iPhone as a Wi-Fi tethering

How to restore settings

If you lose data previously saved on the iPhone 5 or 5S (there is no Wi-Fi connection on these models most often), you should back up the information. In this regard, a special cloud storage from Apple was created.

On any phones, not necessarily this company, it is possible to make a backup. But the step-by-step instructions below are suitable for all types of iPhones, not only phones, but also laptops. Most of the information is saved automatically.

First you need to go to the settings, go to the backup in iCloud. To enable this feature, you need to go to “Storage and Copies”. The iPhone system immediately writes that data from folders and files, contact information, settings are automatically copied when creating a connection to a Wi-Fi network. Then the key for creating a copy is pressed. It is just as easy to retrieve data after the backup has been created.

This question is of interest to people who have lost their gadget or after theft. But the procedure for recovering lost data is quite complicated, especially if the loss was a long time ago.

Password error

Quite often, iPhone 7 and other smartphone models cannot connect to the network due to the fact that their owners made a mistake when entering the password. This is the most common mistake when people are in a hurry, make mistakes in the input language, in the number of characters.

How to find out the password for your Wi-Fi is described in the following

You should repeat the entry once more, fill in the appropriate fields with greater care. This occurs if the password has uppercase letters, numbers, and other characters. If this does not help, you can go to the router settings and enter a different password.

To make sure if this is a router or gadget error, you should check the presence of a network on other devices, it can be a laptop, tablet.

Reconnect to find the network

If the Apple gadget stubbornly cannot see the network, and the reason why this happened is unknown, you should disconnect and connect to the Internet several times. This connection method can solve the problem if the 4 series gadget cannot connect to an existing authorized network. Newer phone options should be handled differently.

If the iPhone 5, iPhone 6s, iPhone 6, iPhone 5s or another version can recognize the network, but the connection failed, you should perform the following manipulations:

  • Enter the phone menu, and then go to the Wi-Fi network settings.
  • From the proposed ones, select a network that is visible to the device, but there is no connection. Then the button “Forget this network” is pressed.
  • Next, there is a search for other Internet channels and a new connection to Wi-Fi is made.

If the phone refuses to find other networks, you need to think about the fact that the problems are different.

Resetting network settings

If iPhone won’t connect, resetting network settings may help. How to connect Wi-Fi using factory reset:

  • Open the gadget, go to its “Settings”, go to “General”, then “Reset”.
  • Press the button “Reset network settings”.
  • Confirms the selection with the “Reset” key.

Next, the connection status is checked again, and if the network is unavailable, then you should look for the problem in the router. Usually, it is easier to check the operability of the router. they ask other people to connect with their gadgets or enter a password from a laptop, computer or tablet.

Router problems

The router may refuse to provide access to the network, writes an error and does not automatically connect the device to the network for two reasons:

  • Incorrectly configured at the very beginning, so there are constant failures.
  • Malfunctions in the Wi-Fi module.

To change the settings of the router, you need to understand this device. If you have not previously encountered such breakdowns and installations, it is recommended to consult with the wizard. Those who can understand the settings of the router should take the following steps:

  • The router is rebooting.
  • Its settings are reset.

This button is used to collect router settings:

  • The encryption information changes: if the WPA2 / WPA protocol is installed, it changes to WEP.
  • The user region is changed to America.

How else to fix the problem through the settings of the router, see the following

If you follow all the above steps, you can connect to Wi-Fi Apple iPad, iPad mini 4, as well as other well-known gadgets of all models. But even this method may not help in connecting to the network. In this case, you should think about configuring the module.

There is no Wi-Fi hotspot, and the gadget itself is fixed

This is a common situation in which another iPhone gadget will help, which is able to find a network to connect to in order to distribute it. What to do to get access to the global network and connect to Wi-Fi:

  • Go to settings. “Cellular connection”. “Data transmission”.
  • There should be a network identifier in the “Modem mode” menu. To do this, you should contact the network operator, since each provider has its own identifier.
  • Next, you go to the modem mode.
  • This mode is activated.

