Installing applications on a sony TV

Sony Smart TV: making TV multifunctional

Sony’s Smart TV platform transforms a conventional TV into a multi-functional hub. Uses support for Google Assistant, hands-free control, entertainment content. All the possibilities, methods of configuration, installation and problems are described in the article.

Sony Smart TV features

Installing a smart operating system Sony Smart TV Bravia significantly expands the capabilities of television. After pressing the “HOME” button on the remote control of the TV receiver, press the “Installation menu”. Then. in the submenu “Network”, “Refresh Internet Content”.

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After that, it will search for available content and download it. It is produced through the Sony Entertainment Network server. Loaded after the device and server addresses are authenticated. When the content has finished downloading, you will be asked to visit the Main Menu by pressing the HOME key. But you need to press the “SEN” button. This will immediately take us to the list of content. foreign and Russian applications, channels with Internet video.

Launching applications and the My Applications menu may take a few seconds to load. This is normal. The full list is opened by clicking on the plus button or “Open all applications”.

After selecting the application, the “Open” sub-item will appear. The channel you like can be added to My Applications. After that, the icon of the selected application will be located in the quick access menu.

In addition to the general list of programs, it is possible to download additional programs through the Opera TV Store. In addition to video, a catalog of games is available, which can be controlled via a TV remote control.


To connect via a cable, you need an Ethernet cable, also called a patch cord. At the ends, crimped, prepared tips are required. Cross-patch cord is indistinguishable from normal, but only serves to connect computers to each other. Its contact order is different. Not suitable for our operation.

Before setting up, you must turn off both devices from the network. TV, router. Connect the patch cord connector and TV port until you hear a click. The other end of the cable is similarly connected to the router. Turn on both devices and wait 15-20 seconds for the router to boot.

Press “HOME” on the remote and visit the setup menu with the suitcase logo. After that. “Network” and “Network settings”. Next. “Setting up a network connection”.

After selecting the “Simple” window, the TV will not offer additional options when the network cable is connected. If everything is in order with the cable and the router is working, the test will pass. A successful internet connection icon will appear. Confirm by pressing “OK”.

In the case of a wireless connection, all operations are carried out in the same way until the network is selected. “HOME”, the suitcase icon, “Network”, “Network settings” and “Network connection settings”. Ignoring the choice of “Specialist”, press the “Simple” button and select the Wi-Fi connection.

  • enter a password in the proposed connection directory;
  • configure by pushing the WPS button.

To enter a password, use the buttons on the remote for letters and the center for symbols. Complete the password by pressing “Enter”.

Setting up when choosing WPS is easier. Press the button on the router and TV until the connection directory is displayed. The password is ignored and the connection is made directly between devices with WPS.

How to install and set up Smart TV on Sony

To install a TV service on a Sony Smart TV, you need to connect your TV to the Internet. We will proceed from the assumption that the house, the apartment is “entangled in the global web”. You are already using it through devices: PC, laptop, smartphone, tablet. The apartment is equipped with a router that supports wired LAN-cable, wireless Wi-Fi. You can connect a TV in both ways. Let’s consider both options in more detail.

How to install apps on a Sony TV

After connecting the TV to the Internet, the firmware for the Sony Bravia Smart TV should be updated. The instructions for updating the firmware can be found in the documentation for the Sony device.

We will analyze the most necessary programs.

    The most popular YouTube video resource. For him, there is a special control and optimization of viewing directly on the TV remote. Press “SEN” on the remote. Having opened “My applications”, use the remote control arrows to point to the “” icon. Find the YouTube shortcut in the catalog and confirm with the right button on the remote control. “Open”. After opening the application, scrolling through the menu is done with the buttons on the remote up and down. Inside: settings, titles, thematic collections. After stopping at the line of the menu, TV will load a selection of plots that are scrolled similarly on the remote control. You can start viewing by pressing the center key. The pause and rewind buttons on the remote control are equivalent to those on the application screen player. Return button returns to the previous menu.

Built-in browser for browsing the Internet. Find the “WWW” application, then. the central button of the remote control and press “Open”. To enter the address, use the arrows to translate the search to the address bar. Press the center button, and the arrows. to select letters and symbols. After writing, press “Enter”. On Bravia models 2012-2013 the address line drops out when you press the “Option” key on the remote control and select the “Enter URL” item.

