How to unlock screen Honor 9

New window

You can add a new window to make it easier to see your application icons. Press and hold a blank area of ​​the home screen to enter edit mode.

  • Adding a window: click to the left or right of the current window on the “” icon to add a new area of ​​the home screen.
  • Removing an empty window: Click on the “X” to remove the window. Home screens that have application icons or widgets cannot be removed.
  • Change the order of windows: press and hold a home screen window, drag it to the desired location.
  • Setting the default home screen: Tap at the top of the home screen to set the selected window as the default home screen.

How to get files to your phone

  • Swipe down on the status bar;
  • Open the notification panel;
  • Click and enable Huawei Share
  • A file transfer notification will appear;
  • To accept.

Screen control

This section will show you how to customize your Honor phone and create a better screen experience. You can move them or delete unnecessary icons, as well as place them in thematic folders.

  • Create an icon folder: Press and hold an icon until the device vibrates, then drag it onto another application icon. A folder will be created that contains both applications.
  • Deleting a folder: open a folder, click on “”, deselect all applications, then click OK. The folder will be deleted automatically, all applications stored in it will be moved to the home screen.
  • Rename a folder: open a folder, click on its name, enter a new name.
  • Add applications to a folder and delete: open the folder, click on “”, select or deselect applications, then click “OK”. The selected applications will be moved to the folder, not selected. removed from it.

How to customize the screen on Honor

SIMple home screen mode supports large icons and larger font sizes.

To create you need:

  • go to the Settings application;
  • select the System menu;
  • activate SIMple Mode (check the box).

Setting up notifications on Honor

The icons in the status bar display information about the status of the phone, as follows:

  • network connection;
  • battery charge level;
  • new messages;
  • Silent mode.

When checking the icons, you can quickly find out the status of the device: time, Internet connection, mode, and more. Network connection icons vary by region and service provider.

Huawei Share for fast file sharing

The preinstalled app allows you to quickly connect to any Huawei brand device to download or transfer files. Communication channels are used: Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. When the application is started, the specified communication modules automatically become active.

How to transfer files to another Huawei device:

  • Select files to send.
  • Click: Send.
  • In the list of available devices, select the receiving device and confirm sending.

Signal modes

The following functions can be selected in the phone settings:

  • How to enable Do Not Disturb mode: in the Settings application, select the Sound Do Not Disturb menu.
  • Allow calls and messages from important contacts by priority: select “By priority”, click on “Priority events”, configure contacts from which to receive calls and messages during “Do not disturb” mode.
  • Allow alarms: menu “Alarm only” to allow only alarms.
  • Turn off all alarms: Select the Never menu to turn off alarms, vibration and screen wake up for incoming calls, messages and alarms.
  • Turn on Silent mode: in the Sound menu, turn on “Silent mode”, then activate “Vibration”. When there is an incoming call, the screen will light up, the device will vibrate.
  • Setting the ringtone and notification tones: in the Sound menu select “Ringtone” or “Notification”.

Connecting to Wi FI networks via “Settings”

  • Enter Settings.
  • Select Wireless Wi-Fi.
  • Turn on Wi-Fi.
  • Select the network you want to connect to.
  • Depending on your network settings, you may need to enter a password or perform other actions to complete authentication. Follow the instructions on the screen.

Import and export

When you buy a new device, you usually need to transfer information and contacts from your old device. To do this, you need to perform the following actions:

  • Open the Contacts application;
  • Select Import / Export;
  • Choose one of the options offered.
  • Import contacts: Select Import from storage, Import from another device or Import from storage: SIM and follow the on-screen prompts.
  • Export contacts: select Export to storage, Export to storage: SIM or Send contacts and follow the on-screen prompts.

By logging into your Gmail account

The fastest and most affordable way to unlock your Honor phone if you’ve forgotten your password is to use your Google account. After entering the pattern or PIN code incorrectly five times, the following message appears on the screen: “Forgot your pattern”. Next, we do all the actions according to the aLGorithm:

  • click on the notification that appears;
  • enter the email address that was previously used in the phone in the field that appears;
  • enter your login details;
  • choose a convenient unlocking method among those offered by the system.

Important! For this method, only the Google account that was previously activated on this device is suitable. There will be difficulties with entering a third-party account, because the device does not remember it.

