Install Samsung TV Remote to Phone

How to make a remote control from a smartphone to a TV

These days, the smartphone has become a thing that can optimize the life of its owner. Of course, if you only use its capabilities to play Angry Birds, there will be little sense. But think about it: before, we had to carry a phone with us every day (and even earlier. a phone book), a player, a diary, a pen, sometimes a camera Today all this and much more replaces a single smartphone. And with the proliferation of NFS technology, it becomes capable of replacing the travel wallet as well. In addition, unlike all these items, you can call the phone if you do not remember which you put it in.!

Naturally, this is not the whole list: modern “dialers” can also replace many purely household items. For example, a TV remote control. Of course, it will be difficult to “make friends” with a smartphone any rare old TV. But if your TV is young at heart and equipped with a Wi-Fi module, setting up control from a smartphone is easy.

In order for the TV and smartphone to exchange data, they must be connected to the same local network: the smartphone. via Wi-Fi, and the TV can be connected both via a wireless network and via a network cable.

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A special program must be installed on the smartphone to control the TV. Which one depends, of course, on the model of your TV. In the Android Market and Apple App Store, there are both official applications from manufacturers and third-party programs. The latter sometimes surpass the official ones in terms of convenience and capabilities, but we still advise you to be careful and follow standard safety rules. The names of the official versions for the most popular manufacturers are shown below:

Samsung TVs. Samsung Remote app-LG TVs. LG TV Remote-Sony TVs. Media Remote-Panasonic TVs. VIERA Remote for iOS and Panasonic TV Remote 2 for Android-Philips TVs. Philips My Remote

There are also universal remote control programs. Free versions of them, as a rule, contain ads, but we advise you to check their compatibility with your specific TV model before shelling out for the full version.

Once you’ve connected both devices to a Wi-Fi network and installed the app on your smartphone, launch it and search for new hardware (or just follow the onscreen instructions, depending on the app). Sometimes you may need to go to the TV menu and enable the remote control option.

Controlling the TV from a smartphone is much more convenient than from a remote control. The phone is much more difficult to lose, and besides, the distance and direction do not matter: while you are on the same Wi-Fi network, even being in the next room, you can change the channel or change the volume (for example, if your children watch cartoons too loud ).

Universal remote control for controlling TV from a smartphone

On Google Play for your Android smartphone, you can download the TV remote control for free from this link. It’s called “Any TV Remote.” In the description you can find a huge number of TV brands that are supported by this application.

Try installing it on your phone if your remote is broken, lost, or you just want to find a replacement for your old device. The application will work on all smartphones with Android version 4.1 or higher.

At startup, we need to select the type of device that we want to control and indicate the TV brand in a long list.

The remote control will work if the phone has an infrared port. Since all remotes are based on this technology. Before using the TV, turn off and press the red “Power” button that appears on the smartphone screen. The device should turn on after we press the virtual button on the touch screen.

If you have any problems with your remote, try removing the covers and covers. They can interfere with the infrared signal and block the area of ​​operation of the technology.

The image of a traditional remote control will appear on the phone screen, there will be “CH” and “VOL” buttons to switch channels and adjust the volume level, respectively.

Where to download the remote control on your phone for Xiaomi TV for free

Modern TVs from Xiaomi can be controlled using a smartphone in special applications. Sometimes they are already in the smartphone system and you do not need to download anything. Especially when it comes to professional lines of devices. If you want to control your TV from this company, you need to download TV Remote Controller from Google Play.

It can be used on Android phone for other manufacturers TVs.

Virtual remote for LG on phone

Newer LG TVs have the Remote for LG app. This is a very handy and versatile bullet that fits all TV models from this company. It allows you to change the location and purpose of the buttons, which is often necessary.

Since virtual remote controls are suitable for TVs, the purpose of the buttons may be different. Installation is possible on phones with Android 4.2. Remote for LG has ready-made devices for models that may differ technically.

If, after downloading and installing the free application, the virtual remote does not work, try choosing another.

