I can’t hear the interlocutor on my Samsung phone

Ways to solve the problem

First, make sure you are connected to an audio conference. The relevant information is displayed in the lower left corner.

In the mobile application, there may be a button “Connect Sound”. In this case, click on it, and then on the item “Call using”.

In the program on the computer, there may be a button “Enter audio conference”. Click on it, and then. on “Login using” in the new window.

The audio of all participants should now appear in the online conversation.

It is also possible that a particular person did not join the audio conference or turn on the microphone. He must check it himself, and you can ask him using the provided chat.


Incorrect program settings are another reason why the speaker cannot be heard in Zoom. He himself may have the wrong input device for the microphone or the volume is too low, and you may not have the right speakers and headphones. You can check this as follows:

  • In the conference itself Zoom, move the mouse cursor over the “arrow”, which is located just to the right of the mute and unmute buttons.
  • Click on it.
  • In the context menu that opens, click on the “Settings” item (at the very bottom).
  • Use the “Check” button in the “Speaker” and “Microphone” blocks to make sure that everything works. If necessary. select other audio devices and adjust the volume.
  • Close the settings window.

I can’t hear the interlocutor in Zoom

It is very unpleasant when you cannot hear the interlocutor in Zuma. In general, problems with sound greatly complicate communication in a conference, and the above case makes it simply impossible. And it is not always clear what to do and what to do. There are actually several ways to solve this problem in Zoom. We will analyze each of them in all details. Follow our guidelines to get sound back.


When in Zoom you cannot hear the interlocutor on the phone, then only the first options for solving the problem will help. This is due to the fact that the mobile application lacks advanced sound settings. As a matter of fact, there is no special need for them. Well, we will give some general recommendations on how to proceed:

  • Adjust the volume first.
  • Try disconnecting or reconnecting your headset.
  • Another option is to log out and re-enter the video conference.

It is also possible that the problem is related to the use of mobile Internet. So just in case, try connecting to a Wi-Fi network if you are sitting at home, in a cafe, mall, etc.

No sound in my LG phone (Can’t hear)

Let’s understand the reasons why there is no sound on the LG phone.

Here you should immediately separate that: there may be no sound when talking with the interlocutor, during a call, in any application, or when playing music / video.

Depending on the situation, the sounds in the phone are output from the polyphonic or spoken speakers, or from the headset headphones (wired and wireless). Accordingly, any of these components or modules that directly interact with them can fail.

Most often, breakdowns are of a hardware nature and require replacement of the speaker or headphone jack (miniJack 3.5mm). At home, it is practically impossible to carry out such a thing, and incorrect actions can completely disable the phone. We recommend contacting the service center for help.

Why is there no sound in LG

Here are the most common causes of no sound on an LG phone:

If the sound in the LG phone is not audible or it has completely disappeared, then you need to contact the service center. To replace damaged parts, you will need a special tool, as well as spare parts that fit your phone model. Do not forget about the experience, without which you can completely disable the phone by inept actions.

How to add a number to the blacklist

Note that in the “BLack list” you can enter both mobile numbers of any operator, and city (landline): long-distance and international. The main thing is to enter the correct combination of numbers by which the caller is identified. After entering the block, the contact simply cannot reach the owner of the phone.

For him, this number will be defined as “dialed incorrectly” as long as he is present in the Black list.

How to block annoying or unwanted calls:

  • Find “emergency” according to the above algorithm.
  • In the menu item tap “Add” or “Create”.
  • Enter the desired combination, mark a group or select from “Contacts”, “Incoming”.
  • Save entered data.

A simpler option, which can be carried out right after the incoming call of an unwanted person or company, is to tap on the number, then agree to the offer to block.

Where is the blacklist in Samsung

The location of the lock function in Samsung mobile phones depends on the version of the Android operating system, that is, on the year of release. The differences are not significant, but worth mentioning. For models up to 2005, the function is located in the “All calls” tab, in earlier models. “Call rejection”. The phones of the brand have an intuitively simple menu, so finding this function will not cause problems for the owner.

