IPhone 7 heats up and sits down quickly

Reset device

Restarting doesn’t help? Then you can try to reset all content and device settings, do not forget about the backup and its subsequent restoration. Find out where they (copies) are located here.

Force reboot

The first option and the easiest one is forced reboot, this is a really effective method, you just need to press and hold the Home button and the power button at the same time until the Apple logo appears on the screen. If you have an iPhone 7 and 7 plus, then you need to hold down the power button and the volume down button. Make sure you hold both buttons at the same time.

Fix iPhone Heating Up With Tenorshare iCareFone

If the phone starts to overheat and the battery runs out quickly when working or charging, then maybe the new iOS firmware is not installed correctly on your device. The system needs to be reinstalled. Tenorshare iCareFone, this operating system recovery software is a professional utility.

Download and install Tenorshare iCareFone on your computer, connect your iPhone to your PC and click Tools. Repair iOS system on the main window.

You need to download the appropriate firmware package before restoring. Click “download” and start downloading.

After downloading, click “Fix it now” and restore your operating system. When operations are in progress, your device will restart and overheating resolved.

iPhone battery gets very hot and discharged after iOS 13 / iOS 12 / iOS 11 update, what to do?

When upgrading to iOS 13 / iOS 12 / iOS 11, the iPhone became very hot, and then the battery drains quickly. sometimes when used, it often happens. In this article, we’ll explain the reasons behind iPhone overheating and battery draining too quickly, as well as some troubleshooting tips.

Go to setting

Go through the settings. geolocation, the Internet (especially mobile and especially in the area of ​​unstable reception) can also have a strong effect on the heating of a smartphone or tablet.

What other problems cause iPhone heating

In certain situations, the smartphone heats up when it breaks. This mainly happens in the following cases:

Software malfunction.

IPhone robot uses some applications at the same time.

When charging a mobile phone, the battery heats up if a universal charger is used.

The iPhone heats up and in cases where the battery is broken. The battery loses its capacity, which leads to an increase in energy consumption.

In standby mode, this phenomenon is difficult to explain either by high load or by any other processes. In this case, it is often sufficient to replace the battery.

Service center

And the last option. the “insides” of the gadget are damaged. No way out. straight to the service center.

This is an overview of what to do if the battery gets very hot on an iPhone after updating to iOS 12. Hope these methods can help you. If you have any other problems, please contact us.

Fault diagnosis

By itself, the heating of the iPhone in the situations listed above is not terrible. You should only worry when, along with the heating of the iPhone case, there are other negative aspects of the operation of the mobile device. You can think about repairing the “apple” if you notice the following signs of breakage:

  • iPhone takes an unusually long time to charge
  • iPhone sits down very quickly
  • iPhone shuts down abruptly as soon as it heats up
  • when the iPhone heats up, the display shows much worse, the speakers do not work well

The reasons for heating in these cases may be battery malfunctions or other problems with the “hardware” of the device. Internal problems occur when the case gets damaged or water gets into the iPhone. The causes of internal malfunctions, in which the device is very hot, can also be the repeated use of the charger, which is not “native” for your model of “apple”.

IPhone is warming up

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Many owners of Apple smartphones are worried about the fact that they have a hot iPhone. Before thinking about a possible breakdown of your phone and visiting a service center, pay attention to the circumstances under which the iPhone heats up.

What is the norm

For example, if the iPhone heats up while charging, there is no cause for concern at all. Apple phones are mini-computers that consume enormous amounts of energy. They have a device that can not help but get hot when charging. It is also absolutely normal for the iPhone to warm up slightly under the following circumstances:

  • when watching a video for a long time
  • when working on the Internet and viewing several pages at once
  • when using several programs at once (player, skype, geolocation)
  • when using the camera in recording mode for a long time

Also iPhones often get hot in such cases:

  • when using various programs for video editing or photo processing
  • when playing games with modern graphics
  • while talking on a smartphone connected to the charger

In short, the harder the processor works and the more tasks it processes in one unit of time, the more the iPhone heats up.

