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How to switch between apps on iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, iPhone XR, and iPhone X

In previous iPhones, the multitasking screen had to be called up to switch from one app to another. IPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, iPhone XR, and iPhone X make it even faster to switch from one app to another. You can now flip through apps.

Place your finger on the gesture bar at the bottom of the display;

Swipe from left to right to return to the previous app;

Swipe right to left to go to the next open app.

Please note, if you are stopped or interrupted, the last application you were in will be considered the most recently opened application. That is, you can only scroll backward, but not forward.

How to open the multitasking screen on iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, iPhone XR, and iPhone X

With the new iPhones, you can also quickly and easily switch between many applications. Of course, you won’t be able to double-press the Home button or use the 3D Touch deep press to do this. Fortunately, the iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, iPhone XR, and iPhone X have a dedicated gesture to bring up the multitasking screen.

Place your finger on the gesture bar at the bottom of the display;

Swipe up and hold your finger slightly against the screen.

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At first, you may need to repeat the gesture several times to unlock multitasking, but over time, you will practice enough to get it right the first time.

How to Turn Off iPhone iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, iPhone XR, and iPhone X

Press and hold the side button and one of the volume buttons at the same time (that is, squeeze the device on the sides);

Move the slider corresponding to the desired function to turn off the device.

How to Call Siri on iPhone iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, iPhone XR, and iPhone X

Press and hold the side button (or customize Hey Siri).

How to use Accessibility features on iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, iPhone XR, and iPhone X using the side button

On iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, iPhone XR, and iPhone X, some iOS Accessibility features can be quickly turned on or off using the side button.

To select and enable a command from Accessibility, go to Settings → General → Accessibility → Quick Commands, and then select the function you want to enable by triple-clicking the side button.

To change the speed of clicking, for example, to “Slow” and “Very slow”, go to “Settings” → “General” → “Accessibility” → “Side button”

How to wake up (wake up) the display of iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, iPhone XR, and iPhone X

Previously, you had to press the Home button or the side button to do this, but now you just need to touch the screen.

How to turn on iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, iPhone XR, and iPhone X

Press and hold the side button.

How to take a screenshot on iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, iPhone XR, and iPhone X

Press the side button and the volume up button at the same time.

How to make an Emergency Call (SOS) on iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, iPhone XR, and iPhone X

Press and hold the side button and one of the volume buttons at the same time (i.e., squeeze the device at the sides).

Move the slider corresponding to the desired function to send a signal for help (SOS).

Killer feature. My iPhone is bright scarlet without any cases

Color. this is what is lacking in boring white and black iPhone Xs, Xs Max and X.

Rose gold does not count. for me this color stands next to white. It’s not bright.

Holding all the colors in my hands, I chose red PRODUCT (RED). At this point, those who consider red to be “girlish” should urgently scroll the rest of the article down and immediately scribble a furious comment about my orientation.

For more sensible readers, I will say that the red color of Apple smartphones can by no means be considered feminine. This is a noble scarlet, which looks harmonious in a man’s hand and turns a smartphone from a means of communication into a bright accessory.

I look forward to summer days when in the sun my smartphone will literally burn in my hand.

Because of the color, I get used to carrying my iPhone XR without a case. It is sacrilege to hide such a body even in transparent “clothes”. Aluminum frames are moderately rough, until I dropped the gadget.

A separate plus. the frames are not scratched, unlike the polished iPhone X.

The iPhone XR’s screen is worse than the iPhone X. But that’s just in numbers.

Hatred. Hayterie. Contempt. These are the emotions that the iPhone XR collects, as soon as the review shows the comparative characteristics of its screen with the screens not only of the Xs, Xs Max and X, but also with the previous “pluses”.

Let me remind you that the iPhone XR has an LCD screen (like the iPhone 8 and earlier), not OLED (like the X / Xs). Its resolution is 1792 × 828 pixels, which is less than even the iPhone Plus, with its screen of 1920 × 1080 pixels.

Everything, after this, the eyes become bloodshot, fists clench, and the negative towards the iPhone XR and personally Tim Cook begins to go off scale: he slipped us some kind of ugliness, and not a screen for big money.

