How To Turn On The Screen On A Laptop

Using Hot Keys

Quite often, you can translate a game or any other application full screen by just pressing 2 buttons. “Alt” and “Enter”.

The method helps Not only in old games, but also in modern ones. for example, in WoT.

Also, the keyboard shortcut, if necessary, will return the windowed mode back.

Solving the issue on a laptop

If the problem with an application that does not open at full height or width of the screen occurs on a Windows laptop, it may lie in the incorrectly set parameters of the integrated Intel Graphics.

To eliminate it, you will need:

  • Install software from the card manufacturer;
  • Open the menu of graphical characteristics that appears when you right-click on an empty area of ​​the desktop;
  • Find the “Display” section and open its basic settings. It may be absent if the maximum resolution is already set on the laptop.

Change Resolution in Intel Graphics Control Panel

By reducing the resolution, they are able to change the screen parameters.

Next, you need to set the scaling parameter, which is responsible for displaying in full screen mode, and save the changes.

By closing the Intel panel, you can launch all the necessary applications, which will now stretch to the entire display area.

Sometimes this may deteriorate the clarity of the original image.

After after the game, you should turn off the scaling and use it only for this particular program.

Let’s sum up

Knowing how to open games and programs in full screen mode can greatly simplify the process of working and playing. As a rule, all these methods require little action.

And some of them allow, spent a little time right away, then DO NOT worry about games that do not open in full screen.

5 Ways. How to Make the Game Full Screen

Modern programs, as a rule, automatically adjust to the display resolution. however, those who like to play old action games or arcades may wonder how to make a game full screen.

Because an application created 10, 15 or even 25 years ago can only partially be displayed on a modern monitor.

Sometimes this question also arises when launching modern games.

A Game Launched in Windowed Mode

  • Using Hot Keys
  • Change launch options
  • map setup
  • Game settings
  • change of permission
  • Solving the issue on a laptop
  • Let’s sum up

There are a number of reasons why this happens, as well as several ways to get things back to normal and play in full screen mode.

map setup

In some cases, outdated card drivers interfere with running games in full screen. The issue is resolved by updating them or completely reinstalling.

Each manufacturer’s card setup menu looks different.

For example, for Nvidia products, the user will have to open in the Start menu / Control Panel.

This is where nVidia Control Panel is selected and select the scaling control there. When enabled, the game should expand to fit the screen.

Changing scaling for Nvidia card

ATI branded cards require Catalyst Control Center to run.

And for the integrated Intel Graphics cards, often found on laptops, there are a number of steps that are described separately.

You may be interested in this:

change of permission

If all of the above did not help bring the resolution of the game back to normal, the game may be old enough to run full screen in Windows 7.

Sometimes in this case the picture looks indistinct.

And there is only one way to fix the problem. to change your screen resolution.

After that, however, other programs, more modern and designed for normal parameters, will stop running.

Therefore, after playing a game, you need to return the monitor to its usual resolution.

Adjusting the monitor resolution to match the game settings

If the game requires a resolution of 640×480, and its monitor is Plasma, there is another option. It is selectable in shortcut properties under compatibility tab.

Choosing a screen resolution for older games

Game settings

Some games on modern operating systems, for example, on Windows 8, allow you to set full screen or windowed mode in their graphical settings.

This possibility can be detected by launching a game that for some reason runs in a window, that is, not in full screen.


  • Go to settings;
  • Find the item responsible for launching in windowed or full screen mode;
  • Enable the mode or check the box.

Sometimes, after changing the settings, the game has to be restarted. In this case, it usually does not matter what the operating system is, or the screen resolution.

Setting full screen mode for Minecraft

Change launch options

Sometimes it happens, especially if you are playing on someone else’s computer, that the launch of the game in windowed mode is due to the “-window” parameter set in the properties of the shortcut.

It can be written in the “Object” line of the properties of the game shortcut.

Absorbed this inscription, you can restore the standard start to the entire monitor.

