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iCloud: Login to storage and account

Signing in to iCloud storage may differ depending on the device you are using. Therefore, we will analyze the implementation of the task for computers, as well as for smartphones and tablets with different OS.


If you have an iOS operating system, it will be easy to log into your account.

It is worth saying that the Apple developers did not bother to create a normal and complete application for this. There are only stubs in iTunes. something allows you to view text documents, something works with photos, and so on.

In fact, there is only one tool that allows you to fully view the contents of the cloud. this is a file manager, for example, Cloud Drive Explorer, File Explorer (aka File Manager) or any other. Just connect the cloud, log in with your data and view the files.

It is also worth remembering that in iOS you can see iCloud content in standard applications. Mail, Calendars, Photos, and so on. If this is not the case in your case, turn on all the options in the iCloud settings.


Apple.com has a complete program that allows you to view the contents of your vault. Just download it to your Windows computer, install, log in and start working!

As you can see, such a program looks like a classic cloud. All sections are on the left, and their thumbnails are displayed in the center.

When installing the software, it will ask for a username and password in the Apple system, so you can easily log in.


Let’s say right away that only OS X Yosemite users have the ability to use iCloud, and not everyone who is on Mac.

To see all the files in their storage, go to “System Preferences”, select “iCloud”, then “iCloud Drive”. Actually, that’s all you need to do.

How to create iCloud email on iphone-Create Free Apple ID Using iOS device (Apple ID iCloud email)

Sign in to iCloud from other devices

To make it easier to move information, you can mark information in the iCloud cloud, log in from other devices.

  • Go to the iCloud website.
  • Enter your Apple ID and password, click on the arrow on the right.
  • If two-factor authorization was installed, you will need to enter a confirmation code.
  • The confirmation code will be sent to your phone.

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After authorization, you can use various functions, including iCloud mail.

Create an iCloud account

For communication with all Apple services, including iCloud, there is an Apple ID.

To register Apple ID online you need:

  • Open Apple website.
  • Click on the “Create Apple ID” button
  • Fill out the form by writing the information about yourself that is required in the form.
  • Come up with a password and ID.
  • Save all entered data.

To register, you will need data:

  • e-mail, which must be valid, as it will be used as the name of the account;
  • come up with a complex and reliable cipher;
  • real age;
  • come up with 3 questions to confirm your identity in case of loss of login data.

iCloud. login to your personal cloud storage account

For the convenience of users, Apple has created its own cloud storage iCloud. Login to the account is carried out by entering the previously created ID and password. You can also log into iCloud, both from the iPhone and other devices. This allows you to link all gadgets as a single system, with the help of which it will be more convenient to transfer information between gadgets.

Reset and change password

This procedure can be done in several ways.

You can reset your login information through the iCloud website or on your iPhone.

If the password or ID has been lost, then under the login form there is a button “Forgot Apple ID or password?”.

You will be asked to recover your password via e-mail or answer three questions that were invented during registration.

You can also use the iForgot service. For this:

  • Go to any search engine and enter IForgot.
  • Go to IForgot. Apple, often the very first link.
  • You will need to enter an ID if you need to change your password.
  • If you have lost your ID, you should follow the link “If you forgot your Apple ID, you can find it”.
  • In the window that appears, you will need to specify: name, surname and email address.

In addition to the IForgot service from Apple, there are its analogues.

You should not use other services of this type to restore access to your account.

Sign in with iPhone

You can sign in to iCloud if you enter the ID and cipher you created earlier. To do this, you need to go to the iCloud website and fill out the login form.

At the first entrance, the following possibilities will open:

  • iCloud updates;
  • Sign in to other Apple products using an iCloud account.
  • Login to the game center and view statistics of achievements.

Note: if you need to log into your personal iCloud mail page, you first need to create it on any Apple device. If you do not do this, then you will not be able to enter the mail from other devices.

Sign out of iCloud account

If for any reason you need to log into another personal iCloud account. How to sign in to another account:

  • Go to settings on the device.
  • Go to the section “iTunes, App Store”.
  • Click on the very first item.
  • In the window that appears, click on the “Exit” button.
  • Then you can repeat the login procedure for another account.

Don’t use the same password for multiple accounts.

