IPhone 6 won’t charge what to do

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There are many reasons why the iphone 6 does not charge, and it is not always easy for an ordinary user to understand them. One of the most common reasons is a breakdown of the charging connector, which over time can become loose or completely fail. If the gadget was exposed to rough mechanical stress, for example, fell, then most likely the problem is in the broken connector. It can also stop functioning due to oxidation of the contacts, as well as corrosion and dirt and dust that have got into it. Often, the iPhone 6 does not charge if it gets wet; in order to avoid such troubles, the gadget is not recommended to be used in the rain and on the beach, where the air humidity is very high.

Another vulnerable point of an electronic device is the power microcircuit, it is a microchip, the correct operation of which determines the charging process. If the iphone 6 does not charge, and the breakdown was preceded by the use of a “non-native” charger, then, most likely, the reason is precisely the breakdown of the power controller. The essence of the problem lies in the fact that when using an unsuitable charger, the controller may be exposed to excessively high voltage, after which the gadget stops responding to any kind of chargers.

Very often, the iPhone 6 does not charge due to problems with the strapping of the power chip. Such a breakdown occurs due to the fall of the device, or strong blows, it is very difficult to diagnose it yourself. In case of problems with the power supply piping, diagnostics at the service center is required.

An equally common cause of breakdown is an inoperative battery, which can be damaged by a variety of mechanical influences. Moisture penetration under the body of the gadget, the use of non-certified accessories, various electrical damage due to voltage drops in the network. these are just a few reasons why the battery may break.

If your iPhone 6 is not charging from USB, do not worry and think about serious breakdowns ahead of time. It is likely that a broken charger is the culprit. First of all, you need to check the cable and USB port for functioning with other devices. The most common types of breakdowns are contamination of the power adapter and working charging connector, as well as cable malfunction. Sometimes the iPhone 6 won’t charge from the computer due to the fact that there is simply not enough power to recharge it (for example, if the laptop is less than half charged).


iphone 6 won’t charge: root causes of the problem


How to avoid damage to the charging system?

Consultation with a service center specialist and quality repairs are necessary regardless of the reason for the iphone 6 not charging. What to do to avoid possible breakdowns? The answer to this question is very simple:

  • protect the gadget from shocks and other rough mechanical impact;
  • try to use only a certified charger for recharging;
  • use the iPhone as little as possible in adverse weather conditions (in too hot and frosty weather, as well as in the rain);
  • do not leave the device connected to the network for a long time unnecessarily;
  • use voltage stabilizers or charge the gadget through a computer, via a USB port.

These simple tips will help you avoid the most common breakdowns and ensure reliable operation of your gadget for years to come.

  • Replacing the charging cable
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iPhone is dead and won’t turn on. what to do?

Recently a friend asked for help. Said that his iPhone is dead and won’t turn on while charging. What to do in a similar situation? Personally, I am a fan of the Android operating system, so I went to the Internet for answers. I “dug up” several ways that can help, but not always. Now let’s look at the instructions for the iPhone.

Common problem

Judging by the messages on the forums, such a negative phenomenon is rare, but it does take place. And this must be somehow dealt with. It is good that in the overwhelming majority of cases you can do without going to a service workshop. This means you can save a lot of money (yes, repairing the iPhone 7 and other models is not cheap).

Why won’t my Apple smartphone turn on after plugging in the power adapter? The reasons are as follows:

  • The device was in a discharged state for a long time (from several days or more);
  • A software failure has occurred;
  • The charging socket is damaged, or there is another hardware failure preventing the phone from being powered up.

If iPhone is dead and won’t charge. what to do?

Based on the listed factors, we will consider effective solutions.

  • When the battery is completely exhausted, connect the original “charger” to the iPhone, connect it to the mains and wait about fifteen minutes. At first, the screen will be black, but later an icon should appear indicating the start of the process:

Suddenly Afyon 6 does not start even after half an hour, but a “hint” appears on the display. they say you need to connect to the outlet, then do the required operation and wait at least four hours until the resource is 100% restored:

  • If there is a software-type failure (the methods listed above are powerless), then you will have to resort to a “hard reset”. Hard Reset is simple, but after it all installed applications, data are deleted, that is, you get an iPhone with a clean firmware.

