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Any modern phone and smartphone, as well as a tablet with a 3G module, has a personal unique number called IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity). It is assigned at the factory, stored in the device’s memory, and used to identify it on the network. IMEI looks like a 15-digit number, consisting of 4 groups of numbers, format XX XXXXXX XXXXXX X. Below, employees told about 7 ways to find out iPhone IMEI.

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In some cases, knowledge of IMEI may not be superfluous at all. This can be useful when buying a used device, for example, in order to make sure that the number on the device and the packaging match. Or, in case of theft, you can contact the cellular operator with a request to block this device (although in this case it will be necessary to confirm that it is really yours). And IMEI is also used to check the warranty for the device and to find out if there is a connection to the cellular operator.

And in order to find out the IMEI in the case of the iPhone, there are 7 different ways at once. Some of them are universal, others are suitable only for certain device models.

The IMEI number can be found on the back of the device. However, this method is only suitable for owners of iPad and iPhone 5 and above. Older models have a number hidden elsewhere (see method 7).

The IMEI number can be found on the packaging. Usually it is located at the bottom, next to it there are other data with barcodes.

You can dial the code # and immediately get the number on the screen. This method is not suitable for owners of iPads with a cellular module.

Go to “Settings”. “General”. “About this device”. The list that opens will contain a lot of different information, including IMEI.

Launch iTunes and connect your device. By clicking on the labels located next to his image on the “Overview” tab, you can find out both the IMEI and the phone number.

In order to find out the IMEI through iTunes without connecting devices, go to the settings of this application (in the menu “iTunes”. “Settings”). In the window that opens, select “Devices”. You will be presented with a list of backups from previously synced devices. Hover the mouse over the desired one and hold the cursor. Additional information will appear with the phone number, serial number and IMEI.

This method is only suitable for owners of iPhone 4 / 4S and older devices. Remove the SIM card tray. IMEI is engraved on it. Starting with the iPhone 5, the company stopped placing the number in such a secret place, rightly considering that the back panel is much better suited for this purpose.

How to find out if iPhone is locked by IMEI?

In order to check the status of your phone (Locked / Unlocked), you must enter the IMEI number (15 digits). This request is processed automatically by Apple’s activation server. To find out the iPhone IMEI dial # or go to “Settings. General. About this device”. IMEI is entered without spaces.

How to find out if the iPhone has been in use?

How to check if you bought a new iPhone?

  • Go to the Check Service and Support Eligibility section of the Apple website.
  • Enter in the appropriate field the serial number of the iPhone (how to find the serial number), enter the code shown in the picture and click Continue.

How to watch it on a locked phone?

The simplest and most common way to check IMEI is to dial the combination #, after which the number appears automatically on the phone screen. In some models, two digital values ​​may be displayed.

How to check iPhone 11 for originality?

Tap Settings on the iPhone home screen, then select General. About this device. Scroll down the screen and find and write down the serial number. Make sure all three numbers match. Verify the authenticity of the iPhone using the SNDeepInfo service.

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How to check if iPhone is linked to iCloud by IMEI?

Open this page ( website, at the bottom of the page, check Activation Lock Status). 2. Specify the serial number and IMEI of the device (indicated on the box, on the body of the smartphone, in the Settings. General. About device. must match everywhere) in the appropriate columns and click Check.

Find out IMEI via iTunes without phone

The probability, of course, is small, but a situation may well happen that you need to find out if you have your iPhone, when you have neither the box nor the device itself. For example, if you lost your phone and threw out the box a long time ago.

However, even in this case, there is a place where you can see the IMEI of your phone using a computer and iTunes. True, for this you had to sync your iPhone with this computer via iTunes at least once and make a backup copy.

If you have done this, then follow the following instructions:

  • Launch iTunes on the computer with which you previously synced iPhone.
  • Open “iTunes” preferences.
  • In the “Devices” tab, find the backup you created earlier and hover over it with the mouse pointer. After a couple of seconds, in a pop-up window, you will see the basic information about the device where, among other things, its IMEI is indicated.

So finding out the IMEI of your Apple smartphone is not a problem even without the physical presence of the phone and the box next to it.

But what if you have a phone, but for some reason you cannot turn it on? For example, it is blocked, or the battery is dead. And even this is not a problem. In this case, you can determine it in one of the ways listed below.

Find out IMEI using another iPhone with the same account

The last and very simple method is relevant for iPhone users with iOS 10.3 and higher. You need a smartphone connected to the same account as the iPhone whose IMEI you want to find out. It is enough to perform the following simple procedure. go along the path “Settings” → “Your name” → scroll down, select the desired gadget and click on it.

As you can see, there are many ways and some of them will probably suit you.

