iPhone 6s runs out of battery quickly what to do

Backlight options

The longer the screen backlight remains active, the faster the device is discharged. If you have not configured it in such a way that it does not work in vain, do so.

Go to Settings → Display & Brightness. Select the Auto-lock option and set it to a minimum value so that the backlight turns off as soon as possible on its own if you forget to lock the screen manually.

Also, turn off the Raise to Activate option if available on your device. The backlight will stop turning on automatically when you pick up the device, and as a result, it will work less often unnecessarily.

Force Quit Applications

The common belief that force quitting applications from the multitasking menu helps to save battery power is fundamentally wrong. In fact, the opposite is true.

When you unload an application from memory, the next time you access it, the system has to completely restart it, wasting processor resources and, as a result, battery power. Therefore, you should not manually close applications in the multitasking menu. this is not only useless, but also harmful.

Automatic content downloads

If you have other iOS devices besides your iPhone, all purchased applications, music and books will be downloaded to them immediately thanks to the automatic download function. Useful, but can cause significant battery drain with heavy use.

You can disable automatic downloads completely or only for the selected content type in Settings → iTunes Store and App Store. Another option is to allow downloads only over Wi-Fi by turning off the “Cellular Data” toggle switch.

Iphone 6 Battery Life Sucks? Lets Fix that Right Now!

Excess or poor application optimization

Each installed application is a power consumer. And if the developer did not optimize the code or made mistakes, it can consume much more battery resources than it needs.

Check the list of programs on your device and remove those that you do not need or are too wasteful. If you can’t do without one of these apps, try replacing it with an equivalent from the App Store. perhaps the alternative will be more battery friendly.

You can view the list of installed programs sorted by energy consumption in the “Settings” → “Battery” → “Battery usage”.

13 reasons why iPhone runs out of battery quickly

The main causes of increased battery discharge and how to deal with them.

Battery wear

It may be that the problems with the rapid discharge of the battery are caused by its wear and tear. Apple lithium-polymer batteries withstand about 500 cycles without a noticeable loss of the original capacity, after which it begins to decline and the smartphone already holds a charge worse.

You can check the degree of battery wear using special utilities. For macOS, it’s best to use the free Coconut Battery, which displays information about the batteries of iOS devices when they are connected to a Mac. On Windows, the number of cycles will be shown by iBackupBot. If the cycles have exceeded 500. it’s time to contact the service center to replace the battery.

Application crash

It often happens that some of the applications may not work correctly due to a failure and thereby cause an increased battery discharge. In this case, you can restore work by force restarting the iPhone.

This can be done by holding down the Lock button and the Home button on iPhone 6s, 6s Plus, and earlier, or the Lock button and Volume Down button on the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus. On iPhone X, iPhone 8, and 8 Plus, quickly press the volume up key, then quickly press and release the volume down key, and then press and hold the lock button.

Background refresh of application data

The same is true for the background loading feature in applications. The days of slow internet are long gone, so it’s worth considering whether the few seconds it takes to download a feed or a fresh podcast release is so important to you.?

To turn off background updates of unnecessary applications, go to “Settings” → “General” → “Content Update”, check and turn off the toggle switches of all programs that do not need it.

6 The reason is cold and heat

In the cold, the iPhone simply loses its charge rapidly, especially if the battery is old. It may even turn off. In the heat, of course, there is no such thing, but it also affects.

If the battery quickly runs out and turns off in the cold, there is only a replacement. This means that the resource has already come to an end, in the cold the smartphone should not turn off.

4 Reason. closing applications

It is not necessary to close running applications every time. They just hang in the background. they freeze. They are located in RAM. This does not affect the battery in any way. When the memory runs out, the iPhone itself unloads them from there.

And when you often close the application and open it, there is a load on the processor and, as a result, the battery. Therefore, it is better not to close the programs that you often use, but to just leave them hanging in the background. Some games may not be subject to this rule.

iPhone runs out of battery quickly: why and what to do

The situation when the iPhone battery starts to drain quickly occurs even with new devices. This happens for various reasons.

