How to turn on your Samsung phone 30

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gesture activation

Some models allow you to light up the screen with gestures such as double tapping on the lid or screen. For example, in Motorola smartphones, double scrolling with the wrist activates the camera, which, after exiting the program, allows you to get to the main menu.

download according to the set alarm

Some models of smartphones and tablets are automatically loaded when the alarm goes off. At the same time, it is important to set the alarm clock with a loop in advance.

normal system startup in the boot mode selection menu

Hold down the volume up or volume down button, or both volume buttons.

Without releasing the volume button / buttons, connect the USB cable connected to the computer. Alternatively, connect the cable first and then hold down the volume buttons. The procedure is not critical. It’s important to synchronize both actions.

In most cases, this combination will launch the boot mode selection menu. For example, Motorola Razr M launches just such a boot mode with several boot options: Normal PowerUP, Recovery, AP Fastboot, Factoty and BP Tools.

As soon as the boot mode appears, you do not need to hold down the buttons. In this case, 5 seconds are given for making a decision, after which the program activates the highlighted option automatically. To save the menu for viewing the available options, press the volume down button.

In this case, you should select the Normal PowerUP option. Press the volume up button to confirm the action. And then wait until the operating system starts.

As soon as the system starts to boot, the power cable can be disconnected.

It is worth noting that connecting the phone to a network or portable charger did not work in my case. Perhaps, with another smartphone / tablet, a connection to a network charger or UMB is suitable.

ways to turn on the phone without the power button

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In Android devices, the power button has two main functions. turning the device on and off, as well as activating and unlocking. A failed power button does not allow full use of the device, which is a direct road to the service center. If there is no workshop nearby or it is important to postpone repairs until a later date, in this article you will learn how to turn on the phone without the power button.

connecting the power cable or headphones

When you connect a charger or headphones, the screen is briefly backlit, which allows you to unlock.

How to wake up a smartphone or tablet from standby mode

The following methods will help you unlock your device:

  • Using a biometric authentication system.
  • Connecting the power cable or headphones.
  • Gesture activation.
  • Turn on the phone with the MiKey button.

Fingerprint scanner on the front side in Motorola G6.

To enter biometric data, click on the fingerprint scanner.

The system will prompt you to enter a fingerprint.

Apply your finger at different angles for the best scan. In total, the system allows you to store up to 5 prints.

An alternative unlocking option is by face recognition. over, this method is relevant provided that the lock is removed automatically as soon as the user’s face enters the field of view of the camera / sensor.

How to set up auto-popping

Users were given access to the image rotation settings. For this:

  • expand the curtain with a set of parameters again;
  • tap on the inscription “Auto-rotate” or “Book screen”.

The user will be presented with advanced options. Display rotation is activated in the category “Switch to landscape mode”:

  • on the desktop;
  • on voice calls.

For those who are uncomfortable when the orientation of the image changes on its own, pay attention to the category “Rotate manually”. After activating the “Rotation buttons on the navigation panel” when you rotate the case from the bottom to the right, an icon will appear with a proposal to rotate the image. When finished with enabling / disabling functions, do not forget to click on “Done” at the bottom of the page.

Do it. for auto-rotate to work in the same way, you can use a tablet from Samsung, smartphone models S10 and A 70.

Function does not work

If the function does not work after turning on the image rotation. triggered with delays or when the device is tilted more steeply:

  • open the Phone app. Expand the dialing;
  • enter the combination #. press the call key. The engineering menu of the smartphone will open;
  • find the category “Sensors” in the list;
  • find the “Gyroscope Sensor” field in the list. Check the indicators by tilting the devices about in different directions;
  • when nothing changes, use “Gyro Selfest”. It will automatically calibrate the gyroscope if you put your smartphone on a flat surface.

There is no engineering menu on new models. To fix problems with the reversal, it is recommended to roll back the system to the factory settings. The latter option will help if the display rotation icon disappeared after updating the operating system or software.

How to turn it on

On Galaxy A 10, A 30, A 40, A 50, A 51 and other devices with the One UI graphical interface, this happens like this:

  • unlock your smartphone, open the desktop;
  • swipe from top to bottom. A notification curtain will appear;
  • hook your finger on the dash below the gray scale. Pull it down to expand the full list of settings;
  • in the list, tap on the icon above the “Book Screen”;
  • the icon will turn blue, change its appearance and name to “Auto-rotate”.

Now automatic rotation will work after turning the device body 90 °.

To disable reversal. repeat the above steps, only switching “Auto-rotate” to “Book screen”.

