iPhone on charging lights up and goes out

The most common reasons that the iPhone does not turn on. the apple burns and goes out, are mechanical damage and software malfunctions. After heavy drops or moisture gets inside the smartphone, the display may stop working, due to which the touchscreen partially or completely stops responding. The apple often lights up, but the iPhone does not turn on, because there are problems with the hardware stuffing of the equipment.

For any problem, solutions can be found to quickly eliminate the cause of the problem. Breakdowns that are not related to damage or wear of internal elements are easily diagnosed and repaired on their own. In other cases, it is advisable to seek help from qualified specialists.

The main causes of breakdowns

When the apple is on when turned on, but the system does not start, you can independently perform initial diagnostics and find the cause of the malfunction.

Most often, iPhone won’t boot due to the following factors:

iphone charging but not turning on, iPhone stuck on red battery screen. solve it at your home

  • malfunction of the “Power” button, power controller, display module and other internal elements (such problems occur when the iPhone is dropped)
  • incomplete battery charge (the device does not turn on further than an apple if there is not enough power)
  • defective USB cable or power adapter
  • corrosion of internal elements after moisture gets inside the phone
  • overheating of the device

It is possible to find a solution to the problem, if the root cause of what the apple lights up and goes out are not hardware problems, you can without outside help.

The “symptoms” of a malfunction can be different, for example:

  • smartphone turns on for a long time
  • after full discharge does not charge
  • when turned on, the logo lights up, but the system freezes and does not start
  • the screen is black, the logo is off
  • at startup, the icon appears, the system boots completely, after which the screen shows the logo and goes out

If the smartphone did not fall, all the buttons worked properly, but the phone for some reason does not turn on even after charging, most likely the battery has worn out. Such a malfunction can be prevented using routine device diagnostics.

What to do if the device does not boot

If you press the buttons, you see a black screen or the Apple logo glows and your device won’t boot, you need to follow the steps to find the cause of the problem. It is not worth disassembling an iPhone without professional tools, as there is a risk of damaging the power button or power controller.

To independently identify the cause of the malfunction, you need to perform the following actions:

  • inspect the iPhone case and screen for chips, scratches and other damage (most often the iPhone turns on before the apple and turns off after a fall, because the internal elements were damaged)
  • check the battery charge (if the charge is not fully charged, the phone will not start, so you should connect the iPhone to the network and wait 20 minutes)
  • make a complex reboot (the power button and “Home” are simultaneously clamped)

When charging, the device may also not respond for a long time to pressing the power button, because the power adapter is faulty. Connect the iPhone to the laptop and, after waiting for a while, try to boot the smartphone again.

  • use non-original accessories (they may give an insufficient number of amperes, which will cause malfunctions)
  • install unverified applications and software
  • charge your phone in case of strong voltage fluctuations

If the iPhone does not turn on after the fall, the apple is on and goes out, and there is damage on the case or screen itself, then mechanical and software diagnostics of the smartphone is required, followed by the replacement of the display module.

Reinstalling the system is a comprehensive solution to the problem

The appearance of a black screen with an apple primarily indicates a software malfunction. Breakdowns of this nature occur:

  • after installing unverified apps
  • after specifying incorrect parameters in the settings

To restore your iPhone yourself, you need to enter it into DFU mode. If all the steps are correct, the iPhone will automatically reinstall the system and then turn on.

To enter recovery mode, you need to do the following:

  • while holding down the button, turn off the smartphone completely (the Apple logo should not light up on the screen)
  • connect the USB cable to the computer and launch iTunes (at this stage, you do not need to connect the iPhone itself to the laptop)
  • simultaneously press the “Home” and “Power” buttons (after 10 seconds, release the button responsible for turning on, “Home” continue to hold down)
  • connect your smartphone to your laptop

After a few seconds, iTunes will detect the device, after which you must release the Home button and proceed to reinstall the system.

This method is also suitable if the phone takes a long time to load, often goes dead or programs hang periodically. Try to restore the system by flashing, if the smartphone still does not start, then professional diagnostics are required.

Important! When you turn on the iPhone in DFU mode, the device will not start and the backlight will not work. Please note the following:

  • the logo will not light up
  • the screen must be completely black
  • only after the installation of the software is completed, an apple appears on the screen

It is recommended to use original USD cables and certified programs for flashing. Analogues do not always successfully cope with software updates, because iTunes may intermittently fail during device discovery.