We will consider almost all of them today. As well as what needs to be done in each case. The problem is solvable and quite rarely the device requires repair.

In the previous article, we looked at how to view memory on iPhone quickly and easily. Now you will find out all the most popular reasons why the iPhone can run out of battery quickly and how to get it back to normal.

1 Reason. new phone or update

Immediately after buying a new iPhone or updating the firmware of an old one, the battery may start to behave inadequately. This happens because IOS is still configuring itself and has not programmatically calibrated the battery. Sometimes it may show incorrect charging percentages, charge slowly.

It takes some time, usually a day or two, for everything to start working normally. You can bring the phone DO 0% yourself, and then charge it to 100%, but there is no particular sense in this. In any case, it’s okay, you just need to wait a little. If the problem persists even after a few days, then we will look for the source of the problem further.

7 Reason. battery

It is possible that the battery has already become old or, if you just installed a new one, it is defective. Look in the settings for its state.

In this case, you will have to make a replacement. Just take the device to any service center where these services are performed.

iPhone runs out of battery quickly. why and what to do

5 Reason. the screen turns on when lifting

This function turns on the display constantly, when it changes its position, it rises. Even in your. it lights up constantly.

Go to the smartphone settings, go to the “Screen and brightness” section and disable the “Raise to activate” function.

Other reasons

In rare cases, a misconfigured geolocation service can drain your battery. Just always activate it for use with applications, not always.

It is better to reduce the brightness of the display, it has a rather noticeable effect on the battery.

Check if Bluetooth is turned on, albeit a little, but it also takes up the charge.

Notifications, new mail, vibration mode. all this also affects the operating time.

Animated wallpaper, if installed, then change it to a static picture.

In rare cases, the power controller may be to blame, but usually when problems appear with it, the iPhone won’t charge.

In the same place, in the battery settings, you can turn on the power saving mode, it helps to save power.

iPhone can hold a charge longer!

If you own an iPhone from 4s to 6 Plus, and you are concerned that your personal gadget runs out of power very quickly, this article will be a great solution for you. The fact is that with the correct setup, the iPhone can work without recharging for two or more days, but, unfortunately, few people believe in this. Below will be presented a few tips, as well as quite interesting tricks that will help increase the number of hours of operation of an apple smartphone, as a result of which you will see how your mobile device is discharged much more slowly.

Limiting background refresh

A distinctive feature of iPhones is updating the content of programs even when closed, but this has a bad effect on the battery charge of a mobile device. In order to set a restriction on updating second-rate programs, the subscriber needs to open the “Settings”, go to the “General” section, and then go to the “Content update” item, where you need to disable everything that you do not need.

Remove unnecessary notifications

A variety of notifications are very distracting from important processes, and also lead to the fact that the iPhone runs out rather quickly. To disable them, you need to open “Settings”, and then go to “Notifications”, where for all unimportant applications you need to deactivate the item “Allow notifications”.

Less games

Games are the most resource-intensive programs, respectively, it is from them that your iPhone is so quickly and rapidly discharged. Avoiding games will not only increase the battery life of your iPhone, but will also give you more free time and save money, since not all games are free and available to everyone.

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Mobile phone cleaning

In this case, you need to be guided by the rule that fewer different applications on the device lower the chances that any of these programs will “drain” the iPhone battery. You need to strive to ensure that there is nothing unnecessary and unnecessary on the smartphone. In addition, if you remove unnecessary applications, then the work on subsequent tips will be much less.

The easiest option is to clean your iPhone using a special utility called PhoneClean. With its help, you will not only clear the device from garbage from applications, but also significantly speed up the functioning of your smartphone by removing system junk from it. The changes will be especially noticeable for owners of early generations of smartphones.

Disable geolocation of unnecessary programs

Today, almost every iPhone application tries to figure out your location. GPS is one of the main reasons your iPhone runs out of battery power incredibly quickly. To view a complete list of such programs, you must:

  • First of all, you should go to the iPhone settings.
  • After that you need to go to the section “Confidentiality”.
  • Then you need to open “Geolocation Services”.

