How to unlock iPhone if the screen does not work

Potential consequences of rebooting without using a sensor

The “hard reset” procedure in the instructions is marked as a last resort for cases when other, more secure, ways to turn off or restore the smartphone to work do not help. In fact, if you do not abuse the “Hard Reset” and do not use this method all the time, then there will be no negative consequences for the smartphone. However, with frequent use, it becomes possible to lose information that is stored in the smartphone’s memory. Hard reboots can crash or completely damage the iPhone memory module. The number of hard reboots and module failure are not directly related, but the probability increases over time. Thus, do not neglect regular data backups to iCloud and try to use “Hard Reset” as little as possible.

Breakdown reasons

Unstable operation or complete failure of the touch screen is often associated with the following reasons:

  • Mechanical impact (due to impact or falling of the phone).
  • Ingress of moisture into the case (moisture protection for Apple smartphones does not guarantee complete impermeability).
  • Overheating of the smartphone.
  • IOS software crash or freeze.
  • Poor quality protective glass or bumper.

And if it is better to contact the service center with mechanical problems, then in other cases it is worth trying to restart the iPhone. In the overwhelming majority of cases, this will be enough to restore performance. How to turn off the iPhone if the screen does not work, we will tell you in the following sections.

How to turn off iPhone if sensor is not working

When a reboot is not needed and you only need to turn off the smartphone, the algorithm of actions changes somewhat. The shutdown procedure is similar to the one discussed, only you need to hold down the lock and Home buttons for 4-5 seconds until the screen turns off and then immediately release it, without waiting for the logo to appear. In this case, the phone will not be turned on again (rebooted). To restart the smartphone after a hard shutdown, standard actions will be required. hold the power button for two to three seconds.

How to turn off iPhone if the screen is not working

If the touch screen stops responding to touches, this is not a reason to rush to the workshop. just try restarting your smartphone first. How to turn off the iPhone if the screen does not work, we will tell you in this article.

The first thing that is advised to do in case of any malfunction or freeze of the smartphone is to restart the device. However, the non-functional touchscreen makes the standard reboot procedure impossible. Below is a detailed description of how to turn off your iPhone if it freezes and the sensor does not work.

How to restart iPhone if the screen is not responding to touches

In a standard situation, to reboot after pressing the lock button, you need to confirm the action by swiping your finger across the screen. But you can reboot your smartphone even if the sensor does not respond. This procedure is called “Hard Reset” or “Hard Reset”. To do this, you must simultaneously press the lock and “Home” buttons on the phone. You need to hold them for a few seconds (about 10) until the screen turns off and the Apple logo appears on the display. This means that the smartphone has rebooted.

If all else fails

If the described methods did not work or you do not want to perform a hard reboot, then try other options. “Hard Reset” is a quick and easy way, but not the only one. Two more methods on how to turn off the iPhone if the sensor does not work are described below.

The safest option would be banal waiting for the battery to drain. The iPhone will turn itself off and to turn it on again, you just need to connect the charger to it. This method is the safest for the phone and does not create additional risks.

Another fairly harmless and uncomplicated option would be to restore your smartphone through the iTunes media service. You will need a computer with the installed program and Internet access. Connect iPhone to PC with original USB cable and wait for iTunes to find and detect your device. If the identification stage has passed successfully, find the “Restore iPhone” button on the “Overview” tab and confirm the action.

In the process of updating and restoring factory settings, the program will automatically restart the phone. This iTunes function will delete all media files and other data from the device while it is running. Therefore, before starting the recovery, be sure to make a backup and save it to iCloud.

Video instruction to hard reset iPhone:

How to Unlock iPhone with Unresponsive Screen Easily

Justin Sabrina Updated June 16, 2020

“This morning my phone unexpectedly fell out of my hand to the ground and finally I got an iPhone with a broken screen. When I tried to unlock the screen password to access my contacts, I found that the screen was not responding at all. no matter how I touch it. How to remove the locked screen now when there is no answer from the phone screen? “

“How do I enter a passcode when my iPhone’s screen is unresponsive? I found that my iPhone 8’s screen was suddenly unresponsive, I tried to do a soft reset, but it didn’t work. Now I cannot access my iPhone because it is impossible to enter the unlock password on the screen “.