What to do if the remote doesn’t work on your phone

If you decide to download the application because your remote control has stopped working, then you can try to reanimate it. Has the device been operating for quite a long time (more than 5 years)? The conductive pads on the buttons on the inside may have worn off. Most likely you are doing the right thing, since you are looking for a replacement remote control. But it also often happens that these same pads become clogged with dust and dirt. Disassemble the device and clean its contacts with a cotton swab, which must be dipped in alcohol-containing liquids.

And another common breakdown is broken contacts in the battery cavities. They often break from the inside. In this case, it is also worth disassembling the device and checking.

How to download a remote control on Android for your TV

If the applications that we described above did not suit you, try searching for yourself. Go to the market and enter the name of your TV in the line, for example, “remote for sharp aquos”.

In the results, find an app with the name of your TV’s brand in the title. Pick it from the list and research it carefully to find the details, possibly your TV model. And try to install it on your phone.

If it doesn’t work, use a different one, as in the market, applications are often created by independent developers. Not the companies that make these electronics. They do not vouch for the quality and versatility of the software they produce. You can search not only in the Play Market, but also in other Internet sources.

Links to sites: Description:
APKPure A complete alternative to the Play Store. The creators of the site regularly post free applications from the market. And add previous versions which are also available for free. The most popular mobile forum where you can not only find any application, including those that are not in the Play Market, but also learn everything about them. You can upload files only if you are a registered user.
APKMirror Another site with free apps from the Play Market.
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Procedure for using the remote control:

A remote control will appear on the screen, with which we can now control the TV. Here are the main buttons: volume control, channel switching, on / off, and which will already be familiar to you. A free application can be displayed on the quick access screen and immediately after locking, you can access the remote control for TV.

TV Remote Control. Android remote control app for Samsung TVs

If you own a Samsung TV, use an app called TV Remote Control for Samsung.

It will fit any Android phone and any smart TV from this developer. The creators of the application claim that you can use such a free remote control on all TVs that were released after 2005.

After installation, the remote control will be able to work at a distance of no more than 6 meters from the TV with direct line of sight.

Now if your parents are hiding the remote control from you so that the lessons are done, you can download TV Remote Control and watch TV during your breaks. The working screen will remind you of the usual remote control that we use on our devices. The screen will have the same buttons with the caption of each function.

Even though the virtual buttons are labeled in English, you can remember their names and use them accordingly:

    Menu. the menu of the device, from here you can get into the TV settings, change the screen settings, etc.

Write in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев a button that will not be clear to you, and you can get a description of its purpose.

Samsung TV Remote

From the name it can be understood that this program will only work with TVs of this brand. Using it, you simply will not be able to control the device of the South Korean manufacturer. To get started, download and install this application. It is available not only for Android operating systems, but also for iOS, which allows this program to work on iPhone.

During the first launch, you will need to “Allow” access to all the necessary functions for the application to work. Next, start your TV and connect it to the router.

Now follow the instructions to sync. After that, the application is ready to work.

The number of downloads of this application has exceeded the 10,000,000 mark. Let’s note the main features of this program and see why the users fell in love with it:

  • through it you can watch videos and listen to music stored on your phone;
  • the ability to stream playback of the list of marked files (you can select several video files that will be played in a given order);
  • it is possible to broadcast from the phone screen directly to the TV;
  • there is a “sleep mode” function, at a certain time the TV will turn off.

Android TV Remote Control

This program is designed to work with Android TV. Before using this application, make sure that you have Wi-Fi enabled, this will help avoid unexpected problems. During the first start-up, you will need to agree to the privacy policy and fulfill the necessary requirements. After that, select your TV from the list of devices and synchronize. The positive aspects of this program include:

  • it is completely free;
  • there is a Russian language;
  • convenient and simple control;
  • there is support from Google.

How to Control Samsung TV from Phone?

Modern TVs have a huge set of useful and interesting functions, especially if your device has a SmartTV platform. However, using them is not always convenient due to the remote control, the design of which is often given a minimum of attention. This situation can be corrected by using your smartphone as a remote control. In today’s article, we will look at how to control a Samsung TV using your phone.

How to make a remote control out of a phone?

