How to unlock iPhone without a master

When recovery is impossible

Forgot your iPhone 6 password? How do I unlock my mobile device? It is not always possible to cope with such a task when it comes to recovering data from “Apple ID”.

The point is that you cannot recover a forgotten password if:

  • attempts are made by an outsider;
  • the owner of Apple products does not have receipts or other proof of ownership of the smartphone;
  • all information from the “Apple ID” account is lost / forgotten / stolen;
  • user forgot answers to security questions.

As a rule, the owners of “apple” smartphones can recover passwords from AppleID. But strangers should forget about such an undertaking. it will not be successful.

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Options for the development of events

How to unlock “iPhone 6” if you forgot your password? The main problem is that situations are different. And it is far from always possible to restore access to a mobile device. Sometimes a forgotten password leads to the need to buy a new smartphone.

  • system recovery password in Lost Mode;
  • the combination used to remove the lock screen;
  • data for authorization in AppleID.

All of the above situations will be considered below. In fact, everything is simpler than it seems at first glance. And even a novice user can often achieve the desired goal.

Data cloud

Have you forgotten your iPhone 6 password? How do I unlock and reset this device? Let’s say using iCloud. This technique does not always work. it can only be used by those who have activated the Find iPhone option on their mobile device in advance.

Let us assume that the corresponding condition is met. Then, if you need to reset the lock screen password, you will need to do the following:

  • Access from any device using an Internet browser.
  • Authenticate with your AppleID.
  • Open the “Find” iPhone “section.
  • Click at the top of the window on the inscription “All devices”, and then select the smartphone that you want to reset.
  • Click on the control labeled “Reset”.
  • Examine the warning about resetting data and settings, and then confirm the operation.

In a few minutes the user will have a discarded Apple smartphone. You can recover data on it by logging into your AppleID.

Ways to reset your lock screen password

How to unlock “iPhone 6 S” if you forgot your lock screen password? This result can be achieved in different ways. The main thing is to know how to act in this or that case.

At the moment, the lock screen password on Apple devices can be reset:

  • through third-party applications;
  • using iTunes;
  • via iCloud and Find iPhone option;
  • via smartphone recovery mode.

What kind of trick should you use? Everyone decides on their own. It all depends on personal preference.

AppleID password recovery methods

If you forgot your iPhone 6 password, how to unlock your mobile device in this case? Let’s assume that the AppleID “password” is forgotten.

Unlock Any iPhone in 2 Minutes Without Passcode !!!

In such circumstances, the user can perform data recovery:

  • using e-mail (using the “Apple ID” login);
  • by answering security questions;
  • through the support service (by phone, feedback form or mail).

The first two options are most often used in practice. They allow you to quickly and easily restore access to AppleID.

How to unlock iPhone without entering passcode and Touch ID or Face ID

Unlocking is perhaps one of the few iOS mechanics that has changed at least over the past 10 years. There were only three of them in my memory. The first time was when Apple equipped the iPhone 5s with a fingerprint scanner, the second time when it abandoned the Slide to unlock gesture, and the third time when it replaced Touch ID with Face ID. That, in general, is all. However, each of these innovations is truly difficult to overestimate, since they are all aimed at improving our convenience with you. But what if biometrics is not for you, you don’t want to give up the password, but every time you enter the coveted combination is frankly lazy? I have an answer.

Your iPhone can enter the passcode for you. It’s enough just to ask

How it works? Android needs at least 3 GB of RAM, while the iPhone needs 2 GB

I warn you right away: the method described below may not be suitable for everyone. Despite the fact that I will not offer you to abandon the password altogether. it will just remain. this is still a more primitive way to unlock your smartphone and tablet, which can be used not only by you, but also by outsiders if they find out what here’s the trick. However, the situation with the password is approximately the same. if someone finds out it, most likely, this someone will be able to access your data. But we always hope for the best, don’t we?

How to reset iPhone password

Many iPhone and iPad users, as a rule, have forgotten the password for their device at least once. This often applies to old gadgets that have not been used for a long time. In such a case, there are special applications that allow you to reset the password on an iOS device.

