Install Whatsapp On Phone Screen

How to use WhatsApp Web

To use the WhatsApp messenger on PC without a phone, you must:

  • Open WhatsApp Web in the browser. The display will show a large QR pattern. If you do not need to log in every time, you just need to activate the option “Stay signed in”;
  • Next, you need to launch the application on your mobile phone and find the “WhatsApp Web” section in the menu (the “Ellipsis” button at the top right);
  • You need to name it and select the “Scan code” option;
  • Now you should bring the device with the camera to the PC screen and scan the picture. Authorization will happen automatically.


Many users are now using WhatsApp without a phone, because it is a great opportunity to use the messenger on a PC. You can, of course, use the desktop version, but what if you cannot scan the QR code on the monitor display?

Thanks to WhatsApp Web, you can use the messenger not only on your phone, but also on your PC. However, the mobile device must always be online with the computer. You can do without a phone, but first you need to consider the standard option.

Using WhatsApp without a phone

If you need to communicate via WhatsApp without a phone, then this can be done, but you still need a phone number, even if it is a landline.

First you need to download the BlueStacks emulator for Mac OS or Windows and install it on your computer.

  • After launching it, you need to click on the search icon and enter the name “WhatsApp”. Choose a messenger from the proposed list;
  • Next, you need to log into your personal Google account. If it is not there yet, it is enough to register it, it will take a minute;
  • Now you need to download WhatsApp and wait for the unpacking procedure to finish. Now it can be run on a PC online;
  • To register, you will need a free previously unused phone number, even a city one. Next, you will receive a notification with a confirmation code;
  • If the SMS does not come, you can use a phone call, the password will be indicated by voice.

You can now use WhatsApp and sign in without scanning. It has functions similar to the mobile client. You can also send text and voice messages, exchange documents,s, audio recordings and other media files. You can organize group chats and subscribe to profiles of popular companies.

Installing Whatsapp on PC without smartphone

Launching software on a computer without a phone is performed in two stages.

  • In the browser search engine, enter the name of the emulator.
  • We go to the sites, check their reliability and proceed to download.
  • Upon completion, launch the emulator and check its functionality.

Stage 2. Downloading and launching “Watsap”:

  • In the search bar of the emulator (usually at the top), enter in Latin: Whatsapp.
  • Find and activate the download process.
  • Launching software.
  • We go through all the steps of the registration wizard.

The only time you might need a smartphone is the caller confirmation process. The software sends a verification code via SMS. This code must be entered in the confirmation deadline. If there is no old mobile phone either, the messenger will offer to make a call (available through a landline phone) and listen to the code.

Resourceful developers might even recommend using online virtual mobile number generators. But the messenger carefully checks the validity of the number, therefore, the option without a smartphone and a number will not work at all.

This option allows you to autonomously log into the software without scanning Special QR codes.


If you don’t have a smartphone, but decided to use the social messenger Whatsapp, we will tell you how to install WhatsApp on a computer without a phone and use it successfully.

Such software are called Android emulators. Among the products compatible with Windows and macOS are BlueStacks, Droid4X, Andy, LeapDroid, Windroy. So, to become a messenger user using a PC, follow the instructions below.

Installing Whatsapp Web

Thanks to the latest developments, users have been able to open WhatsApp and use it directly in a browser on a PC. This method will allow you to log in without a phone online, but to run the option, a mobile device is still required.

Conditions for launch:

  • the latest version of the Chrome browser or a second product based on a similar engine;
  • only this browser is equipped with the option to display a QR cipher;
  • use only the official website;
  • the latest version of WhatsApp on your smartphone;
  • synchronization of a PC with a phone (using a single Internet network);
  • the option only works for “Android”.
  • We go to the official page.
  • We find on the main scan the QR code (left).
  • Launching chat software on a smartphone.
  • Call the menu (three dots in the upper right).
  • Finding WhatsApp Web bookmarks.
  • Launch QR Scan.
  • Zooms in on the phone camera to the screen with the code.
  • Scanning and tracking the login operation.

The system is ready to work, subsequent logins will NOT require login.

After following all the instructions, you will receive a messenger operating on your PC, which will not depend on the mobile Internet and the properties of the smartphone.

How to return the WhatsApp icon to your phone’s home screen if you accidentally deleted it

After installation, access to the program automatically appears on the desktop. When you click on the shortcut, you get access to contacts with whom you can exchange messages.