Prevention measures

If your iPhone is getting hot and you suspect it is unnaturally hot, make sure you follow the proper operating procedures. Smartphones rarely get warm if you:

  • charge the iPhone with the “native” cord for the allotted time (turn it off immediately after the battery is full)
  • do not allow situations in which the smartphone is discharged to zero
  • do not leave your phone to overheat in the sun
  • disable unnecessary functions in standby mode (geolocation, Wi-Fi search)
  • while playing games or watching videos, you give the phone “rest” after several hours of constant work

These operating rules are especially relevant for owners of not new models of Apple smartphones, which heat up much more often and faster than later versions of “apples”.

Repair types

Only a professional can determine the cause of your phone’s breakdown if it gets unnaturally hot during use. Most often, in these cases, the battery is to blame, especially if the smartphone sits down quickly or turns off involuntarily after it warms up. The battery cannot be repaired, it is simply replaced. Battery replacement is done within minutes, so you don’t have to spend too much time on repairs.

You can fix the problem yourself by replacing the battery at home. However, a professional will at the same time check the health of such phone modules as:

  • screen
  • display touchscreen
  • CPU
  • speakers

If your battery was hot for a long time, some screen cables and other “stuffing” of the smartphone could be damaged. A professional technician will not only quickly identify, but also eliminate the breakdown, which is quite difficult to determine on your own.

If your battery or the upper part of the apple’s body heats up while browsing the Internet, watching videos, playing games or talking on Skype, and the phone runs out of power quickly and finally sits down, seek professional help from the Yuda performers.


The most common cause of overheating is a faulty smartphone battery. With the active work of resource-intensive applications and surfing the Internet, the battery quickly sits down, often to zero. This negatively affects its performance. the battery deteriorates and does not hold a charge. To avoid this, try to connect the charger at 10-15% charge, and unplug the phone from the network as soon as the battery indicator is full. Use only a native and working charger, and also put your iPhone off for a couple of hours to “rest”.

If, nevertheless, the iPhone heats up and discharges quickly, and the above methods do not help, it is best to immediately contact the wizard for diagnostics. Sometimes the problem goes deeper. in the hardware, operating system, factory defects. The easiest way is to strictly follow the rules for operating a smartphone, as well as turn to modern technologies. updated protective covers are able to remove heat, preventing overheating. The main thing is not to forget to clean your phone from unnecessary applications and files.

What to do if iPhone gives out overheating warnings too often and the battery runs out quickly? Read a few tips in this article.

If your iPhone starts to get hot and lose power quickly, there may be several reasons for this. Here’s what you can do to keep your iPhone from overheating.

Problems with firmware

Sometimes iPhone 6 gets hot and runs out of battery quickly as a result of firmware update issues. In later models, this “ailment” is less common, but the solution is the same. to roll back the smartphone to factory settings. For this you need:

  • open “Settings”;
  • go to “Basic”;
  • press “Reset”;
  • select “Erase content and settings”;
  • confirm action.

Why iPhone heats up and runs out of battery quickly

nbspThe problem with the strong heating of the smartphone and the rapid discharge of the battery arises, as a rule, after prolonged use. The cause of this malfunction may be a failure in the system or a defective battery.

nbsp First, look at the running applications. In some cases, the problem occurs when the processor is heavily loaded, for example, when starting a game. If a resource-intensive application continues to run in the background, the battery will drain much faster.

nbsp Close all applications and try to clean the list of running programs as often as possible. If this method helped, then everything is in order with your smartphone, the main thing is, do not forget to close unnecessary programs.

nbspIn some cases, overheating and fast discharge is a flaw in the firmware. So after the release of version 7 of the operating system, some iPhone models began to discharge very quickly. The operating system was fixed very quickly and after re-updating the problem disappeared. Update your iPhone DO to the latest OS version.

nbsp Strong heating of the battery can cause damage to the display module. In this case, you need to replace the iphone 7 display.

nbspIf you just bought a smartphone from your hands and found a problem with fast discharge, then check the version of the operating system. If the OS version and build number coincide with those that had problems with the battery, then try updating the version of the operating system, this may solve more than one problem.

nbsp Sometimes it crashes after installing a particular application. If you notice that iPhone malfunctions began just after downloading the program, then try to uninstall it and watch the smartphone work for a few days. If the smartphone works well, then try to find an alternative to the desired application and check the device’s performance after installing it.