Wi-Fi module malfunctions

If the cause of the malfunction is in the module, the Wi-Fi icon turns gray (inactive):

The fact that there are malfunctions of the module will be shown by the Wi-Fi image of a different color. If you have problems connecting to your home Internet, you should start the settings. Incorrect operation of the module is difficult to fix, therefore it is recommended to contact the service center. Experts prefer to replace the module with a new one.

Watch a video about repairing a Wi-Fi module on the 4th iPhone:

If a module is broken, the owner of the router will need to spend money on replacement, since this is the most expensive part in the entire system.

iPhone won’t connect to Wi-Fi: what to do, how to connect?

Almost every public institution and home has a Wi-Fi network to which visitors can connect. But it happens that iPhone Wi-Fi does not see or gives an error when connecting. The error can be fixed on your own if you understand the reasons why the iPhone does not connect to Wi-Fi.

Why iPhone won’t connect to Wi-Fi and how to fix it, see the following

Reasons for poor Internet performance on iPhone

Problems connecting to mobile internet on iPhone

iPhone. universal Wi-Fi router

iPhone is versatile, it can do almost everything. This is a mini computer that can handle any task. Many people use it as a replacement for a camera, someone plays games on it, some use it as a player. But sometimes the iPhone cannot cope with the task in the way the user would like. For example, watch a movie, do a job in Word or Excel.

It is better to read voluminous articles or books on a tablet or laptop. But what if you do not have a USB modem or you have forgotten it, the tablet version does not have a SIM card slot, and the Internet is needed urgently. You can’t even imagine that the iPhone will save you in this situation. After all, with the help of an apple device, you can distribute the Internet via Wi-Fi to other devices. This article will show you how to turn your iPhone into a Wi-Fi router.

The first thing to do is make sure you have the optimal data plan. Ideally, the internet should be unlimited so you don’t have to worry about traffic. Second, consider your internet speed. It is best that you are in an LTE coverage area, in the worst case. 3G. Since LTE is fast, you will not experience any discomfort with the speed. 3g, in theory, will provide a pretty good speed, but watching videos in HD or accessing heavy sites will no longer be so comfortable.

Having chosen the operator and tariff plan you need, you can start the procedure for setting up and distributing Wi-Fi via iPhone. For iOS 7/8, follow these steps:

  • Go to the “Settings” menu.
  • Go to the item “Cellular” (If you have never used an iPhone to distribute Wi-Fi before, you will not have a menu item. “Modem mode” or it will be gray and inactive)
  • Move the Cellular Data slider to the right.
  • We are waiting for 2-4 minutes.
  • After the item “Modem mode” appears (or becomes active) in the main menu, go into it.
  • In the “Wi-Fi password” section, create a strong password.
  • Switch the “Modem Mode” slider to the right.
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All is ready. To connect any device via Wi-Fi, you only need to select your apple device in the search for connections. Now you can distribute the Internet to any device. The disadvantage of this method is that in this mode, the iPhone consumes more power, so it sits down faster than usual. But you can connect it to the charger and the problem will be solved.

When you have finished using the Internet, to turn off this function, you need:

  • Go to “Settings”.
  • Next, the item “Cellular”.
  • Slider “Cellular data” move to the left.

The function is disabled and the iPhone can be used normally without fear that it will consume too much battery power. And some tips:

  • Before sharing Wi-Fi using iPhone, charge it to 100% or charge it during use.
  • Check with your carrier about your tariff plan. It is best to choose an unlimited plan so as not to be surprised by large bills at the end of the month.
  • Use LTE mode for more comfortable Internet surfing or watching videos.
  • Use a strong password so no one else can use your Wi-Fi.
  • Turn off Modem Mode immediately upon completion of work.

By following all the instructions, you will save battery power and protect yourself from unnecessary waste. Now, thanks to the iPhone, you can stay up to date with all the latest events in the world and always be in touch with your family, do important and urgent work anywhere.

In iOS 8 (possibly in the 9th a similar situation), the slider for enabling modem mode is hidden by default. To display it, you just need to go to “Settings”. “Cellular”. “Cellular data network” and scrolling through the menu to the item “Modem mode” write: APN. internet, Login. gdata, Password. gdata.