In this case, you should select the “Compatibility” tab in the properties of the shortcut or the application itself and select the operating system.

However, most often the list of OS ends with Windows Vista, and this method will not help the owner of a modern OS, for example, Windows 10.

Running the game in compatibility mode for Windows XP

Enabling HDMI

It is automatically enabled on all devices that support HDMI connection. Users only need to make a few simple settings so that the connection of the two devices is successful, and a clear picture and sound appears on the screen.

How To Turn On The Screen On A Laptop

Usually, it is enough to change just a few parameters of the operating system and you can immediately start working on the hardware. For detailed instructions on connecting computers and laptops to a monitor via HDMI, see our articles on the links below.

Varieties of HDMI cables

As mentioned earlier, the connection of two devices is made using special cables. They come in a variety of sizes, standards, and only support certain hardware. They also have different connector types and specifications. You can read more about this in our other materials.

How to enable HDMI on a laptop

The HDMI connection transfers multimedia data in good quality and high speed. The transmission of information is carried out through special cables connected to two or more necessary devices. HDMI is the most popular digital interface and has replaced the old analog one. In this article, we will tell you in detail everything about this type of connection and how to enable it on a laptop.

Did this article help you? Causes of HDMI malfunction

Sometimes there are problems in the operation of devices, this may also be due to the connection interface. When using HDMI, two problems are often observed. no picture and no sound. Incorrect device settings, outdated drivers or physical breakdowns are considered to be the main causes of malfunctions. In such cases, it is recommended that you resort to one of several methods for solving auto products problems. Read more about them below.

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Above, we examined in detail the main function of the HDMI interface, got acquainted with the types of cables, figured out how to enable this connector on a laptop and talked about possible malfunctions. We hope our article was helpful and you learned everything you need to know about connecting devices via HDMI.

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The main role of HDMI inputs

The emergence of new digital interfaces such as HDMI contributed to the obsolescence of the previously used popular VGA. They not only transmitted the image at a lower quality, but also distorted it, which often caused difficulties in work. The connection in question has a large bandwidth and supports audio transmission.

In addition to HDMI, several other types of digital data transmission interfaces are popular. DVI and DisplayPort. They all have different connectors and some characteristics, which allows you to use the required connection for different situations. Read more about comparing THESE interfaces in our articles on the links below.

articles on this topic:

Good afternoon. Tell me, is it possible to use a laptop only as a monitor? Those. connect the laptop to the receiver (Telecard) via HDMI cable, and receive the signal from the receiver to the laptop (as a TV). Or laptops only work on HDMI “Output” ?

Hello, Alexander. It all depends on the laptop model used. Tell me yours, I will give you the exact answer to the question posed.

My Aser laptop

Alexander, to determine the characteristics you need an exact model of your laptop. The article on the link below tells how to learn it using the example of laptops from ASUS. You can do exactly the same actions.

Hello laptop model Aspire 3
How to connect PS4 to it ?

I have an urgent question Not only to you personally, but to information sites in general.
I am users who want to know the answer to 1 single question, how can I connect a ps4 via hdmi to my laptop, I go to your site and start reading stories about what hdmi is, and why is it needed, and when it was Invented, and I throw 5 more articles to enjoy reading very interesting and copied from Wikipedia, and here I am sitting, the chair is already on fire and I turn over 2 pages to get to the cherished words (to find out, read our one more article), and I think, wow, how cool the guys came up with, to a simple question of what to do, you answer with such useless articles that it’s annoying, you would have 10 times more customers, article views, etc. if you just wrote 3 points in the center in black and bold type (or more, less, does not play a role, this is according to the situation), how to do it.