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Iron problems

The reason for overheating is sometimes hidden inside the phone. with constant active use, the iPhone wears out. The processor is no longer able to process incoming requests at such a speed, therefore it heats up. In this case, you cannot do without a visit to the service center. only a master can carry out a full diagnosis, find out the reason and replace the damaged parts. The breakdown can also be caused by the ingress of water into the smartphone. the protection is not able to completely save the “drowned man”. Shocks and other mechanical damage can lead to breakdowns that cause overheating.

Application load

To find out why the iPhone 5S heats up and the battery runs out quickly, you need to pay attention to the frequency of use and the load of the smartphone. This also applies to other models. smartphones need “rest” if many applications are used. It is not recommended to run “heavy” games and resource-intensive programs at the same time. older models cannot cope with such loads, which causes overheating of the battery and processor. If the iPhone is actively used with overheating, it is highly likely that it will completely ruin the smartphone and burn the motherboard. Therefore, the smartphone needs to be unloaded. remove unnecessary applications, turn on geolocation and the Internet only when necessary, do not leave many programs running in the background.

Battery malfunction

nbsp We figured out the operating system, now we will consider the options when the problem is a faulty battery.

A smartphone with a defective battery will drain faster. In case of such a malfunction, it is necessary to replace the battery and check the device.

In some cases, replacing the battery may not help if the power controller fails. If the controller is faulty, the motherboard must be repaired.

nbsp Fast battery discharge on a smartphone is one of the most serious problems for users, especially those who actively use the functionality of the device.

nbspFor comparison, a working iPhone with an active mode of use will work all day, but the problem device may turn off after 3-4 hours of use.

Happy owners of “apple” products regularly face overheating of the smartphone. Users are already accustomed to the fact that when charging or playing, the back panel of the smartphone becomes so hot that it becomes difficult to hold the iPhone in their hands. With the release of new models, the situation does not change, the phone continues to warm up. Most often, outdated models from 5 to 7 are subject to similar disadvantages. But sometimes the iPhone heats up and quickly discharges for no apparent reason, and in this case, you need to delve into the issue in order to find the “root of evil”.

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iPhone heats up and runs out of battery quickly. what is the reason?

Here are some reasons iPhone can overheat and lose power quickly:

  • Intense work. If the iPhone gets too hot during operation, it is simply wasting energy from the battery, which is converted into heat. Set it aside for a few minutes or turn it off.
  • Cover. In some cases, heat builds up in the case, which can cause your iPhone to warm up. Try using your device without a case for a while to see if your smartphone stops heating up. If necessary, change the cover to a model made of a different material. Leather and plastic covers especially contribute to overheating, silicone. a little less.
  • Old model. IPhone 3G, 3GS, and 5S models heat up very quickly. This is due to their design features. The plastic shell does not dissipate heat well, so the devices can get quite hot. Try to use older iPhones sparingly and choose lightweight cases that can dissipate heat (for example, so-called bumpers. cases that cover only the side edges of the device).
  • Applications. If your iPhone has too many apps running at the same time, it gets hot and runs out of power quickly. If possible, stop applications running in the background or using a GPS signal. To do this, double-click on the “Home” button.

Why iPhone gets hot during use and how to cool it down

When the smartphone gets too hot, it starts to work slowly and may stop working altogether.

In this article, we will look at why the iPhone heats up and what to do in case of overheating, evaluate the consequences of an increase in the temperature of the case, and offer 10 simple tips on how to cool the iPhone.

What Happens When iPhone Overheats

When the iPhone overheats, it will begin to programmatically protect its components from damage and go into cooling mode. This means the following:

  • Charging slows down or stops significantly (including wireless).
  • The display dims or turns black.
  • The transmit and receive modules of the cellular radio signal will go into a low power state, the signal of the cellular network may weaken.
  • The camera flash will be temporarily disabled.
  • Smartphone performance drops noticeably, especially when running resource-intensive applications.