Model range up to 2005 release

  • go sequentially: “Settings”. “Applications”. “All calls”;
  • in the last tab find: “Emergency” and in the pop-up window tap “Activation”. After activation, a proposal will pop up to add new items to the block.

New lineup

How to find blacklist on Samsung phone:

  • go to: “Phone book” (icon with a green tube on the desktop of the mobile phone);
  • go to: section “Logs”. “Additional functions”. “Call settings”;
  • in the last tab: “Call rejection”. “Emergency”.

In all gadgets, after carrying out the specified actions, a line pops up with a proposal to add contacts to the black list.

How to open blacklist on Samsung phone

Depending on the year of manufacture, you can find and open emergency situations in Samsung devices in different ways.

How to find and add a subscriber to the blacklist on a Samsung smartphone

Much of the communication in the modern world takes place through mobile devices. Gadgets allow you to find a subscriber at any end of the world. The blacklist in a Samsung phone is a convenient feature that allows you to cut off an unwanted interlocutor from communicating with the owner without paying a penny. There are paid services of mobile operators that offer to automatically block those incoming that fall under the signs of spam or indicated by the owner of the SIM card. Let’s take a closer look at where the emergency is and how to add a subscriber or group to it, unblock.

How to clear the blacklist

Note that the Samsung Galaxy block sheet can have a large volume and allows a huge number of people and organizations to contribute to it. over, at present there are many calls from firms conducting sociological surveys, offering unnecessary services and scammers. Sometimes it becomes necessary to extract a subscriber from it or completely clear it: an error has occurred, there is no longer a need for blocking and other reasons.

  • Enter: menu “Emergencies”.
  • Select a person or group, tap on the name, select “Delete” from the menu. At this stage, it is worthwhile to carefully double-check all the data in order to avoid mistakes.
  • End the process by saving changes.

Another way to delete from a block in Samsung Galaxy is through “Contacts” or “Call log”. Select the subscriber and tap the item in the menu that removes the blocking.

Hard to hear when talking on the phone

If you find interference during a telephone conversation, then the reason may be related to mobile communications. Check for antennas at the top of the screen.

If the interlocutor is faintly audible, then check the volume level in the smartphone, increase the sound to the maximum. In case of a software failure, you should restart your smartphone or reset the settings to factory defaults.

The third tip is to plug your headphones into the jack. If you hear a person clearly and without interference, then the problem is hidden in the speaker of the phone.

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Board malfunction

Sometimes the volume control itself can break. The main reasons are considered to be a blockage under the key and a malfunction of the board itself. You will need to contact a service center. An inexperienced user can cause damage when disassembling the phone. It is recommended to contact a specialist. Breakage of the board can occur due to the fault of the user, for example, when liquid gets in, or fail due to system errors.

I can’t hear the interlocutor on Samsung

A fairly common problem faced by smartphone owners is poor hearing when talking. over, it affects both Android devices and other operating systems, such as iOS and Windows Phone. I bring to your attention several proven ways of what to do if you cannot hear the interlocutor on the phone.

Broken loop

The next reason is the loop broke. This problem only occurs in flip phones or sliders. Opening the mobile phone sets the train in motion. During the operation of the device, this part may break over time.

In this case, you will also need to contact specialists, because the user risks causing additional damage if he decides to disassemble the device and replace the part on his own. Broken loop leads to complete absence of sounds from the phone.

And if there is no sound at all?

If you do not completely hear the interlocutor on the phone, then there are several culprits of the problem:

  • there was a break in the loop or its contact, which is responsible for the sound of the speaker, or its coil is torn;
  • if the phone fell, then one of the reasons why the interlocutor may not be heard in the phone is a break on the main board of the mobile phone or smartphone;
  • the microcircuit or elements that ensure stable uninterrupted operation of the phone may fail.