It is necessary to hold down and hold two buttons on the case. Home and Power (inclusion). If you have a new iPhone that doesn’t have a Home control, then hold down Volume instead:

Do not release until the display shows “bull’s-eye”. This usually happens in twenty seconds. The first start after the reset will take longer than usual, you will have to wait. And then immediately put it on charge, after which you can restore information from iCloud.

If it doesn’t help

I don’t want to upset you, but if the listed solutions to the problem are ineffective, most likely the reason is a hardware failure:

  • The battery is completely dead. it will need to be replaced at a service center;
  • Charging cable damaged. try using a different one;
  • The slot for connecting the power supply is broken. you will have to contact the SC to replace the connector;
  • Critical failure of the base “firmware”. alas, you won’t do anything at home.

Now you know what to do if the iPhone is dead and does not turn on even when the charger is connected. Try it and be sure to write in the comments which method was useful for you.

iPhone Won’t Charge to 100%: What to Do? 6 tips

Hello everyone, over time the iPhone starts to drain faster. We are accustomed to this and react calmly. But it happens that the iPhone is not fully charged. For example, it stops at 96% and does not reach 100. Charge it all night. What to do in this case? Sell? Repair? Let’s figure it out together. Go!

Hard reset iPhone. This can help if the problem is a small system glitch.

For iPhones without a Home button or with a touch button (iPhone 7 and newer): With the iPhone turned on, press the volume up button = press the volume down button = long press the power button. First, the usual “slider” will appear with a switch off. Without releasing the button, wait for the Apple logo. Now you can let go. This procedure cannot delete data from the phone, it’s just an emergency reboot and that’s it.

For iPhones with a physical Home button (iPhone 6S and older): simultaneously hold down the Power and Home buttons. Don’t let go until the apple logo appears.

Battery Calibration. If you haven’t turned off or completely discharged your iPhone for a long time, then this may help. What we do: completely discharge the phone and let it lie down for at least 10 minutes. Then fully charge, try to use your iPhone as little as possible while charging. Check the level to which the iPhone is charged. Even if you haven’t even reached 100, you still have to accumulate more than before calibration. Important: if the percentage has increased, but still not 100: do not repeat the procedure. Full discharges will harm the battery, wait a while and repeat if you have already decided.

Replacing the adapter. This method will be useful to a lot of people. The charging unit fails: it starts to warm up, give out less current. This can happen even if you are using only the original charger. If she is already many years old, then this is a reason to think. Also: non-original charges can be too slow. For example: they found some kind of adapter at home, but it was bundled with a very old phone or for some other gadget that needs 0.5A. Let me remind you that the regular iPhone block gives out 1A.

Replacing the cable. Everything is simple here: if the original cable is very old or damaged, then try charging with another one. Important: when buying non-original laces, do not buy the cheapest options from the transition. Better yet, choose well-known brands: Rock, Hoco, Ugreen and others. Why: nouns may not pass the required current; can get hot, which can harm the phone.

It’s time to replace the battery. If your iPhone is no longer young and shows a maximum capacity of less than 70%, then it is likely that this is the case. How to find out the remaining battery capacity: “Settings” = “Battery” = “Battery status”.

Contact the service. This is a good option, because it can be not only in the battery, but also in the charging connector or the internal controller.

3 Reason. Lightning cable

Whether original or not, they all fall into disrepair. Some are faster, others are longer. So just try another one. The main thing is that it fits the iPhone. charging was in progress, the charge controller in the phone should accept it.

5 Reason. the socket is dirty

A banal reason. the socket where the cable is connected is dirty. It can be cleaned with a cotton swab, toothpick, or blown out. You should not climb there with a needle, you can close the contacts. Also, this can happen when moisture gets in and, as a result, oxidation of the contacts.

Interesting! If you can’t find the problem at all, try restarting your iPhone. This will completely reset its settings to factory defaults.

iPhone Won’t Charge: Why and What to Do

The situation when the iPhone stopped charging can happen for several different reasons, which we will try to determine ourselves today.

So, it will turn out to find out why the problem started at all and, if possible, eliminate it. In some cases, even no action is required from the user.

In the past, you learned how to charge your iPhone correctly. Now we will look at what to do when the iPhone does not charge or turn on, while charging may be working properly.

iPhone won’t charge. why and what to do

6 Reason. battery

Go to the device settings, open the “Battery” section and go to its state. The lower the value is shown, the more likely it is the problem.

