How to view your Apple ID password

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Answers to security questions

If you cannot get into the email account that was used during registration, then you will not be able to restore access via mail. What to do in this case? Try resetting your Apple ID by answering three security questions.

  • Turn on Wi-Fi or mobile data to connect to the Internet.
  • Open the settings, in the “iCloud” section, click on the link “Forgot your password?”.
  • Specify ID (Primary Mail).
  • Select “Answer to security questions”.
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The first question is standard. the date of birth of the owner of the phone. If you set up your Apple ID yourself and entered real data, then it’s not difficult to answer correctly.

You will then be asked the two questions that you provided when setting up your profile. If you answer them without errors, then you will only have to write a new password twice to restore access to all Apple services. You don’t have to do anything else, the old password is invalid, the new security key will be used for authorization in the future.

Reset via email

First, let’s figure out how to reset your password via email. The procedure is implemented according to the standard algorithm, it is almost impossible to get confused during execution:

  • Connect your mobile device to a network (Wi-Fi or 3G).
  • Open the “iCloud” section in the settings. Click the Forgot Apple ID or Password?
  • Enter your Apple ID. the primary mailing address used to register your profile.
  • Choose to recover your password via email.

You will receive a message in the mail with a guide to resetting the security key. If a backup e-mail is specified in the profile settings, then check it. there should be a similar message here. If the letter does not arrive, make sure that you enter the correct email address and look at the “Spam” folder. some services, by default, accept automatic mailing for unsolicited messages.

Find the link “Reset password” in the email. Clicking will launch the browser with the reset page open. To restore access to all Apple services, you need to enter your new password twice and click on the “Reset” button. Done, you can now download free apps, shop and sync your device with iCloud again.

By the way, pay attention to who the email comes from with the reset link. The sender must be Apple Corporation with an email address of If the message came from a different domain or you did not try to reset the security key at all, then do not open the message or follow any links. this is a phishing attack aimed at gaining access to your device.

If you need to reset the passcode on a Mac, then you need to do the same: in the settings or in iTunes, click on the “Forgot your password?” Link, write an email and go to the page for resetting the security key.

As already noted, you can reset your password on any platform. If you suddenly have an Android smartphone or PC with Windows OS at hand, then to restore the key, you need to go to the control page in the browser at and click on the already familiar link “Forgot your password?” and then follow the steps described above to reset the security key.

Apple ID password recovery

Apple ID is the account used to sign in to Apple services. Given the increased attention of the corporation to the safety of personal information of users from prying eyes, increased requirements are imposed on the access code: it must consist of 8 characters (numbers, lowercase and uppercase letters). It can be difficult to recall such a key. But if the user has forgotten Apple ID, then he can forget about buying and downloading applications, as well as using iCloud cloud storage.

Password reset

What to do if the password is lost and you can’t remember it yourself? Try to restore EpD ID on iPhone. There are two ways to reset the key: via mail or by answering security questions. Both treatments are available on any platform, be it iPhone, iPad, Mac or Windows PC.

If standard methods don’t work

What if you did not specify backup mail in your profile, forgot the answers to your questions, and the ID mailbox is blocked? This is an exceptional case, but, as practice shows, such situations are not so rare. A simple example. the Apple ID was created by a seller or another person, but forgot to tell the owner the password or email. In this case, you will not be able to restore access using standard methods.

Forgot Apple ID Password? This is for you !

Password recovery will have to be done with the participation of the support service. The operator must provide the serial number of the device, as well as provide a receipt for the purchase of a smartphone or tablet. In response, the operator will provide the identifier and password from Apple ID.

Go to the site of the intended email address to which your Apple ID is linked

If you at least remember which email service was used to register your Apple ID, try going to its home page from your devices. For instance:

if @ mailbox was used. go to

With any luck, the email address will be displayed in the upper right corner.

Check your Mac

The same story. many applications on Apple computers cannot do without an Apple ID. For example, in the System Preferences application, you just need to select the iCloud section. information about your ID will be displayed on the left.

Try to recover Apple ID through Apple websites

If nothing works (you don’t even remember the first letter of your mail, which the Apple ID was registered with), then there’s nothing to do, go to one of the official Apple sites. or Apple ID and click the Forgot Apple ID button or password?

On the next screen, you can try to enter the email address that is most suitable for the role of “correct”. Also, the Apple website will offer to find your ID. for this you need to click on a special link.