Auto-rotate screen on older models

On older smartphones like the Samsung Galaxy S8 and A 7, built on top of the Samsung Experience GUI, to set the automatic image orientation:

  • go to the settings of the parameters of the smartphone. Find and open the “Display” tab;
  • among the list of options, check the box next to “Auto-rotate screen”.

The common thing on Android is to activate the image reversal through the notification shade:

  • with the display on, swipe from top to bottom of the display;
  • among the available functions, click on the icon with an inverted smartphone.

Orientation will change with every turn of the body.

How to enable auto-rotate screen on Samsung phone, how to disable it

Auto-rotate the screen on Samsung is a basic function that is found on all devices of the brand. Explain how to set up, disable or enable screen auto-rotate on old and new Samsung models.

How it works

The gyroscope built into the device is responsible for changing the orientation of the picture: it determines the position of the device in space and, after tilting the body by 90 °, horizontally changes the position of the image. The system works automatically. but the developers left the option to adjust the screen rotation manually.

On Samsung smartphones, the auto-rotate screen is enabled in a similar way to other Android-based devices. The advantage of the interface from the South Korean brand is the extended set of function settings.

How to turn on flash when calling on Samsung

Don’t know how to set up Samsung Galaxy to notify you with a flash of incoming calls, messages and other events? In this article, you will find information on how to activate this function on your smartphone.

To enable the flash notification function on Samsung Galaxy, do the following: Open Android Samsung Settings next Accessibility next Hearing and Flash notification. to activate the function, tap the switch.

Done, now your Samsung Galaxy smartphone will flash to notify you of calls, messages and other events. To disable this function, do the same and tap the switch to turn it off.

Don’t want to miss a message or oversleep your alarm? Then let the flashlight on your phone flash along with the signal. Next, we’ll take a look at how to set up flash when calling on Samsung.

If you get tired of this feature, you can turn it off. Try it, it looks cool.

To turn on the flashlight when calling Samsung, swipe down from the top of the phone screen. A “curtain” with icons will open. Click on “Gear” and go to settings.

Then open the “Accessibility” section.

Activate Flash Notification by moving the slider to the right.

The flash on your phone will blink when you receive notifications and alarms. If you do not like this functionality, you can turn it off by moving the “slider” to the left.

Sometimes it becomes necessary to completely turn off the sound signals in the smartphone, so as not to disturb people who are nearby, or, on the contrary, not to miss an incoming call in a noisy, cheerful company. In addition to vibration, another, no less interesting and convenient way of notifications can also be used as an event indicator. the blinking of a flashlight (flash of the main camera). How to turn on flash when calling Samsung?

turn, your, samsung, phone

Despite the fact that Xiaomi and Apple have long implemented this function in their mobile devices, Samsung is in no hurry with this business and additional software will need to be used to trigger the flashlight on incoming phone calls.

On the first launch, you will have to allow the application to receive calls so that it can track them and, accordingly, turn on the flashlight.

In addition to incoming calls, the application can inform about new SMS messages, as well as notifications that are created by various programs (the list of programs can be configured independently).

Strobe on Call is automatically registered in startup and after turning on the smartphone, it automatically starts working without the need to turn it on again.

Other useful information:

What to do if the phone turns off and does not turn on

If the method above was not effective, it does not turn on further, I have another option for forced inclusion

It is a little longer, more complicated, but nevertheless it is often closed by the successful inclusion of a70, a30, a40, and a20.

What do you need to do. You will need this time to hold down the other two buttons: the first power and the second this time make it louder, not quieter.

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Wait for the menu, and there you have two options. The first is preferable and only if it does not help, go to the second.

You need to sound quieter to select “reboot system now” and press the power. If this does not help, then using the same buttons, first select “wipe data / factory reset”, confirm, and then “reboot system now”.

Just REMEMBER. there will be no trace of personal data in the phone a70, a30, a40, a20, but if synchronization is enabled and you enter with the same Google registration, they will be restored within an hour.

Perhaps not all will be restored (applications installed on the market, they will definitely not be restored), but like photos, videos and contacts in the phone to resume.

How to Force Turn on Samsung Galaxy Phone

Do you still remember the times when you could pull out the battery and insert it. such a simple trick always solved many problems.

In Samsung a70, a30, a40, a20, this will not work. the batteries are not removed in them, but there is a “button” similar to this procedure.

What to do to apply it? You just need to hold the two together at the same time for a few seconds.

Not for long. Just press the power and simultaneously press it to make it quieter. This combination does the same as removing and inserting the battery.

After such a simple artificial respiration, Samsung usually comes to life and continues to work as if nothing had happened.

Of course, if you did not notice any signs of damage. if any physical component is out of order, then this method will not work.

