iPhone 7 speaker does not work when talking

Calling a specialist at home

If you have problems with the microphone (located in the lower left part), speaker (upper, spoken), better save time, effort and find a technician who can come to you and fix the breakdown. As a rule, the service centers provide a “home visit” service. Specialists will go to the address as soon as possible. Typically, calling the wizard is associated with the following problems:

  • the speaker does not work well. it became impossible to hear the interlocutor at the time of the conversation after water or an automatic defect;
  • rattling sound (during a conversation through the speakerphone);
  • there is no sound at all.

We eliminate the malfunction on our own

In case you cannot hear the other person or he is talking very quietly, start by checking the equalizer options. First of all, adjust the volume at the time of the call, making sure the indicator is visible on the screen. Later, make sure that no third-party devices are connected to the phone jacks. Also try to unplug and insert the headphone plug several times. Turn off Bluetooth.

iphone, speaker, does, work, talking

To eliminate the likelihood of a software problem, you need to remove fresh, recently delivered software, and also reset all settings.

  • press the Home and Power keys together;
  • hold them for 10-15 seconds;
  • wait for the device to reboot.

If the speaker still does not function (spoken or lower), you need to restore the saved copy of the system using “iTunes”. Remember to keep your iOS up to date with the latest version. The usual cleaning of hearing, as well as polyphonic speakers from dust that has gotten to it often helps. Before the procedure, remove the cover, films from the back, front panels. To clean, use a soft-bristled brush, slightly moistened with alcohol or soaked in refined gasoline.

If you suspect a factory defect, take your iPhone to a specialized service center or to your direct Apple dealer. If the device is under warranty, the speaker will be replaced free of charge. Please note: if you install unlicensed software and careless handling of the device, the warranty conditions are considered violated. Contacting the service center. not the only way out of the situation. If you dropped or flooded your phone and ruined the speaker, you can not waste time on trips, but call an experienced craftsman at home.

What is the essence of the malfunction

Difficulties with the sound of spoken (high) and low (multi-voice) speakers are quite common.

  • moisture penetration due to the phone falling into the snow or being flooded with liquid;
  • mechanical actions (impacts, falls on a hard surface), causing various damage to internal elements (loop, “ear sensor”, as well as a microphone, front camera, etc.);
  • dust, small debris into the speaker or into the headphone jack;
  • interruptions in the work of the software (especially if you install “left” programs on the telephone set);
  • speaker volume is not adjusted;
  • manufacturing defects.

Difficulties can be detected in different ways: it is hard to hear when the interlocutor is talking, rattles, wheezes or the speaker does not work at all.

Speaker malfunctioning “iPhone 5 S

Typically, device users complain about the following crashes:

  • The speaker does not work in the “iPhone”. The speaker of the device produces almost no sounds.
  • In “iPhone 5 S” the sound level has dropped noticeably without any prerequisites for this.
  • The speaker on the “iPhone” is not working well. At the time of a communication session, noise often appears, there is a characteristic hiss at high frequencies.

Even if the above problems are rare, they should not be ignored.

Speaker does not work in “iPhone

If the speaker on your iPhone suddenly does not work, it wheezes or rattles during a conversation, it is not necessary to instantly go to the service center. First you need to try to find the cause of the problem yourself and fix the damage at home.

Despite the fact that the entire Apple line is famous for its high quality and long service life, difficulties still arise from time to time. None, including extremely reliable, equipment is immune from various failures.

Benefits of calling a specialist at home

  • will quickly arrive in any area;
  • work seven days a week;
  • use only high-quality factory parts;
  • repair faults in almost any model.

Employees of specialized service centers guarantee the quality of cleaning, soldering, installation of the latest components. If the speaker in the “iPhone” does not work (for example, it broke due to mechanical damage), the master will bring spare parts to the device and quickly replace the failed element.

Thus, you learned how to fix the problem associated with the inoperative state of the speaker of your “iPhone”, both on your own at home and with the help of specialists.