How to fix hardware problems

If you have followed all the above steps, but the apple still does not light up when you turn it on, most likely, the smartphone has broken down due to wear of the internal elements, after falling or getting moisture inside the phone. It is not advisable to fix hardware problems on your own, since without knowing the technical features of the iPhone, you can disrupt the operation of the motherboard.

The apple is constantly on, but the device itself does not turn on, with such hardware problems:

  • the “Home” or “Power” button has broken
  • there were problems with the power circuit (during charging, there was a strong voltage surge, which led to the system freezing or a failure in the settings)
  • the battery is worn out (smartphones do not receive enough power, so they do not turn on)
  • there was a failure in the operation of the flash memory (any of the microcircuits can fail, therefore, it is possible to accurately determine the cause of the failure only after computer diagnostics)
  • the charging controller is broken

Iphone stuck on red battery screen | Simple way to solve Iphone charging problem at home

Also, when turned on, apples glow on the screens of smartphones, but the system does not boot if the motherboard is damaged. Without routine diagnostics, such a breakdown is difficult to detect in a timely manner, because at the initial stage the devices work, but after a while the phones turn off spontaneously, and when they start, apples burn on the screens.

Only experienced craftsmen can accurately and efficiently eliminate such defects. Yuda’s professional qualifications allow you to quickly repair your iPhone and any malfunctions in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations.

  • complex mechanical and computer diagnostics
  • repair using original parts
  • home visit at a convenient time

By ordering repairs using the Yudu online platform, you will not waste time traveling to the service center. Experts at your home will determine why the iPhone does not turn on. the apple is on, and they will fix the malfunction inexpensively.

The “apple” is constantly lit on the phone screen

A common situation is when the iPhone turns on, the charging indicator appears on the screen, after which it goes out and the “apple” logo appears, or a notification that it will soon be discharged. If the iPhone freezes and turns off immediately after turning it on, most likely the reason is a system crash when restoring from a backup. Restarting the gadget and restoring from iTunes will help solve this problem.

  • make sure the battery is charged and not discharged anytime soon
  • prepare your computer and USB cable
  • sync iPhone to PC
  • turn off your iPhone while holding down the Home button and the Power button
  • hold down the power button and wait for the iTunes application logo to appear on the screen
  • release the power button and start recovery mode on the computer

After the restore is complete, the iPhone turns off immediately. Charge your iPhone and wait until it is full. Then press and hold the power button for a while and, if necessary, reboot the device. If this did not help to solve the problem, and still after turning on the iPhone turns off immediately, a professional iPhone diagnostics is required.

IPhone shuts down due to unstable charging source

If your phone doesn’t charge when you turn it on, or it starts turning on but turns off immediately, an unstable iPhone charging source could be the cause. If you charge your iPhone in a garage, car, or summer cottage, it affects the device’s performance, since the power supply in such places is unstable. To prevent damage to your phone, follow these guidelines:

  • if iPhone turns off and on regularly, do device diagnostics
  • only charge your smartphone in places where the power supply is stable
  • do not use charging from other phones
  • try not to use car chargers

If you follow the recommendations for using the iPhone, as well as regularly diagnose the device, iPhone problems occur much less often.

iPhone turns on and off while charging

And get the best deals from trusted masters.

  • Compare and choose the best conditions
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A very common problem faced by users of Apple gadgets when the iPhone turns on and off while charging. There are many reasons why the iPhone starts to turn off and you can fix many of them yourself.

To solve the problem of turning on, spontaneous reboot or failure of the shutdown button at home, it is necessary to consider in detail all the possible causes of the malfunction and how to repair them.

iPhone turns on but black screen is on

Conventionally, the reasons why the iPhone turns on and off while charging, performs a spontaneous reboot, are divided into hardware and system. It is software glitches that are most often to blame for the fact that the iPhone turns off immediately. If your iPhone stops turning on, you need to diagnose the device. When the firmware is the cause of the breakdown, the following should be done:

  • connect charger
  • leave the phone on charge for 15-30 minutes
  • try turning on your smartphone
  • if the phone turns on, restart it. press the Home button and the Power button at the same time

If the reason that the iPhone turns on and off immediately lies in system failures, after a forced restart of the device, the “apple” logo will appear on the iPhone screen and iOS will start loading. Charge your phone fully and test it. If the problem persists, look for another cause of the problem.