Use your computer for troubleshooting

If you still can’t turn on your Samsung a70, a30, a40 or a20, you can try turning it on using your computer.

To do this, connect your phone to your computer using a USB cable. Let it charge for 15 minutes. Disconnect the cable from the device (not from the computer).

Connect the cable within 10 seconds after disconnecting it. Charge your device for another 30 minutes.

Press and hold the power button for five seconds. Click Restart on the screen. If you don’t see a restart, hold the power button for another 30 seconds.

Your device may turn on and be able to go through the boot process to the home screen.

What else can be done

First, check the obvious. Have you forgotten to charge your Samsung? The charger may be partially displaced in the outlet?

Next, make sure there is no dust, dirt or other debris clogging the USB port on the charging cable or phone charging port.

USB charging cables are notorious for failing. You can check the integrity of yours by using it with another device and see if it works.

Of course, your Samsung a40, a30, a70, a20 can be turned on without your knowledge. a damaged screen can give the impression of no power.

How to Properly Setup New Samsung Phones 2019

Fortunately, it’s easy to know if the screen is at fault. Hold the power button for 30 seconds to make sure your phone definitely turns on, then wait at least two minutes for the boot process to complete.

Now just call yourself from another phone. If the phone rings, the screen is to blame. Remember, you can replace the screen yourself, but will void your warranty.

turn, your, samsung, phone

What to do if the screen does not turn on on Samsung a70 / a30 / a40 / a20

The fact that Samsung Galaxy a70, a30, a40, a20 turns off the screen during a conversation is normal, but if it turns off and does not turn on then it becomes scary.

The worst nightmare of every smartphone owner is trying to start the phone and find that nothing is happening. it won’t turn on.

In theory, a black screen with no signs of life means a disaster, but in practice, in most cases, it can be reanimated on its own.

Although it did not stop the heart, nevertheless, after bringing the Samsung a70, a30, a40 or a20 to life, people become incredibly happy.

You will be convinced of this now. as a token of gratitude, perhaps write in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев what exactly continued his life. then happiness will smile at me.

I will share several ways to resuscitate your pet who has fallen into suspended animation. Ready. Then let’s go.

Damage to the motherboard on your phone or the power button

In many cases, the reason why Samsung a70 and a30, or a20 and a40 won’t turn on is due to minor or extensive damage to the motherboard.

In order to fix a phone with a damaged motherboard, you need to visit a repair center.

If the software on your device is damaged due to low-level settings that you made on the system, you may need to restore the device firmware.

Your phone may not turn on due to a broken power button. Then you also need to go to a reputable repair shop to properly replace the button with a compatible, high quality part.

Many repair shops offer substandard replacement parts that interfere with the overall functionality of the device. Success.

How to turn off or force restart your Samsung Galaxy smartphone

By purchasing one of the new Samsung phones (including Galaxy A11, A21, A21s, A31, A41, A51, A71, M11, M21, M31, M31s, M51, S20, S20, S20 Ultra and others) and trying to turn it off for the first time or reboot, an ordinary user will encounter certain difficulties. On smartphones 2019-2020 Release, a long press of the power button brings up the Bixby voice assistant, and not a menu with options, which usually include shutdown, restart and activation of emergency mode. How, then, to restart a frozen device, or how to turn it off in the standard way? We understand all the intricacies within the framework of this instruction.

What to do if your Samsung Galaxy smartphone or tablet is frozen and unresponsive

If your mobile device freezes, you need to perform a forced reboot. To do this, simultaneously press the power button and the volume down key and hold them for 7-10 seconds, after which the device turns off and on again. On some older models, you need to additionally hold down the volume up key.

To restart a Samsung smartphone with a removable battery, just remove the back cover, pull out the battery, then insert it back, hold down the power button and hold it until the Samsung logo appears on the display.

turn, your, samsung, phone

Shutdown and restart of smartphones Samsung Galaxy A31, A41, A51, A71, M21, M31, M31s, M51, S20, S20 Plus, S20 Ultra and others

With the release of its own voice assistant, the specialists of the South Korean company had a need to assign the launch of Bixby to one of the physical keys. Initially, the function was the privilege of flagship models. they were equipped with a dedicated button responsible for calling the built-in voice assistant.

Modern Samsung smartphones, both flagships and mid-range devices, are also equipped with the Bixby assistant, but lack a separate key for interacting with it. Samsung decided to abandon the fourth button on smartphone cases, assigning the Bixby call to one of the familiar keys. For this purpose, the power button was chosen and, for sure, not by chance. Most likely, the power-lock key received a new function due to the desire of Samsung engineers to improve the ergonomics of mobile devices.