In the list that opens, you can safely turn off everything that you do not need. You can leave geolocation only where you actually use it often. For everything else, it is better to turn off GPS and you will see that the mobile device is no longer discharged so quickly.

Honor should have the fact that any program can freely access the GPS always in the background, or only when it is started. It is better to install the second option, since the first provides for tracking the location of the subscriber even with closed programs, and this also leads to the fact that the smartphone is discharged very quickly.

Also, at the very bottom of the list there is a tab called “System Services”, where you can turn off almost everything, except for “Calibration of motor skills”, “Calibration of compass”, “Find iPhone”, as well as “Time zone”.

Robot Wi-Fi as well as Bluetooth only when needed

Everything is very easy when the services are not used, they need to be turned off. Also, it should be noted that Wi-Fi takes less power from the iPhone than 3G. In addition to all of the above tips, you need to remember about the brightness of the iPhone. It should not be constantly at the maximum, since the higher it is, the more and faster it consumes the battery.

How to forcibly turn off the program?

Many people believe that if you force-turn off a program from the multitasking menu, it will help save battery power. This opinion is completely wrong. Everything is right exactly the opposite.

If a person unloads a program from memory, then during the next call to this application, the OS will start a new reboot of the gadget, wasting the potential of the CPU and, in total, battery power. Hence, you should not turn off programs yourself in the multitasking menu. this is useless, even harmful.

mobile connection

If the signal from the mobile tower is rather weak, but it also uses up the battery power decently. If the LTE or 3G coverage in a given area is unimportant, the iPhone will try to connect to the tower, wasting its energy.

To avoid this, it is advisable to turn off the transmission of information via mobile communications if you are out of range. You can also try switching from LTE to 3G. You can switch from 3G to 2G. You can do this by going to the “Settings” tab, then “Cellular”. Then turn off roaming.

Live wallpaper

On iOS gadgets, it is possible to use wallpaper with animation. This wallpaper looks really beautiful on the screen. But, they take away extra battery power. If you save every minute of charging your battery, I advise you to put only regular wallpaper.

Background software update

All this also applies to the background program loading functions. This is the age of fast internet connections. From here, you need to think about whether you need extra seconds to load or another social network faster.?

To turn off such applications, you need to enter the “Settings” menu. In the new window, select the “General” tab, then “Update content”.

In this tab, we need to check and turn off those programs that we do not really need.

iPhone started to run out of battery quickly what to do 5s 6 7 8 plus? 14 Reasons Why?

Good afternoon friends. iPhone started to run out of battery quickly, what should I do? This question cannot be answered immediately. Let’s take a step by step why the battery on our gadget began to discharge quickly and how it can be fixed.?

Loading new mail

Most users do not need to constantly check their mail, which also drains the iPhone’s battery. But, when this is the case, such a download becomes necessary only for a specific email address. For the rest, it is better to apply manual verification or make a sample after a certain point in time.

To change the sampling frequency of new letters, you need to go not to the mail settings, but to the account options. So, open “Settings”, then “Accounts and Passwords”. In the new window “Loading data”.

Set for letters that can wait for the “Sample” value, and later you need to specify the required time interval for checking new letters on the server.

Backlight settings

The longer the display backlight is active on your gadget, the faster the battery will drain. If you haven’t done it economically yet, you need to do it.

We enter the “Settings” tab, then “Screen and brightness”. Select the “Auto-lock” tab. Further, for this parameter, you need to set the min number so that it can turn off early by itself, in case the subscriber forgot to turn off the display manually.

Also, it is advisable to disable the “Raise to activate” command when this command is present on your gadget. The backlight simply won’t start automatically if you pick up your smartphone. Hence, it will become less likely to function unnecessarily.

IPhone (iPad) running out of battery fast? Eliminate the cause in 1 minute!

Regardless of the iOS version, users have always found themselves in a situation where the iPhone runs out of power quickly. At what this problem arises quite a lot of people, but not many pay attention to it and not immediately.