In all these cases, you just need to contact the master for help.

How to fix the problem

If the sound on Samsung is lost, then do not rush to contact the service center. You can fix the problem yourself, depending on the problem. Consider what smartphone users can do.

No sound from headphones

If there is no sound in the headphones, then carry out the standard checks described above. Make sure the connection is not interrupted by a loose connector or that the phone is muted. It is recommended to check the operation with other headphones, if the sound appears, then the problem lies in the connected accessory. Play any video or music, and check for sound through other headphones.

Don’t forget to check if the Mute feature is disabled in the accessibility settings.

Can’t hear the interlocutor on the phone? Calibrating the speaker!

If you unexpectedly began to notice that when talking on the phone, the voices of the interlocutors became significantly worse than before, and in noisy rooms the voice “at the other end of the tube” is completely inaudible, then this article is for you!

As a rule, everyone who has problems with audibility at first thinks that the fault is the cellular communication or the microphone (cell phone) of the interlocutor, but as soon as you switch the phone to the speakerphone, the problem disappears and the interlocutor’s voice immediately becomes loud and clear.
It turns out that the problem was with the phone, that is, with the earpiece, which began to work noticeably quieter than before. And in order to make the earpiece work as loudly as before, I need to calibrate its volume in the phone settings according to the instructions below.

The main reasons for quiet sound

Before proceeding to any actions, you need to determine the reason for the quiet sound of the spoken speaker.
There are not so many main reasons, here they are:

  • The problem is on the side of the cellular operator, for example, a bad signal.
  • Problem on the side of the interlocutor, for example, poor performance of the telephone microphone or too low voice.
  • Low speaker volume (press the volume rocker up during a call and check the result).
  • Too dirty cut of the earpiece (you need to clean it with a cotton swab) or a protective glass glued over it.
  • Incorrect position of the phone during a conversation, i.e. incision of the earpiece too far from the auricle.
  • Forgotten binding of the phone to wireless headphones or speaker.

How to increase the volume of the main speaker

If you have a problem not only with the spoken speaker, but also with the main one, then the goodev application will help you to increase the volume.
After installing the goodev application, to increase the volume of the main speaker, simply move the slider in the direction you want, thereby adjusting the volume of the main speaker of the phone.

Another way to increase the volume of the speakers is to change the region where the phone is located, sometimes it works!
To change the region, you need to go to “Settings” and find the item “Advanced settings”, in the menu that appears, find the item region and tap on it.
In the list that appears, select any Asian country, then restart the phone and check the result.

Occasionally, the reason for turning off the speaker when talking on the phone can be the proximity sensor, which not only turns off the screen during a conversation, but turns off the phone completely due to software problems. To solve this problem, you can wipe the area around the proximity sensor, or restart the phone.

Calibrating the volume of the earpiece

This step-by-step instruction is exactly correct for Xiaomi phones, for phones of other brands (Samsung, LG, Nokia), you need to proceed by analogy.

So, to calibrate the volume level of the spoken speaker you need:

  • Go to the settings section, then tap on all parameters.
  • In the list we find the item “edra version” and tap on it 5 times.
  • In the upper right corner of the engineering menu that appears, click on 3 dots, and then select the additional settings of the Additive Tools.
  • In the next menu, we find the 10th item “Caliber PA speaker” and tap on it.
  • All calibration has started and we hear speaker noises of different volume.
  • The speaker calibrated quickly enough and the current speaker settings were shown to us.

This completes the calibration and the problem is solved.

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Why is there interference??

The reasons that entail a malfunction in the operation of a mobile device are quite numerous and varied. Situations due to which you cannot hear the interlocutor on the phone are:

  • incorrect volume settings of the device, it is possible that your device is set to the minimum volume of audio playback in the earpiece speakers;
  • the sound paths of the phone are clogged. Anything can clog them, for example, dust;
  • there was a short circuit in the speaker coil or it is burnt.

