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Should i install iOS 14.4

make, screens

iOS 14.4 is worth installing at least because of the fixes the update contains

The content of iOS 14.4 can hardly be called unique or super-useful, since there should not be any errors in the system by default, and some of the functional innovations that still leaked into the update are unlikely to be appreciated by most users, at least from Russia. In the end, HomePod mini is still not for sale, and the Time to Walk mode is obviously part of the Apple Fitness service. Nevertheless, personally, I would still install. and, in fact, install. iOS 14.4 for several reasons.

Firstly, these are, of course, bug fixes that no-no, and even interfere with the work with the iPhone and iPad. Secondly, Apple has been testing iOS 14.4 for quite some time, despite only releasing two test builds. This may mean that the update turned out to be of high quality and hassle-free (in any case, I would like to believe it). Well, and thirdly, Apple often includes a number of fixes in iOS updates that it does not mention. As a rule, these are fixes for critical vulnerabilities and the most dangerous bugs in the security system.

Apple has released iOS 14.4 for everyone. What’s new

Today, January 26, Apple released the final build of iOS 14.4. The company’s developers prepared the update for launch in just two stages of beta testing, which is quite atypical even for pass-through updates, which take 5-7 stages to test. Even the final beta build of iOS 14.4, which was released last week, was marked as Release Candidate, that is, in fact, it did not differ from the release one, having an identical set of functions and even a build number. Let’s figure out why this happened and whether it is worth installing a new version of the OS.

iOS 14.4 was released, although only two full stages of testing have passed since the launch of the first beta version

Despite the fact that at first Apple was in no hurry to introduce new features in iOS 14.4, by the final stage of beta testing there were quite a few of them. Yes, almost all of this is not very significant or technical changes in the functional range of the operating system, but, one way or another, they are all aimed at improving the user experience.

There are not many iconic innovations in iOS 14.4, but the ones that are are aimed at improving the user experience.

  • Recognition of smaller QR codes;
  • Classification of Bluetooth devices by type;
  • Recognition of counterfeit cameras in the iPhone 12;
  • Time to Walk mode support for Apple Watch;
  • New Unity watch face for Apple Watch;
  • Improved interaction between iPhone and HomePod mini via U1;
  • Simplified wallpaper change in auto mode through “Quick commands”;
  • Touch controls in VoiceOver mode.

How to make a “folder” on iOS where all applications are listed

In addition to functional innovations, iOS 14.4 has a lot of fixes for bugs and shortcomings found in previous versions of the operating system:

  • Fixed an issue that caused artifacts to appear in HDR photos;
  • Fixed an issue where the fitness widget might not update activity data.
  • Fixed a bug that led to incorrect switching of languages ​​on the keyboard;
  • Audio in the News app for CarPlay now plays automatically after talking to Siri;
  • Switch Control activation no longer interferes with receiving phone calls from the lock screen.

Longreads for you

With the introduction of the first Macs with the M1 chip, Apple is not going to stop there. Already in 2021, the company will show several more Macs with ARM architecture, one of which will be the iMac with a radically new design.

The new Mac mini hits power, but how did Apple do it? Has the Mac mini with the M1 changed a lot compared to the Mac mini 2018? Not really. And this is very surprising.

What’s missing from the Apple Wireless Keyboard? Maybe a Touch Bar or an embedded screen? Apple is going to update the Magic Keyboard this year, and judging by the patents, it may well put at least Face ID there. But why?

iPhone X, there are no problems with the 14th axis! All your problems are either in your head or in third-party applications! Yes, yes, Yandex lovers! Remove everything from Yandex and be surprised! It’s about the same with Google, social networks and so on. Do not write to me that if everything is deleted, why the iPhone. We are not talking about everything! Yandex, where the identifier of numbers is, determines well, but at the same time, it always fumbles around on iPhone-friezes and zhor akb! I deleted it and everything was gone! I don’t use VK at all. MordBook also loves resources, limited to the maximum! After installing Google Business, new jokes began, most likely I will refuse!
And yes, I’m not ready to update the iPhone right now, but it would be 11. Not 12! iPhone X, in principle, suits! I compared my work with 11 and 12. The difference is not great. Small marketing features-by! Photo-quite worthy!
I’m not discouraging anyone from buying 11 or 12, it’s up to you to decide. A bit already tired of the whining of people! Appreciate what you have! Money can be put to good use! All good!

