How To Turn Off The Phone If The Screen Does Not Work

How to turn on Samsung without power button?

There are several options for solving this problem, here are the most effective ones:

1. We put the smartphone on charge. Many Samsung and non-Samsung phone models turn on when connected to a charger. The first thing that can be done in this case is to put the device on charge and try to hold down the volume key.

2. If the first method does not work, try holding the volume button to the “-” position, the “home” button and, while holding these two buttons pressed, connect the power cable (DO NOT release the buttons all the time!). After a few seconds (about 5-7) a warning menu should appear on the screen.

How To Turn Off The Phone If The Screen Does Not Work

The buttons must be released immediately, and after that press and hold the volume button a little to the “-” position. After 5-10 seconds, the device should start loading.

3. The third method gives the result in almost 100% of cases, if the button does not work on the Samsung Galaxy. It involves manipulating the smartphone battery and requires a certain amount of manual dexterity.

You need to remove the back cover from the device, insert the power cable. When the second battery indicator appears, you must abruptly disconnect the power cable and also abruptly remove and insert the battery. The phone will start to reboot.


How to turn on or restart Samsung if the button doesn’t work

Even the most expensive smartphone is not immune to breakdowns. During operation, the device may fall to the floor, suffer from the effects of water, and receive other mechanical damage.

As a result, individual controls may fail.

Practice shows that one of the most vulnerable points of a Samsung smartphone is the power button (on / off).

If the main button of the phone breaks down or stops responding to pressing, only the master will help to correct the situation. However, you can use your smartphone for a while with the power button inoperative.

Turn on Samsung with a disabled button

Turn on Samsung without a button using the Mobile Uncle application

It is not very convenient to turn on a Samsung phone without a power button every time using all of the above-mentioned intricate methods, therefore, after a successful launch, we recommend installing a special application Mobile uncle tools 2017 (Mobile Uncle) on your smartphone.

With this universal multi-tool, you can do almost anything with your Android device by completely changing the settings and functionality of the working buttons.

There is another application. Power button to Volume Button (available for free in the Play Store). it is designed specifically for such a case. It can be used to shift the function of the power button to the speaker volume keys.

There are only two active items in the application menu: Boot and Screen Off. It is enough to put a tick next to the “Boot” item and the smartphone will turn on using the volume rocker.

As an additional option, we recommend considering the Shake Screen On Off application. it allows you to turn on / off the screen by lightly shaking the device if the power button does not work.

Shutting down iPhone without buttons

There is a way to restart iPhone if the screen is not working without using a keyboard shortcut. To do this, you need to connect the Assistive Touch function:

  • Find in the “Settings” tab “General”, “Accessibility”.
  • Make a function active.

Reboot without buttons:

  • Click on the display within the function.
  • A menu will appear on the desktop, you must select the “Lock Screen” icon.
  • The device will turn off after pressing the standard key combination.
  • turn on the gadget.

Restart iPhone to Standard Mode

The standard way to restart iPhone if the screen doesn’t work:

  • Press and hold the Power button in the upper part of the case for 2-3 seconds.
  • The display will show “Turn off”.
  • Swipe from left to right in the direction of the pointer.
  • If everything is done correctly, the device will turn off.
  • To return it to working condition, you must again hold down the Power button.

This method is safe for all files and applications downloaded to the phone.

Reset network settings

  • To turn off the device in a few seconds, you need to go to “Settings”.
  • In the “General” select the function of resetting network settings.
  • Then enter the lock password and restart the phone.

Hard reboot device

IPhone users can observe a complete freeze of the gadget, when neither pressing the buttons nor touching the screen gives a result. How to restart iPhone if the screen is frozen and not working:

  • On iPhone 4/5/6/7, you need to hold down two buttons at once. Home and Power.
  • Some smartphone models respond to a different key combination. Power and the volume down button.
  • Hold them for 10-15 seconds.
  • Release the keys and wait for the “apple” on the screen.
  • If the logo does not appear, it will repeat all the actions again, hold the keys for 20-30 seconds.
  • To turn on the gadget, you need to hold the power button for a long time.
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This method forcibly shuts down the device, so some files may be lost. The resort to hard reset should only be done if there are no other options.


  • Go to “Settings”, “General”, then to “Accessibility”.
  • Activate the “Bold” button.
  • Next, the phone will offer to reboot, it must be done.

How to turn off iPhone if it is frozen and screen is not working

reading time: 3 minutes

The article discusses in detail the options for answering the question of how to turn off the iPhone if it freezes. The described overloading methods are suitable for any smartphone model and version.

Sometimes Apple gadgets turn off spontaneously. This often happens with outdated models or in severe frost. The phone does not respond to holding the buttons, and the screen remains black.

Frightened users often ask how to turn off their iPhone if it freezes. Below is a list of effective ways to get your smartphone out of a frozen state.

Non-standard ways to reboot the device

There are other, more original methods to restart the iPhone:

Soft reboot

Restart iPhone if the screen is not working, possibly NOT erasing all information from it. To do this, a soft restart of the device is performed:

  • Hold down the Home and Power buttons.
  • Hold the buttons for 5-6 seconds until the display turns off.
  • Without waiting for the Apple logo to appear on the screen, release the button.
  • Include following the standard method.