The phone stopped turning on due to hardware problems

If iPhone stops turning on when charging is connected after being hit or dropped, one of the components of the phone may be damaged. In this case, the charging indicator is on on the screen, the Power button (shutdown button) responds to commands, but the phone does not work correctly. To find out if this is so, you need to make a professional diagnosis of the device.

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The main components that affect phone performance are as follows:

  • motherboard. if the motherboard fails, the phone turns on, then the screen goes blank and the device turns off
  • charging controller. if you cannot connect the charger due to the plug not being inserted all the way, make a diagnosis of the charging controller. The smartphone may have stopped turning on because of it
  • Power button. if the contact of the shutdown button is oxidized, sooner or later the phone turns off and does not turn on anymore. In this case, mandatory diagnostics and repairs are required.
  • battery cable. when the cable connecting the battery to the microcircuit comes off, the iPhone does not charge correctly, so it periodically turns off and turns on spontaneously

If your iPhone stops charging, or periodically turns off and on due to hardware problems, it’s not recommended to make repairs on your own. Diagnostics and replacement of faulty parts of the gadget should be carried out using professional equipment.

Improper use of smartphone battery

If iPhone turns on and immediately turns off, or spontaneously reboots and the shutdown button does not respond, the battery may be faulty. If you have been using an iPhone for more than a year, then the loss of battery capacity is quite natural and replacing this part will help solve the problem. When an almost new iPhone turns off, the battery breakdown is most likely caused by the following factors:

  • using a non-original charger. despite the similarity of the original and Chinese-made chargers, they differ in the way of supplying current, as a result of which the battery breaks down, so the iPhone starts to turn on and immediately turns off
  • regular power surges. using the original iPhone charger does not always guarantee battery health. With constant power surges, the battery breaks down prematurely, so the iPhone turns on and starts to die out, or a notification appears on the screen that the device will soon be discharged
  • moisture ingress. if even a small amount of moisture enters the battery, the battery breaks down, so the iPhone turns off immediately, or does not charge when turned on

Mechanical damage, falls, and shocks can also cause the iPhone to turn on and off. If the iPhone starts to turn on and off, the charging icon is always on on the display, it is recommended to diagnose the device.

Professional smartphone repair

If your gadget stops charging, the charging icon is lit on the display, but the battery capacity does not change, or it freezes and cannot turn on, urgently call an experienced wizard registered on Yuda to diagnose the phone. Private specialists make iPhone repairs on more favorable terms than service centers, and also provide the following advantages:

  • repair of Apple smartphones of all models and modifications
  • use of original spare parts when replacing
  • guarantee for all work performed
  • minimum cost of repair

Professionals will be able to fix an iPhone in a short time, depending on the type and complexity of the breakdown. If the iPhone turns on and off while charging, urgently fill out an application on the website and choose an artist.

Operating system errors

iPhone, like any modern device, has many functions. One of them is direct interaction with the components of the phone. This is done by reading information from certain sensors. But this function does not always play into the hands of the owner. Some software bugs cause iPhone to turn off on its own when fully charged.

Conflicting Applications

There are applications that, when activated, conflict with the operating system. This is caused by the incompatibility of the program and the IOS version, the result of which is the shutdown of the device. There are two ways out of the situation.

Some programs require additional hard disk space. An example would be a photo editor that processes an image, saving the result separately, without touching the original. When there is not enough memory, the system can react by turning off the phone. Exit: free up hard disk space or not use the application.

iPhone may shutdown due to processor overload caused by a large number of concurrent applications. The component is overheating and to protect it, the operating system gives a command to shutdown.