How to unlock your phone with a fingerprint

If you have any questions or complaints. please let us know

If the fingerprint scanner incorrectly reads the owner’s information and gives you an error, you need to use a backup method. a pattern or a code. Every time you set up a Smart protection method, the interface suggests choosing a classic value just in case. Use it if the print refuses to let you in to the desktop.

Gives an error logging into Recovery

You can try to install custom firmware on your phone. It is better to take it from source There is also an instruction. If it does not help, take it to the service center.

Reset with Hard Reset

Unlocking your Huawei phone if you forgot the pattern is also possible by resetting the system settings. This method is the most severe. After using it, it will not be possible to save the information that was previously stored on the Honor media. In fact, after a hard reset, you get a phone with the settings that were set in it by the manufacturer at the factory. To reset an Honor or Huawei gadget, follow the instructions below:

  • turn on the gadget;
  • when turning on, hold down the lock key and both volume keys;
  • when Android appears on the screen, release the power button;
  • then the Recovery Menu opens, the volume buttons can be released;
  • move the pointer up and down using the volume keys;
  • go to the line Wipe data / Factory reset;
  • confirm it by pressing the Home key once;
  • after which the system will display the inscription Yes. delete all user data;
  • confirm.
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The only thing left is to wait for the complete reboot of the smartphone. This usually takes 5 to 10 minutes. In almost all cases, this option is successful. Its main disadvantage for the user is that no files are left. If the gadget fell into the hands of intruders, then this is a clear plus.

Cons of rolling back to factory settings:

  • personal information is lost in full;
  • basic phone settings, sounds, wallpapers are reset;
  • the phone book is completely erased.

How to Pick a Good Maintenance Service

It often happens that it is not possible to solve a systemic or mechanical problem at home. Then the only way to get your device back on line is to take it to the experts. In 2020, the market for servicing mobile phones is quite wide, but this has both pros and cons. competition gives rise to better services, but there are still places where only money is wanted from you. To get quality help with cell phone repair:

  • contact only official licensed institutions;
  • since Honor and Huawei services are not available in every city, you can go to the official partners;
  • be sure to read the comments about this place before visiting;
  • inquire about payment in advance;
  • give preference to places where cashless payments are available.

How to unlock Honor and Huawei if you forgot your password or pattern

How to unlock Honor? The question is not difficult, but users often encounter difficulties: they forgot their password or key, the system is buggy, the sensor does not respond, the fingerprint scanner stops functioning. In 2020, the issues of protecting personal data are very relevant, therefore, there are many options to secure files. How to get rid of problems and keep your smartphone safe? We answer this, and many other questions regarding the theme of phone lock and personal data protection.

How to unlock your Honor phone if you forgot your password

The unlocking problem arises when the user has entered the wrong code value a certain number of times. You should not panic, there are several ways to bring the gadget into a functioning state.

Smart look

Smart Look is a modern software for the device that allows you to provide access to the phone by unlocking with your finger, photo and other Smart tools. This software is suitable only for gadgets with appropriate scanners. The plus is that you won’t forget your login details. The smart tool will do everything for you. You can set up smart lock through the general security and privacy settings, in the “Fingerprint” section. When you set up this option, the system asks for a backup PIN in case of lags or repeated login attempts from other people.

On phones from Huawei and Honor, you will need to provide a pin or key after restarting the device, even if it has other unlock options installed.

Forgot your Private Space password

There is a fallback option for Android. to answer some questions. If you originally installed them when setting up, then Private Space facilitates entry. If there were no questions for the account, the only option is to delete everything.

How to unlock Huawei and Honor phones if you forgot your password or pattern

How to unlock Honor? The emergence of such a question does not bode well for the owner of the smartphone, since there is only one situation to think about such things: the user has forgotten the pattern. Fortunately, in 2020 there are several ways to get out of this situation. They cannot be called SIMple because they perform an important function. Phone developers made sure that no one could access someone else’s account and view confidential information.

As a result, to bypass the pattern you need to:

  • know the password for the account (in theory, this combination is known exclusively to the owner of the gadget);
  • or destroy all personal data (that is, you will not be able to access them).

In each specified case, personal security is maintained at the highest level, confidential information remains protected. Among the disadvantages of such a strict approach, it is worth highlighting the possible inconveniences when unlocking the phone. But these shortcomings will not interfere with a person if he does not forget the pattern.

How to unlock your phone with a fingerprint?

