iPhone 7 How Many Inches Screen

How metric measurements compare

Using the tablet size in cm or diagonal inches is a popular practice in electronics sales. It has various types, these products are produced in different countries. Some of them do not use meter and centimeter as a unit of the metric system of measures.

iPhone 7 How Many Inches Screen

Therefore, the screen size is indicated as standard in inches. On price tags, as a technical characteristic, a diagonal that is more understandable to specialists is indicated, and not length and width (height). For a domestic user, earlier, when only a television produced in their own state was in circulation, it was characteristic to indicate in cm.

To find out how many cm is the diagonal of a 10-inch tablet or TV (monitor), the number of inches is multiplied by 2.54 cm.It is in this digital value that the inch is expressed. a unit of measure for the somewhat outdated English system of measures.

If the consumer of electronic products is interested in how much the device takes in length, additional measurements will have to be made. Some points to note:

  • Tablet or laptop used as a TV or for working with office programs and to be permanently installed, with a diagonal of 10 “provided with frames.
  • Many manufacturers provide different sizes and functionality of this frame. It can be just a visual field limiter or a place to install control buttons.
  • To find out what is the height or width in this electronic device, even with the specified 10 “, it is not enough to simply convert every inch to centimeter. over, it’s not difficult. just multiply 2.54 cm by ten inches.
  • The diagonal of a rectangular screen is not its height and width. over, if the frame of the device is wide enough, and for placement in a limited, specially allotted space, you need to find out exactly these dimensions.

You could immediately find out what the width and height of the future acquisition are, and not just its diagonal. It represents the simple distance from opposite top and bottom corners. It is measured in inches, and not in cm familiar to the Russian user.

But this is a generally accepted norm for specifying technical characteristics, which is applied to a TV receiver, a tablet, a laptop, and even an iPhone. It was introduced in order to unify data in the products of manufacturers from around the world.

Briefly about the proposed acquisition

A 10-inch tablet screen diagonal is equal to 25.4 centimeters. Determining how many centimeters a given figure will be in inches is quite simple, even if a person has special knowledge in the metric systems of different countries. To calculate, he just needs to use the conversion table or look for the inch value in the reference book.

Length converter from centimeters to inches and vice versa.

The most popular format for office programs is 9.7 inches. A tablet screen with such a diagonal is often used as an additional monitor when working on a personal computer. Diagonal 10 or 10.1 “- tablet screen, produced for those who want more cm of the screen in length, rather than square, with a resolution of 3: 4 sides.

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They also produce a 10-inch tablet or TV screen. with a diagonal of 25.4 cm. This product is NOT the most popular. It is inconvenient to carry with you and it is impractical to use it for games, holding it with one hand when it is not in a stand or table. Experts recommend this screen size for stationary installations.

If you purchase a keyboard and mouse for the tablet, the length and width (height) will not be an obstacle for comfortable use. When the aspect ratio is 16:10, this is a normal device used as a TV.

It is convenient for watching TV programs, serials and movies, for working with office programs. Constantly taking it with you will interfere with the size and weight. But the diagonal of the tablet is 10 “- optimal size to see the image better.

Diagonal 10 inches is how many centimeters the tablet screen is: in width and height

A diagonal of 10 inches is how many centimeters a tablet or TV screen is, its dimensions in width and height are a frequent question that Internet users hammer into the search term. The diagonal itself is not a very convenient designation for a person who is going to buy a tablet or update his TV. Because the distance from the bottom corner to the opposite top corner does not give an idea of ​​what the width and height are in the monitor, for example 10 “. And the measurement in inches makes you look for the answer. this is how many centimeters.

How to find out the real parameters of the tablet

The dimensions of a 10-inch screen are almost always in an aspect ratio of 16: 9. This assumes that its height in inches is 4.9, and its width in the same inches is 8.72. The size, if needed in centimeters, can be viewed in the translation table or calculated independently using a calculator. It should be remembered that 1 inch = 2.54 centimeters.

From here you can find the dimensions of the tablet screen in cm, that is, what will be:

  • width
  • height.

Calculations will show that the width of this structure for rendering the image (only the screen itself) is 22.14 cm (this is exactly 8.72 inches), and its height is 12.45 cm (4.9 inches).

But there is also the standard aspect ratio that is gradually falling out of circulation. It is believed that the aspect ratio of a rectangular 16: 9 screen has a more optimal resolution and is quite safe for eyesight with constant use. A ten-inch monitor or screen assumes 6 inches (or 15.24 cm) high and 8 inches (20.32 cm) wide.


Even having at hand a table for converting screen sizes to Centimeters from inches, depending on the diagonal, the representation is still approximate. Simply because nowhere in the technical specifications is the width of the frame indicated, as if only the screen parameters matter to everyone.

If to install the tablet in a stationary form or to buy a cover you need NOT the dimensions of the device, but its real dimensions, you will first have to measure the space in centimeters. Then use a tape measure or a soft measuring tape for a simple measurement on both sides. This is enough to know all four sides of the rectangle.

However, this practice makes life easier for sellers of electronic equipment and makes life difficult for its buyers. And no matter how cheerfully they offer special tables to facilitate the recalculation procedure, the need for additional calculations and measurements when buying is still present.

Indicators of the seventh line of iPhone

Let’s look at the main characteristics of device 7 and version plus in comparison:

  • the diagonal of the display is 4.7 inches, in the plus version. 5.5 inches;
  • RAM is 2 and 3 GB;
  • the screen has an extension of 740×1334 pixel, 7 pixels is much more;
  • user memory can choose from three options. 32 gb, 128, max. 256 GB;
  • main camera. 12 megapixels;
  • operating system. iOS 10;
  • both iPhones have an A10 processor and an M10 coprocessor;
  • camera-selfie. 7 Mp.
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Also the material from which the body is made is identical. Front. glass, back. high quality aluminum. The gadgets are bundled the same. Lightning application cord to both accessories.