How to fix the situation

The first and easiest option is to completely reboot the device. To do this, you need to simultaneously hold down the power and Home buttons. They should be held in this position for at least 15 seconds. If the restart is successful, the manufacturer’s logo will appear on the display.

iphone, charging, lights, goes

It happens that the charging indicator is faulty. It has already been noted that the system works with iron in complete symbiosis. There is an error in which, despite the fact that the battery is charged, the corresponding indicator shows “0”. The system immediately reacts to this by turning off the phone. The fix is ​​easy:

Another way to deal with errors is to restore the operating system. The process is carried out through the iTunes program (any user of Apple devices has it). Then we get a completely “clean” gadget with the newest (available) operating system. Before restoring, in order to avoid the loss of important information, you should make a backup copy of the data in the same iTunes or save it on the iCloud cloud server.

Power controller problems

Smartphones from Apple. these are devices where everything is thought out. There is a special chip that controls the voltage supplied during charging. The phone’s battery is powered from the AC mains through a special adapter. Before getting into the battery, the voltage passes through the power controller (the same chip). It acts as a barrier that prevents damage to the battery. When the voltage meets the requirements of the battery, then charging is in progress, and when it is higher, the chip is triggered, preventing the pulse from reaching the battery.

If the iPhone shuts down on its own, it could mean that the power controller is broken. In this case, the operating system of the phone tries to “protect” the battery from power surges.

How to fix

If the loop contacts break, you should contact the service center. it’s good if the warranty on the iPhone is still valid. An independent unskilled solution to the problem is fraught with more disastrous consequences.

When a non-original battery is used, the way out of the situation is simple. change to a certified one. Just first you need to find out the power that the phone consumes, and then purchase the appropriate battery.

When the battery is faulty or has worked out, then we proceed in the same way as in the previous method. we buy a suitable original battery. There is one important point here. Replacing the iPhone battery is not an easy process. You can find a lot of instructions on this topic on the Internet. But in reality, sometimes everything is different. In addition to skills (or at least experience), the user will need a special tool. Its cost varies. It will be easier to immediately refer the iPhone to specialists who will quickly change the battery for a modest fee.

iPhone turns off by itself (on its own). reasons and explanations

In this article, we will look at the main reasons why the iPhone turns off by itself, what led to this and how to fix the problem now. The material is relevant for all models of iPhone X / 8/7/6/5/4 and their modifications S and Plus.

iPhone is the accessory that provides endless possibilities of communication, while being a stylish gadget that emphasizes the excellent taste of the user. Every day people spend a lot of time texting with each other, calling, surfing the Internet.

The smartphone has taken a big place in human life. It is all the more offensive when the device malfunctions during operation. Serious Malfunction. iPhone shuts down by itself. During an important conversation or correspondence, the device may simply go out, causing a lot of negative emotions. There are several reasons and ways to fix the trouble. Let’s consider each separately.

Repair method

Only the specialists of the service center can correct the situation. Replacement of the failed power controller will be required. This process is associated with work in the iPhone motherboard, where unprofessional actions will lead to the complete unusability of the device.

Battery problems

This is the most popular, common reason. The malfunction can occur in several cases.

iPhone turns on and off while charging. how to make it work?

Hey! To begin with, it is worth describing the situation in more detail, otherwise it may not be clear from the title what the author has in mind. over, I recently encountered this problem personally, so the picture is right in front of my eyes and it will not be difficult to describe the situation 🙂 And the following happened. my rather old iPhone 5s was completely discharged, as they say, “to zero”, and it would seem that there was nothing criminal. put it on charge and went about his business

I come back after a while, and I see a very strange and inappropriate behavior of the device. the iPhone turns on, the screen lights up for a while (an apple appears and even a glimpse of entering the password is visible) and immediately the display goes out and the phone turns off safely. And that’s it, it happens all the time. For the sake of the experiment, I waited another 20 minutes. nothing has changed (it just got hot), and I continued to turn on and off with enviable constancy.

I’ll run ahead and say that I managed to solve the problem on my own and without visiting the service center, and in a fairly easy way.

But first, about how to prevent such a situation and what you should pay attention to:

  • Do not discharge the device until it is completely discharged, especially if the battery is no longer new.
  • Do not try to force the iPhone to start in the cold, in the cold, you need a lot more energy to start.
  • Use original accessories. the battery will only thank you.

Actually, almost all of these reasons coincided with me. it was relatively cool in the room, the battery has definitely been there for a couple of years (although it holds almost as it should), only the wire and charging are originals.

