How to update apps on iPhone 11

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Updating apps and implementing automatic downloads

Learn how to manually update apps, turn off automatic updates, or turn on automatic downloads.

On iOS 13 and iPadOS 13, apps and games downloaded from the App Store are automatically updated by default. You will not see app update notifications. But applications can also be updated manually. For example, if you want to perform a forced update, you can manually update the application.

If you prefer to manually update all apps, you can turn off automatic updates.

When you download an application to one device, it is not automatically installed on other devices. But if you want the acquired applications to be downloaded to all your devices, you can enable automatic downloads.

All the latest features in iOS 13 at a glance

iOS 13: Latest Effects and Tools for Processing and Editing Photos and Videos on iPhone and iPad.

How to update apps in iOS 13 on iPhone and iPad if there is no Updates tab in the App Store

Much of the usual for us on iOS 12 and previous versions of the mobile OS has changed in iOS 13. These configurations often look logical and positive. But some of them will require getting used to and adjusting. For example, the owners of the iPhone SE, iPhone XR and iPad will suddenly become available 3D Touch gestures, the method of interaction between the tablet and the mouse will appear. But some innovations can frighten an unprepared user. For example, a whole section with app updates will disappear from the App Store.

iOS 13: How to automatically close Safari tabs on iPhone and iPad after a certain time.

Manually update apps on iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch

  • Open the App Store and select “Today” at the bottom of the screen.
  • Click the profile icon at the top of the screen.
  • Scroll down for pending updates and release notes. Click “Update” next to the application to update only it, or click “Update All”.

Turning automatic updates on or off

  • On your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch, select Settings [your name] iTunes & App Store. Enable or disable the “Software Updates” option.
  • Open the App Store on your PC Mac. From the menu bar at the top of the screen, select App Store Settings. Set or uncheck the “Auto-update” flag.
  • On your Apple Watch, select App Store Settings. Turn Auto Update on or off. Alternatively, open the Watch app on your iPhone, scroll to App Store and tap it, then turn Auto Update on or off.
  • On Apple TV HD or 4K, go to Settings Apps. Check or uncheck the “Auto-update programs” flag.

iPhone 11 Pro: Three Ways to Update Apps in App Store

update, apps, iphone

After turning off automatic updates, you will receive a notification from the App Store every time an update becomes available for 1 of your apps.

Step one. Preparation

First, you need to make sure that the required application or applications are downloaded and installed using the official method. You must have the iTunes 11 software installed on your computer, as well as the apple mobile device itself 🙂

Step two. Updating apps in your library

Before updating applications in your iPhone / iPad / iPod Touch, you need to update them in your iTunes 11 library. This action is easy and simple, without much effort.

In the sidebar of iTunes 11, select the “Applications” category, after which a window will appear with a list of downloaded applications from the App Store. over, you need to click on the “Check for Updates” button located in the lower right corner of the program. If new versions of applications are available for updating, then the corresponding window will open, and if not available, then no action visible to the user will occur.

If all the same updates are present, then in the window that opens, it is fashionable to update the applications separately, or you can do everything at once. For a single update, you need to click on the “Get Update” button under the application icon, and for a batch update, click on the “Download All Free Updates” button, which is located in the upper right corner of the window.

After the update of the iTunes library applications is completed, a corresponding message will be displayed, where you will need to click on the “Done” button located on the left.

How to update downloaded apps from the App Store in iTunes 11?

New versions of successful applications purchased or downloaded for free from the App Store are constantly being released and this really pleases, because new functions appear, old ones are brought to mind, and those brought to mind earlier are also improved 🙂 And of course, the developers will fix bugs, where do without this, without increasing the security and stability of the mobile application.

Step three. Updating apps on an iOS device

By and large, this process is very similar to installing previously downloaded applications from the App Store in iTunes 11. First, you need to connect your favorite Apple device to your computer and wait until iTunes 11 detects it. If the device was detected successfully, then feel free to select it in the “Devices” category of the sidebar of iTunes 11, after which the window for managing it will appear. Go to the “Programs” tab and click on the “Update” button against the application, the version of which you would like to update accordingly. Each selected button will change its name to “Update“.