Unlocking Android with a fingerprint is a little trickier, since you won’t be able to use your account in this case. But the cases when you need to get rid of the fingerprint are rare. They usually happen when buying a smartphone from the secondary market when the previous owner forgot to turn off the screen lock. In such situations, it remains:

  • contact the previous owner of the device and ask for his help;
  • reset the settings to the basic level using the instructions above;
  • contact the service center, asking to unlock the screen;
  • contact the manufacturer’s representatives by contacting Support on the official Huawei website.

One of the listed options will definitely help to achieve the desired result.

By logging into your Gmail account

Those wishing to figure out how to reset the password on Huawei should do the following:

  • Enter the wrong password 5 times in a row.
  • Wait for a message to appear indicating that the user has forgotten the correct combination.
  • In the window that appears, sequentially enter the username and password from the Gmail account.
  • Login to your account.
  • Use the item that asks to change the pattern.
  • Enter the phone using the changed data.

It is important to note that you need to use exactly the account that was linked to the phone. Using another account will not work, because in this case, you will not be able to change the password.

The fact that some Honor and Huawei models do not support the described solution deserves special attention. Their owners will have to use the second option or be more careful about passwords.

It is important to note that if you enter the wrong keys, you should try to remember the correct one. It may take several attempts to log into the phone without making any additional changes.

Reset with Hard Reset

If the described approach did not help, the user should figure out how to unlock the Honor phone if he forgot the password. This will require:

  • Turn off the device.
  • Hold down the power and volume up buttons at the same time.
  • After the screen lights up, release the power key, leaving the volume button pressed.
  • After opening a new window, it remains to select the item “wipe data”.
  • Confirm actions taken.

After that, it remains to wait for the system to reset the settings to the factory level and reboot the device. If everything is done correctly, the next step will be to create a new profile and reinstall the necessary programs and applications.

If you have any questions or complaints. please let us know

It is important to emphasize that the described approach does not require connecting to a computer, using special commands (adb) and switching to other modes (bootloader). The desired result is achieved without additional complex actions.

How to unlock your Honor phone if you forgot your password?

As mentioned above, there are 2 main ways to bypass blocking. Each of them has its own shortcomings and weaknesses, and there is no ideal option. But, if the user urgently needs to find out how to unlock the Huawei phone, if he forgot the pattern, then he will not be able to choose, he will have to use the available methods:

  • the first approach involves authorization in a Google account and resetting the key through a personal account;
  • the second option involves deleting all existing settings and returning the smartphone to its default state.
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The main disadvantage of the first proposed method is that it is not available for those people who have forgotten their password, account and PIN. And those among those who have forgotten the digital key will be the majority.

The main disadvantage of the second method is associated with the complete removal of all user files and information stored on the phone, including applications, photos and even contacts. It will not be possible to restore them later, regardless of the wishes of the owner of the device.

Nuances and problems that may arise

Having figured out how to unlock Huawei, it remains to understand some important nuances that can make life easier for users. First of all, owners of smart devices should think about how to write down a pin code and a pattern somewhere. Such an inscription on a piece of paper or on a PC will allow you not to worry about the fact that the correct combination will be forgotten.

In addition, you should worry in advance about saving important files and contacts to the cloud storage. As a result, they will always be at hand, and possible difficulties with unlocking will not lead to their irrevocable destruction. Additionally, it is recommended that you make a restore point, a rollback to which will eliminate possible failures and problems. If you follow these tips, the likelihood of encountering unforeseen difficulties will be minimal.

Method 2. factory reset via Google account

All user data will be erased, the phone will return to its original state. If the SD card is inserted into the device, then just in case, remove it.

Go to the address. and enter your data from your Google account.

In the left column, click on the item “Clear device” and confirm the action, if asked to enter your data again. do it.

The phone will immediately clear itself as soon as it connects to the Internet, for example, to a Wi-Fi network or when you insert a valid SIM card with mobile Internet.

Method 3. Smart Lock Function

Only works if you have previously configured this feature. When you turn it on, you do not need to enter a password to unlock the smartphone if a certain action is performed, for example, when connecting a Bluetooth device.

If you have not configured it, then only reset the settings. To avoid such problems in the future, enable it in the device security settings.

Method 1. reset settings via Recovery Mode

All your data will be deleted, the smartphone will return to its original state as it was when it was first started. Therefore, I recommend recovering data immediately from your Google account.