After a year with the iPhone X, I picked up the iPhone XR and didn’t notice any difference in picture quality. Eyes did not bleed, pixels did not come out of all the cracks: a bright, clear screen with excellent color reproduction.

Yes, there is no 3D Touch, but yes, I have not used this feature of the OLED-screen in the “ten”.

Really, the screen is great. No Full HD? Yes, if you really notice it personally, then you just have an eagle eye. Or are you just an xx fan.

Changed iPhone X to iPhone XR. Never been so wrong

I held on for a long time. When in September 2018 Apple showed new smartphones, I held my top ten in my hand and felt completely calm.

There was no desire to run after the new Xs or Xs Max, and even more so for the iPhone XR, for a number of reasons, which I shared in a separate article.

A week ago, I swapped my black iPhone X for a red iPhone XR.

Camera. It’s better, albeit without optical zoom

If the nominal number of “eyes” is important to you, then alas. The iPhone XR really has one module less than the “dozen”.

If the quality of photos and videos is important to you, you will be surprised as I was surprised: the camera in the iPhone XR perfectly photographs and shoots video in 4K.

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I have already tested the camera of this smartphone, and among the pictures I inserted one frame taken on the iPhone X. You can look at the comments and make sure: no one guessed which one of all the pictures was taken on the iPhone X, and not on the iPhone XR.

What for? iPhone XR is worse than “ten”! (no)

Yes, technically it is. If we take dry numbers, then in the top ten the screen is better, the weight is lighter and.

Everything. In all other respects, the iPhone XR is better, faster, more convenient; from processor to screen size.

Yes, compared to X, the screen of the iPhone XR has literally increased by a little bit, but reading books, watching videos, playing and surfing the Internet has become really more comfortable.

The dimensions of the iPhone XR are the same as the iPhone 8 plus. The difference is in the diagonal of the screen, which is much larger here.

It makes no sense to compare the performance of smartphones. both the X and the iPhone XR work equally well. So there are no revelations.

But what impressed me with the iPhone XR, and what became one of the decisive facts that influenced the decision to upgrade to it, is the screen.

I’ve never been so wrong. iPhone XR is SIMply beautiful

If you thought that this article would praise the iPhone X, then I have to disappoint you.

The iPhone XR turned out to be an excellent smartphone in all respects and makes me happy every day. I especially want to note the SIMply unkillable battery: on the weekend it stuck into toys, since the screen is larger and it is more convenient to shoot enemies, constantly switching between the game, messengers, YouTube and Safari.

That’s real, all day. Well, do you remember how it happens when you buy a new smartphone and do not let go of it for the first time?

So, the battery not only coped with such a load, but pleasantly surprised. I was already going to sleep, and the iPhone XR did not even hint at a small amount of charge: it was even possible not to put on charging, the gadget would have survived until morning without problems.

Let me remind you that the iPhone XR of any color costs from 59,990 rubles. for the version with 64 GB. For this money, you get just a great new iPhone.

How the 7th version of the smartphone appeared

Phone maker Steve Jobs has always believed that a good smartphone should fit in your hand. Launching the iPhone 4, which measured 3.5 inches (1 inch equals 2.54 cm), he jokingly compared it to the large screens of the Hummer SUV. The developer was firmly convinced that large iPhones would not become popular, as they look ridiculous and inconvenient to use.

4 years after the death of Steve Jobs, the company decided to release 2 new variations with a 4.7 and 5.5 ″ screen. This was the sixth version of the iPhone. Compared to previous phones, they were called “shovels” because they shocked everyone. It soon became clear that users liked the big iPhones. When versions 7 and 7 plus appeared on the market, everyone was delighted.

New products of the seventh line

The innovation of the iPhone is the functioning of the new chipset based on the big.LITTLE principle. It works like this: 2 medium-sized kernels are used to solve SIMple typical tasks. If you need increased speed, then the system is supplemented with 2 more cores.

The developers confirm that the A10 processor is the fastest in smartphones of all models, not just Apple. Powerful graphics helped to recognize him as the best.

Another innovation of the exterior of the gadget is the material of the case surface. iPhone of the seventh line is almost non-slip in the hand. Previous versions were problematic to use without a case. Also, the developers assumed that the smartphone would fit in the palm of your hand. Spade-shaped variations are held by the thumb and phalanges of the other fingers.