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iPhone is charging slowly

Often, after a system update, the first few charges of the phone are very slow. The system calibrates the battery, within a day or two everything is normalized.

This can also be the case when you charge it over the Lightning cable via USB 2.0. The problem is either the port or the cable. You can try plugging it into USB 3.0.

After 80%, iPhone always charges slower. This is a built-in battery calibration function. Disabled in the battery status settings, the item is called “Optimized charging”.

According to the developers, the function should generally adapt to the user and only turn on charging after 80% when the iPhone is normally charging. In fact, it just charges more slowly after 80%.

1 Reason. system

If the phone does not charge or shows an incorrect charge level, then first of all turn off the iPhone and turn it on again. This will ensure that the problem is not with the system.

Always, first of all, turn off and turn on the device first. It really helps when the iPhone just starts to glitch.

iPhone Won’t Charge. Software Reasons

Among the reasons why it is impossible to charge the iPhone, there are software reasons, and some experts call them prevailing. The main software reason is a software malfunction (at the level of the smartphone’s firmware), which for some reason does not give commands to the phone’s controller to charge, therefore charging simply does not occur.

Also, the reason why the iPhone refuses to charge is the user using an incorrect (custom) firmware in his device (similar firmware is available for versions of the first generation iPhone, iPhone 3G and 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4Rev A).

iPhone won’t charge but shows it is charging. what to do

Some of the iPhone users may face a situation where, when the charger is connected, their smartphone simply does not charge, and the culprits for this dysfunction may be the reasons for both hardware and software levels. In this article, I will tell you what to do if the iPhone does not charge, but shows that it is charging, I will describe the causes of this problem and the features of the methods for solving it.

iPhone Won’t Charge. Hardware Reasons

The reasons iPhone won’t charge but shows it charging are as follows:

  • Damage (breakage) of the cable. If your cable has been damaged (physical wear and tear, animals, children, etc.) then you will not be able to charge your iPhone, and in some cases you will see signs of charging, but de facto it will not happen;
  • Broken charging port (Lightning). Usually caused by physical wear and tear, as well as strong (sharp) movements of the user when connecting and disconnecting the cable;
  • Port clogged with dirt. In the process of long-term use of the phone, staying it on various fleecy (dirty) surfaces, the jack can become clogged with small pieces of wool, dirt, dust, and others, which leads to insufficient contact of the cable plug with the port;
  • Charger problem. For some reason (physical wear or incomplete compliance with the declared characteristics) your device does not give the declared charging parameters (usually 5V and 1A), and this leads to various problems with charging the smartphone. This is especially true for devices from little-known manufacturers (the so-called “noname”);
  • Battery problem (usually wear and tear). Over time, the battery depletes its life and needs to be replaced. If you have been using your iPhone for a long time, or purchased it from your hands, then it is likely that the battery of your device has exhausted its resource;
  • Physical damage to the phone board. If your phone received any physical damage, fell or experienced any other mechanical stress, then it is quite possible that they adversely affected its functionality, including the ability to charge it;
  • Problems in the controller responsible for charging the phone.

How to fix iPhone charging issue

So, if you have a situation that your iPhone is not charging, but shows that it is charging, then do the following:

  • Try to completely discharge your device and then charge it;
  • Hard reset your device. Hold down the On / Off and Home buttons with the device turned on, and hold until the screen turns off and the Apple logo appears on it again (it may take 30 seconds). After rebooting, try charging your smartphone again;
  • Try using your cable with a different iPhone. If charging still does not occur, replace the cable;
  • If, when the cable connected to the port moves, the charging turns on and off. it is quite possible that the port does not contact or is simply broken. Replace the port at the service center;
  • Unplug your phone, take a wooden toothpick and gently pick up any debris that has accumulated in the socket. Do the procedure as gently and carefully as possible so as not to damage the contacts. Under no circumstances use any material that is highly conductive (for example, a metal pin), you can short-circuit the contacts and harm your device;
  • Try your charger with a different iPhone. If charging still does not occur, replace (repair) the charger;
  • Recover via iTunes. Connect your iPhone to iTunes on your computer, click on “Device” on the top left, then click on “Backup” and wait until the procedure is complete. Then click on Restore and wait for the process to complete;
  • Check the charge controller (or the bottom cable) at the service center. If your iPhone doesn’t charge, loses power quickly, gets very hot, then this may be an indicator of the controller’s “guilt”. If the controller is out of order, repair (replace) it;
  • Replace the battery. If you have been using the phone for a long time, the battery may have worn out. Replace it.
  • Contact the nearest service center, perhaps a significant breakdown of the board of your smartphone due to any accidental physical impact.