In conclusion, we can say that Apple’s cloud storage is very useful in terms of protecting against intruders and transferring information between devices.

iCloud. sign in to your cloud storage account

Hello. Did you know that iCloud storage, which is usually logged in from an Apple phone, is available not only from a mobile, but also from a stationary PC? Most probably not. so let’s figure out how it works.

Transcendental prospects

Owners of apple devices were primarily awarded with a personal cloud storage service. That is the way it is. simplicity. conciseness and convenience of devices. this is exactly what Apple has won a leadership position in the mobile gadgets market. However. on the iPhone, the first makings of storage appeared in the 5th version of iOS at the time of beta testing thereof. In its completed form, as a ready-made service. iCloud appeared to users in October 2011. Authorization is done using Apple ID. A little later (in 2014), a conservative iCloud drive appeared, which is a cloud for storing data in a more traditional sense.

In other words. authorization of the device (login to the account) is carried out using a special identifier, which is already included with the sold Apple smartphone or tablet. This identifier is designed to prevent any attempts to intercept the technical information of the device, the owner’s personal data and other confidential information. Those who do not have an iPad or any other gadget of the same name. you can register the identifier yourself. For this:

  • Go to appleid.Apple.com and click the button marked in the picture below with a red frame
  • Here we fill in personal data, current email address:
  • Here we need to go to our own mailbox and confirm the registration. Email for iCloud must be registered with Gmail.
  • And so, the letter came, copy the code and go back to complete the registration.
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Done! We now have our own Apple ID account that logs into our iCloud account. It is worth noting that such an opportunity appeared not so long ago. until recently, it was not possible to register from Android or Windows. All the same, the manufacturer’s orientation towards its own devices affected (it never disappeared), but the company felt that it was not worth emphasizing its elitism in this case.

What is it for?

Cloud storage is a very useful service. A registered account gives you the opportunity to:

  • Store purchased software and other files in the cloud. In particular, purchases in the AppStore are stored in iCloud.
  • Working with files. you just need to start synchronization and the data will be loaded.
  • Photo and video management. No need to search for a photo and then move it to the cloud. the system uploads files to the account by default.
  • Synchronization of user data. This function is aimed at owners of “apple” devices. with its help, you can transfer notes, calendar and other data to a clean iPhone with one swipe.
  • Working with a backup copy of data. In case you have lost very important information from your phone. you can restore it from the cloud.
  • Remote control.
  • Track connected devices on a map. With this service, you can always see where your child went, and why he was so late.

System requirements and login.

Since the hardware component of apple devices is significantly superior to smartphones from other manufacturers, at least by a head. system requirements here are not the most benign. For adequate operation of the service from a computer, you should pay attention to the system requirements:

  • Installed iTunes 12
  • Outlook 2007 or later
  • Windows 7

You can enter the registered “cloud” using the link above.

From the main page, we log into iCloud, on which operations are performed in the storage.


At the moment, the iCloud account allows users to use 5 GB of information for free. This is not much, but it will be enough for storing personal data and music for sure. With photographs, the picture is different. you can take at least 20-30 selfies on a professional SLR camera with a lens, at a cost that competes with a used domestically produced car. there is enough space. If there is not enough space for files, you can always expand it for extra. fee. As such, there is no limit for photographs. there is only quantity limitation. no more than 1000.

Now, you can safely use apple storage from any device. After all, we have dealt with iCloud, the account of which is available for both stationary PCs and smartphones running Android OS.

Via mail on Android

In order to log in to mail on Android with an iCloud account, you will need to use the Email application preinstalled in Android OS.

For your information! In addition, Outlook, Yahoo or other email clients are allowed.

Supported web services for receiving mail

In the selected application, you need to do the following according to the instructions below. How to log into iCloud from android:

  • In the “login” field, enter the iCloud address (consisting of the username).
  • Select manual setting by clicking the corresponding icon.
  • Enter password.
  • Enter “mail.me.com” into the next line, without specifying additional characters.
  • Security type, according to the certificate. SSL.
  • Specify the port through which the program will enter. 993. The numbers must not be changed in any case!
  • The IMAP line should be skipped.
  • Click “Next” to configure the SMTP server.
  • Duplicate the entered address in the address bar, enter SMTP instead of IMAP.
  • Leave the same type of protection or it is allowed to enter via TSL.
  • Configure port. 587.

