is also not difficult. Windows 10 has a Mobile Hotspot feature, which is launched through Settings. Network & Internet. It is enough to move the slider to the “on” position and the access point is launched. Of course, in order for the phone to access the Internet through it, the computer must be connected to it itself.

In addition, the permissions must be set in the properties of the Internet connection on the PC, as shown in the screenshot below. Select a wireless connection from the “Home network connection” list.

There is a similar function on Mac OS X. There it is configured through “Sharing”. “Internet Sharing”. For computers using Wi-Fi. The name and password of the access point are set in the “Wi-Fi Settings”.

Most modern smartphones and computers (equipped with wireless adapters) support data transfer technologies over Wi-Fi. In particular, WI-FI Direct and Miracast. Both standards use direct connection of devices to each other, that is, not through a router.

The technology of wireless multimedia transmission Wi-Fi Direct is implemented on the vast majority of smartphones of popular brands and models. Xiaomi Redmi 4 pro, Xiaomi Redmi 4X, Samsung Galaxy, ZTE Blade, ASUS, Lenovo, etc. The function is enabled in the section of additional parameters of Wi-Fi networks.Fi:

After activating Wi-Fi Direct, the phone starts searching for devices that support this function and are nearby. When a suitable device is found, to start the transfer, just select it from the list.

To connect to Wi-Fi Direct, network discovery and file and printer sharing must be enabled on your computer. The network profile must be private.

In addition, the media streaming function must be active on the PC (the easiest way to open this window is through the system search):

And enabled permission to access shared media files for the selected mobile device:

To display a photo or video on the phone screen or use it as a speaker for playing music, just open the context menu of the file on the PC, click the “Transfer to device” item and specify which.

  • On an Android smartphone: open the Settings app, go to the Display section and select Wireless Monitor. To see your phone screen on a computer, select a compatible PC to be the signal receiver from the list. If you want to display a picture from the computer screen on your phone, enable the “Used by others” function.
  • On a computer: open the Action Center in the system tray and click the “Connect” tile. Next, select the “Connect” mobile device from the list. If both devices support Miracast technology, the phone will connect to the computer monitor, more precisely, it will act as a monitor itself.

Ways to physically connect your phone to a PC

To establish a physical connection between a phone and a computer, 3 interfaces are used:

  • USB. Connecting via a USB cable is the easiest and most obvious option. To access user files stored on a smartphone, as a rule, no settings are needed: it usually appears in Windows Explorer immediately after connecting. Simple push-button phones sometimes require the installation of special software and drivers.
  • Bluetooth. For this type of communication, it is imperative that both devices have Bluetooth adapters. Phones and laptops have them by default, but for stationary PCs they have to be purchased separately. When connected via Bluetooth, the PC user has access to folders and some functions of the mobile gadget.
  • Wi-Fi. Normal network connection over the air. A computer and a smartphone can interact as equal members of the same local network, as a server and a client, as well as an access point and a client device.

Programs for synchronizing phone and computer

The possibilities of Wi-Fi Direct and Miracast technologies are far from limitless and only open access to a small fraction of the functions of the connected device. You cannot fully control your phone using a computer. But no one does this, since there are special applications for such tasks.

The bulk of programs for synchronizing data and managing a mobile gadget using a PC are produced by phone manufacturers. Therefore, such programs only support one specific brand, for example:

  • Samsung PC Studio
  • Samsung Kies
  • Nokia Suite
  • HiSuite by Huawey
  • Mi PC Suite (Xiaomi)
  • HTC Sync Manager
  • Xperia Companion (Sony)
  • Nokia MobiMB Mobile Media Browser
  • Sony Ericsson PC Suite
  • Siemens Mobile Phone Manager
  • BlackBerry Desktop Software
  • Apple iTunes
  • Apple iDevice Manager

But there are also universal tools that are compatible with many models of Android devices. Among them:

  • The aforementioned MyPhoneExplorer (in the screenshot below)
  • Android Screencast
  • SnapPea
  • MOBILedit! Lite (paid)
  • AirDroid etc.