On a Mac with two-step verification

Click on the Apple menu (in the upper left corner of your screen) and click on System Preferences

Click on the Security tab → Change password.

Enter a new password, confirm it and click Change.

In the Find iPhone app on another iPhone or iPad

If you only have a friend’s or family’s smartphone at hand, open the Find My iPhone app (download link) and do the following:

Make sure the device owner is signed out of their account.

Click the link button Forgot Apple ID or password?

Enter your Apple ID and follow Apple’s instructions to reset your password.

On an iPhone or iPad with two-factor authentication

Click on your name at the top of the screen.

Tap Password & Security.

Enter a new password, confirm it and click Change.

Forgot Apple ID (which E-mail is attached to), how to remember (where to look)?

Check your iPhone

Your Apple ID is used in several places at once on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch. To get to it, simply open the Settings app on your device and tap on your first and last name. Here’s your Apple ID!

How to find Apple ID on iPhone / iPad?

ITunes Store app on the Music, Movies, or Sounds page (scroll to the bottom).

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Podcasts App Featured Page (Scroll to the bottom).

If you connected your Apple ID in iPhone / iPad Settings, you can find your Apple ID in:

    ICloud Menu.

Menu “Mail, Addresses, Calendars” in the iCloud account.

Music menu in the Home Sharing section.

Video menu in the Home Sharing section.

If you’ve signed in to your account in Find My iPhone at least once, your Apple ID is available in the login window.

If your iPhone or iPad is password-locked, won’t turn on, or you activate your device, your Apple ID can be identified using your Windows, Mac, or Linux computer.

How to find your Apple ID on a Windows computer?

  • Launch iTunes, in the main menu of the program go to the line “iTunes Store” (if the main menu of iTunes is not displayed, press the Alt key). If you are signed in to your account, your Apple ID will be displayed in the “View Account (your ID)” line.

Launch iCloud for Windows. If you are signed in to your account, your Apple ID will be displayed in the main application window on the left.

If you’re not signed in to your iTunes and iCloud for Windows account:

    Launch iTunes, go to the “Applications” menu and select “My Programs”. a list of programs loaded in iTunes will be displayed. Right-click on the icon of any application and click on “Details” in the context menu.

In the window with the description of the application, go to the “File” tab. The identifier with which it was uploaded will be displayed in the “Buyer” line, for example, “Alexander Varakin (”.

If iTunes is empty or no apps downloaded using your Apple ID, use the Apple ID search form on the Find Apple ID page. enter your First Name, Last Name, and email address that you might have registered for your account. If the data is correct, you will see the message: “Found Apple ID”.

Forgot Apple ID. What to do? How to find your Apple ID?

The main thing. do not despair. there is always a way out! Find it under the cut.

We talked about what Apple ID is and what it is for here. How to create it. here. I will not repeat myself.

Despite the fact that the Apple ID is the email address to which the account is registered, for example,, there are times when users, along with the password, forget it too. How so?

If you use email only for registration, for example, on. Odnoklassinka, or Instagram, you won’t remember your e-mail in a month. What can I say if a new mailbox is created randomly with each new registration? Write how you forgot your Apple ID in the comments. So the question is:

Forgot Apple ID and so what??

The most dangerous thing that this can lead to is Activation Lock, which will prevent you from activating your iPhone, iPad or Mac without your Apple ID password. As a result, you will not be able to use your device. A problem arises. how to remember the Apple ID password, if you do not remember which mail it was registered with?

When the device is activated, the Apple ID name is published encrypted. only the first character of the identifier and the domain of the mail service are displayed, for example, is displayed instead of The number of “asterisks” does not correspond to the real number of hidden characters, that is, there are 5 tokens, but there can be 3, 7, and 10 characters. So chances are that you will remember your Apple ID by the first character and mail domain (@) few.

Fortunately, you can find your Apple ID in plain text:

  • on iPhone / iPad;
  • on Windows and Mac computer.

In case nothing comes out

  • locked with a password;
  • defective;
  • does not turn on;
  • not activated;
  • The Windows or Mac computer it synced with is not signed in to your iTunes and Mac App Store account.
  • iTunes has no downloaded apps;
  • your hacked Apple ID

One thing remains. find the receipt for the purchase of the official device and contact Support Apple. There are no other ways to recover Apple ID.