Important! You need to finish the setting by clicking OK. Agree to authentication if a notification appears.

Thus, the iCloud mail will be logged in from the android.

Is it possible to log into iCloud from Android

There is enough information about the cloud service on the network. So, this is Apple’s virtual storage system that provides access to user data: photos, music, videos, documents, and more.

ICloud login form via website

The company took care of its customers by providing them with powerful storage. With this system, you can make purchases, save iPhone and iPad data backups. By using family sharing, you can share a variety of information with other users. If you lose your smartphone, the loss can be detected using a special function.

All photos, videos, notes and documents taken on the device will be stored in iCloud. The latter is necessary for those who use several devices at the same time.

Important! Cloud storage together with the Safari browser will help to save logins and passwords. when you enter your account on any site, the system offers to synchronize data and remember them.

The availability of Apple’s cloud storage is inconvenient for those who have decided to replace it with Android. The iCloud storage system was created by Apple exclusively for devices with the OS used on the Mac, iPhone, iPad, and others (referred to as iOS). Therefore, this system is not available for Android gadgets. But several methods of access can still resolve the issues of how to log into iCloud from android.

iСloud mail login from Android. installation and configuration

Apple users have access to the convenient iCloud storage system. Often, changing an apple device to Android raises some questions related to the transfer of personal data. This instruction will be useful to those who have encountered similar problems. Or who, when asked for “iCloud login from android”, “iCloud mail on Android” did not receive an exhaustive answer.

Transferring contacts

To send a vCard file containing contacts, you need to log in with your PC to your iCloud account on the official Apple website. Next, export contacts to the Google service in a separate file. And send the file to Android in any convenient way or drop it directly to the device from the computer.

Some information about vCard files. The generic VCF file format, which is sent with the vCard file, allows data to be exported to other email programs, making it easier to read and synchronize information.

To transfer contacts through the application of the same name on Android, you must:

  • Pass registration and authorization on the Google page from a PC.
  • On your smartphone, go to “Contacts” and in the “Import” tab select the “Import” button from another service.
  • Fill in the appropriate windows with iCloud account details.
  • Go to the “Start Export” icon.

Now the contacts will be transferred to the phone book of the Google account.

Generated password

Another uncomplicated way is with the generated password. You need to log into your account on the official Apple website and go to the “Security” item. Next, select “Application Passwords” and the link next to it will automatically generate a password.

You need to enter the password in the field and click the “Create” button. In the settings of the Android device, select the “Users and accounts” icon. Add an account and click on the line “Personal IMAP”. In the next window, drive in the iCloud mail address, and in the upper left field. the generated Apple password.

Important! This address will be saved and will appear in the general system with other accounts.

Through the myMail application

You will need the “Synchronizer for iCloud Mail” application, you can download it online in the Play Store.

Sync for Cloud Mail

The service will allow you to combine all accounts in a system mailbox. This method is much simpler than the previous one. After filling in all the fields, data is automatically synchronized.

  • Download the program to the Play Store according to the previously suggested instructions.
  • Enter the login and password of your Google account in the appropriate fields.
  • Follow the instructions on the screen to proceed with the installation of the program.

How to change settings and data in a profile?

On the cloud storage site, go to the “Settings” section.

In your profile, follow the link “Management”.

In the tab that opens, on the website https://appleid.Apple.com/ru-ru (Apple’s official web resource), enter your Apple ID and password.

Make changes to the appropriate data sections (main and backup email, password, device information, payment details).

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To activate the editing mode in the field, use the corresponding links (Add, Edit, ).

On phone / tablet

To change the storage sync settings, in the gadget:

Move the sliders on / off. in the appropriate options (Mail, Contacts, Calendars, etc.).

How to delete an iCloud profile?

In an application on a computer

If you do not have the iCloud client installed on your PC, go to https://support.Apple.com/en-us/HT204283 and click the “Download” button.

Install the downloaded distribution into the system:

  • during installation, under the text of the license agreement, click the radio button “I accept the terms”;
  • if desired, connect the update module: by clicking the mouse, select the checkbox in the “Update automatically” option;
  • click the “Install” button.

Run the application. In the panel that opens, enter your Apple ID (email) and password. Click “Login”.