For all of the above reasons, it may be very difficult for you to hear the interlocutor, but the voice will sound.

And if there is no sound at all?

If you do not completely hear the interlocutor on the phone, then there are several culprits of the problem:

  • there was a break in the loop or its contact, which is responsible for the sound of the speaker, or its coil is torn;
  • if the phone fell, then one of the reasons why the interlocutor may not be heard in the phone is a break on the main board of the mobile phone or smartphone;
  • the microcircuit or elements that ensure stable uninterrupted operation of the phone may fail.
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In all these cases, you just need to seek help from the master.

How to solve the above problems?

If the phone is incorrectly configured, you just need to increase the volume of the earpiece speakers. This method is the simplest.

If the passages along which the sound goes are clogged, then opening the case of a mobile phone or smartphone, thoroughly cleaning it and, if necessary, replacing worn-out parts will help. Elimination of the problem is not as elementary as increasing the volume, so if you do not have sufficient qualifications in solving such issues, it is better to give the phone to a service center.

If the coil of the spoken speaker is out of order, then it is only necessary to completely replace the defective part. Without experience in this type of repair work, it is better not to take on this matter, entrust the repair to an experienced specialist.

I can’t hear the interlocutor on the phone: we solve the problem

Recently you bought a brand new mobile phone and immediately decided to call and tell all your friends and acquaintances about the successful purchase? But here’s the bad luck, as soon as the interlocutor picked up the phone, noise, clicking began to be heard from the speakers of the device, and the subscriber’s voice was practically inaudible? Do not despair, this article will help you solve this situation.

Can’t hear sound on my Samsung Galaxy phone

One of the reasons for the poor performance of the device can be a software glitch. The option to fix your phone might be to reset all data to factory settings. During this process, all information contained on the smartphone will be erased, including the application that disrupts its normal operation.

Also, the reason may lie in the microphone of the device. In order to understand what is happening to him and how to fix the accessory, you should come to the service center and show the master the faulty mobile phone.

If at school you received A’s in computer science and are good at firmware, then one of the options for solving the question of why you can’t hear your interlocutor on your Samsung phone is to reflash the device. But this must be done with great care: there is a considerable risk of making a mistake and getting a lifeless brick instead of a normally working mobile phone. If there is no confidence, it is better not to experiment, but to ask for the service of a qualified programmer who understands such things.

Reasons for no sound

If no one is heard during an online conference in Zuma, you can suspect the following problems:

Possible reasonWhat to do
Equipment malfunctionConference participants will not be heard on the phone or computer if speakers, speakers or headphones (if used) are faulty.
Incorrect PC or phone settingsBefore connecting to a conference in Zoom, you need to set the correct settings for the equipment used on a specific device and increase the volume of the speakers.
Errors in program settingsIf you are not sure why you cannot hear the host or participants in the meeting, check if the audio settings in Zoom are correct.

Why can’t I hear the interlocutor in Zoom

Zoom users are often faced with the problem that nothing is heard. This can happen during an online lesson, webinar, or simple chat. If you cannot hear the interlocutor in Zoom, you need to determine the cause of the problem and try to fix it.

Algorithm of actions on the computer

If you cannot hear the teacher on your computer during a Zoom conference, check the following:

  • Make sure the speakers are working. Open any audio file. If there is no sound, there is a hardware problem.
  • Plug in a headset. Zoom sound quality improves significantly with headphones.
  • Sign out and re-enter the conference. Make sure there is no check mark next to “Do not connect audio” when connecting. Also allow Zoom input using computer sound.

Setting up speakers on a PC

If Zoom audio issues persist, try adjusting your speakers. During the broadcast, in the lower toolbar near the microphone icon, click on the up arrow. Choose your sound settings.

If there is no sound signal during the test, try selecting another device from the list to play sound files. Also set the maximum volume.


If all the previous recommendations did not resolve the problem, try reinstalling Zoom. First, go to the Windows Control Panel and select the “Programs” section. In the list that appears, find Zoom and click “Delete”.