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The previous method will not work if you have a modern iPhone, but the manufacturer has come up with an alternative for it. in the new models, Apple puts the IMEI on the SIM card tray.

Perfect for: iPhone X, XS, XS Max, XR, 8, 8, 7, 7, 6s and 6s.

IMEI on some iPhone models

IMEI is printed on the back of the smartphone case.

True, this does not apply to all iPhone models. This is relevant for the following models:

  • iPhone (very first)
  • iPhone SE
  • iPhone 5
  • iPhone 5C
  • iPhone 5S
  • iPhone 6
  • iPhone 6 Plus

IMEI in iTunes, method without a smartphone

The method is suitable only for those who are used to saving iPhone backups on their computer.

If you don’t have an iPhone in your hands and the box is missing, don’t despair. You can still find out the IMEI. True, for this you must have the iTunes program installed on your computer, to which a smartphone was previously connected, the IMEI of which you need, and, most importantly, its backup was made.

You need to find the “Devices” tab and hover over the backup of the desired iPhone. You will be shown device information along with IMEI.

How to find out IMEI iPhone / iPad?

I don’t know who coded, but I, iOS. Fool, I use.

IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identifier) ​​is an international identifier for mobile equipment (this code is “hardcoded” into the firmware. the software of a mobile phone / smartphone / tablet). IMEI is necessary for unique identification of a mobile device in a GSM network: it is automatically transmitted by the device to the operator’s network when connected.

You can find out the IMEI of your iPhone as follows:

In addition, you can find out the IMEI of the iPhone / iPad in the following way:

IMEI is also duplicated on the iPhone / iPad packaging box (15-digit number, solid line, no spaces):

When buying a used iPhone / iPad (“hand-held”), it is recommended to compare the IMEI in the device settings and on the packaging. If a mismatch is found (this may indicate either that the IMEI was flashed, which is very suspicious or about an artisanal assembly of the device. an obvious clone of the device, a fake), it is not recommended to buy a used iPhone / iPad.

What information is encoded in IMEI?

The IMEI code consists of 4 groups of numbers: FAC TAC SNR SP, here:

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2-digit FAC (Final Assembly Code). country code of the final assembly;

6-digit TAC (Type Approval Code). type approval code, iPhone / iPad model code (first 2 digits. country code);

6-digit SNR (Serial Number). iPhone / iPad serial number;

1-digit SP (Spare). additional identifier (checksum, which is calculated using a special algorithm based on the previous digits).

IMEI is designed specifically to identify each phone / smartphone / tablet as unique.

This is done, first of all, in order to prevent the possibility of using stolen devices: after all, if a thief has changed a SIM card (and this is exactly what thieves usually do, since the owner of a stolen / lost phone / smartphone / tablet tries to quickly block his SIM- card), it seems that it is impossible to detect the device.

But this is not the case. Since the IMEI is automatically transmitted by the device to the operator’s network when registering a mobile device in the network, even if the SIM card was changed in the stolen device, it can still be found. by its IMEI. With the help of technical means available to mobile operators, it is possible to localize the location of a switched on mobile device with an accuracy of several tens of meters (if only the device was turned on!). In addition, modern mobile devices are equipped with a GPS module, which greatly facilitates their localization.

Third way

The IMEI can be found on the phone box. This is usually a sticker on the back of the box. It looks something like this:

The first way

This is the most convenient way for the owner of the device, since all he needs to do is just dial the code # on his smartphone or phone. As soon as the user dials the specified number, the IMEI will immediately appear in front of him. This method is supported by the absolute majority of devices, including iPhones.

Why two? The phone uses two SIM cards and two IMEIs to register each SIM on the network. If you have a single-SIM device, the IMEI will be one.

How to find IMEI on iPhone? Likewise: enter the desired combination and see the result.

How to find out the IMEI on the phone?

IMEI is a number that is unique to each device. It is used in mobile phones of WCDMA, GSM and IDEN networks, as well as some satellite phones. Formed from the English International Mobile Equipment Identity, which translates as “international mobile equipment identifier”.

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IMEI is the identification number of the device, which is also used for authorization on the network and even allows you to find and block the device if it is stolen.

It is very easy to view the IMEI of the phone, and it does not matter what company your device is, be it Samsung, Sony, LG, Alcatel, iPhone, etc., since there is no difference in this case. There are no special differences in the firmware, be it Android, iOS or Windows Mobile.

There are several methods to find out the IMEI. Let’s start with the simplest.

Fourth way

The IMEI is also found on a sticker that can be found under the phone’s battery. Of course, you can use this method only if it is possible to remove the battery, and many modern smartphones are deprived of such a prerogative.

If 2 SIM cards are supported, the IMEI on the sticker will also be two.

Second way

Find IMEI through the phone menu. To do this, go to the settings.