Do not forget to read the Комментарии и мнения владельцев, there is also a lot of useful information. If there is no answer to your question, and there is an answer to later Комментарии и мнения владельцев, then the answer to your question is contained in the article, respect someone else’s time.

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strange. but I don’t have any “Wi-Fi distribution on the iPhone”.

Maybe this option depends on the iOS version. From the 7th it works for sure, I checked it personally.

Share Internet to PC from iPhone | USB and Wireless methods

Replacing the wi-fi module on the iPhone

Despite the fact that since the iPhone 5s generation, the wi-fi module has been updated and fails much less often, breakdowns are still possible. The diagnostic procedure and the repair itself will not take you so much time, and you will be pleased with affordable prices. The reasons for the breakdown will be discussed below, as well as how the Wi-Fi is replaced in the iPhone.

There are general reasons why you should replace WI-FI in iPhone:

  • WI-FI does not turn on;
  • Network search is not performed;
  • Unable to connect to any network;
  • iPhone connects to the network, but constantly drops the connection, or the Internet does not work, works very slowly, etc.

The cost of repairing wi-fi

Phone model Service name Cost
iPhone 4 Replacing the Wi-Fi module 2000 RUR.
iPhone 4s Replacing the Wi-Fi module 2000 RUR.
iPhone 5 Replacing the Wi-Fi module 2500 RUR.
iPhone 5s Replacing the Wi-Fi module 2500 RUR.
iPhone 5c Replacing the Wi-Fi module 2500 RUR.
iPhone SE Replacing the Wi-Fi module 2500 RUR.
iPhone 6 Replacing the Wi-Fi module 2500 RUR.
iPhone 6 plus Replacing the Wi-Fi module 2500 RUR.
iPhone 6s Replacing the Wi-Fi module 3500 RUR.
iPhone 6s plus Replacing the Wi-Fi module 3500 RUR.
iPhone 7 Replacing the Wi-Fi module 4000 r.
iPhone 7 plus Replacing the Wi-Fi module 4000 r.
iPhone 8 Replacing the Wi-Fi module 5000 r.
iPhone 8 plus Replacing the Wi-Fi module 5000 r.
iPhone X Replacing the Wi-Fi module 7000 RUR.

Replacement features

First of all, diagnostics are needed. Sometimes the problem can be solved by simply rebooting the phone. After determining the reasons, they begin to repair the Wi-Fi in the iPhone. If the software is “guilty”, then the iOS is updated. If the problem occurs due to the failure of the board, then they resort to replacing the Wi-Fi module in the iPhone. Disassemble the phone, remove all components, then insert a new module.

It is important to note that any repair will not damage your data: all of them will be previously saved and then restored on your smartphone, as if there was no repair. All spare parts used to replace “native” ones we get from official manufacturers. This negates the risks of the phone breaking down again and auto-locking.

Replacing the wi-fi module on the iPhone in our service center

Our company has extensive experience in iPhone repair, including Wi-Fi module repair. The service center is located in Zelenograd. We have a courier service that will take and deliver the finished iPhone at a time and place convenient for you. The price of repairing WI-FI iPhone is not higher than that of competitors, while we guarantee original, real parts used for repair and high-quality work of the refurbished iPhone.

Trust the professionals! Call us, we will be happy to answer all your questions.

iPhone as a router

I give this example for iOS 7, however, in the 6th version it is done in a similar way. To turn on the wireless Wi-Fi hotspot on your iPhone, go to Settings> Cellular. And open the item “Modem Mode”.

On the next settings screen, turn on the tethering mode and set the data for accessing the phone, in particular, the password for Wi-Fi. The hotspot created by the phone will be called iPhone.

Using your phone as a Wi-Fi router (Android, iPhone and WP8)

Yes, your phone can be used as a Wi-Fi router. almost all modern phones on Android, Windows Phone and, of course, Apple iPhone support this feature. At the same time, the mobile Internet is “distributed”.

Why might this be required? For example, to access the Internet from a tablet that is not equipped with a 3G or LTE module, instead of buying a 3G modem and for other purposes. However, you should remember about the tariffs of the telecom operator for data transfer and do not forget that various devices can independently download updates and other information by default (for example, by connecting a laptop in this way, you may not notice how half a gigabyte of updates has been downloaded).