In addition, for such tasks, you can use any supported remote access tools, such as Teamviewer.

The Android Screencast program deserves special attention. It is unique in that it does not require the installation of a client module on a mobile device, so it can be used even if the screen does not work on the phone. The only condition is the enabled USB debugging function.

Access to data on smartphones with a broken or non-working screen is also provided by the proprietary utilities of the manufacturers listed above. The main thing is to have time to install the utility before the incident happened and to carry out at least one synchronization. If the sensor does not work on the phone, most likely, some functions will be unavailable.

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Can these programs save data if the phone won’t turn on? As a rule, no. Your phone may not work for many reasons, and failure to load the operating system is just one of them. To extract information from faulty devices, programmers and special service software are used, which are not freely available. In addition, special training is required to work with such tools. In a word, if your phone does not turn on, you can try to reflash it, but to save data it is easier and safer to contact the mobile service.

How to turn on the phone if the power button does not work?

Oddly enough, but with similar questions users turn to quite often. They all try to turn on their Android smartphone by pressing the power key, but nothing happens. It is generally accepted that in this case the power button simply does not work. But is it really so?

Not in all cases. Yes, pressing the POWER key may indeed not turn on the smartphone, but that doesn’t mean it’s the button itself. We know of cases when a similar problem occurred as a result of a software failure, and after the gadget was still launched, no problems with the key were observed anymore. It’s another matter if you dropped the phone and after that it stopped responding to pressing mechanical keys. it cannot be ruled out that there may be a breakdown. However, everything in order.

Turning your smartphone on and off without a power button

The weak link in modern smartphones is the mechanical smartphone on / off button. Despite the high-quality materials used in its production, this is a mechanical unit of a smartphone, and therefore, it is subject to wear and tear.

this is how the on / off button of the smartphone screen looks like

Studies show that it is she who breaks down most often. And it doesn’t depend on the brand of the smartphone. It can break on a Chinese product of the lowest price range and on the most expensive Apple smartphones.

Using special applications

We will tell you about an application that allows you to turn on your smartphone using the volume keys. in case you were able to turn on your smartphone.

We go to the Play Market and use the search to find the Power button to Volume Button application. Download it, install.

Launch the application, put a checkmark next to the Start Volume Power on boot up item, and also click on the gear so that the message Volume Power is currently ebabled appears.

connect to charger

When the power cable is connected, charging will start in the off state. However, some models load the system at the same time. If this does not happen, try connecting the device to the computer to turn on the phone.


Gravity Screen. On / Off

The Gravity Screen On / Off application will allow you to use your smartphone without a power button, will automatically wake up in your hands, and will be in the key until it is in your hands. The phone with this application will react to the angle of inclination and rotation and will be activated or deactivated depending on this.

Using a biometric authentication system

Most modern smartphones come with a built-in fingerprint sensor or allow you to customize the Face ID system. The latter, to release the lock, uses a previously specified snapshot of the owner’s face. If you set up biometric screen unlock, then you do not need to press the power button to unlock the screen. At the same time, Honor says that some smartphones, in order to use biometric unlocking, first require waking up the device with the power button.

If one of the buttons does not work

In this case, you can use the “AssistiveTouch” function. To activate it, you need to go to the “Settings” menu, then to “General”, and then enable it in the “Universal Access” subsection.

After that, on the display of the smartphone, you will see a floating semi-transparent round-shaped key. With its help, you can perform many operations, including turning off the iPhone. When you click on it, a menu appears in which you need to select “Apparatus”. If one of the buttons does not work, and the smartphone needs to be turned off, then you should select the “Screen lock” button from the proposed one and hold your finger on it until you see a proposal to turn it off on the display. By swiping to the right on the “Shutdown” button, the gadget will turn off. To turn on the device again without using a button, just connect it to a computer or put it on charge.

