How to unlock your Samsung TV remote


Locking the buttons on the remote control from Samsung TV panels often means that the protection mode was turned on, which could happen when the remote control was dropped or other mechanical impact on it. To remove the protection, you need to remove the batteries, press “Power” and, while holding the key, put the batteries back. This will unlock the remote.

Samsung TVs have the “Hotel Mode” option used in hotels and hotels. It is designed to partially block the functions of the remote control, so that using the device you can only switch channels and adjust the volume. To remove this protection, you must open the service menu. This can be done in one of several combinations:

  • sequentially press the buttons “Display”. “Menu”. “Power”;
  • “Mute”. “1”. “8”. “2”. “Power”;
  • for TVs assembled in Europe: “Standby”. “Display”. “Menu”. “Mute”. “Power”.

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In the service menu, you need to find the “Hotel” mode and move the slider from the “On” position to the “Off” position.

To unlock the remote from the LG TV Panel, you also need to remove the batteries and put them back while holding the power button. If this method does not help, you should successively press the arrow buttons: “up”, “down”, “left”, “right”, then shake the remote control. If these actions did not bring results, you can try universal options.

Advice! The absence of a positive result after all the above manipulations will also speak of the need to contact the manufacturer’s service center to unlock or replace the product.

All methods of unlocking the remote from the TV

If the remote control falls into the hands of children or animals, or is misused by an adult, it may become blocked. In this situation, you need to know how to unlock the TV remote control in order to fully use its capabilities.

The main way

There are many different options for unlocking the remote control. The main one is to refer to the user manual for the TV, in which you can find answers to all your questions, including unlocking the native remote control.

Advice! If, after purchasing the equipment, the instruction has not been preserved, you can search for it on the Web, for example, on the official website of the TV receiver manufacturer. To do this, you need to know exactly the TV model.

In most modern television equipment, for example, in Samsung Smart TV, instructions for use can be found in the menu. This cannot be done without the remote control, but if the user has an original or universal remote control application installed on his smartphone, he will be able to open the menu and find the user manual.

Philips and Sharp

For some samples of TVs of these manufacturers, in order to unlock the remote control, you must enter the combination “0000” or “1111”.

If there is no result, for Sharp TVs you need to do the following:

  • simultaneously press the volume down button on the TV case and the power button on the remote control;
  • on the TV panel case, simultaneously press the volume down and channel up buttons. an empty channel will turn on, then you need to open and disable parental control, after which the remote control will start working as usual.

If the instructions are missing or there is no information on how to unlock the remote control, for Philips TVs the steps will be as follows.

  • Bring the remote control to the body of the television panel, directly to the inscription “Philips”, find the red and blue teletext buttons, press and hold them for 10 seconds. In case of successful actions, a corresponding message will appear on the screen.
  • If it was not possible to achieve a positive result, you should remove the batteries from the remote control and disconnect the TV equipment from the network, and then return the batteries to the remote control, turn on the TV and check the operation.

If all the described steps did not help, you need to try universal ways to unlock the remote control. In case of a negative result, in this case, you should contact the service center.

Features of the procedure for remote controls for TVs of different brands

Many TV manufacturers use different methods to install and remove protection on the remote controls of their products. The methods of the most popular brands will be discussed below.

Remotes from other brands of TV sets

For TV panels from other manufacturers, for example, Sony Bravia, Supra or Thomson, you must first look at the instructions to unlock the remote control. If there is no solution to the problem in it, you need to act in the ways already described for other brands of television equipment. First try to remove the batteries, and then, while holding the power button, put them back. This usually helps. Otherwise, you need to try to enter the universal unlock codes. If this does not lead to a positive result, you should contact the service center specialists or get a new TV receiver control device.

Additional methods

There are a number of different combinations that can be used to unlock the remote control for different TV models.

  • Press the buttons “P” and “” at the same time. Next, you need to enter combinations consisting of four identical digital symbols, for example, “1111” or “2222”, etc. The sequence “1234” belongs to the universal codes. After entering the combination, press “”.
  • After pressing “P” and “”, the LED on the remote control will light up continuously. Instead of a combination of numbers, you can try to press “Menu” and “Channel up” or “Menu” and “Volume up”.
  • Press any button for five to ten seconds. This option is suitable for few TV panels.
  • A combination of buttons “Exit”, “9”, “1” is suitable for unlocking the remote control in a number of models.
  • In some cases, removing the batteries helps to eliminate the malfunction. During their installation in their original place, you need to press and hold the power key.

Universal remotes

If the remote control cannot be returned to work, you will need to purchase a new original remote control or use a universal one, for example, released by Huayu. This manufacturer manufactures remote controls for both television panels and cable TV set-top boxes (including MTS and Rostelecom).

To set up the remote control to work with a certain technique, you need to use the instructions for it, which contain the codes. Here you need to find the brand of your TV and follow the indicated steps.

Advice! To unlock universal remotes, you must also use the instructions or try common codes.

Thus, if the TV remote control turned out to be blocked for some reason, the first thing to do is to use the instructions and look in it for the answer to the question that has arisen. If it is lost or the necessary information is missing, there are a number of universal combinations for unlocking the remote control. Most likely, one of them will help fix the problem. Otherwise, you will need to purchase a new device or contact the service specialists to resolve the issue.

Possible malfunctions and their elimination

If the TV stops responding to the remote control, the first step is to check the connection to make sure which of the two devices is causing the problem.