When connected to a charger, it turns out that:

  • All incoming energy is spent exclusively on system loading and display backlighting.
  • This energy is lacking.
  • She cannot accumulate.
  • iPhone seems to turn on, but immediately discharges and turns off.
  • And then it’s all over again.

From which we definitely need to find a way out.

  • Use a more powerful power adapter. The one that comes with the iPhone produces 1 amp and is clearly not enough in such a situation. So you need something stronger, for example, from the iPad. It has 2.1 amperes of output and is capable of delivering more power, which is enough to turn on. Is it safe? Apple says you can do this, and there is no point in not believing it.
  • In the case when there is no other adapter at hand, it is necessary to perform the following operation. enter the device into DFU-mode and leave it on charge for a while in this state. In this mode, the screen does not light up and the system does not boot, which means there will be no energy consumption and all of it will go to charge the battery. After 20-30 minutes, turn on the iPhone and are glad that the shutdowns have stopped.
  • This method is clearly an “amateur” and will require some skill from you. It consists in connecting the wire to the device for 2-3 seconds and without waiting for it to turn on, immediately pull it out. And recharge the battery in such small portions to the state that is enough to fully launch the iPhone.
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Finally, I would like to note that the situation considered in this article, of course, is not normal and in an amicable way, the battery must be changed so that there are no other surprises in the future.

But my job is to give advice, and you already decide for yourself. is it worth running for a new battery or “it will do just that”!

iPhone won’t turn on: apple is on and off

Salon consultants make a helpless gesture: iPhones, which do not turn on after the “apple burns”, are regularly brought under warranty. Buyers do not even know that they can solve this problem on their own. and it will take a minimum of time to fix the problem.

The notion that Apple technology is the most reliable is outdated; now iPhones are regular “guests” of service centers. One of the most common iPhone malfunctions is popularly called the “white apple”: the gadget starts up, the “apple” burns on the screen for a long time, then the screen just goes out.

Users, not knowing what to do in such a situation, immediately carry their gadgets to service centers, although they can also fix the malfunction with their own hands. without material expenditures or a 45-day wait for warranty repairs. How to get rid of the “white apple”?

What to do if iPhone won’t turn on after jailbreak?

Turn off your smartphone.

Hold the volume up button on the side of your iPhone.

With the key pressed, try to start the mobile device.

An iPhone turned on in this way boots without programs from Cydia. If the gadget turns on normally with the volume key pressed, the point is definitely in one of the tweaks.

It will not be possible to establish exactly which jailbreak tweak is problematic. erase the programs one by one (starting with the one that you downloaded last) and after each operation try to start the smartphone in the usual way.

If the smartphone does not turn on even with the volume key pressed, the user has no choice but to jailbreak. We talked about several ways how to remove jailbreak from iPhone. in case of the “white apple” problem, it is recommended to flash the device.

Re-flashing. it just sounds scary, in fact, the procedure is quite simple:

Launch iTunes and connect the iPhone to PC with a cable.

Put your smartphone in DFU mode. If this is not done, the PC simply will not see the connected gadget. You can find detailed instructions on how to activate DFU-mode on iPhone in our article on DFU-Mode.

ITunes will notify you that iPhone has been detected in recovery mode.

Click on the “Restore iPhone” button.

iTunes itself will download and install the new firmware on the gadget. You just have to wait for the completion of the procedure.

Re-flashing in the described way is fraught with the loss of all data. the user will receive a completely “clean” device.

IPhone Freezes When Turning On: Possible Causes

Ordinary iPhone users are often victims of wars between hacker teams. the very ones that develop jailbreaks. For example, the desire of the Evad3rs group to overtake the rest of the teams and release the iOS 7 jailbreak first led to the fact that the problem of freezing Apple gadgets on the logo in 2013 became an epidemic. Due to the “dampness” of the Evasi0n 7 jailbreak utility, smartphones got into a cyclic reboot. they switched on and off sequentially until the charge ran out.

Unsuccessful jailbreak and installation of a “buggy” tweak are two reasons that in the vast majority of cases cause a “white apple”!