Skype. Supported on TV over the Internet. If the TV does not have a built-in camera, you will need to purchase an external one specifically for Sony of the same manufacturer. To add an icon to the My Apps screen, press SEN on the remote, then the plus sign in My Apps, find the Skype shortcut. The application is now in quick launch. At startup, enter the username, password for the application and communicate in the same way as on a computer or laptop.

The TV cannot completely replace the computer when installing applications on Sony Smart TVs. Complex page design slows down the performance of the operating system. Therefore, programs and pages will take longer to load than on a good PC. Some will not launch at all, as they will require browser plugins that Smart does not support.

On computer

On an ordinary PC, it is enough to go to the program’s website from any browser. If you already have an account, all you have to do is connect to it, choose what you want to watch, and start watching.

You don’t need to download anything specifically, just a stable Internet connection is enough.

How to download and install Wink

To do this, you need to follow simple instructions. Let’s analyze it in more detail for each device.

Smart TV Samsung, LG, Sony, etc.

Owners of these TVs will have to download Wink for Smart TV. This will require:

If all the conditions have been met, the program will start working, you can start using the service in full.

Perfect HD

Available for 299 rubles / month. This price will include exclusive HD channels in high definition format.

To a TV set-top box

Modern TV set-top boxes (supporting Wink) run operating systems:

  • Apple TV (versions 10.0 and higher);
  • Android (version since 5.0).

Sony Smart TV: How to Download / Install Apps (Android TV)

If the house is just like that, then you can safely load the desired program on it. To do this, you need to take a few simple steps:

Wink TV from Rostelecom. what is it

In the fall of 2018, Rostelecom presented its new product. interactive television. to the public. Unlike others, the site has collected a huge amount of different content. The purpose of the service is convenient access for each client who has registered in the system to films and broadcasts from any corner of the world where there is an Internet connection.

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An additional advantage of Wink is the ability to be installed on almost all modern devices:

  • smartphones (software supported: Android, iOS);
  • TVs with Smart TV function;
  • set-top boxes;
  • computers.

How to download and install YouTube on Smart TV

YouTube is the most popular service for watching videos, TV series, and even feature films. In addition to the official website, there is a YouTube application for all devices. YouTube can be installed on any smartphone running Android or iOS. You can also install the application on TVs with Smart TV brands LG, Samsung, Philips, Sony, BBK, Toshiba and other manufacturers. The application is completely free, excluding the ads that appear before and while watching video content.

  • How to watch YouTube on TV
  • Run the app and start browsing
  • Download and install
  • The situation with Smart TV lineup 2012 and older
  • How to Download YouTube to LG Smart TV
  • How to Install YouTube on Samsung Smart TV
  • How to connect YouTube to Sony TV
  • Instructions for legacy non-Android models
  • Briefly about finding and installing other add-ons
  • Manual for modern Sony TV based on Android
  • View via phone
  • If automatic delivery doesn’t work
  • TV account authorization
  • Stream YouTube from Computer
  • What to do with Smart TV 2012 and earlier
  • If TV without Smart TV

Manual for modern Sony TV based on Android

The algorithm is identical for TVs of other brands with the same version of “Android TV”. Television manufacturers do not develop this operating system. The developer is the well-known company Google. Therefore, when two different brands release an Android TV, they have almost the same interface. This means that the controls and settings are the same.

  • “Home” is pressed (the house icon or the inscription of the same name on the remote control).
  • The section “Applications” is located. Next, according to the standard, you need to find, open the utility, and start browsing.

The above images are suitable as instructions for enabling the “YouTube” service for TVs Philips, Sony, Xiaomi and a number of others controlled by the Android TV system.

View via phone

Controlling the TV from the remote control, entering long video titles is not always convenient. Therefore, it is possible to stream YouTube videos from phone to TV. It is much more convenient to find the desired content on a smartphone, switch between videos and control their playback.

To connect the phone, the TV must be “smart”, that is, Smart TV. over, it should be quite modern, support the technology of direct wireless connection Wi-Fi Direct (Miracast). Both devices must be connected to the same internet access point. If all the conditions are met, then you can start broadcasting on the big screen from your mobile.