If you are facing a similar issue and are worried about unlocking an iPhone with an unresponsive screen, here is a troubleshooting article for unlocking an iPhone with an unresponsive screen. If your iPhone’s touchscreen isn’t responding or working, we’ve come up with several working solutions. Both methods are simple, allowing you to unlock the lock screen when the iPhone touchscreen is not working or not working. So let’s dive deeper into the process of fixing an unresponsive iPhone.

How to Unlock iPhone with Unresponsive Screen Easily (100% Working)

Sudden irresponsibility of your iPhone can be fixed immediately with UkeySoft Unlocker. If your touchscreen is broken or the screen is unresponsive, obviously you cannot enter the password to unlock your iPhone. UkeySoft Unlocker helps you, it removes locked screen from iPhone without password. It is used to remove 4-digit / 6-digit passwords, Touch ID and Face ID on iPhone or iPad. In addition, users also reported that their iPhones were locked with iCloud Activation Lock because they forgot their passwords. UkeySoft Unlocker is also a good helper when you need to remove Apple ID from any iDevices without password or remove iCloud activation lock in iOS 13, 12 and earlier. Now follow the steps below to learn how to unlock iPhone from unresponsive screen without password using UkeySoft Unlocker.

  • Unblock disabled iPhone / iPad / iPod touch without iTunes or iCloud;
  • Unlock broken screen, locked, locked or black screen iPhone;
  • It is easy to remove password from any disabled iPhone / iPad / iPod touch;
  • High level of successful unlocking. compared to iTunes and other iOS unlocking software on the market;
  • Unblock Apple ID from any iDevice without password;
  • Unlock iCloud Activation Lock for your iPhone / iPad / iPod;
  • Keep your apps and data safe while removing Apple ID.

Unlinking via support

If the phone was purchased abroad and therefore the link to a foreign mobile operator (SIM-card) remained, then the approach should be different. This is the most common type of blocking. Resetting the settings to factory defaults and then restoring from a backup will not bring any results. The way out of the situation is longer and more complicated, and no one can guarantee that it will be successful to untie the iPhone.

All attempts to circumvent the contractual binding come with great difficulties. You can try to make an official appeal to the operator that set this restriction. Regarding the USA, we can say that the most widespread operators there are Sprint and ATT, but this needs to be clarified separately.

A lot of criteria must be met that allow you to untie the phone. Key ones:

How to Recover Apple ID Password on iPhone

There are several ways to recover an identifier. First, let’s find out how to recover a forgotten Apple ID password on iPhone. If you previously downloaded applications through the App Store, set up iCloud and now forgot your account password, then follow these steps:

  • Go to “Settings” “iCloud” on iPhone or iPad.
  • Select “iTunes Store and App Store” and click on your account login.
  • In the pop-up window, click “iForgot” and enter the code to unlock your smartphone or tablet.
  • You will then be able to reset your password and create a new login code. Remember to write it down or remember it for future reference.

How to recover Apple ID if you forgot your login

If you do not remember the ID’s login, then you will not be able to reset the password, what can you do in such a situation? Initially, check all the mailboxes that you use for letters from the apple corporation. If there are such letters, then this email is the login to your account.

Another option for remembering your login is to ask your friends what email they got when they received messages from you via iMassege. The fact is that if you use iMassege to communicate with friends, then when sending such messages, your Apple ID login can be used as an identifier, and not your phone number. Therefore, it is quite possible that when you sent your friends iMassege, your contact was displayed with the indication of the mailing address, which was the login to enter the system. Remember when and how you created the identifier, perhaps, after all, this data is recorded in some kind of notebook.

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If you still can’t remember anything, then you should restore the Apple ID login:

  • Follow the link in your browser.
  • Click on the “Forgot Apple ID” button.
  • The site will prompt you to find an identifier, click on the button “Find it”.
  • To search for the identifier in the appropriate fields, enter the first name, last name and email that you indicated when registering an account.
  • When entering email, you have the opportunity to enter many mailboxes in order to guess which of them the identifier was registered to. After all, the correct mailbox will correspond to the login of your ID.
  • When all three input parameters match, the system will write to you that “Apple ID found”.
  • After that, you can easily go to your account.