Reinstall the application only from the official website. Follow the link https://zoom.us/download#client_4meeting.

Why can’t you hear me

If during the broadcast, the interlocutors complain that they cannot hear you, try the following:

  • Go to sound settings. Click on the arrow in the bottom toolbar. In the “Microphone” section, click “Check”. The PC hardware should record audio and play it without any problems. If this does not happen, choose another device from the ones offered in the list.
  • Check if the microphone works in other programs. For example, you can use Skype.
  • Allow applications to access the microphone. In “Start” select “Privacy Settings for Microphone” and click “On” in the relevant paragraph.

Solving the problem on the phone

If, after starting the online broadcast in Zoom, you cannot hear the teacher, it is recommended to check if there is sound on the device itself. Follow these steps on your phone:

    Check if the sound is turned on. Go to YouTube, open any video or audio file. Check if your phone can play sound and how well it can be heard. Perhaps the volume is set to minimum in the settings.

If the steps you have taken do not have a positive result, try uninstalling Zoom and reinstalling it. When entering a conference, be sure to allow the application to access your microphone, camera, and storage device. Also at the bottom of the toolbar, click on the headphone icon and specify “Call using device sound”.

To download the application to your phone, follow the link https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?ID=us.zoom.videomeetingshl=ru.

Checking the headphone jack

In some phone models, such problems can be caused by contamination of the headset connector. Sometimes dust and debris gets there. If he closes the contacts, the phone will “think” that a headset is connected and will transmit sound to it. And since the headphones are not connected, the caller will not be heard either.

In this case, it is enough to blow out the connector or insert the headphones into it, and then remove them again.

Communication problems

Sometimes problems with mobile communication can cause such a malfunction. Nothing can be done here, you just have to wait for the operator to fix the problem. It will also not work to check such a malfunction, since it may not occur during calls to all numbers, but maybe only to some.

In addition, it is worth checking the signal quality. If the smartphone shows that the signal is very weak, then this may also be the cause of the malfunction.

We use another dialer or Internet messenger

Another convenient option is to use a third-party messenger. This will eliminate problems with mobile communications or malfunctions of the application itself for making calls.

In this case, it is enough to launch WhatsApp or Viber and dial any contact. If no problems are observed with such a call, then the breakdown of the speaker is excluded.

Then you can install any third-party dialer or dialer from PlayMarket. Call any subscriber again. If there is a sound, then there is a problem in the dialer application. Otherwise, there is a high probability of speaker breakage.

Sound check in test menu

To eliminate problems with the software, you can use the engineering menu.

To get there, just type # on the keyboard. This is a combination for Samsung. For each device, the menu interface and the code itself are different, but in general the procedure is almost identical, only the location of the menu items differs.

After entering the menu, just press the Speaker button to test the device’s functionality.

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technical issues

Everything is simple here. if none of the methods gave a result. It was not possible to restore the work, and to localize the cause. It is best to contact a service center, since there is a high probability of breakdown.

There can be many reasons for a breakdown, including just talking once under a “light” rain so that moisture gets into the device, or a drop falls on the speaker.

Also, the cause can be any falls, debris and dust, as well as high humidity in a room or apartment.

hear, interlocutor, samsung, phone

Turn on the speakerphone

This method will work only if the speakerphone is turned on through an additional speaker.

In this case, it is enough to start the speakerphone during a conversation and check if the subscriber is heard. If everything works in this mode, then there is a possibility of breakdown. If you still can’t hear the subscriber, then most likely there are problems with the connection or the operating system.

How to localize a malfunction?

It is almost impossible to say right away why the interlocutor is not heard. First of all, you need to carry out a series of actions that will allow you to localize the problem. You need to take turns to perform the following actions, which will gradually allow you to weed out some of the causes.