4uKey app and can not only remove forgotten passcode, but also reset Touch ID and Face ID information. It works very simply: connect your iPhone, choose to reset your password, after which the utility will download the latest version of iOS. installing it is an integral part of the password reset procedure. After the firmware is downloaded, the password will be deleted from the device.

How To Unlock Any iPhone Without Computer | How To Unlock iPhone Passcode

The application removes not only the password, but also all information about the Apple ID from the device

The only drawback of this solution is that during the password reset process, all data from the smartphone or tablet is also deleted. However, this is not such a big price to pay for the ability to use your iPhone or iPad again with a forgotten password.

The program is not a utility for resetting the activation lock. the program only removes the forgotten password, so the owner in any case will have to log in using his Apple ID and password.

How to Unlock iPhone Automatically

The essence of the method described below is to force the iPhone or iPad to manually enter the unlock password. No, this is not the same as turning it off, because you can force the device to enter a combination only by a special voice command, which. presumably, of course. only you will know.

You can turn on automatic password entry only through Universal Access.

To unlock, you need to create a separate gesture

  • Here select “Settings” and go to “Create a new team”;
  • Enter a trigger phrase to activate the command (I have it Unlock my phone) and go to “Action”. “Start your own gesture”;

Click on the places where the numbers that make up your password should be

  • Touch your finger in the places where the buttons for entering the passcode on the lock screen are approximately located (you can lock the screen and mark these places with something. a felt-tip pen, fingerprints, saliva);
  • Save the command and exit the settings.

Now you can remove the lock from your smartphone or tablet without having to enter a password or use biometrics. You just need to press the power button, bring up the password entry window and say the trigger phrase. In my case, this is Unlock my phone. After that, you will see how an invisible hand presses the buttons on your iPhone or iPad and unlocks them. It looks especially impressive the first time. True, if there are several important aspects to keep in mind.

Safely unlocking your iPhone

Entering your iPhone password yourself is not the same as auto unlocking

  • The trigger phrase you use to unlock can be heard by outsiders;
  • You can use automatic password entry only in the orientation in which you have configured this mechanism;
  • If your password consists of several identical numbers, during setup you need to set them with a slight offset;
  • The command to activate the action can only be in English.

Is this mechanism convenient? Undoubtedly convenient, but only in those situations when no one hears you. Because otherwise, there is a risk that someone outside will be able to use your trigger phrase and, having taken possession of the device, unlock it. The fact is that iOS is not yet capable of recognizing different voices and, accordingly, cannot determine whether the owner is speaking the command or someone who cannot be obeyed under any circumstances.

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You have been offered an alternative working method. With crutches, but working and reliable (Siri can detect the voice of the owner). Stop showing off, don’t like it. don’t use it.

How to Unlock iPhone without Home Button

The Home button is the most important in iPhones and in all other apple technology. With its help, a whole bunch of different actions are carried out, the most important of which is unlocking the phone. Therefore, if the Home button stops working, the user has big problems.

Their degree depends on several factors. The worst situation is when the device is turned off. In this case, there is no way to bypass the Home button and you will have to disassemble the device. Those who have a button failed due to the contacts of its mechanism will be very lucky. Then you can detach the screen, however, at this time the phone must be turned on, and close the button contacts with something metallic. After that, the phone will determine that you have pressed the button and will give you the opportunity to enter the password and continue using the device. If the problem is in the loop, then without replacing it, the device will remain a brick.

After the above action is completed, let’s start creating the so-called virtual Home button. Fortunately, Apple takes care of its users and duplicates buttons programmatically.

  • To do this, go to “Settings” and go to the item “Basic”.
  • Then open the “Universal Access” menu.
  • Our salvation will be the “AssistiveTouch” option.
  • We turn it on and then set it up. By default, it allows you to perform all actions that are to be controlled by buttons using the display. We are now only interested in the Home button.
  • Therefore, we go right there to the “Top Level Menu” item and leave only one icon, which we assign the value “Home”.

Now you should have a virtual Home button on your screen, which can be placed in any convenient place. She knows how to do everything that is built into a mechanical button. Algorithms also do not change: one click. minimize the application, two. call the task manager, etc.