A lot of modern TVs support SmartTV technology and are equipped with a Wi-Fi module. It is through this connection that the TV will be controlled. An important condition for the operation of these 2 devices is to connect to one router, so do not worry about the fact that your neighbor will “click” your channels. For the phone to work properly as a remote control, the following conditions must be met.

  • Your smartphone must be running Android 5 or newer. Otherwise, it will be quite problematic to install new wireless monitoring applications.
  • The TV must support Wi-Fi connections, and if your device has an infrared port, then you can do without Wi-Fi.
  • A dedicated app must be installed on your phone. This program can be specially developed by the manufacturer for Samsung equipment, or you can download any from the Internet.

By observing these simple conditions, you will ensure a fast and hassle-free connection.

TV Remote

According to the developers, this application can work with absolutely all TVs. After successful download and installation, launch the software and configure the remote control. Now you need to go to the “Select TV” section. a menu will appear in which you need to select your TV model.

Use your smartphone as a remote control for Samsung Smart TV

The list of models that this program can work with is long. For convenience, you can use the search.

After synchronization with the TV, you can start control. You can switch channels in 2 ways: you can dial the channel number, or you can switch them sequentially. Let’s note the main advantages of the described program:

  • the application is completely in Russian;
  • a huge selection of TV models with which this application is synchronized;
  • you can add the selected device to your favorites;
  • connection is very fast.

ZaZa Remote

A very extensive program that allows you to control not only a TV, but also other household appliances that have a Wi-Fi connection. It is worth noting that the menu has only partial Russification, but at the same time it will not be difficult to understand the functionality. everything is simple and obvious. After downloading and installing, the first launch occurs. At this time, a small interactive instruction passes, after which you need to click on the Go Now button.

Next, a small menu will appear at the bottom of the screen, in which you need to click on “I know.” After that, you will need to provide the program with access to the location. The application is now fully operational. In order to add a remote control, you need to click on the corresponding button and select the required device and its model. The main advantages of this program include:

  • free access;
  • support for all versions of Android;
  • clear and convenient design;
  • the presence of a large number of supported devices in the database;
  • fast sync with your TV.

Phone remote control for any TV

The first time I installed the remote on my phone, it seemed to me that it was a useless application and immediately uninstalled it. Who would have thought that I would accidentally break my remote control There is not a single button on my TV Box, and I could not even turn off the device, I am already silent about switching channels.

Of course, in this situation I was rescued by the “Remote on the phone” application, which completely replaced the native remote control. After some time, I bought a new lazy guy, but the application is now always on my smartphone. This is very convenient, for example, when the device gets lost somewhere in a blanket, etc., there is always an alternative.

In this post, I have selected for you the best Remote D / U applications for any Smart TV (Android, LG, Samsung, etc.). I think one day this utility in your phone will become simply irreplaceable. Select and install:

Remote for Android TV

Attention! This application is only for Android TV and it will not work with a regular Android set-top box if you have a regular TV Box, see the application (CetusPlay) below.

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I want to tell you about a cool application from Google, which is called “Android TV”. This is a small application that makes an imitation of a native remote control and provides the following features: full TV control, voice search, DPAD (left, right, down, up and “OK” button) touch panel, keyboard and other functions:

There is, of course, a drawback in this application and it lies in the fact that there is no on / off button. Otherwise, in some cases it is even better than the native remote control.

I recommend installing only from Google Play:

Bullet for LG Smart TV

The most popular app I have ever found is “LG TV Plus”. We managed to check only on 2 TVs and it worked well on both. We install and check for ourselves:

Universal remote

This application is compatible with almost all TVs, which is why it is called “any TV remote.” Here is a list of brands that the app is compatible with (as the developers say):