  • Open the app on your smartphone.
  • Play any video and wait for the ad to end, if one plays before the content starts.
  • Click the video once. The View Control Panel appears. At the top there will be a broadcast icon.
  • When you click on the screen mirroring icon, a window will pop up with a list of devices available for connection. Your TV will appear in the list with the currently assigned name. If the device name has not changed, then the name of the technique will be the model code.
  • Select TV and wait for sync.
  • Sometimes you have to wait a bit.
  • After the phone connects to the TV, you may need to accept the connection request on the screen. You only need to confirm the incoming connection once with each device. Subsequently, playback will start automatically.

The instruction works for all devices. Android mobile phones (Xiaomi, Samsung, Meizu, Honor, Huawei, etc.) and iOS (iPhone, iPad).

As long as the sync is not broken, any video included on the mobile gadget will automatically play on the TV screen.

If you need to turn on another video while playing the current one, a choice will appear on the mobile screen that allows you to:

  • immediately start a new video (“Play” button);
  • queue to start playback after the current one ends. So you can build a whole queue of interesting videos for several hours or more. The videos will automatically switch to the next.

Briefly about finding and installing other add-ons

If the TV is non-Android, then the device cannot install any applications in the internal memory. Only a limited basic set of utilities is available to users, which cannot be extended.

TV account authorization

The advantage of logging into a personal account will be the ability to fully manage the application while saving the entire browsing history. At any time, stopping viewing, you can return to the application and continue watching YouTube from the point of the last stop. In addition, subscriptions to all viewed channels available in the account used will be displayed.

Following the instructions below, you will be able to enter YouTube using the technique of different brands. Algorithm and naming of items is accurate for LG and Samsung brands.

How To Install Apps On Your Sony TV. 2018

  • Open the menu bar inside the app. If content is playing now, press “BACK” or “RETURN” on the remote control. You will be kicked out of a non-original YouTube page with thumbnails of different videos.
  • On the left at the very top there is an icon of an empty portrait with the inscription “Enter”.
  • After selecting an item, a button with the same name will appear on the right. Move the highlight to this button and press “OK” on the remote control.
  • “Login on TV”. you will have to go through authorization by entering your Gmail mail and password. If the data is very complex, long, then this may be inconvenient, since the input is done on the on-screen keyboard.
  • “Sign in on your phone” is a more convenient way. If the application on the gadget is authorized, then the login process on the TV receiver is a few clicks.

If there are no questions with the first authorization method, then there may be problems with the second.

  • select the option of authorization via phone;
  • the TV will start scanning the network for the presence of a phone running YouTube;
  • therefore, you need to enter the application on a mobile phone;
  • within a few seconds (sometimes longer), the connection will occur; a check mark appears on the TV;
  • on the bottom of the phone, you will be prompted to sign in with your account; agree by clicking on the “Continue as” button;
  • if necessary, select the account again;
  • last step click “Allow”.

Go back to the side menu and at the top make sure that the authorization was successful. There must be a photo (if installed in the mail) and the name of the Google account.

How to update web content from the Smart TV main menu

Updating web content on a TV is one of the most important steps in getting a device to work the way it should, regardless of what year it was released or how long ago the software was updated. You need to update the installed content with no less frequency than flashing, therefore we are trying to download new and update old applications that are already in the TV list.

This procedure is done in this way:

Sony Bravia TV: How to Download/Install Apps

  • Take the remote control, and find the “Home” button on the panel. It will display in the menu, where you need to find the “Settings” section, and select the “Network” sub-item;
  • In the “Network” menu, select the “Refresh Internet Content” item and wait until the automatic configuration is over;
  • When the update is over, go back to the Sony Smart TV, that is, press the “Home” button again. In the field “Processed” you will see those programs without which the television cannot work. They are installed by default. If there are not enough of them, it is possible to add several more. To do this, go to the “All Applications” section;
  • If you find any additional widget that is not yet in the menu, you can add it to “My Applications“, after which it will also appear in the main “home” list.

After these settings, you can easily use Smart TV on Sony TV, watch TV and watch Internet content.

How to install apps for Sony Smart TV

Smart TV is a feature found on all modern Sony TVs. Thanks to this, on devices, you can perform all the same operations as on a computer, and even more. A user who has a Sony Bravia TV can now watch videos online directly from the TV, without having to go to the computer. But you need to connect the internet. In addition, it is possible to browse the web and install various applications.