Since holding the lock key for a few seconds began to call the Bixby voice assistant, the developers of the Samsung One UI firmware had to reassign the shutdown and restart of the device to a combination of two buttons. The same keyboard shortcut is used to force restart the frozen phone.

The innovation has been implemented in all Samsung smartphones and tablets released in the second half of 2019 and early 2020. Turning off or restarting such a mobile device is performed as follows:

First, you need to simultaneously hold the power button and the volume down key for a few seconds.

After the screen displays a vertical menu consisting of three options, you must select the required action (shutdown or restart) and confirm its execution by clicking on the corresponding icon again. Depending on the option selected, the smartphone will turn off or restart.

There is another way to reboot and turn off your mobile device. you need to open the quick settings panel by making a swipe down from the top edge of the screen and click on the switch icon. Then you should select the required action.

The procedure for turning on the phone remains the same. just hold the power key for a couple of seconds until the Samsung logo appears on the display, and then enter the PIN code of the SIM card and unlock the device.

How to take a screenshot

Astute readers may have noticed that the keyboard shortcut for restarting or shutting down new Samsung Galaxy phones is the same as the “classic” button combination used for taking screenshots. How do you take screenshots then? It’s simple. you need to press the same buttons, but do not hold them, but immediately release them.

There will be a clicking sound similar to the sound of a camera shutter, and the display will turn white for a fraction of a second. At the bottom of the screen, a panel with additional options for managing the captured screenshot will be displayed. In a few seconds, the panel will “hide”.

Other helpful instructions for owners of Samsung Galaxy smartphones and tablets:

Home / How To / How to Turn Off or Restart Samsung Galaxy A51, A31, A71, M21, M31, M31s, M51, S20, S20 Plus, S20 Ultra

How to connect and turn on Samsung DeX

If you own one of the mobile devices of a well-known Korean manufacturer, it is helpful for you to know how to enable Samsung DeX. This unique service first appeared on mobile phones above the S8 series. It allows you to sync your workspace between your phone and your computer monitor. Read more about this technology in our material.

How to connect Samsung DeX

The service is connected in several ways. Unfortunately, there is no wireless option yet, but there are several devices that allow you to connect.

Samsung DeX does not work

In rare cases, an error may occur when trying to activate the function. Depending on the cause of the problem, there are different ways to fix them.

What is Samsung DeX

This technology allows you to switch between multiple devices and create a workspace. They are controlled using a touch-screen on a phone or tablet, or a computer mouse and keyboard. A special docking station or a special adapter (for older models) is used to synchronize devices. For versions above S9, no additional devices are needed. the mode is turned on simply on the phone screen, in a pre-installed application.

Samsung dex allows you to use mobile apps on the big screen, create and show presentations, use instant messengers, and even play mobile games. Some applications are optimized for use in this mode.

How to forcibly turn off a Samsung smartphone

When you need to turn off your Android Samsung Galaxy phone in a normal situation, just press and hold the screen off button, and then select the desired item in the menu. However, the situation is complicated when you need to turn off a smartphone with an inoperative screen sensor, with a broken screen or without the ability to unlock it, a frozen phone, especially considering that the batteries in modern Samsung are non-removable. Some in this case wait for a complete discharge, but this is not at all useful for the battery (see What to do if Android is running out of power quickly). However, there is a way to shutdown in the described scenarios.

This short tutorial details how to forcibly turn off your Samsung Galaxy smartphone using only the hardware buttons on it. The method works for all modern models of smartphones of this brand, including for a locked device with a completely non-working screen or in cases where the phone is frozen. Unfortunately, the reason for writing the article was my own brand new broken Note 9 (but there are some pluses: thanks to Samsung Dex, full access to memory, data in it and applications remained).

Turn off Samsung Galaxy with buttons

As promised, the instruction will be very short, a forced shutdown consists of three simple steps:

  • Connect your Samsung Galaxy to the charger.
  • Press and hold the power button and volume down button. If at this moment the creation of a screenshot occurs, do not pay attention, continue to hold the buttons.
  • Release the buttons after 8-10 seconds, the smartphone will be turned off.

By itself, the specified combination causes (after holding) a “simulation of battery disconnect” (Simulated Battery Disconnect. in the official formulation of the manufacturer).

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And a couple of notes that might be helpful:

  • For some older models, a simple long hold on the power button works.
  • Samsung’s official website says that you need to hold down these buttons for 10-20 seconds. However, in my experience, it works around the 7th-8th.

I hope some of the readers find the material useful.