Price for iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus

The cost of the iPhone 7 remains the same. The starting price is from 600. Further, the figure will increase due to the amount of memory. You can buy version 7 plus from 720.

If we consider the Jet Black smartphone, then it is presented in two versions. 128, 256 GB.

IPhone 7 processor

New variations of Apple phones are equipped with processors with 4 A10 cores with a frequency of 1.4 GHz. They are created using a modern 14-nm processor, which has a beneficial effect on the performance of devices. This is achieved thanks to more powerful indicators compared to the previous six.

How the 7th version of the smartphone appeared

Phone maker Steve Jobs has always believed that a good smartphone should fit in your hand. Having released the iPhone 4, which was 3.5 inches (1 inch equals 2.54 cm), he jokingly compared it to the large screens of the Hummer SUV. The developer was firmly convinced that large iPhones would NOT become popular, as they look ridiculous and inconvenient to use.

4 years after the death of Steve Jobs, the company decided to release 2 new variations with a 4.7 and 5.5 screen. “. This was the sixth version of the iPhone. Compared to previous phones, they were called “shovels” because they shocked everyone. It soon became clear that users liked the big iPhones. When versions 7 and 7 plus appeared on the market, everyone was delighted.

New products of the seventh line

The innovation of the iPhone is the functioning of the new chipset based on the big.LITTLE principle. It works as follows: 2 medium-sized kernels are used to solve simple typical tasks. If you need increased speed, then the system is supplemented with 2 more cores.

The developers confirm that the A10 processor is the fastest in smartphones of all models, and not just in Apple. Powerful graphics helped to recognize him as the best.

Another innovation of the exterior of the gadget is the material of the case surface. iPhone of the seventh line Almost non-slip in the hand. Previous versions were problematic to use without a case. Also, the developers assumed that the smartphone would fit in the palm of your hand. Spade-shaped variations are held by the thumb and phalanges of the second toes.

Users noticed that the tactile sensations of the “apple” gadget became more pleasant.

The front of the panel was NOT changed. The Home button has become a new, touch-sensitive, but it looks convex, like in previous Apple versions.

Among the innovations, there is protection against moisture according to the European standard IP67. The gadget can be easily dipped into the water without fear of serious violations. Swimming with him and taking a bath is not worth it, but the device will withstand showers and accidental falls.

Apple changed the packaging technology in 7 versions. To remove the packaging film from the box, you need to pull on the special tab. The top cover can be removed much easier.

Gloss is a thing of the past, the new generation has a matte and velvety finish. The overall body is perceived differently than in the other plus version. Customers love the new camera format. Reviews indicate that iPhones look more sophisticated, more beautiful, they DO NOT cling to other objects, fabrics.

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IPhone external design

The iPhone 7 and the plus version are not significantly different in layout from their predecessors, but they differ significantly in the quality of execution.

The Chinese “biases” of the iPhone 7 and the Plus version did not match the original devices. The first thing that is too noticeable is the antenna inserts on the bottom and top of the phone. They are clearly visible on the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus in Silver, Matte Black and Pink. However, on the “seven” in shades of “black onyx” they almost connect to the body. At the same time, it seems that the inserts do not exist.

Apple has carefully crafted the original devices in glossy onyx black. They used new technology. The housings are polished and anodized using a precision ten-step process. As a result, we achieved that the surface became completely mirror.

Apple has warned that the surface strength of the iPhone is NOT inferior to other gadgets that have undergone anodization, but after some time of use it may be scratched. This was not announced loudly, but only placed information at the bottom of the smartphone review page on the official website.

The design of the new iPhone smartphone has become more integral, harmonious. You can more fully appreciate the improved design of the “seven” when looking at the shade “black onyx”. On it, the border between the display and aluminum is almost invisible.

Comparison of dimensions of the iPhone with the OnePlus 3 and Galaxy S7 Edge

The screen size of the iPhone 7 plus and Samsung is identical, but the 7 is larger than its rival. The Edge device is 4mm shorter in length and also inferior in width. But Samsung is ahead of the iPhone 7 version plus in terms of body thickness. it is larger.

If we analyze the screen size and dimensions of the Chinese phone OnePlus 3 and the diagonal of the iPhone 7 plus, then there are not many differences with it.

The Galaxy S7 is longer and thicker than the iPhone 7, but has a smaller diagonal display, or screen size. Koreans have a built-in battery with a large capacity. In Samsung, the thickness is 0.79 inches, the length is 14.24 centimeters.

Comparing OnePlus 3 and iPhone 7, it is clear that Chinese technology is worse in many ways, although the screen is much larger.

Screen size iPhone 7, iPhone 7 plus (plus): phone diagonals in inches and centimeters

Many developers focus not only on the internal filling, but also on the size of the display. Let’s compare the diagonal of the iPhone 7 with its predecessors and competitors, how much the phone weighs, and also consider other characteristics.

iPhones are often taken with them, held in hand, so the diagonal dimensions of the screen are of considerable importance for their owners. In 2016, bezel-less models began to be released, when most of the iPhone is occupied by the display (display).

Diagonal iPhones

The parameters of the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus have NOT changed in comparison with their predecessors. The seven has the following dimensions: height 138.3×67.1×7.1 mm, diagonal. 4.7 inches. IPhone 7 plus diagonal. 5.5 “, indicators. 158.2 / 77.9×7.3 mm.

In terms of weight, the new modifications have lost some weight. Their weight has decreased by 5 and 4 hours.The seven weighs 138 g, the plus version. 188 g.