How to tell if your iPhone has stopped charging?

When iPhone is charging properly, a lightning bolt icon appears next to the battery icon in the status bar, and a large battery icon also appears on the lock screen. If, when the charging cable is connected, charging does not start, or visually charging is in progress, but the phone does not charge at the same time, these are signs of a problem.

Find out if there is a problem with iPhone components

The rarest reason iPhone won’t charge is due to a malfunction of the internal components of the device. For example, the power or charging controller may fail. If the problem lies in the microcircuit, the situation is solved quite simply: replacing the chip with a new one in the service center. Such a procedure will not cause any particular difficulties for good specialists and will cost about three thousand rubles.

The power controller can fail if you frequently connect the device to uncertified chargers (for example, car chargers or cheap analogs of the original cable). The bottom cable may also be responsible for charging problems. It can fail as a result of mechanical damage. In any case, only high-quality diagnostics will help to determine the problem with the internal components.

Check charger

The second most common problem might be a cable or adapter malfunctioning when you try to charge your iPhone. To begin with, you should try another USB port and a different adapter, something of this could simply fail. The original iPhone adapter is a very durable accessory, but even it can break. To test the performance of the adapter, it is enough to take any other with a voltage of 5 volts and a current strength of 1 ampere and connect a smartphone to it.

Try to troubleshoot iOS firmware issues

Not the most common problem while trying to charge the device: problems with the iOS firmware. First you need to make sure your device has the latest software. If this does not help, you should try hard resetting your smartphone (by simultaneously pressing and holding the Home and Power buttons). Such a procedure will reset the software control of the controller, a normal software reboot in this case may not work.

Check if the battery is worn out

If all of the above methods don’t work, a possible reason the iPhone won’t charge could be battery wear. IPhone battery is warranted for a year. After the expiration of this period, the battery remains operational for several more years.

How To Fix iPhone That Won’t Charge

If the smartphone battery has served its purpose, only replacing the battery at a service center will help, depending on the model.

Get iPhone out of “full discharge”

If the iPhone runs out of power and refuses to turn on after that, you need to follow these steps:

  • Hold down the “Power” and “Home” buttons for at least 10 seconds.
  • Release keys when the Apple logo appears on the display.
  • Wait until the operating system is fully loaded.
  • Turn on and off silent mode if the smartphone has not booted.
  • Repeat the above steps until the result is achieved.

What to do if iPhone won’t charge?

The iPhone may not charge for completely different reasons: from cable malfunction and mechanical damage to software failure and malfunction of device components. Below is a step-by-step guide. what to do if the device has stopped charging.

Watch a video on what to do if your iPhone won’t charge:

What to do if iPhone 6 won’t charge?

First of all, don’t panic. In some cases, a simple iOS reboot is sufficient. We connect the device to the power supply through the socket and hold down the “OFF / ON” and “Home” buttons.

What to do if the reason for the iPhone 6’s reluctance to charge remains uncertain?

In such cases, it is necessary to contact experienced specialists from service centers or repair shops working with these devices. In our service, with the help of specialized equipment, they will diagnose the breakdown, identify its cause and quickly repair the device, using original components, if necessary.

IPhone 6 won’t charge? What can be done

Today, the iPhone 6 is not only a fashionable gadget and a symbol of high technology, but also an indicator of the success of its owner. Therefore, when any malfunctions occur with such a device, it becomes a serious problem for its owner. The most common cases when iPhone 6 won’t charge. Let’s see why such a problem may arise, and what should be done in such cases.

The most common types of breakdowns that are identified by service center specialists:

  • charger problems;
  • getting various objects into the charging connector or wearing it out;
  • the power controller is broken;
  • failure of the battery of the device.

If this does not help, several options are possible.

When the device issues a notification that such an “accessory” is “not supported” by the device, the damage in most cases is in the lower cable of the charging mechanism. Such a breakdown is quickly eliminated (in a matter of hours) in a service center serving such devices.