  • The first step is to check the connection of the equipment to the power source. If the TV plug is connected and the current is supplied to the outlet, but the TV does not turn on, check the wire itself, it so happens that the cable from the TV to the plug is frayed, bent, etc.
  • If both the plug and the cable are in order, and there is current in the outlet, and the TV does not want to turn on, then try to start it using the button, which is located on the body of the equipment itself. If the equipment does not respond, then it is worth sounding the alarm and checking the performance of the TV itself.
  • In the case when, when turned on with the button on the panel, the TV works as if nothing had happened, and does not want to respond to the remote control, then the question arises of why this happened. Most likely, in this case, the problem is specifically in the remote control.

The most common reasons for the breakdown of the remote control are

  • Mechanical damage Most often, it is found in families where there are small children who can drown the remote control in the bathroom, bucket. Or throw the remote control at the wall. In such a situation, only a complete replacement of the remote control can help, and it is recommended to remove the new one away from children.
  • Batteries. Typically, TV remote controls are powered by batteries that go into a separate compartment. And to restore the device’s performance, it will be enough to replace the batteries with new ones.
  • Scheme. The circuit can hide in itself various breakdowns, including loose contacts and ending with more serious malfunctions. The most popular chip in use today is Adam24P20G.
  • Quartz remote control device.
  • Buttons. Sometimes there is a thinning of the special gasket between the buttons and the circuit.

Most of the problems can be noticed in the early stages, paying attention to the appearance of the device. For example, the body of the remote control may be melted or cracked, which already indicates possible problems that in the future can lead to a complete failure of the device. However, some breakdowns can still be eliminated if they are detected in time.

If you know the cause of the breakdown, the device can be reanimated if done on time.

Some malfunctions can be dealt with on your own. For example, if the power supply is insufficient, the batteries must be replaced. No soldering or disassembly required.

  • Remove the control panel cover;
  • Remove the batteries;
  • Insert new.

If there is a bad reaction of the buttons to pressing, you will have to check the integrity of the gasket located between the buttons and the microcircuit.

If there are any cracks on the case, it is recommended to replace the remote control with a new one, or use materials at hand to fix the case and prevent further cracking.

But not in all situations you can cope on your own and then you will need the help of a specialist.

Dismantling the Samsung TV remote

To open the Samsung Smart TV Remote, turn it over and slide the back cover down towards the indicators.

If you slide the back of the puller towards the indicators, a small gap appears on the front of the remote control.

Open gap makes it easy to grip the back cover so you can remove it.

Removing the back cover reveals the battery compartment, which usually contains the necessary fasteners. A Phillips screwdriver will help you remove all the screws and unscrew the case. It is advisable to take a special jar or small container for the screws so as not to lose them.

The rest of the remote is held by plastic clips, but it can be glued, pay attention to this point.

On the right side of the console, when facing up, there are two large areas for opening from the outside. These large clip opening areas are located on the right side of the console only. If the manufacturer did not use special glue, then you can carefully slide a plastic card around the perimeter of the device and pry off the case to start separating the case seam through the large clamping areas.

Once the case is open, you can see the top and keyboard with a rubber membrane. Then disconnect the microcircuit, but it is not recommended to unscrew the sensor from it.

It is advisable to wipe the area from the remote keyboard with alcohol, like the keyboard, which will get rid of sticking buttons and pressing will become smoother.

To remove the PCB from the case, use a flat head screwdriver or knife to gently pry up the bottom of the PCB on both sides near the battery compartment area.

Close inspection reveals two small holes on the board. These holes are for the two MEMS microphones in the remote control.

The LED is also located next to one of the microphone holes.

The top of the remote housing has an acoustic spacer for the top microphone. The rubber membrane keypad is used as an acoustic pad for the bottom microphone.

Turning our attention to the reverse side of the PCB, we can look at the components that make the console work. There are a number of discrete parts, transistors, and power supply integrated circuits. For example, a universal electronic remote control with voice control and Wi-Fi Direct UE878NMEG, consists of:

  • Wi-Fi chip, Knowles SiSonic microphone and infrared LED.
  • After cleaning and repair work, you can assemble the remote control, observing the reverse order.

How to properly disassemble Samsung TV remote

It often happens that the remote control stops working, sometimes insignificant reasons lead to this, for example, the buttons get stuck, in this case it is enough to disassemble the device and fix the problem.

Therefore, for every TV owner, it is important to know how to disassemble the Samsung TV remote control.

Features of disassembling the TV remote control

It should be noted right away that there are no significant differences when disassembling remotes from different brands, since they have a similar design. Often, remote control devices are distinguished from each other only by the size and location of the buttons.

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Therefore, further we will consider the general principle of disassembling the remote control, which will suit most models. However, it is recommended to carry out only cleaning on your own, since repair requires certain knowledge regarding the functioning of microcircuits, which may differ in different devices.

  • small Phillips screwdriver;
  • knife or flat screwdriver;
  • a plastic card.

Connecting and configuring the remote control

After you have disassembled and reassembled the remote control, you will need to reconnect it to the TV.

After inserting the batteries, observing the polarity and closing the cover. Then find in the instructions how the first connection is made. Different models are activated by different keyboard shortcuts. But usually you need to set the play and return keys, holding until the corresponding icon appears on the screen.

This will mean that the devices have successfully connected with each other. For modern universal remotes, no special setting is required, it is important to know only the purpose of each button.