Users noticed that the tactile sensations of the “apple” gadget became more pleasant.

The front of the panel was not changed. Home button is new, touch-sensitive, but it looks convex, like Apple’s previous versions.

Among the innovations, there is protection against moisture according to the European standard IP67. The gadget can be easily dipped in water without fear of serious violations. Swimming with it and taking a bath is not worth it, but the device will withstand showers and accidental falls.

Apple changed the packaging technology in 7 versions. To remove the packaging film from the box, you need to pull on the special tab. The top cover can be removed much easier.

Gloss is a thing of the past, the new generation has a matte and velvety finish. The overall body is perceived differently than in the other plus version. Customers love the new camera format. Reviews indicate that iPhones look more refined, more beautiful, they do not cling to other objects, fabrics.

Price for iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus

The cost of the iPhone 7 remains the same. The starting price is from 600. Further, the figure will increase due to the amount of memory. You can buy version 7 plus from 720.

If we consider the Jet Black smartphone, then it is presented in two versions. 128, 256 GB.

Screen size iPhone 7, iPhone 7 plus (plus): phone diagonals in inches and centimeters

Many developers focus not only on the internal filling, but also on the size of the display. Let’s compare the diagonal of the iPhone 7 with its predecessors and competitors, how much the phone weighs, and also consider other characteristics.

iPhones are often taken with them, held in hand, so the diagonal dimensions of the screen are of great importance for their owners. Bezel-less models began to be released in 2016, when most of the iPhone is occupied by the display (display).

IPhone external design

The iPhone 7 and the plus version are not significantly different in layout from their predecessors, but they differ significantly in the quality of execution.

The Chinese “biases” of the iPhone 7 and the plus version did not reach the original devices. The first thing that is too noticeable is the antenna inserts located on the bottom and top of the phone. On the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus in Silver, Matte Black and Pink, they are clearly visible. However, on the “seven” in the shade of “black onyx” they are almost connected to the body. At the same time, it seems that the inserts do not exist.

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The original devices in glossy black onyx were carefully crafted by Apple. They used new technology. The housings were polished and anodized using a high-precision ten-step process. As a result, we achieved that the surface became completely mirror.

Apple warned that the surface strength of the iPhone is not inferior to other gadgets that have undergone anodization, but after some time of use, it may be scratched. This was not announced loudly, but just placed information at the bottom of the smartphone review page on the official website.

The design of the new iPhone smartphone has become more integral, harmonious. You can more fully appreciate the improved design of the “seven” when considering the shade “black onyx”. On it, the border between the display and aluminum is almost invisible.

Indicators of the seventh line of iPhone

Let’s look at the main characteristics of device 7 and version plus in comparison:

  • the diagonal of the display is 4.7 inches, for the plus version. 5.5 inches;
  • RAM is 2 and 3 GB;
  • the screen has an extension of 740×1334 pixel, 7 pixels are much larger;
  • the user can choose the amount of memory from three options. 32 gb, 128, max. 256 GB;
  • main camera. 12 megapixels;
  • operating system. iOS 10;
  • both iPhones have an A10 processor and an M10 coprocessor;
  • selfie camera. 7 MP.

Also the material from which the body is made is identical. Front. glass, back. high quality aluminum. The gadgets are equipped the same. the Lightning cord is attached to both devices.

The duration of the functioning of the iPhone 7

Since the dimensions of the devices are rather big, this indicates an increase in battery power. Apple manufacturers noted that the total runtime of the iPhone version 7 increased by 2 hours compared to the smartphone 6s. But these figures are lower than that of a colleague of the plus version.

IPhone 7 battery life is approximately 14 hours on 3G. The duration in the plus version is increased to 21 hours. In standby mode, the battery works without the need for urgent recharging for about 10 and 16 days.

Diagonal iPhones

The parameters of the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus have not changed in comparison with their predecessors. The seven has the following dimensions: height 138.3×67.1×7.1 mm, diagonal. 4.7 inches. IPhone 7 plus diagonal. 5.5 ″, indicators. 158.2 / 77.9×7.3 mm.

In terms of weight, the new modifications have lost some weight. Their weight has decreased by 5 and 4 g. The seven weighs 138 g, the plus version. 188 g.