In this article I will tell you how to get rid of this misfortune and return your iPhone battery to its “former shutter speed”. By the way, the information in this article also applies to iPads.

In my case, I quite accidentally noticed that the percentages on the residual charge counter began to disappear somehow unnaturally quickly. I even began to conduct experiments: I charged the iPhone battery to 100% and left it to doze on the table all night.

And what do you think? To my great regret, the experiments confirmed my fears. the iPhone did discharge abnormally quickly.

During the night (about 7 hours), I lost more than 20% of the battery charge. This is provided that the phone was not used at all, and was in a low power mode. It was just a disaster! What to do?

Do you have an unplanned iPhone repair or is the problem in software? A whole bunch of questions swarmed in my head, with which I turned to the Internet. And this is what I managed to find.

The thing is that somewhere in the “depths of iOS” a conflict may arise, which partially brings down one of the applications, which in turn begins to intensively “feed on energy”.

Those. everything seems to be fine, and you use your phone as usual, but at one point it starts to “devour” charged lithium ions at an incredible rate.

And note that all this happens for no apparent reason, regardless of the iOS version and your iPhone model. All of a sudden, my iPhone started to run out of battery quickly on 5.1.1, and on iOS 6.1.3, and on iOS 7.0.6. IOS 7.1 has recently been released. I think that there are the same flaws in it.

Now you are probably asking, “So what to do when the iPhone runs out of battery quickly?” The answer is always the same. “Follow the instructions below.”

If your iPhone started to run out of power quickly, you need to clear the contents of the RAM (close all applications) and reboot the device in a hard way.

And now in more detail, for those who did not understand what to do:

STEP 1. Close all open applications on the iPhone. To do this, double-click on the Home button to call the multitasking panel, where we close all applications by swiping the icons up.

Attention! We close absolutely all applications. Only the home screen should remain.

STEP 2. Hardly overload the iPhone. To do this, simultaneously hold down the Home (round button under the screen) and Power (on the top edge of the phone) buttons. Hold until the screen goes out (about 7 seconds).

If the method above did not help, it is possible that there is a problem with the hardware (battery or charging controller). The articles on the links below will help you figure it out.

  • IPhone won’t charge! What to do?. read this article
  • Is it safe to charge iPhone with iPad charger?. read in this article
  • Charging or power controller flying?. read how to replace here
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That was all that had to be done. The whole procedure takes exactly one minute. Now your iPhone will stay up all night and will not be more than 3% discharged. Checked out!

Carry out this procedure at least once every three months And do not forget that batteries and accumulators of any devices are consumables, i.e. lose their properties over time and require replacement.

If the article turned out to be useful to you, share it with your friends on social networks. Even if their iPhones don’t run out as quickly.

Does your iPhone run out of battery very quickly? All solutions!

Hello everyone! First, you need to decide what is meant by the phrase “my iPhone battery is running out quickly.” It’s just that everyone’s use scenarios are different. someone watches movies through the cellular network (and then it’s clear why the battery is discharged almost instantly), and someone makes two calls for the whole day and rightly wonders why this charge is barely enough for one day?

In order to still understand whether the iPhone keeps charging normally or not, read this article. True, there is one caveat. all the data indicated in it are declared (when tested in conditions close to ideal) directly by Apple. This means that you should not accept them as the ultimate truth. But still, they will help you navigate how much (plus or minus 10%) your iPhone model should keep charging.

So, you compared the battery life of your smartphone with the one announced by the manufacturer and realized that the battery on your iPhone just runs out very quickly and it shouldn’t be that way. What to do? To begin with, check how much capacity the battery has at the moment. Do this even if you bought your iPhone recently. You never know, maybe there is some kind of marriage in the battery!?

If the capacity is much less than the declared one, then you shouldn’t be surprised that the iPhone is discharging very quickly.

Dropped capacity. nowhere to store energy. short runtime.