However, if the iPhone turns on before the “apple” and turns off, this may be caused not only by a stupid attempt to “jailbreak” the device, but also a malfunction of the gadget at the hardware level. Here are some of the hardware problems that can trigger the appearance of the “white apple”:

    Breakdown of the power circuit. Such a breakdown is a consequence of a sharp voltage surge. In order to protect the gadget from power circuit malfunction, you should not put it on charge during a thunderstorm. Battery failure. You can extend the life of the battery if you use only original and high-quality chargers. Owners of old mobile devices are advised not to let the battery drain completely. Faulty motherboard. Such a breakdown does not immediately make itself felt. If with each launch of the iPhone the apple burns on the screen longer and longer, the user should take this as a symptom and start saving money for repairs.

The problem of the “white apple”, finally, may be due to the fact that the gadget is simply frozen. The Apple website has the following scale:

From this illustration, it is easy to understand that the manufacturer does not guarantee stable operation of the iPhone at temperatures below 32 ° Fahrenheit (which corresponds to 0 ° Celsius). If the smartphone is at a temperature of 4 ° Fahrenheit (-20 ° Celsius) for a long time, expect trouble.

The easiest way to get rid of the “white apple” caused by low ambient temperatures is to place the iPhone in a dry, warm place and leave it alone for at least 20 minutes.

How to get rid of the “white apple” if the iPhone is not jailbreakable?

If the “white apple” appears on an unjacked iPhone, the first thing the owner of the device needs to do is to reboot the smartphone and after 5 minutes try to call it. What will such a test give? It is very simple: if the call is in progress, it means that the download of the gadget is interrupted at the very last stage. therefore, it is possible to access the file system of the mobile device. And if there is access to the file system, then there is an opportunity to demolish the “buggy” applications that provoked the problem of the “white apple”.

You won’t be able to make changes to the iPhone‘s file system through iTunes. You will have to use one of the alternative file managers. for example, iFunBox or iTools.

Connect the gadget to a PC and, through the file manager, erase recently downloaded applications one by one (by analogy with tweaks), alternating uninstall operations with checks.

Let’s return to the test with a call: what to do if the result of the experiment is negative and the call on the iPhone with the “white apple” does not go? Such a test result indicates a hardware problem: only technical docks, masters of a soldering iron and a multimeter can fix it with their own hands. If you cannot call yourself a “guru” of mobile technology, you should not open the iPhone and go into the filling. you will only make it worse. Better hand over the broken “apple” gadget to the caring hands of the service center masters.

If the problem of the “white apple” appeared after a failed jailbreak, you should not hang your nose. In this case, you can fix the problem with your own hands. by flashing your smartphone and removing previously downloaded tweaks from Cydia.

But if the “apple” “hangs” on the iPhone, which did not go through the jailbreak procedure, for the owner of the gadget it is a wake-up call. It is very likely that the iPhone refuses to turn on due to a hardware failure, to fix which you will have to contact the service.

Why does the phone turn off when fully charged. Repair

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My Xiaomi redmi note 5 does not turn on, the indicator flashes. The Mi logo lights up and turns off. The download does not go further, what is the reason. Before that, there was enough battery for 6 hours, and at the beginning for 12. I put notes 5 on Xaomi Redmi charging overnight, the charge was 34%. Sutra, I look, and it went out. It was not possible to turn it on, it reacts to charging with a blink, after a while it stopped. I have done this several times, but there is no change. Xiaomi turned off after falling on the floor, and no longer turns on. There are no cracks on it, a whole screen, buttons too. I bought a new charger for my phone, after that it stopped charging. But when connected to Hiaomi, the diode lights up and goes out. If I squeeze it

Microcracks of the screen are fraught with a break in the power circuit. If this happens, then you will have to change the screen. Fortunately, in China, they are several times cheaper.

It happens, and the malfunction lies in the incorrect installation of the SIM card or flash drive. Try to take them out and check what will happen.

A map with problems can be repaired by restoring broken clusters using a PC.

If shaken, a poorly positioned plug from the display may fall out. What will entail the disconnection of the image transmission module, or partial disconnection.

Remove the cover of the device, and plug the ribbon cable into the socket. If it is inserted, take it out and insert it. In this case, do not forget to disconnect the power cable from the battery.

