iPhone 8 how many inches screen

Inches to centimeters

The diagonal of the tablet screen is 8 inches equal to 20.32 centimeters. This size has become a new step in the development of equipment.

Length converter cm to inches and vice versa.

The main function of all previous models was the ability to make calls. Additional features were:

  • correspondence via messengers;
  • work with content;
  • watching video on the street and in transport.

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The phone is up to 7 inches in size and fits comfortably in your hand and fits in your and bag. They are used to view information while walking in the park, traveling in transport, under lighting. The height and width of the smartphone had a standard 16: 9 aspect ratio for a widescreen display.

Screen aspect ratio on tablet

The enlarged 8 ″ screen of a tablet or phone has different aspect ratios in inches or cm:

  • Widescreen. 16:10.
  • Standard. 4: 3.

For writing and content, the eight-inch screen of a tablet or phone with these aspect ratios has been found to be more ergonomic to work with. The size of the keyboard is increased, it is more convenient to type text.

The widescreen 8 ″ tablet has a slightly wider monitor than a TV or smartphone. Its width and height are both 16:10. Holding such a tablet with one hand and flipping through is difficult, the thumb does not reach the buttons. Tablets with a diagonal of 8 ″ are rarely used as a phone.

Screen dimensions from inches to centimeters

To characterize the equipment, use the size of the tablet screen in cm or inches diagonally. The generally accepted units of measurement came from Europe, where for a long time in every country and even region they used their own value of the same inch.

Therefore, the normal screen size for a smartphone of 8 ″ should be translated for clarity in centimeters and calculate what the width and height of this monitor.

The size of an inch is currently reduced to a single value and is equal to 2.54 cm. The 8 “tablet has a diagonal of 20.32 centimeters.

Features of use

A person with a large gadget in cm or inches near their ear looks ridiculous. The increased dimensions make the tablet screen convenient for viewing content, typing messages, working with tables and graphs. Display speed and resolution with filling from 200 ppi suitable for games.

If the diagonal of the tablet is 8 ″, the model is comfortable for watching videos, TV programs and movies before going to bed. An arm’s length from the monitor is optimal for the eyes. This allows you to clearly see the picture in a low-light room.

The length and width (height) of the 8 ″ monitor on the tablet allows it to be used more like a computer. Call function, phone, becomes optional.

A standard 8 ″ monitor on a 4: 3 tablet looks much larger than its counterparts with the same diagonal. The ratio “width to height” corresponds to the size of the printed book and notebook sheet.

The diagonal of an 8-inch tablet or phone (smartphone) is transitional from phablets to a laptop. The monitor allows you to use the device as a mobile computer with a TV function for watching TV programs, working with graphic images and tables.

How to calculate the dimensions of the sides

The dimensions of the length and width with a known diagonal are calculated according to the Pythagorean theorem. Lovers of mathematics can create a system of equations taking into account the aspect ratio and calculate the size of the display. Calculations are performed as follows:

The following values ​​are used here:

  • A is the screen width in centimeters or inches;
  • B. height;
  • C. diagonal.

The system of equations for determining the size of the sides of the monitor in this case is compiled for old square screens with an aspect ratio of 4: 3. This standard of proportion in cm and inches has long been used for televisions with a ray tube.

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The display is only 25% longer horizontally than vertically. Other types of monitors are calculated in inches and centimeters using the same system. You can determine how many centimeters are in oblong screens in the same way, only the numbers are replaced by the corresponding ones. Calculations are easiest to do on a calculator, using such types as, for example, engineering.

Anyone who does not want to sit for calculations can find the necessary conversion table on the Internet. For an 8 ″ monitor, or 20.32 centimeters, below are the length and height dimensions of the display in centimeters and inches. It remains to choose in the table the aspect ratio that the tablet screen has.

Screen aspect ratioLength in inchesWidth in inchesLength, cmWidth, cm
4: 36.44.816.2612.19
16: 96.973.9217.79.96

To determine what size the tablet screen is, you need to find out how many centimeters the diagonal is. Then calculate the length and height. A 4: 3 monitor is very different from other models. It is wide, almost square. It is good to watch amateur video, work with tables, build graphs, watch analog TV programs.