How to find your Apple ID on Mac?

If you’re signed in to your iTunes and Mac App Store account:

    Launch iTunes and go to the Store menu. Your Apple ID will appear on the View Account (your ID) line.

Or in the main iTunes window to the left of the search bar, click on the icon with an avatar and a down arrow. In the window that appears, you will see your Apple ID.

Launch the Mac App Store and go to the Store menu. Your Apple ID will appear on the View Account (your ID) line.

Or on the “Featured” page in the “Quick Links” side menu, click on the “Account” label. you will see your ID in the authorization window.

If you are not signed in to your iTunes account:

    Launch iTunes, go to the “Applications” menu and select “My Programs”. a list of programs loaded in iTunes will be displayed. Right-click on the icon of any application and click on “Details” in the context menu.

Click on the “File” tab. The identifier with which this application was downloaded will be displayed in the “Buyer” line, for example, “Alexander Varakin (”.

    “System settings. iCloud “(if iCloud is connected).

“System settings. Internet accounts. ICloud account “(if connected).

In Safari, at if AutoFill for Web Forms is enabled and you have signed in to the iCloud web interface using Safari at least once.

If you haven’t signed in to iTunes and the Mac App Store with your Apple ID, and haven’t connected iCloud in OS X System Preferences, you can identify your Apple ID using a special prompt. For this:

    In a web browser such as Safari, go to the Apple ID Management page and click Forgot Apple ID or Password, or follow the link.

Click on “Forgot Apple ID”. the “Find Apple ID” page will load. enter the Name, Surname and email address that you may have used when registering an account.

Practice shows that Apple ID search does not work by Name, Surname, aliases (alternative e-mail) and even by a backup e-mail address. Why such a search is necessary for me a mystery.

The cherished message “Found Apple ID” will appear only when you enter the correct First Name, Last Name and the main email address to which the account was registered.

Yes, the Mac is good at everything, but very expensive, for example, the for the 11-inch MacBook Air in the Russian Apple Store start at 69,990.00 rubles (you can find it cheaper). Every home has a Windows computer.

From all of the above, the following conclusions can be drawn:

  • If you use your Apple ID to download games, apps, music, movies, iCloud, iMessage, and FaceTime, you’ll either remember it or find it easily.
  • Even if your iPhone / iPad does not turn on, is locked with a password or is not activated, you can find your Apple ID using your computer in iTunes.
  • Finding Apple ID by First Name, Last Name, and Email Address on the Find Apple ID page is useless.
  • If you have an official iPhone / iPad and have a purchase receipt, Apple Support can help you recover your Apple ID.

You still have questions, are there any additions or comments on the text? Write in the comments. we will certainly answer.

How to change account on iPhone or iPad

How to change Apple ID on iPhone if signed out from iCloud:

  • It is necessary to erase all data from the phone, thereby returning the gadget to the factory settings.
  • Then a new Apple ID account is created.

How to change account on iPhone via menu:

  • You need to go to “Settings” and select “iTunes Store and App Store”
  • Here you should click on the account and select the “Sign out” button.

Finally, replace the old account with a new one.

What to do if you forgot your icloud password on iPhone 5s and other models:

  • restore via the specified email;
  • password reset through security questions;
  • two-step check (only for models 4 S, 5S, 5 SE);
  • contact Support;
  • pass two-factor authentication.

How to recover account on iPhone

How to recover Apple ID password on iPhone and access account is a question that interests many users. If for any reason you cannot log into your account, there are several different ways to return your personal account.

IPhone Tech Support

This method is suitable if you need to restore access urgently. You can ask a specialist for help in Apple showrooms, or on the company’s website through the technical support department.

Step-by-step instructions for using the site:

  • On the company’s website, go to the bottom of the page and select your location (region).
  • By clicking on the tablet image, a menu with authorization data will open in front of the visitor. Since the password has been forgotten, you must immediately go down and click “Additional help”.
  • Support phone numbers for each region will be listed here. You can call for free.
  • In addition to calls, there is a separate chat where the user can describe his problem to a specialist in text form.
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For a more accurate solution to the problem, it is recommended to find the section “Want to talk?”, There is a category Apple ID and all sorts of problems with it. In the new window there will be several options for solving, one of which is “Change and reset password”. If there is no time to resolve the issue on your own, you can select the item “Conversation with the support service”. The site will prompt the user to fill out a small form with a first name, last name and email address. You can also schedule a call at a convenient time by specifying it in the appropriate window.