how to split screen android smartphone or tablet: method 2

  • just open one desired application in the usual way;
  • long tap on the “square”. and a list of running applications will appear on the half of the screen;
  • in the list we tap another application we need, and it will open in the same part of the screen;
  • moving the part, adjust the size of the windows.

We make 2 windows or 3 ways to split the screen of an Android smartphone or tablet

As you probably already know, the new Android N mobile operating system has a special split screen option as standard, which allows you to use two applications on one screen, that is, open 2 windows at once. And in this post. briefly on how to split the screen in the new Android N.

It is worth noting that this feature is somewhat different from the usual picture-in-picture function, which is, for example, in TVs.

In Android N, split screen is actually a real multi-window mode, and you can activate it in two ways:

how to split screen android smartphone or tablet: method 1

# 1. with a long tap (press and hold) on the multitasking button (standard on-screen Android “square”) open the list of running applications;

# 2. select one of them, “take” its window by the upper part and drag it to the upper or lower (left or right) side of the screen;

# 3. then in the list that will remain in the second part of the screen, select and tap the window of the second application, and it will open on its half of the screen;

# 4. the divider that appears between the two windows can be moved up and down (left-right), thus adjusting their size.

how to split screen android smartphone or tablet: method 3

  • open the quick settings screen (swipe from top to bottom);
  • there we tap and hold down the “Settings” icon (standard “nut”) until it starts to rotate (if it does not want to rotate, then you need to turn on the developer mode and then try again);
  • after a couple of seconds, a notification will appear at the bottom of the screen that System UI Tuner has been added to the settings menu;
  • then tap “Settings”. “System UI Tuner” and there we activate the option of splitting the screen with a gesture, after which it will be possible to split the screen simply by swiping up on the multitasking button.
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You can also exit multi-window mode in Android N in at least two ways: either by a long tap on the multitasking button, or by dragging the separator all the way to the top or bottom (left or right) edge of the screen.

By the way, in addition to the split screen in Android N, there are a couple of new passing features. Firstly, at the top of the list of running applications there is now a “clear all” button, with which you can close unnecessary programs in bulk, and not swipe the windows off the screen one by one, as before. Secondly, you can quickly switch between the current and last open application by double tapping on the multitasking button, i.e. on-screen “square”.

Using a stereo mixer to record sound from your computer

The standard way to record sound from a computer is to use a special “device” for recording your sound card. “Stereo Mixer” or “Stereo Mix”, which is usually disabled by default.

To turn on the stereo mixer, right-click on the speaker icon in the Windows notification bar and select the “Recorders” menu item.

Most likely, you will only find a microphone (or a pair of microphones) in the list of audio recording devices. Click on an empty spot in the list with the right mouse button and click “Show Disabled Devices”.

If as a result of this, a stereo mixer appears in the list (if there is nothing of the kind there, read further and, perhaps, use the second method), then just right-click on it and select “Enable”, and after the device is turned on. “Use by default”.

Now, any sound recording software using Windows system settings will record all sounds from your computer. This can be the standard Windows Sound Recorder (or Voice Recorder in Windows 10), as well as any third-party program, one of which will be discussed in the next example.

Note: for some non-standard sound cards (Realtek), instead of the “Stereo mixer”, there may be another device for recording sound from a computer, for example, on my Sound Blaster it is “What U Hear”.

How to record audio from a computer

In this manual, there are several ways to record sound played on a computer using the same computer. If you have already met a method for recording sound using the Stereo Mix, but it did not work, since there is no such device, I will offer additional options.