If everything is fine with the capacity and the battery is not very worn out (but at the same time it continues to discharge quickly), then it’s time to act!

  • Carry out calibration. The action is very useful and necessary. it perfectly helps with all kinds of general problems with the battery. And also this is just a necessary procedure in the case when the phone turns off at half the charge (there is still interest, but he took it and turned off!) And, in general, does not behave in the most appropriate way :).
  • Follow at least most of the tips for increasing iPhone battery life.
  • Erase jailbreak (required!). If it’s a pity, then delete tweaks one by one, thereby determining the one that contributes to a quick discharge.
  • Go to Settings. Battery and see which of the applications consumes the most energy. It so happens that you do not use this program, but it hangs in the background and due to it the battery runs out faster than expected. In this case, uninstall this game or application. It is important to remove completely!
  • In the same settings (at the very bottom), pay attention to the work-standby time. Sometimes they coincide almost completely (what to do?), Which means that even in a “simple” iPhone consumes energy. there is nothing surprising in the fact that it very quickly sits down when you are not using it.

All of the above methods of dealing with a discharging iPhone are quite simple and do not require much effort.

However, in the case when they did not bring success, we are left with two more difficult paths:

As you understand, problems with “hardware” are very difficult to solve at home.

Therefore, we are not lazy and take the gadget to an authorized Apple service for diagnostics. It’s great if your iPhone is under warranty and is subject to service in the Russian Federation (find out which models they are). You hand it over for repair and, in most cases, after a short period of time you get a new device for replacement, which certainly will not discharge so quickly!

What Affects iPhone Battery Discharge Rate

Why does the new iPhone run out of power quickly? There are several sources of energy loss start.

The main root causes of a battery discharge are:

  • automatic brightness adjustment. Correcting the factory settings will allow you to completely turn off or set the brightness parameters to the lower limit. The display will become darker than standard and the ambient light sensor will no longer use energy. In modern versions of smartphones, the automatic brightness adjustment is disabled through the “Basic” item with the transition to “Universal access” and “Display adaptation”. The method is suitable for those users who are in places with the same lighting, otherwise at night you will have to change the level manually;
  • animated wallpaper. The constantly moving picture quickly eats up the battery. Plain non-reproducing perspective is considered the preferred display decoration. The rate at which battery capacity is lost depends on how often you visit the home screen. Dynamic wallpapers are relevant for people who spend a long time in a separate application and do not switch to other programs;
  • persistent notifications from apps. This indicator is relative and depends on the activity of the utilities. Many programs require attention once a day, while others require attention every half hour. A complete disabling of notifications is not carried out, as this has a bad effect on the speed of receiving information. Only overly active utilities are selected that annoyingly harass the owner of the gadget.

Note! To conserve energy, you can turn off cellular data usage by games and applications. The method is suitable for those who are not constantly in the Wi-Fi coverage area. In addition to actively absorbing traffic, programs quickly eat up the battery.

Why iPhone runs out of battery quickly

If your iPhone 6 or other device is running low on battery power, the cause could be:

  • malfunction of the charger. In the event of a breakdown, it will not fully charge;
  • battery problems. She starts to warm up constantly;
  • failure in software with a long wait for a response to the command and slow work;
  • fall, moisture inside the gadget, prolonged exposure to the cold;
  • failure of individual components of the gadget if you sit on it or drop it.
iphone, runs, battery, quickly

Note! Acceleration of the loss of battery volume can be observed at high temperatures or when the device is in direct sunlight. In other cases, programs that constantly use the processor are to blame.

How to find out which apps are causing your iPhone to crash quickly

To determine the most “greedy” programs, you need to study the statistics of battery use. In the settings in the “Battery” subsection, a complete list of applications is displayed, indicating the percentage and frequency of using the battery. To save money, it is enough to stop them.

If the iPhone runs out of power while charging, then the main source of the problem is Wi-Fi distribution. If the process is in action, then the stock increases slowly or there is no progress. With parallel heating, there will be an outflow, not an increase in energy. To turn off the transmission in the main menu, look for the “Modem mode” subsection, the toggle switch next to it is switched to the inactive position.

