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How to enable navigation button on Huawei Honor. How to hide or return the three navigation buttons below the screen

In this article, you will find the following instruction in the navigation buttons:
1) Navigation button on Huawei Honor, what is it for, how to turn it on or off.
2) How to return navigation buttons under the screen if they disappeared, for example, after an update.
3) Control the phone with gestures.

There are two ways to enable navigation buttons on Honor or Huawei, the first through the quick access bar, the second through the settings. This function will be especially useful for those who have stopped working three control buttons under the screen. Previously, when the smartphone had the Android 7 operating system, this button was semicircular and was attached to the side of the screen, but on the 8th version and higher, the button became round and now it can be moved around the screen wherever you want.

Let’s take a look at how to enable the navigation button on Honor via the quick access bar to useful phone functions:
– Drag your finger down from the top of the screen and open the quick settings menu.
– In the panel that opens, click on the icon “Navigation button” as shown in the attached screenshot below.

If this menu has an icon “Navigation button” then add it there. To do this, click on the pencil at the top of this menu and in the window that opens, drag the navigation button up, after which it will appear there.

In the navigation button on Huawei Honor smartphones with Android 8:
– One click. means back.
– Hold and let go. work screen.
– Hold and hold. overview.
– Drag and drop. moving. See below on the Attached screenshot and everything will become clear.

In the navigation button on Honor smartphones with Android 9:
– One click. means back.
– Hold. work screen.
– Hold and hold. recent tasks.
– Drag and drop. change of position. Look at the picture attached below.

Now let’s see how through the settings on Huawei Honor we will enable the navigation buttons below the screen, bring the navigation button to the screen and enable gesture control:
– Open on your phone or tablet “Settings” (You can also open the settings through the menu with quick settings by pulling the top edge of the screen down and clicking on the gears).
– In the opened settings, select the item “System” you may need to scroll down the list of settings.
– Next, go to the item “System navigation”.
– Now you can enable three navigation buttons under the screen on Huawei Honor, bring the navigation button to the phone screen and enable gesture control as shown in the screenshot below.

To enable the navigation buttons below the screen or remove these buttons, select the item “Three navigation buttons“. Now you can choose from the proposed options, as well as swap the right and left buttons. You can also hide navigation buttons on your Honor or Huawei phone. See the attached screenshot below.

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How to clean microphone on Honor and Huawei phone?

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If the user is sure that the sound volume is affected by dirt and dust, he should clean the part from dirt. For this you need:

  • gently remove dirt from the outside of the microphone with a thin object;
  • disassemble the smartphone and remove the board with the desired part;
  • will cleanse her dust and oxidized.

It is important to emphasize that the latter is not recommended for owners of gadgets under warranty. It is better for them to contact the service center. Otherwise, the warranty will become invalid.

Where is the microphone in Honor and Huawei?

Finding a microphone on Huawei devices is easy. To do this, it is enough to look closely at the body of the phone and find characteristic elements. Usually the necessary part is located at the bottom so that the interlocutors hear the user during conversations and various applications and services can be used without difficulty. But the exact location depends on the model of the smartphone, so before looking for the desired sensor, it is recommended to study the instructions received when purchasing the phone. This approach will significantly speed up the search.


The only way to adjust the sound volume and microphone sensitivity is using the engineering menu. To call it you have to:

  • dial a special command ### on the phone;
  • press the call button;
  • wait for the special settings menu to appear and view the Android options.

In the window that opens, you need to find the audio and mic tabs and change the operating parameters in them. Usually you need to specify value. 220, level. 6, but sometimes the optimal parameters turn out to be different, so there is a high probability that the owner of the gadget will have to experiment.

How to enable microphone on Honor and Huawei?

The question of how to enable the microphone on Honor and Huawei does not make sense as it is enabled by default. But the user could:

  • disable it in the settings of various programs and applications;
  • drop your smartphone into water;
  • does not clean the device from dust and dirt for a long time;
  • install update incorrectly.

Also, sometimes malfunctions or errors of developers who created a low-quality update, due to which some of the functions of the smartphone do not work, lead to trouble. Other causes of problems are extremely rare.

How to unblock microphone access?

Sometimes it is not possible to increase the sound due to the fact that the access to the microphone is blocked by the cover. The solution to this problem is obvious: the owner of the gadget must remove the cover, remove other objects blocking access and completely unblock the microphone. If it is inconvenient to use equipment without a cover, you should choose the one that will not interfere with conversations.

