How To Unlock Home Screen Style On Honor

How to customize the interface?

One of the advantages of EMUI is, without a doubt, the level of customization. Use your own photo as a background, Collect apps in a separate tray, customize physical or virtual keys, Change the order of apps on screens to match your tastes and needs in just a few steps.

Change background: Settings. Display. Wallpaper. Set wallpaper. Gallery / Other.

App Drawer: Settings. Display. Home Screen Style. App Drawer.

Select a way to navigate the system: Settings. Smart Assistant. System navigation. Here you can tell your device how to activate the single navigation key to access the home screen, extra screen and final actions, whether to activate the virtual navigation bar (by setting up a key combination) or select the quick menu.

Change Quick Settings: Pull down the dropdown menu and click on the pencil shortcut.

How To Unlock Home Screen Style On Honor

Adapt your smartphone to your needs.

Change layouts and arrange apps: Press and hold on an empty spot on the home screen, then tap Settings. In this section, you can reorganize your applications, even shaking your phone to shuffle shortcuts.

Battery percentage display: Settings. Apps and notifications. Notifications and status bar. Battery percentage: do not show / Next to the battery icon.

Add contact information to the lock screen: Settings. Security privacy. Screen lock and passwords. Lock screen recording.

Disable step counter on lock screen: Settings. Security privacy. Screen lock passwords. Show step count on lock screen.

Customize backgrounds, widgets and transitions.

Speed ​​up interaction with the device

But not all of the options offered by the device are useful. EMUI offers some features that we recommend using because they allow you to optimize your experience with your phone by reducing the number of necessary gestures or transitions to a particular function.

Search for files faster: Swipe from the home screen, you will see the search term.

Turn on voice commands: Settings. Smart assistance. Voice control to answer or reject a call using your voice.

Call a contact from the screen: Press and hold the volume key while speaking the contact’s name after the beep.

Wake up the Google Assistant: press and hold the home button, use a voice command (remember to activate the function from the Google app).

Open the app by drawing the first letter: Settings. Smart Assistance. Motion Control. Draw.

Split screen in two using gesture: Settings. Smart Assistance. Motion Control. Split Screen Gesture.

Enable quick launch: on the lock screen, finger up and down to access sound recording, flashlight, calculator, timer or camera.

All you need to do is click to open quick launch.

Use two WhatsApp accounts /: Settings. Apps and Notifications. Related Apps.

Turn on Face Unlock: Settings. Security Privacy. Face Unlock.

Enable one-handed operation: Settings. Smart Assistance. User Interface. Mini Screen.

Take a screenshot: Instead of the classic keyboard shortcut Volume Down Power, tap the screen several times.


Locking your device with a PIN, password, gesture sequence, fingerprint reader, or face recognition can help protect your data. And if you want to hide something from prying eyes, you will find specialized four functions for this task.!

Set one or more fingerprints: Settings. Security and privacy. Fingerprint scanner.

Create a Personal Space on your smartphone, enabled the function of the same name: Settings. Security and privacy. PrivateSpace.

Encrypt photos, audio, and other files: Settings. Security and privacy. Version files. Enable.

Block access to some apps: Settings. Security Privacy. App Lock.

With Private Space you can contain two “worlds” on one device!

EMUI: All the tricks for Huawei and Honor phones

Manufacturers always customize their interfaces and with EMUI you can easily see changes from a Chinese manufacturer. The user interface offers an experience different from the original Android. In this article, we’ll take a look at some of the features you need to know to get the most out of your smartphone, be it the Huawei P10, Mate 10 Pro or Honor View 10 to name just a few of the ever-growing Huawei / Honor family.

Important: There might be slight differences between Honor and Huawei devices.

Go to the display menu

We often underestimate the importance of image and screen-related settings. We are talking not only about the brightness level, but also in the ability to change the color rendition of the displayed content, as well as in setting the font sizes.

Font size: Settings. Display. Text size.

Resize interface elements: Settings. Display. View mode.

Screen Resolution: Settings. Display. Screen Resolution.

Screen brightness: Settings. Display. Brightness.

