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How to connect Xiaomi Mi Watch to iPhone

Quite a daunting task, to be honest. To do this, you will have to spend a lot of nerves and ingenuity, but the end result is worth it to suffer from this rather abstruse task of connecting an iPhone to a Xiaomi Mi Watch.

Important! Before you start connecting your Xiaomi Mi Watch to your iPhone, you need to download the WearOS app from Google (you can download it from the App Store at this link). Only after that you can proceed to setting the clock itself.

To connect Xiaomi Mi Watch to iPhone you need:

Pick up the watch and hold down the on-wheel.

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Next, a window with a bunch of hieroglyphs will “pop up”. Just press the blue buttons to move on. Basically. this is a user agreement on privacy, but if you do not click “Confirm” you will not be redirected to the next item.

Next, a QR code should appear on the watch screen. You do not need to scan it because it is of little use.

On the iPhone, open the “WearOS” application that you downloaded earlier.

Swipe to the right and select on the “Connect new watch” tab.

iPhone starts searching for Smart Watch. It took us a few seconds, but if your Xiaomi Mi Watch does not detect yours, try disabling Bluetooth and then enabling it again and try again.

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The name of your Mi Watch should appear on the screen

We poke at him, if found. If not, repeat the search.

We confirm the request to create a pair with Mi Watch.

Once again we confirm our action when the code appears on the screen of the iPhone and Mi Watch.

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Now you should be asked for a password to connect to Wi-Fi. We enter it, connect.

If everything is done correctly, the white hieroglyphs “Loading” should be lit on the watch screen, and the iPhone should display the title “Almost done” and load the watch.

It took us no more than two minutes to load the Smart-watch, then the “Everything is ready” window was displayed, and a gesture with a hand appeared on the watch, which, in theory, should give you a short instruction on how to use the watch.

You don’t have to “tap” the clock, nothing much will happen. Just click on the wheel to return to the home screen.

In fact, this is everything. Now the watch loads the dials, works, connects with the iPhone and can be used. But, if you want to enable English on the Xiaomi Mi Watch, you need a little more time and a few steps.

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The whole truth about connecting Xiaomi Mi Watch

Watch, charging, beautiful packaging, pieces of paper. that’s what awaits you after unpacking. Well, it seems. a standard set for a complete set of Smart-watches, but there it was. Because Xiaomi not only forgot to put the English instructions in the kit, but also did not indicate that you need to connect the watch to the iPhone and Android not through the “infused” application, but through the “WearOS” program from Google.

We were not able to connect the Xiaomi Mi Watch Smartwatch to the native Xiaomi Android device at all, so if you can do this, let me know.

If you start connecting the Xiaomi Mi Watch Smartwatch via the application scanned by the QR code, then you will be left with hieroglyphs, which are simply impossible to remove. Therefore, it is better to follow the instructions to save yourself time and nerves.

How to connect Xiaomi Mi Watch to iPhone

We are talking about how to quickly and easily connect a Xiaomi Mi Watch Smartwatch to an iPhone and partially translate the Chinese language of their interface into English.

If you are thinking about buying a new Xiaomi Mi Watch Smartwatch or have already become the owner of these Chinese beauties, which everyone was talking about “Apple Watch killers”, you will certainly be interested in how to connect a smart watch to your smartphone.

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How to enable English on Xiaomi Mi Watch

That’s right. the standard Xiaomi Mi Watch comes from the factory in Chinese, which is almost impossible to change. But, what if you bypass the system a little?

To enable English on Xiaomi Mi Watch, you need to do the following:

Open the Settings app on your iPhone

Then scroll down and open the “Basic” tab

Next, you need to change theiPhone Language” to English. To do this, you just need to select “iPhone Language” and select “English” from the menu.

We return to our application “WearOS”

The watch should disconnect from the iPhone. this is the norm, they just need time to understand what is happening to them and why a device that was just Russian / Ukrainian suddenly became English.

After a few seconds, you will see the inscription “Connected” on top. the watch is connected.

Now all controls in the “WearOS” application are in English.

The clock should switch to English too.

Basically, this is all that you can do with your Xiaomi Mi Watch before the global version is released. Also, do not forget that you can always contact the specialized iLab service center for help.

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