I don’t know exactly why this might be needed (after all, almost any music can be downloaded, if we are talking about it), but users are interested in the question of how to record what you hear in speakers or headphones. Although some situations can be assumed. for example, the need to record a voice communication with someone, the sound in the game, and the like. The methods below are suitable for Windows 10, 8 and Windows 7.

Recording from a computer without a stereo mixer

On some laptops and sound cards, the Stereo Mixer device is either absent (or rather, not implemented in the drivers) or for some reason its use is blocked by the device manufacturer. In this case, there is still a way to record the sound played by the computer.

The free program Audacity will help with this (with which, by the way, it is convenient to record sound even in cases where a stereo mixer is present).

Among the audio sources for recording, Audacity supports the Windows special digital interface WASAPI. over, when using it, the recording takes place without converting an analog signal to digital, as is the case with a stereo mixer.

To record audio from your computer using Audacity, select Windows WASAPI as the signal source, and select the audio source (microphone, sound card, HDMI) in the second field. In my test, despite the fact that the program was in Russian, the list of devices was displayed in the form of hieroglyphs, I had to try at random, the second device turned out to be necessary. Please note that if you run into the same problem, then when you set up a blind recording from a microphone, the sound will still be recorded, but of poor quality and with a weak level. Those. if the recording quality is poor, try the next device on the list.

Another relatively simple and convenient recording option in the absence of a stereo mixer is to use the Virtual Audio Cable driver.

Recording sound from a computer using NVidia tools

At one time, I wrote about a way to record a computer screen with sound in NVidia ShadowPlay (only for owners of NVidia video cards). The program allows you to record not only video from games, but also just video from the desktop with sound.

In this case, sound can also be recorded “in the game”, which in the case of switching on the recording from the desktop, it records all the sounds played on the computer, as well as “in the game and from the microphone”, which allows you to immediately record the sound reproduced on the computer, and then what is spoken into the microphone. i.e., for example, you can record the entire conversation in Skype.

I am not technically aware of how the recording takes place, but it also works where there is no “Stereo Mixer”. The final file is obtained in video format, but it is easy to extract sound from it as a separate file, almost all free video converters can convert video to mp3 or other audio files.

This concludes the article, and if something remains unclear, ask. At the same time, it would be interesting to know: why do you need sound recording from a computer?

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There is an excellent program for recording sound from a computer
and from the microphone. moo0 Voice Recorder. It’s free and easy to use.

Alex, will moo0 Voice Recorder record an online phone conversation? I can’t do it with audacity. he writes only one: me or a subscriber.

Telephone conversation, IP softphone, skype, etc. can be recorded only by a program that can record simultaneously from 2 devices. From the microphone and from the speakers.
You can try to do this through a stereo mixer, but you will hear yourself in the speakers, and with a lag, this puts a lot of pressure on the brain.
The best option is special software.
Or UV Sound Recorder if it goes
or Mp3 Recorder 2X. can be found on YouTube

I get education at a distance.
Webinar (completely impossible to record).
Therefore, I separately download the presentation and the voice of the lecturer, without his image and chat.

(on beech Windows 10 pro) the mixer is needed for, there is not even so much recording as sound redirection. please, what would you advise?

If I understood the task correctly, transcription of the speech reproduced on the computer is needed. Here, in theory, an ordinary stereo mixer (or a similar device, if you have a special sound) should work.

Thank! the second method helped, I rummaged through the entire Internet and could not find solutions, but here you have a detailed description of how to use the audicity program without a stereo mixer.

I know about audacity and use it, but I have never tried WASAPI, I thought all the time what kind of scribbles there were, And then, as luck would have it, the stereo mixer disappeared somewhere, although it had always been.