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Damn it Senk Yu! For some reason, I turned on the autoclicker with a frequency of 1 millisecond. As a result, the screen did not work. Helped

You just saved me. An alarm clock on a smartphone with a non-working screen is evil.

Android Safe Mode, Developer Mode motherboard drivers and other nuances

Among other things, if the issue under consideration occurs, please note the following points:

  • Enable developer mode on Android, and then enable USB debugging in the developer options and, separately, find the default USB configuration item in the developer settings and set the “File transfer” mode. May be helpful here: How to enable USB debugging on Android.
  • If you used the USB modem mode on the phone, in the settings (usually in the “Connections” or “Network and Internet”. “Access point and modem” section), turn off the “USB modem” option.
  • If the phone is no longer visible after reinstalling or updating Windows, install the original drivers of the motherboard, chipset from the website of its manufacturer or from the website of the laptop manufacturer if you have a laptop.
  • Try restarting your Android phone in Safe Mode. If after that it became visible when connected to a computer, then most likely the reason is in some third-party applications, most often related to protection, control and similar.
  • Try using the built-in troubleshooter in Windows: go to Control Panel. Troubleshoot. Hardware and Sound. Device Settings (in recent versions of Windows 10, the item is missing).
  • If possible, try connecting your phone to another computer. If it is also not visible there, again, the matter is most likely in the cable or connector. over, the connector on the phone may stop functioning for transferring files simply due to the ingress of dirt or water, followed by oxidation of the contacts.
  • They can also help (or they can create problems with other USB drives, so take it only if you are ready for this) methods regarding cleaning the drivers from the instructions The computer does not see the USB flash drive.

If none of the options helps to solve the problem, and the computer still does not see your Android smartphone, describe the situation in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев: what was done, after which the problem appeared, how does your device behave when connected via USB, has the cable been checked with another phone, and the problematic device is on another computer. I will try to help.

Checking phone operation (MTP device) in device manager

  • Open Device Manager on your Windows 10, 8.1, or Windows 7 computer while your phone is connected. To open Device Manager, you can press the WindowsR keys on your keyboard, type devmgmt.msc, and press Enter. Windows is the OS logo key.
  • See if there is a device in the device manager named MTP (MTP Device, MTP Device) or the name of your phone (may be in the “Portable Devices” section).
  • If there is, double click on it, go to the Driver tab, click Update driver. Search for drivers on this computer. Select from a list of available drivers on your computer and see the list. If it has more than one compatible device, try to select a different driver than the one currently installed, usually you need to select “USB MTP device”.
  • If no new devices appear in the manager when disconnecting and connecting the phone via USB, this is another argument in favor of problems with the cable, connector on the phone or computer.

on this topic, if the device is displayed in the device manager with an exclamation mark, in a separate instruction Incorrect service installation section in this MTP INF file.

The computer does not see the phone via USB. why and how to fix it

If you are faced with the fact that the phone does not connect via USB, that is, the computer does not see it to transfer files, but only charging occurs, while the connection sound is played, this manual provides details on how to fix this and enable the ability to view content phone memory when connected via USB cable.

The steps below are suitable for both latest and previous Android phones in case the smartphone is not visible after connecting via USB on a computer with Windows 10, 8.1, Windows 7 and XP or Mac OS.

How to fix if the computer does not see the phone connected via USB. additional methods

If your phone does not connect via USB to a data-capable computer, but only charges, try the following methods to fix the problem.

Why Android phone is not visible on the computer via USB and only charging takes place. simple reasons and solutions

Before proceeding with additional methods for solving the problem when the phone is not visible through the USB connection, I recommend paying attention to the following simple points: very often the reason turns out to be one of the following:

  • If you took a USB connection cable from a non-original cheap charging or bundled with another device (for example, to charge wireless headphones or another device that is not intended for receiving and transmitting data), then this may be the reason: not all cables can transmit data, there are no corresponding contacts, and outwardly it is not noticeable. The solution is a working cable with guaranteed data transfer capability.
  • If you are faced with the fact that when you connect a smartphone to a computer, it is not visible, and recently the phone was repaired and something related to the board or connector was repaired, it is highly likely that the repair caused the problem: very often the connectors are soldered so that after that only charging works properly. The solution is just to redo.
  • If you have Mac OS, just install Android File Transfer app for data transfer capability, official website:
  • If you still have Windows XP, install the MTP (Media Transfer Protocol) driver.

Additionally, keep in mind that connecting even with a working cable through a USB hub (USB port splitter) to a faulty USB connector on a computer or laptop, and sometimes to the front panel of a PC may cause the problem under consideration. Try a direct connection to USB, another connector, the back of the PC, if connected to a USB 3.0 connector (usually blue). check if the problem persists when connecting to USB 2.0.