Now that we have a virtual button, unlocking the phone is easy. It will also remain when the phone is restarted. You can remove it in the same way as you turned it on.

It is much easier to unlock the phone if the user does not have a passcode and is running iOS version 9.3.5 and earlier. There you can simply press the lock button of the phone and swipe the screen in any direction, after which it will become available for use. In iOS 11, unlocking will no longer work, so in any case, you need to press a button or use a fingerprint scanner.

What to do if jailbreak costs

The main embarrassment is that before unlocking the iPhone and gaining full access to it, the above methods will apply a firmware update. This may result in the loss of basic Jailbreak functions and inability to connect to cellular communications.

To unlock an iPhone without a password and without flashing, you need to download the SemiRestore application to your computer, which is free and compatible with iOS 5 and later. For this method, you also need to download a special component from Cydia called Open SSH. Further, it is written in detail about how to unlock your iPhone if you forgot your password:

  • Download the free SemiRestore program to your personal computer from the developer’s official website;
  • Connect your locked phone to your computer via a USB cable. It is advisable to carry out this process only through the original cord, because a fake often gives errors;
  • Next, the program will automatically start the procedure for recognizing your Apple device;
  • After the program finds the phone, click on the “SemiRestore” button in the main dialog box of the application. This will start cleaning the data on the device, after which the iPhone will work and start without a password;

During all of the above actions, your phone may reboot several times, blink the screen and the like. Do not pay attention to this. These are normal actions for him, and they should not mean that there is any problem. After all the manipulations are over, the gadget will finally reboot, you will see the default settings.

The main advantage of this method is that Jailbreak and Cydia will be saved along with all adjusted settings. It is also possible to rehabilitate all data via iTunes using the backup method, if it was done in advance.

Unlock via iCloud

Many people are worried about how you can unlock your iPhone if you have forgotten the password and cannot complete the recovery procedure through iTunes for some reason. For these occasions, iCloud unlocking that will come to your rescue without fail.

This method also formats all data. They can only be returned if backups have been made in advance. Also, you must have the Find iPhone app preinstalled on your device. Before making a connection, make sure that the phone has access to the Internet via wi-fi or through a mobile operator. IPhone can be unlocked via iCloud as follows:

  • Through any connected device, go to the icloud website, then to “Find iPhone”;
  • Before unlocking iCloud, make sure your device is found in the site menu and is found to be online. A green circle next to the phone’s name will tell you about this;
  • Go to the gadget menu through the specified application and select the “Erase iPhone” item, after which you confirm your actions;
  • To unlock your iPhone, you will need to enter the password from your Apple ID account.

It is possible to return the information that was on the phone through the settings assistant (backup). There is also a method for unlocking an iPhone via ICCID, but it will be more relevant in case of theft. (For information on how to lock an iPhone if it is stolen, read here)

How to unblock via iTunes

Unlocking iPhone without losing data is possible only if the phone boots up normally and connects to the service via PC. If any errors occurred during the download, then data loss is inevitable.

In order to reset the password settings without losing data and in case the iPhone is disconnected, connect to iTunes. Next, find the “Devices” category in the program menu and select your gadget from the list. On the right side of the screen, the “Overview” tab will appear, which will need to be expanded, and then clicked on “Restore”. Depending on the version of the program itself, a text may pop up, they say, enter the password to unlock the iPhone backup. It is worth noting that the required code is not the one associated with the Apple ID. This window does not always pop up, so the above method may be useful to you.

Now let’s consider the situation of how to unlock your personal iPhone if you forgot the password, and at the time of unlocking it is disabled:

  • The operating system of the computer must be equipped with the latest version of aytyuns, only then it will be possible to unblock the account. It is recommended to download all software from the manufacturer’s website;
  • The next step is to activate DFU mode on the iPhone. To do this, you must connect your phone to your PC via a USB cable. Then, press and hold the Home and Power buttons on your device. After the screen goes out, you need to release the “Power” button, but continue to hold the home key. After a few seconds, information will appear in the program window that the iPhone is connected and is in recovery mode;
  • Next, when your iPhone is disabled, in the iTunes window, click “Restore”. During the process of rehabilitating the phone, a new firmware will be downloaded, and only the Apple logo on a black background will appear on the device screen.