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The final point is to click on the “Apply” button, which is located in the lower right corner of the iTunes 11 window, and then you should wait until the data synchronization process between iTunes 11 and your iOS device is completed.

How to update the system application?

To update the system application, just transfer “com. noshufou. Android. The following are on the agenda:

  • Make a custom application from the system application;
  • Make a system application out of a user application;
  • Update system application.

How to clean your phone of old updates?

  • Go to phone settings.
  • Go to the “Memory” section.
  • Click on the “Cash” button.
  • Confirm data deletion.
  • Now go to the “Miscellaneous” section.
  • Check the box for those applications whose files you are not afraid to lose.
  • Click on the trash can icon in the upper right corner of the screen.

How to return the previous version of the application?

10.2 How to roll back the VK update on the iPhone and install the old version? Removing the new version

  • Open the settings, go to the “Applications” section.
  • Find the VK client in the list. Open its properties.
  • Click “Uninstall” and wait for the uninstallation process to complete.

Why can’t I update apps in the Play Market?

There must be a reason the application is not loading:… reset the cache and application data. To do this, go to Settings. then in Applications and for all applications and also for the Play Store application. clear cache and data (for some of the applications, only clear cache will be available).

How to update the Play Market on Meizu?

  • We connect the smartphone to the Internet and open the Play Market.
  • At the top left, press the “≡” button and select “Settings”.
  • In the “About Application” tab, select “Play Market Version”.
  • Click “Update”.

How to reduce system memory on iPhone?

How to Free Up Memory on iPhone and iPad (45 Ways)

  • Reboot your device regularly
  • Perform a forced reboot
  • Remove unused applications and games
  • Delete files in applications
  • Start updating iOS through iTunes.
  • Remove downloaded iOS updates.
  • Prevent wireless downloads of iOS updates.
  • Delete old voicemail

How to delete app cache on iPhone?

Go to Settings → General → iPhone Storage. Wait for the list of applications to load, then select the application whose cache you want to completely delete. All installed applications in the list are sorted by size, which makes it faster and easier to identify “pests”.

What to do if phone memory is full on iPhone?

10 tips to free up space on your iPhone and iPad

  • Clear Safari History and Website Data
  • Disable Photo Stream
  • Turn on iCloud Music Library.
  • Uninstall and reinstall applications
  • Delete tracks and stream music
  • Delete large messages in iMessage.
  • Upgrade to the latest iOS version.
  • Delete screenshots

How To Update Apps In iOS 14

How to clean the system on iPhone?

If the iPhone is working, go to Settings, select “General”, then. “Reset”. Click the “Erase content and settings” option, after the procedure, enter your password or Apple ID password to confirm the action. If the device turns on, you can do a factory reset via iTunes on your computer.

How to clear cache on iPhone 11?

To clear the cache in the Safari app you need:

  • Unlock Smartphone
  • Open the Settings app
  • Go down and find the “Safari” app
  • Now you need to find the line “Clear history and website data”
  • Confirm your choice

How to install AltStore on iPhone

The procedure is quite simple and safe, but we will warn you, according to tradition:

The editors are not responsible for the performance of your iOS devices. All described actions you do at your own peril and risk.

Download AltServer for macOS or Windows from the utility’s official website.

Install the app on Windows or move it to the Applications folder on macOS.

After launching the utility on your computer, you will see an icon in the status bar or menu bar.

Connect your iPhone to your computer using a cable, unlock your smartphone and issue a trusted permission if necessary.

In iTunes or Finder (macOS Catalina and newer), allow Wi-Fi to connect to iPhone, this will come in handy later.

For the initial installation, you will need to install a special plug-in for the macOS mail client (installation instructions and a link are on the developers website).

In the application menu on the computer, select the Install AltStore section and select the connected smartphone.

Enter the Apple ID and password for your Apple account.

Don’t worry, the data is not sent anywhere and is used solely to sign the installed application on the iPhone. In any case, two-factor authentication is used to protect the account. You can even create a new Apple ID account in order to definitely sleep peacefully after the performed manipulations.

After a couple of minutes, you will see a new icon on the iPhone desktop.

On your smartphone, go to Settings. General. Device Management, here you will see the certificate of your Apple ID account. Give it trusted permissions to run the application.