Reboot if one of the buttons fails

  • Download the “Activator” application.
  • Launch app on home screen.
  • Click “Anyway”.
  • Select a gesture with which you can later reboot the device.

The article provides instructions: what to do if the iPhone is frozen and does not work. They are suitable for any version and model of the device.

For iPhone 6s and below

  • Simultaneously hold down the Home and Power key on your device and hold for a few seconds, but until the screen turns off;
  • As soon as the screen goes out, I immediately release them, rather than waiting for the Apple logo to appear.

For models above iPhone X

In recent generations, the “hard reset” process itself is slightly different from all previous models. The procedure is as follows:

  • Hold the volume up key and release immediately;
  • Then hold down the volume down key and Release;
  • Hold down the Power key for a few seconds until the screen turns off. If you tighten and DO NOT release the button in time, the phone will start to reboot.

Hard restart (shutdown) iPhone

In most cases on the iPhone, when a serious malfunction occurs in software or modules, a “hard reset” is applied to normalize the stable operation of the device. It can also come in handy in the event that you need to turn off the iPhone, but the sensor does not work. Added a reboot, you say, but we need a complete shutdown, right? But there is a trick here. If you release the keys in time, the device will NOT turn on. Actually, the procedure is as follows:

For iPhone X

Here’s the hard reset process” no different from iPhone 6s. All you need to do is just hold Home and Power for 4-5 seconds until the phone turns off. After that, I immediately release the keys so that a reboot is not performed.

Assistive touch

Attention! This method is relevant only if you have previously activated the Assistive Touch option and the screen sensor somehow reacts to your actions.

  • Now all you need to do is try to launch Assistive Touch on the smartphone screen (albeit on a working part of it);
  • Next, in the menu, select the “Device” item, hold the “Screen lock” for a few seconds and turn off the phone.

How to turn off iPhone if the screen is not working

Problems can arise with any devices, be it gadgets based on Android or smartphones from Apple, because this is a technique, and sometimes it can malfunction: mechanical influences from the outside or from the user, defective components, software errors and many other reasons. Sometimes a problem arises in users when the screen stops responding to touches, and in total a person cannot do absolutely anything with his phone, especially if it is an iPhone.

If in a conventional device you can simply take and pull out the battery, in iPhones you need to disassemble half of the phone for this, which can lead to the loss of the warranty. What if your phone’s sensor stops working and you need to turn off your device? There is a way out, and we have described all possible options in this article.!

For iPhone 7 and 7 Plus

The iPhone 7 defaults to rebooting with the Power and Volume Down keys, but this is a reboot. If you need to turn off the iPhone 7 with the keys, then the procedure is as follows:

  • Hold down the Home and Power keys at the same time and wait about 4-5 seconds
  • As soon as the screen goes out, I release them, after which the smartphone no longer turns on for overload.

Full battery discharge

Another option is to wait until your phone’s battery is completely depleted. Yes, the methods are not the most thoughtful, but it should also be taken into account. And you can charge the device without any problems simply by connecting the device to the charger or by connecting it to the computer via a USB cable. Just keep in mind that if the device turns off and you have a password set at the entrance, then when you turn it on with a broken screen or a non-working sensor, you will NOT be able to use it and unlock it.

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Ways to Turn Off iPhone

You must understand that there can be a hundred reasons why the sensor does not work on the iPhone, so here, for each case, you need to go through all the options. Follow all the steps in order to decide which one suits you best. We’ll start with the simplest.

If the screen is frozen

To turn off the iPhone, if the screen does not work, you should simultaneously hold down “Home” and “Power” for 5-6 seconds. After that, the phone will turn off without additional manipulation.

How to turn off iPhone


Has the sensor stopped working on the device and the buttons do not respond to pressing? Is it starting to feel like turning off your phone is an impossible task? The article discusses the key ways to turn off the iPhone, and in some of them even avid apple lovers do not know.

Through “Settings”

To turn off your iPhone 11, go to the Settings menu and then tap General. Scrolled through the menu to the very end, you can see “Off” highlighted in blue. Clicked it, a window with a slide will appear. After swiping, the smartphone will be turned off.

Standard way

The shutdown key is also on the right side panel. Pressing it for 5-6 seconds, you can quickly turn off the phone. A window with a slide will pop up. After swiping to the right, the smartphone will fall asleep. You can turn off iPhone 8 using the same key on the side.

Standard way

To turn off iPhone 5, hold down the Power key at the top of the device. After 3-4 seconds, a window will appear on the screen that will require you to swipe to the right to disconnect. Turn on the smartphone also, via “Power”.

How to turn off iPhone 6

The iPhone 6 looks slightly different from the iPhone 5, the location of the power button and the size. It is located on the side panel, and not at the top, as it was before.