Important! If the source of the overuse is not the distribution of the Internet, then it will be associated with an inoperative battery or problems with the power controller.

The user must contact the service center for a complete diagnosis. If the battery is healthy, then no operation can lead to a decrease in the stock when the smartphone is connected to the network.

Why iPhone runs out of battery quickly. what to do

The purchase of a prestigious gadget and its further use will surely lead to the question of why the iPhone is quickly discharged and how to fix this problem. There are several methods to reduce energy consumption depending on the source of accelerated discharge.

What to do if iPhone gets hot and runs out of battery quickly

There are internal and external root causes that quickly drain your iPhone battery and heat up. The external ones are the conditions of detention, and the internal ones are the processor load and the design of the device. If it is glass, then the thermal conductivity is minimal, which causes the heat to remain inside the case. Constant gaming or watching YouTube videos can increase CPU overload.

There are several ways to reduce losses and save energy:

  • recovery using iTunes. You can recreate your smartphone with a preliminary backup. It is connected to a personal computer and the application is launched, after detecting the device, click on “Browse” and “Restore”;
  • turn off Bluetooth and Airdrop. With constant functionality, they lead to device activity and processor operation at an accelerated rate. Constant congestion causes the smartphone to overheat. To stop the operation of applications, just slide your finger across the screen from top to bottom and click on their shortcuts to close;
  • using low battery power. In the absence of the possibility of recharging, you can transfer the gadget to an economical power consumption. When you install the function, some programs will stop working and performance will slow down. To carry out the reverse adjustment, you need to go to the main menu, find “Battery” and click on “Low power consumption”;
  • reinstalling the iOS version. Each subsequent software contains improvements and fixes for previous bugs. If your iPhone or iPad regularly overheats, you need to try to eliminate the deviation through the latest software. Through OTA or iTunes, the operating system can be upgraded to the latest version;
  • stop automatic search for Wi-Fi networks. Produced through “Settings” and “Wi-Fi”;
  • stop background downloading of applications. From the “Settings” menu you need to go to “General”, then to “Update background application”. You can carry out a full or partial stop of the download of information;
  • disable location service. The procedure is carried out when there is no need for the utilities that use it. When entering the main menu, they move to “Privacy”, then to “Services”. When checking services, you can set the values ​​”When using the program” or “Never” next to them;
  • forced reboot. Allows you to update the operating system, get rid of garbage accumulated in memory. To carry out the procedure, it is enough to simultaneously press the volume down key and the side button and hold them until the “Apple” logo appears;
  • reset. The process will get rid of most of the problems with your smartphone. From the settings you need to go to the “Basic”, find “Reset” in them and activate the “Reset all settings” function. When finished, the device will be restored to default;
  • removing applications that take up a lot of space. Forcing them to close does not solve the problem. To identify programs that consume a lot of energy, just enter the “Battery” subsection from the main menu and see in detail its use by each utility.

For your information! Tenorshare ReiBoot can be used for all types of Apple device crashes: device freeze, slow operation, or OS recovery.

Why Wi-Fi and Bluetooth in iPhone have almost no effect on battery drain rate

The company makes good wireless modules with sufficient energy efficiency. To disconnect, it is not enough just to press the switch, since, starting from the 11th operating system, this procedure is temporary, then it independently activates the connection. For a complete shutdown, you need to use the system settings or Siri.

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Important! You can save battery power by always turning off Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. Regularly pressing the On / Off button will not give the expected result.

How to save battery power on iPhone

To reduce the drain on your phone battery:

  • Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, 3G, 4G, LTE, AirDrop and Siri apps should only be used when needed;
  • you need to turn off the Parallax effects;
  • configure Spotlight indexing using smartwatches;
  • limit the list of utilities that are updated in the background standard;
  • keep the player’s equalizer inoperative;
  • disable push notifications;
  • do regular zeroing of the battery, discharging it completely;
  • stop using dynamic wallpapers and other screen decorations;
  • reduce the time of automatic blocking;
  • decrease screen brightness;
  • partially turn off location services.