If the restart did NOT work, then Restore through the settings menu. The process does NOT take much time and is similar for almost all phone brands. details can be found on the website

If both options did NOT work, then you need to clear the phone cache. The method is quite radical and is not possible in all types of gadgets, but it also allows solving complex problems. For example, when whatsapp crashes.

With the power off, simultaneously hold down the power button and increase the volume until the name of the operating system appears. In the opened smartphone recovery menu, use the volume up / down buttons to select the Clear Cache (WIPe cache partition) item. Before pressing, make sure you DO NOT perform a factory reset, as sometimes the above functions can be combined. If there is no Factory Reset item, start clearing the cache, then restart the phone.

There is another way, which is more suitable for Samsung phones, and allows you to display the icon on the lock screen. After opening the screen “Home” you need to go to settings, then to “Lock screen” and “Labels”. After clicking “ChatON” you need to select the icon of interest in the list of applications. Whatsapp will appear on the lock screen instead of “ChatON”.

How to display WhatsApp on the phone screen

WhatsApp is quite a convenient and popular messenger all over the world due to the ability to exchange messages and make calls for free. However, during the first installation, an inexperienced user may encounter some difficulties in operation. For example, a person DOES NOT know how to display the WhatsApp icon on the phone screen. There are also some special functions that will simplify the work with the program, for example, adding shortcuts for quick access to correspondence.

How to add a chat icon to your smartphone screen

When there are many conversations, it is often possible to miss some messages among the constant stream. For easy navigation and quick access to important contacts, you can display the most needed chats on the main screen of your phone as follows:

Add chat icon
very easy.

  • we open Vatsap;
  • select the chat you want to fix;
  • Highlighting the chat by pressing for 2-3 seconds
  • on top, in the highlighted line that appears, select the menu (three vertical dots)
  • in the menu, select the item “add to the working screen”;
  • in the window that opens, click on the tab “add an icon”.

After that, the chat icon will appear on the desktop. When you click on it, you immediately go to the chat window, do not go to the WhatsApp application. The number of repetitions of this procedure is not limited. However, the feature is only available for Android phones. If it was not possible to correct the situation, then you need to take a screenshot in WhatsApp and send it in the comments. we will try to help.

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How to make one WhatsApp for two phones using Root rights

If someone first comes across the concept of Root rights, then let me explain what you are dealing with. If you get Root rights for your smartphone, then you can edit its system files. They will open up many new possibilities for you in working with the device, but you should understand how dangerous it is. If, unknowingly, you delete or edit an important system file, you can completely disable the entire system. Try not to use Root rights unnecessarily and strictly follow the instructions.

If you still decide, then what you need to do:

  • First, install the app “TitaniumBackup” on both devices (you can choose any other application that gives Root rights, they all work according to the same principle).
  • Then, using TitaniumBackup, we transfer the WhatsApp backup from one device to another and save it in the folder “TitaniumBackup”.
  • From the second device, go to the TitaniumBackup application and find the menu there.
  • In this menu, select the item “batch actions”, and then the option “Recover missing software with data”.
  • Select WhatsApp from the list provided.
  • Then check the option “Submitted” and click on the bird in the upper right corner.

When the recovery is complete, you will receive two identical programs with one account on different devices.

This method has only one Significant disadvantage, both applications will work simultaneously, and you will be able to perceive messages on any of them, but they will be saved only on the one on which you opened it first. That is, if you read a message on one smartphone, then you will NOT be able to read it on another, this should be borne in mind before deciding to make WhatsApp for two numbers.

You can keep separate correspondence from each device or use different methods to eliminate this minus. For example, you can View messages, turned on airplane mode, then they will NOT be marked as “read” and you can see them on another device too. Or you can go to WhatsApp settings, go to the section “Chat rooms” and enable the option “Chats backup”, then you can at any time transfer the folder with the backup copies of messages to another device and continue the correspondence already on it.

Install WhatsApp on two phones with one number using the WhatsApp Web service

For those who are not yet familiar with it, WhatsApp Web is an online service that allows you to use your WhatsApp account through the browser of a stationary PC or laptop. it will come to the aid of those users who are thinking about whether it is possible to install WhatsApp on two phones. In addition, it has a number of additional functions for working with the mobile application. One of THESE functions will allow us to solve our problem. Here’s what to do:

  • First, open the WhatsApp Web site through your PC browser.
  • Now launch the WhatsApp application on your smartphone and open the settings menu by clicking on the three dots in the corner of the screen (or on the gear icon if you have iOS).
  • In the menu that appears, select “WhatsAppWeb”.
  • Now scan the QR code from your PC screen.
  • After that, the service will be synchronized with your WhatsApp account and all letters coming to your account will be duplicated in WhatsApp Web.

