How to unlock Samsung phone video

There are two options to unlock your Samsung phone or tablet on Android

This is done with the help of “Restore Factory” and other methods, which unfortunately are not always successful. I have discussed these methods in this article so that you can decide which one is best for you.

One of these methods should definitely help you unlock your Samsung phone if you forgot your pattern or password (PIN).

Option two. remove forgotten lock key in Samsung

Try to wait until the battery is discharged and during the alert try to enter the menu and turn off the pattern.

Another way to draw on the screen five times in a row the wrong pattern consisting of four dots on the screen.

Then Android will offer the line: “Forgot” When you click on it, you will see a window to unblock the account, in which you need to enter your Gmail email address and access password.

After that, get access to the settings, where the lock can be changed. Or disable altogether.

Only this method needs the Internet, which may not be available, but if you have Wi-Fi you can connect it.

To do this, on a locked smartphone, go to the “emergency call” and enter a combination of numbers: ###.

Then go to Service tests. WLAN menu and connect to Wi-Fi. If this does not work out, then you will need an adapter to the cable Internet.

Just not the fact that the Internet will appear, so if you buy, then choose with a refund if it does not work.

That’s all. I hope the problem was solved, and if not, then describe in x. there will be more options. You can also learn everything from the video instructions below. Success.

Hard cut

The most drastic method to remove a password from a Samsung phone, if you forgot it, is to reset the data. We are talking about a complete reset of the device to its original settings.

In this case, the old data entered as blocking solutions are reset to zero. It is important to take into account that this action removes all personal information from the smartphone. contacts, music, videos, photos, etc.

That is why it is worth making a backup before starting work, and only after getting to work.

If the copy is ready, you can reset Samsung to factory settings if you forgot your password. The algorithm of actions is as follows:

  • Turn off your smartphone in the usual way by long pressing the power button.
  • Press and hold the Volume Up, Power and Home buttons. If the last button is not there, just hold down the volume up and Power.
  • Do not release the keys until the recovery menu appears.
  • Use the volume button to select Wipe data / factory reset.
  • Press the power button once to confirm.
  • Accept full reset by choosing Yes.
  • After the message Data Wipe Complete appears, restart your phone.

Now you know how to remove the password from Samsung phone if the owner has forgotten it. The disadvantage of this method is that it is very time consuming and requires creating a backup copy before cleaning. This is why it should be the last resort.

How to Unlock Samsung via Safe Mode

If the lock is not removed in the usual way, it is possible that the phone was blocked by some malicious applications. This does not necessarily mean viral activity, but it deserves close attention.

  • First, try restarting your gadget in safe mode. To do this, turn off your smartphone completely. When turning on, hold down the volume down button.
  • The Safe Mode inscription in the lower left corner will inform you about the successful completion of the procedure. Unlock the device in the usual way: by entering the unlock PIN or pattern password.
  • In safe mode, third-party programs are blocked. Only system applications that come with Android work. It is possible that the work of the malicious program that caused the non-standard blocking will also be blocked.

If the attempt is successful, analyze the recently installed applications and remove them from the gadget. After the operation is completed, restart the smartphone in the usual way.

How to prepare your Samsung phone for remote control

Select a device from the list of gadgets you own and click the Prepare button.

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The user is told the steps by following which he can prepare the gadget for remote control. The main point is that in the Settings menu in the Lock screen and protection section, the Find my phone item should be open.

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In the options menu, set the Remote control flag.

Items regarding the transfer of the location of the gadget are secondary and have no direct relation to the ability to lock / unlock the device.

How to Unlock Samsung Galaxy J2 Prime SM-G532F / DS.

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How to Remove Graphic Lock Samsung Galaxy J2 Prime SM-G532F / DS from Android Smartphone? If you have locked your Android smartphone with a pattern and forgot it, then you shouldn’t be upset. You have at least a couple of ways to unlock your smartphone.

The first way. Enter the pattern until the system prompts you to enter the login and password for the Google account with which the smartphone was activated. Enter them, but remember that you only need to enter your username before the @ symbol, that is, you do not need to enter @ In case you have forgotten your username, connect your smartphone to your computer and run the proprietary utility on it. For example, for Samsung it is Kies, for HTC. HTC Sync. By clicking on the “About device” menu item, you will find your username, and you can recover your password using standard password recovery tools from your Google account. Recovering your Google account. “.

Second way. If you do not know the login and password for the account that was activated by the smartphone, you will have to do a factory reset, but keep in mind that all your information from the phone will be lost. Turn off your smartphone. Press the buttons: “Enable” “Volume up”. After turning on the smartphone, release the “Enable” button, and continue to hold the “Volume up” button. As a result, the smartphone will boot into Recovery mode (engineering recovery menu). Use the volume control buttons to navigate the menu, and select with the left touch button (sometimes the Home button). Find and execute the “Wipe data / factory reset” and “Wipe cache partition” items, and then the “Reboot system now” item. The smartphone will reboot and you will have it in the form in which you purchased it.

How to unlock phone Samsung Galaxy J2 Prime SM-G532F / DS locked by operator? Before we start unlocking Android phones, let’s briefly explain what network / SIM unlocking is.