Tip # 2

Go to email and look at the “Spam” folder. Perhaps the postal service has mistakenly blocked the letter with the link to activate the profile.

Tip # 3

If the message for verification for some reason did not come to your email, in the setting panel of the service, click the button “Resend confirmation”.


It would seem, what can be difficult in typing a login and password? But some beginners still manage to fall into a stupor even at this initial stage of use.

Aikloud is logged in with a single Apple system identifier. That is, if you registered in iTunes, the same account can be used to authorize on iCloud.com.

Sign in to iCloud from other devices

To make it easier to move information, you can mark information in the iCloud cloud, log in from other devices.

  • Go to the iCloud website.
  • Enter your Apple ID and password, click on the arrow on the right.
  • If two-factor authorization was installed, you will need to enter a confirmation code.
  • The confirmation code will be sent to your phone.

After authorization, you can use various functions, including iCloud mail.

Transferring data from the calendar

Your Apple calendar had important data such as scheduled appointments, urgent events, and the birthdays of friends and colleagues, but when you switched to Android, you lost access to it? Don’t worry, the situation is fixable here, everything can be solved in a few clicks using the special Sync for iCloud application.

This application is specially released for smartphones running Android, so the operating system will not conflict with it. The program does not have any special functionality, but it does an excellent job with its main task: transferring calendar data from aikloud. There are some useful pluses in it:

  • Completely free, all options are provided to the user at no additional cost;
  • You can easily work with iCloud on Android. That is, you will not only get access to the previously drawn up calendar, but you will be able to carry out the necessary operations with it in real time;
  • You can create multiple accounts on one device;
  • Do you want to make the iCloud calendar the main one on your phone, because the built-in one doesn’t suit you for some reason? No problem, just turn it on in the “Default” settings.

What is iCloud?

Apple iCloud includes many online services such as email, calendars, cloud storage, and photos. When you set up your iPhone or iPad, you are prompted to set up an iCloud account and back up your phone data to it. If you have done so, you can access the data by logging into your account on a computer, smartphone or tablet.

ICloud advantages over other virtual storage

At the moment, registration in the iCloud application is available from all computer platforms (Windows, Mac), as well as from smartphones and tablets. However, installing iCloud on Windows will be noticeably limited compared to running the program on its native Mac platform.

This iCloud Account Has Already Been Added to Your iPhone or iPad

Users call the main advantages of iCloud cloud storage:

  • Built-in storage on all Apple devices, making it much easier to sign up and sign in to iCloud from your phone. Additionally, you need to download and install the application only on Windows laptops;
  • The ability to create additional mail;
  • A single Apple ID profile for all company services, including the “data cloud”;
  • Reliable security of user data;
  • Fast synchronization between all user’s devices;
  • Multiple options for logging into iCloud: from a phone / tablet, through the official website or laptop application;
  • Availability of the function “Find iPhone / iPad” in case of loss or theft of the device.

The main categories of documents that can be stored in the cloud storage:

  • Phone book;
  • SMS. message;
  • Email;
  • Entries;
  • Calendar and schedule of meetings;
  • Bookmarks;
  • Search history;
  • Photo and video materials;
  • Deleted photos in iCloud archive;
  • Personal settings and other functions.

A larger percentage of users install the program on the iPhone thanks to the extensive iCloud storage for photos and fast file synchronization between devices.

Sign in to iCloud.com with Mobile Safari

If you open iCloud.com on iPhone through Safari, instead of the authorization window, there will be recommendations for setting up the cloud.

This is how iCloud is displayed in Mobile Safari.Open the full version of the site.

Bypassing this protection is simple: use a third-party browser (for example, Chrome) or open the full version of the site in Safari. The button for switching to the full version is hidden inside the share button. The site looks crooked on small screens, but sometimes it can help.

Create iCloud mail on Android

  • Create an unnamed mail on your Android device. The service “Email”, “Yahoo”, “Outlook” will do.
  • Open the created client, type in your data from iCloud mail and click “Configure manually”.
  • In the “Server” window, select “Account type”, type in “IMAP”. After that, access to manual configuration will open, where you should enter the following data.
  • In the E-mail field, type in the iCloud mail address
  • Enter username all letters before @ iCloud.com.
  • Repeat password for access to mail.
  • In the “Server” window, type “imap.mail.me.com.”, Without spaces, with all dots, with a small letter.
  • In the window “Type of protection” enter the capital letters “SSL”.
  • In the “Port” window, enter the numbers 993.