Color Temperature: Settings. Display. Color Temperature. Default | Warm | Cold.

Color Mode: Settings. Display. Color Mode. Normal | Bright.

Blue color filter: Settings. Display. Eye comfort.

Adjust the text size according to your preference.

Screen off: Settings. Display. Sleep. 30 seconds is a good way to limit power consumption.

View apps in full screen mode: Settings. Screen. full screen mode.

Screen rotation: Settings. Display. Auto screen rotation | Smart turn.

Increase the sensitivity of the touch screen in winter: Settings. Smart assistance. Glove mode.

Displaying photos on the lock screen while charging: Settings. Screen. Screen saver.

Become a real camera master

This is one of the components that users use the most, the camera is full of surprises, especially now that artificial intelligence is taking over smartphones. Introduced on the Mate 10 Pro and View 10 with the Kirin 970 NPU, AI helps optimize the photography experience by choosing the best settings and modes based on your needs.

Turn on Pro mode: open the camera app. Swipe from left to right and click “Pro Photo” or “Pro”.

Take a screenshot: Double click the volume down.

Quick view of the photo gallery: open a photo in the Gallery, perform a pinch gesture to zoom out and scroll through other pictures.

Select multiple photos at the same time: open a folder, press and hold the photo you want to select for a few seconds, then your finger to select other photos.

How to create a bokeh effect: open the camera and click the icon that simulates the lens aperture; now click on the object you want to see in focus, shoot.

Adjust the Beauty effect: Click the “Portrait” icon and slide your finger across the Beauty level indicator.

Have fun with AR: Turn on AR lenses from the camera menu, click on AR at the bottom and select the effects that you want to see on the object in real time that you are filming.

In Artist mode, you can transform your pictures into works of art.

Artist Mode: Convert photos to comics or make them artwork (Prism style).

Apply Instagram-style filters before shooting: turn on the Filter element in camera modes and then click on the three circles to show nine filters in real time.

Smile Photo: Swipe to camera settings and enable Capture Smiles.

Scan a document: open the cameras and click “scan document”, leave the document and start scanning according to the instructions.


Unfortunately, there are no miracles here. You will NOT be able to force your smartphone’s battery for more than two days. However, you can monitor and manage your battery consumption using the Custom Settings. If your smartphone supports this technology, you can use fast charging to get the necessary energy in a short time.

Turn on power saving mode. To restrict apps in the background, disable automatic email syncing and system sounds.

Select power saving mode: for emergencies, this mode allows you to restrict the use of applications, which greatly limits the user’s ability.

Understand what your battery is consuming: Settings. Battery. Battery usage.

Optimize your power consumption: Settings. Battery. Optimization, then go to the tips that you would like to put into practice.

Analyze your battery usage.

Other helpful tips

If you want to take full control of the system, here are some additional tricks:

We activate the developer options: Settings. About phone. Build number, click on it, Until you see a notification of successful activation.

Reset smartphone: Settings. Reset. Reset to factory settings.

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System Update: Settings. System Update. Update.

Simultaneous control of two SIM cards: Settings. Wireless and networks. Dual SIM settings.

Scheduling an alarm clock on a smartphone: Settings. Smart Help. Enable / Disable the schedule. Set the power on time and then the alarm time.

Transfer data from your old smartphone: Download Phone Clone to both devices (Huawei, Honor or Apple), select the data you would like to transfer.

Improving sound quality: Settings. Sound. Sound effects Huawei Histen (Connect headphones to the phone, otherwise the item will NOT appear in the menu).

Ways to Change Wallpaper on Honor Phone

There are two simple solutions that a user can use to customize the wallpaper on their phone. In the first case, you will have to use the phone settings, and in the second you will need to install a third-party application.

How to Change Wallpaper on Honor Using Settings

  • Tap an empty part of the home screen that has no app icons or widgets. A kind of menu with pictures will open, in which you can choose an option for the home screen or lock screen.
  • Choose pictures from the standard samples that are offered by EMUI. Alternatively, you can select images taken from the phone camera, which are stored in the Gallery. In addition, in addition to the standard options and photos available in the phone, you can choose live (Live) wallpapers. These are animated images. To do this, click the “” button.
  • When your choice is over, you can edit (crop) the wallpaper.
  • The next step is to choose a location for the new wallpaper. This could be the home screen or the lock screen.