Switching to cooling mode is a normal situation provided by Apple to prevent the smartphone from breaking if it overheats. Apart from the inconveniences described above, there are usually no problems.

To prevent the phone from turning off, stop using it as soon as possible and move it to a cool environment, allow it to cool down.

If the cooling mode does not help, the warning message “Temperature before using iPhone needs cooling” will appear on the screen. Usually it is displayed on a black background like in the image below.

In English it looks like “iPhone needs to cool down before you can use it”.

Overheating while using the navigation will display a warning with the words “iPhone temperature needs cooling” and the display will be turned off. In this case, the application will provide directions on the route, and when approaching a turn, the display will turn on, show the turn and turn off again.

When this message appears, only calls to emergency numbers will be available. To bring the phone back to life, let it cool down: turn it off and move it to a cool place for a few minutes.

Can iPhone explode if overheated? This is highly unlikely. In practice, several cases are known when iPhones overheated to catastrophic levels and caught fire. But all these situations were the result of battery malfunction.

Smartphone operating temperature range

According to official Apple information, all existing iPhones are designed to operate in an ambient temperature of 0 to 35 ° C. This means that it is the air temperature around the device that gives an idea of ​​the numbers that you should pay attention to when viewing the weather forecast.

In Russia, the temperature outside in summer rarely heats up above 35 ° C, but in winter it regularly drops below zero. In the central part of the country 50 as the norm.

In any case, a few extra degrees above 35 ° C for a short time should not cause problems in the smartphone. But if you go on vacation to warmer countries, then you have to be more careful with the iPhone. In the same popular among tourists Dubai (United Arab Emirates), the air temperature in summer rarely drops below 40 ° C.

An interesting fact: operating the phone at very low temperatures leads to an accelerated battery discharge. as a result, the iPhone turns off, but the battery does not suffer. Operating at very high temperatures, however, can permanently shorten battery life.

The above values ​​are for iPhone use. The safe storage range is.20 to 45 ° C.

Why is the iPhone warming up and what to do

The most popular reason why the iPhone heats up during operation is the simultaneous charging of the device and the operation of a resource-intensive application.

For example, using Yandex.Maps in the heat on an iPhone charging from a car cigarette lighter will inevitably lead to overheating and subsequent blocking of the device with the message “Temperature needs cooling before using the iPhone.”.

When you use your smartphone or charge the battery, the body of the device may become warm in the following cases:

  • When setting up your smartphone for the first time.
  • During restore from backup.
  • When updating iOS.
  • While watching movies.
  • When applications are indexing and analyzing data. An example is the Photos app, when it tags faces or places in photos.
  • When using augmented reality applications or applications with high graphics requirements. in this case, it often gets very hot.

In these cases, there is no need to worry about the phone heating up, it should return to normal temperature after completing a task, during which it can be very hot.

If your iPhone gets very hot and runs out of battery quickly, the reasons could be:

iphone, heats, sits, down
  • Faulty charger.
  • Battery problems.
  • Software crash.
  • Consequences of falling or getting liquid inside the case.
  • Failure of the internal components of the phone.
  • Using your smartphone in high temperatures or in direct sunlight.

A faulty charger will cause the smartphone to heat up while charging. To rule out the problem, charge your smartphone with 100% original charge. If it helps. throw yours away and do not use non-original chargers, this is unsafe.

If your iPhone heats up and runs out of battery quickly, it could indicate a battery malfunction or the time to replace it. Have you changed your battery already? You may have been supplied with a non-original battery of poor quality, which are sold on every corner, especially for older iPhone models.

This problem is often faced by owners of iPhone 4, 5, 6 and 7, who change the battery in incomprehensible services. We recommend that you always contact Apple Accredited Centers.

In extreme malfunction, the battery increases in size, which will be visible to the naked eye. It is dangerous to use such a phone.!

A software glitch can cause the iPhone to overheat and won’t turn on. Wait until it cools down, put it on charge and reboot:

  • To restart iPhone 4, 5, 6, SE, hold down the HOME and POWER buttons for 15 seconds.
  • For iPhone 7, hold down the POWER and Volume Down buttons for 15 seconds.
  • In the case of iPhone 8 / X / XR / XS / 11, you need to quickly press and release the volume up button, then do the same with the volume down button, then hold down the side button on the right for 15 seconds.

