iPhone 11 are there headphones

Apple Airpods headphones. is it worth spending money on this miracle of technology? Comparison of sound with EarPods

So I got these wireless “earbuds”. I didn’t think about buying them for long, just a week. Usually I think much longer about purchasing equipment))

I often listen to music, meditations at home, and at this time I actively move around the rooms and do something, cook. Therefore, I got tired of walking around with headphones and a phone in my or in my hands. Now I can put my phone down and calmly walk around the house, doing anything and listening to tracks.

I talk on the phone quite often at work. But I don’t like to do it without a headset or headphones)) Because I’m afraid for my overheated ears and head during a conversation. Wireless headphones are a real lifesaver for me. I speak more often and do not feel discomfort.

I am a music lover. And very quickly I can tell good sound from not very good one. I sat for an hour and compared the sound with Airpods and EarPods (the wired headphones that come with the iPhone). I can say that the sound from wireless Airpods is much better, it is more spacious, richer, it has more bass.

So those who write and say that wired EarPods and wireless Airpods have sound. are the same, they just didn’t really compare. Now I can no longer listen to music on regular wired EarPods headphones, it seems to me poor.

However, Airpods are still somewhat inferior to EarPods.

Wired headphones have a better microphone. I also carefully compared it))

I often record various screencasts, videos on my laptop, and the clear sound of my voice recording is important to me. So that’s it. wired EarPods performed better in terms of the microphone. So I will also continue to use them, but already mainly for video recording.

But as for talking on the phone, listening to music, meditations, books, then wireless airpods. it is really very, very convenient.

If you have multiple Apple devices, the headphones connect fairly quickly. However, between devices, I constantly have to forcibly switch headphones in the bluetooth settings. For example, from an iPad to an iPhone or from a poppy to an iPhone.

The sound of the headphones can be adjusted with the equalizer, which is in the menu: settings. music. equalizer. Personally, I put “no correction”, and I like it much more.

You can set up a tab on the iPhone where you can always see the charge level of your headphones, case and phone. Very comfortably.

If the headphones are lost, you can find them through Find My iPhone or find my device. I did not lose))

It turns out that Airpods can be used to listen to what’s going on around the phone. But I have not tried this function yet.

The headphones work up to 3 hours of talk time and up to 5 hours of listening to music. The total charge of the case is enough for 24 hours of using the headphones. You can use the headphones one at a time. For example, we take one earphone and put it in a case, while we use the other. After 10 minutes, you can take the first earbud and use it while the second is charging. I confirm that everything is so. And it is very convenient!

She’s not there, but I don’t need her. I just wanted headphones with which I could hear everything that was happening around. If you want louder music, then the sound of the music slightly overlaps the noise, but not 100%.

What about if Airpods fall out of your ears?

They don’t fall out for me, but I haven’t run with them or do push-ups yet))

At first I had pains, but that was because I did not insert them correctly into my ears. Need to get used to.

In general, at the moment I am very pleased with the purchase and do not regret it at all (although, of course, the cost of the headphones is not at all democratic)). My case is still in good condition, but I think I’ll buy a case for it in the near future.

Should you buy Airpods wireless headphones?

They are especially relevant if you talk a lot on the phone and you are tired of holding the phone to your ear. And also if you like listening to music while walking or jogging. Well, still. if you are as busy as me))) That is, if you are a fan of doing something around the house, while listening to something.

The center button on the headphones can

When listening to music on your iPod:

  • One quick press: Play. Pause
  • Double quick press. switch song forward (Next Track)
  • Triple quick press. switch song back (Previous Track)
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If used for conversations:

  • One quick press. receiving a call
  • Double quick press. drop an incoming call
  • Press and hold the button for a few seconds. voice call. iPhone itself will dial the phone number after you say the name of the person in the address book.

The other two buttons are used to increase or decrease the volume level, both during a conversation and when listening to music.

One button may not be as convenient as several different ones, but that’s Apple. ease of use comes first! 🙂

What the headphones look like when used:

And this is how the headphones look like when used. You can clearly see where the control panel is located.