It is not so easy to remember the data specified during registration, but as one of the options, this method can be used. If you manage to enter the correct name, surname and mailbox, then you are guaranteed to receive data to enter your account.

If you failed to remember the data, then there is only one option left. it is to contact the Support company. How to recover your Apple ID login via support:

  • Also follow the link.
  • At the very bottom of the page, you will see a phone number that you can call and provide all information about your identifier in order for the corporation’s employees to make a decision whether to help you in this case or not.

You can also contact Support in this way:

  • After going to the page, select the section “Apple ID” and “Other sections about identifier”.
  • Click on “The topic is not in the list” and in the window that appears, describe your problem in detail.
  • Do not forget to leave your contact information so that employees of the company can contact you.
  • Then there will be 2 points from which you can choose: talk to the support staff now (they will call you back immediately) or start a chat. Choose a convenient option for you and get a solution to the problem from Apple employees.

As you can see, resetting a forgotten password or recovering Apple ID if you forgot your login is not always easy and fast. To prevent such situations from recurring, try to memorize or write down the access codes in a notebook or diary. This will help you in the future not to spend a lot of time restoring your account and not losing your data. Take seriously the creation of a login code, enter truthful information, use a valid email for your account and this way you will secure your data and devices.

Be sure to use the same Apple ID on your iOS and Mac devices to enjoy easy data sync and be able to turn on two-factor authentication. For example, when trying to hack, a verification code-password will be displayed on the screen of the Mac device. In addition, using the identifier, you can configure the function of continuous work with files and documents.

Unlock via R SIM

R-SIM is a universal chip card. Experts have created this module to activate and unlock most iPhones so that users can use their operator’s network.

To use R-SIM, you need to have a Nano-SIM card with you. Very often, employees of workshops or communication salons can simply cut a regular SIM card to the required size, but it is best to ask to reissue the operator’s card in a mini-size. So it will be much thinner than usual.

If you have a card, you need to remove the password from the smartphone and remove the password lock, if it was installed on the SIM card. This is done so that the pin code does not interfere with the correct setting of the R-SIM. Then it is necessary to insert the chip-card into the smartphone so that its “tail” goes under the tray, and the chip does not lie on top. Together with the chip, a SIM card is inserted into the device.

After all the manipulations with the chip and the SIM card are done, the settings menu will appear on the screen of the mobile device. In it, you need to select the appropriate gadget model, your operator and accept the settings. Now the smartphone can be rebooted, and then after a few seconds the iPhone will pick up the signal.

Unlinking via support

When a smartphone is sold to another user, the previous owner must necessarily “untie” the device from a special service that can limit the capabilities of the new user. Unlinking from the former Apple ID is necessary if the owner of the device needs a new account or other functions related to identification.

To date, the most effective way to unlink an iPhone from Apple ID is to contact Support. It is quite complex and lengthy, but it also has certain advantages. for example, it will work well if you need to completely delete your account without the possibility of returning it. So, you need to follow the following steps:

  • Go to the support page on the official Apple website;
  • Carefully fill in all the fields of the questionnaire provided there;
  • Submit the questionnaire by clicking on the “SubmitSuggestion” button.

It is important to remember that it is best to fill out the questionnaire according to certain rules. So, the email should be exactly the one that the Apple ID was originally registered with. In the “Subject” line, a request is written about what needs to be deleted. And in the line “Comment” a letter is already left with an explanation of the above request. You can write that the smartphone will be sold or become a gift.

Don’t worry if it takes a long time to get a response from the support team. They may respond in a few weeks, but this will end the process immediately. After clicking on the link provided by the company’s employees, the Apple ID will be completely unlinked.

How to unblock via iCloud

Removing a lock from an iPhone through the iCloud service is a method similar to the previous one, but with a slightly different algorithm. This path is suitable only for those users who have enabled the “Find iPhone” function while using a mobile device. Without it, it remains only to return to the previous method and try it.

If the option was connected, then everything turns out to be even simpler. In an Internet browser open on a computer, just go to the iCloud service page and log in using your data. After that, you will need to use the search function for a mobile gadget, and the system will almost instantly detect it. After that, the item “Erase iPhone” will appear, which will unlock the system. Again, all data, photos and other information will be erased from the smartphone’s memory.