Wi-Fi hotspot from Android phone

To use an Android smartphone as a router, go to the settings, then, in the “Wireless networks” section, select “” and on the next screen. “Modem mode”.

Check the box “Wi-Fi hotspot”. The settings of the wireless network created by your phone can be changed in the corresponding item. “Setting up the Wi-Fi access point”.

Access point name SSID, network encryption type and Wi-Fi password are available for change. After all the settings are made, you can connect to this wireless network from any device that supports it.

Sharing the Internet over Wi-Fi with Windows Phone 8

Naturally, all of this can be done on a Windows Phone 8 in roughly the same way. To enable Wi-Fi router mode in WP8, do the following:

  • Go to the settings and open the “Shared Internet” item.
  • Turn on Sharing.
  • If necessary, set the parameters of the Wi-Fi access point, for which click the “Setup” button and in the “Broadcast name” item specify the name of the wireless network, and in the password field. the password for the wireless connection, consisting of at least 8 characters.

Additional Information

Some additional information that might be helpful:

  • Do not use Cyrillic or special characters for the wireless network name and password, otherwise you may experience connection problems.
  • According to the information on the websites of phone manufacturers, in order to use the phone as a wireless access point, this function must be supported by a telecom operator. I have not met that it did not work for someone and I do not even quite understand how such a ban can be organized, provided that the mobile Internet is working, but this information should be taken into account.
  • The declared number of devices that can be connected via Wi-Fi to a phone on Windows Phone is 8 pieces. I think Android and iOS will also be able to work with a similar number of simultaneous connections, that is, it is enough, if not excessive.

That’s all. I hope this instruction was helpful to someone.

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“According to the information on the websites of phone manufacturers, to use the phone as a wireless access point, this function must be supported by a telecom operator. I haven’t met anyone who doesn’t work, and I don’t even quite understand how such a ban can be organized, provided that the mobile Internet is working ”

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Spain 2013 Operator Orange Tariff Internet for Micro-SIM phone 16 EUR, traffic 1 GB. The internet worked at good speeds (3G), but only on the iPhone 4S itself. Couldn’t distribute it (there was no menu item). The same SIM-card inserted into the iPad3 did not work, in other words, as well as on an uncluttered Wi-Fi 3G mobile router. Nevertheless, on all three devices, I distributed the Internet without problems from SIM cards of mobile providers Beeline (Moscow), Megafon (Moscow), MTS (Moscow), MTS (Belarus, guest tariff).

Thank you very much! They helped a lot, wi-fi was scary.

Confirm this bummer. Spain, orange, summer 2015

I was looking for this info about the router and found it here today! Thank you

Unfortunately, this is too easy. For a long time now I have been trying to find a solution to connect the iPhone 6 (or analog) to the radio in the car (software. WinCE) with a blue tooth. so far to no avail. before the phone, there was a Sony Xperia S (Android), which was purchased at the time of its release, so at first it also could not connect in the standard way, after searching for a special program, I was able to pair and distribute the Internet. The phone is now different and I’m looking again, since there are no such programs on iOS. Can you help me? The problem with the transmission of the Internet lies in its ways of providing a service. Both phones can distribute it, but using the Personal Area Network Profile (PAN) protocol, and WinCE understands the outdated DUN (Dial-up Networking Profile) protocol. On Android, the issue was solved by installing a simple program “FoxFi” (or an analogue), unfortunately this does not work with the iPhone, since there are no such programs. Is there any way to teach WinCE to understand PAN? or maybe there is still a program for iOS that changes PAN to DUN?

Hello. As for the iPhone, I can hardly tell you much, since I almost did not communicate with these devices. But: I know for sure that Win CE supports PAN, at least in CE 5.0. It happens that there are no default drivers, but they are searched for and installed. Unfortunately, I won’t give more detailed ways either: I have no hardware left on Windows Mobile or CE.

Thank you Dmitry! I don’t remember exactly the installed version, but it seems to be even 6.0 (but maybe 5.0, in any case, no less). Then I will try to teach him to accept PAN, I will also be very grateful for help finding and installing the necessary drivers to synchronize two devices.