You can define the length and height of the screen in inches. Then, multiplying by 2.54, determine how many cm this tablet is.

Diagonal 8 inches is how many cm the tablet (phone screen): height and width

Advantages and disadvantages of phones from 8 ″

A 16:10 monitor is slightly different from standard dimensions. But a slight addition in width makes the smartphone more workable. The keyboard is expanded, convenient not only for typing messages, but also for large texts, editing content.

A gadget with a screen of eight inches or more is no longer a phablet. a device with the main function of a phone that is used outside the home. At the same time, the small size allows the smartphone to be conveniently positioned in the hand, switch it with your thumb, and store it in your .

The wide body does not fit in the palm of your hand, and your fingers cover the edges of the screen. This model requires 2 hands to turn on and operate.

Devices with monitors larger than 20 cm are used as a compact laptop with a telephone function. It is suitable for home and office work. Before going to bed on such a gadget it is convenient to watch a movie or read a book.

Most of the cost of a smartphone is the screen. But the price of the 8 “tablet is lower than the 7” models. The monitor is designed for stationary indoor operation. It has no glare protection, less anti-reflective coating, and lower contrast. In fact, this is already a miniature computer with a built-in phone function.

Nuances of iPhone 8

The eighth iPhone did not meet the expectations of users who were guided by the data of the advertising campaign. There were so few differences from the seventh model that some of them were SIMply not found. However, the iPhone 8 still has them:

  • the iPhone 8 measures 7 inches diagonal, like its predecessor, but the plus model is already available in 5.5 inches;
  • the length of the novelty is slightly different. for the iPhone 8 it is 138 mm, and for the seven. 138.3 mm;
  • the width differs by 0.2 mm: the seventh is 67.1 mm, and the iPhone 8 is already 67.3 mm, and the thickness differs by the same number of millimeters;
  • the weight of the iPhone 8 has increased by 10 g at once compared to its predecessor and is now 202 g;
  • the diagonal of the iPhone display eight inches is 4.7, and this is considered its disadvantage;
  • model 8 has a different diagonal, 5.5 ″. Although this screen size is new, eight plus, it still does not rank among the champions and does not sufficiently meet the requirements of users for the size of the rendered image, since it does not have the most convenient diagonal.
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Numerous comparisons published on special sites mention the packaging, documentation, packaging and design of the iPhone 8 and eight Plus. But the fact remains. the necessary accessories, except for covers, can be used from the previous model. And only the case will have to buy a new one, because it has a cutout for the manufacturer’s logo on the back of the case.

Differences between iPhone 8 and 8

The screen that the iPhone 8 is equipped with, despite the size indicated in the presentation, is not much inferior to the Plus model in terms of the advisability of using the front panel by the developers. The iPhone 8 has a 65.4% screen-to-body ratio, although it has a smaller diagonal than the Plus. At the same time, in Plus, these figures are 67.4%. The diagonal of the screen increased by 0.8 inches raised the expediency of using visual data by 2% at once.

The increased dimensions made the iPhone 8 slightly taller than the iPhone X. But this modification is lower than the Galaxy S8 and heavier than both. Perhaps due to the fact that the protective layer has changed.

iPhone 10 is 5.8 inches, while Samsung has a whopping 6.2 inches. In addition, it has a better screen-to-body ratio than iPhone 10 (83.7%), Galaxy S8 (80.93%) and Apple 8 (65.4%), 8 Plus (67.4 %).

The differences between the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus in terms of display and screen are as follows:

  • Liquid crystal display for both modifications from one of the world market leaders.
  • The Plus has a 5.5-inch diagonal, while the iPhone 8 has a 4.7-inch diagonal. To find out which diagonal is, you should carefully study the marking and documentation.
  • iPhone 8 comes with a resolution of 326 ppi, or, in more familiar numbers, 1340×750, while the iPhone 8 Plus has 401 pixels per inch, or 1920×1080;
  • The size of the diagonal also affected the contrast. The iPhone 8 still has a 1300: 1 ratio, while the refined iPhone 8 Plus has a 1400: 1 contrast ratio.