Owners of modern Samsung TVs with Smart Touch Control may find it difficult to get used to using the new system.

The remote control is equipped with a hydrosensor, and Smart TV can be controlled when it moves in space.

The body of such a device has few buttons, since all its functional part is concentrated on the touchpad, which is located in the center.

So, for example, when you move your fingers, you navigate through the menu, and the touchpad on the panel can call the cursor.

You can select an item from the list by touching the touchpad. Some models have keyboard mappings to help speed up searches.

But even taking into account all the functionality of touch remote controls, users prefer to use universal push-button counterparts, because they are cheaper and more familiar to operate at a price.

How to unlock your TV remote

Regardless of the brand, size and model, all TVs have one thing in common. the control panel. Thanks to the small and functional device, we have the opportunity to comfortably and conveniently watch our favorite television programs and films. Sometimes the remote turns off due to accidental blocking. But more often the reasons for this situation are the interest shown in the device by small children or animals. In any case, a solution to this problem will be required. We will tell you how to quickly find a way out of this situation, and unlock the TV remote control.

Remote controls Samsung

They differ in the presence of a built-in “Hotel Mode”. It is invaluable when staying in hotels and inns, but it can cause problems at home. When activated, the device continuously switches channels. You can disable it in the work menu using the above combination of buttons.

In the absence of instructions for use, it is worth trying other sequences:

  • “Mute”, “1”, “8”, “2”, “Power”;
  • “Display”, “Menu”, “Power”.

Helpful information! In models of European assembly, alternating keystrokes are effective: “STANDBY”, “DISPLAY”, “MENU”, “MUTE”, “POWER”.

Ways to unlock TV remotes of various brands

Device recovery methods may differ depending on different manufacturers.

How to unlock your TV remote: universal ways

There are effective ways to unlock the remote from the TV, which are suitable for any model and do not depend on the manufacturer or other specifications. If the operating manual has been preserved, it is worth using the section, which describes in detail possible malfunctions and how to eliminate them. You can unlock the remote control using a special key combination. If you lose the instructions, you should look for it on the net.

Attention! Before resorting to the methods listed below, we recommend that you make sure that the batteries and batteries are in good working order.

Button combinations that work on most devices:

  • Remove the batteries or rechargeable batteries from the device. Use the shutdown button and hold it down for a while while installing the batteries.
  • An effective way is to press any key for 10 seconds.
  • Pressing the “” and “P” buttons at the same time can also have a positive effect. With a continuously lit LED, keep the buttons pressed and in parallel dial the sequence: “Channel plus” and “Menu”.
  • While holding down the above buttons, try using the sequence “1234” or a combination of identical characters.

Important! The listed combinations and combinations of buttons must be completed by pressing “”.

Philips and Sharp TVs

To unlock the device, you can use universal 4-button combinations or one of the following methods:

  • Pressing and holding the power key and “Vol.”.
  • Hold down the “” and volume control buttons.

An empty channel should appear on the screen from which there is an exit to parental control. Disabling it will unlock the remote control.

Attention! It is strictly forbidden to change the sequence of dialing numbers. Press the keys quickly and without delay.

Unlocking the Philips remote control is performed using the TV. It is necessary to bring the device to the TV panel and press and hold the teletext key.

In case of failure, you must disconnect the TV and remote control. Then restart the power supply and try again.

After using the listed manipulations, the remote control should work. If this does not happen, you should contact the service center for help. Qualified specialists will help you find and eliminate the cause of the malfunction.

Reasons: why the TV does not respond to the remote control

It does not matter which company is the leader in the production of TVs, Samsung, Philips, Sony, PanSonyk, LG or some other company, all equipment may sooner or later fail in its work. And these failures are not only very unexpected, but also quite serious. Before you panic when the TV cannot be turned on from the remote control, you should check if the TV itself is working at all?

  • First, check if the technician is connected to a power source. Even a small child can handle this. If the TV plug is connected and the current is supplied to the outlet, but the TV does not turn on, check the wire itself, it so happens that the cable from the TV to the plug is frayed, bent, etc.
  • If both the plug and the cable are in order, and there is current in the outlet, and the TV does not want to turn on, then try to start it using the button, which is located on the body of the equipment itself. If the equipment does not respond, then it is worth sounding the alarm and checking the performance of the TV itself.
  • In the case when, when turned on with the button on the panel, the TV works as if nothing had happened, and does not want to respond to the remote control, then the question arises of why this happened. Most likely, in this case, the problem is specifically in the remote control.

If repairing a TV at home is almost impossible, and experts advise contacting the masters in case of such breakdowns, then the remote control can be repaired on your own. But first of all, they must determine why the TV stopped responding to the native remote control.

Examples of breakdowns due to which the TV remote control does not work

In addition to the fact that the remote control may completely refuse to connect and work with the TV, other problems may arise in the event of breakdowns in the remote control. For example, the remote control does not switch channels well, when you press some buttons, the equipment reacts as if other buttons are pressed. if you decide to change the channel, and instead of turning on the next one, the remote starts to increase or decrease the volume of the TV, etc.

Sometimes the buttons are pressed with difficulty, seize, react from the second, third or more times.

The TV may respond to the remote control only in close proximity. This can be noticeable if you turn on the TV from different parts and corners of the hall. For each of the breakdowns there is a reason that causes this or that malfunction, and it also happens that at one moment several reasons converge at once, and in this case you can get a very serious problem.