Important! The rest of the boxes in the (IMAP path prefix) paragraph do not need to be filled. Click the Next window and start configuring the SMTP server

  • Enter the characters in the “Address” window. smtp.mail.me.com.
  • In the column “Username, password”, duplicate your data from the IMAP settings.
  • In the “protection” window, enter the characters “SSL”, you can “TSL”.
  • Drive in port numbers 587.

Important! If prompted for authentication, click “Yes”

This is the most reliable sync setting. All your correspondence from iCloud will be duplicated and sent to the mail service on Android.

ICloud personal account: registration, authorization and use

The iCloud service is a system that greatly simplifies interaction with iPhones and other equipment from the Apple manufacturer. It is a kind of storage where photos, captured videos and other files stored on a mobile device are displayed. Unlike, for example, androids, such a technique cannot simply be connected to a computer to copy data. Special software is required here.

To use the service, you will need to sign in to your iCloud account. And this requires preliminary registration.

Registration of personal account iCloud

To access all services from Apple, you will need to register in the corresponding @ iCloud.com mail. To do this, follow the instructions:

  • Turn on the Internet on your mobile phone.
  • Go to settings.
  • Go to the “mail” section, where select “add account”, then mark @ iCloud.com.
  • Click the “Create Apple ID” button. Here you will need to indicate your full name and some other personal data. ICloud users recommend that you provide real information, because if you contact technical support, for example, in order to track your phone, you will need the real information of the owner of the device. And if they don’t match, technical support won’t be able to help you.
  • Come up with a name for the mailbox.
  • Create and duplicate a password for a mailbox.

Attention: registration of mail on @ iCloud.com is accessible only to users of “apple” technology. The device will not be able to register it without using the data, and there is no need for this either.

This completes the e-mail registration of the apple products user, and he gets access to all relevant services. In particular, he will be able to log into his personal account to view photos, edit folders and perform various other actions.

How To Login to iCloud Step By Step Tutorial | iCloud Sign In

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Authorization in your personal account

To log into your iCloud account, you must first sign in to iCloud. If authorization on the service is performed from a mobile device, the process does not require entering a username and password, since they have already been entered by the user when registering a mailbox. If authorization takes place on a computer that is not a manufacturer of Apple, then you need to enter the authorization data separately.

To enter you need to follow the instructions:

  • Go to the official website of the service at the link https://www.iCloud.com.
  • Enter your ID.
  • Press the button with the arrow.
  • Enter the password in a new line.
  • Press the login button.

After that, the user will be authorized in his personal account, from where he will be able to manage personal files from a mobile device.

Attention: since the requirements for the password during registration are quite serious, users often forget it. To restore access, you need to go to the link https://iforgot.Apple.com/password, then follow the instructions provided. In some cases, remote and independent password recovery will not be possible, and you will need to contact the technical support service.


  • Make purchases. At the same time, purchased applications or improvements in them will be available on all Apple devices for one user;
  • iCloud Drive. All files that one user has on Apple devices will be available for viewing, editing, transferring or deleting. The attention of users is drawn to the fact that free storage volumes are only 5 GB, for the rest you will need to pay extra;
  • Family access. You can open access to all family members, even those who do not use Apple technology. They will be able to view photos, saved files, etc.

Sign in to iCloud mail on your computer

ICloud mail from a computer is available in the web interface at https://www.iCloud.com/, you just need to enter your Apple ID (email address), password and, if necessary, a two-factor authentication code, which will be displayed on one of your trusted Apple devices.

In turn, mailers will not connect with this login information. over, it is not always possible to find out exactly what the problem is: for example, the Windows 10 Mail application after adding iCloud mail, reports success, allegedly tries to receive letters, does not report errors, but in fact does not work.