Turn off your smartphone completely by holding down the power button.

Hold two buttons at the same time: volume up and power.

As soon as the boot screen appears, release the power button, and after 3 seconds, when the menu items appear, release also the volume up button. The phone will enter Recovery Mode.

Use the touch screen to navigate the menu items, and if it does not work, use the volume and power buttons. Activate the item “Wipe data / factory reset” and confirm the action.

Then activate the item “Reboot system”. The device will reboot without a request to enter the PIN.

How to unlock Honor and Huawei phone if forgot password

Honor and Huawei are among the most popular smartphones based on the Android operating system, and it is on them that users most often forget the password to enter.

What to do if you forgot the password from your Honor or Huawei phone, you will find in this material. We will consider all methods with pictures in detail, we will solve this issue once and for all.

The previous material was devoted to how to unlock the phone if you forgot the password, there we examined how to do this for the most popular phone models. Today we will focus on resetting the password for devices of the Honor and Huawei brands.

Important! Unlocking a smartphone or tablet without a factory reset is impossible on new models with EMUI versions higher than 9. This is a feature of all new Android firmware.

  • 1 How to Unlock Honor and Huawei Phone
  • 1.1 Method 1. reset settings via Recovery Mode
  • 1.2 Method 2. factory reset via Google account
  • 1.3 Method 3. Smart Lock Function
  • 1.4 Method 4. for EMUI below version 9
  • 1.5

Method 4. for EMUI below version 9

Enter the wrong password several times, the “Forgot password” button will appear. click it.

Enter the data from your Google account and then a new password. Confirm the action. Unfortunately, the method only works on devices with an old version of Android and EMUI.

How to Unlock Honor and Huawei Phone

To do this, you definitely need to know the data from your Google account, if you have forgotten them, then I recommend reading the material on how to restore a Google account on Android, it is written in detail how this can be done.

These are the only working ways how to unlock Honor and Huawei phone. You can also always contact the official service center if there is still a guarantee and you will definitely be helped.

How to unlock your phone with a fingerprint?

The next way to unlock your Honor phone if you forget your password is optimal for smartphones that use fingerprint privacy protection. It is extremely SIMple and does not even require the use of a phone:

  • The user needs to turn on any computer or other SIMilar device and visit the Google website.
  • Here you need to enter your personal account (it is important to make sure that it matches the account on the smartphone).
  • Then you have to go to the tab and accept the terms of service.
  • After that, it remains to press the button offering to block and clear the pin code and digital graphic key.
  • The last step will be to create a new password with which to unlock the smartphone.
  • After unlocking, you must re-fingerprint.

Naturally, the described approach will not help if you forgot your password and account from Google.

How to unlock your Honor phone if you forgot your password?

There are 2 main ways to unlock Huawei, but both options have significant drawbacks and can present users with an impossible task. To unlock Huawei smartphones it is proposed:

  • use your Google account and change the settings for accessing the phone through your own account;
  • reset the settings to the factory level.

In this case, the first approach can be divided into 2 equivalent parts, differing in the actions that have to be performed by a person faced with difficulties. Each mentioned option has its own advantages and disadvantages, so it is recommended to start with the Honor unlocking method that seems to be the easiest and most convenient. This will save time and instantly switch to the second approach if the first is not effective enough.

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Reset with Hard Reset

The next way to unlock your Huawei phone if you forgot your pattern is to reset your smartphone settings to the factory level. This will require:

  • turn off the phone by pressing the corresponding button;
  • SIMultaneously hold down the power and volume up keys until the Android icon appears on the monitor;
  • select the inscription Wipe data in the menu that opens;
  • confirm the decision in the next window;
  • restart your smartphone;
  • create a new pattern, password and pin.

Nothing extra is required, but it is important to remember the negative effect of such actions. It consists in the disappearance of everything that was stored in the device’s memory. It is impossible to restore files, contacts and information after a factory reset, the only exception is creating a backup copy. But making a copy is required in advance, before an unpleasant situation arises.

How to unlock your Huawei (Honor) phone if you forgot your password or pattern

How to unlock Honor if a user suddenly forgot both the password and pattern? In 2019, there is no single way to get out of this situation without data loss and complexity. But this does not mean that the owner of the phone should give up and give up restoring attempts. It is much wiser to be patient, since it will not be possible to cope with the existing task quickly. Additionally, you should prepare for the fact that a large number of files and contacts will disappear without a trace. Losses can be avoided only by those people who foreseen the occurrence of such situations and created a backup copy or a restore point.