I would recommend to study the w3bsit3-dns.com forum: either it is already there, or as a last resort, you can ask. I think in the user community there should be actively using CE to this day.

I did everything as written here, but my phone did not work better. I can’t even enter the play market. Maybe I misunderstood something?

iphone, wi-fi, tethering

Apparently, you really misunderstood something. The article is not about how to make the phone go online better, but about how to use it so that other devices can access the Internet through it.

Hello, I haven’t read anything new for myself. However, I hope to find an answer to the question: will the phone work as a full-fledged router? I haven’t had a chance to check yet.

It depends on what exactly you require from a full-fledged router. To be honest, I myself have not tried, for example, to make a local network based on a smartphone as a router, on the other hand, I do not see what would hinder this. Plus, now I looked at applications on Google Play, there are those that expand the capabilities of the android as a router.

Dmitry, please tell me which applications?

I have such a question a neighbor has a router that transmits Wi-Fi, my tablet is very often a weak signal or disappears altogether than it is possible to transfer Wi-Fi between the router and the tablet, except for the cable, I have a netis wf 2411 r router how can this be applied what would work? Thank you

I do not know such methods, iPhone and Android are distributed only with a password via Wi-Fi.

I have such a problem: when connecting a laptop via Wi-Fi to a smartphone on a laptop, the Internet connection often disappears, you have to disconnect the adapter from time to time every 5 minutes, or if it does not help, restart the smartphone.

I can only advise you to try newer drivers for Wi-Fi from the office. laptop site, but not the fact that it will help. Alternatively: the phone for some reason cannot cope with the traffic (try turning off torrents, etc. on a laptop).

Thank you! Helped out, set up right on the night before the trip

Can an Android phone break down due to its long-term use as a WI-FI access point (connected from a computer, downloaded large files)?

It is unlikely to break down. In theory, if it gets very hot at the same time, then this can only lead to a faster decrease in battery capacity.

I have a very weak Internet connection on my phone, so the Internet does not load on my laptop. What to do?

If that’s exactly the case, then nothing. Look for opportunities for faster internet.

I have a problem, I used the phone as an access point after a few hours it stopped distributing the Internet, it’s definitely not about the PC, whether the access point can break?

Hardly. Either your traffic has ended at the rate and the speed has become limited (which for a computer may look like “no Internet”), or something like that. But there is nothing to break there (and if Wi-Fi on the phone works, then everything is ok).

I need help, in the list of connected on the phone, the laptop constantly appears and disappears, and there is no Internet on the laptop, but there is Internet from the other phone

Good day. Why does the Internet stop working on the receiving computer during an incoming / outgoing call? over, the icons signaling the Internet on the PC and phone indicate that everything is working. I distribute the Internet from the philips s308 smartphone. He has 2 SIM cards, can he change SIM cards in places? Although the slots seem to be equivalent.

Alex, this is the usual behavior of phones, apparently caused by the limitations of communication modules or the operator’s network (I have no expert answer here). It is not connected either with 2 SIM cards (you still have one communication module) or with the peculiarities of the device. That is, for example, on the iPhone 6 and Nexus 5 in exactly the same way. In this case, it happens that the connection (Internet) on the phone during a call is not cut off, but, for example, it becomes “GPRS” from 3G or LTE, which can be seen in the status bar of the device (which from the side of the connected devices will just look like “there is Internet. but nothing can be opened “)

Also keep in mind that end devices may indicate that there is a connection, since we are talking specifically about a Wi-Fi connection, and an exclamation mark and a message that there is no Internet access may not appear or appear over time (since the presence of a ping connection is determined to control servers or DNS, which do not require special speeds).

Good day, Dmitry, tell me please, is it possible to put a SIM card from a Wi-Fi router directly into Android? Android version 5.0.2, thanks in advance.

You can try, nothing terrible will happen in any case. But: in theory, there may be locks on the part of the telecom operator (that is, the operator’s equipment “knows” which device the SIM card is in and, if desired, can block the use of these SIM-cards in other devices).