How To Unlock Iphone 5

important than the question “How to unlock iPhone 5?” maybe just “Why is iPhone 5 locked?”. There are three main reasons for this. In other words, “locked” means three different states of the phone. Search engines give out a mountain of information on unblocking requests. However, the sites on the first pages of Yandex and Google only partially reveal the topic. We hope this article is a complete guide for you.

  • The user has forgotten the numeric password for the device;
  • The phone is locked for a mobile operator;
  • ICloud mode activated.

Removing Activation Lock

There is also a blocking by Apple ID. not disabled “Find iPhone” function for a purchased used iPhone, if the previous owner of the device forgot or deliberately did not unlink it. If we are talking about such a binding, then you need to prepare for some difficulties.

How to Unlock Broken TouchScreen iPhone Passcode?

  • You can try to contact the old owner and ask him to unlink the Apple ID by disabling Find My iPhone.
  • If this is not possible, contact the developers, but for this you need to find a box and a receipt. You will need to prove that the iPhone is not stolen by sending a photo of itself and the box.

Unlock your broken screen iPhone to back up iPhone data

If you think keeping your data safe and sound is your priority, you need to back up your data to your computer or iCloud.

You can unlock your iPhone with a broken screen and then back up to it. Unfortunately, there is a risk of data loss if you try to force unlock this disabled iPhone without using a passcode, Face ID, or Touch ID.

But there are ways to back up your data on this iPhone without unlocking it. We can bypass the lock screen and back up your data on your computer. And you can transfer data back to this iPhone after repair, or you can transfer data to a new device.

To back up data on this iPhone that you cannot unlock due to a broken screen, you can find several possible methods from the post titled “How to Back Up a Locked iPhone Without Entering a Passcode”.

The post introduces ways to back up iPhone without entering a password, which means you can learn a thing or two. back up your broken iPhone without unlocking it. To help readers who value data on a locked iPhone, the post outlines how you can back up a locked iPhone using iTunes. Plus, you can rest assured that your data will be completely safe if you turn on automatic iCloud backups accordingly. Plus, if Apple’s tools don’t help, you can still use a recommended third-party program to back up your data.

In general, you will always find a suitable way to save your data from the article, take a closer look at it.

How to unlock iPhone with broken screen [positive]

Updated January 21, 2021 by Jack Robertson

Without a doubt, having an iPhone with a non-working or unresponsive screen is absolutely terrible. A certain part of the screen, or worse, the whole screen no longer works even if you press so hard. It’s even sadder that Face ID or Touch ID is also damaged and you can’t use them to unlock this cracked iPhone.

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To take advantage of this iPhone in the future, you need to have it repaired by sending it to a repair center. But before that, you better unlock your iPhone and erase all data from it to keep your privacy safe. Just in case someone will jailbreak your iPhone and look at your iPhone’s data. You can find a lot of news and cases on the Internet about privacy leaks due to sending devices for repair.

To protect your data from evil hands, you can unlock your iPhone and erase all data from it so that no one can access your personal information through it. In this tutorial, you will learn the skills of unlocking iPhone with broken screen and erasing data,

  • If you think your data on iPhone predates the device itself and you want to unlock your crashed iPhone and back up the data in it, you can find the methods in this guide to save your data perfectly.
  • Unlock your broken screen iPhone to back up iPhone data
  • Do you urgently need certain data on your iPhone? If you want to unlock this iPhone, have access to your data. like some important files, messages, photos or videos, you can find in this guide how to extract data from this jailbroken iPhone.
  • Unlock unresponsive iPhone to access data.

How to Unlock iPhone on Broken Screen

Unlocking iPhone does not take much time and energy for you if you use Aiseesoft iPhone Unlock. It is a powerful tool to unlock your iOS device under any circumstance. You don’t need to enter your passcode, and it can be useful even if your iPhone is disabled or has a broken screen. It can simply remove the locked screen in minutes. After iPhone Unlock finishes working, your device is fully unlocked and ready to be repaired.

To unlock your iPhone, follow these steps.