Among the causes of breakdowns are:

  • Small children. As practice shows, in families with small children, they are the ones that cause the remote control to break down. A child unknowingly can wash the remote control in a bucket or bathroom, throw it against the wall, etc. If such a reason is identified, then the easiest and most reliable way will be to replace the old remote control with a new one and hide it away from children’s eyes.
  • Batteries. As you know, in television remote controls, energy is obtained on the basis of AA batteries, which are inserted into a special compartment. In order to restore the functionality of the remote control, the usual replacement of batteries or accumulators can help.
  • Scheme. Various breakdowns can also be hidden in the remote control circuit, ranging from loose contacts to more serious problems. A popular example of a microcircuit is the Adam24P20G circuit.
  • Quartz remote control device.
  • Buttons. The special gasket between the circuit and the buttons may become thinner.

Many problems can be detected early on, for example, by the appearance of the remote control. If you notice that the body is melted, cracked or gnawed, then this should give rise to the idea that, perhaps, there is already a problem inside, which in the future will lead to a complete refusal of equipment from work. Some problems can be identified and eliminated in this way in the early stages.

Tips: how to test the remote control at home

  • Remote control for the Smart system. For example, it can be RMCTPF2AP1 and RMCTPH1AP1.
  • Ordinary standard remotes, for example, from Samsung. TM1050.
  • Remote controls of popular companies: LG, Sony, Mysteries. For example, LG Magic Motion Z1025.
  • TV tuner remote control.

DIY TV remote control repair steps

Knowing the reason why the remote control broke, you can decide what should be done to reanimate the remote control. Most often, the remote control has malfunctions, some of which can be eliminated on their own. Let’s consider a few examples of how to restore the operation of the remote control. Insufficient power supply to operate the console circuits. In this case, you will most likely need a simple battery change.

There is no need to disassemble or solder anything. it is just necessary:

  • Open the console compartment;
  • Remove old batteries;
  • Replace them with new ones.

In case of a bad reaction of the buttons to pressing, you will have to disassemble the device in order to check the integrity of the gasket between the buttons and the remote control circuit. Disassembling the remote control is a matter that requires appropriate preparations. First of all, there should be a set with small cross-section screwdrivers, both flat and Phillips, at hand. In addition, disassembling the remote will come in handy when you need to lubricate certain parts of the device.

If the case breaks, it is best to replace it with a new one, or repair or fix the debris with improvised materials. Insulating tape is our everything.

When you know what to do, you can do it on your own. In addition, all these examples will be useful when deciding to repair the remote control yourself. But nevertheless, sometimes you should entrust this work to the masters who have been repairing such equipment for more than a year.

TV Remote Control Manufacturers

As already noted, in a house with a TV, there is also a remote control. Each company itself develops remote controls for their equipment, which guarantees not only the appropriate quality, but also the fact that the remote control will always fit the TV that they bought. It also allows you to quickly pick up a new remote control if the old one is broken. You can pick up the necessary parts much faster if it was decided to repair the remote control yourself.

Among the main brands of TVs and remote controls, the following are the most popular manufacturers:

  • Samsung;
  • Philips;
  • Panasonic;
  • Sony;
  • Lg.

Samsung technology is best combined with accessories of the same brand. In addition, there are options for the remote control for each specific model of TVs, players and set-top boxes, including those related to the Smart system. The Pana Sony company, like Samsung, develops remote control models for each new TV model created, but recently the manufacturer has been trying to create an option that will fit not only a specific type, and freely manage all new models from the company. Which, of course, will help to save both in material terms and in the promptness of replacement.

It is logical that 1 universal remote control will take up much less space than, for example, 2, 3 or more.

At the very beginning of work, both the TV and the remote control usually show themselves from their best sides, but it so happens that over time you start to face various problems in the operation of the remote control of your device and, most often, such problems begin abruptly, and the person does not know what happened and how to change it. The question is: what went wrong? Something happened with the TV or with the remote control?

DIY TV remote control repair

In conclusion, the question becomes relevant. what is needed in order to check the operation of the remote control at home? First of all, watch the reaction of buttons, for example, Pairing or Select. For most models of modern remote controls, these buttons should be backlit if the device is in working order.

How to set up the remote for your Samsung TV yourself?

Currently, the TV remote control is an indispensable attribute. Manufacturers produce many devices that are designed for different models of TV sets. Most of the remotes are universal and suitable for several types of devices. In this case, we will focus on universal control devices for Samsung TVs. Detailed instructions on auto tuning and self-manual tuning can be found in this article.

Auto tuning

Setting in automatic mode is suitable for those users who do not want to search for pairing codes, or if the search for the code did not return any results.

Auto tuning for Supra devices:

  • turn on the TV set and point the remote control at the TV screen;
  • hold down the Power key for 5-7 seconds;
  • then the LED will light up;
  • press Power again;
  • the volume bar icon will pop up on the screen, this indicates the correct completion of the setup process.

Auto setup for Huayu devices:

  • point the remote control at the TV screen, hold down the Set button, and then Power;
  • wait a couple of seconds and release both buttons;
  • click on Power;
  • the volume scale that appears on the TV screen indicates the successful completion of the setup;
  • to exit the mode, you need to press the Set key twice.
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Auto setup for the “Beeline” remote control:

  • hold and release the TV key;
  • press the OK button and hold it for a while;
  • after automatic search for the code, the TV receiver will turn off;
  • release OK button.