IPhone 7 processor

New variations of Apple phones are equipped with processors with 4 A10 cores with a frequency of 1.4 GHz. They are created using a modern 14-nm processor, which has a beneficial effect on the performance of devices. This is achieved due to more powerful indicators compared to the previous six.

Frequent breakdowns of iPhone X and features of their repair. IPhone X Repair

Service name Price, UAH Time
External examination of the device, establishment of possible causes of malfunction.
Is free10 min.
Glass replacement (original LCD is retained)
Chips and cracks on glass, display and touchscreen work.
1649 UAH.1 hour
Rear window replacement
Chips, scratches and cracks on the back glass cover.
999 UAH.2 hours
Display replacement (original)
Color stripes appeared, the touchscreen does not work.
4799 UAH.15 minutes.
Display replacement (high quality copy)
Color stripes appeared, the touchscreen does not work.
3299 UAH.15 minutes.
Complete diagnostics
Internal inspection of the device, identification of possible causes of malfunction using special equipment.

In rare cases, it can take up to several days, for example, after a short circuit on the board or after moisture

It is not always possible to recover.

The price depends on the degree of damage to the device by moisture.

The price depends on the complexity of the work in each specific case.

The price depends on the amount of information.

iPhone X: possible breakdowns

iPhone X is a phone of undeniable quality. Despite this, any mechanical damage, moisture, dust can lead to incorrect operation of functions. There are many possible problems: with a camera, sensor, display, sound, speaker, etc. The iРhone X diagnostics will help to establish the exact cause of the malfunctioning, and experienced specialists will make high-quality and fastest repairs.

IPhone X repair

In our service center, specialists work with any breakdowns.

Speaker problems are most likely due to dust in the cabinet. We will clean your phone from dirt. If that doesn’t solve the breakdown. you will need to replace the loop.

iPhone X not working offline and getting hot while charging? The problem can be solved by desoldering the power controller chip on the motherboard.

If the sensor does not respond to pressing, it “dulls”, spontaneously executes commands. we will replace the controller’s Touch IC using the original one from the donor phone.

The iPhone X screen is replaced when, in addition to external damage, the display and touchscreen are malfunctioning.

We advise you to start repairing Bluetooth with the correct flashing of your phone, as the cause may be a software problem. If it doesn’t help. it is necessary to replace the antenna or microcircuit.

Is the camera not focusing, is the image blurry, or is it a black screen? This can be the result of software failures, mechanical stress, moisture or dirt entering the phone case. With the help of diagnostics, we will establish the cause and solve the problem.

What to do if iPhone X won’t turn on? The smallest reason. system error. By holding the Home and Power buttons for 10 seconds, you can turn on your phone. If this is not the reason, then a comprehensive diagnosis is necessary, because there are many possible breakdown options:

short circuit on the system board;

failed power controller, etc.

Fast and high-quality replacement of iPhone X glass in Kiev is another service of the Royal Service service center. If, for any reason, color stripes or cracks appear on the screen of your smartphone, contact us. We will eliminate these and all other defects found after diagnostics in a matter of minutes.

Royal Service is the professionals who will bring your iPhone X back to life!

We have answers to all questions, special equipment for high-quality repairs and, of course, a team of professionals.

How to upgrade iPhone 5 to iOS 12?

Go to beta.apple.com/profile and download the profile required to initiate the update. Run the downloaded profile, confirm its installation and restart the device. Open “Settings” “General” “Software update”. After a few seconds, an available update will be detected.

How much should the iPhone 5 weigh??

iPhone 5, despite its increased height, has become the lightest of the line of iPhones, weighing only 112 grams iPhone 5.

How long is the iPhone 5 cm?

The smartphone has dimensions of 12.4 cm (length), 5.8 cm (width) and 7.6 mm (thickness), its weight is only 112 g.

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Which iOS on iPhone 5s?

Version History Version Build Number Latest Version for 9.3.613G37iPhone 4s; iPad 2, iPad (3rd generation), iPad mini10.3.314G60iPhone 5c10.3.414G61iPhone 5; iPad 412.4.816G201iPhone 5s; iPhone 6; iPhone 6 Plus; iPad Air; iPad mini 2; iPad mini 3; iPod touch (6th generation) 8 more lines

How the iPhone 5 differs from the 5c and 5s?