Dear Anonymous, instead of writing canvases with unreasonable criticism and accusations of copy-paste, you would normally use the search (like Google or Yandex, and the search specifically on our website, which was the direct case here of the comment input field), correctly formulating your request. Here is an article for you on a topic of interest, not thanks. the link below. And it was written by the author himself, and not stolen from. Wikipedia, which, if anything, in theory, not work. So, hopefully, your chair will cool down as soon as you successfully follow the link (it is a couple of terms below) and just read the article. Well, and less negative, please, because users who come to the site actually read articles on topics of interest to them, ask questions, if any, and do not resent the articles, and not related to their problem.

I have such a question. I reviewed a bunch of information ands anywhere I can not understand. I have a laptop. It already has an HDMI input. I connect via HDMI, PS4. The question is how to enable this HDMI. In the sense of which button to press or what to do? For example, on a TV. I turned it on. I selected the HDMI 3 port in the menu and you play. And how to do this in a laptop? Tell me please

Hello Dmitry. If you connect a laptop to PS4, the screen should switch automatically, or a separate function key on the laptop, for example, Fn F4, is responsible for this. In addition, to connect to PS4, you must have HDMI-In installed. Read more about this in our other material on this topic.

Hey. I have a Samsung laptop and there is just some kind of rubber plug instead of the hdmi connector. I can’t take it off, how to do it?

Hello Anatoly. If your laptop model has a plug instead of the HDMI connector, then it does not support connection via this interface and you do not need to try to pull it out. The fact is that such plugs were previously installed in the younger models of laptops of the same series, which were NOT designed to work via HDMI. If you want to display the image on the monitor, then you should use a special VGA to HDMI adapter, since the laptop used must definitely have VGA on board. It is desirable that it be an active converter with additional power, it is connected via USB. In addition, pay attention when buying that it was VGA to HDMI, and not vice versa.

Checking a WEB-camera: 2 tips for a piggy bank

Before using the webcam for your own purposes, you should take a test drive: check if it works at all. There are two ways to do this.

How to enable webcam on a laptop using standard means?

An important stage has been left behind and there is 100% confidence that the camera is in working order. It remains to learn how to enable and configure it.

The easiest way is online

The Internet is replete with all kinds of services to check the performance of a webcam. They inspect not only the image, but also the microphone. That is, the analysis will be complete: picture-sound.

The list of the most popular online software solutions includes:

  • WebCamMicTest;
  • ToolSter;
  • WebCamTests.

The principle of their operation is almost the same: first you need to enter the program, then allow the flash player to access webcams, and immediately Get the result. If the camera is working, the live image of the user will appear on the screen.

For those who DO NOT trust third-party resources and are afraid to open access to their laptop, there is an easier way to check the webcam online. It’s about Skype. This messenger is very popular and is available on almost all laptops.

Important: Skype may not be installed on new laptops. In this case, you need to download the program from the official resource and create an account in it.

To check the quality of the camera, you must:

  • start Skype.
  • Go to settings.
  • Select the “Camera and Sound” tab.

The webcam is immediately activated. You can clearly see how the camera conveys color, details, how much it captures in its lens. This is how the picture will be visible to other users if you communicate via communication.

Through the “Device Manager”

This method takes more time and will only show if the camera is on. The image quality itself cannot be seen in this way. Who is interested in how to check the camera on a laptop (for example, on Dell equipment) through the dispatcher, read on.

To diagnose webcam performance, you must:

  • open “Start”. “Control Panel”;
  • rearrange filters to “Categories”;
  • find “Hardware and Sound”;
  • in the section “Devices and Printers” will be called “Device Manager”.
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This will open a long list of all available hardware built into or connected to the laptop. In this Klondike you need to find and name it on the inscription “Image processing devices”. If suddenly the webcam is turned off, the icon will have a red cross or a down arrow. So, you need to press RMB and select the item “activate”. In the situation shown in the picture below, everything is fine. the camera is on and ready to use.

How to test the camera on a laptop: 3 ways to enable and check

The vast majority of modern laptop models are equipped with a built-in camera. It is located at the top of the screen. The presence of a built-in webcam facilitates conferences, communication on Skype, and second messengers. This is convenient if you know how to turn on and check the camera on a laptop.