After that, you can simply go to WhatsApp Web through another phone, and you will have one account for two devices.

This method is the most simple and convenient, although it is NOT exactly the same as using two applications on different phones.

How to use one WhatsApp account on two devices

Today, thanks to caring users, there are not even one, but two ways to make one WhatsApp for two phones, and each has its own pros and cons. So the first method is very simple and suitable for all users, but it will require you to have a PC. The second method is a little more difficult and imposes a number of restrictions on the user, but with its help you can cope without a computer. Next, we will discuss each of them in detail, and you will choose the one that suits you best.

Is it possible to install one WhatsApp on two phones with one number

Today, more and more users are thinking about whether WhatsApp can work on two phones with one number? Initially, the developers of WhatsApp did NOT consider using one account on two different devices. The lack of this feature is mainly due to the privacy rules of this application.

It’s no secret that in order to avoid theft of confidential data of its users, WhatsApp does NOT save their correspondence anywhere, and they are stored only in the device’s memory. In addition, WhatsApp’s contact list is also taken from the numbers stored in the phone memory. Because of this, it seems impossible to use one account on two devices at once, because even if you activate your account on a new device, all your contacts and received messages will remain on the old one.

But do not rush to get upset, because the reality is that if something is not fixed by the developers, it is fixed by the users. This problem is no exception, and a way has long been thought of how to make one WhatsApp for two phone numbers.

How to use one WhatsApp account on two devices

Many WhatsApp users today are wondering how to install WhatsApp on two phones with one number. Any user with several smartphones at his disposal will agree that creating separate accounts for the messenger on each of them is inconvenient and impractical. But is it even possible to use one WhatsApp (whatsapp) account on two phones (devices)? You will get the answer to this question from this article.

Install Whatsapp On Phone Screen

How to use one WhatsApp account on two devices:

Now you know how to install one WhatsApp on two phones with one SIM card. Unfortunately, there are no other ways to do this yet. As mentioned earlier, for the second method, you can use other applications, but this will only slightly adjust the process, but will not change it in general. If none of THESE methods suit you, then all you have to do is get a second number and register another account for it, or every time you change your smartphone, you enter your account with a new one.

Thank you for your interest in the article How to Install WhatsApp on Two Phones with One Number. If you find it helpful, please do the following:

Make WhatsApp on a computer without a phone. official version

The developers of the WhatsApp messenger recently made a gift for computer lovers. an application for a PC and a web version. However, the present turned out to be flawed. As stated in the official website, the main account will always be on a mobile phone, and WhatsApp Web and the application for computers are just add-ons. All your activities will sync across both devices. This means that you can connect WhatsApp for a computer without a phone in the Official way.

But the main thing is that you need a smartphone to open and configure the messenger on your PC. Because this happens by reading the QR code on the computer with a scanner in the phone. So you also need the device’s camera to be in working order. If She does not focus on the image, it is impossible to connect WhatsApp Web or the application on the PC.

How to install WhatsApp and log into it from a computer without a phone?

Active WhatsApp users know that they can only launch and use the messenger on a PC using a mobile phone. According to the Official Information, the application or the web version must be activated by scanning the QR code with the camera of the mobile phone. But there are other options as well. You will receive instructions on how to install WhatsApp on a computer without a phone and register a notebook on a PC.

How to log into WhatsApp from a computer without a phone: solution. an emulator

You want to use WhatsApp online from your computer without your phone. For example, a camera broke down, you have a push-button device without a scanner, you basically cannot bear mobile phones. the reasons may be different. But so far there is only one working option to solve this problem. You can make WhatsApp on a computer without a phone through an emulator program. It will represent the operation of a mobile device on your PC.

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These simulators work with any software and provide full functionality of the Vacap. But there are significant drawbacks in them, in which the conversation will still be.