Unfortunately, due to Apple’s desire to combine a microphone for talking and a remote control, it is placed high enough on the right earphone cord, which is good for talking, but not usual for controlling the iPod. Users didn’t like this fact, but as they say, it’s a matter of habit. After using the headphones, you quickly get used to the remote control. You can freely hide your iPhone in your or bag and at the same time have full access to the player, answer calls, and even make calls using voice communication.

Headphones for iPhone with a microphone, instructions for use

Headphones for iPhone are the most essential accessory in the arsenal of irreplaceable items. The same simple, stylish and of course. high quality, like all Apple technology. Created in a strict style and only in white color scheme. They are able to reproduce high-quality, deep sound saturated with both low and high frequencies. The headphone also has a built-in microphone for making calls. Headset for iPhone, you can also call these headphones.

How to use the remote control on iPhone headphones?

The remote control on the iPhone headphones is made in the style of Apple, ingeniously simple and straightforward. The remote is equipped with three functional buttons that do 100% of the tasks

The central button on the control panel has several functions that need to be dealt with in more detail. This button can switch between pause or playback of a track (Play. Pause), accept or reject a call, or quickly double-click to switch the song in the playlist to the next track. Also, Apple slightly changed the center button and now with a quick triple click you can go to the previous track.

Headphones for iPhone. simplicity and convenience

Why are they so fond of standard, original iPhone headphones? Headphones (or a headset, whatever you want, call it that) that come with the Apple iPhone are really very comfortable and practical. The headset will allow you to communicate on the phone without hands, using a microphone, and will also become an indispensable accessory when listening to music. The headphones have a remote control for your iPhone‘s iPod that can switch songs, turn up the volume, or pause. And all this can be done with a small external control panel.


The overall impression of the remote control remains positive. Form factor makes it easy to find and use the desired button by touch.

Lighting-headphones and adapters do not work. why do they turn off?

Hello everyone! Starting with the iPhone 7, Apple has removed the 3.5mm headphone jack and most likely will not revert to this outdated (in its opinion, arguable) interface in all subsequent models of its mobile devices. This means that, willy-nilly, Lighting-headphones (or special adapters) will gain popularity. You just can’t get away from this. you want to listen to music.

No, of course there are also Bluetooth “ears”, but they have a couple of significant drawbacks. Firstly, they are not included with the iPhone. Secondly, the price. Therefore, congratulations to all of us. the era of a new interface has come. But along with this “wonderful” event, as usual, problems come. where can we go without them? The fact is that in some cases the iPhone may either not see the Lighting-headphones at all, or they will simply turn off after some time, and the user will see the inscription on the screen. “the product is not supported”.

Why is this happening? Let’s figure it out now, let’s go!

In addition to headphones, the article should also consider adapters with Lighting to 3.5 mm. Indeed, in essence, it is practically the same thing. Their input is the same, but only the output will differ. either two ears or a 3.5 mm interface.

Probably, it is worth starting with “global” problems and listing the reasons why the headphones in the iPhone do not work at all:

  • Dirt and dust in the Lighting connector. You can gently remove dirt with a folded piece of paper, a toothpick, or a brush. Once again, I repeat that you do not need to use metal objects for this procedure.
  • Ingress of moisture. Of course, all modern iPhones are water resistant, but this does not mean that headphones should be plugged into a socket filled with liquid. Better wait for it to dry.
  • Check if it’s paired with a bluetooth headset or speaker? Perhaps the iPhone “sends” the sound to these accessories.
  • Damaged audio codec or Lighting connector. Most often, “trouble does not come alone” and all this is characterized by additional problems. In the first case, there will be no sound not only in the headphones, but also in the speakers. In the second, the iPhone will refuse to charge. What to do? Go to the service center. Because if you can somehow replace the connector “at home”, then you can rewire the audio codec without special equipment more likely no than yes.
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But do not immediately run to the workshop, because there is another reason for the inoperability of the “ears” and it, in my opinion, is the most common. True, most often she has slightly different symptoms

Let’s imagine that the headphones still work through the adapter, but they do it somehow strange after a while they turn off (the screen displays an inscription. the accessory is not supported), and the sound starts to be output to the speakers.

