I turn on the laptop black screen what to do

Symptoms of a Bad Battery:

  • the charge level is incorrectly determined;
  • the indicator does not detect the battery;
  • When the power plug is pulled out, the laptop turns off, does not work on battery.

Decision. Contact a service center for battery diagnostics. Replace it with a new one.


Placing a laptop on our lap, laying it on a blanket, fluffy blanket or thick tablecloth, we provoke it to overheat, because the air inlets inside the case are blocked.

Decision. Use your laptop on a hard surface. We also recommend using a laptop cooling pad. Inside it there are fans that take cold air from the environment and supply it from below to the laptop. The flow of air from the laptop cooler cools the internal components of the device. The temperature drops by 5-15 degrees.

The stand has a slight inclination, it is more convenient and comfortable to work on the keyboard.

6 reasons why a laptop suddenly turns off

The laptop is clogged with dust All laptops are equipped with a cooling system, which is represented by a fan and a heatsink. In advanced cases, dust can reach a layer of 5-10 mm, which causes the processor and other components to overheat, and at the peak of the laptop overheating, it turns off itself.

The laptop spontaneously turns off during operation. unpleasant situation. This article describes several common causes and how to fix them.

The laptop is clogged with dust

The laptop is equipped with a cooling system consisting of a fan and a radiator. The fan blows around the radiator grill, which has many iron plates closely spaced for cooling. Dust gets stuck between them, forming a felt, the thickness of which reaches 5. 10 mm in advanced cases. Therefore, the processor, video card and other components overheat.

Windows 10 Black Screen With Cursor [Solved]

Decision. The best option. this is to contact the service center to avoid damage to parts. At your own risk, you can clean the laptop from dust yourself:

  • unscrew the screws on the back panel;
  • remove the cover;
  • Use cotton swabs to remove large pieces of dust from the cooling system. Remove its remains with a can of compressed air or a vacuum cleaner with a “blow-off” function;
  • clean the fan using the same can of compressed air;
  • put the laptop back cover back in place and screw it down.


Users often acquire viruses by clicking on spam links and going to questionable sites

Decision. Install a version of one of the antiviruses. For example, antivirus from Kaspersky, ESET Nod 32 or Dr.Web. Update its bases. Do a deep virus scan on your laptop.

Disconnects from the battery

Does it work normally from the network? The average battery life for a laptop is 2-3 years. Uninterrupted operation depends on the type of battery, capacity, operating conditions. At the same time, the average laptop lifespan is 6-7 years.

Damage to the motherboard

The main breakdowns requiring repair of the laptop motherboard are as follows:

  • malfunction of the input-output ports (USB, headphone jack, FireWire ports, etc.);
  • malfunction of the video adapter (built-in or external discrete);
  • damage to integrated devices (sound and network controllers, modems, etc.) due to electrostatic discharge or other causes;
  • problems associated with the cooling system (overheating and failure of bridges, video cards or processor);
  • the consequences of poor-quality power supply (failure of power controllers, reflow or burnout of power connectors);
  • mechanical breakdown or liquid damage (flooding);
  • incorrect user actions (self-assembly and disassembly of the device).

Decision. Repair or replacement of the motherboard is carried out by the specialists of the service center.

Recommendation: keep an eye on the general condition of your laptop, it will last you longer.

Watch the video on how to disassemble and thoroughly clean the laptop

What to do if a black screen occurs when you turn on your laptop

If the laptop is not communicating with you, there can be many reasons for this. When you turn on the laptop. a black screen, first of all, pay attention to its hardware. For example, the power button does not close the electrical circuit, one or more microcontrollers on the motherboard are out of order, capacitors are swollen, a unit or portable power source is faulty. a battery.

It should be noted that these problems do not always require specialist intervention. When the laptop boots up, a black screen may indicate a breakdown of both hardware and software. Be that as it may, you should clearly know what could go wrong.

How to recognize a problem and fix it in a timely manner

When you see a black screen when you start the laptop and there are no character lines, the battery may not be powering its components. In this case, you need to put the battery on charge for an hour and a half.

In more serious situations, the battery may fail and not function at all. If this happens, you need to carefully disconnect it by removing the plastic latches, then connect the power directly. When removing the battery, disconnect the power to the laptop first to avoid possible electric shock.

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The opposite situation may also arise: the battery is working stably, and the power supply is out of order. To determine this, charge the battery. If the mains voltage is functioning normally, but the charge indicator is “silent”, you need to perform a light test.

To do this, remove the power supply from the laptop, and, without disconnecting the plug from the outlet, close the block connector and the base of a small 3-5 watt bulb. Perform this action with rubber gloves on your hands. If there is no light on, check the cord. Perhaps, somewhere along its length, the insulation is damaged, and the inner core of the wire is broken. This cord must be replaced immediately. Modern power adapters allow you to replace the cable by simply removing the previous one from the corresponding connector.

However, if no obvious damage to the wire is found (there is a suspicion of a malfunction of the unit itself), you should contact a service workshop. Diagnostics and possibly repair of the internal parts of the adapter should be carried out by qualified specialists in this field.