Dmitry hello!
Thanks for the article, especially Audacity. Is there a way through Audacity to capture sound from an analog TV tuner?
Tried all parameters, Audacity can’t see the tuner.
Audacity may not work with tuners?
Tried this scheme:
from the tuner I cling to the sound of VirtualDub (ohm) (video capture)
the sound goes on the PC, then Audacity is recording an audio file through a stereo mixer, but I don’t know if the TV tuner VirtualDub Audacity is too big ?
I do not want to give up Audacity, very convenient post-processing and editing of the resulting file.
P.S. If Audacity doesn’t work with the tuner, are there any Audacity analogs for analog tuners??

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Unfortunately, I will not give a valuable answer here. I myself dealt with such tuners a few years ago for the last time and, as I recall, there was “proprietary” software for recording.
In general, in theory, there should be enough stereo mixer here, but I’m not sure. if I had such a task, I would sit and experiment, looking for the best option.

In theory, you can make a cable from the tuner output to the line-in of the sound card and thus write.

Thanks Dmitry!
yes there is “proprietary” software for the tuner, I just wanted to use Audacity.
I will continue my experiments through the line input

Good morning. I want to record a video from a game with sound. No stereo mixer.
Audacity will record sound in a separate file, or the game video will already be with sound?
What else can you use to record video with sound (I have Windows XP SP3).

Eugene, unfortunately, I don’t know what will work fine in Windows XP. Maybe bandicam will record. Take a look here:

Option 1 with a stereo mixer worked great for me on 10. Thank you very much. I record songs from the Internet radio. for this. and I do not like to put third-party programs on the PC. unnecessarily

Good day! Please tell me more specifically. how to do transcription using the first program.

I won’t tell you, because I don’t know. over, Google suggests that this program itself does not do this.

Good day! I did everything as you have written in the first method to connect a stereo mixer. It became the default device. But the sound from the site is still not recorded. I used the standard Windows program Sound Recorder. What to do?

Thank you, I did not know about the possibilities of Audacity. It’s great.

Thanks a kind person for WASAPI 3 hours I’m worried, I thought Th for the hieroglyphs the first point I tried did not work it was necessary too 2nd.

“I don’t know exactly why this might be needed (after all, almost any music can be downloaded, if we are talking about it),” I also thought so, I needed a soundtrack back to the future 2 End TitleFrom “Back To The Future Pt. II ”Original Score. only in kinopoisk you can listen to it in full quality in chorus, but you can download an excerpt everywhere, plug-ins didn’t help us any protection. XP ha was earlier from the cache pulled both video and audio, with 7 evens it does not work.

Thank you, I didn’t know about the turned off mixer, I tried to record using a microphone. Of course, heaven and earth. thank!

Thank! I will try to figure it out.
Why. I really want at least two soundtracks, but I can’t find it anywhere. (

Thanks for the help. I have been using AUDACITY for microphone recording for a long time, but I used different roundabout ways to record sound from a computer. For example, recording video from the screen. Then. extracting audio from video, reformatting, etc. And everything turned out to be much simpler. Many thanks! And one more thing: I have never seen anything better for recording and editing audio than AUDACITY.

Thank you so much!
super useful info.

So listen to what was recorded through the mixer as?

Thank! You helped a lot!
Very helpful article.

Hello Dmitry.
I want to record stereo sound (song with music) on my computer from two microphones. I plan to use two microphones with tulip plugs, then an adapter to 3.5 jack.
I have a Creative SB X-Fi Xtreme HD Audio Controller PCI and onboard on the motherboard Realtek ALC899 Intel Patsburg PCH. High Definition Audio Controller C-1 PCI.
Is it possible on these., On one of the devices, to carry out our plans?

Here, unfortunately, I cannot answer for sure. In general, the stereo on this sound (which is SB) is accurately recorded, judging by the American forums, but it is not exactly clear through the Mic or Line-In input.
In theory, it could be an idea, but no guarantees.

Dmitry, thank you!
In my Creative SB, the microphone and Line-In are combined with one input. A stereo mixer is provided for the integrated Realtek. If I understand correctly, you don’t need a stereo mixer for Creative. I will try options with both devices. Thanks for Audiocity. Liked.