And the last simple point: after connecting the phone to the computer, in order for it to appear in the explorer with the ability to view photos, videos and other files, you need:

  • Unlock the phone when connected, if it is locked. you will not be able to access data on locked modern Android phones.
  • In the notification area, click on the USB connection notification (by default, most phones are connected only for charging). If the notification does not appear, more precisely, it does not say that this is a USB connection, but only a text about charging, then from the “point of view” of the phone, the connection does not serve for data transfer (wrong cable, damaged cable, connector on the phone or computer) Below are screenshots with the appearance of the notification on pure Android 9 and 8, on Samsung Galaxy and on Android 6-7.
  • Select MTP file transfer mode for USB connection. On older versions of Android, there may also be an item for connecting as USB Mass Storage, it will also work, and it may work even better.

If the listed methods did not help, let’s move on to more complex fixes.

Additional Information

If you come to the conclusion that the reason for the problems when connecting the phone is its physical problems (socket, something else) or you just do not want to understand the reasons for a long time, then you can transfer files from and to the phone in other ways:

  • If you have Windows 10, use your phone‘s built-in app (photo transfer only), if your Samsung phone uses Samsung Flow app.
  • Synchronization via cloud storage Google Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox, Yandex Disk.
  • Using programs like AirDroid (convenient and simple for novice users).
  • Create an FTP server on your phone or connect it as a network drive in Windows.

This concludes, and if you have any questions or additions after reading, I will be glad if you share.

Black Screen or Screen Won’t Turn On for Galaxy A50s, A50, A40, A30, A20, A10, etc

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When connecting the mobile to the laptop, only one local disk is visible. The other with files is not visible. How to see him?

Hello. And you have a memory card and internal memory there, right? The memory card was not accidentally formatted as internal?

In my case, the problem turned out to be in the system Media Storage service. If it is frozen, or simply does not work in the background, or has been strangled by all kinds of optimizers, the computer will not see the smartphone. Found it by accident, maybe someone will be useful

Thank you very much for the article. Helped to resolve the issue with the connection. Hooray!

And on the contrary, I need to make sure that smartphones do not see wines10 or wines 7. What needs to be disabled in Windows for this?

Hello, the Homtom ht16 phone has been in use for 2 months. It does not turn on, I thought the battery sat down, it does not react to charging. I charged the frog battery, zero sense. Does not turn on for charging does not respond, I connect silence to the PC in the manager. I decided to cheer up through the sp flash tool without a battery with the volume down button pressed down to silence. I tried restoring bricks, but the computer does not react at all with or without a battery. When charging, it heats up in the processor area, is it a short circuit? he just lay there. I don’t know where to dig next

Hello. I also don’t presume to guess. You can try to power it directly (just watch the voltage / current carefully) and see if it turns on like this.

Good afternoon, please tell me. I can’t connect to my laptop. I plug it in, it’s charging, nothing else, even the top of the phone does not show that it is charging. I did the debugging, I changed the cable. For a split second, this window appeared with a choice of data transfer and that’s it. I did not understand where it disappeared. No more appeared, no matter what I did.

Hello. Could it be a phone jack? See that there is no dirt there and use the same cable where the window appeared.

Good information, everything is written correctly, and most importantly, a bunch of options were provided. Thank you for your help.

If the computer does not see the phone, but the photo is being transferred from the phone to the computer. There is no telephone in the connected devices in the display. How to solve this problem?

I do not quite understand But how exactly is the transfer going in this case?

The phone was bought in China. If you go into the documents and select the desired removable disk, then the disk is designated as a CD-drive (F 🙂 HiSuite. I open it, there is a folder with a PDF document, the document is called OPEN SOURCE SOFTWARE NOTICE, and three files: autoran, HiSuite, and with Chinese characters. If you open the last file, the menu for installing HiSuite on-line appears. And the photos are somehow strangely transmitted. OneDrive opens automatically even though I’m not using it. And the menu for importing images appears immediately. It turns out that if you select the transfer of photos, the disk is visible, and if you select the transfer of files, the disk is not visible. Initially, there was no such problem. Maybe because of updates on the laptop, this happened.

Hm strange. And other disks during the “file transfer” except F does not appear?

Thank you for your help. Very helpful article!

Thank you for the article! But nothing helped me. Oneplus 3T phone. Since some time, it has ceased to be detected on all computers. Only charging. In Device Manager. Unknown Device (Device Descriptor Request Failed). There is a suspicion that this is after charging from an iPhone charger. I rolled the phone back to factory settings. Then I replaced the phone’s USB cable, but the situation did not change. I understand that this is some kind of hardware problem. Tell me what else can be replaced without any problems and costs?