Open the program and wait until the required data is loaded.

Everything! You have just installed an alternative application installer on your smartphone that allows you to deploy any ipa file on the iPhone. To solve the arisen problems, read the FAQ on the developers website.

How to install iPhone apps that aren’t in the App Store. For example, a torrent client

There is another completely legal option. signing and installing programs through Xcode. This is how application developers can test their games or programs on the iPhone.

The developer Ryle Testut came up with a rather original way of installing applications called AltStore. The utility simulates the work of Xcode and iOS will think that you are a developer testing your utilities on a smartphone. This method allows you to install almost any programs and games bypassing the App Store with few restrictions.

The utility is used in some instructions for installing the jailbreak, but it is needed exclusively to download programs on the iPhone, which in turn make the system jailbreak.

In the latest update of the utility, support for iOS 14 appeared. You can use the service on any current smartphone, even on the new iPhone 12 after their start of sales.

Why AltStore is needed

This service allows you to install on your smartphone almost any application that, for some reason, is not in the App Store. The installed program or game must have support for the current version of iOS, but in most cases it will be possible to launch even applications, the development of which was abandoned back in the days of iOS 9-10.

So you can download on the iPhone, for example, the iTransmission torrent download to download any files from the network without using a computer. Those who want to record telephone conversations can download Call Recorder or its analogue Audio Recorder.

Many jailbreak programs that work as a standalone application and do not change system files will do. AltStore developers themselves offer to install useful and unusual programs. For example, an advanced clipboard is now available on iOS with a history of the copied and quick pasting of data.

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For many, with this opportunity, the most compelling reasons for jailbreak on a device will disappear.

All this works stably and clearly even on the most current version of iOS.

What to do next

All that remains to be done is to find the necessary program in ipa format and download it to the iPhone.

The installation file will be saved in the Files application, and through the Share menu it will be possible to transfer it to AltStore. The utility will independently install the application.

There are certain restrictions on the installed programs.

First, you can only install apps with the same Apple ID on one device at a time. When installing programs on another device, the applications on the first one will stop working.

Secondly, there is a limit on installing only two applications via AltStore. To install the third, you will have to remove the first or second.

Thirdly, the certificate is valid for only 7 days, after which the programs will need to be re-signed.

However, there is nothing wrong with that. AltStore can independently re-sign applications without the need to connect a smartphone to a computer.

For this, he needs our Apple ID / password. The utility can remind you of the need to re-sign the program in a week, it is possible to create a quick command that will update the signature with one click or even display the widget on the desktop with the number of days until the certificate expires.

Developers of Apple mobile applications who have a valid certificate can install up to 10 applications, and there is no need to re-sign the programs every 7 days.

The installation procedure is as follows:

Download any ipa file to iPhone. Can be found and downloaded directly in Safari or transferred to device via AirDrop.

Open the program in AltStore through the Share menu.

We agree to install the application and wait a couple of minutes.

To install the application, the iPhone must be on the same network as the computer running AltServer. That is why we allowed connection to a smartphone via Wi-Fi.

All installed applications are removed in the standard way; for permanent removal, do not forget to clean the certificate along the path Settings. General. Device Management.

A short summary for those who immediately run to scribble Комментарии и мнения владельцев

Here are the main points that you should know before installing AltStore on your device or before writing Комментарии и мнения владельцев:

▸ AltStore is a completely legal way to install applications on the iPhone, it simulates the work of Xcode, which allows you to install applications on the iPhone for testing. In the same way, you can sign and install applications through Xcode, but this requires a Mac and Xcode itself.

▸ AltStore’s work has nothing to do with jailbreak and device jailbreaking, it does not violate the integrity of the system and does not install malicious code. Applications loaded in this way work fine, without glitches and problems.

▸ During installation, you will need to enter an Apple ID and password, these data are needed to sign the application on a smartphone and will not be sent anywhere. If you are worried, you can create a new account for this.

▸ If you do not have a developer account, you will be able to install no more than two applications at the same time, they will need to be re-signed every 7 days.

▸ You need to install AltStore on the iPhone once via a computer, then the application can independently re-sign the downloaded programs.

