How to update ios on iPhone 5

Basic ways

You can install the update on the iPhone in several ways: through the phone settings, using iTunes, by flashing and through DFU mode. The simplest are the first two options, while the other two require some skills and knowledge.

FAQ (answers to popular questions)

During the installation of a system update, problems may arise, most of which can be resolved on our own. Sometimes and without the need to re-update or contact a service center.

Connect the charger

Installing an update consumes a lot of battery power. In order to avoid errors due to interruption of the installation process, it is recommended to ensure a sufficient charge level. the optimal value is considered to be over 50%. For convenience and increased reliability, it is recommended to connect the device to mains power.

Using iTunes

You can create a copy using a computer. to do this, by connecting the phone to the USB connector of a PC or laptop, open the iTunes service. After establishing the connection and authorization, it remains only to click the “Create a copy now” button. During copying, you must keep the device connected. in case of disconnection, the process will have to start over.

Is it possible if SIM does not work

You can update the device system even if there is no working SIM card in the slot. You only need to provide an Internet connection. via WI-FI or USB cable.

How to install the developer beta

An iPhone user has the opportunity to try out the beta version of the system. to do this, he must agree to participate in its “run-in”. To download the beta version, intended primarily for developers, go to the profile settings on the phone, double-click on the “Beta Software” menu item and enter the confirmation code. After restarting the device in the update menu, the beta version of the system will be available for download.

How to downgrade to a previous version of iOs

If it becomes necessary to return to the old version of the system, this can be done in two ways. either restore the previously saved version, or install the downloaded distribution kit of this version via DFU mode or by flashing the device. In the first case, to restore, you need to use a computer with iTunes installed.

How to update iPhone via WI-FI

To do this, you need to connect your phone to the Internet using wi-fi or 3G / 4G and take a few simple steps:

Turn on the iPhone and go to Settings. General. Software Update.

update, iphone

After that, your phone should check for updates and, if they are available, offer you to download and install them.

If there is a new version of the OS, then a screen will appear in front of you, as shown in the figure below, as well as the “Download and Install” button.

By clicking on the button, the process of downloading files for updating will begin, after its completion, a message will appear on the screen as shown in the figure below. You will be prompted to install updates immediately or do that later. We select the “Install” button.

After clicking, the installation process will start, once it is complete, your phone will reboot and it will have a new OS. This usually takes no more than 30 minutes, so be patient and never interrupt the installation.

Preparing to update iOS / OS / Firmware on iPhone

Before you start improving your phone, you need to prepare it for this process. This requires:

  • Have 70 percent or more battery power.
  • Check if there is enough free space on the device. You can see the amount of free memory like this: “Settings”. “General”. “Usage”.

Checking free space on iPhone

If you have everything ready, then you can proceed to the update process.

Should you update your iPhone?

Many people ask a similar question. “is it worth updating or not ?!”. The answer here is unequivocal. “Yes, it’s worth it!”. Here’s why:

  • The new OS / firmware will save your phone from the bugs that were in the previous version of iOS.
  • In some cases, the update can have a positive effect on the performance of the battery, and therefore on its operating time.
  • The smartphone will receive new functions and features that were previously unavailable.
  • Also, the phone will be better protected from various threats, both from loss and from the penetration of various viruses.
  • The update may also affect the performance of the device.
  • And so on.

These are just a few reasons why I would definitely recommend updating the iPhone firmware.

Ways to update iOS on iPhone

If you decide to update your device, then further information will be extremely useful to you.

There are two ways to update your iPhone:

  • Via Wi-Fi or 3G / 4G without iTunes. This method is convenient for those who do not have a computer at hand, but want to update the firmware quickly and without a backup.
  • Using iTunes through your computer (PC). This method will be useful for those who want to make a backup before updating and to be a little safe in case you do not like the new version of the OS or something goes wrong.

Both methods are very simple and we will consider them in detail below.

How to update iOS on iPhone

If you are lucky enough to own an iPhone of any other model, then one day the moment will come when you have to update the iOS / firmware on your phone. From this instruction, you will learn how to do it yourself, without contacting the service center or “assistants” who charge money for it.