Acer, Admiral, Aiwa, Akai, Alba, AOC, Apex, Asus, Atec, Atlanta, AudioSonic, AudioVox, Bahum, BBK, Beko, BGH, Blaupunkt, Bush, CCE, Changhong, Challenger, Chanllenger TV, Coby Colby, Comcats, Condor, Continental, DAEWOO, Dell, Denon, Dick Smith, Durabrand, Dynex, Ecco, Echostar STB, Elekta, Element, Emerson, Fujitsu, Funai, GoldMaster, Gold Star Grundig, Haier, Hisense Hitachi Horizon, Humax Hyundai, LLO, Insignia. ISymphony, Jensen JVC, Kendo, Kogan, Kolin, Konda, LG, Logik, Loewe, Magnavox, Mascom, Medion, Medion TV, Micromax, Mitsai, Mitsubishi, Mystery, Nec, Next, Nexus, NFusion, Nikia, Niko, Noblex. OKI, Olevia, Onida, Orange, Orion, Palsonic, Panasonic, Philco, Philips, Pioneer, Polaroid, Prima, Promac, Proscan, RCA, Reliance, Rubin, Saba, Samsung, Sansui, Sanyo, Scott, SEG, Seiki, Shapp. Shivaki, Singer, Sinotec, Skyworth, Soniq, Sony, Supra, Sylvania, Symphonic, TataSky, TelStar, TCL, Teac, Technika, Telefunken, Thomson, Toshiba, Venturer, Veon, Vestel, Videocon, Vior, Vivax, V izio, Vu, UMC, Wansa, Westinghouse, Wharfedale, Zenith.

If it’s not hard, write it down in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев to see if it works for you. Install and try:

Remote for Samsung Smart TV

For Samsung Smart TV, Google Play also has a good remote that has 60K. good ratings and over 10 million installations. By the way, this is a universal remote for any Samsung TV series (C, D, E, F, H, J).

Remote Control for TV

Another application that allows you to control your TV via the infrared port. Unlike the previous versions, this program does not support the use of the remote control via a Wi-Fi connection. After successful installation, you need to perform the following steps to properly configure the utility:

  • Click on the “Select your TV” button.
  • We choose a TV manufacturer from an extensive list. There are both models from well-known brands, and not so.
  • Specify the TV model.

Setting up the Remote Control for TV app

As a result of simple actions, a remote control will appear on the screen, thanks to which you can control the selected TV model.

Android TV Remote Control

This simple program does not require an infrared port on your phone. The only condition required for the virtual remote to work is to connect the TV and smartphone to the same Wi-Fi network. If the TV is connected to the network via a cable, then this application can also be used only by activating the Bluetooth connection. After installing the remote control, you need to perform the following steps for its correct operation:

  • Click on the “Accept and continue” button.

Select “Continue” and grant the application the requested permissions.

Next, turn on Wi-Fi and wait for pairing with a TV that is on the same network.

If the TV is not connected to Wi-Fi, then you can activate Bluetooth and try this control method.

After successfully connecting to the TV, the remote control will be displayed on the screen. To scroll through the channels, use the arrows, and to open additional menus, special keys.

TV control technology from the phone

Technology is constantly evolving. If earlier an ordinary user could be surprised by switching television from an ordinary clock, now it is considered normal to use a mobile phone as a remote control.

Depending on the communication capabilities of the TV, you can control it through:

  • Wi-fi or bluetooth connection. The option is available to SmartTV owners when connecting an Android set-top box to an outdated device;
  • infrared port. Suitable for any TV.

Large manufacturers, trying to attract the attention of users to the technology, develop their own solutions in the form of proprietary applications.

They are available in the Play Market and have a clear interface. But there are also universal solutions that allow you not to think about the TV brand, which is especially important if the user interacts with models from different manufacturers.

Samsung Universal Remote

Program. the development of a South Korean brand, focused primarily on the management of models of its own production.

At the same time, the settings of the remote control from other manufacturers are available, which makes it universal. If the smartphone has an IrDA port, the application is also compatible with TV without Smart-capabilities.

If there are several TV panels in the apartment, you can create several virtual remotes. The functionality of the application allows you to:

  • create your own remote control, combining several household appliances in it;
  • configure macros that allow you to execute commands with one click;
  • enter custom infrared codes into the database;
  • clone settings to other mobile phones, tablets;
  • create a widget for easy access to TV controls.

The developer declares that he will refund the full cost of the application if it turns out to be incompatible with any TV model.