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Hello. Unfortunately, now it is difficult for me to give any recommendation, I explain: 1. When I started reading the comment I thought: there is clearly something with the connector on the phone (dirt, dust, damaged contacts). 2. When I read to “replaced the USB cable of the phone”. I realized that it is useless to guess now: the point is that, without exaggeration, half of the repairmen solder these connectors so and such that after that the phone can only be charged. And there is a great chance that you too.

In general, the correct solution is to contact someone who understands exactly and it is with this problem to address, do not ask to simply replace the connector.

Thanks for the answer! I changed the loop myself and no soldering was required there. I thought this was some kind of standard problem, indicating a malfunction of some module. I wanted to understand whether it is worth bothering with repairs in the service, or try something else simple to replace yourself

Good afternoon, the article did not help, but I think the problem is still on this topic. Budget Smart OPPO A-12. When connected to a PC, be it a USB or FTP server (via Wi-Fi), the PC sees the device, but I cannot send large files (movies) to the smartphone. I can’t say for sure the minimum size of a file that can be transferred, but it transfers documents and music without problems. Nothing happens with large files, it does not knock out any error either on a PC or on a smartphone, there is more than enough memory on a smart phone to download a file, I also tried the USB 2.0 and 3.0 ports. Tell me what could be the solution to this problem?

Hello. I just have an idea that this may be due to the limitations of the file system, for example, a file cannot be placed more than 4 GB on fat32. Another thing is that the internal memory on Android is not FAT32

Samsung S10 Exynos in recovery mode (stock) is not visible in the device manager on PC (win7x64). When loaded. visible (Samsung Android ADB Interface). on request adb devices is visible as device, but needed as recovery. you need to connect the drive as mass storage. in bootloader mode it is seen as sideload. It is imperative to sew recovery on TWRP so that the computer can see it on adb?

Samsung Galaxy s10 based on Exynos. When switching to recovery (stock), it is not detected in the device manager. Replacing recovery with TWRP will fix the situation?

If I’m not mistaken, for this I installed a separate USB driver on my Note 9 (I don’t remember where I took it, but on the Internet, but I didn’t want to change the recovery).

Hello, I have such a problem on the honor 7c pro phone, when connected to a computer via file transfer, all data as (Pdf, rtf, doc, arm) are visible as folders, but on the phone it is visible normally

Hello. And if you copy this “folder” from your phone to your computer, it turns into a regular file?

No, it does not transform, But I managed to copy files via the OTG cable to a USB flash drive and then only to a computer. And a direct connection via a phone cable to a computer, files are seen as folders, and in another PC I also checked the same trouble (

It’s a strange situation I don’t even have an explanation.

Hello, I have a Samsung gt-I9300. The computer sees the phone. But in the Download mode for the firmware, the driver is not installed. Another Samsung g350e on this computer with the same cable installs the driver when connected in Download mode for Odin

Dmitry, solved the issue by connecting the USB back and flashed it. Surprisingly, another brand of Samsung is visible when connected from the front. Shil also Alcatel in front 2 times burned flash memory-2 phone on the Spredtrum. Seen from the front that the voltage is wrong.

Excellent! Well, that is, it’s not great that the front connectors are the same, but the fact that the solution was found is good)


Your smartphone’s battery can run out at the wrong time, even if you recently charged it. Many modern phones equipped with options such as Bluetooth and Wi-Fi drain much faster than older models. When you have Wi-Fi turned on and there is no network, the phone will throw all its energy into finding it. If at this time you do not need the Internet, then disable this option, the same applies to Bluetooth.

Samsung phone won’t turn on. reasons and how to eliminate

Let’s figure out why Samsung phone won’t turn on. First, we will list the main reasons, and then we will give an explanation for each of the points.

Charger status

You put the phone on charge, the required time passed, but it still did not turn on. Pay attention directly to the charger. In the device, the wires may break off or the contact may come off.

The way out is as follows: take a similar “charge” or use the “frog” battery. If these methods do not help, remember if you have charged your smartphone using someone else’s charger, which may not fit your mobile phone. Expensive phones are very sensitive to such changes and, after that, only a flashing can save them.

OFF / ON button

Sometimes it is because of this button that the phone has a dark screen. When the device is completely new and the on / off button is faulty, get acquainted. this is a factory gaffe. Contact the seller who will change the phone or redirect to the service center.