How to Update iPhone via iTunes / Computer

The first thing to do before modifying via iTunes is to download and install the latest version from Apple’s official website. Link:

And then proceed according to the following instructions:

Connect your phone via USB cable to your computer.

Then open iTunes and select your device.

Otherwise, you will see the following message.

Once the updates are installed, your phone will reboot and you can enjoy the new OS. And of course, do not interrupt the process and do not disconnect the phone from the cable until it is completed.

If my instructions did not help you, then you can go to the official website, where there is also useful information

For those who do not want to read, I made a short video to help you update your iPhone via wi-fi.

How to upgrade iPhone 4s to iOS 9?

Now that you know all the basic terms and conditions associated with installing iOS 9 on iPhone 4s, you can easily learn how to update it. Ideally, there are two popular ways to upgrade your iPhone 4s to iOS 9. We’ve listed a step-by-step process for both of them.

3.1 Install iOS 9 wirelessly

This is one of the easiest ways to learn how to update iPhone 4 to iOS 9. If you have a stable WI-FI connection, we recommend using this technique. Since iOS 9 is already available for iPhone 4s, you can update it without any hassle. This can be done by implementing these steps:

First go to Phone Settings General Software Update to check if any official updates related to your device are available or not.

This will provide basic details related to iOS 9. Just click on the Download & Install button to get it.

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If you receive a pop-up message, verify your Apple ID and credentials to install iOS 9 on your phone.

If you can’t update iOS 9 iPhone 4s wirelessly, don’t worry. There is also a simple alternative to do the same. Using iTunes, you can also update iPhone 4s to iOS 9 by following these steps:

Launch an updated version of iTunes on your Mac or Windows computer and connect your iPhone to it with a USB cable.

Once iTunes recognizes your phone, select it under Devices and go to the Summary window.

Here you can check if an update is available by clicking the “Check for Updates” button.

This will generate the following popup message. Just click the Download & Update button to update your phone.

Wait for a while while iTunes downloads the update and installs it on your device. However, you must ensure that your device stays connected to the system for a smooth transition.

How to update ios on iPhone 4s

If you have an iPhone 4s, you can get the most out of your device by upgrading to iOS 9. Although the iPhone 4s is no longer compatible with the new iOS 11, you can still get an iPhone 4s iOS 9 without too much trouble.

  • Should you upgrade your iPhone 4s to iOS 9?
  • Back up iPhone 4 before updating to iOS 9
  • How to upgrade iPhone 4s to iOS 9?
  • Common problems after upgrading to iOS 9

Should you upgrade your iPhone 4s to iOS 9?

Before updating your device to any iOS update, it’s important to know the pros and cons. It will help you decide if you want to update your iPhone 9 to iOS 9 or not.

You will be able to get a whole range of new apps that are no longer compatible with older versions of iOS.

It optimizes your smartphone by providing convenient (smaller) updates.

IOS 9 brings a host of new features to speed up the processing of your smartphone.

Updating your keyboard is one of the best features to save you time while typing.

IPad Split Screen lets you multitask like a pro.

Access to many of the high-end and advanced features that iOS 9 provides.

The visual design of iOS 9 is very similar to that of its predecessor. Overall, the appearance of your phone will not change.

If you are updating an old iOS device (like iPhone 4) to iOS 9, chances are it might even slow down your phone.

If you have a jailbroken device, you will lose all privileges.

If you are not happy with iOS 9, you need to take extreme measures to downgrade it.

After weighing the pros and cons, you can decide if you need to update iOS 4 for iPhone 4s or not.

Back up iPhone 4 before updating to iOS 9

Before you can learn how to update iPhone 4 to iOS 9, you need to familiarize yourself with all the prerequisites. For example, it is imperative that you make a full backup of your device before updating to iOS 9. If the update fails or does not produce the expected results, then there is a chance that you could lose important data files. Therefore, in order to avoid an unexpected situation like this, we recommend that you back up your iPhone in advance.

We recommend using dr.fone. Backup Restore (iOS) from dr.fone to back up your iPhone. It is compatible with any leading iOS device and can create a complete backup of your device (including music, photos, contacts, messages, and more). With just one click, you can make a full or selective backup of your iPhone using this safe and easy-to-use application. Later, you can also use the tool to restore the backup.