When the laptop is turned on, the screen is black. The power button may not be energizing

To check the serviceability of the button itself, you should dismantle the upper panel part. This usually does not require a complete disassembly of the laptop.

Next, you need to check that the button normally energizes and closes the working contacts. Such work should be carried out either with knowledge of electrical engineering and skills in working with a soldering iron, or under the supervision of a repairman for electronic systems.

If, when the laptop is turned on, the screen is black and the button does not connect the necessary contacts, it must be evaporated and a similar battery inserted. At the end of the work, do not forget to screw the disassembled panel into place.

Motherboard problems

Another common reason that when you turn on the laptop a black screen and nothing is displayed is a malfunction of the screen itself or the motherboard. And if checking the monitor requires the knowledge of a specialist, then some removable elements of the motherboard can be sequentially disconnected. Then check the performance of the laptop without this or that element.

The restrictions apply only to the central processor, which is the main hardware link. The maximum that can be determined is the absence of the necessary thermal lubricant or the cleavage of the central core (crystal). The heat dissipating cooler may also be faulty, unless the cooling is water.

When you turn on the laptop, the screen is black. Reasons and what to do

In this article, we will give an answer to the question why, when you turn on (boot, start) a laptop, a black screen and what you should do in a similar situation. If it still beeps, then you will find the answer in the article Why the laptop beeps when turned on.

The laptop does not boot because a black screen, or it starts up, makes a noise, but the screen does not turn on. the situation is not the most pleasant, moreover, it requires an immediate solution to the problem. This problem is widespread and often requires professional intervention. one of the laptop components is damaged and needs to be repaired using special equipment.

Diagnostics FREE.
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Type of service provided Cost (rubles) Period of performance Guarantee period)
General table of for laptop repair
(not tied to a specific model)
TroubleshootingIS FREE15 minutes to 2 days
Replacing the matrix laptop 15.6 “4500 to 1000015 minutes to 2 daysUp to 90 days
Replacing the laptop matrix 10.1 “From 350015 minutes to 3 daysUp to 90 days
Reballing or replacing the video chip (the problem is with the video card, there is no image)From 5500. 75001 to 10 daysUp to 90 days
No backlighting of the screen (it will probably require repair or replacement of the inverter)1500 to 35001 to 7 daysUp to 45 days
Moisture has got under the cabinet (cleaning or replacing components)1500 to 65002 to 7 daysUp to 60 days
Replacing the hard drive (laptop won’t boot)4500-55001 to 2 daysUp to 90 days
Reinstall Windows / Mac OS / Drivers (laptop buggy)15001 hour to 2 daysUp to 30 days
Please note: the table shows the general for laptop repair without reference to any model and manufacturer. details can be obtained from the employees of our service center.

Reset BIOS

If you updated the BIOS or changed its settings before the problem appeared, then you need to roll back all the changes. For this, it is better to use an external monitor if it has an image on it:

  • Turn on the laptop by connecting an external monitor to it.
  • Go to BIOS (Delete or F2 key at startup).
  • Press F9 or on the “Exit” tab select “Load Setup Defaults”.
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  • Confirm the decision by clicking “Ok”.
  • Press F10 and then “y” to exit BIOS with saving configuration.
  • In principle, these actions can be performed blindly, because all commands in the BIOS are entered from the keyboard, without the participation of the mouse. After BIOS reset, disconnect the external monitor and check if the screen works.

    Fixing the problem yourself

    Attention! We are not responsible for your actions. This article is for informational purposes only and does not call for action.

    The first step is to make sure the laptop is charged and the battery is working properly. We connect the laptop to the network (if it was running on battery power), wait a bit, and then try to turn it on again. If this time the screen lights up, then the problem most likely lies in the battery. Disconnect the laptop from the mains and try to turn it on from the battery again to make sure that the problem is correctly identified.

    If the laptop does not work either from the mains or from the battery, try resetting the hardware settings:

    • Disconnecting the laptop from the outlet.
    • We take out the battery from the device. In most modern laptops, removing the battery requires disassembling the case, which requires special tools and knowledge. Better with a similar, contact the professionals.
    • Press the power key and hold it for about 20 seconds to remove the residual charge and reset the hardware settings.
    • Reinstall the battery and try to turn on the laptop.

    If these steps did not help to solve the problem and the screen continues to remain black, then you need to check the physical health of the display.

    Reasons why the screen remains black when you turn on the laptop

    There are several reasons why you see a black screen instead of the desktop:

    • Video card problem.
    • Damage to the motherboard due to overheating of the device.
    • Faulty loop or screen matrix.
    • Battery failure.
    • RAM failure.
    • Incorrect hardware settings.

    The last three problems can be dealt with at home; it is difficult to diagnose a physical malfunction of laptop components on your own, so you will have to contact a service center.

    Screen check

    If the screen remains black when you press the power button, but you can hear that the cooling system has started working and other signs of turning on the laptop are visible, then we try to connect an external monitor to it.