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In addition, in order to use the Smart TV function, it is not at all necessary to buy the most expensive Sony devices, but you can opt for the budget TV category. Particular attention should be paid to the programs and applications that you install on the TV, since their quantity and quality largely determines what functions the device can perform.

What capabilities does ForkPlayer have for Sony Smart TV

The specificity of ForkPlayer for Sony Smart TV is that this TV application receives content directly from the site. But most of the programs on the Internet do not work in the format in which TV can perceive them. This application processes the signal and then converts its format. But these are not the only functions of the application:

  • The user can watch videos and listen to music from any site;
  • Downloading applications for Sony Bravia through ForkPlayer is much easier than from other browsers, again, due to the relatively large functional potential;
  • Having installed on Sony Bravia Smart TV, there is already used a list of the most popular sites and online cinemas, where the user could enter;
  • A person has the ability to save favorite playlists. Thus, it will be possible to view content even without using your Sony Bravia Smart TV, but from other devices where ForkPlayer is installed;
  • In addition, you can install and add other applications, both official and unofficial, but suitable for a specific model.

Installing Smart TV applications on Sony through ForkPlayer, like other functions, is possible only if you register on the official website of the application. When this procedure is carried out, the user will have to go to his personal account and add to the list other devices that can cooperate with each other.

Where to get apps for Sony Smart TV

All manufacturers of smart TVs install an original browser in the standard configuration of their devices, which is included in the package and other equipment. For Sony, this is ForkPlayer, which has a lot of interesting functions and makes the TV more convenient and enjoyable. But this player can be installed not only on Sony TVs, but also on other devices that run on Android.

  • View online channels, movies and videos from various sites;
  • And also the browser helps to view information on a USB flash drive, or stored in the TV’s memory.

Anyone can add this application to a Sony TV. The player is downloaded either from the official Sony website or from unofficial resources, of course, if you are not afraid to catch a virus or install a low-quality, outdated application.

In addition, there is a standard Smart menu, which is also used as a search application if the user’s usual set of content does not suit the user. You can do whatever you want through the Smart menu, since this is the main tool for operating the device. It reflects any program that works on the TV, and here, this list can be thinned out or replenished.

How to install widgets on Sony Smart TV using ForkPlayer

There are several ways to install widgets on Sony Bravia Smart TV using ForkPlayer. Now we will try to consider the two most popular ways.

  • Open the “Network Connection Settings” in the TV menu;
  • Choose a manual installation method that will allow you to connect or disconnect any module at the user’s request;
  • Further, in the settings, you should change the primary DNS. The added number should look like this: But not the fact that it will work. If you still fail to connect to the network, you can try to bypass it on the other side and use a slightly different set of numbers: When that doesn’t work, the last option is usually ideal: Much depends on the TV model, so it is advisable to try everything;
  • Wait for the connection to the Internet network;

After the connection ends, you should launch the NOW.RU Theta application, although you can use Lifeshow if you go through the Opera Store. This will launch the ForkPlayer widget. It remains to carry out simple settings and you can work.

  • You need to register on the resource;
  • After registration is completed, a message about the ID address will appear on the TV screen, which is assigned to your Sony Bravia TV and from which it will work in the Opera Store for free;
  • You can view the ID like this: go to the Menu, go to the About tab. But you should hurry, because the address is only valid for fifteen minutes, and if you don’t have time to enter it in the field, you will have to send a second request. This can be done by clicking on the #ID icon;
  • Having received the address, you need to bind the device by entering the code in a special line, after which the “Develop” category will appear in the Opera Store;
  • Go to the site by entering its parameters in the URL Loader column and save the information received;

In order to open the section “” and “tray.TV”, in the settings you will also need to change the DNS (DHCP) to or, as in the first option. After installing these widgets, customization of applications will become much more practical and convenient, and the next updates will take a minimum of time.

The ability to install software on Sony Smart TVs

Since 2013, Sony TVs have supported the Sony Entertainment Network, which allows users to access not only the popular Skype applications, etc. but also to streaming services Netflix, Music Unlimited and Video Unlimited. Currently, the company’s specialists have significantly expanded the interface capabilities of their Smart TV receivers, equipping them as standard with such modern technologies as:

  • operating system (OS) Android.TV;
  • Smart-TV application;
  • ForkPlayer browser;
  • Wi-Fi module, etc.