Also, make sure your phone is compatible with the update. Plus, it must be charged at least 60% for a fail-safe process.

Common problems after upgrading to iOS 9

It has been observed that after updating iPhone to iOS 9, many users face unexpected issues. For example, you might get a software update error message like this, or your device might just get stuck in a reboot loop.

No matter what the problem is, it can be easily resolved to complete the iOS 9 update. You can read this informative guide to learn more about the common iOS 9 update issues and how you can fix those issues without too much trouble.


There are two main ways to download and install updates. The first. from the iPhone itself, subject to a stable connection to the network via Wi-Fi, the second. using an authorized computer, in the proprietary program menu. iTunes.

The main differences between them are speed and convenience.

The first option is convenient because nothing is required except a smartphone and the Internet. The device will carry out the entire procedure itself (if you choose this method. be sure to put the iPhone on charge. it is not known how long it will take to download and install). IOS takes longer to load because, physically, a router that distributes Wi-Fi makes the data transfer speed slow.

The second one is much faster, but you can’t do without a PC and a cable connection.

In order to make an update from the device itself. go from the settings menu to. Basic, and in them select the item. Software update.
After searching the network for the latest iOS updates, a proposal will be displayed to download and install them. to do this, click on the corresponding message below.
Then confirm your agreement to the proposed terms of use. After that, you don’t need to do anything else, the iPhone will do everything by itself. Just wait for the process to finish. It is best to carry out this procedure in the evening, then the Internet speed is higher and there are fewer people who want to download updates. And by the morning the smartphone will be ready for work.

As soon as a fresh update appears, iTunes will notify you of this when connected.
If you initiate this process yourself, connect the phone to the PC with a cable (preferably an original one), launch iTunes. Find your iPhone among devices in its menu. In the sync settings and parameters tab. initiate the update.

Everything, further processes will proceed automatically. The main thing is that the connection to the network is stable. After downloading the iOS update package, the installation will start, during which the iPhone may reboot repeatedly. this is normal.

But it happens that on your part all the conditions are met, but the iOS update fails. The error is stubbornly displayed, and there is no way to use the device.

How iOS 10 works on iPhone 5?

Now let’s talk about the most interesting thing, namely the work of the new iOS 10 on your beloved fifth iPhone. I’ll start with the fact that the device is already four years old. If you compare the work with the previous version, then you will not really feel the difference and everything works a little slower. But let’s remember 6 iOS and how the device worked at the start of sales.

You should never update your iPhone if it is first in line to end support. After installing iOS 10, the following surprises await you:

  • deterioration in multitasking;
  • deterioration in gaming performance;
  • slow loading of pages in the browser;
  • reducing the operating time of the device.
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I can list these disadvantages for a very long time, because a lot of them have already been noticed. In general, only one conclusion can be drawn. the operation of the device has not improved, but only worsened.

Updating via iTunes

If you are not comfortable with updating the iPhone 5S operating system via Wi-Fi, you can install the operating system using iTunes and a computer. over, install the specified program on your PC or update it to the latest version. Make sure your computer is connected to the Internet. Charge iPhone. Connect the iPhone 5S and the computer with a USB cable so that the unit is displayed on the PC. Open iTunes and locate your Apple iPhone. Then enter the “Overview” section and execute the “Update” command. The iOS updater will launch and install on your iPhone after a while.

Why iPhone 5S slows down with iOS 10

In principle, the iPhone 5S is fine with the updated iOS 10 firmware, but some users complain that after downloading the OS update, the 5S smartphone began to freeze. With what it can be connected? Lags can appear in some cases. For example, if the iPhone’s memory is overloaded and it is difficult for him to lug a more powerful operating system with a bunch of databases. The way out is this. unload iPhone memory by deleting unnecessary files, garbage, cache, and also transfer some photos and videos, documents to a computer or to iCloud cloud storage, thus making it easier for a device with a heavier version of the system.

If after cleaning the iPhone the lags are not over, then update your DO smartphone to the factory settings by downloading all the data from it to your computer or USB flash drive. And after resetting, return the data to the iPhone.