How to find Apple ID on a locked iPhone

Apple ID is an account that is assigned to each owner of the equipment at the time of registration on the Apple website. This is a mandatory step, allowing you to use the gadget to its fullest. Without an account, the user will not be able to sync data, work with the iCloud cloud. Sometimes, when the account is not used for a long time, the login information is forgotten or lost. How to recover ID on iPhone every Apple smartphone owner should know.

Through the search service

In this case, you need a second gadget on which to open the Find My iPhone application. In the window that opens, click on the “Forgot Apple ID” field, and then follow the instructions. You should also go to the access recovery section, where you need to remember the data that was entered when registering the ID. The more correct information was entered, the higher the chances of unlocking the device.

Where to see Apple ID on iPhone

You can find and view your ID in different ways, depending on the technique used. On iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch, look for Apple ID in Settings or iTunes.

Apple ID is an essential part of every device

Instructions for iCloud: you need to go to settings and click on your name. If you are using iOS version 10.2 and earlier, you need to open “Settings” and click the “iCloud” button.

Instructions for iTunes: open the settings menu, click your name, and then “iTunes Store and App Store”.

There are other options you can try to find your Apple ID:

  • Open the item “Settings”, then “Passwords and accounts”. In earlier versions, the path lies through “Settings”. “Mail”. “Contacts”. “Calendars”.
  • Another way is to go through the settings to the “Messages” section, where you should click “Send”.
  • Open Settings and FaceTime.

You can check your account on a Mac like this:

  • Open the Apple menu, then System Preferences, where the Apple ID item is located.
  • You can click in the section of system settings on “Accounts” and select iCloud.
  • The App Store opens the Store menu and then browses the account.
  • Another method is through FaceTime settings.

For Apple TV owners, you can sign in to your account like this:

  • Through the menu “Settings”. “Accounts”.
  • In the same section, you can select the “Users” section, then open your account and go to the “Store”.

Recommendations for Windows users:

  • Via iCloud for Windows.
  • Through the iTunes program, which has a section “Accounts”. “View“.

Many owners bind several devices to one ID at once

The easiest way to check for an Apple ID is to log into the iPhone in the settings menu. You cannot restore your account here, but it is quite easy to find the complete information. Clicking on “Username” will open a window with Apple ID details, as well as the history of working with connected services. In this menu, go down and open the “iTunes Store” section. At the top of the open window will be the required data.

Note! In order not to lose information about Apple ID every time, it is recommended to write down the login on a separate sheet.

How to find Apple ID on a locked iPhone

If the device is locked, then you cannot find out your Apple ID directly through your smartphone. However, there are alternative methods that are simple, convenient and reliable.

The first way to find out your Apple ID is to use a trusted device. Apple allows iPhone and iPad owners to store multiple devices under one account. In this case, you can view the forgotten Apple ID using another device that is registered to this account. This is done through the “iTunes Store and App Store” section, where the “Passwords and Accounts” menu is selected.

Another way to find your Apple ID is through the manufacturer’s official website. To do this, go to the Apple page and click on the tablet image in the right corner. A link with the line “Login” will open in front of the user. Below is the inscription “Forgot your Apple ID”, which should be clicked. In the next window, you need to click “Find it”. Next, the iPhone owner must fill out a form where the site asks to enter basic data: first name, last name, email. After the performed actions, you should click “Continue”.

Note! To find out your Apple ID, you must enter the email address that was used to register your account. If you did not succeed in recovering the data the first time, you need to go through several mail options.

These two methods are common among users due to the fact that they really help to find out the ID. At the moment, there are also paid services that promise to recover information based on the phone’s IMEI. Such services are often engaged in extortion of money and cannot provide full assistance.

In fact, Apple ID is associated with the iPhone number, but Apple cares about the safety of users, so it does not give anyone access to personal information. Experts do not recommend contacting paid services, but try to find out your Apple ID yourself, through the above methods.

Restoring access through iTunes

In iTunes, the password can be recovered via mail. This is one of the easiest methods to reset your old password and set a new one. On the company’s website, you need to open the section with account recovery. The system will first ask for a login, after which you should click “Next”. In the new window, select “Receive a letter by email”. Within a few minutes, a link to change your password will be sent to your email.