There, instead of a stereo mixer on Creative, source called “What U Hear” should be provided that the original drivers are.

Do not forget in the same place through the right click “show disconnected” and disabled devices, suddenly there for some reason appeared.

Good evening Dmitry!
I looked with all my eyes. there is no What U Hear in either disconnected or disconnected.

I can’t remotely tell what the matter is. Here are the guys discussing the same sound, for example (also X-Fi, but slightly different), they have What U Hear, or at least appears after installing the correct drivers: 81topic = 5342start = 1140

And I also have SB, though already very different, I also have this source.

Thank you, I’ll watch. As a last resort, I’ll try to get by with the Realtek built-in board: there is a mixer there.

Good day! SB Live! 24 bit. Win7. Playback sources only have “Speakers” and “Digital Audio Interface”. I am trying to record internet radio via WASAPI. Digits interface. he does not see a sound, but big distortions go through the dynamics. Adjusting the recording level does not help. Only the sound makes it quieter.

Original drivers from Creative?
And what is available in recording devices?

7 and without drivers identified it. I also put it from the Driver-pack. The card is old. In general, what I found, I put it. The recording devices have: microphone, Line-in, Auxilary, S-PDIF-In. There is no mixer. There is no graphical interface either. Disconnected and disconnected devices. checkboxes are marked. Most likely this is probably due to the drivers.

Put all the same original ones from Creative by hand. Perhaps the problem will be solved.

I’ll try to search. Thank. Happy New Year!

I looked. I have the latest creative drivers for this card. Reinstalled. Nothing has changed visually. On the “speakers” it goes the same way with distortion. But the program began to see digital sound and the recording on it became normal.

In order for the stereo mixer to appear, you need to install the Realtek HD Audio driver

the stereo mixer option helped. I record video audio from the screen with FastStone Capture

How to sign in Word using the signature line

Now we will analyze how to make a signature in Word using the built-in “signature line” element.

In the Word window, do the following:

  • Right-click on the desired place in the document where you want to insert the signature line.
  • Open the “Insert” menu.
  • In the “Text” group, click on the “Signature Line” button.
  • In the “Signature Settings” window, fill in the fields: “Proposed Signer”, “Position of the Proposed Signer”, and, if necessary, “Email Address of the Proposed Signer”.

After applying the settings, a signature line with an “X” will appear in the document in the place where you need to sign.

Handwriting signature in Word

Documents often use a signature made in advance by a person’s hand for insertion into documents. This gives the document individuality, and in some cases, eliminates the need to sign manually with a pen, in the case of printing a large number of copies of the document in paper form.

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The essence of this method consists in performing several subsequent actions:

  • A person puts a signature on paper or makes a signature in a graphic editor.
  • The signed sheet is saved as an image in a graphic file.
  • The image with the signature is inserted in the desired place in the Word document.

It is not a digital signature, it does not have the legal status of an electronic signature. Such a signature can be used in letters or internally for documents that are not of particular importance.

You can cut a signature from another document, for example, using a screenshot, and then save the screenshot in a graphic file.

Otherwise, you will need to scan the signed paper sheet using an appropriate device. It can be a scanner, a camera, or a camera on your phone.

Now let’s see how to sign a document with a signature in Word.

Make sure the signed image file is the correct size for the font used in this document. If necessary, resize the image in advance or resize the image to the required size in Word.

Move the signature to the desired place in the document. If necessary, add a test before signing.

How to make a line for a signature in Word. 1 way

Documents often use the Word signature line. The line for the signature can be with accompanying text or displayed as a separate paragraph without text.

The signature line is not added to the document according to modern GOST, but this element is often found in office work.

There are several ways to add a line to a document.