Before the procedure

If you are the owner of a 16 gigabyte version of “six”, make sure you have enough free memory in advance. Keep in mind that even if there is enough space to download the archived folder with updates, then when you unpack it and install it on the device, it will take a little more. Therefore, try to always leave a small margin beyond the specified size of the update package. If this is not done, an error may occur at any time. The download may be interrupted, the iPhone may freeze or get stuck in the recovery loop, and at best you will need to do everything again, at worst. force the gadget to be restored, with complete data loss.

Therefore, remember the three main things to do before updating iOS: make sure you have enough free space, update to the latest version of iTunes, and be sure to back up to your computer or iCloud.

This will minimize the risk of a failed update. And in the event of a system failure. you can recover all your data with virtually no loss.

To be sure to exclude the possibility of errors, it does not hurt to pre-update the operating system of your computer, built-in security programs, as well as the installed antivirus. After that, restart your PC to apply all updates, and you can proceed to download the new firmware to the iPhone.

How to update iOS firmware on iPhone 5 yourself?

If you are lucky enough to own an iPhone 5S, you would certainly like to update the operating system to the latest version in order to have the same features as those of iPhone 6S and above. The latest version of iOS 10 has high-tech capabilities, so in this article we will tell you how to update your iPhone 5S.

The tenth version of the system has proven its advantages in practice, now it’s your turn to find out how iOS 10 works on the iPhone 5S, if there is any incompatibility or slowdown in work, and to answer the main question:

iPhone 5 slows down on iOS 10

  • Checking the memory on the device. If you have hammered it to the eyeballs, we will rather release it and see how much the device will come to life.
  • Disable all unnecessary. We remove the iOS effects that can only load your processor. Go to Settings. General. Universal Access. Reduce Motion.

Immediately, in Universal Access, go to Increase Contrast and activate Decrease Transparency.

  • Sometimes we restart the phone. This will help you clear the RAM and thus refresh your phone a little.
  • Now you should think about a new device, because soon you will get tired of it all. This will not especially please the active users of instant messengers, because first of all, these programs begin to be lagged.

    How to Update iPhone 5S to iOS 10?

    You can upgrade to the tenth version of the operating system on 5s in two ways: using iTunes and a USB cable or via WI-FI. Both methods are reliable and convenient. Some people like to speed up their downloads over Wi-Fi, but this is easy if the speed and quality of the Internet allows it.

    How to update Instagram on iPhone 5s

    The fifth model was released with OS versions from 6 to 10. Most developers with the release of iOS 11 updated their applications and now they are not available in this form for owners of devices with older operating systems.

    Do not panic. Apple’s store is quite thoughtful, if the user cannot find the current version of the program, he will offer to install an older one. This also happens with the iPhone 5. It only works if the software was purchased or downloaded from this Apple ID. over, you need to understand that outdated versions will have bugs and problems that have been fixed in new updates.

    Why the update won’t install on iPhone

    The update may not install if the operating system of the smartphone is not suitable for the latest available version of Instagram. In this case, you need to install the appropriate software, if available. The fact is that old iPhones are simply physically unable to “pull” the new iOS.

    If the process stops in the middle or does not want to start at all, although the “Refresh” button is available, then you need to:

    • Go to iPhone Settings.
    • Find a list of all installed applications and among them select “Instagram”.
    • Stop the program and then uninstall it.
    • Restart the gadget and try to install the new version of the program again.

    What to do if Instagram update freezes on iPhone

    Many people run into problems both during and after the update process. Sometimes it may freeze, and sometimes it will pass normally, but then the application will freeze, crash, or it will not even be possible to log in. Usually the problem is solved by reinstalling the application or restarting it. Below there will be more details about each of these methods.

    Important! Sometimes authorization cannot be completed, since the user has simply forgotten the login and password for his account. This can happen if he has not left it for a long time and has not updated the application.

    How to update Instagram on iPhone

    If you update the social network for sharing Instagram photos, you can not only add many new functions to your gadget, but also get rid of frequent crashes, slow page loading speed and program errors. This is a very important step that every user must follow. Old and unstable versions are gradually no longer supported, which means they can cause account hacking and constant problems with logging into the network.