A reboot should fix the software crash problem.

Water inside the case can cause overheating, short-circuiting and damage to the device. Modern smartphone models are splash and water resistant:

  • iPhone 11 Pro, 11 Pro Max will be protected for 30 minutes at a depth of 4 meters.
  • iPhone 11, XS, XS Max. 30 minutes at depths of up to 2 meters.
  • iPhone XR, X, 8, 8 Plus, 7, 7 Plus. no more than 30 minutes at 1 meter under water.
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But, for example, if your iPhone 6 heats up during operation, and before that it fell or fell into the water and miraculously works as if nothing had happened, we recommend that you check it at a service center for serviceability.

10 ways to prevent overheating

If your iPhone overheats in the heat, check out the 10 tips below.

Remove the iPhone case. The extra layer of insulation makes cooling difficult. Alternatively, consider purchasing a cover with ventilation holes. The stylish Razer Arctech Pro ventilated case is a good example.

Do not leave your iPhone in the car in the sun. due to the rapidly rising temperature in a closed cabin, the iPhone may refuse to work.

Do not expose your smartphone to direct sunlight for a long time. Store iPhone in your bag or

Avoid playing games. Games, especially graphically advanced ones, load and heat up the device a lot. Augmented reality apps are especially heavy-duty and heat up quickly.

Turn off Bluetooth. it provides an additional heat source. The easiest way to turn it off is from Control Center: swipe up (or down the top-right corner on an iPhone without the Home button) and tap the Bluetooth icon. This will disable the interface until the next day (it will be automatically activated).

Use flight mode. This disables GPS, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and cellular. To do this, in the Control Center, click the airplane icon.

Disable location services. GPS is probably the only feature that heats up the iDevice the most. Turn it off using the Settings menu. Confidentiality. Geolocation services.

Avoid charging your phone until it’s cooler nearby or the iPhone has cooled down. Charging heats up iPhone.

If you can get by without notifications, we recommend that you turn off your iPhone completely in the heat when not in use. While holding down the Sleep / Wake button, slide the Power Off slider to turn off the device. If you have an iPhone 11, XS, or other model without a Home button, hold down the power button and one of the volume buttons.

Use devices to cool phones. There are several products on the market that are specifically designed to cool smartphones. They have already found their admirers.

For example, a 10 watt temperature controlled wireless charger:

There are also gamepads with fans for those who like to play:

There is also a stylish Moshi magnetic car mount, which is inserted into the car deflectors and cools the handset with the incoming air from the air conditioner (if there is one in the car).

This mount is tiny and stylish, but only fits Moshi cases.

We hope these tips help you keep your iPhone operating at an acceptable temperature. If not, the phone may have encountered a more serious error and you should show it to a service center.

Operate your phone at normal temperatures and it will delight you with excellent performance even on the hottest days.

Strong heat when charging

A very common occurrence is the high heating of the IPhone when the battery is charging. This could be due to various factors:

  • Any mechanical violations inside the device.
  • Faulty parts of the phone: its contacts, charger or connector.
  • Using a universal or non-original charger.

In fact, it is very difficult to accurately determine the cause of heating during charging, even if a specialist is engaged in it. Honor needs many factors.
But you can also try to fix the situation in this case at home.

You can check the contacts of the battery and phone for oxidation, the presence of foreign particles in the charging connector or on the contacts themselves. As well as the battery itself: presence / absence of visual defects of the phone.

There are also some recommendations that will help prevent various troubles associated with overheating of the battery while it is charging.

  • Before you put the iPhone on charge, you need to remove the case from it.
  • Don’t wait until the battery is completely discharged.
  • Be sure to use native and branded chargers.
  • You do not need to keep the device connected to the network for a long time if it has been charged for a long time.
  • Do not use your phone while it is charging.

Natural causes of heating

An inadequate rise in the temperature of the iPhone symbolizes, most likely, serious problems. But every smartphone is allowed slight heating in some situations.