Step 1 Install iPhone Unlock on Your PC and Launch It

Win Download Mac Download Win Download Mac Download
Step 2 Remove the password

On the interface, select Wipe Password to remove the screen lock on your broken iPhone.

Step 3 Prepare to Unlock

Click Start to start the whole process. Connect your iPhone to PC with a USB cable.

Then, in the software, you need to confirm your device information. Click Start and download the firmware for the iPhone jailbreak.

Step 4 Unlock your device

When the download is complete, click Unlock to continue. Then enter “0000” in the iPhone Unlocker window to confirm the unlock. Click Unlock after that.

iPhone Unlocker will unlock your iPhone in minutes.

Wipe Passcode in iPhone Unlocker will not only unlock your iPhone but also erase all data on it. This way, after the process, you don’t need an extra step to delete the data. You can simply send your iPhone to a repair center without worrying about data leaks as there is no data on it and no one can retrieve data from this iPhone.

Unlock unresponsive iPhone to access data.

When you are desperate for data on a jailbroken iPhone and can’t get into it, you can preview the data and extract it from your iPhone without unlocking it with FoneLab.

As a professional iOS data manager, FoneLab can help you bypass locked screen easily and get direct access to data on your iPhone. No need to enter passcode or use Face ID and Touch ID, FoneLab can quickly detect your iPhone and display all data on your iPhone by category, you can easily find your data and find out the information you are looking for. over, you can export the data to your computer and share it with others.

Take a look at the steps for a later try:

unlock, iphone, screen, does, work

Step 1 Download FoneLab to your computer, launch it

Step 2 Select iOS Data Recovery

In FoneLab interface, select iPhone Data Recovery.

IPhone Data Recovery Mode can detect data from your iOS device, iTunes or iCloud backup files. It will display all the data and you can preview it and then export it when you need.

After choosing iPhone Data Recovery, FoneLab will prompt you to connect iPhone to computer with USB cable, just follow this instruction.

Step 3 Scan your iPhone

Next, you need to go to Recover from iOS device. This option will detect all data on your iPhone so you can examine it later.

On the Recover from iOS Device tab, click Start Scan. FoneLab will perform a thorough scan of your iPhone. When it is completed, all data will be displayed by category, you can find the data you want quickly and easily.

By the way, if you want to have direct access to your iTunes or iCloud backup file, you can select Recover from iTunes Backup File or Recover from iCloud Backup File respectively.

Step 4 Extract data and export to computer.

You can select some important data and click Restore to back it up to your computer.

When the process is complete, you can transfer or share your data as you see fit.

This way, you can get quick and direct access to your iPhone data even if you cannot unlock it by entering the password.

When you are trying to unlock a broken screen iPhone to erase, backup or retrieve data, you can always find a way here. And never forget to erase data on your iPhone to protect your information, whether you want to recover it or throw it away.

How to Unlock iPhone. Complete Guide

Most likely, you came to this page hoping to find an answer to the question of how to unlock your iPhone. And it’s good that you came to us. After all, the Internet is full of articles that not only mislead people, but at the same time try to impose someone’s dubious services

What exactly do you mean by unlocking? After all, the word “unlock” can be applied to the iPhone in different contexts.

This can be a forgotten numeric password or a lock for a specific communication provider, or a lock via iCloud (Find iPhone service, aka Locator).

The listed types of blocking have nothing to do with each other, therefore, in each case, the actions must be correspondingly different. Today I will tell you how to unlock your iPhone in all of the above situations.

Why iPhone Can Be Locked

Let’s reiterate that the iPhone can be considered locked for various reasons. The very word “locked” can mean different states of the iPhone.

But I’m just sure that many users, finding themselves face to face with a problem device, are trying to find a solution on the Internet for the query “how to unlock an iPhone”

It is a pity that at the very top of the results of Google and Yandex at the moment there are sites that do not fully disclose this topic I hope this article will fix everything.

So, I have identified three cases in which you may need to unlock your iPhone:

  • Forgot numeric password to unlock iPhone
  • Lock iPhone by mobile operator
  • ICloud Activation Lock activated (requires Apple ID)

Decide which of the problems is closer to yours and move on to solving your problem.

Forgotten numeric passcode for iPhone

A numeric password (4 or 6 digits) is set on the iPhone to protect your own data. If the password was forgotten or initially unknown, then access to information on the iPhone cannot be obtained.