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All of the above applies to disconnection. But it should be emphasized that it is impossible to completely disable the sensor, it is only allowed to lower its sensitivity to a minimum. As a result, it will be impossible to hear the speaker, and it is this effect that the user needs. In addition, when using the headset for calls, it is the connected equipment that is automatically used.

Turn on the microphone on the tablet

The process for turning on the microphone on your tablet is NOT different from that described. Users will have to open the engineering menu and adjust the volume and sound level parameters there. At the same time, it should be emphasized that in the differences between phone and tablet models, the appearance of the menu can differ. Also, in the latest versions of Android, developers have limited the functionality of the service, so NOT all people will be able to use it. In such cases, it is recommended to download special applications to help control microphones.

How to enable microphone on Honor and Huawei phone

How to turn on microphone on Huawei and Honor phone? This question rarely bothers users, since all smartphone sensors work by default and do NOT require additional activation or configuration. But sometimes a serious failure occurs in the device, requiring the intervention of the owner of the gadget. In such situations, 2 developments are possible:

  • cleaning the phone and setting up the microphone will help to cope with difficulties;
  • if the above steps do not help to achieve success, you will have to replace parts.

But before repairing, it is recommended to think about why the problem occurred.

What to do if the microphone does not work or only works on speakerphone?

In situations where the microphone works exclusively on speakerphone, and the recovery methods described above did not bring the desired result, it remains to contact Huawei support. To do this, it is enough to visit the official Russian-language website of the manufacturer and leave an appeal, he described in detail the current situation.

View location history

In the maps section “History of places” the history stores the positions at which the user was for more than 60 minutes.

How to set up geolocation on Huawei

The satellites automatically determine which country, region and city you are in. Information is updated regularly, subject to continuous internet connection.

The system works like this:

  • Enter the settings menu Advanced settings location data incl. access data to the location, select the Desired method of determining the location.

On devices of all models it is universal and almost does not differ.

How to turn off geolocation on Honor / Huawei phone

We lower the curtain and deactivate the corresponding icon. Also turn off the signal actually through the settings.

How to turn on / off GPS geolocation on Huawei and Honor

How to enable geolocation on Huawei? This question is asked Not only by travelers and amateurs exploring new horizons, but also by users of applications, which require the determination of the location of the subscriber. These are cards, instant messengers, photo editors, editors and others. Some software immediately translates to a page with navigation settings, while others ask you to do it manually. That’s when the difficulty arises, even for advanced users. The procedure for activating GPS on any phone is quite simple and does NOT take much time if you figure it out. Therefore, in this review, we have laid out on the shelves how and what to do.

How to enable geolocation on Honor

There are two effective ways:

  • Lower Curtain and Find Matching Symbol on Android.
  • Go to the security settings, there give access to applications to the location of your smartphone. Through communication with a satellite, the local radar determines the coordinates with an accuracy of two kilometers.

We should also consider access to coordinates for some applications. As already mentioned, different software also requires permission from the user to monitor the location. On newer versions of Android, the application simply displays the request and the client should click “Allow” or “Agree”. Pay special attention to security: it is worth giving access only to proven reliable applications from official sources!

What to do if GPS does not work

Navigation systems on smartphones and tablets are in practice necessary for pedestrians, cyclists, car drivers and more. With the help of the navigation system on the phone, routes are most often built, it is enough to turn on the GPS on the Honor. However, almost every second person is faced with the fact that the function does not work or the GPS on Android is unstable. This shows up in various issues:

  • Determines coordinates inaccurately;
  • Displays the point, but not the name of the settlement;
  • DOES NOT store data in visits.
  • Complete inability to locate, after turning on geolocation on the Honor phone;

In this case, you need to restart the device, clear the cache, refresh the network connection.

How to set up on Honor 10: screen, NFC, time, camera, fingerprint, keyboard, notifications

It’s been a while since Huawei unveiled the Honor 10, a great budget smartphone. He has not lost his popularity today. In this article, we will look at ways to set the correct time, screen display, NFC technology, keyboard, camera, notifications, fingerprint on the Honor 10 smartphone.

How to enable fingerprint on Honor

On the Honor 10 smartphone, users have the ability to choose a screen lock method. You can set a regular numeric password, pattern, or activate a fingerprint. In this case, it will not be necessary to drive across the screen to repeat the key, and even more so to remember it. Touch your finger to the area on the back of the smartphone and the screen is unlocked.