If the iPhone’s temperature rises and at the same time several applications are running on it at the same time (for example, watching videos, playing games, etc.), then, most likely, the reason lies precisely in this.

The iPhone battery may become hot while it is being charged. This is due to chemical processes.

Also, with a lot of battery consumption (watching videos or movies, or games), slight overheating is also natural and normal.

Included modules. Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, etc. affect the temperature rise of the gadget. For example, the Wi-Fi signal source is too far away. The device spends time and energy on the constant search for the source, which is why overheating occurs.

You should also turn off various automatic checks for your services, updates to incoming messages and other functions that social networks or emails offer.

The most maximum is 35 degrees Celsius.

Unnatural Causes of Overheating

It is worth thinking about the presence of malfunctions in the operation of the system if the iPhone quickly consumes power and heats up a lot. It will be quite difficult for an inexperienced user to understand and find out the reason.

But it is absolutely impossible to ignore this problem that has arisen. Restoring iPhone is expensive. And, as you know, the best “treatment”. this is prevention. The same can be said about iPhones.

If there is a strong overheating during its operation, then undoubtedly, the phone definitely needs to be repaired.

In such a situation that has arisen, it is necessary to quickly establish the cause and eliminate it.

Of course, the easiest (and safest) way is to go to the service center. Where experts will find the cause themselves and eliminate it.

But some iPhone owners do not want to trust their phone to just anyone, or they just want to figure out the reasons on their own.

Battery wear

Battery wear is perhaps the most common cause of iPhone overheating. Of course, Apple’s battery service is quite large. But it may end.

Therefore, reasons such as overheating of the device and the rapid loss of charging should push Aifonovts to the idea that it is time to change the battery for your phone.

Moisture ingress

It is possible that tea, coffee, water or juice may spill onto the device. Moisture can also get in due to splashes, for example, from a fountain or in a bathroom.

The presence of moisture inside the device can increase the heating temperature. As this causes the elements to begin to oxidize. Oxidation leads to small systemic closures. And all this leads to high heating of the iPhone.

If your iPhone gets a lot of moisture, then you need to do the following steps as soon as possible. First of all, you need to turn off the phone and disconnect the battery from the device.

Now you need to quickly take the phone to the workshop so that the specialists remove moisture and replace oxidized contacts.

Why iPhone gets hot and fast

Severe overheating of the IPhone lies in serious problems. And of course, these problems should be quickly eliminated. After all, not only the durability of the smartphone service depends on all this, but also the cost of repairing the device.

It often happens that the postponement of the repair and the clarification of the problem led to the fact that in the end the gadget could not be restored.

Overheating of the device itself can be caused by negatively affecting user actions, as well as by factory defects.

Several problems are presented and discussed in this article. Which caused the iPhone to overheat.

Overheating symptoms

How to find out if there is such a problem as the user’s IPhone heating up.

There are a number of problems that, explicitly or indirectly, may indicate the existence of the problem under consideration.

  • The phone is completely hot, or only a part of it.
  • The device slows down or freezes.
  • Having problems turning the iPhone on or off.
  • The system or some of its applications crashed.
  • The menu itself switches spontaneously.

If at least one of the considered symptoms is “present”, then one can already suspect about problems with the heating of the phone. But you don’t need to be intimidated by a warm body. During use, the gadget can and should heat up.

Overheating of the IPhone during a call

It is normal for the iPhone to heat up during a call. But if only one part is subject to overheating. for example, the upper or lower panels. then we are talking about unnatural heating, which should alert the user.

This problem should be solved by the “from the smallest to the largest” way. For example, at first you just need to change the network operator. Then, in case of failure, just resolve issues about system recovery. In extreme cases, the gadget should be taken to a service center.

Automatic update of application data

Now everything works like this: you, for example, add articles in the evening, and in a moment they are already in the application on the iPad / iPhone / iPod. Those. in the morning, you no longer need to forget to open another application, so that it “sucks” the data you need. This procedure also sits on the Internet channel and consumes the battery. Don’t you need it? Disable.