If this inscription is not present, and the iPhone 6 still does not charge, then there is a possibility of failure of the microcircuit that manages the power. The reason for this problem is in power surges or damage to this element for another reason.

The way out is the same as in the previous case. contacting a specialized workshop.

The original feature of the device, in contrast to the previous modifications, is the charging option using a device used in iPads. over, if not original types of adapters are used, but cheap Chinese counterparts, they can lead to a similar breakdown.

Also, iPhone 6 may not charge due to a defective battery. In such cases, it is enough to simply replace it.

8 questions to “iPhone 6 won’t charge. How to fix iPhone 6?

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The problem is this: when the iphone6 ​​is turned off when connected to charging, it turns on but there is no charge, there is no lightning icon, it costs a long time, then at some point it starts charging, you turn off charging, it reacts to it for a while, then the same thing. The battery is very worn out, can it be the reason for this behavior of the phone??

Hello! I have such a problem with my phone there are several chargers, one original. And the power goes constantly from different charges! I need to connect everything, see what kind of charging will go this time, and then put the phone on it to charge. To be honest, I’m tired of playing with him, he chooses what charge he will eat today…. what could it be?

hello such a problem; iPhone 6-after watching a second video “specially made for iPhones from which he immediately catches a glitch (of course he did not know about it before watching), android does not see this glitch and it does not go noticeably.” he was buggy and immediately rebooted HOME and POWER. after that the phone turned on, I started watching another video and it was very hot instantly. I turned it off and put it on charge. The next day I noticed that it sits down the battery 2 times faster and after that it charges slower instead of the usual 2.5 it took 6 hours and It seems sometimes it ceases to see the charger. But I talked with the guys who also watched this video (they also had a glitch in all of them), but this was not!
in general, what is the problem if you can tell me please. before this video everything was fine.

Good day! Started charging iPhone 6 in the car. 10 seconds everything is ok. Then everything went out. Doesn’t turn on anymore. How serious is it? Min and max cost of repairs sound pliz. And the timing? Well and a guarantee if any?

There may be problems with the battery, the approximate cost of the repair will be from 2,000 to 6,000 thousand, because a short circuit may have gone all over the motherboard. We give a guarantee for six months, during the day we will try to make.

does not charge 6 iPhone changed the cable twice. shows everything as it was the device does not support this accessory. I returned the loop that was originally standing because it revealed the reason is not in it, reinstalled IOS through the sync connector, during the installation process, the phone was disconnected from the sync with the PC. As a result, I came to the conclusion that the breakdown is not in the loop and charging. and in the power controller or U2. Tell pzhl soldering in your service of this breakdown how much it will cost and how quickly do it.
Thanks for attention.

There was the same garbage, find it on the internet how to restart the iPhone by pressing the buttons in succession, it should help!)

IPhone 6 won’t charge

Regardless of the model or production date, it often happens that the iPhone 6 does not charge. Users of such faulty devices do not know what to do to resume the normal functioning of the device in confusion. We recommend that you do not repair complex gadgets at home, but immediately go to a specialized service center for advice.

What to do. iPhone 6 stopped charging from the outlet and from the computer? To begin with, we advise you to check the charger itself, because it is it that most often breaks down or burns out. If the charging is working properly, then we check the following points:

  • Presumably the connector was mechanically damaged. If this is confirmed, then it is necessary to change the connector with the original analogue;
  • The bottom cable is out of order, so iPhone 6 does not charge from USB, computer. It is also advised to replace the loop rather than repair it;
  • If you inserted a non-original charger into your phone, then most likely the power controller has burned out. Let’s replace it. to repair such parts is ineffectual;
  • If the liquid has penetrated inside the device in question, then you cannot do without a complex of restorative manipulations with anti-corrosion cleaning.

Only starting free computer diagnostics will help to pinpoint the cause of the problems.

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Photo problemthe name of detailiPhone
6S / 6S
5S / SE / 5C / 5
4S / 4
S.C services.
Not chargingItem: Power connector with ribbon cable
Description: Broken connector or ribbon cable.
Repair time: 40 min.

The most profitable service center Apple Telemama in a short time will carry out high-quality, one hundred percent effective repair of the iPhone 6 with the elimination of breakdowns of varying complexity at a low price and with the obligatory issuance of a long-term warranty (the DO 1 year warranty card is valid).