Remember the recent FBI / Apple litigation during the San Bernardino massacre investigation? Then Apple refused to provide the FBI with the funds to unlock the terrorist’s iPhone. Well, if the FBI cannot get to the data hidden behind the password, then you are not destined.

It follows from this that the data from the password-protected iPhone can no longer be fished out. Unless you made a backup beforehand.

Despite this, you can still unlock your iPhone. To do this, you will have to erase all data from the device (including the numeric password). Again, there are several options. How to do it in the instructions below.

There are at least three paths that will lead to a complete iPhone cleaning:

  • The first is using iTunes (provided that this iPhone was previously synced to your computer).
  • The second is through the Find iPhone service on the website (provided that you have access to the account that is registered in this iPhone).
  • The third is through the recovery mode (there are no conditions). This is the last way we will delete all information on the iPhone.

STEP 1. Connect iPhone with a cable to your computer and launch iTunes.

STEP 2. Hard restart your iPhone while holding down the HOME POWER buttons at the same time. Do not release the buttons until the iTunes logo with a cable image is displayed on the iPhone screen.

This will signal that recovery mode has been successfully activated on the iPhone.

If you have an iPhone X or older, read here how to put your phone into recovery mode.

STEP 3. A prompt to restore / update the device will appear on the computer screen. Select “Restore”.

STEP 4. iTunes will start downloading the latest iOS version for your iPhone. On average, an iOS distribution is about 1.5 GB.

If your internet connection is slow, the download process may take a long time. If the wait time exceeds 15 minutes, iPhone will exit recovery mode and you will have to repeat steps 2 and 3.

After the restore process is complete, your iPhone will return to its “like out of the box” state and you will need to set it up again. If you still have a backup, there shouldn’t be any problems at all.

It should also be remembered that after restoring the phone, you will be asked for the username and password from the Apple ID account to which this iPhone was linked. Read more about this in the third part below.

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Lock iPhone by mobile operator

Now let’s consider the situation when the iPhone is locked under a certain mobile operator. Usually, such phones come to our market according to gray schemes from America or European countries.

In civilized countries, most of the population has long been using mobile services on a contract basis. Those. By paying a monthly amount, the client receives a certain tariff package. When concluding a contract, the client is usually offered a mobile phone of his choice.

It can be free or for a nominal fee a tube. over, such phones are provided locked for a specific operator.

Thus, conditionally cheap / free iPhones locked under ATT or Verizon appear in the hands of people, which then end up on our market.

The problem is that such iPhones can only be unlocked by calling the support service of the mobile operator. No letters to the operator’s e-mail address will pass, so you don’t have to try. If you nevertheless decide to call the operator and request unlocking the iPhone, you will definitely be asked for the personal account of the completed contract and whether you are the owner of this account.

If your answer to both questions is no, they will not be able to help you. The thing is that it is allowed to remove the lock from the iPhone only after the expiration of the contract (usually 2 years).

How to unlock iPhone in such a situation? On the Internet, you can find sites that provide an iPhone unlocking service from various American cellular network operators.

unlock, iphone, screen, does, work

I myself have never used such services, so I will not advise you anything. I just know that somehow they succeed albeit not with all devices.

There is another (more popular) solution that will help bypass the operator lock and allow you to use the iPhone with any SIM card. This solution is called TurboSIM, and it is an adapter (a thin board the size of a nano SIM), which you have to shove into the SIM tray of the phone along with the SIM card itself.

TurboSIM is currently available from three major manufacturers: Jevey, R-SIM, and Heicard. You will find detailed information on configuring TurboSIM on this site.

How to Unlock iPhone with iCloud Activation Lock Activated

Another common type of lock that could happen to your iPhone is iCloud Activation Lock. The most common reason that leads to this type of blocking is entering someone else’s Apple ID data in Settings. iCloud of your iPhone.

If you knew how many comments people leave under my articles with complaints that some unauthorized people (scammers) have tricked their phones by activating Lost Mode.