After the final download, the gadget can be started without entering a password, which means that the original problem has been resolved.

The following method cannot be used to unlock this iPhone in a disconnected state. This method is relevant for models such as 4, 4s, 5, 5s and above.

How to unlock iPhone if you forgot your password

In order to hide some data from prying and prying eyes, we are forced to set a password on our phone. And in order to be as secure as possible, complex passwords are invented, which are quickly forgotten. In this article, you will learn how to unlock iPhone if you do not remember the previously set password.

There are a large number of instructions on the Internet that are completely incorrect and are either outdated due to iOS updates or initially not true. If you were able to lock your phone by forgetting the password, then they will not help you. Be careful and attentive!

How to remove Activation Lock and change Apple ID

Many people wonder how to unlock iCloud Activation Lock and how to change existing Apple ID.

  • To unlink the ID, you will need to send an official letter directly to Apple. You will need to attach photos of your phone, all receipts, coupons and stickers to this appeal;
  • You can’t do without a box here, because you need to send a scan with all the stickers. You can cheat a little and just find the box of the model you need, but with different codes and numbers. Through, for example, photoshop, you can enter the desired serial combinations. Next, you print the desired sticker on a good printer and stick it on the box itself. Pay attention to proportions and exact dimensions. Similar actions must be taken with a check. A possible option for sending a letter without this document, indicating in a separate column, they say, the previous owner did not give it to you;
  • You need to photograph the iPhone so that you can see all the stickers and the box, and the phone itself should be with the back cover to the top.
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Further, on the iCloud website, you can find the desired email address at the bottom of the page and send an email, of course, in English. This technique will help unlock your iCloud Activation Lock.

Also read on our website an article about unlocking iPad.

If the phone was in use

For the sake of saving money, people prefer to buy used Apple phones. The solution looks correct until the first problems. if the owner, for unknown reasons, did not delete the personal Apple ID account from the device. In such cases, you will have to look for the former owner to reset, otherwise the iPhone will be locked forever. To avoid such problems, ask for a decoupling of the device upon purchase and a complete set of documents along with the box. It’s also a good idea to take a receipt for the receipt of funds so that the previous owner is not tempted to report the theft of the smartphone.

How to unblock iPhone if it is locked in iCloud

Developers of Apple mobile devices take a responsible approach to the issue of security, introducing functions to block and protect personal information in smartphones. These actions help to protect an expensive device if a criminal has laid eyes on the smartphone. Without information that only the owner knows, the phone turns into a useless piece of plastic. But sometimes information is lost and the blocking function creates problems for the owner. Therefore, it is important to know how to unlock iPhone 5S if it is locked.

Using iTunes

The easiest and most effective way to unlock your device is through iTunes. The program restores the device by erasing information and passwords. To do this, follow the step by step instructions.

  • Disconnect iPhone and connect device to computer.
  • Open the iTunes app. The program synchronizes the smartphone, while creating a backup copy of the information. Wait for the process to complete.
  • After completing the process, click on the “Restore iPhone” button.
  • Wait for the settings window to appear and click the “Restore from iTunes copy” button.
  • In the window that opens, select the connected smartphone and select the appropriate backup by date.

Remember that this method is only suitable if the smartphone was previously synchronized with the computer.

Special cases

Users are interested in the question of what to do if they have completely forgotten the password from the iPhone 5S. how to unlock the device if there is no access to the mail and Apple ID account? In such a situation, most often people find themselves who bought a smartphone from their hands. Experts advise against trusting unauthorized persons setting up your smartphone, unless it is Apple service experts. Remember that representatives of the company will not go towards a person who cannot prove that he is the rightful owner of the device, so do not rush to throw out checks and boxes. these certificates will serve well in the future.