You can choose a suitable wallpaper directly from the settings menu. To do this, go to Settings Display Wallpaper.

The section contains four submenus:

  • “Customize wallpaper”: here you can select and edit background images.
  • “Freely change the wallpaper of the home screen”: the function to enable automatic wallpaper change for the home screen.
  • “Interval”: the ability to select the time interval after which the screen saver will change.
  • Album: select the location where the pictures used as wallpaper are stored.

If you want the wallpaper to change automatically, set the slider opposite the second item to the on position.

Change wallpaper on Honor phone

What if you are bored with wallpapers on your Honor 7, 7a, 8c, 8x, 10 and second models? The answer is obvious. the wallpaper needs to be changed. This is not as difficult as it might seem. The interface of any Android phone (and Honor is based on this mobile operating system) can be customized without special knowledge and skills according to your preferences.

Setting wallpaper for the lock screen

In order to make changing wallpapers on the lock screen, the developers from Huawei have provided a special function. It automatically manages the updating of the collection of photos that are downloaded from the network. The user can add his own pictures to the collection himself, as well as define the photo themes that he would like to see on his locked device.

Here in the “Subscription” there is an option to select images added by the owner of the Honor phone. These images of users can be downloaded from the Internet or taken using a phone camera.

Selected photo themes are marked with check marks. It should be noted that the photos added to the viewing list will be deleted after three months. To prevent the pictures you like from being deleted, you need to add them to the “Favorites”.

Lock screen themes can also be changed through the Settings menu item Screen lock and passwords Lock screen style.

In this case, it becomes possible not only to change the wallpaper on the phone’s storage screen, but also to configure other elements. display a pedometer or some kind of inscription, remove the camera icon.

Using third-party applications

For those who like to experiment with the design of their phones, many third-party applications have been created. As a rule, in such applications there are a lot of various settings that allow you to change screensavers, design styles, backgrounds, font color and many other parameters.

If you need the wallpaper on top of Honor to change every hour, download the Wallpaper Changer app. If you decide to use GIF as a background screensaver, then the easiest way is to install the AnimGIF Live Wallpaper 2.With its help, any GIF image that is stored on your phone can be transformed into an animated wallpaper.

How to customize the wallpaper on the screen of Huawei and similar Android devices, or how to make the wallpaper scroll automatically.

In this article, we’ll take a look at how to customize the lock screen or desktop wallpaper on Android. For example, we take the Huawei P10 smartphone, perhaps this method can be used on second Android smartphones and tablets. Personalize your device by choosing unique themes or wallpapers for your android. You can not just put the wallpaper on the lock screen, but also on the desktop screen, or set it up so that the wallpaper automatically changes after a set period of time, or so that they are on both screens. I hope the instruction posted below will be useful for your device.

We open “Settings”, Further “Screen”, later “Wallpaper” and “Customize wallpaper”. Now we select the wallpaper for the desktop, the lock screen, or for the wallpaper to be installed on both screens at the same time, following the instructions that appears on the screen.

Also on Huawei and similar Android smartphones and tablets, you can set the automatic wallpaper change. Open on Android “Settings” Further “Screen” and “Wallpaper”. Here you can enable or disable the item “arbitrarily change the home screen wallpaper”. You can immediately customize “Interval” time after which the wallpaper will change and adjust “Album” place the folder from which the wallpaper will be shown on the smartphone screen.

How to take a screenshot of the screen on an Android phone

How to take a screenshot on an Android phone at once In several different ways we will consider in detail in this article, we also take several applications with good functionality for THESE purposes.

Consider internal tools and special applications for THESE purposes for smartphones of different brands and from different manufacturers.

Screenshot touch

It works very quickly and performs its functions stably. There are Advanced settings to automate the process. Choice of quality and format. If you need to configure the function of creating a screen for one button, then this is an excellent solution.