Benefits of the program

The Android TV remote control application has the following advantages:

  • Simple installation system, suitable even for those who are with technology on “you”.
  • Versatility: Compatible with a huge number of devices. Suitable not only for Sony, LG, Samsung and Panasonic, but also for CIS TVs.
  • The app is free. No additional costs for batteries, universal controller or GPS tracker needed.
  • Accessibility and usability. allows you to switch channels for your child or guests without interrupting your work on your tablet or chatting on your mobile.
  • Good functionality with low “weight”. the application takes up just over 5 MB.

Philips TV Remote

The feature is to switch channels, adjust the volume, view the TV menu, without interrupting the broadcast.

Check the app’s compatibility with your TV on the online support site.

Lost your Samsung TV Remote? Try This

TV Assistant

It is a universal app and works with most modern TV models. You can download the program via Google Play. A short instruction manual is offered immediately upon start-up. If you already know how to use the app, you can skip this step.

To connect to TV, you need to go to the Remote control section. It will take just a few minutes. The application offers a user-friendly interface. All buttons are in place.

The advantages of this virtual remote control include support for all versions of Android OS, Russification, and the absence of advertisements. The software is completely free. File exchange is offered, you can connect via a QR code. In general, the program leaves a pleasant impression of using.

Samsung TV Remote

This program is designed exclusively for controlling Samsung TVs from your phone. over, you will not be able to connect to TVs of another brand using such a virtual remote control. First, you need to download the application to your phone and make basic settings. The application is offered exclusively for Android and will not work with other OS.

Immediately after the first launch of the application, you must allow access to multimedia documents in the phone memory. You can then turn on the TV and connect it to the same network that the smartphone uses. Finally, you need to make basic settings and you can use the program.

Such a remote for Samsung TV via phone offers a number of advantages. These include the ability to play music and videos from the phone memory. over, streaming is also supported, when several files are selected for their sequential download.

In addition, the developers have provided the ability to view images from a smartphone on the TV screen and turn on the device. Finally, the Samsung TV remote app can be configured to go to sleep when the TV is turned off at a specific time.

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Onezap remote

Working with this application allows you to turn your smartphone into a universal remote control for different models and manufacturers of TVs. The database contains more than 250 devices from leading manufacturers such as Samsung, Sony, LG, Pioneer and others.

The application offers flexible settings for the main menu. In addition, there is a basic version that can be used immediately after downloading and installing the program. If you want to create your own universal remote, you are offered color settings, as well as the ability to set the size of the keys.

If other devices such as DVDs are connected to the TV, they can also be controlled via the Onezap Remote app.

How to connect a smartphone and a TV device

Controlling your TV from your phone is quite simple. This requires a wireless connection. over, both devices are connected to the same network. Synchronization settings are made through direct activation of WI-FI Direct. Or a router. If the TV does not have WI-FI function, it can be connected via cable. By the way, sometimes this option is more acceptable, since the transmission speed through the cable may be higher, especially if the WI-FI signal is weak.

Before you can proceed with the configuration, make sure of the following:

  • Phone and TV are on the same network.
  • The router has UPnP mode enabled.
  • Firewall is configured correctly.

If all of the above is observed, there should be no problems with connecting the device.

By the way, if the TV does not have WI-FI and you cannot sync it over the network, Xiaomi offers a solution using the infrared port of its gadgets. over, it is possible to control in this way not only TVs, but also other household appliances. Now let’s go directly to the review of the software.

  • 1 How to connect a smartphone and a TV device
  • 2 TV Remote Control
  • 3 Easy Universal TV Remote
  • 4 Samsung TV Remote
  • 5 Samsung SmartView
  • 6 LG Plus
  • 7 TV SideView
  • 8 TV Assistant
  • 9 Android TV Remote Control
  • 10 SURE Universal Remote
  • 11 ZaZa Remote
  • 12 Onezap Remote
  • 13 Infrared TV control
  • 14 Peel Smart Remote
  • 15 AnyMote Universal Remote
  • 16 Unified Remote

Modern technologies allow you to control your TV using applications on smartphones. over, modern developers and manufacturers of TVs are not limited solely to the functionality of the remote control. Users have the ability to display the contents of the smartphone on the TV screen.