No special skills or abilities are required here. It is enough to perform just a couple of steps. It is in them that the discussion will go further.

Standard tools to help

Often, the camera is automatically activated when you turn on an application that requires you to use it. But what to do if the webcam was needed not for calls?
In some laptop models, the camera is turned on in 2 counts by a key combination. Possible combinations: Fn V, Fn Esc, Fn any key on which a blue camera icon is drawn. This can be found on Asus, Acer, Lenovo models. If the reader is not among the happy owners of such a laptop, you will have to look for another method.

“Device Manager”. option number 2. How to check and activate the webcam in the manager has already been written in the previous section. The only thing: if there is an exclamation mark next to the name of the camera or there is one in the dispatcher, it means that there is a driver in the laptop system that is responsible for its operation. You can download and install the necessary drivers from the Internet, go to the official website of the laptop manufacturer.
And this information will be useful for owners of laptops with Windows 10 or Windows 7. The procedures here are slightly different, so it’s worth dwelling on them in more detail.

Life hack for Windows 10 (who suddenly didn’t know): press Start, find “Camera” in the list of all programs. It is so convenient to turn on the webcam for a photo or shooting. It can be even easier: press Windows Q, enter “Camera” in the search bar.

These simple tips on how to turn on and configure the webcam on your laptop will allow you to take emergency pictures or instantly connect to a webinar. It doesn’t matter which laptop is on the table. HP or ASUS, the instructions are almost identical. The main thing is to understand the basics, and then everything will go like clockwork.

How to enlarge the screen on a laptop: 3 ways

Hello everybody! Increasing the screen resolution is considered a rather difficult task, during which difficulties can arise. In order not to face them, I propose in today’s article to consider how to enlarge the screen on a laptop.

The first way

This method is considered the easiest, since it does NOT require downloading any third-party programs or utilities. You just need to minimize all windows and click on the right mouse button. Now you need to either select “Properties” or “Screen Resolution”. In the first case, in the “Parameters” item there is a special slider with which you can change the extension. If you immediately clicked on “Screen Expansion”, then your path will be halved.

How to increase screen brightness on a laptop?

Windows has a very handy feature. To enable it, right-click on the battery icon and select “Windows Mobility Center”.

In the window that opens, you can configure the functions to save the charger, including brightness.

In addition, most laptops allow you to adjust the brightness using the keys. Press two keys: the key with special symbols in the form of the sun, and the key “Fn”.

How to enlarge the screen on a laptop using the keyboard?

I decided to describe this method separately, since it is he who is the most popular and primitive. The method is very fast. using the so-called hot keys.

On the keyboard, press the key combination: Ctrl and or.

Suppose if you want to enlarge the screen, then press “”, and if you decrease. “-“. It should be noted that this method is suitable for all operating systems, including windows 7, windows xp.

Third way

You can apply a map, but this option is more complicated. In addition, you will need to do additional installation of drivers, usually they come with a laptop. It is worth noting that this method works well on Lenovo, acer.

So, install the driver and restart your laptop. The map icon will be highlighted in the taskbar. Right-click on it. In the window that appears, select “Screen Resolution” and Change the settings. After all the changes, click “Save” and “Apply”.

I suggest looking for a clearer understanding:

How to enlarge letters on a laptop?


If you are using GOOGLE CHROME, then click on the three horizontal bars, so you enter the browser menu. Select “Scale”. It contains three icons: “%”, “” and “-“. With them you can change the format of the text.

If you need to completely change the size and configuration of the letters, then go to such a path as: “Menu”. “Settings”. “Show advanced settings”. “Page view”. Now, in the window that opens, you can Do the Required Actions.


At the top of the screen there are three horizontal stripes, clicked on them, you will be taken to the main menu. Follow the path:

  • “Settings”.
  • “Content”.
  • “Additionally”.

Finally, select Lettering and type size.