Settings → General → Background App Refresh. Here, disable either all at once or only those applications whose data relevance does not bother you much.

Push notifications

I have seen such a picture more than once. There is a phone on the table of a person and the screen constantly lights up and one or another notification spits out on it. Either a message from a friend, then someone liked what you liked, then someone added you as a friend somewhere, then some other insignificant nonsense. Take five minutes of your precious time and go through the settings for each application. Turn off unnecessary. For example, why don’t you just leave notifications for messages, that you are being intimidated and that’s it? Why do you need to know in real time about each like?

To do this, go to Settings → Notification Center and configure what each application can “spit out”.

iphone, heats, sits, down


Spotlight is iOS’s built-in search. It constantly has to index your gadget’s data so that you can find what you need just as quickly. Don’t give a damn about the relevance of your search? Cut out.

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Let go of the iPhone!

Has it become pretty? You do not like? A lot of new things and you want to learn everything? Yes, you do not let go of the gadget for hours. You’ve gone over all these cool new and slightly obscure interfaces for internal and third-party programs. Yes, they all eat CPU time, they all shine with a screen, they all need the Internet of your wi-fi and your favorite tube 3G. Return to the usual pattern of using the phone on iOS 6 and everything will be fine with you again. Nearly…

Running out of iPhone battery too quickly on iOS 7? This is fixable 🙂

The real drama unfolds after a massive update of users to the new iOS 7. Here and there you can hear “The phone started to discharge faster!”, “Horror!”, “How can I get everything back. 111 “users echo. We figured out why this is so by watching the new converts of the seventh ayosniks and everything became clear. Here are our tips on how to fix everything.

Background auto refresh

iOS 7 can now automatically update apps. Those. everything works like this: the phone is on its desk and often pours updates to your software. And this is tens and hundreds of megabytes for each application! There are two solutions to the problem: 1) remove the applications you do not need so that they do not receive updates; 2) disable automatic software updates.

Disable automatic updates: Settings → iTunes App Store → Automatic Downloads section → disable the Updates trigger. Below, disable the Use Cellular Data trigger, which allows you to download these updates over the EDGE, 3G and 4G networks.


Animated wallpaper → select non-animated wallpaper in settings.

Radios → turn off bluetooth and wi-fi if you don’t need them. But we don’t think this has a big effect on battery efficiency in iOS 7. Leave these games for Android lovers.

Screen brightness → everything is clear here. Reduce it from the control panel that is pulled out from the bottom.

iphone, heats, sits, down

What to do if iPhone gets very hot

Apple produces very reliable and high quality equipment. However, she has her weaknesses, and sometimes she still fails.

One of the most common problems that occurs for various reasons is the strong heating of the iPhone. If such a phenomenon occurs, it is advisable to find and eliminate the cause as quickly as possible, since heating negatively affects the operation of the device.

When charging

Very often, a device of this type begins to heat up very much during the charging process.

There may be several reasons for this:

  • incorrectly installed software;
  • overvoltage of the mains;
  • hardware malfunction. charging or the phone itself, batteries.

Very often, the reason for the high temperature of the case during the charging process is incorrectly installed programs. It is necessary to find out which applications were installed before the device started to warm up and just uninstall and reinstall them. This will solve the problem.

If the above method did not help, then the problem may be in power surges. It is worth trying to plug into an outlet elsewhere. If there are no changes in work, you should contact a special service center. there may be hardware problems, there is a malfunction on the motherboard.

During games

If the iPhone heats up a little while actively using applications, then this is absolutely normal. But it happens that the temperature of the back side of the case is excessively high. Often a similar phenomenon occurs in the area of ​​the camera. This feature is a characteristic feature of the 6th series of similar devices.

A simple update to the latest firmware version can solve this problem. Apple’s new software includes a dedicated energy-saving module. Thanks to it, consumption during games and using other functions of the device is reduced. Accordingly, the battery heats up less. )

After update

Quite often, the problem of heating occurs after updating the software to version 8.1. Solving this problem is quite simple. you need to perform a “hard” reboot.

iPhone 7/7 Plus Overheating & Drain Issue || Could This Be The Cause? Temporary Fix! Jailbroken

To do this, you need to press the “Home” and “Power” buttons simultaneously. After that, the Apple icon will appear on the dark screen, the restart process in this case takes a long time.