What to do if your iPhone speaker wheezes

There is also a situation where the speaker works, but the sound is distorted, in other words, wheezes. Naturally, adequate operation of such a gadget is impossible. The reasons may be as follows:

  • the normal operation of the speaker is affected by other modules (Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, SIM card, etc.);
  • the sound module is clogged;
  • software problems or incorrect settings.

As above, when the speaker wheezes, different iPhone models are diagnosed with their own possible causes. Which ones are described below.

Speaker not working on iPhone SE

It is known that only some models of iPhones “suffer” from some malfunctions. In the case of SE, it is recommended to turn off the Bluetooth module and check if there is sound or not. This is a common problem with this particular smartphone, in particular, when updating to iOS 12.3.

What to do if water gets into the iPhone speaker

The first thing to do if your iPhone gets wet is to stop using it and turn it off immediately. The faster you do this, the more likely it is that troubles will be bypassed.

And then the long-proven folk methods come into play on how to dry the iPhone from water:

  • put your smartphone in a jar of rice;
  • leave it on the windowsill in the sun;
  • wrap in a dry towel;
  • dry with a hairdryer;
  • put on the door of an open, switched on oven.

Resuscitation of the “drowned man” must take place in the off state

iPhone7,7Plus speaker not working during calls!Microphone,earspeaker not working fix.

In variants with the phone warming up, you should not overdo it, but it is better not to do this at all and take it to the master, because it will not work out for sure if the smartphone is completely dry, or there is still water left, and premature switching on will neutralize all the efforts.

Note! In the App Store, you can find special applications that produce sounds at the highest possible frequencies that push moisture out from the inside. But this method can also be dangerous for the module contacts.

Speaker not working on iPhone during conversation

According to Apple’s design decisions, the interlocutor’s voice comes out of the front (auditory) sound module located on top, and the one below generates a call or music signal. Therefore, if at least one is out of order, there can be no talk of full-fledged operation of such a phone. What could have been the cause and what to do if the speaker on the iPhone does not work is described below.

Speaker not working on iPhone 5 and 5s

As for the fives, they are rightfully considered eternal. In 2020, they are already 8 years old, and they are still active. For all the time, some particularly frequent situations related to software on these models have not been identified, and due to the time, factory defects are immediately excluded.

The speakers are separated here, so if there is no sound from both modules, it is worth checking for fresh updates (they cannot be updated to the latest iOS) and scan the gadget with an antivirus.

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If the owner changed the cover and after that the sound disappeared, it is worth trying to reproduce the sound without it. Many Chinese accessories interfere with the full functioning of the smartphone. In other cases, it is worth looking for a hardware malfunction.

IPhones 5, 5S, 6 and 6 Plus are no longer supported, so software crashes do occur

Note! These models are extremely sensitive to temperature changes. Passing from cold to warm, condensation is periodically observed in the deflectors (when the iPhone is hypothermic, it shows a corresponding message).

Water gets into iPhone speaker

Most often, there is no sound because water got into the iPhone speaker. the gadget was simply put on a wet table, wet in the rain, snow, dropped into a puddle, bath, toilet. To understand that this is precisely the reason, either the user himself, if such a case took place, or a master who will notice this by the characteristic oxidation of contacts.

IPhone XR speaker wheezes

  • Go to settings menu.
  • Go to “Basic”.
  • Go to the item “Universal access”.
  • The switch of interest is located opposite the “Hearing aid”, click on it.

If there are any positive changes, the module is most likely clogged. Cleaning the outside will not greatly improve the situation, you need to clean it from the inside.

It is not recommended to clean the iPhone connectors with foreign objects yourself.

Important! The XR proved to be just as sensitive to the Wi-Fi module. Trying to play sound without it will also be one of the diagnostic points.

Top speaker not working on iPhone 6

It was already mentioned above that the holes for the speakers are protected only by a fine mesh. This was the case before the 7th generation iPhones. In new models, the manufacturer began to install a small rubber gasket around the perimeter, which slightly prevents moisture from entering.