▸ In this way, you can install old games that have disappeared from the App Store, a torrent download, a program for recording calls, and the like in ipa format.

How to install app updates on iPhone: using iTunes and the device itself

Every application downloaded from the App Store, unless, of course, is abandoned by the developers, receives updates that allow it to adapt its work for new versions of iOS, fix existing problems, and also get new interesting features. Today we will look at all the ways that will allow you to update applications on iPhone.

How to update apps via iTunes?

ITunes is an effective way to manage your Apple device, as well as work with information that is copied from iPhone or iPhone. In particular, through this program you can update applications.

In the upper left pane of the window, select the “Applications” section, and then go to the “My Applications” tab, which will display all applications transferred to iTunes from Apple devices.

Application icons are displayed on the screen. Applications that need to be updated will be marked with an Update. If you want to update all the programs in iTunes at once, left-click any application and then press CtrlA to highlight all applications in your iTunes library. Click on the selection with the right mouse button and in the displayed context menu select the item “Update programs”.

If you need to update selected programs, you can either immediately click on each program that you want to update and select the “Update program” item, or hold down the Ctrl key and start selecting the selected programs, after which you will need to click on the selection in the same way right-click and select the appropriate item.

Once the software update is complete, it can be synced to your iPhone. To do this, connect your device to your computer using a USB cable or Wi-Fi sync, and then select the miniature device icon that appears in iTunes.

In the left area of ​​the window, go to the “Programs” tab, and in the lower area of ​​the window, click on the “Synchronize” button.

Manual application update

If you prefer to manually install game and app updates, open the App Store app and in the lower right pane of the window go to the Updates tab.

The “Available updates” section will display the programs for which there are updates. You can update all applications at once by clicking on the “Update All” button in the upper right corner, or install selective updates by clicking on the “Update” button next to the desired program.

Automatic installation of updates

Open the Settings app. Go to the “iTunes Store and App Store”.

In the “Automatic downloads” block near the “Updates” item, move the toggle switch to the active position. From now on, all updates for applications will be installed completely automatically without your participation.

Don’t forget to update the apps installed on your iOS device. This is the only way you can get not only a redesigned design and new features, but also ensure reliable security, because first of all updates are the closure of various holes that hackers are actively looking for to gain access to confidential user information.

How to install an app from the App Store that requires a new version of iOS?

Hello everyone! Apple is constantly releasing new versions of iOS and, frankly, a big thank you to her for that. Why? Because, thereby, she does not let me get bored. something is constantly happening. Well, okay, back to the topic of the article. So, Apple is trying and producing, and the developers of games and applications, in turn, timely and very quickly rewrite their programs so that they are fully compatible with the new firmware.

And in the end, such a situation may turn out. you are trying to download an application from the App Store, and the iPhone or iPad tells you that you need to update your gadget to a new version of iOS and nothing will be installed and downloaded until that moment. Here is such an unexpected ultimatum from the “apple” company and its services. Checkmate! Or not?

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This disgrace looks something like this:

This content (app) requires iOS 7.0 (any version can be here) and newer. Please upgrade to iOS 7.0 (or higher) to download and use this app.

And, it would seem, what is the problem? Update and download! But:

  • There is not always a need for a new firmware version, someone wants to leave their device on the old and tested version of the software. Check out how many “shoals” iOS 10 has! Not everyone will want to update.
  • Many people simply cannot install a new firmware. here is an article on this topic, pay attention to the number of Комментарии и мнения владельцев.
  • At the moment, people still have many such gadgets as the iPhone 4. And, as we know, the latest version of iOS for it is 7.1.2. That’s it, you can’t update it further, and many applications and games, when downloaded from the App Store, require iOS 8 and no less! And in the future this will continue. the next iPhone 4S is next in line, and there it is not far from the “fives”.

What to do in this case? Leave the gadget without programs and games? Of course not! After all, there is a way to download those applications on the iPhone that require a newer version of iOS than the one currently installed.

True, one smartphone is not enough for this, you will also need a computer.