Interesting! To learn how to take a screenshot on a tablet, read the corresponding article on this website. Also, the methods described here will also work for them.


A quality app that is directly designed to create screen recordings and quality screenshots. There are many settings. Allows you to take pictures of games, various windows. in general, everything that is on the screen. If desired, you can set a countdown timer.

using applications

With the help of applications, screenshots can be taken on absolutely any device running Android. Even on outdated devices. So, just install the app from Google Play, set the parameters and take pictures of your smartphone’s desktop at any time. Let’s take a look at four of the best apps according to users.

Standard smartphone tools

A universal method, which is suitable for smartphones of almost all models. Press on the smartphone together two keys. volume down / up and power. On some devices you need to hold them down for up to three seconds.

Each Android phone has its own specific keys that you can use to take a screenshot. Depending on the model, they can be radically different, so a separate material was written for each manufacturer.

Honor. In the new models, you can swipe, rather than lifting three fingers down from the top of the screen, to make the box. Read more about all the methods about devices of this brand in the material. how to take a screenshot on Honor.

Xiaomi. Just like in Honor phones, just swipe down with three fingers from the top of the screen. You can also read more about all methods on devices of this manufacturer in the material. how to take a screenshot on xiaomi.

Samsung. In older models from this manufacturer, instead of the volume down key, you need to press the “home” button. Read more about all the methods for devices from this manufacturer in the article. how to take a screenshot on Samsung.

A sound like taking a photo with a camera or similar should occur during the capture. The picture will be saved in the photo gallery in the corresponding folder, where you can immediately find it.

Interesting! On devices with Android above version 9, a button with which you can take a screenshot will appear after a long press on the phone’s off key.


Has a simple and intuitive interface with nice colors. A screenshot can be taken from any window open on the phone. There are Advanced settings to help automate the process.

How to take a screenshot on your phone


Quickly captures what is happening on the smartphone, the result can be immediately shared with friends. Allows you to view finished pictures, edit them, add text. You can specify the directory for saving, which is very convenient.

These were the main ways to take screenshots from your phone quickly and easily from any model. Write in the comments what methods you use on your devices.

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Removing with ADB Run

ADB Run is a fast version of the software of the same name for easy Android control. Every user will easily use ADB Run. It is easy to use and does not contain complex formulas. However, it is still necessary to know some of the nuances. what to do?

  • First, install the software and unzip the archive.
  • After that, run the program and connect 2 devices to each other.
  • To delete, enter the number 11 and Enter.
  • In the list, select the name and enter the Corresponding number in order.
  • After pressing Enter, the action is confirmed and the program pauses.

Freezing through settings (without root rights)

The first option is to Pause the file. It will be possible to rationally use memory without deleting it. Freeze is suitable for options that cannot be destroyed. Basically, these are system programs built into any mobile phone. You need to freeze like this:

  • first we activate the “Settings” folder;
  • select “Applications”;
  • find the document you need and click “Stop” and “Disable” in turn.

How to uninstall app from Honor and Huawei phone: system and installed

Don’t know how to uninstall the app on Android Huawei and Honor? Our quick guide will help you understand the issue and destroy unnecessary files on your smartphone. It is worth starting with the fact that the volume of modern phones allows you to download a large number of different files. If the memory is too full, the device stops working fully. Mobile can slow down and glitch. If you encounter problems in operation, we recommend that you examine the memory of your smartphone. Many people believe that it is necessary to remove the application shortcut from the menu. However, this method will NOT allow you to destroy all information in any program.

through settings

The fastest way is to use the “Settings”:

  • the first step is to find the Applications Notifications folder;
  • after entering the “Applications” menu item, select the desired file from the list and select it;
  • full information about him will open;
  • click on the “Delete” button and Confirm the performed operation.

Done, now the application has completely disappeared from the smartphone’s memory.

How to uninstall unnecessary apps from Huawei and Honor phone?

It is easy to remove unnecessary utilities on the gadget from the flagship in several ways. The first is the best option without asking for root rights. The second involves the use of developer rights. With the third method, files are put into freeze mode. During it, any updates will NOT occur. Thus, programs DO NOT take up empty space in the phone memory. There is only one way that you need to download additional software. It is important to understand that installing new software will change the way your device works. Let’s take a closer look at each of the methods.