Auto tuning for Gal remote:

  • point the device at the TV receiver, press the device type key and hold for 3 seconds;
  • as soon as the LED lights up, the button must be released;
  • press the power key to automatically search for the code;
  • as soon as the TV receiver turns off, you must quickly press the OK button, this will save the settings in memory.

There are several more auto-tuning algorithms for some remotes:

  • turn on the TV and hold down the TV button until the indicator lights up;
  • press and hold Mute to search for a code;
  • you need to wait for the process to complete and check the result, to do this, just press the volume key.

Another option for auto tuning.

  • Direct the remote control to the TV receiver and press the TV and OK keys. You need to hold down the keys for a while. Then all keys on the remote control will light up. It is necessary to wait until the moment when only the buttons with numbers are highlighted.
  • To save actions, press the TV key.

For Samsung TVs with Smart technology, there are touchscreen remotes. Control devices come with a TV receiver. Touch remotes can also be purchased separately. To configure, you need to follow these steps:

  • point the remote control at TV and hold down the Return and Guide keys for a few seconds;
  • the Bluetooth icon should appear, this notification says that the connection was successful.

Many users complain that this kind of touch control fails quickly. For Samsung Smart TV models, you can also use universal button remotes.

Manual configuration instructions

To set up the universal remote control manually, you first need to find out the code from the TV receiver model. When you enter the code, the devices are paired. If the code is known, then the procedure for the following.

  • turn on the TV receiver and point the control device at it;
  • hold down the Power key;
  • enter code;
  • after double blinking of the LED sensor, release the button.
  • point the remote control at the TV receiver and hold down two buttons. Power and Set and wait for the LED to flash;
  • enter code;
  • press the Set key after the light sensor goes out.
  • to pair, press the TV button;
  • point the remote control at the TV receiver;
  • hold down Setup until the LED blinks twice;
  • enter code;
  • if the devices are successfully paired, the LED will blink several times;
  • to check the control, you must press the volume key.
  • press the TV button and hold it until the LED flashes;
  • release the key;
  • enter code;
  • after entering the code, the TV will reboot.

Possible malfunctions

Some problems may occur when using the Samsung TV universal remote control. If it does not work when buying a new device, then you must first carefully study the instructions for use. In the absence of pairing, the reason for the incompatibility of the remote control and the TV model may be hidden.

If the devices are compatible, the batteries must be removed and reinserted. You can replace the batteries with new ones. Fast battery drain can also be a minor problem.

Better to buy rechargeable batteries, they can be charged several times. This will save a lot of money.

To prevent minor problems, before pairing devices, you must disconnect the TV from the power source, wait a few minutes and then turn it on again. If the manual tuning is done correctly, but the remote control still does not respond to the TV receiver, you need to perform all the steps again. The user may not have entered the code in time. It is important to know that the code must be entered within 1 minute.

Continuous flashing of the LED on the remote control indicates an incorrect setting. To fix the problem, you need to turn off the TV and turn it on again after a while. Then re-configure.

In the next video, you will see an overview and connection of a universal remote to a Samsung TV.

Alternative ways

There are many options for unlocking the remote control offered by Internet users:

  • Press buttons “P” and “” at the same time. After that, a combination of the same numbers is dialed, for example 2222 or 5555. Among the common and standard codes, 1234 or 1111 are accepted. After dialing the combination, press “” again. Perhaps it will be a completely different combination of numbers. There are numerous options to try.
  • After the initial digits from the first method are pressed, the LED should be on without interruption. In this case, instead of a combination, you can try pressing simultaneously: “Menu” and “Channel”, “Menu” and “Volume”.
  • Sometimes it is enough to hold down one button for about 5-10 seconds. But this method is suitable for a few TV models.

Memorize those combinations of numbers that you press! After all, rash actions can only aggravate the situation.

Some models of remote controls can be unlocked by simultaneously pressing the “Exit” buttons and numbers 9 and 1. The option of removing the batteries is also suitable, and the power button must be held when inserting them. It is these methods that help return the remote control to full operation.

Initial actions

If the TV does not respond to commands from the remote control, then the first thing to do is to check its batteries. Maybe they are just discharged or malfunctioning. It is very easy to do this:

  • open the battery compartment;
  • remove the installed batteries;
  • insert similar new batteries.
  • check the operation of the remote control.

On a note! It is worth inspecting the battery compartment for the serviceability of the contact pads. They may have bent back, or traces of oxides have formed on them. All this can also lead to the fact that the remote does not work.

If nothing has changed after the events, it’s time to think about how to unlock the TV remote control. You can find a huge number of ways to unlock the remote control. But not all of them will be effective for a particular model. The best option is to view the instructions for the TV. Usually the answers to all common questions are written there. But the book is not always saved after the purchase of equipment. For this reason, you have to look for the answer yourself.

The instructions usually contain a special code. It will be enough to press this combination on the remote control buttons, and the problem will be solved. If no papers have survived, the first thing to think about is how the blocking occurred. Trying to do everything the other way around, you can make the remote workable in relation to the TV.

What is hotel mode

In some models of TV sets, there is an option called “HOTEL MODE”, which translates as “hotel mode”. If it is on, the technician will not respond to many commands from the remote control, for example, increasing the volume or searching for new TV channels. This is done in order to limit the possible actions of guests in hotels. Thanks to its application, loud sound from the TV will not disturb other residents. However, in the conditions of a personal apartment or house, the included “hotel” mode will only interfere.