All this has significantly expanded the functionality of “smart” TV equipment, allowing users to independently choose and install the applications they need.

In the domestic market, you can currently find Sony SmartTVs of two types: the first. with the Android-TV OS installed, the second. without it. At the same time, in the first case, television receivers provide the user with the opportunity to install the applications he needs from the Google Play Store into memory. And in the second case, “smart” TV equipment opens access to a large number of on-line services that allow you to watch and / or listen to video and audio content for free, but downloading and installing third-party applications is impossible in it. To determine to which category a particular Smart TV receiver model belongs, its owner must press the Home button on the remote control (RC) and compare the image of the main menu on the screen with the figures below.

Both of the above figures show the main menu of Smart TV receivers without Android OS, but related to different modifications.

Advice! You can determine if a particular TV model is equipped with the Android-TV operating system by unplugging the power cord from the power outlet. The next time you turn on the equipment, a loading splash will appear on the screen, which either looks like a stylized animation with the inscription Android, or is framed only with the image of the Sony Corporation logo.

Installing third-party programs via external storage

Sony Bravia SmartTV TV receivers allow installation of applications from third-party sources, for example, from a flash drive connected via a USB input. How to do this is described on

In this case, the owner of the TV should remember that Sony Corporation is a categorical opponent of illegal distribution of video content. In this regard, before copying an application of interest from a computer to a flash drive, the latter must be formatted correctly and the files must be written in the “correct” format. Otherwise, the Smart TV receiver simply will not see the distribution kit recorded on the flash drive. All requirements for external media are detailed in the pdf-instructions of specific models of television receivers (section “Playing photos / music / video via USB”). You can download this instruction on the official website of the company. For example, for the KDL-40WD653 TV, this is the page.

Installing Apps on Sony SmartTVs with Android-TV OS

Due to the fact that the Smart-TV functionality is based on the Android-TV platform, it will not be difficult for even an inexperienced user to install any application on a Sony Smart TV receiver. As a search application, you can use both the standard Smart menu and the capabilities of the built-in browser (often Google Chrome). And in order to successfully install new programs, the owner of “smart” equipment from Sony will need to update the existing default WEB content.

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Updating existing WEB content

The default applications are updated as follows:

  • on the remote control you need to press the Home button;
  • in the menu that opens, select the “Settings” section;
  • then you need to open the “Network” menu;
  • then you need to select the item “Update Internet content” and run the update program.

The program will automatically connect the Smart TV receiver to the Sony servers and update the applications on its own. The main condition for the successful completion of the process is that during the software update, you cannot press any buttons on the TV and remote control. Also, do not turn off the television or unplug the power cord from the wall outlet.

Installing widgets using the built-in ForkPlayer

There are many ways to install new applications using the built-in ForkPlayer software. In particular, you need to open the “Network connection settings” section in the TV receiver menu and select the “Manual installation” item. Next, you need to change the primary address of the DNS server by specifying, or in the settings. Which of the following addresses is correct depends on the specific TV model, so it is recommended that you try each one. After the “smart” equipment connects to the Internet, you need to launch the NOW.RU Theta application. As a result of these manipulations, the ForkPlayer widget will be activated, with which, after a simple setup, you can work.

A similar result can be obtained if you follow the list of steps below.

  • First, you should register at and get an ID-address assigned to the TV, from which it will work for free in the Opera Store. To see this information, you need to go to the menu, and then go to the About tab. But it should be remembered that the received ID-address is valid for only 15 minutes, after which it will be necessary to send a second request. You can duplicate the application by clicking on the #ID icon.
  • Then the received ID-address must be entered into a special line on the page, thereby linking the TV to the Opera Store. This will open the Develop category.
  • Next, in the URL Loader line of the Develop category that opens, you will need to enter the address, and then go to this site and save the information received.

After installing these widgets, setting up programs will be much easier, and updating them will not take much time.