Through the home screen style

The easiest way to use the home screen. However, there are also nuances here. In particular, you can use the “Normal Screen”. To do this, click on the icon of the unnecessary application. In the menu that opens, select the “Delete” button. This method is only suitable for installed files. When only program shortcuts are placed on the working screen, it will NOT work to delete from memory. In this case, use the Applications Screen folder. Opens by long pressing the screen. Next, select the Unnecessary file and delete it.

Removing applications via a computer without root rights

Destroy utilities, which are provided by the developer, possibly through a personal computer. You will need to download ADB to the device itself. After the installation is complete, enable USB debugging and connect to your mobile phone. Another nuance is to download the App Inspector or ES Explorer software. Both apps are suitable for smartphones. Detailed instructions.

If you have any questions or complaints. let us know

  • First, connect your smartphone and home computer via USB.
  • Open File Explorer on your phone.
  • Download ADB utility and install it.
  • After launch, a black window will open in which you need to write 2 words adb shell.
  • Next enter the following combination pm uninstall.k.user 0 APPLICATION NAME.
  • If you want to get rid of several, take turns.

The selected applications have been successfully deleted from the device memory.

Via Play Market

This method works only when you turn on the Internet:

As you can see, the method is quite simple and does NOT cause additional difficulties.

How to uninstall the app on Honor and Huawei?

Where do icons and icons disappear from the Home screen on the HUAWEI (honor) smartphone?

Our modern smartphones, equipped with the latest eight-core processors, delight us more and more. Especially after getting acquainted with the possibilities of this technique, which allows you to transform a simple telephone conversation into live communication, when you can see your relatives live.

But, as it turned out, your personal “communicator” is of great interest Not only for you, and he is being watched with undisguised passion. You will be surprised to know that your children “love” your smartphone even more than you do. They are just waiting for him to fall out of the field of your attention, and you temporarily forget about him. It is then that they will get to him, so that, hiding in a secluded place, they finally figure out how it works and why it is so beautiful.
Naturally, this will require young researchers to experiment with icons and icons on your phone screen.

And where could our children hide icons and icons from the screen of your Huawei (Honor) smartphone?

Here are some cases from life:

1. “Hello, I have a small child left 1 on 1 with my phone, pressed everything that was pressed, and now an icon appeared in the notification line to the right of the battery” “, but what and how to remove I do not know “.

2. “The child has removed the shortcut icons from the main screen shortcut camera and voice recorder. There is a camera and a voice recorder in applications, but how can I enter them? If the home screen has icons to enable them. “

All your kids can do with icons and icons is:
– or hide them in a folder,
– or move to another Home screen of the phone,
– or remove the icon.

Case 1: Icons hidden in a folder

The children discovered that if you click on the icon (in our case, “Weather”) and wait for its vibration response, then we move this icon around the screen, you can install it in a new place.

And if you swipe the icon across the screen and overlay it on another icon, then both icons will merge, and a new icon with the word “Folder” will appear instead.

Smartphone screen # 1. click on the icon and wait for the vibration response to move it. Smartphone screen # 2. overlay one icon on top of another.

And looked into this “Folder” you can find there both THESE application icons.

Smartphone screen 3. view of the screen with the newly created “folder 1”. Smartphone screen # 4. “Folder 1” view containing icons of two applications “Weather” and “Translator”.

This is how Folders are created to organize the icons on the screen.

Therefore, if you find the Missing Icon in any folder, then it is very easy to pull it out of this Folder. To do this, you need to click on the icon, wait for the vibration response and move the icon with a swipe from the Folder to any Home screen.

Smartphone screen 5. click on the “Weather” icon and after vibration feedback move it up from the Folder. Smartphone screen 6. a view of the screen with the “Weather” icon extracted on the Home screen and the “Translator” icon instead of “Folder 1”.

According to the conditions for creating a Folder, a Folder cannot be created for only one icon, therefore, a folder always contains at least two icons. Therefore, when from a Folder, which had only two icons, and one of them was moved from this Folder, then this Folder is eliminated, and instead of it the second icon from this Folder will appear in the same place.