In reboot mode

If it is not possible to turn off the smartphone in the usual way, then a hard reset will help to bring the frozen sensor back to life. To do this, you must simultaneously press two keys: “Power” and “Home” and hold them until the corporate logo appears, about 5-7 seconds. A few seconds after that, you will see the desktop of your favorite gadget.

IPhone 7 models hold the volume down button instead of “Home”.

How to turn off iPhone if the screen is not working

Any technique fails from time to time. Gadgets from the well-known Apple corporation, despite their high quality and reliability, are also not immune from glitches and breakdowns. The most unpleasant, perhaps, should be attributed to the freezing of the sensor, when the iPhone cannot be turned off, if the display does not work. Most often this happens when installing an application or as a result of physical impact. It is not worth running to the service center right away, in 90% of cases the problem can be solved on your own.


All owners of these devices know how to turn off the iPhone in the usual way. This is done like this:

  • The lock button is pressed and held for a few seconds.
  • Two switches appear on the display: at the bottom and at the top of the screen. One of them turns off the power of the device, and the other cancels the operation.
  • With a swipe on the top panel, you need to move the key to the right and wait until the gadget turns off.

But not everyone knows how to turn off the iPhone in unusual situations.

If the touch screen does not work

Turning off a smartphone with an inoperative sensor will be quite problematic, since you won’t be able to use a swipe on the “Shutdown” button. Therefore, you will have to perform a forced reboot.

To do this, hold down the “Shutdown” and “Home” buttons until the screen goes off. After that, they are immediately released without waiting for the logo to appear. If you overexpose them, then instead of turning off, the device will reboot.

This procedure should not be repeated frequently as the memory module may fail. And all data will be lost. Use it only as a last resort when other methods do not help.

If the phone is frozen

From time to time, problems can be observed with the screen and keys at the same time. In this case, there is no choice but to completely discharge the smartphone, and then connect the charger.

The most effective way is a hard reset. It allows you to bring the display to life in no time. If you do not risk doing it often, then you can use the program from Apple. iTunes, through which you can restore the gadget. This will require its connection to a computer.

When none of the methods helped to turn off the iPhone and breathe life into the sensor, then there is no choice but to use the services of a service center.

Hello. I am the founder and owner of the Apps4Life project. It all started as a hobby, and now it is a large (relatively) project that helps you choose applications and play games. Every day I use 10 applications, play a couple of games, and talk about it.

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Shutting down iPhone without buttons

There is a way to restart iPhone if the screen is not working without using a keyboard shortcut. To do this, you need to connect the Assistive Touch function:

  • Find in the “Settings” tab “General”, “Accessibility”.
  • Make a function active.
  • Click on the display within the function.
  • A menu will appear on the desktop, you must select the “Lock Screen” icon.
  • The device will turn off after pressing the standard key combination.
  • Turn on the gadget.

Restart iPhone to Standard Mode

The standard way to restart iPhone if the screen doesn’t work:

  • Press and hold the Power button in the upper part of the case for 2-3 seconds.
  • The display will show “Switch off”.
  • Swipe from left to right in the direction of the pointer.
  • If everything is done correctly, the device will turn off.
  • To return it to working condition, you must again hold down the Power button.

This method is safe for all files and applications downloaded to the phone.

Reset network settings

  • To turn off the device in a few seconds, you need to go to “Settings”.
  • In the “General” select the function of resetting network settings.
  • Next, enter the lock password and restart the phone.

Non-standard ways to reboot the device

There are other, more original methods to restart the iPhone:

Hard reboot device

IPhone users can observe a complete freeze of the gadget, when neither pressing the buttons nor touching the screen gives a result. How to restart iPhone if the screen is frozen and not working:

  • On iPhone 4/5/6/7, you need to hold down two buttons at once. Home and Power.
  • Some smartphone models respond to a different key combination. Power and the volume down button.
  • Hold them for 10-15 seconds.
  • Release the keys and wait for the “apple” on the screen.
  • If the logo does not appear, repeat all the steps again, hold the keys for 20-30 seconds.
  • To turn on the gadget, you need to hold down the power button for a long time.