To disable the option, you can use the following recommendation. In Stand-By mode, press the Display / Menu / Power buttons in turn. Another variant of the sequence looks like this: Display / Menu / Mute / Power On, and in the menu that appears, select the reset item, press the MENU button. After that, the technique must be rebooted (turned off and on).

How to unlock your TV remote yourself

In the process of using the equipment, you often have to find the answer to the question of how to unlock the TV remote control. This often happens after it has fallen into the grip of pets or small children. The fault may also be an accident, when certain of its buttons are arbitrarily pressed. In any case, the problem requires a solution, and below we will offer options for getting out of the situation when the remote control is blocked.

How to remove parental controls

Another option that is often implemented in modern TVs is parental control. It is designed to restrict the actions of children: for example, watching prohibited TV channels, changing system settings. To perform such actions, the TV will ask for the set pin code.

But sometimes this control plays a cruel joke on the parents themselves: turning it on and forgetting the code, you yourself can face inconvenient restrictions. Resetting the TV settings will help to remove them, namely, the password. Here is an algorithm for LG Smart TVs:

  • go to Menu / Settings;
  • go to the Security / Reset PIN-code tab;
  • enter any combination of numbers without clicking OK;
  • press the channel switching buttons: up twice, then down and up again;
  • enter the code 0313 and click OK.

The result of these events should be the reset of the PIN code to the factory one, that is, four zeros.

How to unlock your TV remote yourself

Locking the remote control is a useful feature. However, the need for blocking over time disappears, and you can enable this function by accident. To unlock your TV remote, check out the tips in this article.

Initial actions

If the remote does not respond to your requests, this does not mean that it is blocked. Check if the batteries need to be replaced. After you make sure that there is enough charge for the remote control, look for the instructions for the device. The papers must contain a code designed specifically to unlock the remote control.

Due to the coincidence of life circumstances, the instruction may be thrown away or lost. How to unlock the TV remote control if this is your case? Try to reverse the sequence that caused the remote control to be locked.

Alternative ways

It is very easy to unlock the TV remote control on your own, you just need to know the model of your device and some related features.

Some remotes can be unlocked by sequentially entering an easy-to-remember combination of numbers. However, there are a great many options for these combinations. For example, “1111”, or “1234”, “2222”. Try the first options that come to mind. Since manufacturers have no reason to make the code complex, chances are good that you will quickly pick up the numbers you want.

  • Hold down the “P” and “” buttons on the remote control at the same moment;
  • Enter a code.

After you enter “P” and “” at the same time, the LED on the remote control will light up steadily, without blinking or extinguishing. Enumeration of the digital code can be replaced by simultaneously pressing the combination of “Menu” and “Channel” (button pointing “up”). Try also the option with pressing the “Menu” and “Volume” buttons (button pointing “to the right”).

There are models that do not require a special unlock code. Try simply pressing any key with your finger, hold for 5 or 10 seconds, and then release.

IMPORTANT! Memorize or write down what you type as you try to unlock the TV remote. Otherwise, it is easy to get confused and create additional problems for yourself.

Try to hold down the “Exit” button and, at the same time, channel numbers 1 and 9.

Another method to break the lock:

  • Remove the batteries from the device.;
  • Put the batteries back in place while pressing the “Power” button.

To unlock the Philips remote, bring it to the TV and press the red and blue buttons. Hold the buttons for 10 seconds to reconnect the remote to the TV. If everything worked out, the TV will notify you about this with a special message.

To get the remote out of hotel mode, dig into the settings. In a TV of European assembly, you should be interested in the “Display” section. Go through the items “Menu”, “Mute” and then “Power”. The “Hotel” service is turned off by simply switching from “On” to “Off”.

The path to the Hotel service may differ. Try also successive pressing of the keys “MUTE”, “1”, “8”, “2”, “POWER”. Another option is the path through “DISPLAY”, “MENU”, and then “POWER”.

How to unlock the Beeline remote control? Remotes for Beeline TV set-top boxes are produced by Motorola.

Remote controls from Beeline, with appropriate settings, are suitable for controlling various types of entertainment devices. Therefore, on the keypad, you can find the keys responsible for selecting the type of controlled device.

How to unlock the Motorola remote control:

  • Start up the equipment;
  • Hold SET and the device type key;
  • To go to setting up and binding the device, press the arrow buttons (“up” and “down”);
  • To advance in the process, use also the Left and Right buttons;
  • After finding the desired device in the list, it will turn off;
  • Press the illuminated button. Observe. after a short time, the diode should go out;
  • At the end of this sequence of actions, the unlock code from the user manual was entered automatically into the device’s memory.

When the remote control from the MTS set-top box does not work due to blocking of the device, it is enough to press only one button to switch the remote control to normal operation.

Which button you need depends on the type of attachment. It can be a button “MTS”, “MTS TV”, “TV” or “STB”. If after that the remote control from the MTS TV set-top box does not work, check the serviceability of the device. Make sure the cables are intact. It is also possible that the remote control is switched to TV control mode, because the set-top box does not respond to pressing buttons.

There are many instructions on how to unlock the Rostelecom remote control.

The easiest way is to reset the settings:

  • Put the remote control into programming mode. To do this, at the same time, hold down the “OK” and “TV” buttons. Release them after 2 seconds, when the indicator next to the “TV” button blinks twice.
  • Dial the code 977. You did everything correctly, if the indicator from the “POWER” button then blinked 4 times in a row.