This method is so good that no one except you can enter the smartphone system. Honor 10 key in the form of a fingerprint always with you.

To activate this feature:

  • Open your smartphone settings;
  • Select “Security”;

Now try locking the screen to unlock using your fingerprint. You can remove it using the same settings that were required to activate the fingerprint.

How to set up NFC technology on Honor 10

wireless technology NFC became one of the most popular in the smartphone for several reasons. The most important is its ability to transmit data over a short distance. This prevents an attacker from intercepting sensitive information. After all, the range of the chip is only about 10 cm. In the Honor 10 smartphone, it acts as a contactless payment method. But before implementation it needs to be configured.

You can find NFC in Honor in the quick access menu. Pull down the Android shade and you will see the Signed Technology Icon. If it is not visible on the start screen, expand the entire list of smartphone functions.

  • Select the icon and click on “Device Connection”;
  • In the next window, click on the “NFC” block;

You can download the app for your Honor 10 on Google Play. After adding a bank card, you need to bind Google Pay to NFC. To do this, go back to the technology settings and on the activation screen, click on the button to add a payment application.

Clock and date in Chinese phone settings

If you need to move the clock widget on the home screen of Honor 10 to a different location, then we described how to do it in the previous chapter. Now we will talk about how to change the date and time on your mobile phone. As a rule, these settings come to us over the network automatically when we specify your region in the primary settings. And for the first time you connect your smartphone to your home Wi-Fi network. Or activate the transmission of mobile data.

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In order to set the date manually, you need to open the settings and select the “Advanced settings” section. Where to choose “Date and Time”. In this section, remove the slider from the item “Date and time of the network”.

Specify the desired settings below. Now you know how to properly set up NFC, screen, fingerprint, notifications, keyboard, time and camera in your Honor 10 phone. We hope these instructions will help you better cope with the parameters of your mobile device.

Where are the display options on Honor

The work area in the Honor 10 smartphone can be changed beyond recognition. Themes and widgets will help you with this, which can be installed from the standard smartphone application.

To find it, you need to open the settings and go to the “Home screen and wallpaper” section:

    In this window, you will be able to change the theme, desktop wallpaper, and also set up a separate screen with applications and the lock screen;

Start customizing your screen by choosing a theme for your lock screen. It can be specified for each of the three screens. In the “Themes” section, you can select dynamic images to be installed on all screens. Or those that you specify in the settings of the theme itself. There are different options here: with a clock in the middle, at the top or at the bottom. Each theme or wallpaper must be selected, then click on the “Apply” button. Only then will it be activated.

Features of notifications in Honor 10 phone

In newer smartphones, developers allow you to customize notifications for each individual application. This is very convenient, you can disable whichever notifications you do not need.

You can find these parameters in the Honor 10 settings:

  • Selecting the gear icon on the Android desktop;
  • Click in the settings item “Notifications”;

In the settings above, you can cancel all notifications at once.

And also set up the curtain on the smartphone: activate the standard one from the Android system or select the modified one. Each application can be configured separately.

To do this, select it from the list and in the window click on the desired section.

Honor 10 camera setup manual

Manual photo and camera setup on a smartphone is a task for professionals. The developers at Honor know this, so they equipped the device with an intelligent camera.

It automatically adjusts to the environment, and itself activates the necessary modes and settings for maximum image quality. The Honor 10’s camera comes with a ton of presets ready to go. One has only to choose them by name. If you are photographing food, then select Matching settings in the list.

A “smart camera” based on a neural network works. I’ll give it, the phone determines what is in front of it. And automatically turns on the mode, which is most suitable in this situation.

Setting up the keyboard on a smartphone

By default, Honor 10 comes with the popular Android keyboard. Swiftkey. It has flexible settings, any of its elements can be changed if you don’t like it. You can choose the type of keyboard, change the location of additional buttons or the background of the keyboard. In the settings you need to select the “System” section, then “Language and Input”, “Swiftkey Keyboard”.

In this section, you can create a new profile in which you can select the desired parameters.

They will be saved and can be applied at any time if the current settings fail. Or you will quickly want to change them. You can create multiple keyboard profiles. And use them in turn. Select the desired section in the menu to customize the keyboard elements. The Honor 10 smartphone allows us to customize any of its tools: time, camera, NFC, screen, notifications, fingerprint.