And if you pull them out and insert them, then nothing changes. A forced restart of the iPhone saves for a short time, but after a couple of songs, the shutdown is repeated. What is the reason?

It is worth noting the main thing: it’s not about the software. flashing, resetting, and other manipulations will not help.

It’s simple. the problem lies in the Lighting headphones and adapters themselves, since such problems occur only with non-certified accessories. “The Chinese do not sleep” and the market is simply overwhelmed with non-original products.

over, sometimes it is very difficult to distinguish them visually. they look exactly like real Apple accessories. But there is one trick here, which they have not yet learned to fake. just connect the adapter to the Lighting connector of the iPhone, look at the screen and in the pop-up window it may be written:

  • USB 2.0 Device.
  • USB Audio Device.
  • Headphones.

Only the last inscription indicates that you are using a certified accessory. Everything else may indicate that the adapter is not original, which means you need to prepare for poor sound quality, periodic shutdowns and other “joys”.

Why is this happening? The fact is that Apple uses a special chip in its Lighting accessories, which ensures full compatibility and high-quality work with iOS devices. And so to fake it, most likely, it has not yet been possible.

The variety of colors confuses

To be honest, I was not at all impressed by the colors of the iPhone 11. The iPhone XR looked much prettier, each color played out bright emotions in the sun.

And now now everything is rotten, the iPhones have become noticeably paler. This is especially evident when comparing the yellow models. Joy was gone, it was replaced by longing and sadness.

And I, apparently, am not alone. All green and purple iPhones have already been bought in Russia. Why?

White and black colors are classic. Already boring.

Yellow is dull. Quite ordinary and unremarkable.

iPhone 11 Unboxing. What’s Included!

Green, red and purple are unusual shades. Apple clearly enjoyed making green iPhones this year, and they have gained popularity because of the rarity of the color itself. And you still have to try to find a purple smartphone. And red well, it’s just red, amazing as always.

Last year, editorial opinions on the colors of the iPhone XR differed. But this year everyone agreed on one thing: green is the best of the presented line.

Night photo. Doesn’t work everywhere

This is probably one of the strengths of the iPhone 11. It is awesome at capturing shots in low light: a lot of small details appear, the picture becomes brighter and richer. Even in the lowest light, you will see what is in front of you.

But here we are talking only about the main camera of the device. Super wide angle does not know how to dark, in general.

iphone, there, headphones

iPhone 11. Time 19:00, main camera

iPhone 11 Unboxing & Impressions! What’s New?

iPhone 11. Time 22:30, main camera

iPhone 11. Time 22:15, main camera

iPhone 11. Time 22:30, ultra-wide-angle camera

iPhone 11. Time 21:20, main camera

Surround sound. Meet Dolby Atmos

The sound in iPhone 11 is amazing. This is probably the best thing I’ve heard on smartphones in principle.

There are two speakers left: the lower and upper speaker, which has become stereo since the days of the iPhone 7. Both began to give out more detail, a hint of bass appeared, and the volume increased by one and a half times. Feels like iPhone is now as loud as some small portable speaker.

Now imagine that there are several such columns around you. They all move individual sounds around the head. This works Dolby Atmos in iPhone 11. It is not noticeable in music in Apple Music, but it is clearly distinguishable in iTunes movies. I checked on Mission: Impossible: Consequences.

Please note that not all movies support Dolby Atmos. Look for the matching caption under the tuna movie poster.

Cameras in iPhone 11 shoot amazing

Perhaps the biggest innovation in the iPhone 11 is the camera. And both in the case of the iPhone XR, and with other models.

Before us are two lenses: a regular 12 MP and an ultra wide angle 12 MP. There is no telephoto in this iPhone, it was left for the iPhone 11 Pro.

There is no optical zoom, none at all. Maximum you can use only 5x digital zoom when taking photos and 3x for video.

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There will be slightly less detail in the frame when zooming in.

Actually, this is where the differences between the cameras of the iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro end. The other two lenses are absolutely identical:

▪️ Primary wide-angle f / 1.8 ▪️ Second ultra-wide-angle f / 2.4

With an ultra wide-angle camera, you can capture twice as many objects in photos and videos. Even when shooting a normal video at “super wide”, shaking is hardly noticeable. In this regard, Apple really pleasantly surprised.