We find the section “About the phone” or “Information about the phone”. usually it is the very last in the menu, or the penultimate.

Above is an example based on Samsung, and this is how the page looks on a Huawei smartphone:

Fifth way

IMEI is indicated in the warranty card by the seller when the device is sold. This option is suitable if, for example, the phone was stolen and there is no box. Please note that IMEI is not indicated in every case on the warranty card.

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IMEI directly in the phone

When dialing the combination #, the display will immediately show “HAVE”. This function is available to owners of almost all mobile phones, smartphones, some tablets and computers.


With the help of the “iTunes” program installed on the computer, you can also see the iPhone IMEI, for this:

  • Connect the iPhone to the PC with a USB cable and launch the iTunes application previously downloaded from the AppStore and installed on the computer.
  • Select “your” Apple device, displayed as a mobile icon at the top left.
  • The “Overview” tab contains data about the device, the amount of memory, “serial”, etc. If you click on the “Phone number” several times, the line will change, showing the IMEI.
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Not the most popular method to see “IMEY” in the iPhone SIM tray, but it is not inherent in the latest phone models. Sometimes the only useful option. The disadvantage is the small print IMEI. Spectacles or a magnifying glass are indispensable for people with poor vision.

Via iPhone Settings

To see the “IMEY”.number in the smartphone itself, you need to open “Settings”. “General”.

A window will open where you need to click the top line of the list “About this device”.

The IMEI is at the bottom of the list with information about the phone:

IPhone packaging and back cover

The box in which the iPhone is sold has a sticker with information containing the IMEI:

As the photo shows, “IMEY” is also on the back of the smartphone cover:

How to find out and where to watch the IMEY iPhone

The IMEI number is the one-of-a-kind identifier for an Apple device and other mobile equipment. Every iPhone has this 15-digit code, assigned at the factory and stored in the phone’s memory for identification by mobile networks. International Mobile Equipment Identifier is unique in the world, it confirms the originality of the device.

If you want to buy an iPhone, it is important to get complete information on how to find out IMEY iPhone so as not to fall for the bait of scammers or to check the absence of blocking from the cellular operator.

Remote access

Imagine a situation when you need a smartphone identification number, but the box and the device itself are not at hand. But the computer with the downloaded ITunes program is nearby.

This method, however, will work only if at least one synchronization procedure with the creation of a backup copy was previously performed.

  • Launch iTunes.
  • Open “Settings”.
  • Find what you need in “Devices” and move the mouse cursor. A window will pop up with detailed basic information about the phone, containing information and IMEI.

Thus, the device itself and packaging were not needed.

Knowing “HAVE” your iPhone is definitely a must when making a deal. A sticker with a unique number on the box, an inscription on the back cover of the iPhone and information obtained from the “Settings” of the device are united by the same identifier number. If something is wrong, the attackers try to implement an “illegal” device or rebuild it after repair. “IMEY” also acts as a “savior” when committing a theft, when the mobile operator blocks the phone at the request of the owner to the police.

IMEI is the guarantor of original origin, therefore it requires close attention and knowledge of how to detect it.

How to find out IMEI iPhone ?

IPhone IMEI can be recognized in five ways:

Go to Settings. General. About this device, scroll to IMEI, hold down in order to copy IMEI

Look at the back of the iPhone box

5.Connect your iPhone to your computer, launch iTunes, open the section with your iPhone. IMEI is written under the line “Capacity”, if the line displays other information (phone number or ICCID), press several times to switch to display IMEI.

What is IMEI ?

IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) is a unique identifier for a phone. It is “sewn” into the iPhone at the factory. IMEI is automatically sent to the operator when connected to the network.

What can you find out by IMEI iPhone

Every phone has an IMEI. What is it, why is it needed, where to see it and what information can be found by the IMEI iPhone, read our material.

What can you find out by IMEI iPhone ?

By IMEI, you can find out very important information about the iPhone.

Apple has two services for checking IMEI.

The first checks the status of iCloud Activation Lock. If it is enabled, then when selling or buying an iPhone, the new owner will not be able to log in with his Apple ID and use the iPhone.

The second displays information about the iPhone’s warranty status and eligibility for service support. If you are buying an iPhone but doubt that it is brand new, enter the iPhone IMEI and check the activation status.

If you enter the IMEI iPhone and see the message “iPhone needs to be activated”, then the iPhone is really new. If the iPhone has already turned on, you will see the following items:

  • Valid date of purchase
  • The right to service and repair
  • Technical support by phone

On third-party sites like this and this, you can see when and where the iPhone was bought, whether it is on the stolen list, the date of the end of the warranty and other useful information.

If your iPhone is stolen, then when contacting law enforcement agencies, indicate the IMEI of your iPhone so that they can track its location.