So, how to log into WhatsApp from a computer without a phone via Bluestacks:

  • Download the installation file from the official website
  • Open it with two clicks or through the menu to install the program, agree to the changes that the program will make. Perhaps the antivirus will start to resent, but do not pay attention or Add the portal to exceptions.
  • Follow all the steps that the installer prompts. Wait for the end of the installation.
  • Launch Bluestacks, type WhatsApp in the search box (required in English). Find the messenger in the results. Make sure the logo is correct. white telephone receiver on a green circle.
  • Open WhatsApp through the emulator, clicked on the button. photo 5
  • Next, you need to complete the registration procedure in the messenger. You will need to select a country, after which its phone code will appear.
  • Then there are two options. You can enter your mobile number to Get an access code by SMS. But then your account will be tied to it, and there may be difficulties, more on that later. If you have a landline phone, you can indicate its number, do not forget to add the area code. Then you need to select the “Call me” option for the robot to dictate the login code.
  • Enter the received code in the special field to complete the registration.

You managed to install Vatsap on a computer without a smartphone for free. This account will exist completely independently of your mobile phone if you used a stationary device. Perhaps this is exactly what you wanted.

But Consider the method using the emulator has its drawbacks:

  • Any imitator programs negatively affect the computer, especially if it is not very powerful. You will notice how your PC slows down.
  • If you decide to do without a smartphone, you won’t have contact sync. This means that the address book will be completely empty. All phones will have to be entered with pens. This can be done through your Google account.
  • If you run WhatsApp on an emulator, using a phone number where this messenger is already installed, you may lose one of your accounts. The system will start asking for confirmation of the number and blocking will probably follow. To prevent this from happening, use another SIM card or landline phone.

And yet. users report that the emulator does not always work correctly. There may be problems with calls and voice messages. Although in THESE cases, the computer microphone may be to blame. Here’s how to transfer chats from iPhone to iPhone.


Due to the openness of the operating system, there are many ways to get a second copy of WhatsApp for Android on your smartphone. Consider the simplest solutions to the problem.

Before using any of the methods described below to create a duplicate, Install the messenger in the phone, following the standard instructions.

Third party funds

In addition to the above method of getting a second WhatsApp on iPhone, which is clearly recommended for use, there are at least two unofficial solutions to the problem in the iOS environment. However, the following should be considered:


    Go to the iPhone using the above link, or open the Safari browser and write the request “tutuapp.vIP” in the address bar, then open the site of the same name by touching “Go”.

Click the “Download Now” button on the TutuAp program page. Then Tapa “Install” in the request window at the beginning of the installation procedure “TutuApp Regular Version (Free)”.

Next, we are waiting for the completion of the installation of the tool. an application icon will appear on the iPhone desktop.

We touch the TutuApp icon and receive a notification about the CJSC launching the tool due to the lack of confirmation of the developer’s reliability on a specific iPhone. Click “Cancel”.

To be able to open the program, follow the path: “Settings”. “General”. “Device Management”.

Then Tapa on the profile name “NIPPON PAINT CHINA HO.” and on the next screen click “trust.”, and then confirm the request.

Open TutuApp and find the interface is very similar to the design of the Apple App Store.

In the search field, enter the query “whatsapp”, Tapa on the first item in the list of displayed results. “WhatsApp duplicate”.

We touch the WhatsApp icon and on the opened page of the modified client click “Free download the original”. Then we wait for the package to load.

Tapa “Install” in response to an iOS request in an attempt to start installing a copy of the messenger. Go to the iPhone desktop, wait until “WhatsApp” is installed until the end.

We launch the application. the second instance of the messenger is ready to use.

We authorize or register a new account and get full access to the duplicated from now on the capabilities of the popular means of communication.


    In the Safari browser, follow the link specified above, or enter the addresses “” into the search field manually and click “Go” to go to the target web resource.

On the page that opens, touch the “Download App”, which will lead to a notification about an attempt to open the “Settings” Aios to install the configuration profile. click “Allow”.

On the screen for adding the “TweakBox” profile in iOS, click “Install” twice. After the profile is installed, Tapa “Done”.

Go to the iPhone desktop and find the new installed TweakBox application. Launch it by touching the icon, go to the “APPS” tab, and then open the “Tweaked Apps” section.

Scrolling through the list of modified software products to the bottom and find the item “Watusi Duplicte”, open the messenger page in TweekBox by tap on the WatsAp icon next to this name.

Click “Install” on the Watusi Duplicte page, confirm the system’s request to be ready to install the application by clicking on the “Install” button.