IMPORTANT! This method resets all settings, not just the lock. After completion, it may be necessary to re-adjust the individual parameters of the device.


The remote control is actually very fragile, and only people who have experience in repairing various microcircuits need to repair it. The first step is to determine if your model of device can be repaired at all. The phone camera can help you determine if an infrared signal is being emitted from the remote control. If there is no such signal, then the device does not function and it is necessary to replace it or repair it.

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Attention! Only a person who has experience in the field of electronics can restore the functionality of the old remote control on his own. If you do not understand this type of technique, then it is better to contact a specialist!

In most cases, the problem is that various keys on the remote control stick or partially do not work. This can be caused by a malfunction of the graphite deposition, which performs the function of a conductor. To restore performance, you must perform the following steps:

  • Parse the remote control according to the instructions;
  • Cut the aluminum foil into small square pieces;
  • Then you need to stick these pieces to the contact surface;
  • Assemble the remote control in reverse order.

On the phone

Samsung TVs from the N, M, Q, LS, K, J and F series are equipped with Screen Mirroring. It allows you to establish a connection between your phone and your TV. This function provides mirroring of the smartphone screen to the TV, and also makes it possible to control some TV functions using a mobile phone.


Synchronizing the universal remote control is easy enough. Each manufacturer provides instructions for such remote controls that Honor needs before connecting the device. This type of remote control is used by people who do not like standard devices. The user chooses a universal device independently, depending on the preferences of the appearance, price and functional equipment. Instructions on how to bind the remote control to the TV are supplied with the device itself.

Remote Control for Samsung TV

The remote control plays a very important role in watching TV. With its help, all operations are carried out: setting up channels, images and sound, enabling various functions and many others. The TV can be controlled using the original remote control, or a universal device.

In this article, you will learn how to disassemble the remote.

How to disassemble the remote

Experienced craftsmen advise not to carry out repair work to people who have not previously had experience in repairing microcircuits. In such cases, it is easier to contact a service center, where they will carry out high-quality equipment repairs for a fee. If you start repairing the remote control yourself and spoil it, the cost of buying a new product can be much more expensive than repairing it at a service center.

First you need to look at the instructions on the Internet on how to disassemble the Samsung TV remote control. To disassemble the remote control, you need a small curly screwdriver and a plastic card. First of all, you need to inspect the body for the presence of bolts. Most often they are located in the battery compartment. Since they are small in size, you can unscrew them with a small screwdriver. In order to get to the remote control microcircuit, you need to gently press on the surface of the case, and hold the plastic card between the two main parts of the remote control. Be careful not to damage the edges of the remote control.

After you have removed the front panel with buttons, you need to disconnect the spring located in the battery compartment. After that, you can inspect the microcircuit. If this part is burned out, then it is necessary to purchase a new remote control, and not a separate microcircuit. Also, the masters do not advise to disconnect the sensors from the microcircuit.

There is a variant of remote controls, which are fixed using special glue. If it is present, but the analysis needs to be done very carefully. This type of remote control can be opened with a flat screwdriver or a mild kitchen knife. We install the remote control in a horizontal position and, using the selected tool, which is inserted between the two main parts of the remote control, we produce ajar cases. This procedure must be carried out around the perimeter of the entire building. After you have opened the remote control and fixed the malfunction, you must also use special glue to close the remote control. Important! It is necessary to apply the glue evenly, since small gaps can cause dust and moisture to enter the device, which in the future may affect its performance.

To repair the touchscreen remote control, you must use an appropriately sized screwdriver. You also need to disconnect the touch sensor located below the keyboard. Dismantling of the screen is carried out with increased accuracy, in order to avoid damage to the connecting cables. However, manufacturers and craftsmen strongly advise, if a remote control of this type fails, contact specialized service centers.


Regular push-button remote controls that come with Samsung TV do not require any special setup. The instruction for operating the buttons is attached along with other documents to the TV. Since 2012, TVs have been equipped with Samsung Smart Controls. It provides control of the TV, as well as the set-top boxes that are connected to it. This remote control is also equipped with a voice control system and automatic locking. You should be attentive to the last function and immediately read the instructions on how to unlock the Samsung TV remote control.

When you turn on the TV for the first time, the Samsung TV should be paired and configured automatically. Please note that the device needs to be charged. If there is no automatic connection, you need to hold down the two keys located to the right and left of the “Play” button for 3 seconds. Then follow the application in the book and configure the TV.

Universal remote controls require special setup. When buying a device of this type, the seller must give you an application for connecting the remote control. There are a large number of universal devices for controlling TV, as a result, there are also many ways to set up the connection. We’ll look at two main options.

The first method is available if the keys of the main TV manufacturers are present on the remote control. You need to select the “Samsung” key and the remote control should quickly connect to the TV. It should be noted that it is necessary to turn off extraneous digital devices located near the TV in order to avoid any interference. At the moment of pressing the button with the TV brand, it is necessary that the TV is turned on, and the remote control is directed to the front panel of the screen. You must hold down this key for several minutes until some action occurs on the TV screen.

Second way. You can set up the connection by following the instructions for the remote control, which should be in the box of the device. On it you will find a large number of numbers. these are codes. They are required to pair the remote control with the TV. To start the setup, install the batteries in a special compartment of the device and press any keys. The indicator light located at the top will give certain signals when you press the keys. After that, find in the instructions the necessary numbers corresponding to the firm of your TV. The next step is to point the remote control at the TV and long press the power key. After a while, the lamp should light up, after which you should enter the digital value of the corresponding code. After that, the remote control should be paired.