It is simply the process of entering a specially generated code through the keypad of your phone to remove the restriction imposed by the distributor of the device. This will allow you to insert compatible SIM cards from any other operators and use their services.

Unlocking to use other SIM cards does not give you full access to your phone. Unlocking the bootloader or rooting. this is a completely different matter. Both of these types of unlocking are legal, but unlocking the SIM often requires operator assistance.

Ask your carrier to unlock your device Beginning in February 2015, mobile phone owners in America can ask their cellular networks to unblock their devices in order to switch to another carrier. This puts the United States on a par with the European Union (and repeals an unpopular law passed in 2013). In addition to this, operators are obliged to inform their customers about the possibility of unlocking the device by means of a note on the monthly invoice.

First, find out if your phone can be unlocked. If the smartphone was purchased under a contract, it contains the unlocking conditions. If the initial two years have not yet passed, you will have to pay an early termination penalty. After that, you will receive an unlock code and you can safely use another SIM card.

People who buy their phones outright usually need to wait 12 full months from the time of purchase and make sure all bills are paid. Then the network will provide you with the unlock code.

To unlock network / SIM card, you will need to confirm IMEI IMEI. International Mobile Equipment Identity (translated. International Mobile Equipment Identity), is the number of a mobile device. over, this number is unique and allows you to identify the device. It consists of 15 digits, in which information about your gadget is encoded. the code of the phone model, the country of the manufacturer, etc. (international identifier of mobile equipment, a unique code used to identify your phone in any network) of your phone or tablet.

On Android, the IMEI number can be found quickly by dialing # or by opening Settings About phone Status IMEI information. After sending this 15-digit number, the operator must provide you with a PIN that allows you to use a SIM card from another network.

(This process may differ depending on the cellular network. For example, a new operator may require you to enter a special code to work with their network.)

This is especially useful if you are traveling to another country and your device does not support dual SIM cards at the same time.

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Although carriers in America are not allowed to charge for this service, in the UK and Europe there is sometimes a small administration fee required to unlock a phone.

How to Unlock SIM Card Samsung Galaxy J2 Prime SM-G532F / DS? To unblock, use PUK-code PUK (from English Personal unblocking code) is required in order to unblock the SIM-card. So, if you enter the wrong PIN code 3 times, the SIM card will be blocked. To unblock it, you need to either contact the nearest mobile operator’s salon with your passport, or use the PUK code, which, in fact, allows you to unblock the SIM card without leaving your home. (indicated on the plastic base to which the SIM card was attached before activation, under a protective layer). To unblock PIN1, dial the command: 05PUK1-code new PIN1-code repeat new PIN1-code #. To unblock PIN2, dial: 052PUK2-code new PIN2 repeat new PIN2 #

Questions to unlock Samsung Galaxy J2 Prime SM-G532F / DS

User 33287 08/20/2017
If you do not know the login and password for the account that was activated by the “Samsung Galaxy S” smartphone, you will have to do a factory reset, but all information from the phone will be lost. Remove the SIM card and memory card from the smartphone. Turn off your smartphone. Press the buttons: “Enable” and “Volume up” and “Home”. After turning on the smartphone, release the “Enable” button, and continue to hold the “Volume Up” and “Home” buttons until the green Android robot appears with the engineering settings menu. To navigate the menu use the volume control buttons, and the selection is made by the “Home” button. Find and follow the steps “Wipe data / factory reset”. in it, click “Yes”. Next, select and press the “Home” button on the “Wipe cache partition” item, and then the “Home” button! Click on the “Reboot system now” item. The smartphone will reboot. After that, you have reset all the previously made settings! Now you can turn on the smartphone. it is unlocked!
LEmko 33287 21.08.2017
There are 5 attempts in total to unlock the phone using the pattern. If you have already exceeded the limit, then enter something again and wait 30 seconds. After that, you need to enter the data of the Google account that you use on your smartphone, i.e. the one that you entered when you first set up your smartphone. If you have forgotten not only the pattern, but also the password for your Google account. Try to call the locked smartphone and during the call, after accepting it, go to the phone settings. Find your pattern in the phone lock settings and deactivate it. Well, the last hope is a factory reset.
Guru 21.08.2017
Android has several settings that may prevent you from removing the screen lock. In addition to the settings, installed applications can interfere with unblocking. 1. Remove VPN, 2. Disable administrator rights, 3. Remove third-party security certificates, 4. Try disabling blocking in safe mode. A downloaded application that has been downloaded from the Play Store can prevent you from removing the lock. To find out if there is such an application in the device’s memory, load it into Safe Mode. In this mode, all downloaded applications are disabled, only those installed at the factory work. If the lock is removed, then some downloaded application is to blame.
Connoisseur 08/22/2017
The graphic pattern is removed on all Android smartphones in the same way. And so to unlock the pattern you need a Google account and there is no Internet. When you enter the “Emergency Call” menu, you can activate the top panel where you can already turn on the Internet and activate your Google account!
Andrew 02/22/2018
I have a second phone Samsung Galaxy J2. I pulled out the card myself and put it, and it asks for a code of 6 characters what is it
Madina 02/25/2018
My Samsung j2 made a reset now asks for a password from Google Okaunta writes 74 hours to wait. is there any other option to unlock the phone I know the login and password of the phone and all the data please help
banderos 04/08/2018
forgot password. what to do, how to unlock.
Denchik 16.12.2018
Can’t unlock j 2 prime help plis
Nazmina Suyumbek kyzy 03/26/2019
How to unlock your pattern. Forgot
David 03/31/2019
how to remove the lock from a Samsung Gelessi G 2 phone I don’t understand at least make a video.
saniya 03/30/2020
8how to unlock the lock. Screen
Arnur 20.11.2020
how to unlock J2 prime. I saw YouTube but could not do with the phone what should I do