When the quality of the pixels is determined, and among them it was possible to find “burnt out”, you can start looking for applications that will correct the situation:

  • JScreenFix is ​​easy to use, you need to use the Fix Stuck Pixels button to get started. The developer promises 30 minutes to complete this operation, but the service center masters recommend leaving the devices. Not less than 10-12 hours for a more complete check;
  • Pixel Fixer: Another program similar to JScreenFix. To restore pixels, you also need to click on the green button;
  • Dead Pixel Treatment: The platform does more than test a mobile phone for dead pixels. And then “heals” them, but at the same time reveals other defects in the display.
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Xiaomi on charging turns on and off

Many happy owners of Xiaomi smartphones have faced a number of problems. One of them is the situation when Xiaomi turns off and on while charging. There can be several reasons for this state of the device, so we will consider the most relevant ones. Most often encountered by users:

Xiaomi redmi s2 does not turn on the red indicator is on

My Xiaomi redmi s2 does not turn on the red indicator is on. I thought it was dead, it was 15% before I put it in my bag and came home. Therefore, I connected it to the charger, but it only blinked, but does not respond to the button. After installing the program on Xiaomi Redmi c2, the phone began to slow down. I started to uninstall the application, but it froze in the picture. I left it, I thought it would go away. After 20 minutes, it turned off. I couldn’t turn it on anymore. Drowned Xaomi in water, immediately rubbed him. I kept it for a couple of days without including. Then I started it, everything worked well. But as soon as I connect the cord, it immediately turns off. I tried to change to another power supply, no changes. Right now, the smartphone is not

Bad contact in the connector.

The most common problem with all smartphones is broken contact in the connector. That arises due to its frequent and often inaccurate use. The contacts break, debris, dirt gets in, which becomes an obstacle to the free passage of current. In this case, the problem can only be eliminated by cleaning. Or replacing the damaged connector as appropriate. It is impossible to do it yourself, since at least a new connector is required and as a maximum professionalism.

Xiaomi turns on and off on charging. Solution

Xiaomi turns on and off while charging, what is this defect and what is it connected with? Is it possible to fix it yourself?

Recently, my Xiaomi began to turn on on its own. What is it and how to fix this defect?

The Xiaomi Redmi 3 S smartphone works fine when charging is connected. When you turn off the charger, the screen goes out and does not turn on? How to fix this problem?

My Xaoim phone turns off on its own at 19% of the battery charge. Please tell me if this is normal or not?

Xiaomi redmi 8a won’t boot. main reasons

Xiaomi redmi 8a does not boot, tries to boot and shuts down. After a couple of seconds, the attempt is repeated, and again over again. Help to solve the problem, the phone is very necessary. My Chiaomi hangs on the Mi screensaver, and nothing else happens. What do I need to click to download? I have a Xiaomi Redmi 8a, and when I hold down the buttons on it, it has a red indicator. The power button won’t start the phone, what should I do? My Xaomi sat down, and I tried to start it, because I had to call. After a couple of times, he turned off, and stopped turning on, although it was charging. Help restore the device. 1 Xiaomi redmi 8a does not boot 2 Why is this happening 3 What methods for solving the Xiaomi redmi 8a can help

iPhone does not turn on, lights up “apple” and goes out

A white “apple” glows on the screen either continuously, until the battery is discharged, or the device cyclically overloads every few minutes. This can happen for the following reasons:

The cable connector does not work

The cause of this malfunction may be either dirt in the connector or damage to the contacts in it. To fix the problem, you need to do the following:

  • Using a syringe, moisten the connector liberally with alcohol and leave for a few minutes.
  • Re-wet the connector and use a medium-hard brush or toothbrush to remove any dirt.

Does not turn on

The device cannot turn on, and there are several reasons for this:

  • Battery in deep discharge. The device cannot start with an uncharged battery and cannot charge it either, since it is blocked by the controller due to a deep discharge.
  • The battery is out of order. The battery is rated for approximately 500 charge-discharge cycles. If you actively use the device and charge it every day, the battery will become inoperative in less than two years. In practice, it happens even faster.

Why iPhone won’t turn on: make a diagnosis

Outwardly similar symptoms can be the result of completely different malfunctions. Correct diagnosis. 90% success, so below we will analyze in detail the possible options for breakdowns.

The battery is out of order and needs to be replaced

If you do not contact the service center, the chances of purchasing an original battery for replacement are zero. When buying a battery, be sure to check it for leaks, swelling and corrosion. If possible, check the voltage with a tester.