  • The owner of a broken or easily damaged iPhone 6 device can independently contact our service center for advice or directly repair the device;
  • You can also call a courier to your home to entrust him with the task of transporting the device to specialists.

Our professional, responsible technicians of the Telemam service will fix iPhone 6 problems of various complexity in a matter of minutes at the lowest cost.

IPhone 6 Screen. 6900 3290
IPhone 5 Screen. 2890 1890
Screen. iPhone 5S / SE / 5C. 2890 1890
IPhone 4 / 4S Screen. 2114 1510
IPhone 3 Glass. 1900 890
Installation. 680
(original 1 year warranty)

Replacement parts on iPhone:
Speaker. 900 650
Microphone. 900 650
Home button. 1100 520
On button. 1400 510
Camera. 1680 1200
Antenna WI-FI. 900 650
Installation. 680

1 Dry the device

If your smartphone stops working after you drop it into water or get caught in the rain, most likely it’s all about moisture that has got inside the case. over, if the gadget does not have water resistance, which would help it survive swimming.

In this case, you need to open the cover of the device, remove the SIM card and memory card, wipe all parts with a dry cloth and leave to dry disassembled. We do not recommend drying the apparatus with a hairdryer or hiding in rice.

For more information on what to do if you dropped your smartphone into the water, we talked about it in a separate article. It also happens that even IP68 certified devices “sink”. We figured out if they can be repaired under warranty:

Why the phone won’t turn on and what to do about it: 6 tips

We figure out what to do if the phone does not turn on, and find out the most common causes of the problem.

Sometimes smartphones get into trouble. For example, if the phone falls down and does not turn on. what to do in this case? It is even worse if the gadget did not fall and generally worked fine, and now it charges, but does not turn on. Fortunately, you can fix many issues yourself by resetting your smartphone to factory settings or by updating your charger. We will tell you more about what actions you need to take if the device does not respond to pressing the power button.

2 Warm up or cool down the smartphone

Sometimes your phone won’t turn on or charge due to unfavorable temperatures, for example, if you’ve been out in the cold for a long time or left your device in the sun on a hot day. In the first case, he could pass out due to the cold. some phones still do not tolerate low temperatures, especially iPhones. In the second scenario, the battery will not charge until it cools down. this is necessary to protect the device from overheating.

Try to warm or cool the phone DO at room temperature. To do this, you do not need to use a refrigerator or put it on a battery. just leave the gadget in a room with a constant climate and wait a little. If the failure was related to the temperature regime, then the smartphone should quickly recover and start charging. This usually takes no more than half an hour. If it still does not turn on, try other methods from our material.

4 Check the battery

How to turn on the phone if it does not turn on and does not charge with any charger? In this case, it is worth checking if the battery is connected correctly. Remember. have you dropped your device lately? If dropped, the cover could be damaged, which presses the battery to the contacts. This is especially true for older models with removable batteries, which are not very securely fixed in the case.

If the phone has not been dropped and the battery shows no signs of damage, try restarting or resetting the gadget to factory settings.

5 Restart your smartphone

What to do if your Android phone or iPhone won’t turn on? If you have tried all the methods, you can turn to another one. forced reboot. Perhaps the gadget has turned off and does not want to work due to the last installed application or a firmware update that caused the system to crash. The smartphone could simply freeze and stop responding to button presses. making it seem to the user that it will not turn on.

To restart your old iPhone (up to the sixth line), you must simultaneously press and hold the Sleep / Wake and Home keys until the Apple logo appears on the display. On the 7th series iPhones, you should use a different combination: the side power and volume down buttons. IPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone SE, and all new devices without a Home button reboot with the following combination:

iphone, charge
  • press the volume down and then volume up one by one;
  • press and hold the side button.
iphone, charge

Android devices usually do not require such tambourine dances. they can be rebooted with a long press of the power button. However, some models use a key combination to force a restart: “Volume up” “Power on” or “Down” “Power on”. Try different options if necessary.

3 Recharge your smartphone

The most common reason why the phone turned off and won’t turn on is a banal battery drain. If the smartphone has not been dropped in water or exposed to extremely low or high temperatures, it can be immediately connected to the charger. Just in case, check different sockets and chargers. perhaps the adapter or cable that you use with your smartphone is out of order.