Ask a question regarding unlocking Samsung Galaxy J2 Prime SM-G532F / DS

Use OTG adapter and mouse

You will need an OTG adapter (on the go) and a USB mouse, as this requires you to connect your device to a USB mouse. Buy a compatible OTG adapter online, they are not expensive but very useful.

Once they are connected, you can control the broken screen device.

How to unlock Android phones when forgot Password

You can just click below video to see how to fix it.

Unlock Android Phone with Samsung Account

If you have applied for a Samsung account before, then you can try this method first.

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J1, J2, J5, J7 Samsung Galaxy Forgot password How unlock

Visit on your computer or any other device and sign in with your account details. Find the Unlock my screen option in the sidebar so you know how to unlock your device.

How to Unlock Android Phone with Broken Screen in 5 Ways

I dropped my Samsung phone to the ground this morning and no luck this time. The phone screen is broken and does not respond to touch. How to Access Samsung Phone with Broken Screen?

First of all, you are not the only one who breaks your smartphone screen, which is a fairly common case.

But when that happens, you are faced with two daunting challenges. They’re like unlocking an Android device and copying data from it.

If you don’t know how to do this, don’t worry. We’re going to offer some help.

Here are some solutions to unlock on Android device with broken, black, dead or cracked screen and retrieve data from the device using a third party tool.

Use Android Device Manager to Unlock Android Phone

Google has made a service called Android Device Manager to track, lock and delete an Android phone with ease.

This will not require any other third party app or program, the device manager will boot your device that is logged into your google account when you go to the Google Android Device Manager page.

It’s quite easy that you can use Change Forgotten Password to unlock your Android phone with the following simple steps:

Step 1 Log into the Google Android Device Manager page and log into the Google account you used on your device.

Step 2 Click Accept to allow Android Device Manager to use location data.

Step 3 Click Lock in the pop-up window.

Step 4 Enter a new password to lock your device with a new password.

Use FoneLab Broken Android Phone Data Extraction to Extract Data

FoneLab Broken Android Phone Data Extractor is a powerful program that can recover Android photos, videos, music, messages, attachments, call logs, documents, etc. from Android phone or tablet with broken, black, dead, bricked screen in just a few clicks mouse.

The program works best on Samsung models like Samsung Galaxy S, Samsung Galaxy Note, Samsung Galaxy Tab, etc. You can get a free trial to see how it works.

Fix your frozen, broken, black screen locked or locked Android system as normal, or recover data from broken Android phone or SD card.

  • Fix your Android problems and recover data from your phone.
  • Retrieve contacts, messages, WhatsApp, photos, etc. from broken Android device or memory card.
  • Android phone data and SD card available.

Let’s move on to how to retrieve data from a broken phone.

Step 1 Download and install the program on your computer from the above link. Then the program will automatically start when it is successfully installed. select Broken Android Data Extraction from interface.

Step 2 Connect your Samsung Galaxy S6 to your computer using a USB cable. Click Run in the correct box according to your situation.

Step 3 Make sure you have selected the correct information for your Samsung phone, including the device name and device model. Then press confirm move on.

Step 4 This step will put your Samsung phone into download mode. Follow the instructions on the screen to enter: turn off the phone. press and hold the volume down home power button. press the volume up button and then press the Start button.

Step 5 The program will scan data from your phone. Once it’s finished, select any file types in the left column and click Next.

Step 6 Preview and mark the items you want to recover and click Recover to save them to your computer.

What’s more, this program can help you fix Samsung tablet won’t turn on.If you have the same problem, this is the best choice for you.

Factory Reset to Unlock Android Phone

The above methods will help you unlock Android devices without changing data. If they are not suitable for your device, you can try factory resetting your Android phone if you don’t mind, it will erase all data on your device and you won’t get a data backup if you don’t have your Android phone backup files.

You must prepare your device, USB cable, and computer first. Below is a tutorial with clear instructions.

Step 1 Back up Android phone data, This method will erase the data on your device, you must keep the data you want to keep and prevent data loss.

Step 2 Turn off the device while holding the button combination to enter download mode. These are usually Power, Volume Down and Home buttons.

Step 3 use volume buttons to select data erase / reset.

Step 4 Press the Power button to confirm.

If you don’t want to lose your device data, please download FoneLab Broken Android Phone Data Extractor to solve the problem of unlocking your device and save your data now!

Fix your frozen, broken, black screen locked or locked Android system as normal, or recover data from broken Android phone or SD card.