Shows all the subtleties of setting up the NFC chip on the Honor 10 smartphone. As well as linking a bank card to Google Pay.

Connecting to a Wi-Fi network via the status bar (top of the screen)

Swipe down on the status bar at the top of the screen to open the notification panel.

  • Hold the Wi-Fi icon to open the settings screen.
  • Activate Wi-Fi.
  • A list of available Wi-Fi networks will appear.
  • Select the desired Wi-Fi network.
  • Enter Wi-Fi password if required.

Setting up notifications on Honor

The icons in the status bar display information about the status of the phone, as follows:

  • network connection;
  • battery charge level;
  • new messages;
  • Silent mode.

When checking the icons, you can quickly find out the status of the device: time, Internet connection, mode, and more. Network connection icons vary by region and service provider.

Contact management

The Contacts app helps you set up your Honor phone to easily find the information you need in phone numbers. It has the following functions:

  • customize the display of contacts stored on only the device or only on the SIM card;
  • quick search for frequently used contacts;
  • combining duplicate contacts;
  • viewing contacts from different accounts: to view only contacts on the device or SIM card, you need to select Filter contacts, then the accounts to display.
  • Simplified mode: hide the photo, company name and position of the contact. To do this, select Contact Filter and enable Simplified mode.
  • number of contacts in an account: select Filter contacts, in the accounts field see the number of contacts stored on the device and SIM card, and the amount of free space.
  • Add to favorites: On the contact list screen, tap on the desired contact, then tap add to favorites.
  • Group management: Smart groups feature automatically groups contacts by company name and city, You can send them a group message or email.
  • Create a contact group: click on the group list, enter the group name (Family, Friends, Work), click OK. Follow the onscreen instructions to add contacts to the group.
  • Sending a message to a contact group: In the Smart Groups section, open the group and click on the message icon to send a group message or email.
  • Editing a group: On the group list screen, select the group you want to edit, click on the plus sign to add a contact, or click on the three dots icon to remove members, group ringtone, delete or rename a group.
  • Delete a group: On the group list screen, press and hold the group name, then Delete.
  • Blacklist management:
    • open the Contacts application, assign a contact from hold, then click on the “Blacklist” menu. The device will block all calls and messages from blacklisted contacts.
    • Viewing contacts in the World Cup: the “Phone Manager” application, will be called “blocked”, “Black list of numbers”.
    • Removing contacts from the blacklist: Contacts application, press and hold a contact, click on the menu “Remove from the blacklist”.
    • Delete all mentions and actions with a contact: Contacts application, select a contact, select “Delete all mentions of a contact”.
    • How to customize the screen on Honor

      Simple home screen mode supports large icons and larger font sizes.

      How To Turn On Screen On Honor Phone

      To create you need:

      • go to the Settings application;
      • select the System menu;
      • activate Simple Mode (check the box).

      NFC module on Honor phone

      NFC technology is used to quickly exchange data between devices, rather than establishing pairings. To set up your Honor phone to transfer data via NFC, you need to Place two NFC-enabled devices side by side with NFC sensors to each other.

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      Sending files using NFC

      • Go to the Settings menu;
      • dubbed NFC Device Connection;
      • activate enable NFC and Huawei Beam.
      • select the files that you want to send will be named Send Huawei Beam. In this case, the device must be unlocked, the screen is active.
      • Place the devices so their NFC sensors touch. When the connection is established, the sending device will sound a beep, the sending screen will shrink.
      • Will be named on the screen of the sending device to start sending files.

      Receiving files via NFC

      • Go to the Settings application;
      • will be named Device Connection;
      • activate NFC and Huawei Beam; the device must be unlocked, its screen is on.
      • Position the devices so their NFC sensors touch.
      • Wait for the file transfer to complete.
      • By default, received files are saved in the Beam folder in the Files app.

      New phone settings

      The built-in “Tips” application, which is indicated by the icon with the English letter “i”, will help to study and set up a new phone. It will offer descriptions of functions and links to manuals. After a while using the smartphone, tips are automatically turned on based on the scenario of using the phone by the owner.

      Fingerprint registration on Honor

      Registering your fingerprint will help you unlock the screen, as well as open the Private or Locked Apps section without entering a password. How to set up an Honor phone with a fingerprint implementation, the Security and Privacy section of the settings will help.