Using iCloud

If the iPhone is connected to a wireless network, the owner can remotely restore the device using an iCloud account. To do this, go to the website in your browser; this can be done from any mobile device or computer. Log in with your username and password, then go to the Find iPhone tab. In the Actions menu, find the “Erase iPhone” item. After these manipulations, the owner will be prompted to re-configure the phone, enter a new password and restore information from the last backup. It is not recommended to set the old password, after recovery it is best to come up with a new digital code.

What you need to unlock

First, it is important to stop panicking. the way out of this unpleasant situation is provided by the iPhone manufacturers. Try to find or remember the main parameters:

  • Apple account name and password;
  • screen lock digital code;
  • an additional email address to which the account is linked;
  • answers to security questions;
  • linked phone number.

Also, in advanced cases, you will need a USB cable supplied with your smartphone and access to a personal computer with the current version of iTunes installed. Apple has a straightforward logic. if the owner does not remember the password, then the path will be restored. And if he cannot, then the iPhone does not belong to him.

If you forgot your Apple ID password

There are situations when you have to unlock iPhone 5S if it is locked by Apple account ID. Manufacturers of “apple” smartphones have foreseen such a situation when the owner loses or forgets the username and password of Apple ID. In such cases, do not despair, it is possible to unlock the phone using additional e-mail or answers to security questions. this information is set by the user during the initial setup of the iPhone. It is to solve such problems that it is recommended to choose strong but memorable passwords and answers to questions.

Unlocking methods

For the convenience of users, there are various ways to unlock the device. The important thing to remember here is that you may not always be able to save your custom files, so be sure to back up to iCloud regularly. IPhone users themselves believe that the loss of files in such cases is the price for their own absent-mindedness, since it is more important to make the smartphone work than to save information. With the right approach, files can be easily restored from a backup. Next, we will consider the most effective answers to the question of how to unlock iPhone 5S if you forgot your lock screen password.

How to unlock iPhone if you forgot your screen lock password

Important! You can unlock iPhone if you do not remember the PIN code only by resetting all phone data and provided that you know the data from Apple ID. In other cases, this cannot be done.

Always sync your phone data with iCloud, it can help out in the most unexpected situation like this one. Even if everything has to be reset to factory settings. the data is quickly synchronized, and you won’t even feel the loss.

Resetting the password via iCloud

We will erase all data from the phone and the password itself. The main thing is that the function. the iPhone locator is turned on in the smartphone itself and there is an Internet connection

Go to the address., click on your phone icon on the map or in the device menu at the top. Three options will appear, we need. “Erase iPhone“.

Everything that was stored on the iPhone will be erased, and you can set it up again or restore it from an iCloud backup, if any.

How to unlock iPhone if you forgot your password

Smartphones and tablets from Apple are among the most secure and secure devices, the system always asks the user to come up with a complex password to unlock.

And, it is not always possible to remember it, especially during the initial setup of the device. Therefore, the problem often arises. the iPhone is locked, how to unlock it so that it is desirable that all the data remains on it.

From the past, you already know how to clear the cache on iPhone. Today we are going to take a look at how to unlock iPhone from the phone itself and through iTunes.

Important! Do not enter the wrong password many times, after the tenth attempt, the iPhone or iPad will simply be locked forever and it will be almost impossible to unlock it.

How to reset the password counter

It does not always work, so be careful, as it was already written above, after 10 attempts the device will be locked forever.

To reset the counter, simply connect iPhone to PC, launch iTunes and sync.

Factory reset from iTunes phone

All settings and all data will be erased completely, but after rebooting you will get back control of your smartphone.

Launch iTunes on your computer. Turn on your iPhone as follows:

On iPhone 8 and up: Press the volume up button and release, volume down and release, then hold down the power button and turn off the device. Keep the power button pressed and connect iPhone to PC.

On iPhone 7: Hold down the volume down and power button and turn off the smartphone without releasing the power button connect the iPhone to the PC.

On iPhone 6s and below: Hold the Home and Power button and turn off without releasing the Power button connect to PC.

Select the “Recovery Mode”. The device will reboot, clearing all data and resetting passwords.