Are there any programs for distributing wi-fi in which you can change the Wi-Fi channel?

I’ll ask, probably, the dumbest question: is it possible to use the same access point from the same phone? That is, to transmit Wi-Fi to itself. When I turn it on, my Wi-Fi itself is cut off. or it should be so, or I don’t understand something.

No, you can’t, and it seems you don’t quite understand: 1. It can “distribute” mobile (with a SIM card) Internet via Wi-Fi. 2. Ie when you turn on this mode, it disconnects from the Wi-Fi network, creates its own network and starts distributing mobile Internet over it.

Those. it’s kind of logical: if you have Wi-Fi available there to which you can connect, then why distribute it and not connect directly? And if not, then you can distribute 3G / LTE Internet via Wi-Fi.

Works, thanks for the advice. Dmitry If you need to download an update to the player, you can use Wi-Fi or a PC, why buy or search, turned on, downloaded the update and norms, while the online game works strongly, the Internet does not hang.

It’s bad that you can’t register a device on your home network and assign it a permanent IP address.

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Are there programs for Android that simulate a router with NAT? I need to be able to forward requests from the external address of the android to devices in the internal network.

Good day! I am trying to distribute the Internet from 10 iPhones to Smart prefix GTX R1 to TV. The prefix sees the phone, but refuses to connect to the cut. That is an authentication error, it just writes that it cannot connect to the phone. Changed to another (new). the effect is the same. Are there any nuances in the settings of the phone or set-top box)?

Hello. It shouldn’t be, everything should work properly. Unless, if suddenly Cyrillic or special characters were used in the password on the Wi-Fi hotspot on the iPhone, try setting only the Latin alphabet and numbers as the password.

Hello I often use Wi-Fi sharing on Android. But the question arose out of need. I am connecting to a wired internet via USB from a laptop. The Internet works on Android. And at the same time I want to distribute it. But the Internet is not transmitted although there is a Wi-Fi connection.?

Good day! I have such a question, I have a modem in my dacha with 30 KB Internet, it is not enough for a month, I heard that you can make the phone distribute Wi-fi and the Internet will be unlimited.

Hello. Only on condition that you have unlimited Internet on your phone and that the distribution function is not blocked by the telecom operator. And so. de.

Initial data

This article is specifically about connecting a Wi-Fi router via a modem, i.e.:

  • ADSL modem connects to the Internet and distributes them to its ports (usually it does not have a Wi-Fi module).
  • We connect the router via a cable to the modem and distribute the Internet further through the ports of the router and Wi-Fi.

The tasks of reconnecting and building bridges have already been described on the site, but for this it is better to refer to the Комментарии и мнения владельцев, so as not to create unnecessary garbage here.

In this article, I already believe that you were able to configure the ADSL router itself, tk. you are interested in a more complex problem. Otherwise, I recommend that you find the models of your router and modem on our website and read the detailed instructions for basic setup.

Modem configuration

  • Connect the modem to the Internet. most likely everything is already connected and working for you. Those. in our case, you do not need to touch anything. But if anything, we are looking for a model on our website, enter the web configurator and do a complete setup from scratch.
  • For advanced users, make sure the DHCP server on the modem is enabled and working properly. For the rest. if you connect to the Internet by simply connecting a wire and don’t do anything else, don’t even worry. Otherwise, look for instructions from us again, and look for a DHCP server in the settings. It looks like this for me:

How to connect a Wi-Fi router to a modem

Hey! I will devote this article to how to connect a router to a modem. The simplest situation is that the Internet is connected through an ADSL modem, but I want to distribute it further to the router and to its Wi-Fi for further wireless coverage. An interesting and non-standard task of configuring two devices. And most importantly, it’s not so difficult.

In this article, we will analyze the basic principles. They fit almost all models of routers and modems. But it is impossible to predict everything for each device. Therefore, I recommend, in case of any problems, write your questions in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев.

How to connect an adsl modem to a WI-FI router?

Here we will dwell on how to connect a WI-FI router via an adsl modem.