Apple introduced the iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C, based on the iPhone 5. The first model received an updated filling, a fingerprint scanner, a dual LED flash, and the second one differs from the iPhone 5 mainly in body materials. colored plastic instead of aluminum and glass inserts.

How many inches in the iPhone CE?

IPhone SE Screen 4 inches, with a resolution of 1136 × 640 pixels, 326 ppi, 800: 1 contrast, 500 cd / m2 brightness Camera 12 MP iSight, dual-LED flash, f / 2.2; the ability to record HD video 1080p up to 60 frames / s; 4K up to 30 fps Front camera 1.2 MP FaceTime, video up to 720p 24 lines more

How often is iPhone updated?

Every new iPhone gets more powerful and more efficient. Unsurprisingly, users are in no rush to buy the next iteration of the Apple smartphone. The average user refreshes their iPhone once every 3 years.

What’s the latest version on the iPhone 5s?

The iPhone 5s was released in 2013 and was the first Apple smartphone with a 64-bit processor. Updates came to the smartphone even five years after the release, although usually Apple stops supporting such devices. The latest version of the system available on the iPhone 5s at the moment is iOS 12.2.

How many inches is on the iPhone 5s?

Detailed testing of the iPhone 5s screen was conducted by editorial expert Mikhail Kuznetsov. Apple iPhone 5s display SIMilar to iPhone 5: 4-inch diagonal, 1136-by-640-pixel resolution, 326 ppi.

How many inches does the iPhone 6s have? How many inches does an iPhone 8 have?

Screen diagonal iphone 8, 8 plus, x and Xs, as well as their resolution: ModelResolutionDiagonaliPhone 81334 x 750 (326 ppi) 4.7 “iPhone 8 Plus1920 x 1080 (401 ppi) 5.5” iPhone Xr1792 x 828 (326 ppi) 6.1 “iPhone X and Xs2436 x 1125 (458 ppi) 5.8 ”1 more line

How many inches does SE have?

IPhone SE Screen 4 inches, with a resolution of 1136 × 640 pixels, 326 ppi, 800: 1 contrast, 500 cd / m2 brightness Camera 12 MP iSight, dual-LED flash, f / 2.2; the ability to record HD video 1080p up to 60 frames / s; 4K up to 30 fps Front camera 1.2 MP FaceTime, video up to 720p 24 lines more

How much RAM is in the iPhone SE 2020?

According to gizmochina, the new iPhone SE costs 3 GB of RAM. one gigabyte less than the iPhone 11. Therefore, it will be slightly inferior in performance to older models. The battery in the new iPhone is modest. at 1812 mAh. The autonomy of the iPhone SE (2020) is the lowest in the entire line of 2019.

What memory does iPhone 5s have?

Performance. 3.8 Chipset: Apple A7 # of cores and frequency: two cores, 1.3 GHz RAM: 1 GB Internal memory: 16/32/64 GB GPU: PowerVR G6430

What is the camera on the iPhone 6 plus?

Recall that smartphones iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus have identical 8MP iSight cameras, f / 2.2 aperture and 1.5µ pixel size.

What screen on iPhone 6s?

IPhone 6s Battery Li-ion iPhone 6S 1715 mAh iPhone 6S Plus 2750 mAh Screen iPhone 6s 4.7-inch Retina HD 750 × 1334 resolution with 326 ppi pixel density. iPhone 6s Plus 5.5-inch Retina HD with 1920 x 1080 resolution and 401 ppi pixel density iSight camera 12 MPP front camera FaceTime HD 5 MP more 25 lines

What screen iPhone 6s Plus?

iPhone 6s Plus has a 5.5-inch IPS-matrix display with a resolution of 1920 × 1080 pixels (401 ppi).

What’s the Difference Between iPhone 6 and 6s?

An important difference between iphone 6 and 6s is the iPhone 6 processor. Apple A8, 1.4 GHz, 2 cores, 6S. Apple A9, 2 GHz, 2 cores. This means that the clock speed of the iPhone 6S processor is 30% higher than that of the “six”, together with other parameters, the performance is more powerful, the gaming characteristics are higher.

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