Note! If there is no letter for more than 10 minutes, you need to check the Spam folder.

How to find your Apple ID?

If the phone is working, the graphic password is known and, in general, the user does not have any difficulties, except for logging into the account, you can find out your Apple ID directly on the iPhone or iPad without connecting the device to a computer and without contacting Support.

Important: Apple ID appears in several sections of the menu, and in addition, in built-in apps, so it’s easy to find it.

On the official website of the manufacturer

Another way to find the Apple ID of a locked iPhone is to use a convenient form on the Apple Inc. website. For this you need:

  • Go to the manufacturer’s portal using the link and, after waiting for the main page to load, click on the tablet icon in the upper right corner.
  • Follow the link “Forgot your Apple ID or password?”.
  • Click in the next window on the link “Find it” in the field “If you forgot Apple ID”.
  • In the opened online form, enter your name, surname and e-mail address to which the account was supposedly created, and then click on the “Continue” button. the required information will appear on a new page.

Important: the user may have to go through several email options. It is not always possible to find out the Apple ID the first time, but the number of attempts is unlimited. you can guess as many as you like.

How to find Apple ID on a locked iPhone?

A user who decides to lock the iPhone and does not have the ability to unlock it back, for obvious reasons, will not be able to find out his Apple ID directly on the device. However, do not be upset: there are alternative and equally convenient methods. We will talk about the two simplest ones.

How to find the previous owner’s Apple ID?

If the iPhone was bought off-hand and the new owner did not bother to immediately find out the Apple ID from the seller, and cannot call or write for any reason, there are two ways out of the situation. we will talk about them.

Go through previous options

It is worth checking all the previously listed methods again. if the former owner did not manage to deauthorize, the Apple ID will remain in the “Settings” menu. In addition, if an e-mail address was indicated in the sale announcement or the communication was carried out via e-mail, you should try to find the Apple ID on the manufacturer’s website, indicating the last name and first name of the seller. Did not help? Then there is only one way that does not compromise the personal data of the new owner and does not threaten his wallet.

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In settings”

The easiest way to see your Apple ID is to go to the iPhone Settings menu. You won’t be able to recover your Apple ID here, but finding information is easy; in order not to lose it again, it is recommended to write down the login on a piece of paper or store it in the “Notes” of the device.

To find your Apple ID, you need to:

  • Go from the main menu of the iPhone to the “Settings” section.
  • Tap on the username. in the window that opens, in addition to the Apple ID, information about the connected services will appear.
  • The required data will be located at the very top of the window that opens.
  • In the same way, information can be obtained in the subsection “Passwords and Accounts”.
  • Here, in the “Accounts” menu, is the user’s Apple ID. provided that the device is registered in iCloud.
  • You can also find out your Apple ID in the subsection “About this device”. it is all in the same section “Settings”.

How to find your Apple ID?

Apple ID is the account assigned to the iPhone owner when registering with Apple Inc. Without it, the user will have to limit himself to the minimum set of functions: he can make a screen on the iPhone, call and listen to music, but it will no longer be possible to synchronize the data; will not come out and upload files to iCloud. How to find out the Apple ID of your device without unnecessary difficulties. let’s try to figure it out.

Device recovery form

Resetting Apple ID on iPhone, as we said, is a minimum of hassle. It’s hard to believe, but using a mobile device you can recover both the password and change the security questions.

To achieve the desired result, you need:

  • Open “Settings” in your smartphone or tablet.
  • Take a look at “iTunes, App Store”.
  • Tap on Apple ID.
  • Select the “iForgot” option.
  • Indicate your “Apple ID”, then select one or another command. For example, “Reset password” or “Reset security questions”.
  • Follow the instructions on the screen. You can use the previously learned instructions.

But what if you need to reset Apple ID without an iPhone? This is a more serious problem, especially for those who do not know how to behave.

Reset Apple ID: step-by-step instructions on how to work and set up, tips and tricks

At the moment, gadgets have a fairly high level of protection. This is especially true for Apple phones and tablets. This manufacturer made sure that in case of loss or theft of devices, it was possible to reset data and lock the devices. But not everyone knows how to cope with such a task. Usually Apple ID is used for this. Unfortunately, this item requires a password and e-mail. And this information is sometimes forgotten by the owner of the “apple” device. Today we will be interested in resetting Apple ID. Why and when is such an operation used? What if someone forgot their Apple ID, password, or security questions? How to fix the situation? And is it possible to cope with such a task at all? In the end, every owner of an “apple” device should be able to understand all this.