6 Reset smartphone to factory settings

Any malfunction can be rectified by restoring the factory settings. However, this option should be used only as a last resort, since when you reset the device to factory, you will lose all the data that was stored on it. If the information could not be saved somewhere else, it is better to turn to less stringent methods.

Nevertheless, even a person far from technology can reset a smartphone to factory settings. We have made detailed instructions to help you restore the parameters of devices on Android and iOS.

If, after all the manipulations, the smartphone still does not turn on, contact the manufacturer’s service center. perhaps they will repair it under warranty.

Turn off the phone

There is a little-known trick, if you want to charge the iphone 5 battery without spending a lot of time, just turn off the device. The process will go much faster and will save up to 30% of your time. During normal operation of applications, the smartphone spends a lot of energy, spending it on maintaining communication with the network, working the backlight and other tasks. Turning off the device or at least putting it into “Airplane mode”, the battery will fill up with energy faster, even when using a non-original weak charge.

We check the cable and the charger unit

We check two main elements before proceeding with more radical remedies.

Failure of the U2 controller

After replacing the battery with a new one, is the phone still charging slowly? Bad, very bad symptom, then the problem is in the module located on the motherboard. In this case, the same handy craftsman will be able to rewire the u2 power controller for you, but the money for work and spare parts will be completely different. But this is a very likely development of events, despite the reliability of the iPhone 6.

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Question answer

Let’s take a look at the popular questions that iPhone users have. We will tell you what to do in a given situation.

Why iPhone won’t charge from a Chinese cable?

This means that a non-Apple certified wire is not suitable for this model. Or is it completely “creepy China”, rubbish that begs to be put in the trash bin.

Why is my phone slowly charging from the original charger?

We carry out the options described in the article, most likely dust got into the connector or the iPhone sync cable is broken.

Most likely you were sold a defective device, and in front of you is a non-certified wire for iPhone.

Battery Replacement

A radical but effective way when charging is in progress, but the phone is not charging. The situation will worsen every day, the phone will work less and less autonomously, and charging will take longer and longer.

If all of the above methods do not help, a new battery will come to the rescue. After 2-3 years, a situation arises, the smartphone battery becomes unusable after 500-700 operating cycles, so you have to change the battery yourself or take the device to a handy master. How to do it right yourself, watch the video and read in this article.

Cable problems

The first thing to do is check the cable. In 85% of cases, when the phone is charging for a long time or charging is in progress, but the phone does not charge, it is the wire that is to blame. Most likely it is interrupted or not original and also of poor quality.

Often, to users similar to Chinese crafts, the iPhone shows the message “This cable or accessory is not certified”. The explanation is simple. iphone 5s, 6, 6plus, 7, 7 plus, 8 models are not designed to work with non-original wires. Unlike the original accessory, Chinese counterfeits have no shielding layer in the shell, besides, the thickness of the conductors is several times smaller, therefore, difficulties arise when the phone does not charge from charging to the end, by 100%.

For diagnostics, we try to take another cable, with a lightning connector, if it works with another, then the problem is in the cable, if not, we are looking for the problem further.

The phone is completely discharged

What to do if iPhone is completely discharged and does not work while charging? If the iphone does not turn on after a full charge, then you need to put it on charge and wait at least 15 minutes. If after this time the iPhone does not turn on while charging, what should I do? You need to wait a little longer, some models require half an hour to resume the system.

That if the mobile phone has not been charged for a long time and now does not turn on, you can resume its work in the following way:

  • Put it to charge until the battery symbol appears on the screen. This can take a long time. If, after a day, the mobile screen does not light up, it means that you will need to replace the battery.
  • If the iphone does not turn on charging, then the problem is in the cable or ribbon.

The phone stopped charging and won’t boot

There are many reasons iPhone won’t turn on or charge.