How to force shutdown iPhone

A forced shutdown may be needed when there is a strong freeze, the appearance of a program failure, viruses, etc. These methods cannot be used on a regular basis, as they can cause system crashes.

forced shutdown

This method is an Emergency Shutdown, which is best not used unnecessarily. It should only be used when the phone is frozen and does not respond to commands. The danger lies in the fact that the device can reset all settings in order to turn on and continue to work in normal mode.

To use this method, you need to press the volume up on the left side panel 1 time. Then press the volume down 1 time. Then press and hold “Power”. Then the emergency phone will turn off.

Disconnect via Assistive Touch

If the keys do not work, the smartphone turns off via the sensor.

To do this, go to “Settings”. “General”. “Universal Access”. activate “Assistive Touch”. click on the button in the lower right corner. select “device” from the extended menu. click “LockScreen”. A slider will appear, after swipe, the smartphone will turn off.

Connect USB keyboard and mouse
to Android via OTG adapter

Android screen showing image but sensor not working? Then the following solution will help you, with which you can control Android in order to Access your data and try to pull them all.

Almost all modern Android smartphones support connecting an external USB keyboard and mouse. This can be done through a special adapter from USB to MicroUSB or from USB to USB Type C.

After connecting, press the power button to light up the screen and you can control Android using an external keyboard and mouse.

Troubleshooting instructions

The material will be presented from simple to complex. this means that at certain stages you will need additional knowledge, you will be given additional information. articles to be studied!

MTP connection and screenshots

If your Android is recognized by the computer as a USB flash drive, you can copy files to it or vice versa. To get the necessary data, then you can do this. Connect the device to your computer and take a screenshot of Android on your PC, go to Android files, go to Pictures / Sceenshot or DCIM / Screenshot and see what is on your screen. If the screen reacts, then click where we need to, if not, then use the external keyboard or mouse, from the method indicated above.

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How to Pull Data if Android Display Broken?

Did you accidentally drop your smartphone or tablet and it crashed the Android display or the sensor is not working? The cost of replacing it will be exorbitant, but what if you urgently need to Get all the data from it? Then let’s move on to reading this article.!

Very often on the Internet you can find a question of the following content:

The Android 1 website decided to deal with this problem, since at the moment there are any Clear and formulated solutions!

synchronization programs

Almost every Android manufacturer has their own utility:

  • Samsung
  • Sony
  • Htc
  • Xiaomi
  • Huawei

Let’s take a look at data recovery using Samsung as an example:

  • Launching Samsung Smart Switch
  • Connect your smartphone to your PC
  • Create a backup clicked the “Backup” button
  • After creating a copy, go to the conductors to the place (click the MORE button and go to the settings to find out the path) where the backup is located and find the Contact.spb file
  • Open the file and at the prompt “Open with” select the Kies program
  • A program with contacts will open in front of you

It’s easier if you buy or temporarily rent from someone a smartphone of the same brand as your broken one in order to perform synchronization. This applies not only to Samsung, but also to other manufacturers, so as not to perform additional actions as described above.

With built-in Recovery

Many Android devices have a built-in Recovery menu with which you can back up the Android internal memory to an SD card, after which you can extract all the data you need.

Scripting with ADB

If on your Android “USB debugging”, then Android can be unlocked by scripting Using the shell input tap and shell input swIPe commands.

Android control with included USB debugging

Below are several ways to see what is currently displayed on your Android on your computer screen.

Connecting to a memory chip (Service Center)

If the Android device is in a very bad condition and it is NOT possible to reanimate it, but you need to extract the data, then you need to find a service center that can connect to the memory chip and extract all the data.

How to forcibly turn off a Samsung smartphone

When you need to turn off your Android Samsung Galaxy phone in a normal situation, just press and hold the screen off button, and then select the desired item in the menu. However, the situation is complicated when you need to turn off a smartphone with an inoperative screen sensor, with a broken screen or without the ability to unlock it, a frozen phone, especially considering that batteries in modern Samsung are non-removable. Some in this case wait for a complete discharge, but this is NOT at all useful for the battery (see What to do if Android runs out of battery quickly). However, there is a way to shutdown in the described scenarios.

This short tutorial details how to force shutdown your Samsung Galaxy smartphone using only the hardware buttons on it. The method works for all modern models of smartphones of this brand, including for a locked device with a completely NOT working screen or in cases where the phone is frozen. Unfortunately, the reason for writing this article was my own brand new broken Note 9 (but there are some pluses: thanks to Samsung Dex, full access to memory, data in it and applications remained).

Turn off Samsung Galaxy with buttons

As promised, the instruction will be very short, a forced shutdown consists of three simple steps:

  • Connect your Samsung Galaxy to the charger.
  • Press and hold the power button and volume down button. If at this moment a screenshot is created, and do not pay attention, continue to hold the buttons.
  • Release the buttons after 8-10 seconds, the smartphone will be turned off.

By itself, this combination causes (after holding) a “Simulated Battery Disconnect” (in the Official Manufacturer’s Statement).

And a couple of notes that might be helpful:

  • For some older models, a simple long hold on the power button works.
  • The official Samsung website says that you need to hold the said buttons for 10-20 seconds. However, in my experience, it works around the 7-8th.

I hope the material was useful for some of the readers.

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