Series B and C

Now let’s take a look at the boot process for Samsung B and C models:

  • We overload TV;
  • Click on “Internet TV“, then click on the “A” button;
  • Select a user to enter the PIN code;
  • Go to the menu, select “settings”;
  • It is obligatory to select the item “Developer”, there you need to enter the IP address and save;
  • In this window, select the item “Synchronize”;
  • We agree with all actions.

Installing from a USB stick

Installing third-party widgets from flash memory is not possible on all TVs and this process is not easy, but if you follow all the recommendations, you can later use your favorite program on the screen. Samsung Smart TV 6 series and Samsung C and B have such an opportunity.

Important! To install a widget from a flash drive, NstreamLmod must be installed initially.

Let’s take a closer look at how all this happens in the first version of the TV:

  • First of all, on the USB flash drive, you need to create a directory with files containing the downloaded files.
  • Next, we install the peripheral device into the TV and find it in the list of devices.
  • We log into the Smart Hub and launch NstreamLmod.
  • In the letter, select the item “USB Scanner” and see the archives.
  • Click on the desired one and the download process begins.
  • After loading, exit the Smart Hub menu and turn off the TV.
  • We turn on the TV set, go to Smart Hub again and see the program we need in the list.

Reference! In Samsung C and B, installed programs marked “user” will be removed from the USB flash drive during the installation of a new program. To solve this problem, you need to store all the files used in order to restore everything later.

Nuances when installing widgets on TV from a flash drive

Unfortunately, the NstreamLmod application has been functioning in test mode for 30 days; before working with it, you need to make sure that it is still working. You will not be able to install again for free.

But there is a way out of this situation. You need to start LMod and select the list from “Tsnakemana”. Next, click “USB storage” and re-perform all the settings.

Sometimes it knocks out an error when opening the program, but you don’t need to be scared right away, because after the TV is overloaded, you can find and open it through the Smart Hub menu.

F series

On the F-series model, it will not be easy to authorize the user, so before proceeding with the installation of widgets, we will consider this process in more detail. To do this, through the PU, go to the menu, in which we find the Smart functions. The account can be identified by selecting it from the list. We leave the menu by clicking on the checkbox “Remember password”.

  • On the PU, press SmartHub to access additional programs;
  • Click on “Options” and select “IP Settings”;
  • We register the IP address of the server;
  • Click “Start App Sync” to see the list of applications;
  • we reboot the TV if needed.

Series E

Series E differs from others in that after pressing the SmartHub and “A” buttons, the inscription “Samsung account” appears. There is no need to be afraid of him, enter “develop” in the free field, after which we remember or write down the password generated by the TV. Next, click “Login”, after which you can start installing various programs.

  • Log in with your account;
  • Select the “Service” section by clicking on the PU Tools;
  • Find in the options. Developer;
  • After that, we are looking for “IP-address”, where we enter the required IP;
  • At the development point there will be updated programs, to start it, click on “Synchronization of user programs”.

How to download the app

Various apps on Smart TV show how much smarter TVs are. Samsung has a very large number of free widgets and they perform various functions and thereby expand the possibilities.

Additional Information! The company has blocked the ability to install applications from a flash drive and it is not easy to get around this situation.

Every Smart TV owner has no idea what kind of world opens up in front of him with the help of widgets. Depending on their purpose, they are divided into categories in which you can find and choose anything.

  • Online viewing of films, blogs, TV series, concerts, etc.;
  • Music audio players, where you can listen to new music for every taste;
  • Games. here the variety is endless, as they are divided into many subgroups, genres, age categories;
  • Service of additional programs for tracking the exchange rate, world time, weather and other.

First, let’s take a look at the process of downloading the widget to Smart TV:

  • Turn on the TV and go to the main menu, use the remote control for this.
  • We select the “Network” section to make sure that the TV is connected to the Internet.
  • We create an account if it was not installed when the device was purchased. In some devices, it is common to all programs called Smart Hub. If there is no such program, go to the Play Market.
  • In the login line, enter the mail address, come up with and remember the password and click the “I agree with the terms” checkbox. Account is now available.
  • In the “search” item, enter the name of the program that you want to download. If you don’t know what you need, you can go to any widget and read all the necessary information on its page.
  • To download the program, click “Download”. After the end, a window will appear, which will indicate that it is already on your TV and you can use it.

Important! Before downloading the application to your TV, you need to check the availability of memory on the device.