We are waiting for the second instance of the messenger to be fully installed. You can watch this process by looking at the animated icon on the iPhone desktop, which will gradually take the form of the already familiar messenger icon obtained by the Official method.

Everything is ready to use the second WhatsApp account on iPhone!

Methods for Installing a Second Instance of WhatsApp

Depending on the available device, or rather, the operating system under which it runs (Android or iOS), various methods and software tools are used to obtain two WhatsApps on one smartphone. It is somewhat easier for users of Android smartphones to carry out the operation to create a duplicate of the messenger, but iPhone owners can also carry out it using unofficial methods.

WhatsApp Business

The simplest, most effective, and most importantly, the safest method of getting a second copy of the instant messenger in question on the iPhone is to install a separate edition of the service client for iOS. WhatsApp Business. The application became available in the App Store in April 2019, and this, it should be noted, greatly simplified the way for owners of Apple smartphones to solve the problem from the title of the article.

    Go from the iPhone using the link above or launch the Apple App Store on your smartphone, Tapa “Search”, enter the query “WhatsApp Business”, click “Search”.

Open the program page in the Store.

Click “DOWNLOAD” under the name of the application, and then “Install” in the area that appears at the bottom of the screen. If the system requires, enter the password from your Apple ID, Tapa “Login”.

We are waiting for the package with the application components to be received from the Apple server, and then automatically installed.

Launch WatsApp Business for Ayos by tapping “OPEN” on the tool page in App Store or by tapping the WA Business icon that appears on the iPhone desktop.

If it is supposed to use a mobile identifier NOT registered as a WhatsApp account, we create an account in the same way as it is done in the standard messenger client.

When there is a need to log into an existing WatsApp account, we proceed as follows:

    After accepting the “Terms of Service” and issuing permission to access “Contacts” Tapa “Use another number”.

Enter the identifier and Tapa “Done”. In the window with a proposal to transfer the number from the “regular” account of the messenger to WhatsApp Business, click “Continue”. Next, we expect an SMS with a verification code.

Enter the secret combination from the message sent by the service.

The next step is to restore information from a backup, if it was created when using an account in the messenger earlier. We touch “Restore from a copy”, wait for the completion of the procedure, after which Tapa “Next”.

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We design your profile in WatsApp. We install an avatar image, enter information in the field “Your company name” (write your name or nickname in the messenger). In the drop-down list “KIND OF ACTIVITY” select “NOT a company” and confirm the correctness of the entered data, clicked “Finish”.

That’s all. the iPhone now has two messenger applications that are completely NOT dependent on each other, which makes it possible to simultaneously use two service accounts on one smartphone.

App Cloner

App Cloner is a more functional tool than the above-described Parallel Space, which allows you to create a copy of a messenger in a smartphone. This solution works on the principle of creating a clone with a configuration of the package name as well as its digital signature. As a result, the copy is a full-fledged application, and does not require further installed APP Cloner for its launch and functioning.

Among other things, App Cloner provides many settings that allow you to fully control and optimize the process of cloning applications. Among the shortcomings. work with many popular programs, including WhatsApp, is supported only in the paid Premium version of APP Cloner.

    Before you start working with App Cloner, you need to go to the “Security” section of the smartphone settings and GRANT the system permission to install apk-files from unknown sources. In this key, Android OS will perceive the copy of WhatsApp created by following the steps below.

Download and install APP Cloner from Google Play Market, run the tool.

We select WhatsApp from the list of applications available for copying by tapping on its name. On the next screen, it is recommended to change the appearance of the future icon of the duplicate messenger in order to avoid confusion between the copy of the program in the future. For this, the options of the section “Application Icon”.

For most, it is enough to activate the “Change the color of the icon” switch, but you can also use other options for transforming the appearance of the icon of a future copy of the program.

Press the round blue area with a check mark inside. this interface element starts the process of creating a copy of the APK-file of the messenger with a changed signature. I confirm that I have read the warnings for possible problems when using the clone, clicked “OK” on the request screens.

We are waiting for the completion of the App Cloner process of creating a modified apk-file. a notification appears “WhatsApp cloned “.

Tap on the INSTALL APPLICATION link under the above message, and then the button of the same name at the bottom of the Android package installer screen. We are waiting for the completion of the installation of the second instance of the messenger.

As a result of the above steps, we get a full-fledged copy of WhatsApp ready for launch and operation.!

To get the ability to use two messenger accounts at the same time on one smartphone from Apple, there are two ways for WhatsApp for iPhone users.