On fives and older, problems are rare, but situations when the top speaker on the iPhone 6 does not work is quite common. This is mainly due to constructive nuances. The six is ​​thinner, and the sound module is extremely close to the display surface, so oxidation of contacts is a common situation here.

Incorrectly performed flashing

On the Internet, on various resources, you can find any firmware versions, including official and pirated ones, with interesting designs and other personalizations. If the user installs non-official software, then he risks facing some problems. For example, you might have installed a firmware that lacks the drivers required for the speakers to work. To fix the situation, you need to reflash the system. Just install the official version downloaded from the main developer site or from the w3bsit3-dns.com forum.

Changing the volume in the setup menu

One solution is to return the default sound settings. To do this, go to options and go to the volume section. Please note that the name of the tab may differ for different smartphones. You should open an option where there will be a list of all sound profiles, including volume control and stereo speaker activation. Raise the volume value to the maximum near all points and check the sound.

Checking the settings

The next reason may be hidden in the settings. Or rather, in the incorrectly set parameters.

Speaker malfunction

In some situations, the problem may lie in the contamination of the speaker grid. Then for the solution it is enough to carry out cleaning with the help of special means. This is the main reason why the earpiece does not work on Huawei and Honor. When cleaning, you can use cotton swabs with alcohol or hydrogen peroxide, a needle.

If you have any questions or complaints. let us know

Ask a question to the virtual expert

If you have any questions, it is better to contact a virtual expert. This is a special bot that will provide help in solving common problems. In addition, he can act as an interlocutor and just keep the conversation going. Try it yourself. write to the robot, he will answer instantly.

Software level crashes

A system failure is rarely the cause of a speaker that is not working. Software errors negatively affect the functionality of the device, some can completely break the operation of certain components in the hardware, while others can only cause the smartphone to slow down and freeze. Usually, a system crash occurs due to the use of several of the same applications at once to improve the sound quality. Remove unnecessary programs and use only one. Remember to restart Android after uninstall operation.

Granting rights to third-party applications

The presented reason is not always noted. Let’s say that when you make a phone call, you can hear the interlocutor normally, but when talking through a messenger (for example, Vastap or Viber), there is interference or poor audibility.

This is due to incorrectly configured parameters. Go to the messenger settings and open the tab where permissions are given to the program. Turn on all the items so that the application has access to all the necessary options in the smartphone.

Resetting profile applications

If the problem persists, then do a factory reset. To do this, go to the options and find the “Recovery and reset” section, then click on “Reset” and confirm the procedure. The operation will delete all information from the phone, after rebooting you will get a clean system that will have to be configured again.

To reset the settings of certain applications, go to the settings in the programs section. Find the utility you want. For example, “Phone” and go to the “Memory” tab and click “Reset”.

The upper loop is faulty

The top ribbon cable on the iPhone (in 5S / 5SE models) is responsible for the front (main, not front) camera, light sensor and earpiece. This means that if you do not hear the interlocutor during a conversation or hear with great interference, there is a possibility of problems with the upper loop (the display does not go out during a conversation. from the same song). There is a replacement below in the text.

Important: If the phone has already been repaired, then you should pay attention to the cable laying. is it in place? Unscrupulous servicemen do not put it in its place. without it, the iPhone starts to glow


You don’t hear the interlocutor well, although he hears you perfectly

You don’t hear him at all. but he also has excellent audibility

The interlocutor hears you only on speakerphone

Recently, there have been extraneous noises and interference during conversation

We do not recommend crawling into the interior of the device on your own, due to the fact that it is easier to break the cables, stratify the display module, screw the screws into the wrong place or chip SMD elements than it is to snap a finger. We do not recommend performing any work without relevant experience. Repeat everything described below only at your own peril and risk.

Please note: This article discusses a solution to the problem using the iPhone 5S as an example.

Headset glitch

When working only on speakerphone, it happens that the phone hangs in the position of the “connected” headset. It is very easy to imagine this situation when there is a huge amount of debris or moisture in the headphone jack. Try to blow through the contacts well. maybe this will help (the phone should make a sound of the disconnected headset).