In this browser, you can change both the scale and the size of the letters. In your browser’s “Settings” open “Advanced” and select “Fonts”. Select the required font size and character style.

Second way

You can also choose “Control Panel” in “Start”. The next step will depend on the laptop model “Screen”. “Screen Expansion” or “Personalization Design”. Next, you need to select the field. “Screen resolution settings”, but again, the name of the field may differ depending on the model and manufacturer of the laptop.

Of course, you can use a slider, which moves only in the specified proportions. However, they should not be enforced, as this may affect the image quality and the correct operation of the device. After you select the Required parameters, you need to click “Save” and “Apply”.

Ways to enlarge the screen on a laptop. Conclusion

Today I described how to enlarge the screen on a laptop, as well as how to adjust its brightness. It’s very simple, but if you still have any questions, do not hesitate and write them in the comments. Thank you all for your attention, dear readers.!

Using Screen Magnifier

Windows has a built-in tool that allows you to zoom in on the entire screen or a specific part of it for a while. It is very convenient when reading any information written in small print. This feature is called Magnifier”. To call it you need:

  • Log in on the laptop to the “Control Panel”.
  • Select the section “Accessibility”.
  • Go to the “Image Optimization” tab and check the box next to “Enable Magnifier”.
  • Adjust the information display mode and the scale of the picture on the screen at your discretion.

Ways to change image parameters on a laptop

There are several ways to change the screen scale on a laptop:

  • increase (decrease) display resolution;
  • use the “Magnifier”;
  • change the information display parameters in the settings of the required application.

Which option to use depends on how and where you want to increase the screen size on your laptop.

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Expand the screen on a laptop and enter full screen mode

Almost all modern Windows software is equipped with a graphical interface. When launched, it automatically selects the window resolution that is recommended for a particular laptop model. However, game lovers, and ordinary users, are often faced with the need to change the standard monitor scale or even switch to full screen mode. Consider how to increase the screen resolution and make the picture size larger on a laptop.

Change display resolution

If you need to make the screen resolution on a laptop larger, for example, for a comfortable display of a picture in a game, or return to standard mode after a monitor settings crash or a driver failure, follow these steps:

  • Hover the cursor over a free part of the display and right-click or right-click on the TouchPad.
  • In the list that appears, click “Screen Resolution” or “Properties”, and then the Required item. It all depends on the version of Windows installed on the laptop.
  • Using the slider Set the resolution that suits you for comfortable PC operation.

In the same section of the settings, you can stretch the desktop, increase the scale of the displayed text, change the screen orientation (expand or narrow it), etc.

If, after a system failure or exposure to malware, images and applications do not open in full screen, the problem may be due to incorrect operation of the drivers on the card. To bring the monitor’s functioning mode to normal and stretch the picture, you need to do the following:

  • Update drivers and download software to the card installed on the laptop. You can find the required software on the disk that comes with the laptop, or download it from the official website of your PC manufacturer.
  • Launch the downloaded application and set the required resolution in the display settings. Here you can also select full screen mode, adjust monitor brightness, frequency and some other parameters.

Change application settings

The need to change the parameters of the picture often arises when surfing the Internet, because the small scale of some pages makes you strain your eyes, which makes your eyes get tired quickly. Fortunately, browser developers have provided the ability to change the size of the displayed information.

To stretch a page in the Yandex browser, you need:

  • Enter the settings of this application, clicked the Corresponding icon located in the upper right corner.
  • Use the “” and “-” buttons to make the image wider or narrower to your liking.
  • If you need to set full screen mode, click the button in the form of two arrows.

In Internet browsers Mozilla and Google Chrome, the scale and full screen mode are set in much the same way. When the mode of displaying information in full screen is activated, the upper and lower panels with all the tools disappear. To return the browser window to a standard form, press the F11 function key or the FunctionF11 key combination on the keyboard.

You can stretch a picture on a laptop in almost any application using the keyboard. To do this, hold down Ctrl “”. The same can be done using the TouchPad. It is enough to put two fingers on the touchpad and pull them slightly in different directions.