After completing the above steps, the temperature should be the same. If this method does not help, you should turn off location detection by “reminders”. This service uses GPS, which greatly loads the processor. this causes the battery to heat up.

The shutdown process is carried out as follows:

  • go to the “settings” menu;
  • open the “confidentiality” section;
  • click on “geolocation services”;
  • click on “reminders”.

In the window that opens, you need to disable location detection by simply clicking.

Heating reasons and solutions

To understand why there is a strong increase in the temperature of the case of the device in question, sometimes it can be quite difficult.

This phenomenon most often accompanies the following events:

  • charging the battery;
  • the process of performing various tasks;
  • In standby;
  • after performing an operating system update;
  • during games.

If an excessively high rise in the temperature of the device is accompanied by the events indicated above, then in most cases you can solve the problem yourself.

At work

It happens that during the operation of the iPhone, the battery quickly runs out, and its excessive heating occurs. This often happens with models of the fifth series. It’s all about a certain batch of products released by Apple, where the defective batteries were installed. This category includes devices manufactured in the period from 09.12 to 01.13.

Prolonged smartphone use. battery wear.

I don’t think that now owners of iPhone X will face this problem. Nevertheless, this problem is very common among other versions of iPhone. Long-term use of the iPhone, cheap Chinese chargers, or constant temperature fluctuations may cause the iPhone battery to become unusable. It will stop holding a charge and will get very hot. The only solution to this problem would be to replace the battery or smartphone. If you have the proper skills, you can replace the battery of your device yourself, having previously disassembled it. It will come out much cheaper (the battery costs around 17. 1000 rubles).

Third party functions.

It is possible that the iPhone X is warming up due to functions that you are not using at the moment, such as: Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Cellular, Handoff, iCloude drive, photo functions, geolocation services. Disabling unused system functions will help cool down your smartphone. Most of the above features are simply not used by iPhone owners. How often would you use Bluetooth? I doubt that you are sitting at work with headphones or a portable speaker. And this function is turned on and loads your smartphone constantly.

Remove all unnecessary applications.

If closing applications didn’t help you a bit and you can still reheat food on your iPhone, try to remember how long ago your smartphone started to warm up like this? If the problem started after you installed a certain application, then try to uninstall it, because it is it that may be the hero of the day. In order to uninstall the REQUIRED application, follow these steps:

1.From the settings menu, click “General”.
2.Scroll down the page, click on “Storage and iCloud”.
3.Click “Manage”
4. Remove dangerous and unnecessary apps.

Incorrectly fitted cover.

Available in black, gold, red, and pink for iPhone X.

Available in black, red, beige, and blue for iPhone 8/7, with cool graffiti prints and a cup of coffee.

For iPhone 8 Plus / 7 Plus, cases are available in black, white, brown, purple and red.

Faulty software.

Perhaps your iPhone X, 8, 7 is warming up due to prolonged use. a large number of applications appear on it. When several applications are running simultaneously, they can easily load the processor up to a hundred percent.

For. to solve this problem, you need to find out which applications are using the most processor and disable them. In order to do this, you need to go to: Settings. battery. turn off the application that loads the system as much as possible.

Why is the iPhone X, 8, 7 warming up?

There are many factors that can cause your iPhone to overheat. This can be external damage, such as: a fall, a short-term exposure of the smartphone to some kind of liquid, long-term external effects on the smartphone (long-term exposure of the smartphone in cold or heat). So are internal ones, for example: faulty software, simultaneously running applications, etc.

IPhone Recovery.

This is the very last method that will result in data loss. If you are sure that there is no external damage and the problem lies in the software, then you need to reset your device.

The problem may go much deeper (it could be a malicious application) and we will have to do a hard reset to fix it. Before starting the reset process, be sure to back up your iPhone to iCloud beforehand. After you have created a backup, you can restore your iPhone using iTunes or iCloud backup afterwards. To properly restore yours, follow this instruction.

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