By the way, there are also contacts in the charging socket that transmit sound. so the advice is relevant for this connector too.

The contact between the modem and the audio codec is faulty

Quite a rare problem, but also related to our scenario. It is usually diagnosed by pressing (pressing well) the upper right corner, where the modem is located. the sound from it begins to reach the audio codec. The BB_I2S_RXD (i2s1) bus is responsible for this signal. It is necessary to check and, if necessary, restore the bb_i2s_clk tracks. bb_i2s_rxd. bb_i2s_txd. bb_i2s_ws (chain from modem to central processor)

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Parsing the phone

Our pictures are of poor quality and not very informative. Two excellent parsing instructions with detailed pictures can be found here and here

First, unscrew the two Pentalobe screws with a diameter of 3.9 mm (“stars”) near the charging connector:

Next, detach the case from the display. It is better to use a suction cup for this. Please note that you need to disconnect the screen at the bottom of the case: at the top there is a cable for the speaker and camera, and it is very easy to break it. In turn, act very carefully in the lower part. so as not to cut off the TOUCH ID loop (you must remove the retainer of this loop and carefully disconnect:

We open the phone. We see our speaker and cable. they are located on the display module. Do not bend the display module more than 90 degrees:

Before starting to release the cable and speaker, you must disconnect the battery from the system board. In principle, it must be turned off for any type of repair work. it is worth remembering. To do this, we will unscrew the protective plate (two 1.6 mm Phillips screws) and disconnect the ribbon cable:

Next, detach the plate that holds the top ribbon cable and detach it from the body Front camera ribbon cable with proximity sensor, LCD screen ribbon cable and touch screen ribbon cable. Only 4 screws:

  • 1.7mm red Phillips screw
  • Phillips 1.2mm ginger screw
  • yellow 1.3mm Phillips screw
  • 1.7mm green Phillips screw

Be sure to remember which one was screwed in where. If, during reassembly, you mix up the seats, you can damage the board.

Then you need to remove the protective plate from the upper earpiece (two Phillips 4.1mm and 2.2mm screws):

At the end, carefully dismantle the speaker. It does not have any connectors, and works by simply pressing it against the panel using a plate:

and all other components that are on the same loop:

This completes the dismantling of the speaker and loop:

What could be the reason for the breakdown

Sound problems with spoken (high) and low (polyphonic) speakers are fairly common. The main causes of malfunctions:

  • ingress of moisture due to the fall of the smartphone in the snow or flooding with liquid (tea, coffee, juice, water)
  • mechanical impact (shock, falling on a hard surface) causing damage to internal parts (loop, “ear sensor”, microphone, front camera, etc.)
  • dust and debris on the speaker or headphone jack
  • software malfunctions (especially if you install “left” programs on your phone)
  • volume is poorly adjusted
  • manufacturing defects

Problems can manifest themselves in different ways: it is hard to hear when the interlocutor speaks, the iPhone speaker rattles and wheezes, or stops working altogether.

We fix the malfunction on our own

If you stop hearing the other person or he speaks very softly, start by checking the equalizer settings. First, adjust the volume during a call, making sure the indicator is displayed on the screen. Then make sure that no other devices are connected to the phone jacks. Insert and remove the headphone plug several times. Disable Bluetooth function.

To rule out the possibility of a software problem, you should uninstall new, recently installed software and reset all settings. Algorithm for hard rebooting the device:

  • press the “Home” and “Power” buttons at the same time
  • hold for 10-15 seconds
  • wait for the gadget to restart

If iPhone speaker still does not work (spoken or downstream), restore your system backed up using iTunes. Remember to update iOS to the latest version regularly.

Simple cleaning of hearing and polyphonic speakers from dust often helps. Before performing the procedure, remove the cover and film from the back and front panels, then use a soft-bristled brush slightly moistened with alcohol or refined gasoline.