Case 2: Icons Moved to a Different Home Screen

To return the icon that appeared on the second Home screen, you need to click on the icon and wait for the vibration response, move it with a swipe to the right or left edge of the screen. towards your Home screen, where the icon was previously located (in our case, to the left). After that, the screen will scroll and you, Once on your Home screen, can set the icon to its original place.

Smartphone screen 7. click on the “Translator” icon and after vibration feedback move it to the left edge of the screen. Smartphone screen 8. a screen view with a movable “Translator” icon in the left edge of the screen. Smartphone screen 9. a view of the Working screen with the “Translator” icon in a new place.

3 case: remote icons.

Some applications on a smartphone are systemic. These applications are essential for the operation of the operating system, and therefore their removal is prohibited. Therefore, when you click on the system application icon, a warning appears at the top of the screen: “This is a system application. You cannot delete it “.

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It is possible that there may be an application icon on the phone screen, the removal of which may lead to the removal of the application itself from the phone memory. Then, to restore such an application, you will have to reinstall it from the Google Play Store.

But if, after looking for the lost icon (icon) on all work screens and in all folders, you DIDN’T find it, then there is no need to despair, because there is one more way, which allows you to restore icons and application icons on the Home screen.

In this case, the deleted icon is restored in two stages:
Stage 1: Changing the style of the Home screen of the phone from “Usually” to “Application screen”.
Stage 2: Placing the application icon on the Home screen from the Application Screen Menu.

Stage 1:

How to set the Home screen style “Application screen” on HUAWEI (honor) phone

1.the Phone Settings app starts.

2. You need to select the “Screen” section.

Smartphone screen 10. launch Phone Settings. Smartphone screen 11. go to the “Screen” section.

3. In the “Screen” section you need to select the “Home screen style”.

4. On the next screen “Home screen style” you need to select “Application screen”.

Smartphone screen 12. select the item “Working screen style”. Smartphone screen 13. select “Application screen”.

After that, a new fifth icon will appear at the bottom of the screen on the Quick Access Toolbar. the Application Screen Menu icon.

Smartphone screen 14. a view of a part of the Home screen with the Application Screen Menu icon on the Quick Access Toolbar.

Stage 2:

The order of placing application icons on the Home screen from the Application Screen Menu.

1. While the style “Application screen” is set on the phone, you need to click on the Menu icon at the bottom of the screen.

Smartphone screen 15. click on the Application Screen Menu icon.

2. After that, you will be presented with a list of all applications installed on your phone, the icons of which you can install on any Home screen.

To do this, you need to click on the application icon, which you want to bring to the Home screen and wait for the vibration response (in our case, the “Cool Reader” icon). After that, you swipe to move this icon, and without lifting your finger from the screen, to the place you need.

Smartphone screen # 16. click on the “Cool Reader” application icon and, after vibration feedback, move it down the screen. Smartphone screen 17. moving the “Cool Reader” icon to the Home screen.

3. That’s it, now the application icon you need is on the Home screen.

Smartphone screen 18. a view of the Home screen with the “Cool Reader” application icon.

Further, if you deem it necessary, by clicking on this icon again and waiting for the vibration response, you can move it to any other place.

If you need to remove an icon from the screen, then to do this, again clicked on the icon and after waiting for the vibration response, you can move it to the basket. The Trash icon with the word “Delete” appears on the top line of the screen after a vibration feedback.

lock screen Huawei Honor – what functions does

The lock screen (lockscreen) of Huawei prevents access to all desktops and applications. Each version of the operating system has its own lockscreen.

In Huawei models with Android OS 4.0 and higher, you can go directly from the lock screen to the calls, messages menu or launch the camera in the phone. It is also frequent that there is a desire to make the lockscreen more thoughtful and useful, to place on it a music player, weather widget, an access widget for one or another application. The annoyance of having to unlock your phone to switch tracks is also common. All this is solved by installing custom lockers, fully customizable for yourself.