This method forcibly shuts down the device, so some files may be lost. You should resort to hard reboot only if there are no other options.

Soft reboot

Restart iPhone if the screen isn’t working, possibly without erasing all information from it. To do this, a soft reboot of the device is performed:

  • Hold down the Home and Power buttons.
  • Hold the buttons for 5-6 seconds until the display turns off.
  • Without waiting for the Apple logo to appear on the screen, release the button.
  • Include following the standard method.


  • Go to “Settings”, “General”, then to “Accessibility”.
  • Activate the “Bold” button.
  • Next, the phone will offer to reboot, it must be done.

How to turn off iPhone if it freezes and the screen does not work

The article discusses in detail the options for answering the question of how to turn off the iPhone if it freezes. The described reboot methods are suitable for any smartphone model and version.

Sometimes Apple gadgets turn off spontaneously. This often happens with outdated models or in severe frost. The phone does not respond when the buttons are held down and the screen remains black.

A frightened user often asks how to turn off the iPhone if it freezes. Below is a list of effective ways to get your smartphone out of a frozen state.

How to turn off iPhone if the screen is not working

To turn off the iPhone, if the screen does not work, then any of the methods does not work, because always swipe to the right before disconnecting. With a broken sensor, this is not possible. Consider what to do in such a situation.

Settings menu

You can turn off the IPhone 6 through the settings menu. In the “Main” window there will be an inscription: “Turn off”. By clicking on it, the user will see a slider, after activating which, the phone will turn off and fall asleep.

Disconnection by buttons

To turn off iPhone X, you need to simultaneously hold down the shutdown button with one of the volume buttons. This “” or “-” has no special meaning. Hold the press for 3-4 seconds. A slider will appear, which must be swiped to the right. The device will fall asleep immediately.

Disconnection with buttons

To “lull” the iPhone when the screen freezes or the sensor breaks, it is enough to use 2 main ones: “Home” and “Power”. You need to simultaneously hold down “Home” and “Power” for 5-6 seconds. A black screen will appear, restart will begin.

Force reboot

If your iPhone is frozen and doesn’t want to shut down, you can try another method.

The sound with the “” symbol is clamped alternately, then with the “-” symbol. After the key “Power” is clamped. The device will shut down forcibly. The settings will be reset, the reboot will begin.

Through “Settings”

To turn off your Iphone 11, you need to go to the “Settings” menu and then click “General”. Scrolling down the menu to the very end, you can see “Turn off” highlighted in blue. By clicking it, a window with a slide will appear. After swiping, the smartphone will be turned off.

How to turn off iPhone 11

Holding down the power key on iPhone 11 activates the voice assistant. Consider the current ways to disable.

Two buttons

On gadgets up to Iphone 7, simultaneously hold down the Home and Power keys for 2-3 seconds. The phone will automatically start rebooting without any sliders. The device is turned on via the “Power” key. When downloading, you will need to enter a password.

On models 7 and up, there is no Home key. Instead, hold down the volume up or down button along with the power off key. iPhone will start to reboot.

Let’s sum up

Today we have learned how you can turn off the iPhone if the sensor or the lock button does not work. In the first case, you will need to activate the Assistive Touch function, and in the second, either wait until the charge on your gadget runs out, or resort to a forced restart of the phone. We hope you succeed. Tell us in the comments which method helped you.!

How to turn off iPhone if it freezes

Sometimes it may happen that problems have arisen not only with the sensor, but also with the buttons. Let’s figure out how to turn off the iPhone if the screen and the button are not working. Unfortunately, in such a situation, it remains only to completely discharge your device, and then connect it to charging.

Usually, both methods help bring the device back to life. If none of the above options helped you, we advise you to contact the service center.