  • 1. Connect either end of the cord to the modem’s ADSL connector labeled “LAN”. If there are several such connectors (LAN1, LAN2), then you can use any of them. On some models, this port is referred to as “Ethernet”. this is an alternative name for the RJ-45 connector;
  • 2. Put the other plug of the patch cord into the “WAN” jack of the Wi-Fi router (which can also be labeled “Internet”);
  • 3. Connect the ISP’s Internet cable to the DSL connector of your modem. There are also the following designations: “ADSL”, “Line”. A standard ADSL modem connection diagram is shown in the figure:
  • 4. Make sure both devices are plugged in and turned on.

Setting up a router. Wi-Fi

With the Wi-Fi settings, everything is standard, you don’t even need to change anything. Here the access point just rises and the SSID name (name of the network to search) and password are set to it:

Those. you don’t need to do anything special, everything will work out of the box. The main thing in the settings of the router is the choice of this very Dynamic IP to pick up the settings and further distribute the Internet through your DHCP.

Action plan

  • Modem configuration.
  • Configuring a router. internet.
  • Setting up a router. Wi-Fi.
  • Connecting to a router and checking.

Everything! There is no need to invent anything else, we will leave the copywriting Aquarius with room to maneuver. In the meantime, we’ll start setting up.

Action plan

  • Modem configuration.
  • Setting up a router. internet.
  • Setting up a router. Wi-Fi.
  • Connecting to a router and checking.

Everything! You don’t need to invent anything else, let’s leave the copywriters for Aquarius a lot of room to maneuver. In the meantime, we’ll start setting up.

USB tethering mode on Android

This is a standard function on Android operating systems, thanks to which you can use a smartphone on a computer OS as a modem without unnecessary manipulations. To do this, clearly follow the points:

  • Connect the gadget via USB to a computer or laptop.
  • In the mode selection window, select the line “Internet via USB”. Check the box.
  • Activate the mobile Internet in your smartphone. Try to access the site through a PC browser.

Page downloads can take a minute or more, as 3G speeds are only a few megabits per second. On 4G, pages will load faster. The picture shows the sequence of transitions to the section for individual brands.

Wi-Fi hotspot

The easiest and most frequently used way to share the Internet with a laptop or tablet is to activate the access point mode on your smartphone, in which you can connect to the gadget via Wi-Fi and use its Internet connection to the cellular network. As a rule, most smartphones allow you to independently choose the name (SSID) for the wireless network and set the type of encryption (open, WPE. a weak numeric password or WPA2-PSK. the most reliable alphanumeric password).

Some smartphones, depending on the manufacturer, also have additional functions, for example, they make it possible to prohibit the connection of certain devices or set other restrictions. The advantages of working in the access point mode include a high connection speed and the ability to connect several devices to a smartphone at once, and among the shortcomings we will write down a fast battery consumption.

For iOS

Activate via Cellular as shown in Connecting iOS Phones. Next, write down the password and turn on Wi-Fi. Now you can use your iPhone as a router.

Options for connecting a phone as a modem via a cable

Let’s take a look at ways on how to use your phone as a modem using a cord. There are two options here: use the standard functions of a USB modem or resort to specialized software.

How to Get Free WiFi Tethering on Your iPhone

PC wired connection

If you need to access the Internet from a regular computer that does not have a Wi-Fi module, or if you just do not want to waste your smartphone battery, you can use a wired connection of the gadget to a PC. When you turn on the modem mode in the settings of your Android smartphone, any computer running a modern operating system like Windows 8 should automatically install the necessary drivers, after which a new network connection will appear in the PC control panel.

Of course, you can access the Internet in this way only from one computer at a time, but the battery charge of the smartphone is not only not wasted, but even replenished while using the connection.

Setting up the Internet on your phone

First of all, you should make sure that the Internet is working on your mobile gadget. To do this, you must connect the appropriate tariff with the operator. Special service commands for checking the invoice show the name of the current tariff.

After that, check the functionality of the global network. To do this, follow these steps:

iphone, wi-fi, tethering
  • Open the top “toolbar” (menu with basic functions).
  • Find “Mobile Internet” among the icons. Activate it.
  • Try to go through a search engine to any of the sites, for example, the “Google” page.

If you cannot connect to the network, dial the operator for instructions on how to activate.