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    Important! Some older devices like the iPhone 2, iPhone 3 and iPhone 4 have versions of operating systems that the social network hasn’t supported for a long time. over, new games and other applications are also unlikely to be installed on iOS below version 7.

    How to update Instagram on iPhone 6 and 6s

    • Unlock phone.
    • Go to AppStore.
    • Find in Instagram search.
    • Click on the “Update” button, if available.

    Important! If there is no button, then two outcomes of events are possible: the smartphone system has not been updated to iOS 12 or the application does not require updates.

    The application may freeze if it has not been updated to a stable version for a long time

    How to update Instagram on iPhone 7 and newer

    At the moment, one of the most popular Apple phones of past models is the iPhone 7. It’s not for nothing that people are so often looking for how to update Instagram on the iPhone 7. It originally came out with iOS 10, and then, in 2020, got iOS 13. This means that new versions of Insta will be quietly installed in the phone’s memory, but on condition that it is updated itself. The procedure repeats the update on iPhone 6 and 6s.

    How to remove an app from the desktop on iOS

    The fourth uninstallation method appeared only with the release of iOS 14 and, technically, cannot be considered deletion, since the application itself does not disappear from memory, disappearing only from the desktop.

    • Find the app you want to hide;
    • Press your finger on it and hold for 1.5-2 seconds;

    An application hidden from the desktop still remains in the Application Library

    • In the drop-down menu, click “Delete”. “Remove from Desktop”;
    • Scroll the desktops to the right to the bottom. the application removed from the desktop will be there.

    How to uninstall an app if you can’t find it

    The third uninstallation method is useful for those who want to uninstall an application but cannot find it in the mess of the desktop:

    A list of all installed applications is stored in the “Settings”

    How to uninstall an app on an iPhone. 5 ways for different occasions

    How do I uninstall an app on iOS? Many people think that this question can only be asked by those who have never held an iPhone in their hands. And since there are very few of them left, the instructions describing how to remove software should not be in demand. However, this is the deepest delusion. The fact is that from year to year Apple makes changes to the method of removing applications from its operating system, and each next method differs from the previous one at least in the interface, but, as a rule, technically. Let’s figure out what’s what.

    IOS 14 has at least 5 ways to uninstall apps

    How to make a “folder” on iOS where all applications are listed

    Despite the fact that you don’t need a lot of intelligence to uninstall applications, practice shows that beginners (and not beginners, to be honest, too) can have some problems. They are afraid that there are several ways to delete an unnecessary program from the smartphone’s memory at once, especially if they stumble upon them by accident. But, if you know what each of these 5. yes, exactly 5. ways is intended for, you will not be scared if you stumble upon them during operation.

    How to uninstall multiple apps

    To remove several applications, there is another, no less simple, but complex way:

    • On the desktop, click on the icon of any application;
    • Hold your finger on the icon of this application for 1.5-2 seconds;

    This method is good for uninstalling several applications at once, because you don’t have to hold your finger on each of them.

    The easiest way to uninstall an app

    If you only need to uninstall one application, there is the easiest way for you:

    • Find the application and put your finger on it;
    • Hold your finger on the icon for 1.5-2 seconds;

    This is the easiest way to remove one application.

    How to download applications on iOS

    Well, the fifth method, like the fourth, is also not deletion in our usual sense. It is usually called loading. This mechanism allows you to delete the application itself from memory, but at the same time retains all the data accumulated by it. The download occurs with applications that have not been used for more than a month. True, for the mechanism to work, it must be turned on forcibly.

    You can download the application either manually or in automatic mode if it is not in use

    • Enable the “Load unused” option;
    • If you need to download the application right away, find it in the settings and, instead of deleting it, click “Download”.

    When an unused application is downloaded, you will see a cloud download icon appear under its icon, next to the name. It means that at the moment the application has loaded and is not physically present on the device. That is, to start it, you need to click on it, wait for the download and only then start using it. However, keep in mind that, firstly, to reload the downloaded application, you need the Internet, and, secondly, it is impossible to delete the icon of the downloaded application without reloading.

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