What else I liked was the almost seamless switching between cameras. This is the part where Apple just trampled the competition.

Seriously, take any fancy flagship with an ultra wide-angle camera and switch to it from a regular one. You will clearly see the transition between them. IPhone 11 and up don’t have this problem, just zoom in and out.

iPhone 11. Ultra-wide-angle camera

iPhone 11. Portrait Mode

iPhone 11. Portrait Mode

iPhone 11. Ultra-wide-angle camera

iPhone 11. Panorama with ultra-wide-angle camera

And now you can always see what the super-wide head “sees”. When photographing with a regular camera, the black frames around the viewfinder window become translucent. When you take a photo with the main camera, two versions of the image are stored in memory: normal and wide. You can view them through the edit menu.

The front camera has also become a little wider, due to which more than one person is now placed in the frame. And the “selfie” itself looks thinner than when shooting with the main camera. And the video is now captured at 4K60FPS.

Also, the front camera has learned to shoot Slowy. slow motion videos. What for? I don’t know, I couldn’t find the reasons for introducing this function. Unless you shake your cheeks once at the camera and say “ha-ha, cool”. For me personally, this is the first “feature for the sake of feature” in the iPhone. But Apple clearly has big plans for this option, since it even registered a separate trademark.

It’s a perfectly balanced iPhone

How great the iPhone 11 feels after the iPhone XS Max. The novelty is lighter than last year’s flagship by 14 grams, and you can feel it.

This is pure subjectivity, but I never liked shovels like the Plus and Max models. I considered 5.8-inch smartphones to be the ideal, and 6.1-inch smartphones. a compromise, for whom 5.8 is not enough, but 6.5 is a lot.

Now I have changed my mind. Due to its weight, the iPhone 11 is as secure and comfortable as possible in the hand. This is definitely not a compromise, but an independent smartphone for everyone.

iphone, there, headphones

IPhone 11 Thickness. 8.3mm, iPhone XR Thickness. 8.3mm

There is no “airiness” from the iPhone 11 Pro, but you do not think that you are carrying a brick with you in the form of an iPhone 11 Pro Max, as Nikita noted in his review.

And the thickness of the devices plays a role. Due to the denser body, balance is felt, nothing outweighs anywhere. Harmony in all aspects.

Are iPhone wireless earbuds suitable for Android?

Don’t be afraid to buy an Apple gadget for your Android phone. Of course, not all control functions are available on Android OS, but this is not displayed in sound playback. All you have to do is sync your devices to start listening to music.

How to connect Airpods to Android?

To successfully pair the devices, you need to do the following:

  • Turn on the “Bluetooth” function on the smartphone.
  • Open the case without removing the device.
  • Press the button on the back of the case and hold it until the green indicator turns white.
  • In the Bluetooth section on your smartphone, select the “Airpods” device and connect to it.

After the process is complete, the sound of the media files running on the phone will start playing.

Are Apple Earbuds Compatible with Android

Apple wireless headphones connect to Android. The gadget is synchronized with a smartphone via the “Bluetooth” function.

Before using an iPhone headset with Android, the nuances should be noted:

  • Voice control is not available. The fact is explained by the incompatibility with the OS. The headset successfully performs voice commands on the phone only using the Siri voice assistant installed on iPhones.
  • Charging level viewing and control is not available. This function is activated only when syncing with iPhones.
iphone, there, headphones

Music playback does not stop when headphones are removed, as it does with iPhones.

Are Apple Wireless Earbuds Suitable for Android: How to Connect

Apple’s wireless earbuds for Android became popular right after their release. Airpods after the release became popular not only among users of iOS devices, but also Android.

Why iPhone headphones don’t work on Android

Headphones from iPhone are suitable for Android smartphones. Possibly the problem is related to incorrect connection.

It is recommended to try pairing again:

  • Put the device in the case.
  • Press and hold the pairing button on the back of the case until the indicator light turns white.
  • Connect to the device via “Bluetooth” on the phone.

You may need to repeat the procedure several times until a successful sync is achieved. Airpods are available for all phones.