How to unlock iPhone if you forgot your screen lock password

There is another way how to unlock iPhone yourself: by putting it into safe mode or recovery mode. This method will help if your device does not have an iCloud account and you cannot use

You need to proceed according to the following instructions:

  • Connect iPhone with a cable to a computer that already has iTunes enabled.
  • Press the power button and the “Home” button at the same time, wait for the phone to reboot. The display shows the recovery mode screen.
  • Release the buttons. ITunes displays a message on your computer screen: iPhone has a problem that needs to be updated or reproduced.
  • To restore your phone, you need to click the “Restore” button and the phone will be restored to factory settings. This will reset all the data that was on it.

Important! After completing the procedure, it is worth creating a new iCloud account to which the gadget will be connected. The lock code will no longer appear on the screen.

How to recover iPhone password

The best option for password recovery is to have a backup copy of the system. This is why it is worth making backups periodically. In a difficult situation, they can be very useful. It is impossible to recover a forgotten password in other ways, only with the help of iTunes, on which the saved data remained.

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It is impossible to guess the password by accident. You can reset or change it in the ways described earlier. You can not require the recovery of the old password from the developer company. This data is lost, which means you will have to accept your device as it is.

How to reset iPhone password

Everyone can forget the password. This often happens when a phone or tablet was purchased recently, or, conversely, when the gadget has not been used for a long time. If your attempt to sign in with your Apple ID is unsuccessful, you can try resetting your password.

There are two main options: with or without two-factor authentication. If it is connected, you can reset the password using any trusted device iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Mac, which is password protected. Instructions for iPhone, iPad or iPod touch:

  • The device must have iOS10 or later.
  • Enter the “Settings” menu.
  • Next: item Your name. Password and security. Change password.
  • Follow device instructions.

You can reset your password using Apple Support. To do this, you need to find a person who will download this program on his device.

Next, you need to do the following:

  • Find and navigate to the “Get Support” tab in the lower right corner of the screen.
  • Scroll down and tap Apple ID.
  • Click “Forgot your ID password”. “Get started”. “Another Apple ID”.
  • Enter the Apple ID whose password you want to reset.

Then follow the instructions until a notification appears that you managed to reset your password.

Enabling iCloud Activation Lock on your device

This is a very common method of blocking, and the most difficult to bypass, it will be very difficult to bypass and unlock it. The inclusion of this system in the iPad means that all data in it is blocked and a person can no longer use it. This feature was introduced by the developers for all devices, starting with iOS 7 in order to prevent a stolen device from being sold.

It happens that one of the devices on the iOS platform is blocked after changing or updating the operating system. These methods are not related to each other, and the unlocking methods are different for them.

Via iCloud

You can also remove the lock using iCloud. This method is similar to the previous one, but it is suitable only for users who have enabled the find device function. Nothing will work without her.

The iCloud service opens in the Internet browser, personal data is entered there and logged into the system. Next, the search function for the Apple device is used, and when it is found, the “Erase iPhone” function will appear. It is necessary to use it, as a result of which the system will remove the block. But in this case, you will have to come to terms with the fact that the device will delete all the old data on it.

Forgotten numeric device password

In order to protect the owner’s data, the iCloud system offers to create a numeric password consisting of a combination of 4 or 6 digits. You will have to enter it regularly to unlock the device and start using it.

Important! If this combination is forgotten by the user, then it will not be possible to restore it, even by contacting representatives of Apple.

There is an opinion that even the special services are denied access to this information. Therefore, the only way out of this situation is to remember it yourself. If you have memory problems, it is better to use numeric combinations of a personal nature: dates of birth, your own or loved ones, pin codes used to unlock bank cards, etc. Do not forget such information, and you will not have to recover your password. And you will not have to write a password on paper or other media, which may fall into the hands of strangers.

Locking iPhone by mobile operator

This method of blocking is possible only if you buy a used device. In this way, gadgets that enter the country illegally from the USA or Asian countries are blocked. There is a slightly different system for using communication services than in Russia, so if you enter another country, access to all operators will be blocked. You definitely need to know about this and purchase devices only from an authorized representative.

Комментарии и мнения владельцев: 2

And if I found an iPhone and I don’t understand anything about them, he asks for a password and goes how to find the owner.