If you suspect a factory defect, immediately take your iPhone to an authorized service center or Apple dealer. they should change the internal parts of your model free of charge. Remember. when installing unlicensed software and careless handling, the warranty conditions are violated. Therefore, if you dropped or flooded your smartphone and damaged the speaker (hearing, voice), do not waste time traveling. It is much easier to call an experienced craftsman at home.

Speaker stopped working on iPhone

And get the best deals from trusted masters.

  • Compare and choose the best conditions
  • Feedback from interested professionals only
  • Don’t waste time communicating with intermediaries

If your iPhone speaker does not work. it is completely broken or wheezes and rattles during a call. you don’t have to go to the service center right away. First you need to try to find the cause of the problem yourself and fix the malfunction at home.

Where to go for help

If you’re having problems with your microphone (bottom left side) or speaker (top, spoken), save time and effort by finding a wizard on youdo.com. Yuda performers will find and fix the breakdown as soon as possible if you are faced with the following situations:

  • the speaker does not work well. it is worse to hear the interlocutor during a call after moisture or mechanical damage
  • rattling sound (when communicating through the voice speaker, when turning on the speakerphone)
  • the sound does not wheeze or tremble. it does not exist at all

Each YouDo performer has been working for many years, has extensive experience in diagnosing and repairing iPhones. Other benefits of performers:

  • leave within an hour to any area
  • provide services without days off and holidays
  • use only new and original spare parts (loops, ear sensors, upper and lower speakers, etc.)
  • repair any model, from 3 to 7

Private traders and companies registered on YouDo guarantee the quality of cleaning, soldering and installation of new components. If the speaker on the iPhone does not work (for example, it broke due to mechanical impact), order the service through Yuda. the master will change the spare part within one hour.

Way 3: restart your own iPhone

To prevent your iPhone speaker from working, restarting your iPhone is another powerful method you can take into account. Just follow the method below to fix the problem.

Go to the General Settings of your iPhone. Click Shut down option to restart your iPhone.

Slide the switch to the right to turn off the slide and turn your screen to black.

After that, you must restart your own iPhone to fix the iPhone speaker not working properly.

Broken down speaker

After you have received an awareness of the difficulties, you need to try to eliminate them without the help of others, without the help of paid masters from service centers. If, when communicating with the interlocutor, you hear crackling, interference and stuttering, most likely something with a connection, but not constantly. This may be caused not by the fact that the conversational or music speaker does not work, but a discrepancy with the audio codec, a small microcircuit, in the bowels of the phone.

iPhone recovery using iTunes

If your iPhone speaker is not working due to the phone freezing, then you cannot reset the iPhone in the Settings app. You will be able to get iPhone back from iTunes backup as below.

Connect iPhone to PC with USB cable and open iTunes on your own PC.

Click the Device icon in the upper left corner after your iPhone is recognized.

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Go to the Output on the left side, and click the Restore iPhone key. Press the recovery key to start device recovery.

Symptoms of a Top Speaker Malfunction

  • Sound is not played during conversation
  • Noises, crackling, distortion of the voice when talking
  • You can hear me in the FaceTime app, but I can’t hear the other person.

Methods to Eliminate iPhone Speaker Difficulty in 7

If you are convinced that your speaker is not damaged, follow the instructions to fix the problem that the iPhone speaker is not working. Just learn more about the detailed process as below.

Way 7: clean your iPhone speaker

Even the smallest particles of dirt, dust, or debris can be harmful to your iPhone. They can affect the volume and cause your iPhone speaker to stop working. Therefore, it is essential to keep all parts of the speaker clean by using a cotton swab for routine speaker cleaning.

Way 4: updating the iOS system

An outdated system may have some known obstruction, including the iPhone speaker no longer working. You’d better update the software just right to solve the difficulties automatically.

Personal Settings General Software Update Check the latest iOS version.

Click the Download and install key if an update is available. Then follow the instructions on the screen to get it.

When your iPhone restarts, enter your own passcode to check if your iPhone speaker is working.