For objectivity, it should be noted that, being inferior in screen size to the same iPhone X, the iPhone 8 with a smaller diagonal is practically not inferior to the leader in terms of functionality and technical equipment, declared brightness and extended viewing angle.

However, it can be said without exaggeration that she has made significant progress in her field, releasing beautiful gadgets in smaller sizes.

The increased screen size of the iPhone 8 is not a necessity to achieve an optimal image, but a necessary measure to meet the market requirements in the fight against competition.

Features of iPhone 8

In the new smartphones. iPhone 8 and 8, according to experts, there are few differences from the previous ones, except for the increased price and size of the battery.

The iPhone 8 ranks as one of the largest smartphones, especially when compared to the relative newness of its main competitors. If the diagonal of the display is considered the main principle of compiling the rating, then it turns out that this size is far from among the top three.

The screen size of the iPhone 8 has been repeatedly mentioned as a subject of criticism from users. A decade ago, when the iPhone 5 was released, still in demand among fans of the classics, it was indicated that the diagonal of the popular gadget was far from the desired perfection.

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Initially, Jobs was convinced that a diagonal of more than 5.5 inches was unacceptable for a smartphone. Those who want a significant screen size can take a laptop or iPad.

Therefore, the presentation of the iPhone 8 and the second variant, Plus, was held with an emphasis on extended battery capacity and new special features. The large screen size was also loudly positioned.

IPhone 8, 8 Plus (8) Screen Size: Phone Diagonal in Centimeters and Inches

The iPhone 8 measures 4.7 inches. It is precisely such data that are indicated in the specification from Apple, released specifically for the Russian-speaking segment of buyers and users of electronic devices. Wikipedia reports that the iPhone 8 smartphone and its modification of the iPhone 8 with a plus sign, presented in the Steve Jobs corporation in September 2017, despite some changes, have retained, according to the decision of the company’s leading experts, the previous display diagonal and resolution.

IPhone 8 and 8 dimensions and specifications

The diagonal is not the most convenient indicator adopted in the international community. Especially for the user who is used to measuring everything in centimeters and millimeters. There are special size converters, and you can SIMply use a calculator knowing how many cm are in one inch (one inch equals 2.54 cm). Size 4.7 “is almost 12 cm (11.938 cm). A diagonal is a line that divides a square or rectangle into two triangles.

The diagonal of the screen, monitor, display is just the distance from the bottom corner to the opposite top corner. But as an indicator of the size, width and height of the rendered space, the screen diagonal is not very informative. You need to know the aspect ratio. The standard display is 16: 9. This means that with a diagonal of 11.94 cm, it will be 10.4 cm wide and 5.85 cm high.

Comparison for iPhones takes into account the size of the diagonal (Diagonal), as a value that determines the undoubted merit of a mobile device. However, Versus, where you can compare a collection of data about different categories, and about smartphones, does not always give a comparison in favor of the technical characteristics of electronic devices in terms of display size.

Length, as a total length, may be less advantageous with larger dimensions. iPhone 8 is a clear example of this, and its screen is not inferior either to competitors in the difficult struggle for the market, or even to the glass-clad iPhone 8 with its increased display size.

On the contrary, the diagonal of the iPhone 8 plus (Plus) turned out to be not very convenient for users, who began to complain about discomfort when using all the available potential. When operating the iPhone with one hand, it is difficult for them to reach the top point with a finger. Screen size played a negative role in this case.

The technical experts agreed that the ideal size-to-screen ratio was achieved in the fifth model, which is still in demand in the market.

The large screen will certainly make the model heavier, and the initial idea was the lightness of the device and ease of use. In terms of image quality, the 4.7 “and 5.5” iPhone 8 Plus models are on par with their closest competitors.

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