Well, what can you do, as my father says. “Everyone is a blacksmith of his own happiness.” You don’t have to trust every person you meet on the Internet

On the other hand, iPhone could get locked after iOS firmware update / restore. This usually happens when the iPhone was not properly unlinked from the previous owner’s Apple ID.

There can be more than several types of manifestation of iCloud Activation Lock, so they cannot all fit in one article. There are not many ways to unlock your iPhone anyway.

Basically, all methods boil down to communicating with Apple support, but there are other steps that you yourself can do to unlock your iPhone.

Depending on your situation, read the articles at the link below:

In this article, I have tried to accommodate three different reasons that can lead to iPhone lock. They are in no way connected with each other and actions in each case should be correspondingly different.

If you did not find the answer to your question, write in the comments what exactly brought you to this page. In one of the following articles, I will tell you in more detail how to unlock an iPhone for use with any GSM operator and what nuances may arise when using Turbo SIM.

Disadvantages of this unlocking method

Despite its simplicity, this method has disadvantages, which often lead to failures and errors when flashing:

To avoid these troubles, it is better to download the firmware in advance by yourself, and the simple method described above is more suitable for owners of Apple computers.

We also note that iTunes automatically downloads the latest version of iOS for your device that it can work with. This is unacceptable for owners of “jailbroken” devices, for whom the password reset procedure will be somewhat different. Below we will talk about it, now let’s see how you can use your own firmware to unlock your iPhone.

Flashing iPhone to Reset Password

The iPhone is well protected from hacking and theft of personal information, so almost the only way to unlock the device in the absence of a password is to rewrite it. This is also the standard procedure for recovering from disruptions to work, when Soft Reset does not help (normal restart).

The iPhone is flashed as follows:

Immediately after this command, the application will start downloading the firmware for your device from the Apple servers, after which it will reinstall it on the iOS device on its own. The next step is to restore personal data using the same application from backups saved in advance.

Apple ID account data recovery

If the user remembers the Apple ID password, then unlocking the device is quite simple. For this:

If you can’t access your mail, try to answer the security questions correctly. If you cannot use these methods, you will have to personally contact the support service to re-access your account.

Self-installation of the firmware

You can independently download the firmware you need for your iPhone to your computer from one of the many specialized sites. Further actions will not differ much from what was described earlier:

Further, the flashing will go to the “automatic”, after which the device can be unlocked. To do this, during the initial boot, select the system language, region, connect to iTunes and set the “Like new” setting for the phone. After that, the user receives a smartphone with factory settings. You don’t have to create a password again.

Resetting the password in DFU mode

This method. the most reliable in terms of security. Using it to unlock, in most cases it is possible to avoid errors during flashing, since the device is forced by the user into DFU mode.

This is a bootloader mode, in which the installed system is not simply rolled back to the factory state, but the memory is formatted, system components and iOS itself are reinstalled. But it follows from Honor that in the absence of a backup of personal data, the latter will be irretrievably lost.

To unlock iPhone, enter the device connected with the Apple USB cable to the computer in DFU mode:

In this case, iTunes will detect the device, but the display of the iPhone itself will not display the image of the USB cable and the player icon typical for the usual recovery mode (Recovery). The phone screen will be black, in some cases it may be white.

Further, unlocking occurs according to the previously described scenario, indicating the location of the iOS firmware previously downloaded to the computer.

Unlocking iPhone with iCloud

If you have iCloud access, unlocking your iPhone is easy enough. For this, however, the function “Find iPhone” on the smartphone must be active.

In addition, the device must be connected to the Internet. Unlocking is done as follows:

  • By clicking on this icon, select “Erase iPhone” in the window that appears, after which the specified process will be launched.
  • Once completed, Setup Assistant will prompt you to restore your device either “as new” or from an iCloud or iTunes backup. In the first case, you will receive a device with factory settings, in the second, all user data at the time of creating the backup will be returned.

    How to unlock your iPhone (iPhone) screen if you don’t remember the passcode. 5 ways

    Sometimes iPhone users have problems unlocking it. This can happen as a result of the device freezing or simply when it is impossible to remember the password. You can log in to the system again after flashing by connecting the device to a computer with iTunes. During this process, personal data is lost, which can then be restored from a backup, and errors may also occur. We will tell you further how to avoid them by performing the unlocking procedure correctly and safely.

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