What do you need to get started? Smartphone, TV and special software. TV remote control application. The most popular option is to connect via a wireless network, as this allows you to download and install various programs on your TV. In this article, we will look at the most popular software products for controlling TV with TV, as well as connecting a phone to a TV.

Android TV Remote Control

The app is used to control TV from Android phone. Before the first launch, you need to connect the TV to the WI-FI network. Further, after launch, the user grants all the necessary permissions, including access to multimedia. From the list of devices, you must select the appropriate TV and you can start using the remote control.

The features of the application include security, localization (there is support for the Russian language), technical support from Google. Controlling your TV from your Android phone with this app is easy and simple.


Compatibility: Android 4.x, Android 5.x, Android 6.x, Android 7.x, Android 8.x, Android 9.x

Install Samsung TV Remote to Phone

TV Remote (Smart TV Remote) is compatible with over 220,000 TV and home theater models. You can download the TV remote control on Android for free and without registration from our website at the link below.

Smart TV Remote on Android will help you out in many situations:

  • When the batteries in the native controller run out, but there are no new ones at hand.
  • The button suddenly broke.
  • Do you want to play a prank on a friend or win your right to watch your favorite show.


The application allows you to control not only different TV models, but also air conditioners, as well as other modern IR devices from the specified manufacturer.

It is possible to connect several devices at once in different rooms. Thanks to the application, users can forget about the constant search for the remote control lost in the house.

The function of easy control of SmartTV is provided, there is an easy-to-enter virtual keyboard.

Benefits of the program

The Android TV remote control application has the following advantages:

  • Simple installation system, suitable even for those who are with technology on “you”.
  • Versatility: Compatible with a huge number of devices. Suitable not only for Sony, LG, Samsung and Panasonic, but also for CIS TVs.
  • The app is free. No additional costs for batteries, universal controller or GPS tracker needed.
  • Accessibility and usability. allows you to switch channels for your child or guests without interrupting your work on your tablet or chatting on your mobile.
  • Good functionality with low “weight”. the application takes up just over 5 MB.

TV Remote for Samsung is an Android application that allows you to control Samsung TVs and perform the functions of a remote control.

How to install?

An obligatory technical requirement is that there must be an infrared transmitter on the tablet or smartphone. Management is carried out precisely through him. Check the phone specifications and inspect the case.

Install the application by pressing a button: even a child can download the TV remote control on Android. Next, open it and select the brand of your electronics. The list is impressive, as it includes old and new TV models produced in all countries of the world. We make a choice, and a convenient interface appears on the screen with which you can control your (and not only) device. If you correctly specified the model used, there will be no problems with working in the application.

Application operation

To get started, you need to connect your TV and a portable device to a single WI-FI network. It is proposed to provide read access to the device storage in order to enable the DLNA server in the application. Users will also need to open the application access to photo and multimedia files, geolocation and location.

The process of connecting the TV to the device is accompanied by clear instructions. You must enter the name, brand and model of your TV. Synchronization is automated as much as possible, the user only needs to monitor the connection to the WI-FI network and turn on the TV.

The app has unobtrusive advertising content.

Free software for remote control of Samsung TVs.

The Remote for Samsung TV app allows you to control your TV from the comfort of your couch by connecting it and your mobile device to the same WI-FI network. After establishing the connection, you just need to accept the message that appears on the TV screen.

With this program, you can use all the features of a real remote control. Switch channels, change the volume level, change all kinds of settings in the menu, using only your smartphone or tablet.

Remote for Samsung TV programs for Android do not require constant presence near the TV. Control it from any part of the apartment or house, where the signal of your WI-FI network reaches.

If you accidentally rejected the confirmation on the TV screen when establishing a connection, you can reconfirm it in the Menu. Networks. AllShare Settings.

Upgrade Samsung Smart TV to Smart Remote Control. Activate and pair Smart Voice Remote Control

This application is compatible with the following TVs:

  • Series C (2010) via the Internet;
  • Series D (2011) via All Share;
  • Series E (2012) via All Share;
  • Series F (2013) via All Share.

Download the Remote for Samsung TV app for Android and control your TV remotely using your mobile device.