Why the iPhone does not turn on: what to do when the apple is on and off

For the owner of an “apple” device, the biggest nuisance is an “apple” that is always glowing on the display or, in general, a “black screen”. The device entered an infinite boot cycle or does not turn on at all. Often this is a consequence of a malfunction of the motherboard of the gadget and only a service center can help.

So, let’s figure out what problems can be when the iPhone or iPad turns off by itself, why the apple burns and goes out on models 4, 4s, 5, 5s, 6, 6s, what to do in such cases.

Power button does not work

The power button consists of two elements: a film switch and a plastic pusher, it is he who sticks out of the case and you press it with your finger. When enough dirt accumulates between the pusher and the button, the pusher cannot reach the button and the iPhone will not turn on. First, let’s try to wash away the accumulation of dirt with rubbing alcohol, medical grade or isopropyl alcohol. In no case do not take vodka, eau de toilette, glass cleaner for this operation. In addition to alcohol, these liquids contain a fair share of water, it will remain inside the device and cause corrosion.

  • Pour alcohol into a syringe (5 ml is enough) and putting a needle on it, drip onto the power button. After 8-10 drops have seeped under the button, press it several times, vigorously but not roughly. Dripping alcohol again. Repeat the procedure three to four times. If the reason for the inoperability of the button was contamination, it will begin to respond to pressing after the first call.
  • If manipulations with alcohol did not help, the membrane switch itself is faulty and it must be changed.
  • Disassemble the iPhone as in the instructions above. In the upper part of the case, unscrew the screws that secure the headphone jack, power button, volume rocker and mute switch.

The apple lights up and the iPhone turns off. what to do

Connect iPhone to computer with USB cable and launch iTunes. Make sure iTunes is up to date. You can check for iTunes updates on Windows by going to Help → Updates, on a Mac, from the Updates tab in the Mac App Store. You can download the current version of iTunes on the official Apple website.

Press and hold the Home and Power buttons on iPhone at the same time for 10 seconds.

Then release the Power button and continue holding the Home button until iTunes detects the device in recovery mode (about 10 seconds).

In iTunes, click “Restore iPhone” and confirm to start the restore. Important! All media and other device data will be erased. The iPhone will also have the latest iOS version for your device.

In the window that opens, click “Next” and “Agree”.

Note that initially iTunes will download the version of iOS required for the device from Apple servers, and only after that the recovery will begin. You can track the progress of the firmware download by clicking on the button in the upper right corner of iTunes.

It should also be emphasized that after connecting the iPhone to iTunes in DFU mode, nothing will be displayed on the smartphone screen. And only when iTunes downloads the firmware and starts direct recovery, the progress bar will appear on the iPhone display.

After successfully restoring the iPhone, all that remains is to make the initial setup and start using the device.

The apple lights up and the iPhone turns off. what to do

The apple lights up on the iPhone, after which the smartphone turns off. the wording of one of the most common iPhone problems. It can appear really suddenly. Many users who have encountered a problem say on our forum that their smartphones turned into “brick” after making a call, removing some applications from the device or other very standard actions. Whatever reason brings your iPhone to a similar state, this guide will help you solve the problem.

What to do if iTunes does not detect iPhone in DFU mode

There are several reasons why iTunes may not detect the iPhone in DFU mode, ranging from the old version of iTunes to a technical malfunction. Before going to a service center or starting repairs on your own, it is recommended to check the integrity of the USB cable and USB port. Ideally, you can try to connect iPhone to iTunes on another computer using a work cable.

Also, the problem might be an iTunes error. In this case, iTunes must be reinstalled, but do it correctly by removing the program components in the following order:

  • iTunes.
  • Apple Software Update.
  • Apple Mobile Device Support.
  • Bonjour.
  • Apple Application Support (32-bit).
  • Apple Application Support (64-bit).

An extensive guide on how to properly reinstall iTunes is available here.

If nothing helps to determine the iPhone in iTunes in DFU mode, then there is a high probability of a technical problem. In most cases, the battery is the culprit, and after replacing it, the iPhone starts to function normally again. For detailed instructions on how to change the battery yourself on various iPhone models, visit our website:

But be warned, there may be a problem with other iPhone components, so the best way out of this situation is to go to a service center.

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