Advertise with local groups or insert a SIM with internet. Perhaps they will find you themselves.

How to find out if your iPhone is locked

The question of how to know if the iPhone is locked is of paramount importance when buying a smartphone. If it turns out that the iPhone is locked to work with only one operator from another country, then you will have to suffer to unlock the device. The iPhone will not turn into a “brick”, but additional financial investments may be required to unblock it.

Apart from the fact that the iPhone will not be able to work with SIM cards from different providers, there are other problems as well. If you restore iPhone in iTunes or reset, then you won’t be able to activate the device without the SIM card of the operator to which it is locked.

Unlocking won’t be free anyway. You can unlock the iPhone from the operator through the providers, the cost of services which differs depending on the cellular provider. For example, to remove the blocking from the Finnish operator DNA, you will have to pay about 200.

If you want to unlock your iPhone without contacting the operator, you will have to spend money on Turbo SIM with a programmer to update the firmware. Therefore, it is so important to check iPhone before purchasing using IMEI code or other methods. Unlocking can easily “eat” the money that was saved when buying a smartphone at a better price.

Do not forget to read the Комментарии и мнения владельцев, there is also a lot of useful information. If there is no answer to your question, and there is an answer to later Комментарии и мнения владельцев, then the answer to your question is contained in the article, respect someone else’s time.

Phone check

If a user finds an iPhone 3GS, 4, 5, 6, 7 or buys it hand-held at a low price, then the first thing to do is to check if the phone is locked. What do we have to do:

  • Install your operator’s SIM card.
  • Turn on iPhone and see if the logo appears in the status bar.

If the smartphone is locked, then instead of information about the operator there will be a message like “Activation Required”, “Invalid SIM”.

What else can you do when buying an iPhone to make sure it’s not locked:

  • Restart your smartphone while holding down the PowerHome keys. Make sure the iPhone detects the network immediately after turning it on, without requiring additional manipulation. This applies to all models. 3GS, 4, 5, 5S, 6, 6 Plus, etc.
  • See which version of iOS is installed. An unlocked iPhone should work with the current version of iOS. For example, iPhone 5 must have iOS 10. On iPhone 3GS and 4, the version will be lower. 6.1.6 and 7.1.2, respectively.
  • Go to settings, open the “General” section and click “About this device”. Make sure that the correct cellular provider is indicated opposite the “Operator” item. the one whose SIM card you installed in the phone.

The IMEI code can help you find out if your iPhone is locked. You can find it in the following places:

  • The box in which the iPhone is sold.
  • Device case (iPhone 5, 6, SE) or SIM tray (iPhone 3, 3GS, 4, 4S).
  • IPhone Settings: General. About device. IMEI.

The received code must be entered on the website or These are unofficial services, so the result may not always be correct. If iPhone 5 does not usually have problems, then older models (3, 3GS, 4, 4S) may not be detected.

Tips to help you avoid crashing your iPhone

Unlocking at the operator

If you want to officially unlock your iPhone, then you need to contact the operator to which the phone is locked. The provider will unlock the device once and for all, without restrictions on use. The service is paid, but there is no other way to unlock iPhone without loss.

What to do for official unlocking? Find performers for “official unlocking”. When choosing a contractor, follow the recommendations:

Unlocking is never instant. Depending on the operator, you will have to wait from 3 to 30 days.

Unlocking your phone

What to do if the IMEI code or other signs showed that the iPhone is locked? Try to remove the block. iPhone 3GS or 4 could be unlocked using the SAM app from Cydia. That is, at first it was necessary to jailbreak, then install the software and carry out quite complex manipulations to unlock the device. On iPhone 5, the old algorithm stopped working, not to mention the 6 and 7 models.

Now, you can get rid of the lock and remove the ban on working with other operators in only two ways:

  • Hardware, using Turbo SIM.
  • Software, executed officially at the level of the telecom operator.

There are no other ways to jailbreak your iPhone. The phone model does not matter. Old programs to remove a block have stopped working. Now, to remove the lock on operators and on 3GS, and on iPhone 4, and 5, you need to pay money.

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