    If a picture appears on the external monitor when the laptop is turned on, then the problem clearly lies in the laptop screen. Perhaps he has a damaged matrix or cable, but you can hardly diagnose this yourself. But before asking for qualified help, try two more ways to fix the problem described below.

    Reinstalling the RAM module

    Another reason for the black screen is a faulty RAM module. This is especially true for a situation when liquid got on the laptop, after which it stopped turning on.

    Important: the described actions are not recommended to be performed on your own if you do not have the appropriate experience.

    • Unplug the laptop and remove the battery.
    • Remove the screws that secure the RAM cover. If there is no compartment, then you will have to remove the back panel of the laptop.
    • Locate the RAM board and carefully remove it by bending the latches to the sides.
  • Blow out the connectors, clean the module from dust.
  • Replace the board by sliding it into place at a 45 degree angle. Don’t forget about the clips.
  • Close the lid and try to turn on the laptop.
  • If none of the described methods helped to deal with the black screen when turning on the laptop, then the best solution would be to contact specialists who can correctly diagnose the cause of the problem and quickly fix it.

    Laptop black screen

    Recent questions

    m1st @ Surgut Notebooks Packard Bell EasyNote TJ71

    Good afternoon, I turn on the Packard Bell EasyNote TJ71 laptop, and the screen is black, the cooler is working, the indicators are also on, what to do?

    You yourself will not do anything, the repair of such a breakdown costs 6500 thousand.

    Good day! Try to shine a flashlight on the screen, if you see the picture, then there is simply no backlight. Repair in this case will cost up to 1900 rubles. Another option is to stick out the RAM and put it back. If it does not help, then the laptop may have problems with the video card. It is necessary to throw a video card. We are glad to help you!

    Hello. There are several options. If, when you turn it on, you hear the sound of entering Windows, then your matrix is ​​faulty. Try connecting your laptop to an external monitor or TV. if the picture is, then the matrix is ​​faulty. Replacement of 5000 rubles. Try to pull out the RAM bar and turn it on with one bar. Try to insert it into different slots. If it doesn’t turn on. means a malfunction in the hardware of the laptop. Bring for diagnostics. Repair from 3000 rubles. We will be happy to help.

    turn, laptop, black, screen

    Good evening. We need diagnostics. Contact the SC. Most often, the malfunction is associated with overheating. chips such as northbridge and graphics card fail after several years of use without laptop maintenance

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    Basically, in laptops with such symptoms, the problem is in the malfunction of the north bridge or the video chip. Sometimes it happens that dust gets in the RAM connector. First, you need to clean the contacts with an eraser. There are often cases of failure of the matrix backlight. There were also cases when after replacing the CMOS battery the problem disappeared.

    07/23/2015 20:31 Vyacheslav

    Good evening! There can be many reasons: matrix backlight, inverter, BIOS, north-south bridges, video chip. The last two reasons for untimely cleaning a laptop from dust.

    07/25/2015 14:47 Compass

    There really can be many reasons. Main reasons :
    1. Broken matrix (due to the impact of the screen)
    2. Malfunction of the motherboard (due to overheating)
    3. Software problems that can be caused by damaged HDD or BIOS settings.
    Check these items first.

    Hello! First, try removing the cover from the bottom and pulling / inserting the RAM strips, you can wipe their contacts with an elastic band. If there is more than one bar, try to insert them one by one. If it does not help, then it is worth handing over the laptop for diagnostics.

    In this case, the reasons for this behavior of the computer are many, ranging from problems associated with the operation of certain programs and ending with mechanical damage to the matrix. For a more accurate reason, contact your nearest service center.

    if there was damage to the RAM, video card, there would be not enough power or something else would interfere with the launch, you would hear it, then the matter is in the screen and therefore in the cable or matrix, connect your laptop beech to another monitor if the picture appeared, then you need to replace the matrix

    turn, laptop, black, screen

    12/09/2015 01:24 SmartService

    There may be a lot of options: the matrix or cable is not working properly, problems with the BIOS chip, a problem with the RAM bar, the chipset is not working properly, unfortunately it is difficult to say anything without diagnostics. You can independently try to remove the BIOS battery, remove the HDD, rearrange the RAM modules, and try to start the laptop

    Diagnostics required. Solutions to the problem: replacing the matrix, replacing the matrix cable, repairing the motherboard.

    Pull out the hard drive, if several strips of RAM leave one, if only one pull out and wipe with alcohol (just make sure it is dry before installing). In other cases, diagnostics are needed.

    Hello, if there is no image on the screen. Here are a few things a typical user can do. Try to start with turning on the laptop only from the power source, while removing the battery and vice versa only with the battery without external power. Next, you can try to connect the laptop via HDMI or VGA connector to a monitor or TV (sometimes you need to switch to an external screen with hot keys on a laptop) so you can check if the display is faulty or a more serious problem. Try to also take out the RAM and wipe the contacts. You cannot cope further without diagnostics on special equipment. Good luck!

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