  • System crash. In this case, the iphone does not charge and does not turn on as a result of rebooting the RAM, which interferes with its full-fledged operation. The system cannot cope with all the information and the mobile device starts to fail. To correct this situation, you will need to reboot the entire system.
  • If the iPhone does not turn on after restarting, then the reason is clearly different.
  • Mechanical damage to the mobile device. Strong impact may cause the iphone battery to detach from the case. At first, the device may not work at all, while the sound of a dangling battery will be heard. Next, the cable breaks, which connects the battery and the board. After that, the mobile does not turn on and does not respond to charging. To solve the problem, you will need to replace the battery.
  • Using counterfeit chargers that can cause iPhone to turn off and not turn on, unresponsive to charging. Due to low-quality accessories for mobile devices, power surges or moisture may get inside. In this case, the charging connector will also suffer.
  • Iphone may be discharged and no longer turn on or charge due to damaged microcircuits. Along the chain, all the microcircuits of the device begin to be damaged, leading to a complete loss of performance. In addition to the fact that the iPhone itself turned off, and after that it does not turn on and does not charge, it constantly has no cellular connection.

It will be very difficult to solve such a problem on your own; you will need special equipment. This will require the help of a service center or the hand of an experienced craftsman.

iPhone not working, dark screen

The option when the iPhone turns itself off, does not respond to charging and then does not turn on is quite common. Everything happens due to the fact that the iPhone was lying unnecessarily for a long time, while its charge was full. After that, the phone turned off and does not turn on again.

If the iphone has a black screen and does not turn on, then there may be several reasons:

  • Water ingress into the case, as a result, oxidation of contacts and failure of modules.
  • The fall of the iPhone, as a result, the separation of the cable.
  • No matter how trite, but severe frosts can disable the gadget. As a result, the iPhone stops not only charging, but also turning on. In order for the system to work, you need to warm it up, it will be enough to put the device in a warm place for 15 minutes.
  • It is also possible that the iPhone is discharged and a black screen appears. If iPhone is completely discharged, the device may not turn on or charge. What to do if iPhone is on charge and does not turn on for a long time? We read
  • If iphone won’t turn on even after charging? You must press the Lock and Home button. Keep them in this position for 20 seconds, then wait about a minute. At this time, the BIOS should start, and the system will work, the iOs will start loading.
  • If the iPhone has gone out of the screen, the phone is discharged and does not turn on while charging, the problem may be in the breakdown of parts of the device, failure of the charging cable, malfunction of the charger itself.

What to do if iPhone stops working, screen goes blank and won’t turn on? No need to panic, there is a way out of any situation.

If the iPhone is on charge, but it turns off and does not even turn on. In most cases, the following actions work: Simultaneously press and hold the “Power” and “Home” keys for a few seconds. A hard reboot helps in many cases. After that, the mobile device should work like new.

If, after the performed manipulations, the mobile does not turn on even when charging, the problem may be more serious. If the iPhone is not responding to any action, it is a hardware or software error. In order for the mobile to work, you will need to change the battery or charger. In any case, the help of a specialist will not hurt.

Why is the phone not working

If the iPhone does not turn on, then the reasons may be as follows:

  • Discharged to zero. To resume work, you just need to connect it to the power cord and wait 15 minutes. After that, you can try to turn it on. If the iPhone does not turn on after charging, then the problem should be looked for in another.
  • If, after 15 minutes, the phone does not load, and a lightning bolt and an outlet are displayed on the screen, then it means that not much time has passed after charging.
  • If the iphone turns off and does not turn on, it does not respond to charging, what to do. In this case, the iphone just went into save mode. This happens if it has not been rebooted for a long time.
  • To resume the operation of the device after restarting, you must press and hold the lock button and the Home key for 20 seconds. After that iOs download will start.

Important: if you have an iPhone 7, then in order to resume its work, you need to hold down the Power button and the volume down button for 20 seconds. This will lead to a hard reboot of the device. This usually helps with many problems, including iOs glitches.
If the iPhone does not turn on and does not charge, then the device is simply frozen. To solve this problem, it will be enough to restart it.

The phone won’t charge

Everyone understands that if the iPhone does not charge, then the battery will soon run out and turn off. What to do if iPhone stops charging and won’t turn on?

  • Check if there is current in the outlet. This happens quite often, the phone was charged, but it does not charge.
  • Clean up contacts. It happens that the iPhone screen goes blank, it does not turn on. In this case, you need to check the contacts that could get clogged with dust. All connectors are cleaned using the needle included with the iphone. After disassembly, it should work, if this did not happen, then the problem is different.

There are many more reasons why your phone won’t charge or turn on. Each case is individual, sometimes the mobile can work after resetting the settings to make the system work again.

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