      • Enter the Settings app.
      • Select Security Privacy Fingerprint Fingerprint Management Change the unlock method;
      • Select Pattern, 4-digit PIN, Personal code or Password.
      • Follow the onscreen instructions to set up an unlock password.
      • Click on the “New fingerprint” menu to register it.
      • Place your finger on the fingerprint sensor.
      • Press the sensor until the device vibrates.
      • Repeat the action by scanning different parts of the fingertip.
      • click OK.

      Search for a contact

      To search for the desired contact, you need to enter the Contacts application and follow these steps.

      • Select Contact Filter;
      • Click All contacts.
      • Swipe to the side to quickly move through the list.
      • In the search bar at the top of the contact list, enter the name, initials, phone number or email address of the contact.
      • Search results will be displayed below the search bar.

      If the search fails, on the contact list screen you need to:

      • select Manage contacts;
      • click Restore contact list;
      • OK.

      On-screen navigation button

      To close the application and return to the home screen, use the buttons on the navigation bar at the bottom of the phone. You can customize your Honor phone with an active on-screen navigation button and operate the device with one hand. This will disable the navigation buttons at the bottom of the panel.

      How to activate the navigation button on the screen:

      • Go to the “Settings” application.
      • Select the “System” menu System navigation Navigation knob.
      • Activate “Navigation Button”.
      • She will appear on the screen.

      The navigation button supports the following actions:

      • Back: press the navigation button once to go back one step; press twice to go back two steps.
      • Active screen: call and hold the navigation button, then release it to go to the home screen.
      • View background apps: Name and hold the navigation button, then swipe left or right to view a list of apps that are running and running in the background.

      The only way to unlock Huawei and Honor if you forgot your password, key, pin code

      Already while setting up a password or pattern, the system notifies us “Remember your PIN. All the ways to recover a forgotten PIN-code. ” Likewise with a password and a pattern. This means that if users forget it, they will NOT be able to reset their password.!

      Nevertheless, the solution is how to reset the password on Honor and Huawei. to do a hard reset and return the smartphone to its original form. Unfortunately, the next solution to the problem is to erase all your data on your smartphone or tablet, because the second method involves resetting to factory settings (aka Hard Reset). But later you will get access to your smartphone. Therefore, we strongly recommend that you periodically backup all data and files on your Huawei and Honor.

      Despite the inability to enter the workspace of the system, we can still turn off the smartphone by holding down the power button. And so, we do the following:

      • I turn off the phone by pressing the power button or just pull out the battery if possible.
      • At the same time, hold down and hold the power button on the Volume Up button. You will feel a slight vibration signal and after a while the company logo and the Android inscription will appear on the screen.
      • Keep this combination pressed until the reset menu appears, or at least 5 seconds after the logo appears. After a while, you should see the Recovery Menu, after which I release all the buttons.
      • Select the item “WIPe data / Factory reset” and confirm the selection with the power button. Next, select the item of the same name “WIPe data / Factory reset” if it appears on your screen.
      • After the end of the reset, the menu may reappear, in which we select “Reboot system now”.

      All of the above The described process of how to reset the password on Huawei and Honor is shown in:

      How to unlock Huawei and Honor if you forgot your password, pattern

      This instruction is aimed at showing you how to unlock Huawei and Honor if you forgot the password or pattern that you installed in your phone. At the moment, mobile gadgets are an integral part of our life. In the memory of the devices, we store various information, including important information, undesirable for viewing by unauthorized persons. After, in solving the problem of protecting our data from prying eyes, it is worth taking care of first of all. Fortunately, the software developers took care of this and created a considerable set of protection methods such as passwords, pattern keys, fingerprint recognition and even the owner’s face.

      However, sometimes there are situations when useful things become a problem for the user of a mobile device. For example, you let your child play with a smartphone or tablet, after which it turns out that your child has blocked the device with any of the available protection methods and cannot be unlocked, or simply forgot the lock code. And today we will tell you how to unlock Huawei and Honor phones if you forgot your password or key. Immediately, we note that the reset instructions provided below apply to all types of interlocks.

      Outdated method, which does not work now

      After you have entered the wrong pattern (picture or password) 5 times, the following message will appear on the screen: “Forgot the pattern”, which you actually need to click on. After that, you will be asked to enter the email address and password from the Google account to which the device is linked. Then we select the unlocking method, in our case the pattern, and create a new key. We enter the key again and see the desktop. Below is provided with a visual example of how to unlock Huawei and Honor.

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