Any equipment (and Apple iPhone is no exception) can malfunction. The easiest way to get your device back on line is to turn it off and on. However, what if the sensor stopped working on the iPhone??

Shutting down iPhone in reboot mode

Well, now let’s talk about how to turn off your iPhone if it freezes and does not respond to any actions. In general, everything will be very simple here too:

  • Press the Power and Home buttons simultaneously. The Home button is located under the display of the device. An important point! In the seventh iPhone, this button became touch-sensitive, that is, pressing it, as you understand, will not work. However, this does not mean that the user of the current Apple flagship cannot reboot, they just need to clamp not Power and Home, but Power and the volume down button.
  • We hold the indicated keys until the display shows an “apple” on a black background.
  • Now all that remains is to wait until the smartphone turns on and you can again enjoy the device operating in normal mode, of course, if the reason for the freeze was not critical.

Unlocking via charging wire

If the sensor and keys are inactive, try shutting down your iPhone using the USB cable:

  • Connect the device to the computer using the original cable.
  • If the phone has “sat down”, wait until it is charged.
  • When connected, the screen will immediately light up, then you can use the sensor.
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Turn off iPhone when sensor is not working

When the smartphone stops responding to touch, the usual way to turn it off will not work. Fortunately, this nuance was thought out by the developers, so below we will consider two ways at once to turn off the iPhone in such a situation.

How to turn on iPhone 5 / 5s and what to do if the screen does not work

None, even the most powerful and high-quality device, can work without periodic glitches. And yes, even Apple smartphones can “afford” freezing from time to time. But since this happens extremely rarely, users are often at a loss and do not know what to do to resume working with the device.

Although it is necessary to act here as usual. the equipment is frozen. restart, but how can you reset a smartphone that does not respond to any actions? Apple has provided everything! In this article, we are going to tell you how to turn off iPhone if it freezes.

What to do if the sensor fails

You will have to turn off the iPhone if it freezes and the sensor does not work. The latter fails due to a software or hardware failure. It is unrealistic to turn off the shutdown in the usual way through the side button, since you need to confirm the operation on the screen. Then we will use a non-standard option: simultaneously hold down the shutdown button and Home. We wait until the screen turns off, restarting the iPhone will solve the problem. Turn on the phone again after a few seconds by pressing all the same buttons.

Such a hard reboot will not affect the operation and functionality of the device, but experts recommend using the method in extreme cases.

If you are the owner of the seventh generation of the device, the volume down key and the Home button are clamped on the device. When the Apple logo appears on the display, press the lock key to turn on the device.

This type of rebooting a smartphone is considered a cardinal method used in a situation where other options have been unsuccessful.

If time suffers, the phone is unnecessarily needed in the coming hours, you just need to wait until the battery runs out. This option will help resolve the issue, even if the keys do not work. It will also prevent a hard reboot of the smartphone.

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Remote unlock smartphone

Some brands’ smartphones could hypothetically be unlocked via remote control apps. To do this, the device must be on the Internet, via Wi-Fi or mobile Internet. And the application should be running. I originally installed this application, but when I flashed my smartphone, I did not start.

Google has a Find My Device service that allows you to locate your smartphone or tablet, call it, or delete all information from it.

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Unlock your smartphone using USB OTG (USB On-The-Go) interface (connect the mouse to your smartphone to unlock)

If your device supports USB OTG (USB On-The-Go) interface, then using a special cable, you can connect a mouse to your device, a cursor will appear on the screen, which will become an alternative control of the device (instead of a touchscreen screen). I used this method, entered pin and then connected the smartphone to the computer.

How to unlock a smartphone if the touch (touchscreen) screen is broken and does not work

The screen lock (PIN, password or pattern) is designed to protect your phone. The overwhelming majority of the methods of unlocking a smartphone published on the Internet, with the introduction of some commands (and how to enter them), do not work with a broken screen. I found only two working ways of how to unlock a smartphone, I used one. If you know other ways. write, I will publish with attribution.

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