It is also worth both interlocutors to make calls to other subscribers in order to determine who exactly has a malfunction. After all, it is not necessary that the problem arose with the user’s phone, perhaps the phone broke at the interlocutor.

If the user is not heard by any subscriber, then there is a problem with the earpiece or microphone. If, on the contrary, you cannot hear the interlocutors on the phone, then the hearing speaker does not work.

Cleaning the speaker

A very simple way to correct poor audibility during a conversation is to take a cotton swab, moisten it with alcohol and gently wipe the speaker. The main thing is not to overdo it and just moisten the stick so that it is slightly damp.

Otherwise, liquid may enter the device and damage the phone.

Additional Tips

To make the use of a smartphone always comfortable and the equipment to work stably, notice any problems in a timely manner. If you once encountered poor call quality, or recorded poor sound, then check your microphone and speaker. After all, repairing a part is easier than replacing it. Protect your device from water and dust, because they are the cause of the main troubles. The usual silicone case, which today is on every model, will help in protection.

Clean the speaker

If you find that the problem is dynamic, then there are three steps to solving it:

  • cleaning;
  • repairs;
  • replacement.

The first can be done at home. Visually inspect for large debris. We advise you to take a car air compressor or hair dryer for blowing out. Blow for 1-2 minutes into the area of ​​the sound source.

We emphasize that it is strictly forbidden to blow hot or warm air. Use only cold flow, and only at medium (or low) power.

Increase the volume in the engineering menu

Open the standard keyboard and write ###. With this command, you get to the system menu. this is the one used by the developers and creators of the gadget. If you skillfully navigate in it, you will be able to increase the productivity of your device by about a third. After opening, go down to the item “Hardware Testing”, and enter “Audio”.

hear, interlocutor, samsung, phone

The display will show two items. Normal Mode and Headset Mode. Choose the first one and adjust the volume.

Why is it hard to hear the interlocutor on the phone Honor and Huawei: reasons, how to fix?

Why is it hard to hear the interlocutor on the phone Honor and Huawei? Despite the variety of functionality and a wide range of smartphone tools, the usual phone option remains unchanged. we continue to call and communicate at a distance. And when there are any obstacles, we strive to quickly resolve them. One of the most common problems is poor hearing of the person on the other end of the wire.


Circumstances due to which the interlocutor is hard to hear on the Huawei and Honor phones:

  • the place where you or the second subscriber is located is far from the towers and cellular modules, and there is a weak signal;
  • you have a speaker problem;
  • the interlocutor’s microphone does not work well;
  • wrong settings.

What to do if the interlocutor is hard to hear on Huawei and Honor?

We are looking for a way out of the situation referring to what was the reason. Therefore, we provide a guide to a kind of “alphabet” of breakdowns. The table below shows the main symptoms that will help you almost accurately determine what happened to your device.

Extraneous noises, interference are heard, the conversation constantly changes the volume level, the voice is distorted. Geographically, this phenomenon occurs among those who are located far outside the city.Distance from cell tower
If you encounter difficulties when making calls to any subscribers, then you should look for a hardware problem in your gadget.Speaker is not working properly
If other interlocutors complain that they don’t hear you well, then you should also look for the reason in your phone. If other callers complain to you that they cannot hear you, test your microphone. To do this, open the Dictaphone application, turn on the recording, and talk, moving the phone further and closer to the sound source. If you find interference, distortion or silence while listening, then it is your microphone that should be repaired.Microphone is not working properly
This happens extremely rarely, and mainly when buying a smartphone, when the parameters have not yet been set. Sound is incorrectly adjusted.Failure of engineering settings


If the previous methods did not help, then the last one remains. a complete reset of user settings. It will not solve your mechanical damage or breakdowns, but if difficulties arose due to a configuration mismatch, then the problem will go away. To do a full reset, select the item at the very bottom of the settings. “Restore and reset”. Before that, charge your gadget at least 60%, and synchronize all information with the cloud.

If you have any questions or complaints. let us know

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