  • Download and install iTunes on your computer. We launch. iPhone or iPad can be left unconnected.
  • In iTunes, open the App Store and select the application that you did not download on your device due to the old version of iOS.
  • Click “Download” and enter the Apple ID information (the identifier must be the same as the one under which you registered on the iPhone or iPad).
  • That’s it, we don’t need iTunes anymore. We pick up an iPhone or iPad, open the App Store there and go to the “Shopping” section. We find the program that was downloaded earlier to the computer and click on the “Cloud with an arrow” icon.
  • A warning appears that the old version of the application will be installed, click “OK” and wait for the download.

That’s it, we managed to install a program that previously required a newer version of iOS on your iPhone and iPad. And we didn’t even touch the firmware. we didn’t need to update it!

The only thing, as you already understood, this way old versions of applications and games are installed (specifically for the iOS that is installed on your device at the moment). So, there may not be any new chips (introduced in subsequent editions of the program).

But the main thing is that the application itself will work and can be used! And this is much better than just a “bare” device without any games and programs.

How to activate Wi-Fi on iPhone

Wi-Fi is a wireless connection technology that is used to connect to the Internet. In most cases, the transmitter of a Wi-Fi connection is a router.

You don’t need to go into settings to activate Wi-Fi on iPhone. It is enough to follow just a couple of steps:

The wireless connection on your phone will now be activated. The only thing left for the user to do is connect to an available Wi-Fi network. If this method of activating Wi-Fi does not suit you, you can try another method:

How To Update Apps On iPhone 12!

  • Move slider to active position.
  • Both options are copies of each other.

    It doesn’t matter which way you decide to activate the wiwai. In any case, the iPhone owner will be able to connect to the Internet via wireless technology.

    date change

    The solution to the problem by changing the date is described in the following

    How to download from the App Store without Wi-Fi and restrictions? IOS 11-12 has a date change loophole that allows you to bypass the Wi-Fi-only download restriction and download heavy games and apps. To bypass the blocking:

    • In the App Store, find the application you need to download and click “Download”.

    This solution works exactly in the 11 version of the operating system and does not require a date change. But you will have to restart your smartphone at a certain stage. To download large games and applications on iPhone without Wi-Fi, you need:

    • In the App Store, start downloading the app you want and wait for an empty download ID (and restriction notification) to appear.
    update, apps, iphone

    Prior to iOS 10.3.3, it was possible to bypass protection using airplane mode. To load a game on an iPhone without Wi-Fi, do this:

    • After the restriction window appears, click “OK”.
    • Turn on “Airplane mode” in the settings.
    • Reboot your phone.
    • Turn off “Airplane mode”.
    • Wait for the download to start (it may take more than a minute).

    Instructions on how to update iOS on iPhone without WI-FI

    There are several answers to the question of how to update an iPhone without connecting to WI-FI networks. The iPhone owner can choose the most convenient option for himself.

    Using a second phone connected in modem mode

    IPhone updates without Wi-Fi are possible with a second Apple device. The iOS system, coupled with the phone’s board, allows you to use the latter as a router, providing a WI-FI network for the devices connected to it. The smartphone converts the cellular Internet into a full-fledged WI-FI, which means that with its help you can avoid size restrictions.

    update, apps, iphone

    It is enough just to activate the distribution mode (settings → cellular communication → cellular data, then return to the main settings and activate the modem mode) and connect the updated device to the distributor.

    Note! It is recommended to make sure that the tariff plan allows you to perform such operations inexpensively, because the dispensing device requires more traffic, which means that you will have to pay more.

    Conditions for updating the OS

    The conditions under which there is a need to update the operating system may be as follows:

    • Received notification from developers. It looks like a system message or an e-mail. Experts recommend not to ignore the incoming proposals, as in the updated version of the program, problems or errors can be eliminated.
    • The phone battery does not hold a charge well. The reason for this problem may be hidden in the battery itself, but you can try to update the system;
    • The phone “slows down” during operation. Many applications on your phone run in the background, which eats up a lot of your RAM. The device slows down. Each subsequent version of the OS optimizes these elements, frees up memory and reduces the load on the processor.
    • When working, the system gives an error. If the user tries to take any action, for example, launch a video or open an application, a failure notification is displayed on the screen, programs close, it becomes necessary to reset the settings to factory settings and update the operating system to the latest version.

    Before starting the updates, you need to do some preparatory work for the device.

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