Let’s look at a simple way to add a line for a signature with accompanying text, performed by creating a table:

  • On the settings panel, go to the “Insert” menu.
  • In the “Table” group, click on the “Table” button.
  • In the window, select two columns in one row.
  • A row with two columns appeared on the page. We need to fill the columns with the required data.
  • Enter the required text in the first column, for example, job title.
  • Hold down the “Shift” key and at the same time press the “-” (dash) key located in the numeric keypad. Make the line the right length.
  • Press the spacebar (you don’t have to press the spacebar, it depends on what distance you want to have between the signature elements).
  • Then you can leave an empty space or write a surname with initials.

If necessary, drag the edges of the table so that the elements in the cells move closer together.

We need to remove the edges of the table so that they do not appear in the document. To do this, do the following:

  • Highlight the table.
  • Right-click, in the context menu, click on “Table Properties”.
  • In the “Table Properties” window, in the “Table” tab, click on the “Borders and Fill”.
  • In the “Borders and Fill” window, in the “Border” tab, in the “Sample” section, delete all borders of the table by clicking on the borders with the mouse cursor.
  • Click on the “OK” button in both windows.

A signature line with accompanying text appears in a Word document.

How to insert a signature in Word in another document

We have a signature template block that we can insert into another text document so as not to create a new handwritten signature every time.

  • Open or create a new document in Word.
  • Use the mouse cursor to select the place in the document where you want to insert the signature.
  • Enter the “Insert” menu, click on the “Express Insert” button located in the “Text” group.
  • In the opened context menu, hover the mouse cursor over the item “Autotext”.
  • The “General” window will open, in which there will be a block with a signature.
  • Click on the previously created signature block to add to the document.

Line for signature in Word. 2 way

This is a similar way that the line style will be different.

  • Create two cells in one row as in the previous method.
  • Adjust the size and position of the table on the document page.
  • In the first column, write the required text, for example, position or full name.
  • Click on the table with the right mouse button, in the menu that opens, click on “Table Properties”.
  • In the “Table Properties” window, in the “Table” tab, click on the “Border and Fill”.
  • In the “Border and Fill” window, in the “Border” tab, in the “Type:” section, select “no”, and then click on the “OK” button in the two windows.
  • Select the second cell (the cell no longer has borders), in which the line for the signature should be located.
  • Right-click, in the context menu, click on the item “Table Properties”.
  • In the table properties window, in the “Table” tab, click on the “Border and fill”.
  • In the “Border and Fill” window, in the “Border” tab, select the appropriate style for the line, and in the “Sample” section, select the swatch in which the line is at the bottom. The “Apply to” setting must be selected to the “cell”.
  • Click on the “OK” button in both windows.

A signature line appears in a Word document.

How to make a signature in Word. 3 ways

In text documents, a signature in the Word is often used, which serves to officially confirm an order, order, instruction or other business paper, it can be a signature on a work of art to confirm the uniqueness of authorship, etc. The signature of a Word document is important to confirm the legal status or when correspondence with addressees.

Therefore, when working with documents, many users are faced with the need to sign in Word. Several types of signatures can be put in a Microsoft Word document.

In this article we will talk about common signatures: handwritten and printed, used when working in a text editor. In addition to the usual signature, in Word you can make a digital signature, which we do not consider in this material.

The MS Word word processor has different ways to insert a signature into a document. We will consider several methods on how to make a signature in Word:

  • Handwritten signature. A handwritten signature intended to be inserted into documents.
  • Insert signature line.
  • Adding a signature line.

Save handwritten signature to Express Block Collection

You can save your Word document signature, along with the surrounding text, as a template for pasting into other documents. The program creates a building block in one of the block collections, which can then be inserted into any other document.

  • Highlight signature and machine text around signature.
  • In the “Insert” tab, in the “Text” group, click on the “Express Blocks” button.
  • In the context menu, select the item “Save selection to collection of express blocks”.
  • In the Create Building Block window, name the new block.
  • Select the “Autotext” collection.
  • Click on the “OK” button.

Conclusions of the article

If users are wondering how to sign a Word document, there are several ways to add a signature to a text file. Word has the ability to add a handwriting signature, you can make a signature form using a table, or insert a standard signature line.

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