To set up your email program to receive iCloud mail on your computer, you need:

  • Create an application password on applied.Apple.com as described in steps 1-4 in the Android method.
  • Use this password when adding a new mail account. New accounts in different programs are added in different ways. For example, in the Mail application in Windows 10, you need to go to Settings (the gear icon at the bottom left). Account Management. Add an account and select iCloud (in programs where there is no such item, select “Other account”).
  • If necessary (most modern email clients will not require this) enter the parameters of the IMAP and SMTP mail servers for iCloud mail. These parameters are given later in the instructions.

Usually, there are no difficulties when setting up.

IMAP incoming mail server

  • Address (server name): imap.mail.me.com
  • Port: 993
  • SSL / TLS encryption required: yes
  • Username: The portion of the iCloud email address before the @ sign. If the email client does not accept such a login, try using the full address.
  • Password: App password generated on applied.Apple.com.

ICloud mail server settings

If your email client does not have automatic settings for iCloud, you may need to enter the parameters for the IMAP and SMTP mail servers:

Setting up iCloud mail on Android to receive and send emails

Most common mail clients for Android “know” the correct settings for iCloud E-mail servers, however, if you simply enter your iCloud address and password when adding an email account, you will most likely receive an error message, and different applications may show different messages : both about the wrong password and about something else. Some applications even successfully add an account, but receiving mail does not occur.

The reason is that you can’t easily use an iCloud account in third-party apps and non-Apple devices. However, the ability to customize exists.

  • Log in (the most convenient way to do this from a computer or laptop) to the Apple ID management site using your password (Apple ID is the same as your e-mail in iCloud) https://appleid.Apple.com/. You may need to enter a code that appears on your Apple device if using two-factor authentication.
  • On the Manage your Apple ID page, under Security, click Create Password under App Passwords.
  • Enter a shortcut for the password (at your discretion, just words that allow you to identify what the password was created for) and click the “Create” button.
  • You will see the generated password, which can now be used to set up mail on Android. The password will need to be entered exactly in the form in which it is provided, i.e. with hyphens and small letters.
  • Launch the required email client on your Android device. Most of them. Gmail, Outlook, proprietary E-mail applications from manufacturers, can work with multiple mail accounts. You can usually add a new account in the application settings. I will be using the built-in Email app on Samsung Galaxy.
  • If the mail application offers to add an iCloud address, select this item, otherwise. use the “Other” item or similar in your application.
  • Enter the iCloud email address and password you received in step 4. The addresses of mail servers are usually not required to be entered (but just in case, I will give them at the end of the article).
  • As a rule, after that, all that remains is to click the “Finish” or “Sign in” button so that the mail setup is completed, and the letters from iCloud are displayed in the application.

If you need to connect another application to your mail, create a separate password for it, as described above.

This completes the setup and, if the application password is entered correctly, everything will work as usual. If you have any problems, ask in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев, I will try to help.

ICloud Mail on Android and Computer

Receiving and sending iCloud mail from Apple devices is not a problem, however, if a user switches to Android or needs to use iCloud mail from a computer, for some it is difficult.

This manual details how to set up work with iCloud E-mail in Android mail applications and Windows programs or other OS. If you do not use email clients, then it is easy to log into iCloud on a computer by accessing mail through the web interface, information about this in a separate article How to log into iCloud from a computer.

Outgoing SMTP mail server

  • Address (server name): smtp.mail.me.com
  • SSL / TLS encryption required: yes
  • Port: 587
  • Username: iCloud email address in full.
  • Password: generated application password (the same as for incoming mail, you do not need to create a separate one).

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I do everything exactly as described. Two-factor authentication is disabled. In the Apple ID settings on the site, there is no section for obtaining a password for the application. What are the options for the solution?

Hello. I do not know what could be the matter. I just double-checked the site appleid.Apple.com, opened it from a computer, the “security” section. there is an item for creating application passwords. Why you may not have any clue to me. Well, except that (although very unlikely). suddenly some ad blocking extensions cut content from the page.

The same situation. There is no such option as “Application password”

Good day. I generated passwords, when checking the incoming and outgoing server settings, the result was “could not verify the account, a secure connection error occurred.” I ask for help and assistance. Thank you in advance. Sincerely, Natalia.

Hello. Don’t you accidentally use any VPN services or proxies? Also: are the date, time and time zone on the device from which you are connecting correctly set? (although it may not seem important, but it is important).

You are the best person, how much I was worn out, I could not enter the mail in any way, now all SMS come, thank you huge