Parallel Space

If the creator of the smartphone did not take care of integrating the tool for creating duplicate programs into the installed firmware, you can use specialized tools from third-party developers to get a copy of WhatsApp. One of the most popular solutions of this kind is called Parallel Space.

When you run this utility in Android, a separate space is created, into which you can copy the already installed messenger and then use the resulting duplicate for its intended purpose. The disadvantages of this method include the abundance of advertisements shown in the free version of the program, as well as the fact that when uninstalling Parallel Space, the WatsAp clone will also be removed.

    Install ParallelSpace from Google Play store and run the tool.

You can start creating a copy of the messenger immediately after loading the Parallel Space main screen. By default, when starting the tool, all tools for which duplication is available are checked. Free the icons of programs that are NOT required to be cloned, the WhatsApp icon must be highlighted.

We touch the button “Add to Parallel Space” and provide the tool with access to the Journal by tapping “ACCEPT” in the appeared request window. We are waiting for the completion of the creation of a copy of WhatsApp.

The second instance of WhatsApp is launched through ParallelSpace. To do this, open the utility itself by tapping on the directory created on the desktop and touch the messenger icon on the Parallel Space screen.

How to install two instances of WhatsApp on one phone

The need to install two copies of WhatsApp in one smartphone may arise for many active users of the messenger, because the delimitation of the huge flows of information that are received daily by a modern person into the primary and not very important is an urgent task. Let’s consider methods of obtaining two copies of an application functioning simultaneously in the environment of the most popular mobile platforms. Android and iOS.

Whats App Business

In fact, WhatsApp for Android comes in two editions: Messenger for casual users and Business for companies. The main functionality inherent in the version for a wide audience of users is also supported in the version of the messenger for the business environment. In addition, there are no restrictions for the average person to install, activate and use Whats App Business.

Thus, by installing the client application of the service in the “Business” edition, we get a second full-fledged copy of Vatsap on our device.

    Follow the link above from your smartphone or open Google Play Market and find the Whats App Business application page through the search.

Download and install a WhatsApp assembly with advanced business capabilities.

See also: How to install applications on Android from the Google Play Market
We launch the client. We register an account / log in to the messenger in the usual ways.

Everything is ready to use two WatsApp accounts at the same time on one phone!

Android shell tools

Some manufacturers of Android smartphones equip their devices with modernized and even completely revised in terms of functionality and interface software shells. Among the most famous variations on the Android theme today are the MIUI operating system from Xiaomi and FlymeOS, developed by Meizu.

Using the example of the above two systems, we will consider the easiest way to get an additional copy of WhatsApp on a smartphone, but owners of second-manufacturer devices and users of custom firmware should also initially pay attention to the presence of a similar feature described below in their phone.

Cloning apps in MIUI

Starting with the eighth version of MIUI, this Android shell has been integrated with the “Clone Applications” function, which allows you to create a copy of almost any program on the system, including WhatsApp. It works very simply (shown on the example of MIUI 9).

    Open the “Settings” on the smartphone and go to the “Applications” section by scrolling down the list of options. We find the item “Cloning applications”, Tapa by its name.

In the list of programs installed and available for creating a copy, we find “WhatsApp”, activate the switch located next to the name of the tool. We are waiting for the completion of the process of creating a clone of the program.

  • We go to the Desktop and state the appearance of the second WatsApp icon, equipped with a special mark, which means that the program has been cloned. There is no difference in the work of the “clone” and the “original” of the messenger, the instances are absolutely independent from each other. We launch the copy, register, use all the possibilities.
  • Software clones in FlymeOS

    Owners of smartphones from the manufacturer Meizu, running FlymeOS starting from version 6, can also be said to be lucky in terms of the ability to use multiple instances of Android applications on one smartphone. Many FlaimOS assemblies have an integrated function called “Software Clones”. A few taps on the screen. and the second instance of WhatsApp will appear in the list of installed programs.

      Open FlymeOS Settings and scroll through the list until you find the System section. Tapa “Special. capabilities “.

    Go to the “Laboratory” section and call the “Software clones” option. We find WhatsApp in the list of applications for which a duplicate can be created, activate the switch located next to the name of the messenger.

  • After completing the point above, go to the FlameOS desktop where we find the second WatsAp icon, highlighted with a special mark. We launch the messenger and use it. no differences from the “original” version are observed in the process of using the duplicate.
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