Speaker does not work when calling iPhone. iPhone 7 microphone and speaker not working when talking

Reset smartphone settings

If the recommendations described above did not help to return the speaker to correct operation, and it has no mechanical damage, resetting the gadget to factory settings can help. As a result, user information will be deleted from the smartphone, and with it viruses and lost settings, due to which the speaker could stop working.

Before resetting the settings, make a backup copy of the information, or transfer the files to a computer or laptop and do the following:

  • Go to the gadget settings.
  • Select the section “Recovery and reset”.
  • In it, click on the “Reset settings” button.
  • At the end, we confirm the actions.

The instructions are slightly different depending on the brand of the phone, but in general it is the same for all Android devices, including Dexp, Fly, Xiaomi, etc.

Clean the housing openings in the speaker area

As you use your smartphone, the polyphonic speaker connector gets dirty or clogged with dust and other debris. This is also indicated if the speaker starts to hiss.

  • turn off the smartphone and remove the battery from it (if it is removable).
  • Clean the connector with a can of compressed air or a toothbrush and alcohol. It is applied only to the holes to prevent oxidation of the contacts.
  • As soon as all the debris is removed, we clean it from the remnants of alcohol. If the second speaker is located near the front camera, then the same procedure must be done with it.

It’s time to turn on the phone and make a test call, or turn on the radio or skype. If the gadget still has a warranty period, you should not repair the speaker yourself. Easier to give the device for free diagnostics.

Sound is muffled by external factors

If the speakers of your smartphone are not working properly, it is possible that external factors are interfering with them. For example, you might be covering the speaker connector with your hand, blanket, or other object. At the time of sound testing, the speakers should be free and not muffled.

the speaker of the phone is covered with a cover

Check the phone volume

If the earpiece does not work, then first of all check the volume of the carrier. For this you need:

  • Enter the gadget settings.
  • Press the “Volume” or “Profile” button.
  • A panel with volume settings will open. If the slider is on the left side, the speaker is muted. To enable, move the volume slider to the right.

This manual is suitable for smartphones Honor, Samsung, ASUS and other mobile phones on Android. For iPhones, the algorithm of actions is different:

  • Go to settings.
  • At the top of the menu, select the section “Sounds, tactile signals”.
  • At the bottom of the “Call and notifications” item, move the slider to the right side.

Reboot your phone

Often, the reason for the bad sound of the speakers lies in the standard failures. Restarting your device will fix this:

  • On an Android smartphone, press the power key and wait for a menu with the words “Restart” to appear. If the window does not pop up, then to restart the gadget, you need to hold down the volume up key at the same time as the power button.
  • On an iOS device, hold down the Power and Home keys. On new iPhones, the power button is held down to restart, then the volume keys.

If restarting the device did not help restore the speakers, we scroll further.

What to do if the speaker on the phone does not work during a conversation

There is nothing worse than having the speaker off your phone. In this case, users are deprived of communication with loved ones at a distance, and / or the ability to listen to music. We understand the reasons why the speaker on iPhone and Android stopped turning on, as well as ways to solve problems.

Do not disturb mode is on

The Do Not Disturb function, when enabled, mutes the sound on the mobile phone, so no calls will be received. To return the speaker to working condition, you need to do the following:

  • Go to “Settings” and open the section “Sounds and vibration”.
  • A page will open to check if the function is enabled. You can also do this by swiping the screen from top to bottom.
  • If the “Do not disturb” function is activated, click on this setting to see which sounds are muted.
  • Next, select “Allow exceptions” and select one of the options: no exceptions, only alarms and custom.

If the user selected “No Exceptions”, then to return the speaker to work, you will need to turn off the “Do not disturb” mode.

Headphones connected

Most Android smartphones automatically turn off the external speaker when the gadget is connected to headphones (wired and wireless) and switch to the internal one. The sound may also be lost if the headset is not fully inserted into the audio jack.

To test the performance of the speaker, turn off the outlets and play a test sound, turn on loud music, start talking to the voice assistant or make a call. Before testing, be sure to turn on the speaker. If the interlocutor is still not heard, the cause of the problems with the “ears” is not connected.

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