Control and customize the lock screen on Huawei Honor

The Huawei Honor lock screen, just like most smartphones, is designed to protect data stored on the device in case of loss or theft. The lock screen is also used to prevent unintentional clicks on icons and widgets, in order not to accidentally launch applications, make a call, send a message, or just knock down the desktop settings. In today’s article, I will tell you about the ways to control and customize the lock screen on Huawei Honor smartphones.

  • Lock screen Huawei Honor- what functions does
  • Controlling the lock screen on Huawei Honor
  • Customizing Huawei Honor Lock Screen- Step by Step Instruction
  • What functions and widgets can be transferred to the Huawei lock screen
  • Customizing the lock screen on Huawei Honor

Controlling the lock screen on Huawei Honor

To switch to the lock log management mode, you need to swipe up from the bottom edge of the lock screen. When swiping in other directions, you will be prompted to enter a password to unlock the device.

In the lock log management mode, by swiping to the right or left, you can write the image of the lock log.

At the bottom of the screen there are two rows of icons, of which:

  • the lowest row of icons is the quick menu icons;
  • second row of icons. lock log management icons.

Customize your Huawei lock screen Honor – Step-by-step instruction

In order to customize lock screen on Huawei Honor to fit your needs (take out the necessary list of widgets), you should follow the following step-by-step instructions:

  • To adjust the lock screen, you need to enter the “Settings” of the smartphone.
  • On the first page, select “Security and Privacy”.
  • Next, select “Screen lock and passwords”.
  • On the next screen of the Screen Lock Passwords section, you can: in the “Lock screen style”: change the style of the lock screen; or in the item “Unlock Magazine”: configure the Locking Log settings; in the section “Signature on the lock screen”: create a signature on the lock screen; in the item “Pedometer on the lock screen”: turn on the pedometer and the number of steps taken per day will be displayed on the lock screen.

Hisearch. what is this program for Android and is it needed?

Hisearch is a program for Huawei phones that is identical in functionality to the Spotilight app for iOS. The service has many features and, in fact, resembles the search engine in Android. To start it, just swipe down on the screen with your finger in the same way as when pulling out the top curtain, only for Hisearch you need to swipe from the middle of the display.

The program remembers frequently launched applications in the smartphone and demonstrates them to the user. The main task of the presented service is to simplify smartphone management. Thanks to HiSearch, you can search for a specific application in your device, a file or a specific contact from your address book. Also, the technology can search for the desired information in the global network.

What is Hisearch on Honor / Huawei and how to disable it

Many users of modern smartphones are wondering what is Hisearch on Honor and Huawei and how to disable it? Some owners of the presented gadgets noted the usefulness of this function, but due to inconvenient control, as a result, they refuse to use it further.

The fact is that the system in question is launched by waving your fingers from the top of the screen down. Such activation of the program may interfere in some situations, for example, when a page needs to be refreshed in a mobile browser, which can now be done only when using the lower part of the display. This is the main premise why many users chose to disable this feature.

How to disable Hisearch on Huawei and Honor

If you DO NOT intend to use the function in question, then if you turn off the system yourself in the settings, the system will periodically show notifications with a request to restart the search engine.

Then the question arises, how to disable Hisearch on Honor and Huawei completely? For this, there is a special ADB program, which is a driver for tablet and mobile devices. The convenience of this utility is that it provides access to the usual command line.

To install the drivers do the following:

  • Download the program from the official resource and open the install.bat file.
  • Press two keys on your keyboard. WinR.
  • Enter. “mmc devmgmt.msc”.
  • On the smartphone, we activate the USB debugging function.
  • Turn off your phone and connect it to your PC.
  • Right-click on the device connection in the manager.
  • Select the menu item to install the driver.

You can uninstall the HiSearch system program as follows:

  • After connecting the phone to the computer and installing the ADB drivers, open the command line in the junk and enter “adb shell”.
  • Then specify the command. “pm list packages”.
  • At the end, specify. “pm uninstall.k.user 0”.

The uninstallation procedure is completed, and a corresponding notification will appear on the screen. We have reviewed detailed instructions for Disconnecting No service needed.

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