If the device has been serving you for some time, and it suddenly became clear that the screen image is not loading, take it for repair. Such a problem could have occurred as a result of the impact of the phone or moisture that got into it. The service will offer you the following services:

  • keyboard panel replacement
  • deep cleaning of the device
  • partial or complete replacement of the keyboard controller

Why Samsung Phone Won’t Turn On

If you are left without communication, then calm down and think about why the phone does not turn on. A common mistake many users make when disconnecting their phone are the following: opening the case cover and jerking the wires, loosening small parts, etc. If you want your smartphone to have a chance of life, then never do that.

A person who does not understand how a modern phone works is unlikely to be able to find the cause of the problem. The answer to the question. “Why does the Samsung phone not want to turn on?” Is hidden in the little things, and “self-medication” will lead to really serious problems.

Common reasons why your Samsung phone may not turn on:

Smartphone updates

Probably all users of modern devices like to experiment with updates of various applications, but they forget that not all updates are useful for smartphones. Some downloaded features are incompatible with the device’s system. this leads to the fact that it will turn off when it pleases.

Exit: from the switched off phone, remove the battery, wait a few minutes, insert the battery, turn on the device and remove unnecessary updates. If this does not help, you will have to apply a smartphone sweep. Stripping. this is a function that removes all settings of the phone and returns it to the factory settings.

What is and how the OTG function works on Android devices

Every year the capabilities of Android smartphones and tablets exceed their predecessors several times, providing users with very interesting and useful functions. Now you can connect different devices to your mobile gadget, just like to a computer. This opportunity is provided by OTG (One-The-Go) technology.

Which smartphones support the technology?

Android 2.3 and up automatically supports this technology. But here it is important to take into account that a lot depends on the manufacturer’s shell, which the smartphone provides. Android is the development of Google, provided to all companies, where each company already modifies it in its own way and can either add something new or remove it.

Some manufacturers are removing this option only to conserve battery power and improve overall battery efficiency. But such steps are taken only for the sake of budget models. Medium and high class smartphones 100% have this technology and support a wide range of connected devices.

What devices can be connected via OTG?

With this technology, almost any type of device can be connected to the phone. But this is only in theory. In practice, we see a different picture. Much depends on the developers of shells for a specific version of the Android operating system, on the devices that you connect, on compatibility.

You can easily connect USB sticks up to 32 GB. You can try more, for example, 64 GB, but they do not work everywhere.

It is also possible to connect separate external drives, but here it is worth considering the fact that many models simply do not have enough power from your phone. If it is possible to connect power through a regular outlet in the auxiliary input, then there will be no problems with the transfer and correct reading of the file list.

You can connect a computer mouse, keyboard. This is very useful in cases where the user needs to type something, but the standard virtual keyboard does not suit him.

If you are an avid gamer, you can also connect a gamepad using OTG in your phone. Just keep in mind that not all Google Play games support this technology and similar devices. Much depends on the application developer himself.

There is a possibility of transferring contacts and messages through this technology, if you connect two devices through one cable. You can also connect a lamp powered by a USB port.

If you have a bad front camera on your smartphone, then just connect an external!

This technology is convenient for photographers who can view photos on their device, for example, a tablet or smartphone, via a card reader or USB. You can even plug in adapters for the Internet to connect via fiber optic!

But that’s not all! Need to print documents urgently? Connect your printer! You can also add a monitor or TV here.

As a result, the user gets a full-fledged device with which he can control other devices. And if we take into account that the power of some telephones exceeds some of the budget computers of older generations, then in the future we can expect the full implementation of all work with a PC on a mobile device.

What it is?

USB OTG is an adapter for your smartphone that connects to it via Mini or Micro USB, and on the other side there is a USB port, into which you can insert not only flash drives, but also other types of gadgets. For example, card readers, external drives, game joysticks, keyboards and many other technical innovations that surround us in everyday life. Thus, the OTG function on Android significantly expands the capabilities of the smartphone, providing the user with a wider range of applications for his device.

Also, there are often questions about why device developers do not build in a separate USB port so as not to use third-party adapters.

  • Firstly, this is an extra space on the phone case. Almost all companies involved in the production of equipment are trying to reduce the thickness of the case and this is a huge advantage over competitors, so no manufacturer will take such a step.
  • Secondly, such a port will actively consume additional energy, and this greatly affects the overall battery consumption.
  • Thirdly, partners of developers make huge money on the sale of accessories. That is, they added support for USB OTG to Android, aroused interest in their technology, and partners provided the same adapters on the market that are necessary for work. In the end, everyone wins, even the consumer.!

How to check if my smartphone supports this feature?

You can find out if I have OTG support in different ways.