We write in support

Resetting an iPhone without an Apple ID is practically possible. Especially if you prepare in advance for this operation. Suppose a person bought an “apple” device and only then discovered that someone else’s account was enabled on the device.

In this case, it is recommended to write to Apple technical support. For example, through the feedback form on the website or by email. Consider the second sentence.

To reset your Apple account using support, you need:

  • Take a photo of the receipt for the purchase of the device.
  • Take a photo showing a smartphone / tablet, as well as a box from it (sticker up) and a receipt for payment for the device.
  • Create a letter for technical support, in the text of which you will have to describe the situation in detail.
  • Upload the taken photos to the message.
  • Send a Reset Request to Apple Support.
  • Wait for an answer.

Now it remains to wait for a response letter from technical support. It usually comes within 10-15 days. If you can prove that the phone belongs to the applicant, you can reset the Apple ID.

Rebinding with iTunes

As already mentioned, Apple ID reassignment can be carried out using iTunes. Usually, such an operation takes place if a person remembers the password and email address from the “apple” account. In the course of the actions taken, the “Apple ID” will be unlinked from the e-mail. This is a very useful and convenient option.

In order to use it, a person has to:

  • Connect the Apple device to the PC. For example, using a USB cable.
  • Turn on iTunes and wait for the devices to sync.
  • Go to the iTunes Store and select one or another account.
  • Click on “Details.”.
  • Change in the appropriate field the address of the email used for authorization.

As soon as the settings are saved, you can use the new data for authorization in the Apple ID. This is a kind of reset of the “apple” account.

Data recovery and reset methods

Resetting Apple ID on iPhone can be done in different ways. And the user always has to build on the situation that has arisen. Otherwise, serious problems may arise with the implementation of the task.

Here are all the ways to recover and reset Apple ID:

  • via iCloud (on device);
  • via iCloud and the “Find iPhone” option;
  • using a password recovery form (by e-mail or control questions);
  • by contacting Apple technical support by mail;
  • through the Apple call center;
  • by re-linking the profile to another mail.

In reality, everything is simpler than it seems. Next, we will try to study all the listed ways to reset Apple ID. Usually, the real owner of a phone / tablet has no problems with bringing the idea to life. But the found iPhone is practically impossible to reset. Any attempts to achieve this will lead to device blocking.

Reset reasons

The answer directly depends on the life situation. You may need to reset your Apple ID for a variety of reasons. The further algorithm of actions depends on them.

Most often, the mentioned operation is performed if:

  • the person has forgotten their Apple ID password;
  • forgotten answers to account security questions;
  • no access to e-mail from Apple ID;
  • the phone was lost or stolen.

Also, resetting Apple ID settings can come in handy for those planning to transfer their mobile device to another person. For example, before selling it. Otherwise, the new owner of the “apple” device will have serious problems.

Changing the settings. work with the site

Resetting Apple ID can be done by unlinking the account from the selected e-mail. In this case, the old email is freed from the “apple” identifier. This means that you can again register the “Apple ID” at one or another address.

To reassign Apple ID, you can use either the official “Apple” page or iTunes. Let’s start with the first scenario. It is considered the least problematic.

The instructions for changing the e-mail from Apple ID looks like this:

  • Open the official “Apple” page in any Internet browser.
  • Sign in to your “Apple ID”.
  • Click on the inscription “Manage.”.
  • Scroll through your account settings and click on the “Change” link next to your email address.
  • Specify a new e-mail for binding.
  • Confirm actions.

That’s all. Now it’s clear how you can free up email for the new “Apple ID”.

Apple ID. this is.

But what is an “Apple ID”? This, as already mentioned, is an extremely important component for working with Apple products.

Apple ID. the name of the “apple” account. It is used to work with the options for Apple smartphones and tablets. Without it, you can neither get to make a purchase, nor enter the cloud service, nor protect your device from theft.

To work with Apple ID, you need to register a new profile. It will store your account data and settings. To pass authorization in the system, you will have to use a password and e-mail. Unfortunately, this information is sometimes forgotten. And in such cases, you have to reset your Apple ID settings. How to activate a similar option?