In short, the solution does not seem as SIMple as users would like. They have to prepare for the fact that it will take some time to gain access to the account.

By logging into your Gmail account

The first approach will require the following:

  • First, you need to enter the wrong password for the account 5 times in a row (especially, there is a possibility of accidentally entering the correct combination).
  • Then use the link (caption) that appears on the screen, offering assistance in password recovery and unlocking the phone.
  • The next step is to sign in to the Google account linked to your smartphone.
  • After that, it remains to use the instructions of the system and make a new strong password.

The main disadvantage of the described option will be the need for an Internet connection. Sometimes blocked devices cannot establish a connection. In such a case, you will have to use alternative options for connecting to the network, which can cause difficulties for most people who are not familiar with smart devices.

Nuances and problems that may arise

None of the above approaches guarantee the desired result, and smartphones do not have a special unlock or adb button, but users are asked to remember the PIN code in advance, since it cannot be restored. Take the warning you receive with the utmost seriousness.

In situations where the proposed methods did not help or the phone owners are blocked from accessing Bootloader and other mobile services, there are several options for action:

  • contact Huawei representatives (on the official Russian-language website);
  • contact the service center associated with the retail network where the device was purchased;
  • visit an independent repair shop and ask to unlock the screen.

There are no other acceptable ways to regain control of your phone.

If you have any questions or complaints. please let us know

unlock, screen, honor

If using a fingerprint reader

For devices that use a fingerprint reader to protect personal data, there is another great way to unlock. To use it, you will have to sign in to your Google account on your computer, tablet or any other device. Then go to the blocking tab of the lost device, and agree with the requirements of the system.

If everything is done correctly, a button will appear prompting you to lock the device, clear the digital and pattern keys. After confirming this action, it remains to set a new password and unlock the smartphone with it.

Unlocking with Hard Reset

In new models of Honor smartphones, password recovery via Google is not possible. This means that the only way to restore the device to work is to hard reset to factory settings with the loss of all information. This requires:

  • Turn off the smartphone using the power button.
  • Hold down the power button and increase the hardness at the same time.
  • After the logo appears on the screen, you can release the power button. The volume button must be held until the menu is fully loaded.
  • Click on the line “Wipe Data” and confirm the action in the next window.

Now it remains to set a new password and re-fill the smartphone with the necessary data.

How to unlock Honor: if you forgot your password, there are several effective ways

Honor smartphones guarantee secure storage of data and personal information. This will protect against intruders, but it can also work against the owner of the device. How to unlock Honor if you forgot your password is one of the most frequently asked questions from smartphone owners.

With the increased protection of phones and new protocols, it is almost impossible to restore the device to work without losing data. The unlock function via Google account, which will be the salvation in this case, is only available for models on EMUI 9.0 and devices released before 2015. Modern phones can be unlocked by collecting to factory settings, but all personal data, settings and updates will be deleted. Let’s take a closer look at several ways to unlock Honor if you’ve forgotten your password.

Unblocking with Google Account

If possible, you can always use soft recovery using your Google account. To do this, you must enter the intended password several times in the window. At the first error the smartphone will be blocked for 60 seconds, at the second for 30 minutes, and after the third it will offer to use the “Forgot password” button. Different devices may have their own wording, but the meaning remains.

Further, if you have a stable connection to Wi-Fi, you should proceed in the following way.

  • Click on the “Forgot password” button.
  • In the window that appears, enter data from your Google account (mail is entered before the @ sign). If this information is also forgotten, first you need to restore it to your computer or any other device.
  • After switching to your account, you must set a new password, following the system prompts.

Prevention is better than cure

In order not to have to unlock the phone with the loss of personal data, you need to take care of security in advance. The first, and most reliable “old-fashioned” way is to write down the password. In the modern world, this is not often found, but the reliability of the method is off scale, so you definitely will not have to use the reset method to factory settings.

A timely backup will help to recover lost information even when using Hard Resert. All necessary data will be transferred to the cleaned device in just a few minutes.

Using face and fingerprint unlock features will help you avoid future problems. With them, there is no need to remember or enter the code on the screen, as well as think about how to unlock Honor if you forgot your password.

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