Despite the versatility of Apple products, it has led to most features being enabled by default. To increase the battery life of an iPad or iPhone (version 7 Plus, 5s or se), you need to stop unnecessary or rarely used utilities. With the right approach, you can save money, extend the life, and the smartphone will function without recharging for up to 2 days.

Vlad Gorokhovsky

Editor. I am writing about software and gadgets that interest me. Making a KeyKey keyboard trainer for Mac.

Disable unnecessary geolocation

For some applications, geolocation (GPS) is really important: Maps, Foursquare, Uber, Camera, Weather, Tinder. All of these programs need to know your location in order to work correctly.

But there are applications that don’t need to know your coordinates. I have personally disabled GPS for. Instagram, Messanger, Tweetbot and Reddit. I just don’t want to show my geolocation on social networks.

Look at the list of your applications and turn off geolocation where you don’t need it. It’s great if applications in which you spend a lot of time fall under the knife (see point 2).

Settings ▸ Privacy ▸ Location Services

Disable geolocation where you don’t need it

Please note that there are three options for how GPS works for each application:

  • Is always;
  • When using the program;
  • Never.

The “Always” option is death for the battery. This is the sin of various trackers, Foursquare, Swarm and taxi service applications.

Telegram is the only program that I have allowed to always use geolocation. Thanks to this, I can share my location with friends. The messenger does not abuse this and practically does not drain the battery.

Set up background content refresh

Almost all programs can update their content even if they are not running. The thing is convenient, but the mobile Internet eats up, which means it drains the battery.

You can save a little internet and battery if you only allow background app updates via WI-FI.

Settings ▸ General ▸ Content Update ▸ Content Update

We only allow background app updates via WI-FI

What to do if the battery capacity is below 80%

It is worth thinking about replacing it. The battery can be changed at any certified service center.

If the battery capacity is 70–75%, it’s time to replace it. With such a battery, the iPhone will work significantly less in time and slower in performance.

Personally, I love poking around in electronics, so I bought an iPhone 7 battery on Aliexpress for 19 and installed it myself.

iphone, runs, battery, quickly

The battery can be changed by yourself, but it is better to take the phone to a service center

If everything is good with the capacity, and the iPhone is still running out of power quickly, then the problem is in its settings.

Check the battery status

Starting with iOS 12.1, it became possible to independently check the “health” of the battery, from the iPhone Settings:

Settings ▸ Battery ▸ Battery Status

IPhone Battery Capacity 81% Initial

Battery capacity affects not only the battery life, but also the performance of the phone. One of my iPhones 7 has 81% remaining capacity and the phone is running at maximum speed for now.

As soon as the capacity drops below 80%, the phone will start to work a little slower, and will gradually lose in performance with the loss of capacity.

According to Apple’s website, a standard battery is rated to retain up to 80% of its original capacity after 500 full charges when used under “normal conditions”.

What to do if your iPhone runs out of battery quickly

He told how to independently identify battery “fatigue”, as well as find applications and services that drain the iPhone battery the most. And, of course, I’ll tell you how to fix it.

Set up rules for using mobile Internet

You may have noticed that when using only the mobile Internet, the phone sits down faster. Everything is simple here: 3G / 4G modem consumes more power than WI-FI.

See a list of all apps and the amount of mobile traffic they’ve used lately.

I can see on my phone that the Calendar app was using 450MB of mobile data. I do not use the calendar, so I turned off synchronization via mobile Internet.

Calendar exhibits suspicious internet activity and drains battery

Look for abnormal mobile internet usage by apps. Perhaps some program is eating up your mobile traffic and battery.

I also recommend disabling the automatic download of software updates so that they are downloaded only in the WI-FI coverage area.

You can disable downloading updates via the mobile Internet in:

Settings ▸ iTunes Store & App Store ▸ Cellular Data

Disable app updates via mobile internet

iphone, runs, battery, quickly
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