How to choose a remote control for your Samsung TV

There are several options for selecting a remote control for Samsung TV:

In this video, you will learn more about this remote control:


To completely clean the remote control from dust, it is required to remove the buttons from the front panel, which is carried out by pressing the buttons on the push side. Cleaning must be done to avoid sticky keys in the future. The instruments for this operation are wipes and alcohol.

These numbers are necessary for pairing and setting up universal remote controls with various devices. DVD players and TVs. Each brand and each type of device corresponds to a certain digital combination, which is indicated in the instruction manual of the remote control.

Remote control unlocking methods

If a gadget doesn’t work, it doesn’t mean it’s broken. Perhaps it was accidentally blocked by pressing a tricky key combination. The situation can be corrected in no time. it is not even necessary to search through the cabinets in search of instructions.


There are two options for locking a Samsung device. At the first, nothing works, it is made to protect children from switching to illegal gears. The situation can be corrected in the following way:

  • Take out the batteries;
  • Press and hold “On / Off”;
  • Insert the battery back and release the button.

With the second option of blocking, only switching channels and adjusting the volume works on the device. This is the hotel mode. It was created so that guests do not arbitrarily change the settings. You can also remove it using one of the following combinations, which will open a menu in front of you:

  • “MUTE”, “1”, “8”, “2”, “POWER”;
  • “STANDBY”, “DISPLAY”, “MENU”, “MUTE”, “POWER” (for equipment of European assembly).

The main thing is that the combinations are played in the order given here. If everything is done correctly, a menu will appear on the screen with the inscription “Hotel”, and next to it is a slider. Move it from “On” to “Off”.

All of these methods are suitable for most Samsung TVs. But if it didn’t work out, then you are dealing with a special model and you need to contact technical support. They will tell you how to unlock the TV remote control.

Universal unlocking methods

First check if the batteries are dead. To do this, pull them out and try on another device. If it’s not about them, then press the power key, and then insert them back. This is the main way to unlock the TV remote control.

  • Press and hold any button for 10-20 seconds;
  • While holding “P” and “”, use a four-digit combination: “1111”, “2222”, “1234” or others. Then click on “” again. Do not forget that the time intervals between these actions should be minimal;
  • Simultaneously press first “P” and “”, then “Menu” and the key responsible for increasing the volume or scrolling channels up;
  • “Exit”, “9”, “1”. press them simultaneously or in turn, in the sequence given here.

All of this, however, may not work. Then it’s better to look for instructions for the corresponding brand.

Ways to unlock TV remotes of various brands

In modern models, a special button is often installed for this; in older models, you can also unlock the TV remote control by pressing a special key combination.

Philips and Sharp TVs

There are two ways of unlocking for “Sharps”:

  • Pressing and holding the “On / Off” buttons on the remote control and “Volume Down” buttons on the TV body at the same time.
  • Simultaneous use of the Volume Down and Switch to the next channel keys on the TV. After that, you need to go to the menu and remove the parental control mode.

But what to do if you are the owner of Philips and a person who is not used to keeping instructions for using the technique:

  • When switching channels remotely, everyone must have noticed a row of completely useless multi-colored buttons at the top of the device. It’s time to take advantage of them. You need to bring the remote control to the TV. to the Philips sign. And then, while holding the red and blue buttons at the same time, wait 10 seconds. If everything goes well, a corresponding notification will appear on the screen.
  • And if not, then repeat these steps, having previously de-energized both the remote control (remove the batteries) and TV (pull the wire out of the socket).

And again, a lot depends on the model, so you need to ask the specialists. However, before doing this, you must definitely try all the universal methods.

Plus, the failure to work may be due to a large amount of dust in the case. Therefore, it is advisable to remove the cover from the remote control and run it with a damp cotton pad inside.

In order to set up a TV remote for “Sony”, you need to work with the TV itself. There will be a button on its body that opens the menu. By clicking on it, we are looking for “STANDARD SET” (“general settings”). There will be a parameter called “REMOTE CTRL”. Choosing ON.

Another problem is that the functions you need may be blocked in the remote control due to the fact that the device is not initially programmed to work with the TV. To resolve the issue, you need to find the SYNC MENU button on it, and then. the option “Select HDMI device”. You will be offered a list of models, and there will definitely be a suitable one.

But the LG TV remote can be unlocked using the round arrow button. Alternately, you need to click on the upper, lower, left and right arrows, and then shake the gadget.

For some brands (for example, “Supra”) it is not so easy to find reliable information even on the Internet. You should call the contact center and clarify the course of action.

But sometimes the problem is not in the remote control, but in the TV itself, and you have to think about how to unlock the TV. The table will help to solve the issue.

Problem Decision
When enabled, a data entry field appears, often on a blue background. A working remote is required to enter the code. You can take it from the instructions or from the maintenance service.
Some channels are blocked It is often enough to use the control panel on the case itself. Go to the menu. most likely, the channel settings are out of order or the child protection mode is activated
You cannot change the settings: the technique refuses to accept the changes and hangs Here we cannot cope on our own, we need to call the master

The best way to avoid such problems in the future is to be more careful with things and not to use the poke method in their operation. Then they will last longer.