Turn on Bluetooth programmatically

Do you have a Bluetooth icon (blue tooth) on your keyboard? This means that the hardware method does not suit you, let’s move on to software.

  • Enter “Start”, “Settings”, “Devices”.
  • On the left side “Bluetooth” click on it.
  • The section “Managing Bluetooth devices” will appear where you need to activate bluetooth using the slider. Now he will immediately start Scan, search for available devices that are within the radius of his connection.
  • In the same window, just below in the “Related parameters” section, enter “Other Bluetooth parameters”. Here you can check the boxes of your choice.
  • The item “send or receive files via Bluetooth” can be used to facilitate sending and receiving files.

Suddenly you want to turn off bluetooth, then do the same combination only in reverse order.

Turn on Bluetooth using the command line

This method is complex, therefore, users are not recommended to use it without computer knowledge.

  • Downloading the DevCon app.
  • We look at the bluetooth identifier in the “Device Manager”, section “Details”.
  • Open the archive you downloaded. Make a copy of the file “devcon.exe” to the system “system32”.
  • We enter the search, write “cmd” to invoke the command line, drive in the command “devcon enable identifier”. Instead of the word “ID”, enter your bluetooth adapter ID. Press “Enter”.

Launch button on laptop

If you have a button with a bluetooth icon, you can quickly turn it on. To do this, hold down “Fn”, and while holding it, press “F4, F12” in different manufacturers, the location of the button may differ. Focus on the drawing. blue tooth.

How to start bluetooth under Windows 10

Let’s consider several options, thanks to which you will know how you can turn on bluetooth on Windows 10. Also read an interesting article on how to determine the location of a person by IP address.

Activating Bluetooth in Windows 8 or 8.1 on a laptop

One of the fastest ways to turn on Bluetooth on Windows 8.

  • Go to the side panel or press the “Win and C” buttons together.
  • Click “Options”, “Changes to computer settings”.
  • Select the item “Bluetooth”, move the slider to the “ON” mode.

That’s all, now you know how Windows will turn on Bluetooth on 8.

Activating bluetooth in BIOS

After trying all the actions that are described above, you still could not turn on Bluetooth? In this case, check if the adapter is running in BIOS.

To enter the BIOS, you need to restart the PC, while constantly pressing “F2” or “Delete”, until a blue screen appears with the option. Keep in mind that in order to enter the BIOS, it is advisable to look at the manufacturer’s website for the exact key combination. Because there are many options for pressing, BIOS versions are different, to save time, use the Internet.

  • When you get into BIOS, find the item “Onboard Devices Configuration”. If there is such a comment, then just open all the sections one by one, where you will see the inscription “Bluetooth” there and enter.
  • In this section you need to activate the module, click on it and select “Enabled”.
  • Do not forget to save the settings when exiting the BIOS. You can also read why Wi-Fi may stop working on a laptop.

Turn on using “Search”

A simple, fast way to activate the radio module.

  • Go to “Start”, click “Search” and drive in the word “Bluetooth”.
  • From the list that appears, click on “Bluetooth Settings”.
  • It remains only to drag the slider to the “On” position.

That’s it, Bluetooth is running on Windows 7.

Ways to enable bluetooth on Windows 7 and Windows 10 laptop

Bluetooth is in almost every gadget or computer. It is often used to transmit data over short distances. After conducting a small survey, we understand that not every user knows how to turn on bluetooth on a laptop with Windows 7, 8, 10. There are situations when a person seems to know how to turn it on, but after the tenth attempt, he realizes that something happened to bluetooth and it does not start. Today we will show all available methods for turning on Bluetooth, as well as discuss the problems that arise and how to solve them.

Turn on Bluetooth hardware

Some laptop models have a bluetooth power key. Therefore, carefully inspect the keyboard for the icon. If you find such a button, then you can now turn it on or off when you press the “Fn” keys.

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