How to unsubscribe from an app on iPhone

3 Ways to Unsubscribe from Apple Music: iPhone, iPad, Mac and Windows

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Fear not, get an individual or family (up to 6 people) subscription to Apple Music for 169 and 269 rubles, respectively (for Russia). For other countries, the cost of individual access ranges from 1.99 / 2.99 (India) to 9.99 / 14.99 (US). The money from the card connected to the Apple ID will start automatically debiting in favor of Apple Music only 3 months after the date of the subscription (the trial period is 90 days). If you do not want to use the Apple music service for money, during this time, turn off the automatic renewal of the subscription. You can do this on a Windows computer and Mac, and on an iPhone or iPad.

How to turn off auto-renewing Apple Music subscriptions on Mac and Windows computers

Go to your account settings through the main menu “Account”. “View account” or through the user menu to the left of the search and log in.

Scroll down the Apple ID information to the “Settings” section and click on the “Manage” label opposite the “Subscriptions” line. Information about your subscriptions will be loaded.

In the “Auto-renewal” list, check the “Off” checkbox and in the appeared window “Do you really want to turn off auto-renewal” click on the “Turn off” button, and then on “Finish”. Apple Music Streaming Service Paid Auto Renewals Will Be Disabled.

You can do the same in the Music app on your iPhone or iPad.

How to turn off automatic renewals of Apple Music subscription on iPhone and iPad

In any section of the application in the upper left corner, click on the user icon. your account information will be loaded, and then on the line “View Apple ID”.

In the “Subscriptions” section, click on the “Manage” button, turn off the “Auto-renewal” switch and confirm your decision by clicking on “Turn off”. Auto-renewal of subscription will be disabled.

Subscription to Apple Music on iPhone and iPad can also be managed through the device settings in the menu “iTunes Store, App Store”: “Apple ID: your identifier”. View Apple ID. “Subscriptions”.

You can’t manage Apple Music subscriptions in a web browser on the Manage Apple ID page and in iCloud for Windows. But there are alternative ways:

  • Add a reminder to turn off auto-renewal in Calendar or order Siri to do it after 2 months and 29 days.
  • Unlink your bank card in Apple ID settings.
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How to cancel an app subscription on iPhone to avoid automatic billing

Do not deny yourself the pleasure, listen to licensed music in Apple Music. it’s completely free for 90 days. You can turn off auto-renewal at any time.

How to cancel your iPhone 6 subscription?

To terminate your subscription, you need to do the following:

  • Select “Settings” [your name] “iTunes Store & App Store”.
  • Click your Apple ID at the top of the screen.
  • Click View Apple ID.
  • Click “Subscriptions”.
  • Select a subscription to manage.

Where to see my subscriptions?

Find purchases, reservations, and subscriptions

  • On your Android phone or tablet, open the Settings app Google Google Account.
  • Click Payments & Subscriptions at the top of the screen.
  • Select View or Delete Purchases, View or Delete Reservations, or Manage Subscriptions.
  • To see detailed information, click on the desired item.

How to unsubscribe in the Smule app?

If you uninstall the app but do not cancel your subscription, you will still be charged. ✨After entering the site, log into your account! Click on your username in the upper right corner and select “Account”. ✨ Then follow the instructions and click “Cancel”.

How to delete invalid iPhone subscriptions?

Find the link “View Account” and click on it, then on “View Apple ID”. Scroll down to Subscriptions and click on it, then click on Apple Music. Click on “Unsubscribe” and then on “Confirm”.

How to unsubscribe from an Apple Store?

To do this, you need to go to the iTunes and App Store section, then select your account and click on the “View Apple ID” button:

  • Then go to the “Subscriptions” section:
  • Here you can change your plan or cancel auto-renewal for all purchased subscriptions, including Apple Music:

How to unsubscribe from Megogo?

Hello! You can turn off auto-renewal of your subscription through the website. To do this, you need to log in to your personal account, then go to the “Profile” tab in the upper right corner, open the “Subscriptions” section, select an active subscription, click “Subscription settings” and “Unsubscribe“.

How to turn off Auto-Renewal of Sea TV Subscription?

How to disable and get refund for a subscription

Automatic renewal of the service on the website or Smart TV application is disabled through the “Subscription Management” section, which is searched through the personal account profile. Simply by deleting an account or an application, the subscription cannot be canceled.

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Another application that hides files using a password or fingerprint. Keepsafe allows you to protect not only photos / videos, but also documents. The program also provides its own cloud service for storing information, and to add files to Keepsafe, just start the synchronization process.

Hide the program through the settings

You can remove the program through the settings in two ways. How this method works depends on the version of the operating system. If you have iOS 11 or earlier, absolutely all programs will be hidden. On newer versions of the OS, it is possible to hide only those applications that you want.

Instructions for older devices:

  • Open settings.
  • Go to “General” and then. “Restrictions”.
  • Click on “Allowed Content”.
  • Select “Programs” and activate the item “Deny software”.

All programs will disappear from the desktop. And for the owners of iPhones on iOS 12 and 13, we suggest using a more convenient option that will allow you to hide the application:

  • Open device settings.
  • Select Screen Time settings.
  • Activate “Content and Privacy”.
  • Go to the “Allowed Programs” section.
  • Deactivate apps that need to be hidden on iPhone or iPad.

How to cancel an app subscription on your iPhone

Now no one can find the application icon if they pay attention only to the main screen.

Apps to hide files on iPhone

The built-in iOS tools do not allow you to properly hide photos and videos on the iPhone. But these are the files that should be securely locked. In order to gain access to more extensive functionality, you will need to download special software from the App Store. Below are some useful apps for hiding photos and videos.

Hide AppStore download history

  • Open AppStore.
  • Click on the account icon.
  • Go to the “Shopping” section.
  • Swipe left on the app you want to hide.
  • Click “Hide” and then. “Finish”.

The program will be hidden and will no longer appear in the download list.

How to hide an app on an iPhone

Every iPhone owner has a vested interest in protecting their data. Apple pays great attention to this aspect, offering customers a high level of privacy. Protection is not only a password or fingerprint, but also hiding files from prying eyes. In this regard, users are wondering if it is possible to hide the application on the iPhone.

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Close the app from Siri Search and Recommendations

Users often use the search engine to find hidden apps on the iPhone. If the program is used often, then in the search line it will be in the first rows. The task of the user who wants to hide the icon is to exclude it from the search and suggestions of the voice assistant Siri.

In order to hide the application from the general menu, you need:

  • Launch iPhone Settings.
  • Go to Siri & Search.
  • Move the sliders to the left opposite the items “In search” and in “Find”, if you want to hide all programs.
  • Scroll down to select the hide software you want.
  • Open the section with software.
  • Deactivate Siri & Suggestions and Show Program items.

In order not to accidentally hide absolutely all applications, skip the 3rd step. It is recommended to turn off the search for each specific program separately.

Lock Secret Photo Album Vault

A very interesting application for hiding personal files, which cleverly disguises itself as a regular calculator. Even if you leave it on your desktop, a stranger will not guess that this is where photos and videos are located. Additional protection is provided with a pattern, password or fingerprint.

Private Photo Vault

A useful app that got an average score of 4.9 / 5 in the App Store. Several million users have appreciated the capabilities of the software that allows you to set a password, Face ID or Touch ID for a folder with personal photos and videos. The app has a built-in gallery so that the iPhone owner can view files right in the Private Photo Vault.

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